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GameStop App

With the GameStop app, you can discover what's out, what's hot, and what's on the horizon. Here's what else you can do with the GameStop app: - Keep track of your games, codes, coupons and upcoming pre-orders. - Look up current trade value estimates, and find nearby stores to turn those items into cash or credit. - View your PowerUp Rewads point balance, active offers, and redeem those points for cool items in the Rewards Catalog. - Shop for products, pre-order and purchase. Or, if you want them right away, hold for Pick Up at a nearby Store.


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    By DevinTheDude=God
    I turned off app notifications and promotional marketing messages. However, GameStop continues to send me promos, app notifications on sales, and emails. When I select an option I expect it to be honored. Stop sending me spam. This will not make me buy anything but rather pushes me to delete the app and then write this review. Terrible, terrible app. Even worse company.
  • Inventory Update 3/5

    By Officerbonbon
    PLEASSSSSSEEEEE update the shop more frequently for inventory😫😫 almost EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM is unavailable when i click to buy it. Am I missing something that I'm supposed to check it at a certain time of day? I get my hopes up for an item that's listed only to find out it's not available🙄. Please fix that, thank you!🤗 11/23/17 Please fix the bugs that keep making the app horrible to use. I can’t search for an item to add to my library easily and some of my stuff is not even there. Thank you!
  • Great app....sometimes 2/5

    By Apingy
    When it works, it’s a decent app. Sadly, it logs me out of my account constantly and says my session expired. Can’t sign in again for hours or days. So like I said, WHEN it works, it’s good.
  • POS app 1/5

    By Aynessa
    This app is designed horribly. I received 5 errors in a row trying to load My Cart, and then the app would spontaneously forget to add a game I had selected, and also decided to quadruple the quantity on a different game I’d added. Then the stupid thing couldn’t even process the order. Kept giving me an error message that my billing address didn’t match the address listed for my card at my financial institution. Well I just checked with my bank and it definitely still has the same address it has had for several months! Gamestop’s programmers need to be replaced or re-learn how to program for iOS.
  • Who made this 1/5

    By Ur mom is the bomb
    This is the most annoying app I have. It took an hour to get everything in my cart since some would delete out of it and then I get to checkout and it crashes every time. I couldn’t even buy it.
  • Push notifications failed 1/5

    By Ben Miles P
    Turned of promotion in push and only left account activity on.. still got adds on my phone in my alerts
  • Pre orders 3/5

    By Plusle_13
    Everything works fine on the app unfortunately it doesn’t show all the pre orders I have made... it only shows a few of them. Kinda unfortunate.
  • Was good, not anymore! 👎🏼 1/5

    By iLoveLBP
    It will not let me sign in, every single time I enter my email and password it gives me an error.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By Ghostgirl56
    Don’t preordered anything from them because I did and choose to have it delivered the same day it arrives in store and y’all it’s been open for 3 hours and still no notifications that my game has been shipped. Literally just 15 minutes away but of course you can’t get it sent out. What’s the point of a option to ship the same day if you don’t do it automatically. Honestly GameStops the worse.
  • App Crash Problem 3/5

    By BiggJ317
    For the past 3 days, my app has been crashing every time I try to open it. Have not been able to access anything. Please fix!
  • Log in with app 1/5

    By surfer2020
    I’ve had this app for a year or so now and ever time I have to log in I have to reset my password because the app doesn’t recognize the credentials, and then when I do go to sign in with my new password I still can’t and I get the same messages over and over, why have an app if I have to go to the website all the time?
  • Do you want my money or not? 1/5

    By firefighter13886
    Attempted to pre order a game, go to check out, insert my info and CC info and tells me that my mailing address doesn’t match what is attached to the card. So I went to to buy it direct, with the same CC and personal info and it works. Guess you didn’t want my money after all.
  • Broken 3/5

    By Chief_axl
    Use to love checking stuff on this app but now i keep getting loged out then having errors when i try to log in
  • Elite Pro Issue 1/5

    I love this app and I wish to be able to continue to use it, but since I upgraded my account from Pro Member to Elite Pro Member the app does not allow me to sign in anymore. Really wishing for some kind of update that will resolve this issue.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Ccanoles23
    Tons of glitches and issues with app. MIn issue is the preorders / orders show up even after being cancelled or picked up. No way of deleting them. Have some sitting there for over a year and can’t get rid of it.
  • Um 1/5

    By xsleepxwalkingx
    All of a sudden it signed me out of my account. I’m a pro member. And now when I try to log back in it says there was an error please try again later. Every time it says that. Repeatedly. So I guess this app is useless now? Uninstall.
  • I like the app when it works. Right now it isn’t working. 1/5

    By Liza17
    Every time I try to bring the gamestop app up it comes up for one second and then shuts down. I wish that they would create a separate app for iPad users that would be more iPad friendly.
  • Could use some quality of life improvements. 3/5

    By Birdshake
    Please please add a “Update All” button under saved trades. This would save me so much time. Really, that’s my only complaint. Thank you for adding Touch ID support. 👍
  • New iOS update for X 1/5

    By Fclough86
    After the new iOS updated on my iPhone 6s to make this app compatible for the new iPhone X it completely stopped working. I actually like the app itself and yeah it has potential with all the new bug fixes and updates but this was a huge step back guys. So disappointed 😔
  • Okay 2/5

    By truesdale84
    Most of the time I honestly end up suing Gamestop on safari rather than the app. It’s oversimplified, doesn’t show product reviews, and the product searching is really buggy. Power up rewards needs an app too.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By littlepsych
    I have no idea what everyone is complaining about, This is a gorgeous app and very easy to use. Thank you GameStop.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Assass&
    Garbage good for absolutly nothing app , doesnt even allow me to sign in it keeps saying error
  • Update the app 3/5

    By To9h3R
    Why is there STILL no iPad version of this
  • Password messed up 1/5

    By Wright Way Photography
    This app is so bad. I entered the correct password on the website and then tried it in the app and it didn’t work at all!!
  • I keep trying to sign in 1/5

    By ZombieFetish13
    Keep trying to sign in over and over keeps saying error will be fixed try again later I've tried for a week and still keeps saying error
  • It gets bad after every update SO SAD!!!! 1/5

    It doesnt let me check in, my pre-order is paid off and it says i still owe, it crashes when i want to log in or it lets me log in but when I wanna see what they have to offer or buy something it crashes.
  • Can’t even log into my account. 1/5

    By GeneralMills18
    It’s been a while since I’ve logged in. So when I try to log in now it forces me the change my password and then I get an error message to try again later.... this app is useless to me if I can’t log in.... very disappointing.
  • Uhhhh 1/5

    By Djentleman760
    The GameStop continuously logs me out for no reason. I don’t see an option “to stay logged in”, so i’m quite frustrated that I have to re-enter my password just to use it. Please fix this!!
  • Sign in error 1/5

    By Mr. Moo86
    I’ve downloaded the app multiple times and every time I keep getting a error message when trying to sign for my rewards. Please update and or fix this error. Other then that I have no issues with the app
  • Can't change password 1/5

    By Niggatine
    The app requires that I update my password, don't know if this is an app problem or server issue, but each time I try I get an error report telling me to try again later. It's been two weeks how long is later supposed to be 😡😣
  • IT CRASHES 1/5

    By Sunnytheboss
    Plz stop crashing. Also let us have more gift cards on it
  • My points are gone including the lifetime points 1/5

    By Mikeekimmike
    I go to the rewards catalog it says unable to upload
  • App crash sense updating membership 2/5

    By WhiteTigreNV
    Updated my membership to Elite on Friday and the app work good. Now it keeps crashing. What is the reason it crashes after updating membership?
  • Rewards 3/5

    By Prettyinthewest
    Can’t access the reward catalog ☹️
  • Come on!! 1/5

    By 00daddy00
    Can you please fix this issue with the app crashing? I mean, I realize it’s only an app for a game store but one would think it would be the best app out there with all those game developers on staff and all.
  • Update is broken 5/5

    By scottexplorer400
    Since this resent update app has not worked properly. Locking up and kicking me out of the app altogether . Button work the when you go to another area and return button will not work . I never really have had no issues to really speak about over the years .
  • Crashes instead of opening 5/5

    By Wvugrad14
    Only issue is basically the app will not open it acts like it will then crashes before loading up.
  • So much potential 1/5

    By Mikefree117
    I can’t look at images of what I am buying other than the tiny picture at the top? The only ones that do have images are of gameplay. You need pictures of the actual item.
  • Issues 1/5

    By Ace083
    This app has went downhill! I always get error message when trying to login since the last update.
  • Very disappointed with the apps design 1/5

    By Themusicman08
    I am very disappointed with the apps design and excess ability. Let’s say you have someone who is visually impaired and they have a niece, nephew, or a son, or daughter. Maybe the parents, or grandparents might not play video games, but the examples that I have mentioned do. You would like to be able to be independent and shop on this application for video game systems, or games. Unfortunately, if you are visually impaired and use voiceover, you are unable to do this. I understand that app developers are not familiar with voiceover, this is one of those times, that the app developers should be familiar with voiceover. It’s on every Apple device that is out there running the latest iOS. I hope that game stop take a look at this and re-designed this app. Turning on and off voiceover does not help us. I am not going to use the magnifier option in accessibility to run my iPhone battery down. That makes absolutely no sense. I would like to even shop for myself using this app. However, I can’t. Because of the reasons I have mentioned above in this review.
  • Preorder needs a lot of work 2/5

    By Chris112279
    Needs work
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Thecatgamer22
    I bought cup head digital and I did not know where the code was so I pressed continue shopping and I was assuming that it would ship or something I don’t know I was probably stupid but they should add an option where like previous things that you bought like download or digital whatever you call it but make it so like recently and you could see the code there so it should be saved there just in case you accidentally quit out so it doesn’t eat your $20 *crying* I want my 20 dollars back
  • Messages are getting annoying 2/5

    By gdibble
    -1: I've turned off messages for PROMOTIONS, they keep showing up. Setting doesn't work? -1: I've turned off messages for POWER UP REWARDS, they keep showing up. Setting doesn't work? -1: I preordered a Switch. Got it. The item still appears in my preorders list. Misleading. I like this app, it's ok and all, but they've got to fix these message bugs or I'm deleting this for SPAM reasons. I might be up for receiving more messages, but right now this thing is stepping on my toes and I can't dig it.
  • GameStop App on iOS 2/5

    By T3chG33k0782
    The app keeps logging me out and I have to keep typing my password in to log back in you should make it more easier to login with a fingerprint !
  • GameStop 5/5

    By Michael D.C
    Thank you. GameStop I Rate this app 5 Stars This app Perfect for me to see all the new games PS4 Xbox 1 X !!!!
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By Tim11111111233444
    I wanted to give them my money for a system. I could not find a 3DS because filtering does nothing when you search. It just creates a search filter that you can never use?? I’m buying my video games on amazon.
  • Dbhxhdhd 5/5

    By xbxhbxnc
  • It's ok 3/5

    By SONICTH00
    This app is useful in finding an item or putting an item on hold. But sometimes it's automatically signs you out and when you put in the correct password it gives me an error when my email and password are correct.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Nettles419
    I try to sign in to view my rewards, and it keeps doing the same thing. It asks me to create a new password to keep my account “secure,” and when I hit submit, it says, “We’re sorry. An error has occurred. Please try again later.” It even does that on the computer too. What good is having a rewards app if you can’t utilize it?
  • What happened? 3/5

    By Th3s guy
    The app no longer lets me keep up with my preorders. Every time I try to see my current preorders, the app says I do not have any.

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