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FOX NOW: On Demand & Live TV

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  • Current Version: 3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FOX Broadcasting Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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FOX NOW: On Demand & Live TV App

Now watch more content than ever before. Stream full episodes of your favorite FOX shows LIVE or ON DEMAND. Catch primetime FOX shows like The Orville, Gifted, Empire, Star, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy and more. Also enjoy FX and FXX Originals and Movies, plus National Geographic shows with a TV provider login. You can even restart Live TV to watch from the beginning. Looking for movies? Check out the rich catalog of blockbuster hits. Search and discover new collections grouped by Comedy, Drama, Reality, and Animation. A personalized For You section offers recommendations based on your viewing too. To get the most out of FOX NOW, sign in with your participating TV provider account. No provider? Unlocked FOX shows include up to the latest 5 episodes of new shows; returning FOX shows unlock 8 days after airing. All programming on FX and National Geographic requires a participating TV provider account. For more info, visit or tweet us @FOXNOW. Also available on 4th Generation Apple TV.


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FOX NOW: On Demand & Live TV app reviews

  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Tattoo2515
    I love that I can stream the X-Files and watch it anytime I want. This is such an amazing app that does so much and I really enjoy watching it!!
  • Good but not quite good enough 3/5

    By BigE614
    So, I’m trying to watch some of the older family guys on Fox go, and it only lets me see the newest season, so I was wondering if in a new update, fox could release all of the seasons for all of the shows on the app and then I would rate it 5 stars
  • Fox 5 TV 1/5

    By Eniosha
    Downloaded App to use on Optimum TV to go but getting no response it is staying on black screen. This App is not responding and has no use or fiction for dowloading😡
  • FOX NOW is a Must Have! 5/5

    By Cami's Dad
    Love this download to binge-watch some of the best shows on TV. Made the choice easier to cancel my local cable.
  • Too much commercials 2/5

    By Anie0123
    I get every 10 or 20 minutes max a commercial. Plus last for more than 2 mins which they say it’s a reduced commercial.
  • Please fix the bugs. 1/5

    By TheRogueSnail
    If you exit the app you can no longer watch the same show. It claims you have an “expired token “. Using this app is painfully slow and uncooperative. It often feels random in the selection process. And it’s impossible to continue a show without starting over.
  • Can’t even use 1/5

    By Very fun much enjoyment
    Every time I want to sign in with my tv provider the screen just goes white and doesn’t load
  • Keeps loosing its authentication token 1/5

    By JJ’s Man
    Super annoying. Every two shows it loses its token and you have to sign out and resign in.
  • Better before this new update 3/5

    By Selena😽😼
    I had the Fox app for awhile deleted it off my device and just decided to download again to catch up on my shows ...but why can’t I see previous seasons of shows . Like for example when I go to the Simpsons it only shows its current season and none of their previous ones which is annoying because I know before it was possible .
  • Providers never pop up 1/5

    By Jajita99
    I downloaded the app and I hit the bottom to show all Tv providers and they never load. The list of providers Evers pops up
  • Slow, glitchy, and annoying, are an understatement 2/5

    By T Housman
    I don’t know what’s going on with your app, but it’s not working. The spinning wheel of death or a frozen screen is all I get. You can’t expect people to have anything nice to say if your app doesn’t work.
  • Slow App 2/5

    By KAGrl
    I have noticed recently that the app is much slower. When I first open the app it takes quite a while before I can scroll to the show I would like to watch. Also it seems to have trouble loading the shows and crashes when the loading takes too long.
  • Shuts off and locks my IPad up 1/5

    By Trouble6656
    I will start watching a show and in the middle of it the show will shut off. Same thing happens with ABC Show. I cam watch Fox News, Netflix, YouTube, and others.
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By carinanichole
    My cable provider allows me to stream shows and movies on my devices that have their app, but this app lets me stream shows and movies right to my TV.... and the quality is AMAZING!!! I also have the app on my Xbox and it is just as easy to use as the mobile app — LOVE IT!! 🤗💕
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Cloak&dagger
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the content (would love season 1 of the exorcist though) but on Apple TV (4th gen, latest updates) the app closes unexpectedly constantly. Please fix the issue! I haven’t even watched Netflix in almost a week because you guys actually have good content but the tech issues are immensely frustrating! Second complaint is usability, it’s not intuitive and could really use a design overhaul but I’d rather spend the time on a clumsy UI that works than have the app close 20 times. 3rd complaint is that the iPad app is genuinely terrible. As soon as an ad hits the sound cuts out and I have to totally close out the app and then dig for what I was watching again when I restart it.
  • Greatest Nework 5/5

    By CubanGuerrilla
    Fox shows break the mold... fox you are great.. your news channel does not put out fake news....we need more channels like fox
  • Not all free 4/5

    By popcornman327
    It's not all free and I don't like that you have to wait the next day but other than that it's awsome!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🍆🍑💦
  • Does not support Chromecast 2/5

    By Alfredo1a
    Does not support Chromecast
  • Is water wet? 5/5

    By Bigblackdude23
    Is water really wet? This question has caused nations to wrestle over what defines wet. Water isn’t wet. When I go outside in the rain, my hair gets wet. However, I can dry my hair. Water however, cannot be dried. There is no “wetness” on the surface. Thus, water isn’t wet. Thank you for your time.
  • Video quality 3/5

    By Jta4689
    Love this app but wish the streaming/videos were better quality.
  • Prior Problem Solved With Your Feedback 5/5

    By roxy4easy
    Prior problem below solved with your feedback. Thanks Horrible Doesn’t open on my iPhone 6. Just spins in a circle & never opens. Why?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tymoney214
    Won’t let me watch Empire after I logged in
  • Can’t stream 1/5

    By Melbellia
    I’m supposed to be able to stream anywhere using my DirectTv account. I was able to watch X-Files last week on my phone but this week I need a token to watch? What token?
  • No profile, no resume function 1/5

    By 97B82ndABN-Paratrooper
    Despite every other channel app offering a ‘resume’ function FOXNOW refuses to unless you give them a profile to track. The quality of the download is pathetic as well.
  • why? 1/5

    By swings and misses
    updated the app and bam it runs worse! who writes these updates?
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Calliegirl58
    Use it on both my iPad and Fire Stick. Love the fact I can catch up on my fav show whenever and wherever.
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Shoppinsue
    This app is great! :)
  • Infuriating 1/5

    By jengirl4116
    The app offers you two options. One ad now, or multiple ads. You can click on the one ad option all you want, it won’t register. Or it’ll show that one ad option multiple times throughout the episode. Then show you even more ads for regular commercial breaks. Even though you furiously tapped the one ad now option. 🖕💩
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Anfanger345
    App keeps crashing on iPad 9.3.5. Back to the drawing board and removing the app.
  • Needs work!!! 2/5

    By Art Dude Crude
    Spend the money!!!!
  • Hope you don’t have iPhone 1/5

    By snarkymalarky
    Freezes, stops and cannot rewind
  • Can’t watch all shows though 4/5

    By Leeuhlove
    Can’t watch all the shows though because of tv provider subscriptions, hate that rule. It’s stupid, not all of us know our passwords and emails our parents have to access and log in to our providers to be able to view all shows available. Silly, please drop and allow all people to watch all fox shows someday soon.
  • It's alright 3/5

    By Kookoo loulou
    A lot of bugs and technical issues sometimes takes multiple tries to stream a show
  • It good but hard to use 5/5

    By TheAddictionSquad
    The ads are to much
  • These issues make the whole app HORRIBLE😡😡😡 1/5

    By Penny22505
    I recently just downloaded the app and I already have had problems with it. First off, when I go into the app it takes WAY too long to load, and at first I just thought it was my connection but it’s not because EVERYTHING else works just fine. I tried many of my other network apps and they loaded in no time. But Fox now took at the least 5 minutes to load. It took so long I left it sitting on my desk, went to the bathroom, and came back and it was STILL loading. Which isn’t the worst thing because I could deal with it taking longer to load, Because It eventually does. But then I wanted to watch season 6 of new girl because I had just started watching it last month and finished the 5 seasons on Netflix(which it works great so I totally suggest it) so I decided to download this app. And when I click on the show it immediately backs me out back to home.😡 and I have to do that 7-8 times before it lets me! And it’s is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! AND THEN when I eventually do get into it I click on episode one and it asks me which ad I would like (multiple or interactive) and I chose interactive and after I do that it takes me there, BUT in the background there are other commercials running. So there really isn’t a point of choosing one because it just does both anyways. And then when I click “I’m done” at the top of the interactive ad it takes me to the show and the other commercials in the background are still running. And the show says it’s “loading” but it doesn’t start until the commercials in the background stop. And this has happened with multiple episodes! And when I FINALLY get to watch the episode after ALL of that. I get through about 3 quarters of the show and it exits me out back to the home page and when I go back in (which it still exits me out 7-8 times when I click on the show) it says I’ve watched the whole thing and starts me ALL the way back at the beginning and the ad problem happened AGAIN!!! and after the ad problem happens I then have to fast forward to the place I was and watch MOREEEEEEEE ads, as if I haven’t already watched 7 freaking ads before fast forwarding. AND THIS HAS HAPPENED TO EVERY SINGLE EPISODE I EVER WATCHED ON THIS AWFUL AND STUPID APP!!!!!!😡🤬🤬🤬😡🙄🙄 so if you have read all of this before getting the app I hope you don’t have the experience I’m having rn!! Good luck with this app I really hate it😬
  • Way too many commercials !! 1/5

    By Fox = Commercials
    There are way too many commercials. In a 45 minute show, there are 5 commercials coming up every 10 minutes or less of the program. I’m binge watching the Orville and once I’ve finished the season, I’m deleting this app.
  • Convenient but annoying 4/5

    By Megan McFarland USA
    Love that I can watch whatever show I want whenever and where ever, but the ad program is annoying. I slept to watch one 30-second advertisement at the beginning of each episode, in hopes to bypass the advertisements during the episode. That worked a few times, but now I watch the 30-sec ad AND the 4-5 advertisements during each break. This glitch is a nuisance. Please fix it.
  • Ridiculous 2/5

    By User-123849
    FOX NOW on my app and on my Roku device doesn't work at all. I added my TV provider and my info and when it came to the last stage to tell me what networks where available, none where available. NONE. I've tried signing in and it multiple times, contacting customer service etc. All customer service has told me is to trouble shoot, restart my phone, update my software, etc. So basically even though my provider is apart of the subscription, no shows/episodes are "unlocked." I'm tired of this, I'll try for another 2 or 3 days, but it seems just useless at this point.
  • Survey to collect data on minors! 1/5

    By Allura Romel
    To watch one ad on the Fox Now App you have to complete a survey so they can target ads per your response. There is no option to forgo the survey and if you select under 13 you still have to select female or male. Collecting data however insignificant it may seem should not be allowed for minors. Also as adults we should have the option to opt out of your ability to collect data on us. FOX, regardless of how safe you say the data you collect is, hackers have proven that they can and will hack into any database and use it to their advantage. If this is they way you must go, guess what, I don't HAVE to watch your content. I can watch something else or even better, unplug and find entertainment the old fashion way of board games, book reading, arts & crafts, etc. So, in the end you are only hurting your bottom line.
  • Fake 1/5

    By Gulch nigh
    It gives you the option to do one long interactive ad. Or many small ones. I always choose the interactive ad and complete it. Yet for some reason I still get the many other ads. I end up doing 4 minutes of ads then only get to watch 2 minutes of the video.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Offi¢ialBo$$
    Whenever I watch my show, I always chose one interactive ad so ads will not play during my show, but I'm still getting ads! Terrible!!
  • Best Show App 5/5

    By James O'B 3
    This app represents all of the shows that you would want from FOx
  • Crap 1/5

    By Velamadera
    The POS never works it never starts up, it’s always loading. Then cable companies wonder why people go to Kodi boxes.
  • Parental control failure 1/5

    By Lostngone
    About every third time I launch the app I can’t view any content because it says my parental control does not allow it. I DO NOT Have Parental control set up on my phone or through my cable provider I have to delete the app and then reinstall the app and then it works again for three or four times and then fails again.
  • Great entrainment 5/5

    By Hog t
    Very good and enjoyable
  • Can’t watch current shows 1/5

    By mathteacher75
    I have a subscription to DirectTV however I am unable to watch current shows through the app. I keep getting a message saying “This content requires a valid, unexpired auth token.” I am not able to re-enter my login credentials anywhere to prove this either. The DirectTV logo does appear at the bottom of the screen, so I not sure why I am not able to watch.
  • Issue 1/5

    By Anthonny12
    About a month ago I wrote a review about having trouble when i get asked if I have a tv provider and I click yes then all it does is froze!! Thing keeps happening a month later keeping me from watching anything and you guys won’t fix it !!’
  • Absolutely useless and terrible 2/5

    By Salty potatoes132
    Terribly designed, slow, bad layout. WORST of all, which makes absolutely no sense, is how there are only a limited amount of episodes for a particular show. I specifically got this app to catch up on the 4th season of a show only to find episodes 1-6 are not available. The earliest episode I can watch is episode 7. By far the most ridiculous app I have ever seen.
  • Good app, wish more content was available on more streaming services. 3/5

    By Razzmatazz Chaz
    Wish more shows like Lucifer were hosted on Netflix, I find it ridiculous that I have to pay for Hulu just to watch Lucifer
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By McOpCo
    Pretty glitchy. Would expect better from a major broadcasting company.

FOX NOW: On Demand & Live TV app comments


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