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Save money, save time. Find cheap gas with a community of 60 million users. GasBuddy is the world’s largest community-based fuel app, with over 60 million downloads worldwide. We outsmart the pump together, using information provided by our users. Join drivers in your areas and start saving! With GasBuddy, you can: Find the cheapest gas—no matter the type—near you Find gas stations by distance or price Report gas prices to help others find cheap gas Earn points and achievements for reporting gas prices Enter to win $100 in free gas—every day! Use GasBuddy on your Apple Watch to see the closest or cheapest gas prices near you What’s new Earn achievements by completing daily, weekly and monthly challenges Rate stations and help others find the best station for their needs Smart sorting: Combine lowest and closest gas prices into the same search Filter stations by amenities and brands What real users are saying “This app saves me so much money it’s ridiculous.” “This app is a no brainer! The accuracy is astounding and WILL save you money. Trust me, you want this app!” “I love this app! It helped me find a gas station just a mile from my house that I never knew existed. This app is easy to use and save you money.” What the press is saying “GasBuddy is a great help for finding the cheapest gas prices.” - Kit Eaton, New York Times “If you're looking for the absolute best price, GasBuddy can help” - David Goldstein, CNN "No phone should be without it” - Jefferson Graham, USA Today Disclaimer GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by our users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas. Gas prices only for USA, Canada and Australia. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of the prize giveaway.

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GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas app reviews

  • User Friendly 4/5

    By General Judah
    This is a good app. I use it all the time to see prices for regular and diesel fuel.
  • Review 5/5

    By Clearwin
    Good ap. Very useful.
  • As accurate as the public 4/5

    By Stretch the buck
    As accurate as the public uses the app. Each citizen is responsible to assist their neighbor.
  • Great program 5/5

    By fhirning
    I absolutely love this program. Even if there is a glitch after an update, it is rapidly fixed. The customer support team is excellent in fixing anything that comes up! It is a great program and has excellent customer support!
  • Daily User! 5/5

    By Upcdaisy1956
    If you like to pay higher prices for gas then do not use this app. If you want to save money then this will help, esp if your out of town.
  • Needs 3 updates 2/5

    By Ztext
    App needs: 1. to be updated to show gas stations that accept ApplePay. 2. the ability to get a notification when gas price drops at a favorite/particular gas station. 3. an option to pay to remove Adds.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Dhsbms
    I am a fan of this app but this version stinks. Some of the challenges don't work. I lost 100 spaces on the leader board in less than a week and haven't changed anything.
  • Review 3/5

    By Mnilimo
    The app is great when it's working correctly. Lately all I get is errors when I try to report a price.
  • The app has got better 5/5

    By Bobnconnor
    Like the new app Would love to see coupons
  • Great app 5/5

    By Proudmom23
    Love this app even when I'm traveling it's great to find the least expensive gas
  • Most of the time it's a good App 3/5

    By wayoung56
    Most things work most of the time, but the Challenges often do not award points even when you complete them as directed...
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Emannnnnnnn
    Easy to use comes in very handy.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mr5spd
    Very helpful-depending on the local users. And the price alerts are nice and accurate.
  • Greatest 4/5

    By raylew1950
    I think this a great app. The changes will keep you from getting bored.
  • Almost Good 3/5

    By #10 GI
    Fix the Top-Tier and you get a 5. The rest works OK
  • Great way to save money 5/5

    By Dreavis
    I use this app and the pc version for all my cross country planning.
  • Help on gas prices 5/5

    By RockitD
    It's great saving gas and money on gas wherever you are!
  • Very helpful app 5/5

    By Bart Letterman
    Anytime I'm looking for gas I look at gas buddy to find the best price in the area. It saves time and money knowing which station has the lowest prices.

    By ReneeN8
    This is one of the few truly useful apps! Positively outstanding!
  • Gas Buddy's 5/5

    By Pauley12
    I love using this app knowing the cheapest gas prices as a mother five is always great!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Socs11
    Works for me!!!! The app is having trouble accepting everything but a lot of fun. I keep track of the lowest for personal use.
  • Works awesome!!!!! 5/5

    By TWS 66
    Saves me money with every fill up.
  • Latest update produces multiple errors 2/5

    By Hghgkjjkk
    Red banners "something went wrong" plague the app now. Have to re-enter prices over and over again. Overly complicated with adds still. At lease it hasn't taken over the phone with adds like it has in previous versions.
  • Great 5/5

    By Kfyeak123
    Love it great to prepare for a trip or just running around town for gas prices. Challenges have many bugs in it
  • Used to be good. Not anymore. 2/5

    By Pumpkin bird
    It's got so hard to use. I don't like it anymore.
  • Too many Games 1/5

    By Catfish399
    GB gives points for posts within 1/2 mile of station and lists top posters for the area. The # 2 poster in our area drives by an posts prices on the sign and just reposts prices that were already on GB for the ones he can't see. In the last week #2 has posted one mid and premium incorrectly 5 times and this has been going on for six months. I have contacted GB at least 20 times. GB says they have contacted #2 several times. But they will no stop these people from incorrect posting. GB used to say they would contact #2 and if they kept it up they would ban them. Now the told me to correct. GB doesn't care if people post incorrect prices they only way traffic on their app.
  • Updates are improving the app. 5/5

    By Vctry
    Good way to save money at the pumps.
  • Top Rate 5/5

    By Middleman 2010
    Great way to save money
  • Great App 4/5

    By Jano BenMen
    Ez to use and a great tool to look for low gas prices around you or on your route.
  • Gas Buddy review 5/5

    By GetJohnnyHill
    I check with Gasbuddy & report every day. I don't know a better app to find the cheapest gas prices.
  • One Of My Favorite Apps 5/5

    By Godozo
    I use this app to save money on gas on an almost daily basis.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Alex56308
    I'm not a fan of the new version at all.
  • New not good 3/5

    By tinktink65
    Not crazy about the update - keeps saying something is wrong in red across the bottom - it's frustrating
  • GM 5/5

    By AirForceOne1218
    I routinely travel throughout the United States. Gas Buddy keeps me appraised of gas and fuel prices where ever I go.
  • Everyday always helpful 5/5

    By Backflip Bill
    I travel for a living. I rely on this tool to get me the best deal on fuel. Thank you.
  • Gas Buddy has saved me many $$$$ 5/5

    By Augman5
    Gas Buddy has saved me many $$$$
  • Useful but 4/5

    By haciendas
    This is a useful app and pretty easy to use. The last update however seemed to cause glitches...I have been getting a message 'Something went wrong' that I never got before. Otherwise a good app!
  • I couldn't be happier 5/5

    By dmanof68
    I've read a couple bad reviews about the new app I just think everyone should remember when there was no gas buddy and you stopped at a gas station filled your tank drove a mile and found it for cheaper this makes it so much easier you can plan a trip and find gas prices across the country great job GasBuddy
  • Full site 2/5

    By 95hd
    Bring back the link for going to the gas buddy desktop full site. When I get gas I am unable to enter the purchase in my fuel logbook using my phone. Have to wait until I have access to a desktop.
  • Flaws Needing Attention 1/5

    By 1H1B2G1C1D
    Since last update this app is difficult to open before closing completely. Once open have experience many "Something went wrong" and does accurately tally entered posts or allow you to enter posts due to the app flaw. Turning into a nuisance to use the app. Now the app won't accept this review not allowing me to send. Just demoted to 1 star rating.
  • Has too many ads on station list. No opt out for ads. 1/5

    By TL22443
    Okay first the icon on home screen is blank. Second always states station too far away preferred the 10 mile limit sometime you just can't text and drive. preferred the version before this release.... Too many something went wrong after last update
  • Without gas buddy? 5/5

    By Hyeglenn
    Great little application, always looking for the lowest price when filing up!
  • Great Program 2/5

    By Runnerpaul
    This app used to be about posting accurate gas prices, but since January 2017 it's about gaining as many points as you can. I am still using it at the moment but not sure for how long.
  • Saves me $$$ 5/5

    By Rcle1220
    I depend on Gas Buddy to save me money when I'm traveling. I always check prices before stopping at the first station I see because I've found that many times if I drive maybe another mile or two I may save 5,10, or maybe even .15 cents a gallon. Thanks Gas Buddy!
  • Good app fun to use 4/5

    By Trapshooter37
  • Gas buddy saves me money 5/5

    By GWS2980
    When you need gas it is very easy to find the cheapest prices with the help of my gas buddies.
  • Mixed reaction to updates 4/5

    By Stillwater player
    Good features. Too "game" like - daily changes in ways to earn points is not my cup of tea. Need updated info on how to earn points. Would like explanation as to which opportunities to earns points I missed this week.
  • New App is a downgrade 3/5

    By Tommy toon
    As others have noted many problems with the new version(Sam's club pop-up, slowness, won't let me report when I'm walking-thinks I'm driving, takes more taps to input than before, etc.). It used to be easy to use but now it has many bugs in it that have still yet to be fixed. It also takes longer to load and longer to report prices than before. Hopefully they will be fixing the problems soon.
  • Find a price quick 4/5

    By Bus55427
    Gas prices are 99% or better correct. You can search your direction of travel and find where you want to stop at and how far away it is. You can even find out if it is somewhere you don't want to use the bathroom at. Very useful for traveling or commuting.
  • Gas Buddy is Great 5/5

    By Mailhandler
    This app has definitely helped me save money on my gas. It picks up real quick when I travel. Wish more people would participate. Is especially great when traveling long distances. Need more people to participate! Love the new app

GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas app comments

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