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GameStop App

With the GameStop app, you can discover what's out, what's hot, and what's on the horizon. Here's what else you can do with the GameStop app: - Keep track of your games, codes, coupons and upcoming pre-orders. - Look up current trade value estimates, and find nearby stores to turn those items into cash or credit. - View your PowerUp Rewads point balance, active offers, and redeem those points for cool items in the Rewards Catalog. - Shop for products, pre-order and purchase. Or, if you want them right away, hold for Pick Up at a nearby Store.


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GameStop app reviews

  • It’s been like 3 years and it’s still trash. 1/5

    By Invoke1
    ENDLESS SCROLLING. It’s been the same issue update after update. “Product unable to load” Can’t redeem my points. Checkout error. There’s hasn’t been a slight difference with all these updates. Just make the app do it’s job!! Use all that trade money you guys have and fix your app finally!!
  • App doesn’t work with IOS 11 1/5

    By Starcrossed Summary
    The app doesn’t load power up rewards or fully log into my account and it won’t search for games.
  • Can no longer see pre Orders 4/5

    By Akkido
    This app is a very good app but recently I can no longer see what I have pre ordered that’s the only thing keeping this from getting a five star from me.
  • Just awful 2/5

    By Skyrimdragonz
    Why can’t I order anything on the app says error every time
  • Pre-Order Issues 3/5

    By Afro Master
    Not sure if this is related to the app or GameStop’s servers, but the preorder section is all kinds of messed up. I’ve checked in store, and all of my preorders are paid off in full, but the app says they aren’t. I also have some preorders from literally 2 years ago that won’t go away. Not really sure why this has been an issue for so long, but c’est la vie. The rest of the app is great. Checking games prices and availability is a breeze. It’s also very convenient to check how much a game, console, or accessory is worth for trade value. The recently added fingerprint sign-in feature is a nice touch too. Excellent app all around, but the preorder section really needs some work.
  • Great app but missing one feature 4/5

    By NeonRanger
    Overall a well-built and intuitive app. The latest app with Touch ID support is really cool! The one thing I’ve noticed the app doesn’t do that the website does is shipping purchases to your home store for pickup.
  • Why my points ain't adding up? 3/5

    By TheFreshPrinceOfQuestionnaire
    I refresh, closed, restart, un and re install, do the store check in and the points don't add up, yet shows on my history. What freaking gives?
  • Great app but ........ 2/5

    By Tomas way
    The app needs another update, I can view all my pre orders. If I'm searching the games coming soon the app crashes and I can't go back without a 10-15 second delay.
  • No point anymore... 1/5

    By I<3TSwift
    Ever since they took out the physical stuff you were able to get with your points this app has become pointless. On top of that, they always show things that are NOT in stock from YEARS ago. Unfortunately this app has no real value anymore, sure you can check in still but why if you there's nothing for you to use your points on? Go to Best Buy where you can get 20% off new games through their program.
  • Needs one major update 4/5

    By Ozromero82
    I love this app and now being able to use touch id is awesome but I'm still waiting for one update I want to be able to funds to my existing pre order through the app without having to go out my way and go to the actual store there were at least 5 GameStops near me now only one left please make this update possible being able to add money to our pre orders through the GameStop app please
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By BlackAngryGamer
  • I am a gamer 5/5

    By Awesome hog
    I love GameStop and gaming
  • Better, but still needs work 4/5

    By Mizark
    Great update. Please fix it so I can see my preorders
  • Loving the new look 3/5

    By LCL SpEcK 001
    But it keeps crashing on me when I try to look at my reserves, I'm a huge dork when it comes to games, and I like knowing how long till my games come out, but I can't view it cause automatically crashes :( Updating this, I haven't been able to view my reserves for a while, please fix, it's how I manage when I need to pay things off :(
  • Seeing everything when I search for something specific 4/5

    By Texline12
    Every time I try to look up current trade value for a console, it shows everything. For example: I search trade values for Xbox consoles, I scroll down and eventually I see PlayStation and Nintendo products. This is supposed to only show one system not all and it needs to be fixed. Until then I won't give it a 5 star rating.
  • Frustrating App 2/5

    By Tc142095
    For some reason no matter if I am connected to the internet or not I am never able to look my pre-ordered items hoping next update will fix this issue.
  • Can not turn notifications off 1/5

    By AntiTankArrow
    Turned off promotional notification, but I still get promotional notifications. I actually like browsing the app when I'm bored, but if you keep giving me notifications that I don't want then I will have to uninstall
  • Needs zoom (pics to small) 4/5

    By 7heBoss101
    Instead of going to safari I could easily use this app but when I tap on an item...the picture is too small,so please fix this :)
  • What? 1/5

    By Big-Bruizzer
    I moved 2 miles closer to my "home store" and now it won't check in? Says there are no stores close enough to check in. Whatever. I'll renew my membership when you fix this.
  • Something that could be useful 2/5

    By TornFalcon
    It's sad to see such a prominent company have such a terrible app. From constant re-scrolling to not loading any of my pre orders, this app has been problem after problem. It's such a shame too because my local Gamestop employees are amazing people, kind of makes you think that gamestop is just a corp now rather then for the players.
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By FacepIant
    Things Ive ordered online still dont show up in my app and i still need to "pick up" something ive picked up 3 years ago. Very useless app.
  • Filter doesn't work! 1/5

    By uukevinoo
    It always reset to default.
  • It keeps kicking me out of the app 2/5

    By Ar@dd
    I keep trying to log in on the app but it keeps denying the correct password and when i try to request to make a new one it keeps kicking me off the app
  • Needs bug fixes 3/5

    By BTM15
    I try to sign in and nothing works no matter what i do, and when i say forgot password and i put my email in the app crashes, why????
  • Whyyy 1/5

    By SuperNova1186
    Why do these companies do this?! Release update after update after update but almost every time they release an update it ends up messing the apps up!!! Enough is enough just leave your app alone!
  • Trash 1/5

    By StarWars_Geek_
    Crashes every time I try to do the mandatory password update. Can't even sign in to my account.
  • Where/why 1/5

    By -the innocent one-
    Why did they stop the merchandise purchases from redeemed points? They only have digital, sweet stakes, and $$$ off purchases in the store. Where the heck is everything else? And why do they only have those three categories?
  • Good but needs fixing 3/5

    By Superlucha888
    It's a good app but there many things that need to be fixed
  • Can't sign in 5/5

    By Vampire 21
    I love you're app but I can't sign in to my account so please fix this!
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Super mario bro1985
    Its keeps signing me out and it wont let me log in very annoying
  • Mr F 2/5

    By golf man 21
    The crashes all the time for no reason
  • Crashes at sign in or after password reset 3/5

    By Laleg4
  • App is junk 1/5

    By NES2good4u
    95% of the time I get "cannot load site details" or "cannot get account info" errors. This thing is garbage. Basically the same as GameStop as a whole.
  • Needs to be fixed 5/5

    By Monsterstorm
    Giving 5 stars cause the app is great all a round but the only issue I'm having when I go to Redeem my points and I go to Digital currency the app closes on me
  • Forces me to change PW then Crashes 1/5

    By Dien2Live365
    This app is terrible. It forces me to change password and then when I attempt to it crashes. Tried this 4-5 times and does the same thing every time. Please FIX!
  • TrashStop app review 1/5

    By Vote4Dro
    I think its compelling that GameStop was able to replicate their horrible in store service in a mobile app! Congrats... 1 star from me for the constant crashes, freezes and the occasional inability to log in.
  • account bug needs fix 4/5

    By miguel deathrage
    i sign in and it signs me out saying i have to log back in and when i try to it wont let me sign in please fix
  • Login issues 3/5

    By FlamerFreezeGamer
    Can't log in from app or website.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Steelerzthangpizzay
    It's always something wrong with signing in on the app and the site come on game stop!!!!
  • Needs Zero Stars 1/5

    By TheBurnBook
  • Horrible 1/5

    By DizzyPone
    Won't even let me login. Keeps saying I need to authorize it and it says try again. And my reward points on my account no longer show.
  • Can't look at pre orders 2/5

    By Lordisfan0706
    I've checked almost everyday, and it keeps saying I have nothing pre ordered. And trying to search for anything is a chore. Hopefully whatever's wrong this time, gets fixed.
  • Move on! 1/5

    By BadWolf991
    Just like the store, the app is garbage. Doesn't load or keep up to date info.
  • Bad review! 1/5

    By IHPR
    Your promotions are created by 5 year olds get better Gamestop
  • Doesn't show my preorders 1/5

    By Doctor Wholigan
    I will have to refresh the page dozen times to get it to show some preorders but still always says I have non when I know I have multiple preorders.
  • Can't order on app 1/5

    By john20connor
    Every time I try to order games whether their preorders or all out games it said we got a error so it need to be updated to fix the can't order stuff it also happens when I try ordering online via their website so they should fix that to going to try to order again via my laptop computer let you know what happens.
  • Stopped showing pre orders 1/5

    By Ghostknife1375
    Why doesn't it show my pre orders anymore??? FIX!!!!
  • POS app! For a multi-billion company you expect more! 1/5

    By Gq_foine
    This app is horrible! My orders are NEVER IN THERE! The service is god awful! It crashes, when there is a lot of traffic!
  • This app crashes 1/5

    By wce274
    App crashes every time you try to log in waste of time junk
  • Bugs after Bugs 1/5

    By Fun is really FUN
    Won't let me see pre orders, crashes, Won't stay signed in, makes me choose a profile pic and all that jazz every time I open the app. Just please update.

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