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GasBuddy App

Save money, save time and never pay full price for gas again with a community of 70 million users. GasBuddy helps you save $340 a year by telling you exactly where and when to buy gas, and more! Use the #1 car companion app today. GasBuddy Features Finding the Perfect Pit Stop • Locate the gas stations with the lowest-priced gas — no matter the type — near you • Filter the search results by price, location, brand, and amenities like car washes, restaurants and restrooms • Read hundreds of thousands of reviews written by the GasBuddy community Saving Money • Never pay full price again —join Pay with GasBuddy and save 15c/gal on your 1st fill-up and 5c/gal on every fill up after • Get price hike alerts so you can fill up before the increase • Find deals offered by local convenience stores • Enter the daily drawing for a chance to win $100 in free gas Other Features • Report gas prices to help others save money and climb the ranks in your community • Earn achievements by completing daily, weekly and monthly Challenges • Write reviews, rate stations, upload photos and add tips for other GasBuddy users What the press is saying "No phone should be without it” - Jefferson Graham, USA Today “GasBuddy is a great help for finding the cheapest gas prices.” - Kit Eaton, New York Times “If you're looking for the absolute best price, GasBuddy can help” - David Goldstein, CNN Disclaimer GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by our users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas. Gas prices only for USA, Canada and Australia. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of the prize giveaway.


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GasBuddy app reviews

  • No Longer Great. 1/5

    By "Create a Nickname"
    Until recently, this was an incredible app. ...then the updates right after updates started coming. "It wasn't broken so they fixed it until is." Now it's crashes galore and bugs galore.
  • How is GB Doing? 5/5

    By Lucky77713
    I like the frequent updates/improvements. No matter where I go I can get current gas prices. The alert on prices going up is a great heads up. Occasionally gas Buddy can’t find where I am located (gps) off-Line. Even though I am right in front of several gas stations. I don’t get credit because it thinks I am 15-30 miles away (my previous location). Resetting my computer/app doesn’t help. Does it matter what maps app you use? (Apple, Google etc?)
  • Review 2/5

    By Gjk715
    A good number of gas stations do not come up when I search my various zip codes or current location. Also, when I updated the app, my favorite zip codes were all lost. These problems started with the latest update.
  • GasBuddy ! 4/5

    By Papa Mike T
    Overall a great app and easy to use. Can’t give it a 5 until ethanol-free gas can be reported and located!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Socali55668382
    Downloaded today with high hopes all the app keeps saying is “invalid authentication ID” and won’t let me do anything.
  • Stations out of service 4/5

    By Zigfire66
    Can you add something that’s alerts those near that a station is down? Just a suggestion.
  • Shows gas behind me 2/5

    By Ccgolfer13
    I want to see stations coming up not what I've already passed!
  • Borked it! 1/5

    By Moosebone
    Used to work, now won’t load or open on iPhone SE.
  • Big Savings with Little Effort 5/5

    By JetWing52
    I love this little app. Incredibly easy to use and I’ve saved a lot of $$$. Used it on our 4000 mile road trip and was able to enjoy getting the right gas at the right price without driving all over.
  • Accurate and helpful 5/5

    By Ajeremyellen
    I am gas price junkie always looking for the best deal. Thanks to gas buddy for the help
  • Was my go to app for years no more 2/5

    By Sprinterd
    This app has forgotten it’s purpose. Which was to find gas stations and give you price options. In there search for money they have lost the app someone should buy the original app from them and list it. until then this app is useless most of the time.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By J. Michael
    Have always enjoyed using this app! Helps me find low gas prices, and a chance to win free gas, but it's great to know if your reporting and/or confirming gas prices, it helps your community!
  • Some false prices 3/5

    By rivershark27
    Sometimes, false pricing information will be entered, likely by gas station owners or employees. That makes the price look lower than it actually is. You only find out when you get there that the price is higher than listed. Other times, the app Is helpful.
  • Needs BioDiesel and E85 ethanol 3/5

    By Production Pro
    Love the app but I would love to see BioDiesel added. I have a diesel truck now and can’t use this app to see if BioDiesel between B5-B20 is available and at what price. Please add functionality.
  • Good for prices, incentives are useless 2/5

    By BRTiger88
    GPS location is erratic, Prices are helpful, incentive programs are inaccurate & useless. The app constantly lags, not fast enough to use if your looking for gas nearby.
  • Would love to know when is the best time to buy gas 3/5

    By Dawn of a New Day
    App is good. Would like if it loaded faster since it’s usually time critical to know where the best gas prices are. With all the data collected in the app, it should be easy to have a section in the app that tells us the best time and day at any gas station to get the cheapest price.
  • Less user friendly 4/5

    By bjinjax
    I’ve noticed that with the last few updates, the app shows fewer gas stations with each query. I used to see ALL gas stations in an area as I panned the map while zoomed out. Now I see only a few of them unless I zoom in and tell it to search the area shown. Sometimes I have to zoom way in just to see the stations I know are there.
  • Worst Ever full of bad prices. 1/5

    By DocKeystone
    Chew up data. Constantly opens app store trying to install Crapware so they can get more advertising revenue. This app is not about helping anyone. Many prices are fake due to the admins not disciplining the members. Many posters just post trying to get points for rewards. Admins like more Posts regardless of accuracy. People posts are lies.
  • Great Savings 4/5

    By Fort Worth Traveler
    Finds me the best prices around fast!
  • Last update is Garbage!! 1/5

    By Could've better
    They keep changing things adding clutter to what use to be a straight forward easy to use app. Latest update has many bugs. Now not worth dealing with.
  • Update question 1/5

    By PjayP
    Why doesn’t the update show how much data is involved in the update?
  • Don’t Like Anymore 2/5

    By Msaardvark
    Every update makes this app more difficult to use. Can’t update my favorites or find alternate gas stations other than the majors. Will start using alternate methods to find gas. Joined many years ago.
  • Latest Update Killed It 1/5

    By Da Braddah
    Latest update is buggy as hell. Crashes all the time. Get 'Something Went Wrong' message continually. FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX PLEASE.
  • Disappointed in changes 2/5

    By Kmichgo
    Updates from this month no longer allow you to scroll ahead on your planned route to see automatically updated prices as you scroll, without tapping "search this area" every couple scrolls. Also from the Map feature, you are no longer able to click on a gas station and be shown when the price was last updated. You now need to remember the station's address, then switch to List mode to search down the list to see when it was last updated. NOT user-friendly! I relied on both these features previously, and the changes have dropped my 5-star rating of GasBuddy to a 2-star.
  • Prices don’t fit - again! 3/5

    By Jc-nickname
    They broke the display again. Many prices don’t fit main screen, especially with cash label shown.
  • Info failed 3/5

    By Wallace6206
    Since the last update I can open the app but when I try and open the station it won’t. It says something went wrong and try again. If I use the 3D Touch it will load. Other then that it’s a great app. But they need to fix that issue.
  • Enough withthe updates every friggin day! 1/5

    By Yah. Ok
    Deleting this app. Daily updates are getting ridiculous!
  • Spend more time doing updates than using the app 1/5

    By Anwimo
    Ok app, but with lots & lots & lots & lots & lots of updates!! Have to update almost daily!!! What a pain in the butt….
  • Updates 1/5

    By russell1259
    There are to many updates, seems like one a week! They need to get there crap together. How many bugs can there be? Never the right price, they show one price then when you get there it’s the CASH price! So it still gets a 1 star if I could I’d give it 1/2 star! Still way to many updates WHY?
  • Latest version broke 1/5

    By Jasd x
    Just updated to version 5.7.1. Can’t enter prices. Keep getting error, can’t access station info.
  • It’s an interesting way to save money on gas 4/5

    By Greencharlie
    Overall the app works really well just don’t try to use it while driving. Having some issues with linking my card but they are minor.
  • GasBuddy 1/5

    By lwhamilton
    It has been 3 full weeks attempting to get their GasBuddy Card to work as they claim: IT IS A TOTAL JOKE!!!!! Wait until they PROVE to you that what they provide is functional!!!
  • AWESOME app. 5/5

    By Gas Buddy lover
    Saves a ton of $$$ each year!!!
  • Failed Account Setup! 1/5

    By davidjb1978
    Tried to create an account thru Facebook, Google, and create a separate account using another email. All three failed even after multiple attempts.
  • Can’t add local stations 3/5

    By OldCoot48
    Why can’t I add gas from my local station in Green Valley, Illinois? It was there before and now isn’t.
  • 😞 1/5

    By meaplace
    Doesn’t accept my bank card.
  • WhatisupwithGasbuddy today. All leader boards are down? Adding a new station is impossible. 1/5

    By MudloggerSETEX
    Shell station on North Major Drive between Keith Rd and Folsom in Beaumont Texas. I have gone through the process of adding this station many times on Major Drive. I have tried to add the Exxon Station on Washington and IH-10 Beaumont as well. 7/10/2017 Beaumont Texas. Still the same problem with the Crystal Shell Station on North Major Drive. "Shell station on North Major Drive between Keith Rd and Folsom in Beaumont Texas. I have gone through the process of adding this station many times on Major Drive. " I have stepped through the proper process of adding a station but it it has yet to be added.... The location "GPS Location " is not accurate and slow. I can be sitting at the station filling up yet the station does not show me at the station. APP is going downhill............ ............ ............. song to later starting outages lost one and I have years of secular 30 or neuter play it yet no way it thank you rock bottom
  • Finding cheap gas 5/5

    By Chovolate Lover
    Very accurate.
  • Use to be Great app! 2/5

    By officerchops
    Can’t use it. After entering first price a Raisin Cane video comes up and ties up the screen making the app unusable. You can close the advertising but it pops right back even after you allow it to play though. I’m about ready to erase this app.
  • Good app 4/5

    By 5514
    Would be nice to access the locations that accept the buddy pay card from the app. Or am I overlooking it?
  • Mileage update 1/5

    By Mileylikes it
    I just put the prices in as I see them. I don't care about points anymore. I'm not gonna win anyway. Some people put prices in just for points without seeing the actual price (guess). I see a lot of inaccuracies from the ones high on the leader list. It has saved me money over the years 👍 It's a shame Exxon Mobil quit participating in the GasBuddy card program. Wonder what their reason is. I'm sure they can afford it. 11/20/17, I am seeing "there is a problem please try again" A LOT. The GasBuddy people need to address the issue.
  • Please List 1/5

    By PaulJohnsonPgh
    The details of what changes in each update
  • Not an improvement 2/5

    By Abq Traveler
    Their idea of "enhancing" the user experience is a total fail. It was a good app but has steadily deteriorated for at least the last several updates.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By SaatyDog
    Love GasBuddy
  • Review 5/5

    By Need help pz!!
    This app is amazing at useful I love it
  • Looking to save money? 5/5

    By Deane60
    Great app. It has saved me a lot of money
  • Do not need..... 3/5

    By arnolbg
    I would like to see the improvement where I don’t see the prices of gas stops that I’ve already passed. I’m not turning around to go back to them.
  • Trip advisor / cash only 2/5

    By topmack
    Tried to use trip advisor; just an 88 mile trip; watch the gas pump icon go on and off for 5 min then killed it. Cash only: I believe a lot of the ‘cheap’ priced gas is really cash only prices, especially at a Exxon shell or chevron station. Please give us a option to select that; thanks!

    By buzzf7
    This app is fantastic! I am able to save five cents per gallon with my gas buddy card. I am able to earn points by reporting gas prices and then have potential to win gas gift cards. The only thing that the app needs to be able to support is changing information for your bank account I had the gas buddy card. Right now you have to call them and leave a voicemail to some random voicemail box. And then hopefully wait for response. Gas buddy please just fix this.
  • Why not 5/5

    By not stingey
    Take a vantage of the best prices you can find

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