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Freeletics Bodyweight - Workouts and Training

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Freeletics Bodyweight - Workouts and Training App

Freeletics Bodyweight is the most effective fitness training program, adapted to your schedule, your fitness level and your goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply get in better shape. - 10-30 minute workouts based on bodyweight only. - No equipment. Your body is your only tool. Train anywhere, anytime. - More than 900 workout variations, covering all your muscle groups for continuous and fast progression. - Adapted to all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. - State-of-the-art tutorial videos for perfect execution. Join a community of 12 million users, who will support you through each of your workouts thanks to the social feed. Freeletics Bodyweight was featured in Men's Health UK, The Mirror, Yahoo News, and many more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Besides the free version, you can get “The Coach”, your personal digital trainer, and a 100% personalized training plan in the App: - Fitness test to assess your initial fitness level. - Define your goals: Lose weight, build muscle, or simply get in better shape. - Choose your availability: 2, 3, 4 or 5 trainings per week. - Get your weekly training plan, perfectly adapted to your fitness level and your schedule. - The Coach analyses your performance after each workout, to guarantee your constant and fast progression. - See and feel significant results in just a few weeks. - You can give the Coach your feedback after every workout and each week your training is adjusted accordingly, whether your find it to hard or too easy. - Enjoy the “2x2” option: Switch your workout to “2x2” mode, so that you only need 2 by 2 meters of space to train. Furthermore, should you decide to subscribe to the Coach, you will also get access to all Freeletics Training Coaches - BodyWeight, Running and Gym, without any additional subscription fee. That’s right. 1 subscription, 3 different Training Coaches!  In order to use your other Coaches, download the Freeletics Running and Freeletics Gym app on the AppStore. Freeletics Bodyweight is not just another fitness app. We have one goal: to help you become the best version of yourself. Physically and mentally. This is your chance to unleash your full potential. To become the best version of yourself. Download the App and start training for free. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ INFO ON USING THE APP AND REGARDING THE SUBSCRIPTION The download and usage of Freeletics Bodyweight is free of charge. Get your training plan and further features with the Coach, which is available in the app with a subscription. If you decide to subscribe you will pay the price set for your country, as shown in the app. Furthermore, your subscription gives you access to all 3 Freeletics Training Coaches - BodyWeight, Gym and Running, without any additional subscription fee. In order to use your 2 other training systems, download the Freeletics Running and Freeletics Gym Apps on the AppStore. The subscription automatically renews if it is not cancelled within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription expiring. It is not possible to cancel an existing in-app subscription. You can disable the automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting your account settings. Freeletics Privacy Policy: Freeletics General Terms & Conditions: Do you have any further questions about our app? Send us an email: Note: Prolonged usage of GPS can impair the durability of a rechargeable battery.

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Freeletics Bodyweight - Workouts and Training app reviews

  • Love the app. Want more Apple Health integration. 5/5

    By BXMuscles
    Love this app. As a matter of fact, I've lost 18lbs in 10 weeks using this app. Seriously, no lie. My one and only gripe with this is that there is no Apple Health integration or an Apple Watch app. Still giving this app 5 Stars because it works. It works if you do the work.
  • Workout anywhere app 4/5

    By HK fisher
    This is a great app for getting you back into shape without all the equipment hassle. Perfect for you travellers. Many of the workouts I can use inside my hotel room.
  • Cheap personal trainer 4/5

    By stphnlwlsh
    I wish the integration between the apps was better (it is planned), but this has been the cheapest personal trainer ever.
  • Great app and system 5/5

    By felipe..
    If you stick with this system it will change your life
  • Versatile to say the least 5/5

    By Ejbd90
    I love how it gives you variations of workouts when you don't have equipment or space. The workout log is awesome because it lets you reflect on your workout and makes notes for future reference.
  • The best workout app by far 5/5

    By Yzmaya
    6 months in and i can't be happier. Learning curve is just right, exercises are interesting and workouts are masterfully combined
  • I love Freeletics!!! 5/5

    By Aupike98
    I love Freeletics and the results are amazing!
  • Game changer app 5/5

    By Piermarjeu
    Following the coach schedule gives you pace and a good motivation. The exercises are killer but they definitely work out for your body and wellbeing. Amazing app
  • Excellent program & coach system 5/5

    By Vambani
    I have been using the freeletics Bodyweight coaching program for 4 weeks. What I like is that I can do it at home and does not take me more than 30-35 minutes. At the beginning 50 push-ups was sounding absurd but today it is a reality. While I may not see a dramatic change I definitely like the fact that I can do exercises I never though I could. The coaching program is interactive. Depending on how I am doing it tailors the program for the week ahead.
  • Best workout app 5/5

    By Littoee
    In my personal opinion this is the hardest workouts WHICH IS GOOD but I only wish there were more workouts then it would be perfect
  • Great for starters 3/5

    By Ricardo Ramos.
    Great app if you're just getting back into the swing of things. Really wish they offered a free trial of all workouts.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Ez cruz
    A great app to use to get a nice variation in your conditioning workouts
  • . 5/5

    By Ab3ila
    Just love it. Im subscribing forever.
  • Great, but newest update is too easy 4/5

    By Jesse Naidoo
    I love Freeletics - I have been using the app for six months and love the flexibility to work out anywhere and the easy tracking of your progress. App is well designed and easy to use, and keeps you motivated with new and challenging exercises. My only complaint is that since the 4.0 update the coach has started prescribing much easier exercises than before. Bring back the challenge and it would be 5 stars!
  • Love it but it's hard. 5/5

    By nycgrrrl
    I've been working with the coach version of the Bodyweight and running freeletics aps. I'm already stronger in four weeks. I was in decent shape when I started but this is a whole new level. I will renew my subscription when it expires.
  • Excellent Bodyweight Workouts 5/5

    By Disabajn
    I started this program in order to find something I could do anytime/anywhere but still be challenged. I have not been disappointed in the slightest, and have been highly recommending it to everyone.
  • Great stuff. 4/5

    By DallasWrege1970
    I have been in a rut working out at the gym for a long time and wanted to try something different this is a great polymetric exercise suite that makes a lot of sense and is very functional. I have only been doing it for a couple of weeks, but the workouts are interesting and challenging. The "Coach" works you hard, but the workouts are doable. I have only dabbled with Crossfit, but this set of exercises seems to have similar properties of being tiring but functional and interesting. So far so good. I have recommended this to a few of my friends.
  • Incredible Bodyweight Training 5/5

    By jasallis3
    Having spent my entire life in a gym lifting weights, I was looking for an option to help me lose size and be generally healthier. Freeletics was recommended to me by a friend and I immediately loved it. Pay for the personalized training, it's what makes the service standout.
  • Great! 5/5

    By thefourthbyte
    I love the new program.
  • Great 5/5

    By JOBH1
    Love Freeletics. Why spend a fortune in a Gym when you have all you need here. It is raw, rough and compelling but I love it. Lost 9 kilos in three months with Freeletics and healthy regime! Will never stop.
  • Convenient and effective 5/5

    By bdaywalker
    Great variety of exercises that delivers the flexibility to work out from almost anywhere.
  • Epic Failure, Frustraiting, Ripoff. 1/5

    By O.A.J.A
    👎🏻😤😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡😡😡😤😤😤 I paid $42.49 for the "Freeletics Bodyweight- Workout and Training Coach Subscription" for NOTHING in return!! The app acts as if I didn't buy the coach, such a Ripoff! CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIDN'T FIX IT; now that they have money, they don't think they have to! Nothing works at all: - I tired logging out and in. - I tried Hard resetting my iPhone. - I tried Deleting the app and reinstalling it. - I tried "Restore Purchased Subscription" Not even worth one star. 👎🏻😤😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡😡😡😤😤😤
  • Motivated 5/5

    By Putchielove
    Keeps me motivated!
  • Great coaching app 5/5

    By Pjpeters33
    If you follow the coach you will be in the best shape of your life
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By lionheart22
    I've done Freeletics now for a little over two years and I love it!! The app is great and they continue to make it better. Not only would I recommend the app, but the subscription as well. Coach is fantastic and I've seen amazing results. I probably sound like a robot writing this because I haven't said anything bad, but honestly, I love this app!
  • Agree with the previous reviewer 2/5

    By Barguest2
    Freeletics moves further away from a nice bodyweight workout app by adding ridiculous equipment. Waist-height bar? I would rather see integration within Freeletics family, my runs are not showing up in the feed and so are workouts that my friends do in Freeletics Gym or Running.
  • Great workout variety 5/5

    By Pcbell
    Latest updates give more variety (too many burpees before). Really enjoy the interval training. Nice easy interface, although some differences between workouts and exercise ends...would be nice to make those the same. Otherwise, a great exercise app
  • They keep adding equipment 2/5

    By Freeletic3years
    I've been using it now for three years but now I'll have to find another app to use. They've added workouts that include equipment otherwise not needed before. Used to be a pull up bar...that's it. Now I have to have 6ft metal pole to do inverse push-ups with. Ridiculous. Also if you accidentally advanced to the next week but you haven't started any exercise you should be able to go back if you need be. The alternative is you say you completed the workouts and the app advances you a week when all you really did was pencil whip it. Prior to advancing the week it would be nice if it asked you what equipment you will have available. For example I traveled all last week for work. I was in remote places and I couldn't bring a pull-up bar. Or in the case when I'm at home working g out the garage I don't have a squat rack to do the inverse hanging push-ups Please fix in your updates. Sincerely Iwashappy
  • Great app for working out! 5/5

    By Revinevan10
    Almost every workout here requires no equipment or too much space. I do them in my room sometimes, or even in nice outside weather! Bring it to the gym and combine with your regular workout to double the gains! Major 🔑 Alert!!!
  • It really does work 5/5

    By Double the Work
    Been using this app for two weeks and it will work your tail off.
  • Great! 5/5

    By crp11589
    Loving it so far
  • Good for a quick workout 5/5

    By -=[xXx]=-
    A must on my phone
  • Love the workouts! 5/5

    By Fmarsh11
    Always fresh, fun and challenging!
  • Great but needs some fixes 3/5

    By Khyber W
    Used to love this app but recently since the last update the app has kept crashing mid workout, forcing me to start the workout all over. Also, the name is a little deceiving... the app is free but if you want any of the useful features you have to subscribe with a monthly fee. All in all this app has been helpful since I don't usually have access to a proper gym or coach.
  • Not able to login using facebook 1/5

    By Rrvr46
    I tried to create account by using Facebook account but it says account doesn't exist
  • Effective and practical 5/5

    By Eduardo Parada
    I am on my second week and feel very satisfied with the training I am a long time crossfiter and adopted this training as a way to complement my training when I am in town and when I travel to have a routine that is easy and effective to follow.
  • Love the app and the program 5/5

    By GlobalTravler
    This is my second time going through the 5+15 week program..the only wish I had is that you could have a separate price for just the app, so we could follow all the programs instead of buying coach.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Masoud TV
    I dont care about how I look as much as I care about how fir I am. Yesterday only after 3 weeks on the program I played soccer and could not feel better about myself. It really works
  • Im getting buff already 5/5

    By PapaCrlos
    This app is amazing, never stop pushing!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Anon-blackson
    First day and I am sweating like I have never sweat before
  • Quality app 5/5

    By Christopher Oliver
    In love with is
  • Phenomenal 4/5

    By Defragmenter110
    Excellent app. Easy to use, great design and function, workouts are effective and diverse. 👍🏼👍🏼
  • Coach 5/5

    By New piggy bank
    I feel like I have a personal trainer and the community of support is amazing. Love this App!!
  • Bro 5/5

    By Lets ho
    Its amazing
  • Awesome. 5/5

    By JD 84
  • This app though 5/5

    By mdsfutbol
    I've loved this app since it first came out and still love it, keep up the outstanding work!
  • Unrelenting 5/5

    By GopherGal12
    If you're really looking for improvement, real improvement then this is the app you want. It's an easy place, fun place, enjoyable place to be, anywhere you want to be. You feel "they" really want you to succeed whether or not you employ an instructor or coach or not. If you don't you still have access to brilliantly motivational videos, exercises, and workouts. This app is relentless, it wants you to succeed and will do it on your terms if your terms are at all compatible with human life. It's a brilliant app.
  • Great app 4/5

    By GQ1299
    A great app.
  • Get it 5/5

    By Okaybutlikewhat
    It's great
  • This is a great app 5/5

    By Victor👌🏼
    I needed to work out to get a six pack I started using this app for like 2 days and saw great improvements

Freeletics Bodyweight - Workouts and Training app comments

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