Free Books - Ultimate Classics Library

Free Books - Ultimate Classics Library

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  • Current Version: 5.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Digital Press Publishing
  • Compatibility: Android
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Free Books - Ultimate Classics Library App

All books to read completely for FREE. This legendary app has got a brand NEW look and functionality! Easy-to-use and many new useful functions! But the very best is that we‘ve DOUBLED the number of books available! Free Books – the door to unlimited reading. Download any of our 51,305 ebooks including the world best known classics, and read with our fully featured eReader including dictionary. We’ve also added a lot of non-fiction content, so now you can use our app also for studying or just acquiring knowledge. Features: • 51,305 Free Books of various genres • Download unlimited number of books and read also offline • Create your own personal library and automatically sync between your devices • Back up of your library within our server • Rate books and write your own reviews for others to see • 5,199 Audiobooks available for listening • Always fresh featured content • See your reading statistics • Original covers & descriptions • Read your own ebooks thanks to the Dropbox integration • Old design function for those who loved our old app’s look and much more waiting for you... That’s Free Books, many books that you know, many books that you’ve missed, many books that you want to read! Browse our handpicked collections and download & read as much as you wish completely for free.

 Have your own ebooks? We have you covered, thanks to Dropbox integration and a fantastic ePUB reader. Just import your books and read anytime, anywhere. Create your own personal library full of famous pieces and also your imported ebooks! 

Free Books app unlocks a world of public domain content, allowing you to acquire the great books of human history. Letters of leaders, the collected works of geniuses, the finest Victorian novels, the plays of Shakespeare, the philosophy of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, the autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Carnegie. It's all here, along with tens of thousands of other books. We could go on - beautiful high resolution covers, author pages, Night Mode reading, reading statistics - but that would just get away from the point. 51,305 of the greatest books in human history, accessible with the tap of your finger. Free. Don't miss our newly added massive non-fiction content! If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to drop us a line at - that's what we're here for!

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Free Books - Ultimate Classics Library app reviews

  • Doesn't open! 1/5

    By Kitty smasher🖕🏿🖕🏻
    Every time I go to open the app it crashes, and this has been going on for days!
  • Reader 1/5

    By Apptagonist
    Bluntly, this new app reeks. It is unusable on my iPad. My rating is .5 star but one is the least I'm able to post.
  • Don't update 1/5

    By Kqqwssjd
    I agree with others, the app was great before this last update. Please change back to how it was.
  • When did this happen? 1/5

    By Kauaigrl1
    You open e app and it goes to Abraham Lincoln. It remains there forever. Fix it or I won't even try to use it again.
  • Update ruined it 1/5

    By ODFD
    I get trying to make some more money on ads, but why eliminate my old bookmarks and highlights? The update is junk and destroyed the notes and bookmarks I had made in my old books... why do that to your users? Ruined a good app.
  • Free books 1/5

    By Jaimedoe
    I had your app before and it was great. Now that it has changed it does not even respond sometimes and I can not find my books, the ones I so carefully chose to read. Thanks a lot. Wrote the above comment awhile ago and now the app just promises a "message from sponsor" that never appears. You have ruined a beautiful, well operating app. Adding his 12/26/6 your app does not work at all.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Wannejojo
    I used to love this app. The book choices were infinite. Now when I open this app I have a picture of Lincoln and a description of the books in his library and that's it. I can not exit this page and search for books. Very disappointed as this used to be my favorite reading app. I will be deleting it.
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By Icepacman
    This was a great app, but this most recent version is awful!! It must have been designed by someone who doesn't use it. Who removes bookmarks?!? This app NEVER opens to the place I left off. And God forbid you want to define a word at night withe the text in night mode. It'll blind you!!! This version is trash. Hopefully I can find a way to revert to a better, simpler version else I'll just delete it.
  • Best library 5/5

    By Moekha
    I love this app so much as it allow you to assess all world famous books in one place. Thank you.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Alikazimi
    I love to read and this app makes it ever so easy to find classics and save them for future use!
  • I use to love this app 1/5

    By bioramaxwell
    The latest update has destroyed the usability f this app. The books now have a scroll of death. Instead of swiping to a new page, I now have to continuously scroll. What makes it worse is the format you've put the text in. Older novels and essays notoriously have dense, long paragraphs. The scrolling format makes these even more difficult to read. Your restore purchases is another fiasco. This rates as the worst update I have experienced in any app.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Deacon94
    Prior to "update" this app was great - now it is a scam and a joke. On an audio book you can listen for 5 minutes and then need to watch an ad! What the heck .... have uninstalled - my advice to you is don't bother with this app
  • Lousy update 1/5

    By Teresrn
    Was a great app with free "old" books. Can't retrieve most of my library (can't even pull the books up in the search engine) and tonight when I tapped the "support and FAQ" link it went straight to porn ads.
  • What happened to the page numbers?? 1/5

    By jdsta78
    My daughter was using this app for a book report, which requires she site page numbers. When you upgraded, the original page numbers from the book went away, and now the book has arbitrary numbering. Really not helpful.
  • Why fix unbroken app? 1/5

    By Schlafyhead
    New formatting is the worst. Some things are better without the updates and this is one.
  • This app is great Nice Helfule 5/5

    By TobyBuckley55
    Most Awesome Sleep App.and good app
  • The Perfect good app 5/5

    By RobertAlexander5656
    This is the most creative thing i ever saw Very easy app
  • Very easy app 5/5

    By NathanBurgess5658
    This little app that puts me to sleep very time! Thank you! Awesome app
  • A must use for great 5/5

    By BradleyWoods565
    Must Download and enjoy .very good app. Thanks for made it
  • Great iPhone app so nice 5/5

    By ewanmiles6356
    It is very fun to use Thxs for making so Special app
  • Always loved it the app 5/5

    By CameronThompson222
    wonderful the app so nice and Pretty cool, what you'd expect I guess 5 stars
  • Helpful app 5/5

    By SeanHodgson2856
    I have been searching for this kind App last few days. so feast the app
  • great app so goods 5/5

    By MatthewLeonard856
    Love this.I use this all the time. Easy interface, beautiful music,Thanks for made it
  • It's very nice App but really great 5/5

    By LukeAli866
    Very well developed and does what I need. so good
  • Amazing app the top 5/5

    By JudeMartin2856
    Well named and nice app so Realy great so this is perfect
  • Unbeatable app so fine 5/5

    By JayEllis856
    Impressive reverse lookup Well developed.Really good job by developer
  • Very fast app so nice 5/5

    By ZacharyWilson6865
    I really Very fast nice app
  • Free books 1/5

    By Andricha88
    Was 4 star before update. Dropbox function broken, makes app useless to me. Much slower and glitches when trying to navigate.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By vikivivivi
    This is the most unconvinient book reader I ever used, the interface is not user-friendly at all, also the functionality is too lean.
  • There were So many good books. Used to have great formatting 2/5

    By dannybooyoo
    11/21/2016 UPDATED REVIEW: Like many recent reviewers, I am severely disappointed by the update on this app. At first, I was pleased by the new aesthetic as it gave a sketchy-looking, but wonderful/user-friendly application a modern and more sophisticated appearance. I figured the creators would resolve the glitches and shoddy functionality of the updated app within a matter of a few weeks, but nah. They've turned a smooth experience into a frustrating one. In this update we lost quite a few helpful functions. Fist and foremost, we lost the ability to define many words within the app (it works for some, and not for others). When it works, you'll highlight a single word, it will provide the option to define the word, and then an entire, bright and cumbersome page slides up with the dictionary entry. Otherwise, it only provides the option to highlight/underline the word, but it doesn't actually highlight nor underline. Secondly, we've lost the ability to make notes about passages. I loved this function because it helped me remember why I highlighted something. I'd return to the passage, see my highlight, and take genuine joy in reading about my first reaction to the passage. Browsing the app has turned into a nightmare wherein your favorite books/authors from the old version are either absent or dysfunctional. I could go on but I've procrastinated enough at work by writing this. Yo, techie-app-creators, you had a wonderful app. When are you going to fix this nasty update? At least give us the old version until you figure this one out. Please and thank you. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I'm very impressed by this app. The books are formatted so well, there is a "night theme" option to give a black page with white letters, and it provides a space to define new words. I've already read 2 books with this app, and I'm currently on my third. Books are free! I mean they aren't new/modern books; they're classics. Personally, there are a lot of classics with which I need to be acquainted, and this app facilitates that process.
  • It's not broken so let's fix it 1/5

    By Steve7135
    All this new gimmicky crap worthless . How about just keep the old one fully functioning . Programmers wanting something to do . Toys for nonreaders . Still my most used app . Irritating .
  • You have ruined my favorite reading app. 1/5

    By Sodapop04282us
    First, this app has little relationship to the previous version. My library is mostly missing. Authors works are broken up into chapter books. Ridiculous. Links in settings mostly go to porn sites. No direct way to communicate problems and issues to the management of this service. Commercialization of site is not appreciated and may be illegal. Reverting to old format in settings doesn't really work and my library in that setting is still decimated. Hope you developers who are patting yourselves on the back saved the old app and database, because this one is junk. Hope you are reading your reviews. They are mostly angry like me and somebody needs to take responsibility and straighten out this mess.
  • Public Domain Infringement; money scheme 1/5

    By flamebox
    Attempts to monetize public domain property through the use of ads as seen in the audiobooks section of this app are illegal, and will be met with litigation. App support links to a website flagged as "pornography". The author of this app cannot form legitimate sentences in English, and it is this individual's opinion that nothing good can ever possibly come from this app, and that it should and most likely will be shut down.
  • Wwhhaatt???? 1/5

    By Dsfsgsfh
    I do not understand a thing in this app. Not a good app.
  • Doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By MrFabulous2000
    All books I was reading are gone. I cannot get this to display any books at all now. Still has no search, no hyperlinks in TOCs or indexes, no illustrations, some typos.
  • A Bloody Mess 1/5

    By MippyMoo
    I already paid to have ads removed and to have access to audio books, but now I'm not getting either of these. Am I supposed to pay AGAIN for something I've already paid for? And to top it off, I get directed to pornography when I try to access the FAQ's. Fix this!!
  • App Hacked!!! 1/5

    By bemeyup
    Hoping this helps but when you select support/ FAQ you're redirected to porn site. Same with pressing App Support for the app in the app store. I tried to go there to send notification to no avail-so I am writing this review. Good Luck.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Scorpiosumo
    Previous version was perfect !!!! This one is no good !
  • So disappointed!😢 1/5

    By pillowbear11
    I have loved this app for a long time! Books were user friendly and easy to find. However, just like so many others...after the update, I cannot open the app! Please fix this bug soon! Would like to give another 5 star review!
  • AWFUL 😤😤😤😤😤 1/5

    By Reader 1938
    TERRIBLE. Difficult to navigate. Where are my bookmarks? Does NOT open to where I left off reading. How can I restore earlier version?
  • Is this even a real app?! 1/5

    By Autsy
    Nearly all the books lack any sort of description at all. It says it's unavailable at the moment but it's something "we are working on." How hard are they working on it?! This app has been around long enough, and so I find it slightly troubling that they are still "working on" something so basic as the descriptions for the majority of the books. But the thing I find most troubling is that when I click on the tab for "SUPPORT/FAQ" it takes me to an in app web page that immediately has a pop up of a picture of a naked women laying spread eagle with the name of a porno hotline covering up the bare minimum of her unmentionables that apparently, according to the spread eagle woman in the ad, has several "hot and ready" woman on hand who want to chat with me. I am completely annoyed, how am I getting soft core porn pop ups in the FAQ section of an app for free classic literature?! My first impression was that this app was a total scam to get my email info but judging from the 21k plus 4 star reviews for the previous version prior to the last updates, I can see that's not the case. So what gives?
  • Works great except for updates 1/5

    By Mitch Pauls
    New version is not good. Lost a lot of my library. Can't tell how long a book is anymore. (No page numbers) No bookmarks. I'm assuming they will fix these issues since their ratings went to the toilet. Also when I clicked on support it sent me to a porn site. For real.
  • Books, books, books 1/5

    By Joyciepet
    App frozen on opening page. Cannot use it and cannot finish my book.
  • Worst app update ever 1/5

    By dennjonAK
    After updating to the current version of Free Books the app is unrecognizable! My library, which had at least a dozen books in it, was wiped out ... gone. The search function rarely works now, and the audiobook popup ads are unbearable. Even the look and feel of the classic books was degraded. You guys took a solid, decent app and literally destroyed it. Why??
  • 😡 disappointed 1/5

    By Hip hop punk cat
    The book I was in the middle of reading is no longer there. It's not showing up when I search for it. There were several books by the author I was looking forward to reading, but now only two are offered. I'm very disappointed and will be deleting this app.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Pallivacini
    Was great, awful after update. I used this app a lot, had 20 books in my library & was reading 3 at the time of the update. Now When I open the app it goes to the "Featured" page and freezes. Can't browse, open my Library, or Search. No longer works. Very disappointed.
  • Terrible ... Simply Terrible 1/5

    By Wiseask
    Why they changed this App and dared to call it an Update is a mystery. There is no way to bookmark a page. It is more difficult to find books to add to your library. You can't organize the books in your library. When the App crashes you will need to painstakingly start over and rebuild your library. A total waste of time.
  • Hate update! 1/5

    By Koko1991
    It was so good before they updated it.
  • New Update 2/5

    By FlaHawgs
    Not crazy about it. Now I have to go through three screens to get back to my story. I also had to reload all of the books I was reading. I do still like the fact that I have so many books to read from my phone.
  • Needs to fix the bugs 1/5

    By Selwond
    Loved the app, but some design changes would be nice. So, I was very excited when saw that you did update it, but app wouldn't even open at all. Glitches every time

Free Books - Ultimate Classics Library app comments

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