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Gboard App

Gboard is a new keyboard from Google for your iPhone. It has all the things you would expect from a great keyboard — GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing — plus Google Search built in. No more app switching; just search and send, right from your keyboard. Search and send anything from Google: • Nearby stores and restaurants • Videos and images • Weather forecasts • News and articles • Sports scores • And anything else you’d search on Google GIFs — Search GIFs for the best reaction Emoji Search — Find the perfect emoji, faster Glide Typing — Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter Privacy We know the things you type on your phone are personal, so we’ve designed Gboard to keep your private information private. What Gboard sends to Google: • Gboard sends your searches to Google’s web servers to give you search results. • Gboard also sends usage statistics to Google to let us know which features are used most often and to help us understand problems if the app crashes. • If you use Gboard’s microphone, voice input will be sent to Google for transcription. What Gboard doesn’t send to Google: • Other than your searches and voice inputs, Gboard doesn't send anything you type to Google, whether it’s a password or chat with a friend. • To help you with spelling and to predict searches you might be interested in, Gboard will store the words you type on your device. This data is not accessible by Google or by any apps, and can be cleared at any time. • If you’ve turned on contacts search in Gboard search settings, this allows Gboard to search the contacts on your device so you can easily share. None of these queries are sent to Google.


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Gboard app reviews

  • Japanese language 4/5

    By Era Manoz
    I need Japanese
  • 👎🏽 2/5

    By zihuanena
    🔩 ➕ ⚾️⚽️🎱🏀
  • Pretty buggy. 2/5

    By heivdtioocdeyihvbb
    I'll start with the good. The keyboard is beautiful as it comes. It doesn't deviate much from the stock IOS keyboard- but it adds the glide texting functionality which I have missed so much ever since leaving Android. This is the only keyboard that has this feature on IOS, and doesn't have that tacky Android software look. The bad- It's extremely buggy. I disabled the default keyboard completely but sometimes this keyboard doesn't show up. Sometimes it shows up, but it's unresponsive for a few seconds before I can begin typing. If you use this it won't take you more than a few minutes to notice the bugs- they are NOT intermittent. This is not something I would expect from a company as professional as Googe. Although I'm new to this keyboard I would suspect it's iOS 11s fault, and Google has ironed out all the kinks yet.
  • I Dislike The Predictive Word Functionality 2/5

    By TheDeal127
    I don't need Google Keyboard to recommend words for me. That feature is annoying. Please give us the option to turn it off.
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    Every release makes it Skier Skier Skier (slower! Slower! Argh Gboooooard!!!) And buggier.
  • Annoying bugs when trying to backspace 3/5

    By W Simon
    I like the draw typing and the word prediction, though the Google keyboard seems to just work a lot better on my Android phone. One frustrating bug here on iPad is that backspacing over a number of words results in strange glitches like freeze ups, changing words, and placing the cursor in the middle of words.
  • Definitely best keyboard app for me 5/5

    By Wee1306
    I totally love this keyboard. I can easily swipe and it's very intelligent for understanding what I'm gonna say. And the best part is it does support many other languages 😍😍😍
  • Ok 4/5

    By Ramoncito. Ftw
    Pretty good keyboard I am pretty bad at grammar and it just autocorrected it to what I want it to; it adjusts to you and the dragging letters thing is quick and cool but we need the new update for the new emojis that came out please!!
  • Good 4/5

    By Groundman
    Would like better cursor options like 3d touch and iPad 2 finger gesture but this is probably iOS limitations Would also like the ability to turn off the Google logo animations and automatic math ie typing 1/2
  • Genius 5/5

    By appheater223
    Google does iPhone better than apple. Get this keyboard.
  • خیلی خوب👌👌👌 5/5

    By MehdiAmini
    واقعا برای فارسی زبان ها پیشنهاد میکنم بسیار سریع و روان!
  • Major bugs on iOS 11 1/5

    By tastysauce
    Often switches back to the Apple keyboard
  • Swiping does not work in ios11 1/5

    By Kat63645
    Without the swiping feature, there’s no reason to download this. Will change review if it receives a fix!
  • Getting worse 2/5

    By MTHDmusic
    When I first downloaded the Gboard over a year ago, it was awesome. It was exactly what I wanted in a phone keyboard. But I swear every update has slowed down the keyboard's performance as well as making it more glitchy. Oftentimes autocorrect is turned off for some reason, being completely unpredictable as to when the keyboard decides to work correctly. Also there is a strange deleting issue where if you are deleting a word at the end of a sentence, the preceding word somehow jumbles up letters with the word you are deleting. Not even sure how that is possible. But yeah Google is definitely slipping up on these Gboard updates. UPDATE: Changing review to two stars because this krapboard keeps getting worse. Maybe I'm a masochist for continuing to use it. But the fact that it will change correctly and deliberately typed out words to completely different words, all the while leaving misspelled words is just ridiculous. I thought Google was capable of more than this ever-degrading piece of poopoo.
  • Alright. It could be less complicated 3/5

    By Mary 32 10
    I like the app but it could be easier to use
  • Last update has bugs 1/5

    By &6789546))(::(&4
    With the last update my Gboard acts funny. When I write the wrong word and want to go back and correct it, it changes the word completely and when I backtrack to erase and rewrite it, it will change the word that came before that one. So I end up having to erase everything. Also, I felt more words would come out right before than now. PLEASE FIX!
  • Should be better 3/5

    By Golight Girl
    I use most of the recent offerings from Google. They make great products. But their swipe keyboard is terrible. I couldn't understand how that would be possible. Its just a keyboard right? No, it's software and they didn't do it right. The word recognition is terrible. Truly it is. It's frustrating to be swiping and have to go back and correct several wrong words. Its almost unintuitive. I'm using Microsofts version and it's just about perfect. I'm using an iPhone and am a Mac devotee.
  • Traditional Chinese Keyboard Please!! 4/5

    By Janetluk
    Currently there is only simplified Chinese which is not very user friendly since there is large amount of population using traditional Chinese! It would be 5-star if traditional Chinese is added to the keyboard as well!
  • 为什么在我手机上使用卡卡的 2/5

    By 谷粉来用
    在候选词 左右滑动特别明显的卡
  • One of the better Keynes apps or there. 4/5

    By s.b94
    The only problem I really have is the spell check like I'll type babe but it will come out babw and keep it there like that's not even a word I obviously meant babe. But other than that the swipe function works well, gif board works well, custom background's look great, Google search works well just wish the spell check worked better.
  • New update very laggy 2/5

    By Crazyirish213
    The new update send to have more glitches and is very laggy. It opens then switched to my Apple keyboard then pauses and goes back to gboard. It's very annoying. iPhone 7s.
  • Please add iOS style spellcheck! 3/5

    By BoBoIsClown
    I love this keyboard but hate that it doesn’t have the same spellcheck as the iOS keyboard. Please add the red squiggles on misspelled words!
  • can not make ǎ in keyboard 1/5

    By fultonm
    Have to use apple keyboard to make that character, a highly used character in Chinese pinyin. Also trash (lè sè,拉苏)cannot be typed with Gboard Chinese Simplified.
  • The emojis 3/5

    By It your man 1984
    I know I sound weird right now but,may you please add an emoji theme to Mabye the Android N emojis or something similar :) thank you and please reply;)
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Dan67676767
    This used to be a great keyboard, but lately it's been typing very strange words based on my keystrokes. I have to pay A LOT more attention to what is written so I don't write something ridiculous. Case in point: it wanted to type "potato" instead of "pay" in this review.
  • Losing stars.. 2/5

    By RicoLBuckz
    Appreciate the custom keyboard update but I would love if you'd stop deleting my custom dictionary entries to make me start them over again at random. GBoard went from being amazing, to deleting my dictionary every few weeks, to now not saving any of my words. Annoying
  • minor Glitch 4/5

    By SBC 6sPlus User
    iPhone 6s Plus. Each time I punch in the exact letters it flips to another word.
  • please add BENGALI Language 5/5

    By sunny_shk
    please add Bengali Language
  • Passwords 4/5

    By Gduke641
    Works great most of the time but often It switches back to the iOS keyboard and you have to switch it back. This mostly happens when entering passwords on places like Safari but other than that it's great!
  • make emoji button optional 3/5

    By ssgt5813
    make the emoji button an option, I prefer the globe button to get to emojis. so I don't need/want 2 redundant buttons right beside each other
  • Good keyboard 3/5

    By Chetraloy
    Smoothly and work very well, but I want Khmer language (Cambodia) can you add it?
  • The Gnarly Gboard 5/5

    By Forrrrrrrest Gump
    Love Gboard, a great keyboard for Apple users who want an actual good keyboard, and just one keyboard
  • Came from Android...This app has some catching up to do 3/5

    By SammehSyanide
    I recently traded in my Note 5 for the iPhone 8, and this keyboard has a bit of catching up to do. My biggest issue is that there is no comma on the front page. I wish I could get rid of the globe in the lower left hand corner and have the comma there like it is on the Gboard for Android. But I guess this layout is reflective of the iPhone keyboard. This keyboard is so much better than the keyboard that comes with iPhone stock. It's much faster, has better word suggestions, and I like that I can change the background of the keyboard to add some personalization.
  • Gboard is getting better 4/5

    By Michael30
    I really like this keyboard but it is still maturing. I fully expect it to reach finger stars in the future.
  • New update makes it nearly impossible to... 1/5

    By drow93
    New update makes it nearly impossible to swipe a shortcut or "text replacement" that you set in your iPhone settings. It used to be effortless for me to swipe "ily", now it enters "it" on the first and second try, every time.
  • Used to work very well, but needs an update. 3/5

    By SBDSR5
    I've never had a problem with this Keyboard until recently. It seems to be lagging and freezing up at times. Needs an update, used to work very well before these problems started occurring. Beside the recent problems, this is the best Keyboard on the market right now bar none.
  • bugs, bugs everywhere! 2/5

    By Cliff lee burtun
    too many bugs on ios11 it's really annoying, please fix it
  • Voice Transcription Is Its One Flaw 2/5

    By gdpmumin
    Gboard is a great keyboard. The swipe feature works really well. The only flaw I've found is its voice transcription feature. Voice search in the Google app is fantastic. Voice transcription in Gboard is less than 20% accurate I'd say. It's kind of maddeningly useless. But, I suppose I can't complain too much because most other third-party keyboards don’t even include voice transcription (apparently an Apple limitation).
  • Much better than iOS keyboard 5/5

    By JiangoTM
    All the features are amazing! Especially the emote button/search and gifs. 😍
  • App Crashes 2/5

    By AEsailer
    Used to be a great keyboard, never had any problems. However, with the new iPhone update, it crashed ALL THE TIME and forces me back to regular keyboard. No longer has access to search or gifs because it crashes everytime I try to get them.
  • Generally good, but stopped remembering saved words 3/5

    By Cillendor
    After the most recent update, all of the custom words that it recognized are gone. It's really frustrating. Why can't you have a manually controlled dictionary that users can edit as they need?
  • Constantly crashes 3/5

    By daverocksxD
    I keep having to switch back to the keyboard after it crashes. This happens almost every time I use the keyboard, just like it did when Gboard was first released
  • Unstable 1/5

    By Trnyii
    10/14/17! This keyboard takes to dam long to appear on other apps that requires keyboard useage. Also number keys would be a bonus if it could be added option in settings to add it, my Android devices have that why not for iOS devices?
  • Slowly 5/5

    By ! blue+moon !
    After recently updated become very slowly in ipad air
  • Swipe could be better 4/5

    By djrickpo
    Often times when I initially start to swipe to type, the keyboard does not recognize it. It’s a bit annoying and hoping this is fixed in the latest update.
  • 中文无法造词、记忆新词组 5/5

    By 浪里银涛
    完全访问已经打开,中文无法记忆新词,双拼选项好像又没有了?期待早点添加云输入和同步账户词库的功能! 感觉输入真的太卡!没有其它输入法流畅,希望以后有所改进!
  • Missing - #Burmese in the language setting. 5/5

    By Yan Naing Oo
    The GBoard application is very good which I’ve installed on my LG K410A Android with Burmese language. Now I’ve also installed it again on my iPhone but unfortunately it doesn’t provide yet Burmese language in the iOS GBoard mobile application setting. So please let us know when it will provide. Thank you.
  • Great keyboard - please update 4/5

    By PhilipRhys
    Great keyboard but it's glitchy on iOS 11; crashes constantly, especially after the last update. Come on Google! Quit breaking your own stuff!
  • Forced "all access" 1/5

    By Veroalucard
    New update forces you to use "all access" option to use swipe function. Was not forced to do so previously.
  • Great keyboard 4/5

    By Lordbob75
    Would give five stars if it had Dvorak.

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