Garmin Connect™ Mobile

Garmin Connect™ Mobile

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 3.22.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Garmin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Garmin Connect™ Mobile App

You might download the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app for the fitness and wellness tracking, but you’ll keep it for the supportive community and meaningful insights that help you beat yesterday, every day. Here are just a handful of things you’ll be capable of with Garmin Connect Mobile(1): - Track your steps, sleep, calories and floors climbed(2) - Analyze activities such as running, cycling, swimming, cardio and more - Create and compete in challenges with friends - Set goals and track your progress — from weight loss to step goals - Share your progress with friends and connections - Send workouts to your device - Document your personal records - Get badges for accomplishments - Sync with other apps like MyFitnessPal Are you ready to join millions of users who walk, run, bike, swim, hike and strive to beat yesterday? Learn more about Garmin devices and how they work with the Garmin Connect Mobile app at (1) When paired with a compatible Garmin device ( (2) Activity tracking accuracy: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Garmin Connect™ Mobile app reviews

  • Love so far 5/5

    By Alicannonbomber
    I haven’t had a negative experience yet so far. Been using for I think 3-4 months not seeing the problems everyone writes about in their reviews love the simplicity and function of the app.
  • Too much problems 2/5

    By Mohammad danak
    The app is not good some days can sync with Watch and other days say: “sorry your device seems to be busy” but it isn’t why my Watch must be busy it just do the role things it’s not good for Garmin.
  • Fix the app 2/5

    By hellomegan;)
    I haven’t been able to connect since October 4th 2017. All of my runs were erased. I love my Garmin watch but this is very frustrating after a full week of no service
  • Not Syncing 3/5

    By jteyer
    Problems with syncing since iOS 11 great app other than that but now everyday I have to remove device and re add it to get it to sync. Fix and it will go to a 5 star app!
  • Still too much manipulation required 2/5

    By Matnau
    Having to rename workouts that aren’t part of the “standard” activities is a pain. Seriously, there is no way for the app to remember the workouts I do daily or weekly?? The only thing keeping me from switching to iWatch is battery life.
  • Won’t sync via Bluetooth 4/5

    By Cascademystic
    Great app. After recent update my Fenix 5 won’t sync via Bluetooth. It will sync via wifi though.
  • Crash 4/5

    By cattamer543
    I have tried everything but it keeps crashing what do I do?
  • Almost useless now 1/5

    By Sunday Morning Focus
    IQ charts cause Reboots- phone says it’s connected to the watch but the app says it’s not. In other words this is borderline useless now
  • Connectivity: Fail. 2/5

    By Bradford000
    You like a deck of cards: you ain’t worth dealing with. I’m fed up trying to connect. Such a nice device, but the APP is a fail. Returning the watch tomorrow.
  • Good but some annoyances... 3/5

    By HalT2009
    It’s good to see they are keep adding more features, but I hope they don’t break existing things much. It is so annoying that updating CIQ data fields and watch faces from the iPhone app removes all the settings, and in case of the data fields, they are also removed from data screens in every app (activity). The settings are preserved if I update them from Garmin Express on my Mac, but I prefer not having to connect my watch to my Mac because it complains whenever I forget to or don’t bother ejecting it. Another annoyance is that it recently started adding some kg values to my Run workouts if I create or edit a workout on the iPhone app. I first thought my watch was screwed up and canceled my workout in the middle.
  • Meh it works okay 3/5

    By Nickname Em
    EDIT: the beta version tested last month was awesome!! Bring it back! The app is almost perfect. But two major things that I wish they would change. 1. You can't edit an activity in the app. I run on the treadmill when the weather is bad, and obviously a watch is not going to register accurately. I'd like to be able to go back and edit so it displays the right distance/time! 2. Syncing omg the syncing. You have to practically do a magic trick to get it to sync when you want it to. Other apps have "sync now" options. Man, that would be GREAT.
  • Stopped Working after Upgrade 3/5

    By 20932120123
    Watch and app worked great together. Then the Garmin I.T. wizards upgraded the app. Pairing was lost and can not be restarted. The app can’t find the watch, although the watch works fine. Worked fine till I upgraded the application then they no longer play in the sandbox together. Tried deleting everything and reloading resetting everything. Nothing. They cooked the goose. Ok, after numerous restarts of iPhone, reading about vivosmart 3 issues all over the Internet, and unloading and reloading the application it finally started working again. These application wizards should consider testing their “improvements “ before the send it out. The new software works better then the old and during the night the watch software upgraded. Seems to also work better. However, other upgrades by other companies on their products are seamless. Poor software design relating to the upgrade. Things work but getting there is not a seamless process. I came very close to tossing the entire thing in the trash and getting something else. Shame because I really like the watch but I will not wear junk. I had a heart attack and wear it daily to keep an eye on things so for some if us it’s about more then workouts and gym records.
  • Cannot sync post iOS update 1/5

    By RunSackRun!
    Really frustrated. All fine until latest iOS. Cannot sync, removed device, reinstalled app, Bluetooth on off all permutations! Still cannot pair. Pls fix ASAP!!!
  • Simply the best!! 5/5

    By Daniel Wolfson
    Works really well with my Forerunner 25. I love to use a pedometer when I walk. See Everybody Walk from Kaiser Permanente Health!
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By Dabkat
    After the 10/10/17 update, my iPhone and my Vivoactive no longer connect. I disconnected my Vivoactive and now it will not connect. Not recommended, very poor quality and untested.
  • app works fine 4/5

    By E1023
    on my iPhone 4s. I'm still having trouble remembering where stuff is though.
  • Trouble pairing 1/5

    By LizardV196
    Since the update two days ago I haven’t been able to pair my vivoactive with the app which is very frustrating
  • Frustrating app for a great watch! 1/5

    By Theaterdreamer21
    For the first 45 days I used this app, it worked great. Now I cannot get the app to sinc with my watch. I have removed ithe app and then installed it again. It won’t recognize my watch. Thus, it doesn’t do me much good. Bah humbug!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Firephly83
    Great graphs and data.
  • Update 3/5

    By BrianDP23
    Since the iPhone update can’t sync it up and not getting notifications.... what can be done
  • Disappointed with updates. 1/5

    By Jodync
    Ever since the iOS update, and recent Garmin update my vivosmart HR won’t stay connected to my phone. It won’t even pair anymore. It’s so frustrating. Thinking about getting a different watch. I’ve been a loyal Garmin customer for at least 11 years! Can you please fix this?
  • Unable to connect since update 1/5

    By Whatsapp lol
    Fix the app first. Unable to connect on 735xt since update
  • New update can’t pair watch 2/5

    By N/A............
    Cmon. Fix this.
  • Convert activities into courses 4/5

    By LufiGP
    Great app, works great with my Edge 820, Would like to suggest the addition of Conversion of Activities into Courses. This was available with the legacy PC software I used with my Edge 305 and Edge 705
  • Not working. 😏🙃 3/5

    By AngelDN
    Love the watch and app but only my runs are populated.
  • Fix the app 2/5

    By MattZ.
    - since the iPhone update, every time I try to view more details into an activity (steps for the day, sleep for the day) the app closes out - The vivofit 2 is supposed to auto-sync... it’s never done that - For the first time, the data just wouldn’t sync at all, and I had to delete/ re-download the app! That’s the last straw: fix the app or I’m switching companies
  • Time to switch to a competitor 1/5

    By Gs92126
    Latest software update has rendered us all useless. Seems to be no way of syncing thanks to the latest IOS release.
  • Does not connect 2/5

    Smartphone notification works but app says device is not connected. So I can’t sync my current status or the history without using the computer.
  • Last update ruined BT connection 1/5

    By binelli74
    Fenix 3 HR will no longer connect to iPhone via BT. Tried everything including hard reset and uninstall re-install app. but to no avail. Very disappointing and will be returning. Garmin get it together.
  • Stopped syncing with Garmin 820 2/5

    By GDridesbikes
    After updating to iOS app 3.22 and Garmin 820 software 8.5 it will no longer sync. It says connected in Garmin connect but says disconnected when you try to sync. It gets a star back since my Vivoactive HR still syncs.
  • Sync issues 1/5

    By unhappy_pappy
    App isn’t the most user friendly, but what is worse, it won’t sync to the watch. Garmin makes great devices, but the usability of the apps and watch menu is lacking.
  • Please fix sync problem 4/5

    By maxncheez
    After IOS update the watch syncs for about a day then I have to power off the phone and hope it gives me a pairing code when powering up. Manual sync no longer works.
  • Vivoactive 3 won't connect to app 2/5

    By Warrenwilksjr
    Just brought my device and synced just fine. Now I deleted the app multiple times and reinstalled it. However, it does not sync with my device. My shows that my device is connected threw Bluetooth but the app itself says they're not in sync. If this doesn't get fixed soon I will return my device and get the Fitbit ionic instead. I really like my vivoactive 3 and don't want to do that but if I cannot sync it to my phone than that's a deal breaker for me.
  • Stopped working with iOS 11 update 1/5

    By Jamzzzzzzzzz
    Need to fix the bug preventing watches from connecting to the app. Worthless until this bug is fixed.
  • Disconnects from watch every other day 2/5

    By Mirocal
    An update from September broke the connection to my Fenix 5s and ever since I keep deleting and re-adding the watch. How about you fix the basic functionality before you ship new features!?
  • Doesn't connect with latest version 1/5

    By Calvin_Kevin
    Says Bluetooth is turned off on my iPhone, which is wrong. Have to turn Bluetooth off first and back on Everytime to connect
  • Since the update it won’t sync 2/5

    By FresianFire
    I have not been able to sync my forerunner 235 since 10/6. Tried turning off the bluetooth on the iPhone and the watch and tried deleting the device from garmin app and pair again with no luck.
  • Doesn't sync 2/5

    By WSChildress
    This app is always causing me some problem or another. While it is connected, it does not sync my workouts. Kind of frustrating so I don't use it much but would like to. Hope they get it fixed.
  • Bugs wazoo 2/5

    By Shawnington
    Had absolutely no problems until my iPhone updated. Now it's Saying it can't connect because my Bluetooth needs to be on and it is on and connected to my device too. Not sure if this is on Apple or Garmin but needs to get fixed asap.
  • Great when it works... 3/5

    By Enogsiereh
    Great when it works. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling this app because my notifications sometimes just stop working even after syncing through the watch and the app. Frustrating.
  • Does not connect 1/5

    By Mesagranny
    Until Oct 4, 2017 worked beautifully then would not connect. The vivofit3 showed up on. The bluetooth list. Disconnect the bluetooth and tried to repair does not work. Found where it says they are aware of the problem. When are they going to fix it?
  • Prefer the beta version that went away 3/5

    By Jax Wildcat
    The app is good but I really liked the beta version that was being tested the last month or so. I found it much more helpful and easier to use. Hopefully that will be applied as the new version soon. My 3-Star rating would go to 5.
  • Still waiting on tennis 4/5

    By Cbot7781
    Love this app, easy to use, has all the functions you need, but please add a tennis option, don't like logging as 'other'. You've got every other activity under the sun, but no tennis! What's up with that?
  • Not ready for prime time 2/5

    By Iron Beagle
    App needs A LOT of work. Constantly having to uninstall and reinstall the app because it can’t connect to my 5x - says Bluetooth is turned off which is very much not true. Bluetooth is on, and every other BT device I have connects just fine. The maps, which Garmin is supposed to be good at, routinely steers me on to dead ends or roads that flat out don’t exist.
  • Great watch, pitiful app 4/5

    By 莫有新意
    Update: “After both IOS and App updates, problem fixed 10/10. Thanks!” Love my forerunner 235, bought my husband and my dad two more garmin watches when their Fitbit died as well. I will never go back to Fitbit. But I do miss Fitbit’s simple but robust app and seamless syncing. When will there been an update so the Garmin app can recognize my forerunner again? Tried everything on my end. Problem started 10/4, still not fixed 10/9.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Giovaxr
    Great to track your daily performance.
  • Cannot sync my Vivofit 3 4/5

    By NorthClt
    Turns out I CAN sync my device again. I just had to delete the Vivofit 3 in the app, and add and pair it. So, rating revised. App isn’t perfect but it tries. Good customer service. ——————————————— The ability to sync my Vivofit 3 disappeared with the prior update. I called tech support and was told there would be a fix made. I got an email today saying that this version of the app would fix the problem. It has not.
  • Connection/Sync/GPS Problems 1/5

    By FrustratedHubby
    Despite following reset instructions, perform default settings and deleting the app, the Garmin HR Plus has been a terrible purchase for my wife’s present. In addition, the GPS often fails to connect in a reasonable amount of time despite WiFi. I will never buy a Garmin again. Absolutely pathetic fitness watch. My own Fitbit is far superior.
  • No issues 5/5

    By RachelLynn2015
    I have had no issues up to this point. I have had 3 Garmin's in the past 5-6 years, have loved them all and the app to go with them.
  • Excellent app it gets updated often I love that 5/5

    By The Bald
    I used it every day and is very useful and easy to understand and is a great tool for work

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