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Gardenscapes App

Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory! Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler! What are you waiting for? Build your dream garden! The game features: ● Unique gameplay: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, and enjoy a novel storyline—all in one place! ● Hundreds of unique match-3 levels ● Dozens of in-game characters you can make friends with ● A lovely pet that is always there to cheer you up ● An in-game social network you can use to keep up on all the latest ● Different areas in the garden with unique structures: broken fountains, mysterious mazes, and many more ● A community that comes first—become neighbors with your Facebook friends! Gardenscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu. Enjoying Gardenscapes? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Questions? Contact our Tech Support at


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Gardenscapes app reviews

  • Crazy addictive 5/5

    By WendyWayne
    May need help to stop playing this game. Wish I spent this much time in my actual garden 🤣
  • Addictive Game 5/5

    By MRamos76
    You get going on a great roll and then bam a month on the same darn level. I get that they make some levels hard so you don't blow through the game in a couple weeks & it gives you a challange. But come on! Some are just plain impossible to pass. I'm really getting ready to just delete the game & find another to waste time on that won't get me so mad that i'm yelling at the game...... Wish I didn't spend so much money on the game when I get stuck on a level.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By SDC1951
    I love this game and it's different challenges. I'm glad to be able to share with friends.
  • Great Game Keep You Coming Back 5/5

    By Solsamuri
    Great game that captures your attention. You can’t put it down, maybe just to use the rest room lol.
  • Struggling 3/5

    By Pegleg farmer
    Just started and love the game but very hard to level up. Graphics are great
  • Gardenscapes 5/5

    By Tootkitty1
    This is a fun game, & I really enjoy playing it, but if I keep having problems getting through these levels I’ll probably just stop playing all together, becuz then this game is no longer any fun to play anymore
  • Difficult 4/5

    By Overpants
    I like this game, but it can be very difficult. There was a challenge where you had to beat puzzles to solve a mystery within a few days. I played several times a day, but it was too difficult for me to solve them all in the time given. They have started adding in features to help, like the magician that gives power ups for a couple of days.
  • Love it! The best “match three” ever 5/5

    By hedera_helix
    Playing more than a year now! Love it, super fun
  • Pretty fun! 5/5

    By Khauber
    This game is really fun although a huge waste of time. I really like the garden part and wish it was a seek and find instead of matching game. I feel like it is too hard sometimes because I really just want to build the garden.
  • I'm enjoying-games spans several genres- expensive 5/5

    By Ragooon
    I play the match 3 portion to get stars, which then give me tasks,( which are cute) that ultimately help me build my HUGE garden. About every 4th board is impassible without power-ups, so you end up spending cash to buy some. Sigh. The wheel spin mostly gives lives and coins. Wish it gave more power-up packages, but it's still nice. Update 2018: overtime, they have added several 'daily side-missions'. These don't help you build your garden because you don't win stars, but you can win some nice power-up packages. Since I've been playing for over a year without getting bored...I should probably bump up to 5 stars.2/2018
  • It passes the time 2/5

    By aug-78
    The game itself is fun to play to pass the time but once again, its all about money. I hate that they try to entice individuals to spend money to collect money that they've earned by winning games. Some levels are pretty tough and most of the earnings are placed in a bank and then they expect the individuals to pay to open it. Wrong on. Every level.
  • Most fun app ever 5/5

    By KaystroCC
    Love this game. Lots of hard puzzle levels to get past plus the satisfaction of redecorating the beautiful formal gardens.
  • Really enjoyable! 5/5

    By jenrenee81
  • Fun 5/5

    By Elizabeth Tisor
    Honestly, I have trouble keeping games but I have so much with this game. I love building the gardens and the challenge of the puzzles! I highly recommended this app!
  • Too expensive!! 2/5

    By Mebann
    Pricey to buy any extras....coins do not last long.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Crystallek
    This game is awesome, I love the little extras within the game like magic hats, it really helps!
  • Fun and addictive but.... 3/5

    By Reebear75
    It’s so slow, and you barely get 1 point per 5 lives. I wish there were more points given. I’ve already spent money on this game too many times.Theres barely any incentives to keep playing .
  • Watch it. 5/5

    Love the game but the butler just said I was having bad luck because a black cat crossed my path. Don’t do that. I’m sure you’re aware that black cats are the last type of cat to get adopted, the first to be cruelly treated all because of stupid beliefs . There is no reason for a modern game to perpetuate the stupidity.
  • I’m addicted to this game! 5/5

    By deity1209
    Can’t stop playing
  • Level 1020 and still going... 5/5

    By MattyG3
    Catchy game. Sometimes you have to spend stars on silly things like starting a new day, but still is a great game to pass the time. Daily rewards for items, as well as ads to watch to earn coins.
  • 1189 5/5

    By A Busy Mimi
    Where are your triggers? I shouldn’t have to ask for help, but I guess I do. HELP. I lost another plant. Do you know how depressing that is?!
  • A lighthearted adventure for all ages! 5/5

    By ap805
    A unique game that combines match 3 and task based play as well as offering special limited time themed challenges. Endearing and adorable (Puppy!) characters and a wonderful storyline. Makes me smile!
  • Don’t play the “special” games 2/5

    By CyndiLou13
    It’s a fun game to play but, don’t waste your time with the “special” games for holidays. You don’t always get your prizes and won’t be reimbursed for them if you report the issue. It’s best not to waste your time or bonuses on these. The only extras worth playing are the dog training (earns a little bit of coins) and the fireworks & electricity shows (can earn bonuses).
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Mary Roeser
    Challenging game but no so hard as to make you lose interest. I love having the choice of how to decorate and all of the mini-games. Really fun!
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By P88Kane
    I downloaded it on a whim, and it was the best decision ever! Easily replaced Candy Crush in my repertoire.
  • RIGGED TO GET $$ 1/5

    By ammeson
    You’re not gonna let me win are you. It’s hilarious that you give me free lives or infinite lives when I have FB friends to do that. Even if you have FB friends to send lives the game is rigged to use all your lives so you will feel FRUSTRATED to pass a super hard level. Even if you’re good at this type of game you won’t win until you PAY! I get that, but when you know it’s operating to make you lose then it’s not really challenging. 😴
  • Love it! 5/5

    By enakshik
    Simply love this simple yet so lovely!
  • Fun game! 4/5

    By Celia456
    You need to know that you will eventually have to spend some money in order to get past some difficult levels.
  • Like this 5/5

    By Dmcclen123
    I like the game, there have been some I have thought would never get by, I’d leave the game for a bit, come back with a fresh set of eyes so to speak, and am able to easily beat what I was stuck on
  • Fun game 4/5

    By LroeRN
    I really like this game. Wish there were more ways to win coins and power ups. The only component I am not such a fan of is the timed levels. I do like to try to plan a productive next move. With the timed levels, I am mindlessly swiping anything I see. Thanks for an otherwise terrific game.. Update: Really appreciate the dog training and firecracker events which allow ways to accumulate coins! Update: Would love to participate in events, but at very high levels, it is almost impossible to win levels to collect rewards. I am at level 1229. In last flower growing event and magic hat event, one must beat level for any reward. Could this be somehow tweaked so that players get some reward for using alll their lives but not beating the level?
  • 😍😍😍😍😍 5/5

    By Candy Coraline:)
  • Ali Alzu 5/5

    By Ali alzu
    I love it it's really enjoyed
  • Addictive but... 3/5

    By purpleb4by
    You are stuck if you do not buy coins, which might be very expensive if you do not pay attention to your expenses. It is ‘impossible’ to advance without the purchase of the ‘gadgets’ that they sell. This is the main reason why I gave the rate I did, on the other hand, I love the puppy, beautiful!
  • Fun game but.... 4/5

    By SkateUnicornGirl
    It’s a fun game! But I wish that you didn’t have to play a full game every time you want a star point to do stuff, but it’s still a fun game so I’m giving it four stars it’s a super fun game though and the graphics are great and also I like homescapes but Gardenscapes is more fun. Hope you enjoyed it! Peace! 🤩
  • 💯 5/5

    By OgBMarie
  • Good to Kill Time 2/5

    By ThatFellowYognaut
    Find a way to get rid of the butler’s “Of you quit now, you’ll have to restart the course” warning, or allow the player to turn it off. Pandering, annoying, and I’m tired of seeing that idiotic expression.
  • So so 1/5

    By My last try on nickname
    I really like the game. I gave it three starts because you don’t get many rewards and some of the games are just too hard. I like to sit down relax and play some games after a hard day. Not get all upset because I can’t get through some levels. If you do a little work on this I will come back and give it five stars. It’s almost there. Every game should be family yards. I love that game. You need a lot of work to get to a game like that. It’s a shame because you could be. Just too hard and no fun.
  • جميييل 5/5

    By Rose_white
    مره جمييييله
  • Wow 5/5

    By Pmaddy06
    I can’t stop playing it. Love it
  • Crazy!!!!! 3/5

    By GVgirl14
    Driving me crazy! Takes too long to win anything. I know this is how they make money, but rewards are too few and far between
  • Fun and addicting 5/5

    By Belamel
    I love this game. Combining the match game with the Garden decoration is so fun. I love to have new tasks that are unlocked as I earn stars.
  • Expensive addiction 3/5

    By LikeWordGames
    These developers get you to spend money! It's fun, but addicting, and I've noticed how tricky they design the games to keep you spending more, especially as you try to level up and the games get harder. They design them so that the player runs out of time at just the moment before they get a bomb or strategic play that could win the game! The designers should really offer more incentives rather than being so greedy!! Unless you get on Facebook to request help from friends, you're out of the loop. That is a turnoff! This game is the equivalent to gambling!
  • Fun but... 3/5

    By Sdvaltx
    Isn’t it a bit ridiculous that Gardenscapes still has Christmas decorations on the grounds & won't let you remove them? Still an expensive game if you want to move forward on decorations. You have to win 10 games or more to get enough coins for 5 extra moves. Need more? Tough unless you pay. It’s a fun addictive game but to costly
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Black_roses0623
    I will keep playing for now but the levels are getting far to hard to be enjoyable. When it gets to the point that in some levels I’m almost forced to spend money on it in order to move past the level, I stop wanting to play.
  • Fun but... 3/5

    By LadyCharlane
    The game is fun and well designed- perhaps too well in that it’s designed for you to win a good n it becomes impossible to do without paying. I don’t mind giving some cash- it’s their business after all, but when you cannot t win for a long period without paying repeatedly, it’s time to move on to another game. Save yourself the bother and find another game to your liking. There are plenty out there that aren’t so greedy
  • Fun 4/5

    By Mmok1234
    This is a lot of,fun, would be more so if I could save the time given as a reward to be used at a later time. I hate losing it because it is inconvenient to stay with the gane
  • Gold Reserve 4/5

    By jwyatt111
    I feel this is misleading. I have filled my Gold reserve safe to later find out in order to collect the funds in this safe you have to purchase them. It is misleading because before you reach its max you have the option to purchase those game coins. I never pay money for these games. If they cost real money then I won't play. I can find other means of entertainment.
  • Best game ever! 5/5

    By Lady Qt1
    Updated review..... ****(after months of playing it is still one of my favorites!!!! Highly addicting, have gotten many of my friends and family members to download and play!! It's definitely a keeper!!!!!!!)****. I absolutely love this game! I've also downloaded Homescapes! It would be nice if maybe the harder levels gave you more than just one star! Other than that it's super addicting!!!!
  • Sharing The Fun. 5/5

    By Novelist to Expert
    With multiple highs and minimum lows, this is my go-to game. Whenever my 3yr old granddaughter is visiting and she hears the familiar sounds of the game — she pounces on with the biggest smile on her face saying, “My turn!” I love seeing her excitement as she exclaims “Apple! Pear! Horse!” and so on. Maybe you might consider a toddlers version, the applications are there.
  • Suggestion 3/5

    By cajohnson5
    I do like the opportunity for unlimited lives for a specified time, but not being able to choose when to use that reward is prohibitive. Most of us can’t just take 2 hours at your call to play; it requires some planning.

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