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Frontier Airlines App

Frontier’s mobile app makes travelling easier than ever before! Wanna skip the lines? Use our mobile boarding pass and go straight to the security checkpoint. Need to add a bag or select your seat? This app makes it easy. Now you can add you bag or seat after you make your initial booking and even after checking in. On the go, but need to book a flight? Shop our low, low fares here. Want a stretch seat, a checked and/or a carry-on bag? THE WORKS makes them available at one low price which includes refundability and no change fees. Wanna’ know the status of your flight? Get up-to-the-minute flight information here. Features: · Mobile Boarding Pass · Mobile Check In · Book a Flight · Check Flight Status · Interactive Route Map · …and much more!

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  • Passbook? 3/5

    By LynneC
    Boarding Pass cannot be added to Wallet. Tried several times and even rebooted the phone. Otherwise, it does what it needs to do.
  • Worst airline, worst airline app 1/5

    By FrizzleFryClimber
    Typically, I don't take the time to write reviews. However, both this airline and their app are sooooo bad that I want to warm travelers to NEVER fly with Frontier. Let's start with the app. Since I've had this app, there's been a bug that doesn't allow the user to save the boarding pass to the Apple Wallet, this is a basic function for any business traveler. I'm the words of our illustrious President, SAD! Further, the app doesn't allow the user to update their Known Traveler Number...instead, users have to call a helpdesk that doesn't answer for >15 mins- full disclosure, I hung up and didn't get an accurate time. The trays on the airline are a joke... No way to place a laptop on them with any chance of being able to type. For that matter, there's no Wi-Fi either. I HATE this app and airline.
  • Won't add boarding pass to Wallet 1/5

    By Ed Brey
    Has an antiquated "Add to Passbook" command, but it always fails.
  • Worst airline app 2/5

    By PepperpotsFTW
    This app is horrible. Very difficult navigation, slow to access anything, and just painful to use. It's an appropriate app for this airline, to be honest. I only downloaded it because I couldn't print my boarding pass. As soon as my flight is over, I'll be deleting this terrible app.
  • Add to Wallet 2/5

    By RonnieiPhone
    Does not work when adding to Wallet. Error messages!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Pretty good. App says: Passbook. Should be updated to say: Wallet.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Trimmy trayho
    Boarding passes, flight purchasing, and check in all worked smoothly for me. Budget air travel at its best.
  • Not the worst; good for my needs 3/5

    By Albysaurus
    This app is clunky and buggy, but I've never had any trouble getting my boarding pass on my phone. My printer is WAY more ornery than my Frontier app. This is the primary function of the app, in my opinion; I'd rather book and check statuses online. Even so, these utilities have proved functional enough for me, so I'll take the clunks and bugs that pop up. The app gets three stars because it did not exceed my expectations or fall short of my needs. It's perfectly average! And I'll take that. It was worth the download. Worst comes to worst, you have to print out your boarding pass and book flights online. You were going to do that anyway, so you might as well TRY on the app. What have you got to lose? I'm not going to review Frontier as a company because that's not the point of this review section.
  • Trash = Frontier! 1/5

    By Higggvg
    Trash app and trash airline! They nickel and dime you. First and last. Frontier is by far the worst ever airline I've taken. Lost luggage, terrible services, and crappy online website which hard to check in. Just trash, honestly.
  • Great service !!! 5/5

    By Berni4kids
    I have flown on frontier quite often theses last couple years. I have never encountered any rude employees or have had any trouble with ticketing. I will continue to fly frontier because I think they give great customer service and really care about their passengers.
  • App doesn't work, keeps asking to update to newer version. Please fix! 1/5

    By tmink23
  • Awful Company 1/5

    By Sam Fransco
    STAY AWAY! Do not flight with Frontier unless you want to risk your entire trip! They cancel flights for no reason and will not compensate you!
  • Junk as usual! 1/5

    By Maui Kid
    Frontier.... How about fixing your Airlines rather than your app! Doesn't do anyone any good to book flights on your app when you cancel flights because of poor management of your crews. Your app is just as poor as your Airlines!
  • Needs Work, like the airline 1/5

    By Enjoying-Videos
    Slow app to update. App flight status doesn't match airport sign information. No way to easily check flight status from reservation. Location services, even if enabled, fail.
  • Missed my flight thanks to this app. 1/5

    By Tkrahl
    I checked in online and didn't receive a barcode to scan when at terminal. Then I downloaded this app as a suggestion. The app said I was not checked in. So I checked in and still received no barcode. I was advised to visit ticketing to claim my boarding pass. The lady at ticketing, rudely said I never was checked in nor was showing up in their system. Not sure what happened, but I have a confirmation email and receipt saying otherwise. Very frustrated that I missed my flight!
  • Worst Airlines 1/5

    By ssinha06
    Ruined my December trip, suddenly cancelled flight without any valid reason, customer care is rude. I had to book another airlines at the very last moment, not recommended and won't fly again with frontier.
  • The absolute worst airline 1/5

    By Dontbite
    I refuse to fly with them ever again. Delta isn't even this bad, and they are crap.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Pekeapoomom
    Won't even let me log on!
  • Crashes & Logs Out 2/5

    By FoxboyMcFLY
    This app has the potential to be a 5 star app. Unfortunately, the app crashes and logs out regularly.
  • Another corporate crap app 1/5

    By MaxPritikin
    Lame app that was clearly written by people that didn't care. It serves the purpose in your basic "painful but I gotta use this" kinda way. Except if you need to track a flight so you can pick somebody up. Then it's useless. Apparently frontier doesn't believe in notifications about delayed flights despite having so many.
  • Can't use it as a boarding pass 1/5

    By Left for another app
    The only reason you download an airline app is to use it as an electronic boarding pass; well this app failed completely in that department I was not allowed to use it as an electronic boarding pass Atalanta's airport. Instead they insisted that I print a paper boarding pass from their kiosk. I don't know what else I expected from Frontier.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Yourstupidairplane
    Connot change flights. Flight status unreliable. Cheap is cheap.
  • How hard is it to make a 1/5

    By Natedude24
    You get what you pay for in terms of airlines. I've flown frontier lots of times, since it's the cheapest for a flight I make often. Flights are very mediocre, no drinks, etc. The app is very convoluted. Doesn't work with frontier website login. Doesn't work well. Ultimately all I need from it is to be able to add my pass to Wallet. And it does that. So whatever. But if you're gonna make an app, make one that feels good, and makes users want to come back. I get that Frontier is cheap. But that's no excuse for their crappy experience online. And everywhere for that matter.

    By Conley96
    My flight got delayed, and the app didn't even show it
  • Garbage 1/5

    By concordejohn007
    Don't waste your time with this app it is non-functioning. Similarly to frontier's sorry excuse of an airline industry constantly delaying flights.
  • Worst of the Worst 1/5

    By Haymamma
    ****DO NOT FLY FRONTIER**** That is the advice I was given by Expedia after I had to cancel an entire Christmas vacation. I was told that I should've know better, and this is what I should've expected after buying cheap tickets. Ok, Expedia, I used your service to find cheap airline tickets, which is what I thought your service was designed for. When we arrived for our flight on a sunny 88 degree day in Orlando, everything seemed set to go to fly to San Francisco. There was no indication that there would be a problem with the flight until 10 minutes before boarding Frontier cancelled the flight due to "weather." The plane was supposed to be coming in from Chicago, so the only excuse for not alerting us to the problem sooner would have possibly been the plane crashed 10 minutes outside Orlando. The winter storm was 4 days prior to this, and every other airline was back to business as usual. Had the airline alerted us to this problem when they knew that they would have to cancel the flight, which we learned was three days prior, then we would have been able to make alternative flight arrangements. They wouldn't put us on another airline, and all they would do is offer us a another flight A WEEK LATER. Here's the funny part, the flight status on my Expedia app said the flight arrived on time. There wasn't a flight. Expedia also worthless!!!
  • Worst app! 1/5

    By Smlltwngrl
    Looks like Frontier Airlines puts as much effort into their apps as they do customer service. Worst airline with an app to match.
  • This app is worthless 1/5

    By Alistansfield
    Got to the airport at 6 am for an 8 am flight. Checked the app to make sure the flight was on time before I left the house and it said it was. Upon arriving to the airport we were told by the person checking our bags that the flight was delayed until noon. When I downloaded the app I signed up to get text and email alerts about my flight status, which clearly don't work. On top of that every flight board at the airport AND the status on the App all say the flight is still on time! When i finally went to the frontier counter it took them 20 min to "research" and figure out that the flight actually was delayed. And I was told that it was delayed since 10 the night before but they did not notify anyone, including the airport apparently. Worst Airline and app ever!
  • Flight status? 3/5

    By Af322001
    How can my flight be on time when it was supposed to leave 40 min ago? Maybe not a problem with the app but frontier in general. Communicate more, please. Has my gate changed? Is my flight cancelled? This app doesn't seem to have answers.
  • Non-functioning app 1/5

    By Funhogspins
    My husband and I were in Cancun, Mexico. The flight was delayed, and we had a hard time getting info on the flight. We both had the app and checked on the status. Mine said the flight was delayed, but no estimate of time. His actually said the flight had "arrived"! We triple, quadruple checked to make sure it wasn't our mistake in entering the info...and it wasn't! Very strange.
  • horrible airline 1/5

    By agnhgvcdtph
    Frontier is literally the eorst airline you can have. The minute you place an order, your existence becomes a burden to them. Do not expect any help from the team that they call a customer support.
  • Seems like the core of this app is from 2007 1/5

    By morrisbretts
    It's almost 2017, and this app seems as if it's from 2007 due to limited functionality. One example would be to implement fingerprint login so that I don't have to copy and paste text from an email into the "my flights"/"retrieve your booking section". As it stands, its easier for a user to open a mobile web browser to and use the company website than it is using the outdated and limited functionality of this app.
  • Frightening! 1/5

    By Funb4
    Information fr/someone else's profile was in the app when I opened it. I hope my info doesn't show up on someone else's phone.
  • Awful 1/5

    By SophiaRex
    Don't bother downloading this. Everything comes back with errors and not founds.
  • Terrible user experience. 1/5

    By Siouxzqnkola2
    Couldn't select a return date - all grayed out for some reason
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Lianee77
    I have tried logging in with my early returns number and tried my email and it doesn't work. I can log in on my computer with the same credentials and it works. The app tries to redirect me to reset my password, then it pops up a blank screen and does nothing further. I also tried to pull up my flight number with the flight and last name in the app and it gives me an error message. However it pulls up the flight with the information just fine on my computer. I deleted the app and all my information, reloaded the app, and it's still not working.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Kat2143657842
    It can't find my reservation. I'm deleting it.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Mrs603
    I had no problems with finding my flight info on the app. I checked in easily and upgraded some of the options and added bags right in the app. I love the feature allowing me to add my boarding passes to the wallet so I know I won't forget them. It did everything I wanted it to!
  • Idiocy in an App 1/5

    By FrontierFantom
    Despite there being major apps to hold your plane tickets, Frontier has insisted that you cannot download a ticket to your phone without their application. This un-needed app, combined with its mediocre support and ease of use, is a waste of space on anyone's device.
  • Bad 1/5

    By BT_90
    Frontier is literally the worst airline, and I only downloaded this app for the mobile boarding pass. Gonna delete it the second I'm through the gate.
  • Useless notifications 1/5

    By Cām
    This app gave me a notification that I was 'At the departure airport' for my flight. As if I didn't already know I was there it kept displaying that notification all day after that on my lock screen and it could not be dismissed. I tried restarting my phone and that didn't work so I had to delete the app.
  • It worked great! 5/5

    By Mikewuydu
    The app just worked, Checked In my family and boarded the plane. This app is worlds better than American Airline's.
  • Doesn't work! 1/5

    By ToddWay
    I also am one that doesn't normally write reviews unless something is usually very helpful, or in this case useless. First it wouldn't let me log into the app with my profile, telling me something was wrong and to go to the website, where I can log in just fine using the same credentials. Tried several times, no luck. Then I decided to just bypass the profile and try and look up my flight by last name and confirmation number, and it couldn't find it. I am not sure what else you would use this app for if not for those 2 things?? Need to get some new developers guys, other airline apps work just fine.
  • One way or another 1/5

    By One way please
    1) Please allow one way and open jaw reservations through the app. 2) Please don't make me scroll through pictures of places that I don't want to go to on this trip. Just let me enter the airport code as always alternative. 3) Please place a link for a password reset--or better yet, just a fingerprint log-in.
  • The app should allow you to log in 2/5

    By 321lorenzo
    The app doesn't appear to have login. You can input your last name and flight confirmation but it should allow you to login with your frontier info, so that it has all your info.
  • Simple and solid 4/5

    By Bjharps
    Allows you to check in via app and pull down electronic boarding pass
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By -skittles
    First and last time using this airline considering I can't even check in through the app!!!!
  • Worst app / airline ever 1/5

    By Milotuckercody
    The app indicates you are TSA pre-checked but you're not so you end up going thru security twice. Don't use the app or fly Frontier.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By DmbAppReview
    I usually don't review apps but this is so one is so bad, I had to comment. This app doesn't update delayed flight times! Isn't that one of the few reasons to have an airline app? Im currently sitting in the terminal an hour into a two hour delay and the app still shows the original flight time. Junk.
  • Don't waste my time 1/5

    By Dan1857291
    Don't put an app in the App Store if it does not work. Test it first!

Frontier Airlines app comments

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