Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game

Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game

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  • Current Version: 2.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: dirtyBit
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game App

Join our community of more than 100 million Fun Run players from all around the world in one of the best realtime online multiplayer games! Get ready for running games with even more action-packed craziness than before – enter to win big against your furry opponents! Fun Run is Back! We are back with the third chapter in the Fun Run saga – FUN RUN 3: ARENA – with more of the mischief and mayhem that you loved in Fun Run and Fun Run 2. Ridiculously Funny Running Game Fun Run 3: Arena takes the legendary gameplay of classic running race games and adds a new dimension of cool! Race against other real players while escaping obstacles. Sabotage your rival runners’ progress to WIN the race in this fun game to play online. No holding back! Slash, crush, and destroy your opponents to the finish line! Arena Gameplay Arena is the where eight furries fight against elimination! Only the fastest 3 reach the finish line for amazing rewards and ultimate glory. Be the victorious in this addicting game mode and fulfill your destiny as the one and only ARENA CHAMPION. Form a Clan & Run with Friends Run with your clan buddies! Participate in multiplayer games online with friends or total strangers. Find friends online to show them how it’s done! Fun Run 3 is all about playing awesome games with friends – and beating them to the finish line! Show off your style and be the coolest critter in the forest! We packed this Fun Run game with hilarious fashionable accessories! Choose from different furry friends and dress them up with cool hats, boots, sunglasses and even more swag to show off your funny games style! Cool & Fun Features - Clan Battles in a 2v2 mode! - 30+ new power-ups! - Arena - the new 8 player racing game mode! - Race against friends or random players in real-time! - Slam & Slide: two new actions to leave the opposition in the dust! - Customize your avatar with more options than ever! - Conquer lots of new levels! - Climb the leaderboards and challenge the best players in the world! Fun Run 3: Arena is a free online multiplayer game – an internet connection is required. The Arena awaits! Download Fun Run 3: Arena now and start running! Ready, Set, GO!


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Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game app reviews

  • I didn’t get my in app purchases 1/5

    By Stevoburitto
    I never got my starter pack and I bought it twice and still never got them.
  • Should update 2/5

    By Juan123445
    It should be updates to support iphone x
  • Cool game 5/5

    I like the game,it’s just so good
  • Better 2/5

    By New arrow lover
    Why did I keep getting paired with elites when I was only a gold 5, obviously who has the advantage. I deleted the app and got it back while wanting my old account back. I took the steps it told me to do and I’m waiting for an email back. It’s already been a day and I still haven’t received an email, i really just want to start playing but I can’t because an email.
  • The best fun in history keep it up 4/5

    By Spekoz™
    Each fun run is better than the last keep it up guys
  • Pretty good...but not good enough 4/5

    By XxgamespacexX
    I am writing this because many people get magnets faster than any other power up they have and I think they should make it so the magnet has a lower chance of getting it but not too low where it would be very rare to get but low enough so there’s 8 people using the magnet but just 1 and so people can get them and it can be different people
  • Cool 5/5

    By zoomflash06
  • Fun good 5/5

    By juanki derek
  • I like the game 5/5

    By Jordan plays roblox and is lmg
    It's fun
  • Cost to much 2/5

    By Tae🤣
    Why does all the clothes and skins and animals cost so much some of them don’t even look that good and why does it take so long for u to get coins in this game please lower the prices on ur animals,skins,and clothing and make it easier to get coins.
  • great 5/5

    By Wiwi1233
  • Very good but.. 2/5

    By slappy go lucky
    I accidentally bought a xp boost for 30 gems can I take it back
  • Great! 5/5

    By outernose502:
    Dis game gooood
  • help! this is annoying! please fix! 3/5

    By peppa pig :p
    So I had this game a while now and it’s fun and everything but something seems to be wrong. When I level up, it seems to go backwards. Like I was at sliver 3, then i went to sliver 2. Now i am at sliver 1. I have no idea what is going on. Also, when I go into the arena, i had at least 47-48 trophies. Then, it some how erased and it was 12. Now i am all the way to zero!! I’m so annoyed and I tried to see if I needed to update it or something, but everything is up to date. The good thing though is that it doesn’t lose my coins, gems, or my level. I am at level 13 at this moment. Please read this and fix this!!
  • Bugs? 3/5

    By Drew4195
    I absolutely love this game. But what bothers me is the rewards. It would ask to win a race and when i do win the race the game doesn’t acknowledge it an count my victory. This is very annoying please fix
  • Best 5/5

    By Gamer_galan12
    Best game ever
  • Fun Run Addict 4/5

    By Luxedreams
    Love Fun Run but for the past 3 days my outfits and power ups keep changing at random once I start a race. Super annoying. On the main page everything is exactly the way I’d like it to be. My screen name is Sexyglam on the game if anyone could look into it that would be great! Also, are you still giving out wolves in the arena?
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Kiddabio
  • 😘😘😘😘😍😍 5/5

    By Servinsack231
  • Pig 4/5

    By Tyler.bransford
    Add a pig
  • Okay. 4/5

    By Puppy_Lover 🐶
    It's kinda like a bootleg Mario Kart in some ways but hey, why not add Nintendo video game accessories and stuff?! Well I mean if you get permission it would be sooooo sick!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Bunny hop2101😉😀😀😀😜😛
    Love this game I love to play it wit my ugly friends
  • Improvements 5/5

    By Cookiegirl1982
    Please make more races to choose from
  • ERROR CODE 8?! 4/5

    By RealBaconGamer
  • Fun but... 3/5

    By App reviews 99
    This is SUCH a super fun game and I love it so much!! I had the game a while back in the first version and was so excited when they came out with another!! There is tons more to say about the game, but one issue keeps happening. I’ll go to play the game, but by the time my character starts running everyone else has already started!! It is so frustrating. I just finished a run in the arena, and by the time my character was released to start the game, I was eliminated. PLEASE FIX. Then I’ll totally give 5 stars!!
  • A review 5/5

    By TyrannicClub
    This game is sort of like speed runners but on mobile and it is awesome. I don’t think this is getting enough attention for how good it is. Fun Run 3 is challenging and fun!
  • Donald Trump 5/5

    By i love fonald trump
    Donald trump = 5 stars
  • Hmmm 3/5

    By CaynnPapayas
    I just bought the starter pack but it didn’t go through my error code is 8 other than that great game
  • Yuh 5/5

    By Charskiezz
    Best 60 sec. if your day
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Babyboobritt:*
    The ads are getting long and ridiculous. There shouldn't be a ad every couple of matches, its unnecessary.
  • Good game but 3/5

    By Subsmoke
    I would give 4-5stars if the down button work but it doesn’t work because it have a f**king delay so if you guys could fix it it would be appreciated.

    By Etheth_underscore😂
    hey guys I see u made an update “optimized for wide screens” so I was like YAYY FINALLY but then I went on the app and it was like nah fam u still got black borders, so frick I thought this would be the update. I really like this game bc it’s super fun and stuff but I really don’t want screen burn in from black borders so can u pls fix that!! also some things are overpriced but whatever lol. but yeah MAKE IT OPTIMIZED ik u guys can do it!! thanks for making such a good game just please fix this issue then I’ll rate 5 stars bc that’s what it deserves!!
  • Magnet 5/5

    By Beezy 2006
    Magnet is making people rage quit and delete the game so I think you should delete the magnet
  • NO MAGNET 4/5

    By RileyRoov123
    Please get rid of the magnet it is too OP and it’s annoying
  • Fun run 5/5

    By dats_kev
    This game is so awesome I can’t stop playin it
  • It is awesome 5/5

    By Diesel 1245
    You can add your friends and pick the them.
  • Best game ever 4/5

    By Mommycata
    Love Love Love Love Love fun run but there is a downside to this version. I’ve been playing funrun for years and once I saw this version come out I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to play the game. I recently just realized that in funrun 3 when you win matches all you get is xp...... I wish/hope you guys make it to when you win you get xp and coins!
  • It’s a good game 5/5

    By key1567
  • Room to grow 2/5

    By PrE3tTy-gUrL
    I gave this game 3 stars for a few r reasons.the graphics are nothing like the previous fun runs they’re much mor animated. In fun run 2 the graphics were great but here there more cartoonish. Also the store is far to expensive. You have to play a few days just to save up enough to buy an entry level animal. It would also be nice if there were more maps and the players moved faster like in fun run 2. Update months later ! So there are a lot of glitches with this game on the iPhone X sometimes I fall beneath the actual playing ground and just keep falling causing me to loose the race of course. Also the arena use to be 10 wins to get a prize now it’s 12, which to me is unnecessary because it’s hard enough to get 10 wins especially playing people at higher levels then you. The characters are super slow, the store is ridiculously expensive it takes so much playing and saving to buy a 20k coin character I end up spending money. I’m all for buying things in a game but it shouldn’t be a necessity ! This game took a turn for the worse. Still fun to play but fun run and fun run 2 are much more “fun” to play smh
  • Fun run 1/5

    By Shdushsususgshshsh
    I hate this game Don’t download this game It’s not worth it It’s total trash It’s frustrating
  • God game 5/5

    By eggie4
    This is the best game that runs ever
  • Its pretty much all luck 3/5

    I've been playing this game for a while and it's a lot of fun. BUT this game is pretty much all luck. If u get a lightning a boost and a shield u pretty much win. Some of its skill like when u should jump or slide and when to use the power ups but honestly if u we're to play the best guy in the world at fun run and he got nothing but lets say a trap and you got shields boosts and magnets or lightnings it would be very hard to lose because there is no way to dodge these power ups (which I suggest they come up with a way to dodge certain power ups). If this were to be added into the game, skill would finally be implemented into the game and it wouldn't be all luck. This would make the game so much better but overall it's a very fun game. Also^^ a lot of the things are insanely over priced. U get about 100 coins or whatever every game and skins and characters (the cool and good ones) are like 60,000 coins. It's crazy but it's fun
  • Cmon dirty bit 4/5

    By Ryan Fetro
    Its super fun and addictive, but i always get unfair matches and lose in the most unfair ways
  • Game freezes 3/5

    By Red Doties BPG
    The game freezes for a second when a friend shows online. This has caused me to lose multiple times. Please fix.
  • Mandatory ads after race 1/5

    By long ads not fun
    I'm a long time player, not a great player, just been playing for a long time. Anyway, occasionally I would get an ad after a race that would last only a few seconds and then an x would appear and I could close the ad. That was fine, I could still see other players emoji usage if they used any. HOWEVER, after a recent update, I'm not sure which, they introduced ads that would play automatically after finishing a race, that lasted at least 10 seconds. Probably more. If any other players had emoted after the race, I wouldn't have seen them by the time the ad finished. 3 seconds vs. 10 seconds is a big deal. Love the game otherwise.
  • The Best Game EVER 5/5

    By Reckerd
    It’s just so addicting I can’t stop playing
  • This game is okay 3/5

    By TNTeame 07
    There are a lot of glitches. Please nerf the magnet. Also fix the glitch where you go from 2nd place to 3rd then to 4th it makes me angry all the time. Also sometimes when I am in mid air and I try to stomp it makes me slide. This game is fun sometimes but other times it isn’t.
  • Annoying glitch 1/5

    By jumping albinos
    Ever since I put I wouldn’t write a review the game puts me in 4th place every time even though I am clearly not.
  • Awesomeness on a whole other level 4/5

    By neon fighter
    WHOOP!!!!i love fun run 3!!!!!!1 thing I want is lower animal prices but still it’s awesome!!!! my new favorite app no question about that!!!!!!!!i also would like people to be able to have more than 250 friends but yah it’s a great game!!!!!👍🏻
  • Fun 5/5

    By Jts199865
    Nothing but fun

Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game app comments


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