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  • Current Version: 1.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Fullscreen, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fullscreen’s streaming service is ending January 5th. In January 2018, the Fullscreen streaming service will be shutting down. We will no longer be billing current subscribers or taking new subscriptions effective November 18th and our official end date will be January 5th, 2018. We have appreciated all the enthusiastic support for our shows and the never-ending love for your favorite creators. While our streaming service may be ending, our commitment to amazing creators is only beginning. Keep an eye out for more exciting things to come in the future. Thank you for watching!


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  • Wish I could select which episode when casting 2/5

    By jb2000273
    I use the app to cast to my chromecast but it doesn’t even let me select which episode to watch it just plays an episode. I have to first select an episode to watch and then connect to the chromecast and it’ll play what I’m watching. Then if I want to watch the newest episode if I were catching up with a series, I’ll have to disconnect and choose the episode I want to watch and connect again. I should be able to view episodes while connected, not just restart whatever random episode it chooses for me.
  • Reviews 5/5

    By Samie and bo-bo
  • Fullscreen & Netflix 5/5

    By AmyMizfit
    I love Fullscreen and I've been telling ppl about it in my videos I make. I still use Netflix app but what ever they don't have I can then find on Fullscreen. I'll keep spreading the word too. I tell everyone they need to download this all. (Btw I'm an entertainer who makes funny videos and I'm looking to do a sponser lol seriously tho I would love to do something like that. Check out my Instagram its goddes of miZfitZ) lols
  • Not the best 3/5

    By Kit Kat9213
    This is a cool app, and some shows have a sample can watch even before you sign up. But once you have signed up, you find out that after one days free trial, where is 5.99 Dollar monthly fee. I would only be using this app at most twice a month, so that would take me to 24 watches a year, and approximately $70 a fee.
  • iPhone X not supported 3/5

    By Spidermangeo
    I understand that the iPhone X just released but Fullscreen is one of my go to apps once they have fixed the bottom bar when watching in a horizontal orientation mode then I will update to 5 stars!
  • charges without warning 1/5

    By TheArtiest
    i just wanted a one month free trial and i only used the app for like a week. but months later my mom is asking me why she’s been getting charged monthly and what it is. i did not agree to full screen connecting to MY MOTHERS CREDIT CARD but it did. so i figured out how to cancel it. done? no. months later i find out that they are charging MY MOTHER again. she doesn’t need this. and i didn’t agree to this. they need to make a bold warning if any. i am upset.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Ourtworows
  • awesome 5/5

    By I_amawesome1357
    I downloaded this app just to watch Shane and Friends 😐
  • Shows have gone missing 1/5

    By Krobbins7515
    I was just watching Chuck last night and this morning it's gone from the app. What gives? Boo.
  • Great variety 5/5

    By ever4far
    I started my subscription because of dirty 30 and kept it because of the great non-US options available. I also like that the movies and featured entertainment changes regularly.
  • Meh. 3/5

    By Getsomeblack
    Good shows but the quality is very low on every video so it’s always blurry though my internet isn't slow at all nothing else lags but this app
  • Bad 1/5

    By BEST APPP EVER!!!!!
    Ok I purchased to buy a membership and it was going well until it log me out and said my email password was incorrect I want my money back but ik u can’t do that 😐
  • Description of content is false 2/5

    By Chris1221topher
    Saved by the bell is not on this app. There are some titles (movie/tv shows) that are good IMHO, but the majority are lesser known or lower rated.
  • Great 5/5

    By AwakeningSerenity
    Works well and I haven't had any problems with it!
  • 🙌🏼 5/5

    By ###########selfie
    Love it!
  • 0 stars Terrible 1/5

    By SomeSwellTrash
    I have emailed them six days ago now that I am an AT&T member and wanted to sign up under that deal they advertised. Their email back says they will respond back in 4 hours or possibly 24 hours aka next business day. They have yet to get back to me in any fashion. I have emailed them 3 times and still zero response. Their unsubscribe directions do not work for my iTunes and I DO NOT want to be charged. They make it impossible to unsubscribe and never get back to you via email nor do they follow up on their AT&T free deal. Avoid this app!! Do. Not. Download. Completely unhappy with this experience. Rip off. Following this up to add: I finally did reach someone (Muriel R) in chat who told me that email response time could be slower because of volume of emails. I then suggested that they not promise 4-24 hour response time - something it would take them 30 seconds to fix in their automatic email response. She also said the at&t deal was only available through a specific link - AGAIN this was something they could have easily added to their automatic email response. This is where I am assuming their "volume" of email is coming from. Why not spend 30 seconds to update their automatic email response and also add a "hey, if you're looking for the at&t deal signup at this link". No. Crappy service. Terrible follow-up. If they had decent quality shows maybe it would be worth it to deal with their terrible business model - but the shows are awful too. Original review stands. Steer clear of this app.

    By Greatestappsreveiw
    Only downloading for Magic Fun House.
  • Meh. 3/5

    By GreyB94
    Not terribly impressed with the selection. There's a lot of you tubers trying to make this app happen, and the quality of production value is there, but there's also a lot of bad acting going on as well as overacting, making it difficult to watch seriously. If they toned it down it would be better. 5 minutes of over the top is fine every few weeks when Brandon Rogers puts out a video. 60 minutes is way too much.
  • SUPERB 5/5

    By Lambo527
    One the best new apps for the new streaming of entertainment. Whatever tickles your fancy they have it from SJW to offensive. And the culture that is moving fast. They're helping the people that need their content out there. 10 stars if I could.
  • Awesome App. 5/5

    By drichard64
    This app is the best of all the apps I've come across. The on screen functions are very quick to react to the touch of your finger. There is a feature on the main page the you can see what you've been watching, and so you can pick up and watch right you left off. It has the best HD screen quality. I would recommend this app for iPhone users at least, I use an iPhone 7s plus. Check it out sometime...
  • Worth it 4/5

    By Mattybrapsisgod
    Surprising selection. Compliments Netflix well. Not to pricey
  • Doesn’t help broke people 1/5

    By Jeremiahkahanu
    Look.. I’m broke and I’m just trying to laugh with some of my favorite youtubers... I can’t even get in without having to put in a card information that I don’t even own... pleeeeeeaaaaaassseeeeee make it free.... or make the app itself like 5.99 and everything else free. Help a broke boy out man😭
  • Cool shows. I like Willam's show 5/5

    By Aaron2612
  • Good Enough... 4/5

    By Chelis
    So far so good with the movies I have watched but I'd like to see more newer movies... I have a free year from ATT and will enjoy it.
  • I free year and data too?? 5/5

    By sandy81676
    I hope the free data is still a thing, but as of Sept 2017 the free ATT year still works! I was going to sign up for the free 1 week until I saw the offer, THANK YOU ATT and fullscreen! Unlike most comments, I'm not concerned with the mainstream content. I want this as an add on to YouTube. Some of my favorite creators have premium content only on fullscreen. I found this app because of Jaclyn Glenn who has a new tv series produced by fullscreen. So instead of thinking of this app as a less relevant Netflix, maybe if you think of it as a way to see original content from creators who are/were just like you and me (before youtube fame) PLUS 90s-2000s TV and movies, you might enjoy this app a lot more and see the greater value in it. And if you have ATT, well, then what the heck are you waiting for????
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Monihoe09
    I watch Fullscreen more then Netflix. I love that all my favorite YouTubers have shows/Podcasts and some of my favorite 90s/00s movies are on here! I recommend full screen to all my friends so we can have watch parties. Love it!
  • Scam 1/5

    By MariposaLovely
    I don't have this app and I canceled before the trial ended and they have been charging me every month. Thieves
  • Free movies. No commercials. 5/5

    By Hopfly
    Also no data usage for a year. It's a no brained for me. Love it
  • No Fire TV 2/5

    By Benignjamin
    Att offers one year free but FullScreen has no fireTV app. ??? Making the offer worthless unless I watch on phone screen. No thanks. I have old man eyes. I'm not a millennial. I don't watch movies on my phone. Fullscreen has FireTV capability but does not accept AT&T one year free trial. Starts charging after one week? Way to much hassle for old crap movies. Library of films is odd. Mostly older ones that weren't very good back then let alone now.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Snugglebug001187
    This application is a bunch of junk I only have it because AT&T gave it to me free for a year but the fact that they charge people for it is ridiculous there's nothing on here that's worth even one penny .
  • Good app 4/5

    By rockgood
    I gave it 4 stars just because there are a few strange movies but I love this app because it offers different movies than Netflix or Hulu which I also have.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ayemillette
    I use it to watch Shane Dawson, Drew Monson and Brandon Rogers. All of their shows are absolutely amazing and I'm incredibly proud ❤️
  • Great streaming app 4/5

    By Player62839479
    I actually really enjoy this app for Fullscreen content. Picture in picture is a great feature. Works well and is more user friendly than the desktop site in my opinion. Have yet to try the watch party feature but will eventually!
  • good!!! 5/5

    By Korn!!
  • Fullerscreen 5/5

    By BARBIE*+*
    Would be nice.
  • Help 1/5

    By Hackworth AppleDApps
    It won't download help
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Isaac 08636457
    Magic fun house is the best
  • Love it 5/5

    By Birch wood
    I feel like the only reason most people got this was cause of Brandon Rogers magic funhouse
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lolpie333
    Sooooo gooood
  • YES 5/5

    By laynalovers
  • Highly Suggest 5/5

    By Kysner
    This is a great app for viewing content shown no where else. (I suggest Magic Funhouse)
  • Great! 5/5

    By Pangyperson2
    I love this app so much I good a year free because I had AT&T !
  • I love it 5/5

    By GES1980
    better than TV!! 📺😎
  • Good 4/5

    By Cadalis
    It's good
  • Awesome 5/5

    By slcbadboy
    It's the only movie app I will watch because it offers so much more then all the other apps plus it adds movies all the time. I love it I think it's great.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By _johnnyboss
    Can add more movies but other than that its amazing!
  • So sad 1/5

    By Kapusluvr
    Selection of movies is bad.. But that's what to expect from ATT, bad service all around. Been their customer for more than 15 years and after this contract were finally finished... They went way up in price and WAY down in service
  • Lots of weird shows wouldn't watch 1/5

    By Ironhead fan
    Glad I am not paying for this lot if inappropriate shows on here not for Families
  • 10/10 would recommend 5/5

    By Bon Bon1212
    I started off watching only Shane Dawson's podcast and now thankfully Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley's podcasts are here now as well! So much great uncensored content! Love this app!
  • Lousy interface, practically unusable on the ipad 1/5

    By Stevefuzzy
    Trying to watch in landscape mode (ie wide-screen) simply does not work. Really shame on the app developers for creating such a crippled app. Aside from that, the catalog of movies leaves a lot to be desired.

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