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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV

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  • Current Version: 3.3
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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV App

Enjoy the biggest and best lineup of critically-acclaimed dramas, hilarious comedies, and blockbuster movies LIVE or ON DEMAND on your iPhone, iPad, or 4th Generation Apple TV device. Stream full episodes of your favorites shows like American Horror Story, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Archer, and The Americans. FXNOW also gives you access to EVERY EPISODE EVER of The Simpsons.   On FXNOW, enjoy FX, FXX, FXM, FOX, and National Geographic all in one place, with live TV and over 600 hours of on-demand programs.     Comcast and Cox customers can also upgrade to FX+. Watch current seasons of your favorite series ad-free, and access the library of previous FX shows like The Shield, Nip/Tuck, Damages, and Sons of Anarchy. Restart any Live TV show to watch from the beginning, and resume watching where you left off. Search and discover new collections: Family, Drama, Comedy and New Episodes. Save your favorites and get recommendations based on your viewing.    To get the most out of FXNOW, sign in with your participating TV provider account. For more info, visit http://fxnetworks.com/help.  Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.


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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By brayden mcnickle
    Every time I try to watch it American Horror Story in my IPad, it freezes and then crashes. Highly annoying!
  • Update made ui terrible 1/5

    By craya5
    Simpsons world on the TV ui is so much worse now. Lags quite often and the layout is less intuitive.
  • What did you do!? Worse! 1/5

    By Helpermunkee
    Simpson’s world is still broken. “Video is unavailable” on all episodes. Also the new UI is bananas! Did you sit down in a room and decide how the worst way to present information would be? Keep it simple stupid. Also you made it insanely difficult to play a random episode but quickly cancel any episode that is after season 11. Still awful.
  • White screen is blinding 4/5

    By jim and maegan
    All commercial breaks flash to a white screen and blind you when you’re watching in the dark. So glad there are limited ads, because I wouldn’t watch if my eyeballs hurt more often. Other than that, great app. Very happy with how fast shows stream and I can easily fast forward and rewind without it buffering. Would recommend!
  • Changes make it harder to find content 1/5

    By Brian from MN
    It used to be easy to filter on all movies and scroll to find something. The new changes make it a pain to even just find a filter for all movies and then that filter only returns a fraction of all movies. The app spins endlessly trying to display content, its garbage.
  • ridiculous app 1/5

    By murmurings
    for MONTHS neither this or FoxNow app have worked with chromecast. what's the problem? it used it work perfectly. every other network app works fine with chromecast. unacceptable. DONT BOTHER IF YOU HAVE CHROMECAST!!!
  • Great App! Could be 5 stars, if... 1/5

    By Heckbound
    All content aside, this is one of the best TV Apps I've used. HBO and Showtime being the better. However, I do have gripes; 1) the constant need to have to log in. I think it worked for a week or so, before asking for a login, but now, it has become a daily occurrence. Yes... I took 2 stars away for that. 2) Sometimes, I'll get streaming without sound. Sometimes, the adio and video don't sync. This are minor issues, only because they seldom happen. However, it started happening more frequently when the login issues began. Still, 250% better than the Fox Now App. That's a train wreck. Update: You can skip all the praise above, because they swapped to the FOX NOW appearance and functionality... again, aside from the HBO Apps, this one went from best to worst.
  • App will not streamcast. 1/5

    By Mazing123
    Every time I try to play a simpsons episode it will play on my phone but it will not successfully cast on to my smart tv. This is the only app this happens with. The loading symbol comes up and it won't ever play on my tv after it's already synced up to the app. Fix your sht FX
  • A Huffman 3/5

    By Fruit loops captin crunch
    I just updated my app and now when I connect my app to my chrome cast and press to play Bobs Burgers my tv screen goes black and the show will now play. It’s very annoying.

    By Ramosssssssssss
    App looks great & very simple to use! However, when I attempt to stream using my chrome cast device it doesn’t work. Just shows loading symbol but won’t stream but also says it’s connected. Left it loading thinking it may take a while but after a few minutes it boots me out of the app. Really only downloaded this app to stream so if it doesn’t work within the next week will be deleting.
  • Unable to cast 1/5

    By SfsteveG
    I am unable to cast to and device since the most recent update. There is no casting button available to select. All other apps are able to cast normally. My wife is experiencing the same issue on her phone as well.
  • Where’s the Full Episodes 1/5

    By Jmgambino24
    What these networks dont understand is that their viewers don’t care about clips. Every time there is an update it says now you can watch full episodes and then once you log in there’s no full episodes. Again no Fargo among many other shows. Plus what’s the deal with the commercials? If I am already paying for your service with my cable subscription then why I am being penalized and forced to watch commercials ondemand? You and other networks are double dipping and forcing your subscribers to watch commercials is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Going backwards 2/5

    By Vols3474
    The new layout is horrible. It’s entirely too difficult to search for a movie to watch now.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Usxminntac
    Thanks for changing the app now I can’t watch anything live on your app with my Dish subscription way to go
  • An Improvement That Needs Work 2/5

    By Wafflehat
    The FX app seems like it is getting better, although it’s pretty lame that FX is going with a premium version at an additional $5 a month through a cable provider to unlock additional content without commercials. No wonder traditional television is dying, because who wants to pay $80 a month for cable and an additional $5 a month on top of that to get rid of ads for an app.

    By DocDoc190
    You could just sign in using your internet connection before as long as your internet provider was also your cable provider. Now all of a sudden they need you to find the information that you got from the cable installer ages ago. ~___~things like this are completely unnecessary , and for what? So that Fox can have access to our bogus throw away email addresses. Enough with the spam and data collection. Sheesh. Just let us use the app as advertised
  • Needs help 1/5

    By srg giz
    This app is terrible basically on every platform. Roku? Stuck on retrieving and the episodes are from the last episode of the season to the first. Kindle fire? A lot of the episodes don't play. IPhone? Same problem. And the support isn't great. Had an issue when suddenly all communication stopped while trying to work it out. They closed the issue and emailed me asking if I still needed help and I said that I did and I neve heard anything back.
  • the simpsons 🙍 1/5

    By Larry yo stylinson
    i️ still have problems trying to watch the simpsons . after the latest update , it tells me , “ resource not found “
  • Nov 2017 update has big problems! 1/5

    By The dark knight returns
    The app no longer will cast properly. I’ve never had a problem before. Watching on my device is fine, though takes MUCH longer than before. I’ve tried to cast from 3 different apple devices. None work. It just loads and loads and loads. As soon as I drop casting, it works fine. Please fix this!!
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By speedbrds
    The old version of the app was just fine. The new mobile version and especially the Apple TV version are absolutely terrible. I watched the Simpsons all the time. Now there is so much navigating, I’ve stopped watching all together. The app resents back to main menu when switching apps. It’s infuriating!! You’ve lost an avid fan.
  • Doesn't work!! 1/5

    By firepuck
    USED to be a pretty good app but after the past 3-4 updates it crashes the minute the episode starts. Extremely frustrating since I've tried watching on my iPhone 7, iPad and iPod. Clearly it's an app issue, not a device issue. Come on, stop adding features and fix the app already!
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Mariana777
    Hate this new update it's very difficult to find what movies you have to watch on it because there's not one section for JUST movies. You have everything separated into genres. I honestly wish I could undo the update.
  • Issues with Chromcast 2/5

    By Kami305
    Fancy new update, but still has the same problems. It won’t connect to my 1st generation chromcast. It shows that it is connected, but then the video has issues loading and casting on it.
  • Newest Version of App Won’t Cast 1/5

    By rahud
    After downloading the new version of the app, it won’t cast to my tv properly. The interactive ads at the beginning seem to prevent it from showing up on my tv using Google Chromecast.
  • Do not use!! 1/5

    By Sof and Dad
    I googled my issue (won’t chromecast) and saw that this has been a problem for at least 8 months!! I have seen other problems they haven’t addressed too. They are aware. Yet they don’t fix. I think that says it all. Wake me up when it’s fixed.
  • please help. What happened to this great app? 1/5

    By Ricky (deltona)
    I have fx, Fxx on my tv subscription and in the old app I could watch it just fine. When I try to register it in this one it says I only have fox. I definitely have fx as I watch on my tv at home. App was working fine until this update. I could watch fx just fine. Called dish to confirm I have fx, fxx and they said I do and that it should work on the Apple TV. Why does the app say I don’t have this content with my subscription when I clearly do at home. Please help. This was one of my favorite apps before the update.
  • Wow, this update is that bad 1/5

    By Grimis 4 you
    I understand the need to change apps to new technologies and UI experiences, but this update is terrible. AND the Apple TV update is so bad that I actually have to use my iPad to stream and the iPhone/iPad app is bad. This UI is pretty but so confusing. And by confusing I mean REALLY confusing. The amount of clicks/ finger moves has increased a lot since the last version. The previous version was not ‘pretty’ but it worked flawlessly. You are forced to use his app, but I hope the developers ask a user to review because this app UI is that bad.
  • Can’t log in with DIRECTV 2/5

    By Snoopy4494
    I used to be able to access this with DIRECTV, but it doesn’t recognize my password or account, I’m not able to watch “The Simpsons”. Please fix that
  • Why hasn’t it been fixed yet... 1/5

    By WhoKnows...
    Numerous updates yet and not one of them has fixed the countless bugs that myself and others are experiencing. Could be a great app if the tech team actually did their job....
  • The Worst App I’ve Ever Used 1/5

    By Sanchez1680
    This app is genuinely terrible. The front end developers should be proud, it at least looks nice. The back end should all be fired. This app can’t load or cast anything. Constantly asks you to sign in. It’s useless. I absolutely hate this app.
  • Now broken! 1/5

    By CMPavlov
    App worked fine for a while, but with the newest update it will not play things over Chromecast at all
  • Cannot sign in TV Provider 1/5

    By durubz
    It wont let me input my TV provider, just loading circle, this happened after the recent app update. (iPad)
  • Simpsons Heaven! 5/5

    By Busty St.Claire
    This latest update is fantastic! I love that I can access other fox shows now. Better than that is I can now use picture-in-picture, which is amazing! I love to watch The Simpsons while I work on other things. Thanks for finally adding that functionality!
  • Trash, trash, trash 1/5

    By Budbud120
    FX is the only app provider who would spend a ton of time working on physical layout of the app without paying attention to functionality problems first. No matter how many of us complain about the Simpsons World feature not working correctly, y’all never fix it!! We still use with Chromecast - such a shame, and at this point, something that’ll probably never be fixed. I’ve emailed three times and left countless reviews! Just make Simpson’s World a separate app!
  • Nearly all shows are locked 2/5

    By Goaliegeek
    Not sure what update this affected everything on, but I used to be able to watch FX shows and Simpson’s without any issues. Not I get errors saying my content provider does not support these shows. I have Dish with FX in the package, but can’t access shows. Also seems like every update changes the whole interface and navigation becomes more of a pain.
  • Takes a long time to get a show to stream 1/5

    By Ccjs1986
    On average, it takes about 20 minutes to get a show streaming. The app loads for a very long time.
  • Fix this update! 1/5

    By Dr. Coats
    0 stars if possible; this update doesn’t recognize my Dish account having access to FX.
  • Can't login 1/5

    By Yogagirllikestorun
    Tried to login 3 times with my provider ID and password. I enter , and just wait, nothing ever happens. Can't view the shows. Ugh. And the mobile website doesn't work either so I guess I just can't watch Fx
  • Hate the update. 1/5

    By Tah-dah
    I knew as soon as I opened the app it would be just as useless as the Fox app or anything Fox related for that matter. It connects to my chromecast but does not play any content. What a waste. I love FX and have been a devoted viewer for years but it doesn't surprise me that collaborating with Fox would ruin something good. Please fix this glitch.
  • Apple TV issues 1/5

    By Skryer
    The Apple TV app updated and now no longer allows watching random Simpsons episodes in the original 4:3. It feels like every time the app is updated they keep breaking Simpsons episodes.
  • Chromecast feature broken 2/5

    By Swinebone091516
    Whenever I try and cast an episode to my TV using my Chromecast, the screen flashes episode details and then goes black. My phone or iPad shows that it’s loading but nothing happens. This feature has been broken for some time now, despite Fox’s multiple updates to the app.
  • Bad Update 2/5

    By Cam1119
    Before the update I was able to watch all FX, FXX, and FXM shows and movies with my tv provider. Since the update though, it’s only letting me watch FOX shows and saying that FX networks are not included in my tv provider when they are. What was the point of this update anyways? The FOX NOW app already has FX and Nation Geographic on it, so the two apps are exactly the same now. All in all this update was pointless and just screwed things up.
  • Simpsons Commentaries 2/5

    By nanderson1951
    Did you guys do away with the option to watch Simpsons episodes with cast and crew commentaries? I really hope not.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Cherryringpop
    If you want an app that takes 45 minutes to load your show, and when it does finally load it’s so blurry you don’t even know what you’re watching....then this will be app for you.
  • ROKU Issue...PLEASE FIX! 1/5

    By Bmaroldi88
    Last week I was enjoying American Horror Story...FX does an update to their FXNOW channel and all of a sudden FX isn’t included in my TV Subscription? I have FX on live tv so why can I not watch it via the FXNOW app?!
  • Commentary tracks 3/5

    By beaustopher
    Downloaded the latest update. Only complaint is that on the Simpsons World app, when you select to watch an episode with Audio Commentary, it doesn’t carry over to the next episode. i.e. episode w/ commentary ends, plays interstitial commercial - and then when the next episode loads, commentary track is off. Have to stop episode, turn commentary back on and play. Seems like more of a bug than a feature.
  • Updated the app yesterday, Thursday November 16, 2017, and have not been able to connect sinc 1/5

    By fleur2017
    Called provider and my account was fine and they include the app in their package. Problem is with the app, it gets stuck “thinking” when I try to connect to my cable provider.
  • Can't watch 1/5

    By Lynnie9000
    I had my tv provider on here and when I Log in and password with the new update I can’t watch because I hadn’t delete it the app and I have try log again plz fix this
  • Can’t cast it. 4/5

    By AnthonyA._
    Seriously a great update it looks seamless but It won’t even let me cast it to my chrome cast, really need to fix that.
  • Can’t watch my stuff,What happened? Please fix 1/5

    By J. Robert Gold
    I have dish and I have The Fxx is channel on the TV. When I try to Watch Simpsons world a mssage pops up saying “This is not included in your program package.” The kind of seems ridiculous because before I updated it I could watch it fine on my iPad as long as I was signed in with my dish info. I don’t understand what happened I updated it and now it says “it’s not included in my TV package” like I said before I have the channel on my TV so I don’t understand what happened regarding the app. Can you please look into it? I really think it vantage of your Simpson world on the app.

FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV app comments


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