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Save money, save time. Find cheap gas with a community of 60 million users. GasBuddy is the world’s largest community-based fuel app, with over 60 million downloads worldwide. We outsmart the pump together, using information provided by our users. Join drivers in your areas and start saving! With GasBuddy, you can: Find the cheapest gas—no matter the type—near you Find gas stations by distance or price Report gas prices to help others find cheap gas Earn points and achievements for reporting gas prices Enter to win $100 in free gas—every day! Use GasBuddy on your Apple Watch to see the closest or cheapest gas prices near you What’s new Earn achievements by completing daily, weekly and monthly challenges Rate stations and help others find the best station for their needs Smart sorting: Combine lowest and closest gas prices into the same search Filter stations by amenities and brands What real users are saying “This app saves me so much money it’s ridiculous.” “This app is a no brainer! The accuracy is astounding and WILL save you money. Trust me, you want this app!” “I love this app! It helped me find a gas station just a mile from my house that I never knew existed. This app is easy to use and save you money.” What the press is saying “GasBuddy is a great help for finding the cheapest gas prices.” - Kit Eaton, New York Times “If you're looking for the absolute best price, GasBuddy can help” - David Goldstein, CNN "No phone should be without it” - Jefferson Graham, USA Today Disclaimer GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by our users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas. Gas prices only for USA, Canada and Australia. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of the prize giveaway.

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  • Gas buddy app 5/5

    By Brytj
    Love the app, so easy to use!
  • Big fan 5/5

    By Evecte5
    I use mostly for local gas prices with an occasional out of state trip, with gas prices fluctuating the app really helps. I notice truck and delivery drivers have a great advantage also those on public transportation to reach the top scorers it is difficult to get the $100 gas credits I still haven't figured that part out but I am a big fan.
  • Tph123 5/5

    By $$$007$$$
    Great information app
  • Good App to track gas prices, but..... 3/5

    By Pickynickie
    Best app overall to track gas prices because it is most widely used here in USA, but there is one thing that bugs me. They do not respond in a timely or efficient manor to requested updates. They just ignore them. I have submitted request to add a new station multiple times over at least six (6) months since new station in neighborhood opened up. No response. No result. Have submitted request to update another station in my neighborhood to add cash discount pricing for station that just started offering cash and credit pricing. Again nothing happens. First time I submitted update request, I got one reply that said they checked it out and there was no needed change to station info, and no update needed. I do not know who provides that information, but it is false. I drive by almost every day and they have clearly changed their pricing structure. Good app, but do not waste you time sending in update requests, or add new locations. They do not have staff to address, or do not care.
  • Credit price only option is gone 1/5

    By Longtime contributor, no more
    There are many of us that do not want to see cash prices. Your application provided the option to only see credit prices in the past and yet after numerous requests your application is still cash-centric. While I understand this may be beneficial for the gas stations listed, it is not beneficial for the actual users that make Gas Buddy a useful resource. A 5-10 cent cash discount is still less than what many users receive using their rewards credit cards that may provide a 3-5% discount off of their entire purchase. Individuals that care about saving 2-3 cents per gallon are likely rather thrifty as a whole and will not be making any purchases in a convenience store. What many people care about is their time, going into a gas station to pay for fuel is not an efficient use of anyone's time. Many of my friends have stopped using your application due to this limitation and I will be uninstalling this new version once this feedback has been submitted.
  • Still NO Top Tier 1/5

    By nwintexas
    The removal of Top Tier stations has all but rendered this app USELESS to me. ALL my vehicles REQUIRE Top Tier fuel. Because of this REMOVED "feature," GasBuddy is now USELESS!
  • A step in the wrong direction 2/5

    By Diappointeddds
    Not as good as the original.
  • No authority 3/5

    By Colt~44
    Most days are better than others when searching for accurate prices; however, when you leave the public to act morally (truthfully reporting prices) without any consequences, there will never be an end to the false reporting of prices. One idea could be to make a system that makes you lose points if you falsely report. Giving an incentive to users to report truthfully so they do not lose points.
  • Great app 5/5

    By MikeO65
    Helps me find the cheapest gas in whatever area I'm in.
  • Was good 1/5

    By Bjzec
    There are those who want to post correct prices and those reporters who only want the points. They can get extra points for posting mid and premium. Even if the prices are wrong, they still get the points. I have complained to Gasbuddy just to get the company line that this is posted by individuals and they don't stop them. These individuals will posts multiple times day over a 10 mile area and post the prices wrong! I have seen the prices change while I'm at the gas station to the wrong price. These reporters are only interested in the leader board, better known as loser board. They continue to confirm prices just for the points. This happens across the country. USER BE AWARE!! FALSE POSTING OF PRICES!!!
  • Ads block entering prices 3/5

    By KeepTheSkoal
    I have an iPhone 5S and sometimes when I try to enter prices for more than 3 grades the big ad at the bottom prevents this. The ad covers across the section at the bottom to update diesel prices. Please either make smaller ads or reduce the spacing between prices so we can enter more prices.
  • Mileage update 1/5

    By Mileylikes it
    I just put the prices in as I see them. I don't care about points anymore. I'm not gonna win anyway. Some people put prices in just for points without seeing the actual price (guess). I see a lot of inaccuracies from the ones high on the leader list.
  • Gas app 5/5

    By Deanes53
    I love this app!! Helps me to know the latest prices and gas increases!! I also like the opportunity to have a chance to win gas although I never have… LOL
  • Latest update really slowed the app 2/5

    By J.Castle
    I still love the concept of this app, but after the latest update, it takes ridiculously long to start up. Please fix this. I'm not apt to report, if I can't get in quickly.
  • Gas Buddy Rules!! 5/5

    By joe7181961
    I absolutely love the Gas Buddy App, it saves me time and money and best of all it's a fee App!! I also love the contest for a possible free gas card!
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Hockey Gal in TX
    GasBuddy is a functional app helping folks to find gas at a better price in your area. It may have some glitches but it does serve drivers with normally accurate information, and the opportunity to win free gas.
  • Best gas price app 5/5

    By DoTheMath45
    Check prices before filling up. Save $0.10 per gallon or more. Price hike alerts let you buy gas before all stations in your area raise prices.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Bus Director
    This app has proved itself useful on my commute and in town, but has proven itself priceless while on road trips! Very helpful and very accurate.
  • One Of My Favorite Apps 5/5

    By Godozo
    I use this app to save money on gas on an almost daily basis.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Emannnnnnnn
    Locate gas stations, lowest gas prices, this app easy to use comes in very handy.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By EnergizerBunny1969
    I Love it!

    By Harvick29rcr
    I have noticed a lot of cheaters on here. Let's say the MAX points one can get in 24hrs (challenges) is 1400. Why do I see the 3 people in front of me with odd numbers like 2582? I have done all of the same challenges yet somehow other people are getting more daily points? Unreal. I don't know how they cheat but it's clear that they do. HOW IN THE WORLD IN SOME GUY THAT LIVES IN CHICAGO, EARNING THE MOST POINTS AT MY CLOSEST GAS STATION???!!! LOOK AT 95139. THE USER NAME IS BORIS1M. YOU GUYS REALLY NEED TO LOOK INTO THIS. THERES CLEAR CHEATING AND YOU GUYS DONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. SO WHATS THE POINT OF HAVING THIS APP IF ITS ALL FAKE?! To the developers, You really should look into this. It makes it impossible for an honest user to rank up in points. I would give 5 stars but this is now the 3rd time that I've had to write this. Here, look at the leader is zip code 95139.
  • Loses price data 1/5

    By SkagitGirl
    This version fails to retain prices for more than 48 hours. Seems like I can enter a number but it is soon gone. Makes this app pretty useless
  • GasBuddy cares! 5/5

    By 2Cutetoo
    I have been a user for 4 years and I have seen improvements every year! The latest updates are amazing!
  • Stolen points 2/5

    By Wuckett
    I stare at pump and my points later taken from me. I filled up too. Stop taking away my earned points!!! Two days of work poof! Gone
  • Owner very useful app helps when you traveling 4/5

    By Davejbs
    Always use this app very usefully.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Brad Tebbutt
    Works well. Use it daily.
  • Old prices keep reappearing 2/5

    By Pro Tem
    Why do so many users keep reporting old prices that have changed? App seems to retain each user's previous price reports so they can just keep reporting the same inaccurate prices.
  • BUG? Taking up 700MB of my storage 3/5

    By rlmcguire1
    Seems like with this latest update it is taking up way too much space on my phone.
  • Almost always accurate 5/5

    By vudu213
    Not Gas Buddy's fault if prices are not correct. They're just the bulletin board. Users post the prices. It's almost always correct any. Only issue is editing a station doesn't usually update.
  • ??? 1/5

    By Mic1232323
    All I get are gas stations already passed none ahead!!! Everyone shown on the screen gets further away from where you are. Not a bit helpful!!
  • Ads are getting worse 3/5

    By Homer driver
    What happened to the "top tier" preference?
  • Gas Buddy #1 5/5

    By Patrick Gehring
    I truly like this app. Let you find the cheapest gas Quick and Easy! But it's true value is when you're out of your local comfort zone. While on the freeway or in a unfamiliar town to find the nearest cheapest gas station.
  • Can't change profile 1/5

    By Earlrwells
    Since the update cannot now save preference of gas or diesel. I need preference of saving diesel instead jumping hoops to find a diesel cost.
  • Just a regular guy 5/5

    By Homebiltcamper
    Very handy app, saves us a lot of aggravation when traveling. Didn't have to guess where the next fuel stop was and who had best prices.
  • No Top tier 2/5

    By #10 GI
    Still no top-tier with the latest update. You should go to top tier gas app to find out gas buddy did not renew contract with top tier that is why it no longer shows up. Gas buddy you need to know how important it is to us, it may cost you a little money but you will have a lot of satisfied users!!! Do it!!!
  • New interface is hard to use 1/5

    By BlueGuru
    I try to not be resistant to change just to be resistant but I do not like the new interface at all. It might grow on me but it definitely takes me much longer to do simple tasks. Not intuitive. This app has become just a bunch of ads, and often pricing is incorrect from users just resubmitting prices without checking that they are correct, in order to gain points.
  • Actually Very Useful 5/5

    By QueenJMF
    This app actually does what it says it does and it saves you money. One of the gas stations that is closest to my home I had been avoiding because this "chain of stations/stores" is known for their higher than normal prices. According to Gas Buddy this was one of the lowest price stations and the closest to my home and they were correct. I have been saving money every week since. Thank you Gas Buddy!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By UltyNut
    Really like the upgrade. Much easier to search for lowest prices next to a different zip code. Love it!!
  • I Give Up 1/5

    By SailNC
    I've complained before about the loss of the Top Tier filter functionality. Car enthusiasts like myself care more about the quality of the gasoline (and detergent additives) than saving 5 cents per gallon. It's still broken. And now you have crammed more annoying ads and other interference that obscures the core function of this app. I'm deleting the app as we speak. Sorry to see such a decline in what was ONCE once of my most-used apps.
  • No more Top Tier sort 1/5

    By Abel Luna
    It has come to an end. Sorting by which gas stations offer more fuel additives is no longer available. This was the one and only reason for using this app. I regret to say that I will no longer be using this app anymore.
  • Some filters seem to cause problems 2/5

    By fahrns1
    Not sure why but a couple of updates ago my trying to filter just top tier stations gets me no results. I have shell bp amoco Virgo and Mobil all within 3 miles of home but they do not show this becomes a problem when you are away from home or you just want best price close
  • Changes too often 1/5

    By phillip9
    I wish you would ease up on the UI changes. I was just getting used to the last version.
  • Needs 3 updates 2/5

    By Ztext
    App needs: 1. to be updated to show gas stations that accept ApplePay. 2. the ability to get a notification when gas price drops at a favorite/particular gas station. 3. an option to pay to remove Adds.
  • No more Top Tier Searches 2/5

    By GroundRunnerII
    What a major flaw. Need to sort out the ability to search for Top Tier stations. Was the best app, now not so much.
  • Gas buddy 5/5

    By Larrycr5
    Very functional, very nice easy to use interface. Gas buddy saves me money every week when I fill up. It's handy as all get out when everybody can update and keep everything current and make finding cheapest gas a real easy thing to do with this. Thank you folks at gas buddy for creating this
  • Not as good as before 1/5

    By Ky Heathen
    You have added flashy steps that do NOTHING but force you to make extra moves to find out what you could in 3 cliks before. I would give it a -4 but 1 star is as low as you can go
  • Great app 5/5

    By FitRec_Fan
    Prices are accurate, and app works fast.
  • Uses GPS while not using the app, why? 1/5

    By J0sue
    I downloaded it and instantly deleted it when it asked to use the GPS when not using it. Why would a gas app need to constantly know your GPS position? Even when I'm sleeping, for some reason this gas app will know where my bed is located. A huge privacy concern.
  • New version is all spam and advertising. 1/5

    By gkmess
    I've been a GasBuddy member since 2007. GasBuddy used to be a great way to find gas prices near you. Lately it has turned into nothing but a company hungry for advertising money, dying to stay relevant, that doesn't know how to build a good app. I used to think it sucked that they stopped supporting Windows Mobile, but now I am thankful that the app there was never updated, because it kept it from turning into this horrendous mess. Not to mention, the Windows app works. This iOS app still has quirks with finding my location and loading ALL of the stations in my area. I uninstalled this app, and suggest you should too. Maybe they'll get the hint that they need to improve.

GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas app comments

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