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GameStop App

With the GameStop app, you can discover what's out, what's hot, and what's on the horizon. Here's what else you can do with the GameStop app: - Keep track of your games, codes, coupons and upcoming pre-orders. - Look up current trade value estimates, and find nearby stores to turn those items into cash or credit. - View your PowerUp Rewads point balance, active offers, and redeem those points for cool items in the Rewards Catalog. - Shop for products, pre-order and purchase. Or, if you want them right away, hold for Pick Up at a nearby Store.


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GameStop app reviews

  • cannot add rewards card to passbook 1/5

    By david.hold
    keeps popping up error unable to add to passbook delete reinstall reboot sign out and back in still same error write cs their suggestion install card on another device
  • Broken on IPhone 7plus 1/5

    By Tylerclay6
    I downloaded the app and immediately started updating my game library on it and halfway through the app crashed. Now every time I try to open it it freezes on the loading screen and crashes. In serious need of updating. For now it’s best to just go to their website.
  • Locked out 2/5

    By AntonioBaltazar
    The GameStop app is the only app that I have that removes my login information every time it updates. So because I never remember my password I get locked out of my account because of this.
  • Would be great if it had a game library sorting list 4/5

    By Rango__
    I like to be organized. Someday, could you make an update for sorting your game library? That would be swell!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Eatitnoobs
    App is broken won’t let me log in and I know it’s the app because I can do it online
  • Very Pointless App 1/5

    By Childish Quintino
    Idk if it’s just me but every time I click on things to find more information it takes me to safari and makes me use the GameStop website and it makes me wonder what the app is even for. Wish there was another establishment that was better than GameStop. Seems GameStop is like a monopoly now, which is illegal in the United States.
  • Extremely unreliable 2/5

    By tcoyne89
    Not much more to be said.
  • Good but could be better 3/5

    By Isaiahbullet
    This app is nice but I wish I could make payments on my pre orders through the app instead of having to go in store so maybe if you guys could make that a feature this app would be 5 star quality
  • Tell Us What We Need to Trade In 1/5

    By Ilikesush
    It would be FANTASTIC if I knew that I needed the Wii console, all of the power cords, a remote, AND a nunchuck in order to trade it in the FIRST time I went. But no, I've had to go to and from the store three times to trade in consoles that I just want to get rid of! All I knew was "Wii Console with Remote Plus", literally NO other information available! Having a page that tells us all the requirements that our things have to have in order to trade them in would be fantastic, especially since you're selling them for almost three times as much as we are. It's absolutely ridiculous that I had to go through this much trouble to get rid of two Wiis.
  • Fix 1/5

    By RayBubba7
    Constantly log people out what sorry programming personally o would have fixed it so that you don’t need to log in every time.
  • Glitchy app 1/5

    By Earthunder
    Broken, not working
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Mfer12
    If you try to view a list of games and categorize them say, by price... as you scroll down you notice the prices increase as they should then all of a sudden it will show the lowest priced item and start from the bottom again, as if it was supposed to happen. Algorithm is completely off. App needs a lot of work.
  • MORE REWARDS!!! 😾 1/5

    By 🎀Ari🐝Bee🎀
    I have all these points stacked up and I just want to spend them!!! Please add more rewards!! Thanks.
  • App is extremely unreliable 2/5

    By Squeekyfoot
    This is my first ever app review which means you can see that there was something I clearly needed to get out of my system. Put plainly, this app is extremely unreliable and a complete waste of time. To be honest, I believe you should always start at Gamestop’s website to get what you need...definitely not this app. If you forget your password, and try to click the ‘send email’ link, you will be pointlessly mashing a dead button that never sends an email. Also, their error messages are extremely vague and don’t give you direct info on what went wrong. Lastly, I can never see my account reward info on this app—it seems to crash every time it tries to fetch this information. Just to explain that I’m not writing this out of a single, bad experience, I’ve been encountering these issues for months...even after updating. Usually 10/10 times I have to switch over to their website. I am a software developer myself, and I just wanted to say that the current release of this app is simply unacceptable. I love the Gamestop store and I enjoy my membership with them.. but to make lives harder for your members (instead of easier) is just bad for business.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Twdisdabomb
    I’m blown away that this HUGE company can’t take the time to make this a great app, it has so much potential but it falls flat. Don’t waist your time downloading this until it’s completely overhauled, just go online and do your game shopping and everything else.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By AJaywill
    Fix this stupid app
  • Warning: Unstable App! Do NOT Download 1/5

    By bLueGoOber08
    iPhone X user. Updated iOS. It closes frequently. Trying to pre-order some stuff. Saved information, attempted to put in my cc info - informed me the info wasn’t correct...which it was. Then app closes, when I try to set up the preorder again - had to re-enter EVERYTHING. Terrible app. Uninstalled. Not worth it at all.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Adam Ashbaker
    The app logs you out every single week and then sometimes it won’t even let you log back in. Super annoying.
  • Lacks one thing. 4/5

    By Synic Studios
    I ordered something one week ago and I can never track my packages or see if they were even shipped. Otherwise it’s pretty simple and I like that.
  • Good app but one thing... 4/5

    By Ickybalooky
    This app is nice for when I am going to trade in games to get others but the one thing I wish is that you should be able to take a GameStop card that has money on it and put it into the app so you could purchase gift cards or virtual game downloads I would appreciate feedback and thanks in advance
  • Needs Improvement 4/5

    By Hero.Rodri6309
    Needs ability to make preview images larger and HD clear. Game Trailer Link on Game Details page.
  • Very disappointed with the app 1/5

    By Delta_62
    I don't really do negative reviews since I try to stay positive, but I feel like the overall layout and horrible user interface just makes it difficult to use. While I am able to log into my account, I find the app pointless because it will not connect the PowerUp Pro Rewards card that I've had for since they've started the program. I am also unable to order ANYTHING using the app because error messages keep popping up for any kind of payment that I've attempted to use to order stuff. If the app was supposed to be a valid alternative to going to a store, then it is a horrible option to have.
  • PowerUp Rewards 3/5

    By Matthew Martorana
    When you rotate the iPhone on the GAMESTOP app the Digital power up rewards card won’t show on iOS11
  • GameStop’s a toatal R.I.P. off 🤬 1/5

    By Cylon(boss)!2000
    Don’t get this fricking app it’s just lies they don’t give good prices I tried to return my 360 they didn’t expect because it didn’t have the original controller even though it came with a rock candy one there just a bunch of rotten money grabbers don’t go there unless you want my experience 🖕🤬😡
  • Could Be Better 3/5

    By whitewolf361
    This app is ok. It does its job to the bare minimum. There doesn’t seem to be a way to check order history from the app, and I can’t find any way to access my GameStop credit card on here (to make a payment). Overall, it’s not the most functional. Item photos aren’t clickable, so no zooming. About all I can do is shop and check for rewards.
  • Fix the app and release a version for iPad 3/5

    By Doiducndhshdisshhbeggv
    Do it, it’s not that difficult.
  • Nice app. 4/5

    By Dirtysm0k3
    One thing I must say is I was hoping to be able to check my game stop gift card through the app. Would be nice to be able to add money onto it through the app. All in all not a bad app.
  • Store inventory and hold does not work 1/5

    By Alexappleusa
    Title tells it all, love the place but had so many problems trying to hold games and accessories, spent more than one wasted trip! Employees also told me inventory on the app is delayed and it causes problems. Hate to do a 1 star but I want a change.
  • Hard to use 2/5

    By Haleyswope
    This app is extremely difficult to use and not clear on what is what. Got the job done but would not recommend.

    By Mr.Anti-Ad
    This company scams people by buying items for cheap, then reselling it at a much higher price, which is absurd overall and shows how they do not side with gamers.
  • Elite Pro members do not get free shipping 2/5

    By Rafa89
    No matter how many times I try. I cannot get free shipping with my order that is over $100.
  • Keeps signing me out 1/5

    By fgomez517
    Every time there is an update for the app i always get logged out of my GameStop account. I was ok with it the first time but it just gets so annoying having to log back in every update
  • Broken 1/5

    By Mypugs
    App rarely works. It never brings anything up when you select the options in the shop area.
  • Sometimes useful but not good 2/5

    By Milli215
    Good for quick info but you always have to login I don’t understand why the app doesn’t save info and it’s doesn’t really keep up with current store inventories says the have products that I found are discontinued 👎🏽
  • Terrible support (Power Up Card) 1/5

    By Kevinsmak
    Trying to register your power up card online? Good luck! Don’t buy the power up card they will tell you it takes 2 days to become active and for me it never switched over and really? 2 days what are we in 1995? Lol Called the store they said go to the website, which takes you to GameStop’s website. Searched online for the support number and waited 42 minutes till someone answered. Then they wouldn’t let me make sure it’s active because I was not on the main account holder. I understand security but you can activate the card when I have all the info, card and receipt in front of me purchased by me. They wouldn’t even check, about to take everything back, will never buy the pro card against. Man GameStop I really liked your store for a long time and now this...from a tech you need a better process or company to rely on.
  • Love GameStop however.... 2/5

    By camelguard
    Love GameStop, however there entire PRO program is somewhat of a scam. Especially for the causal gamer like myself. Unless you spend every and all day gaming in your moms basement, with empty bags of Cheetos and monster cans everywhere, I can guarantee it won’t be worth your time. After a year I’ve accumulated 11,000 points, and I’ve purchased a console, and about 12 total I can redeem the points for $10 off. The only reason I somewhat justify my pro is I do enjoy the monthly magazine.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By Zombie Sensei
    This app is crap. Piece of junk. I requested to hold an item for me to pick up. Received a email after 15 mins saying they will hold the item for me for 24 hrs. Got there the next morning. FYI its not even past 24 hrs not even close. Show the associate the email. States she will check. Let me wait for couple of minutes. Then informed me that they don’t have the xbox one s. Same old trick for you to come. Just to say “Sir you can order here then ship in your house”. Well thank you genius for telling me that. I drive all the way here for nothing. Thanks for wasting my time gamestop. 🤬👎🏼 . Awesome customer service -10 out of 10. Just bought my xbox one s in walmart.
  • PowerUp rewards! 1/5

    By legoman10088
    It won’t let me access/sign in with my rewards on the app! This has been an issue for months! FIX IT PLEASE!!!
  • Just O.K. 3/5

    By Matty👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    This app is literally just OK. I wish it didn’t take you out of the app at certain times to buy something :\
  • Messages 1/5

    By dyounger89
    Turned off messages so I didn’t get spam and still spammed with them.

    By DevinTheDude=God
    I turned off app notifications and promotional marketing messages. However, GameStop continues to send me promos, app notifications on sales, and emails. When I select an option I expect it to be honored. Stop sending me spam. This will not make me buy anything but rather pushes me to delete the app and then write this review. Terrible, terrible app. Even worse company.
  • Inventory Update 3/5

    By Officerbonbon
    PLEASSSSSSEEEEE update the shop more frequently for inventory😫😫 almost EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM is unavailable when i click to buy it. Am I missing something that I'm supposed to check it at a certain time of day? I get my hopes up for an item that's listed only to find out it's not available🙄. Please fix that, thank you!🤗 11/23/17 Please fix the bugs that keep making the app horrible to use. I can’t search for an item to add to my library easily and some of my stuff is not even there. Thank you!
  • Great app....sometimes 2/5

    By Apingy
    When it works, it’s a decent app. Sadly, it logs me out of my account constantly and says my session expired. Can’t sign in again for hours or days. So like I said, WHEN it works, it’s good.
  • POS app 1/5

    By Aynessa
    This app is designed horribly. I received 5 errors in a row trying to load My Cart, and then the app would spontaneously forget to add a game I had selected, and also decided to quadruple the quantity on a different game I’d added. Then the stupid thing couldn’t even process the order. Kept giving me an error message that my billing address didn’t match the address listed for my card at my financial institution. Well I just checked with my bank and it definitely still has the same address it has had for several months! Gamestop’s programmers need to be replaced or re-learn how to program for iOS.
  • Who made this 1/5

    By Ur mom is the bomb
    This is the most annoying app I have. It took an hour to get everything in my cart since some would delete out of it and then I get to checkout and it crashes every time. I couldn’t even buy it.
  • Push notifications failed 1/5

    By Ben Miles P
    Turned of promotion in push and only left account activity on.. still got adds on my phone in my alerts
  • Pre orders 3/5

    By Plusle_13
    Everything works fine on the app unfortunately it doesn’t show all the pre orders I have made... it only shows a few of them. Kinda unfortunate.
  • Was good, not anymore! 👎🏼 1/5

    By Deadpool_2018
    It will not let me sign in, every single time I enter my email and password it gives me an error.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By Ghostgirl56
    Don’t preordered anything from them because I did and choose to have it delivered the same day it arrives in store and y’all it’s been open for 3 hours and still no notifications that my game has been shipped. Literally just 15 minutes away but of course you can’t get it sent out. What’s the point of a option to ship the same day if you don’t do it automatically. Honestly GameStops the worse.
  • App Crash Problem 3/5

    By BiggJ317
    For the past 3 days, my app has been crashing every time I try to open it. Have not been able to access anything. Please fix!

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