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Genius Kitchen is your one-stop shop for all things food. Get instant access to all-new shows and recipes, all for free. The best part? Genius Kitchen will deliver recipes from the shows you watch directly to your inbox. CHANGE THE WAY YOU COOK, FIND, AND WATCH WHAT YOU EAT - Browse and watch over 100 hours of content including exciting new original shows, as well as revamped beloved series, recipe videos and tutorials, all for free. - Hone your cooking chops by watching our how-to videos featuring world-renowned chefs. - Get the recipes from shows you watch sent to your iPhone or iPad AUTOMAGICALLY using iCloud sync. You’ll never have to go searching for the recipe again. Just sit back, watch and we’ll make sure the recipes are just a tap away. - Share videos with your friends and family via text, email, Facebook and Twitter. CHECK OUT OUR NEW SHOWS GK Now: The weekly show hosted by comedic YouTube personalities Akilah Hughes and Mike Lockyer along with various co-hosts, talks crazy food trends (what is turmeric, and why is it in your coffee?), pop culture, and other news that fascinates the young and hungry. Feast with Friends: Athletic Aussie and healthy chef Dan Churchill knows that food isn’t fun unless you’re sharing it with friends. With help from his eager taste testers (read: closest friends), Dan’s delicious outlook on food makes eating look like the coolest hobby. Carnivorous: Turns out that meat is having a moment! Join comedian Courtney Rada as she travels across the country looking for the most delicious meat dishes you’ve ever (never?) seen. But First, Breakfast: Because making time for breakfast is easier (and prettier) than ever with effortless recipes that are low on time and ingredients but high on taste and style. Pop Culture Baking Class: Full of those outrageous donuts and crazy-cute cakes currently breaking the Internet, complete with lessons for creating those super-shareable recipes at home. FAMILIAR FOOD FACES & CLASSICS Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Sophie Dahl, Duff Goldman, Iron Chef Japan! We’ve hand-picked classic seasons from these famous faces and added new episodes and seasons (some making their US debut). - Not enough time to finish a video? Just simply select the video again when you’re ready, and you’ll be able to continue watching from where you stopped. - Picture in Picture, Split View and Slide Over is available on compatible iPad models. - Play video content directly from your phone on your TV with AirPlay or Chromecast. Like what you see? We’d appreciate your reviews in the App Store. Want to talk? If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the app, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at


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  • POS APP! 1/5

    By Jolly's
    What started out as a recipe sharing app, has morphed into a piece of crap! Want to see your saved recipes? Use the internet site — not the app! Someone needs to resurrect Recipezaar or to get away from this crappy app.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By dee dee 86
    Didn’t see a great variety of recipes. Its average.
  • I wish there was a lower star rating 1/5

    By ShannaClement was a better app, there is nothing helpful about this interface. I'm better of using all recipes instead.
  • Wasn't that bad 3/5

    By Money,power,fame
    It was ok
  • Useless 1/5

    By Jessbinkers88
    Remember when all your recipes were saved nicely in the app? Those days are gone. The app is complete garbage and serves no purpose. None of my recipes transferred over and when I try to find them, nothing shows up. If you’re going to start over, might as well use allrecipes instead of this crap.
  • Hipster rubbish 1/5

    By Jr255437
    I want the old back not this crappola. Looks like I will be using Epicurious, All Recipes, or quite frankly anything else from now on.
  • Use PEPPERPLATE app instead 1/5

    By Meal-planning challenged
    Update: As I’m still reeling from the loss of my favorite app (as many of us are), I’ve found another app that provides some, but not all, of the same functions. PEPPERPLATE is a free app that allows you to download recipes from supported websites, cut and paste recipes from non-supported sites, automatically generate grocery lists from a recipe, meal plan, add your own recipes, and organize recipes into categories. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to serve as a replacement app since I refuse to download this useless GK app. Enjoy! **** Original post: Why mess with a good thing? I used the original app on a daily basis and had hundreds of recipes saved on it. It was user-friendly and very intuitive. This app does nothing to help with organizing and meal planning in an efficient way. The website is not user-friendly for the iPhone, and it keeps wanting me to log in twice just to access my recipe boxes. Not sure why the powers-that-be that took over the app felt the need to take something simple and complicate it. Not everyone likes to engage in social media or spend time watching others cook when they need to cook for their own family. I hope the powers-that-be are paying attention to the numerous dissatisfied comments!
  • Not Worth Downloading!! 1/5

    By Frankieluvs23
    I've downloaded this app & tried to open it & it kicks me off immediately! 3 times I've deleted this app & re-downloaded it & the same thing...kicks me right out! It appears the only way I'm able to use genius kitchen is on line. I'm not quite sure why they had to do away with the app because it was my "go to" for nearly all my recipes & I had so many great recipes stored away.
  • Thanks but no thanks 1/5

    By Android defector
    I agree with the others out there who have posted their displeasure with this app. The change from recipezaar to was fine, because I could still get to my recipes via the app. The genius kitchen app seems to be all about watching cooking shows. In order to access my saved recipes, I have to visit the website. This change was a terrible idea indeed. I deleted this app from my phone and now rely on
  • Horrible App, not user friendly 1/5

    By Triniballa
    Pretty much a recipe video app. Doesn’t allow you to see list of ingredients to go buy it! I miss the old app. Will be transferring all my recipes elsewhere and deleting this app.
  • Sad!! 1/5

    By Jfloresp
    I love “!! What happen!!
  • If I could only give zero stars. 1/5

    By This is terrible!!
    I was forced to dL this app in place of app. This app is worthless. Please bring back my app. My recipes did not transfer to this app as advertised. The only instructions are for apple tv. You can’t even get new recipes under the recipe tab! Not user friendly at all. I will delete promptly. Save yourself the time and do not bother with this nonsense.
  • Buggy, non-intuitive and frustrating 1/5

    By Phatphinger
    Agree with other reviews about how useless this app is. Most of my recipes did not transfer from as others have found. Not intuitive at all in the app as to where to sign in or see your own recipes. When trying to add recipe on website it constantly malfunctioned. It said paste the directions and it would re-order and number which it didn’t do so I entered individual steps and it still blew up and didn’t take those either. All was lost. Put it in again and got to the point where it was ready to be saved but the save button didn’t work and it wouldn’t tell me what was the problem. So I just gave up.
  • Useless!!!!! 1/5

    By Hides12
    This app is totally useless!! None of my recipes transferred over from I’m actually going to take this app off of my phone because it does me no good whatsoever!!! So totally disappointed that I can’t get my back!!! Would not suggest this app to’s a joke!!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Nfisherman
    I loved This is nothing like it. Recipes aren’t easy to find, the app is clunky. It’s a lot of hype and advertising garbage instead of the recipe finder that made so great. I’ll be looking for a good recipe app to replace this nonsense.
  • Idiots! 1/5

    By Tracy Seibold
    Horribly thought out! Used to be my favorite go to. Not anymore. Worthless.
  • I just want my recipes 1/5

    By Elh228
    Agree with the others - the old app said I just needed to sign in with my account in the new app. But there’s nowhere to sign in!! I wanted to search for a new recipe, but the recipe tab only wanted to tell me how to watch their videos on Apple TV. You have one of the best databases of recipes and food information, I just wish I could access it.
  • Worst food app ever 1/5

    By What rewards
    I loved the app, but this app is as everyone else has said, it is useless. I want the app back!!!!
  • “Bad idea jeans” 1/5

    By Mennomasala
    So disappointed in this app! What were the creators thinking? Their audience is obviously not the Boomers, Gen x’ers or Gen y’ers who we’re using this app so faithfully. Why not have a “both/and” mentality, rather than an either/or, destroying what was working for so many of us? Please create a way for those of us who have searched for useful recipes and stored our recipes from the time of Recipezaar on to access them easily (using the app)! I mean, what are we going to do without our Kittencal recipes!?!?!? Please consider a better combination of the two concepts.
  • I miss 1/5

    By seannydeez was easier to use. I didn’t need my tv or a website. Finding my recipes is almost impossible. Please don’t take away
  • What is this! 1/5

    By lizz0712
    This is garbage! The videos don’t work your recipes don’t transfer AND all the videos don’t give you measurements for the recipes they just say add this add that how is this supposed to help you! If I could give a negative 482 rating trust me I would! This app is a complete waste of time it doesn’t help you make anything at all!!! Did you people fire the geniuses that made! “Genius Kitchen” how ironic! This isn’t a genius app at all! I only downloaded it because it was made from which was an amazingly simple and nice app!!!! DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP IT IS JUST NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!!!!! ALSO THANKS FOR USING THE LAST 40 Minutes of my time that I can’t get back!!!
  • No. 1/5

    By StonerSlut
    I don’t want to watch cooking videos. I want to search for recipes. I want everything from the app back.
  • Absolute Rubbish! 1/5

    By RMwokoti
    All of my personal recipes are in the Food app recipe box. I cannot transfer any of them, only my saved recipes from other sources. If the Food app is ‘turned off’ before this is fixed I will lose dozens of family and personal recipes from many years and generations of experience! I stopped writing them on paper after I found the Food app. The GK app is just a bunch of adverts for shows! Hard to even get a recipe stored so I can actually cook it!
  • Would give 0 stars if I could. 1/5

    By JenniD26
    Worst changeover ever. I pray that I can save my favorite recipes from before they erase my entire menu. I have used food. Come for years and have literally hundreds of recipes I can easily refer to. This app is worthless, and the desktop website isn't much better. At least, for the moment, I can see my recipe box on the desktop site. I don't want to watch videos. I want to find recipes and refer to them with ease anywhere. I really dislike the new app. Please change it back.
  • When a good idea goes wrong 1/5

    By Wasting time @ the airport was simple, fast & easy to use. Obviously a marketing genius decided it needed a change and gave us this HORRIBLE new app. Well time to delete this application & find something that useful. Congratulations folks, you created the Pontiac Aztek of apps.
  • Totally Useless 1/5

    By Lidje64
    I agree completely with everyone. This app is a total waste of time. None of my recipes transferred. In order to access them or find a new one, you have to go to the website. Getting to my recipe box on the website is not intuitive and takes too many clicks to get to what i want. I loved using the feature to enter a couple of ingredients to find recipes. This helped me so many times to plan dinners when I wanted to try something new. When I am cooking, I want to quickly locate my recipes and be able to read what I need to do. I don’t want to watch videos on cooking while I’m cooking. When the app first launched, I contacted them to ask if there were plans to bring back the recipes and box to the app. I figured that when something new is launched, it sometimes takes a little more time to migrate the old into the new. But alas, I was told that there are no plans to do this and the only way to access is via the website. So, I have gone online and downloaded all of the recipes in my box. I guess I’ll have to organize them electronically myself. Now that I have my favorites, I no longer need this useless app, and I will be looking for a new app that will allow me to find new recipes, keep notes and share.
  • Nope Nope Nope 1/5

    By sean2a
    They don’t get it. Folks this is not a replacement app for app. It’s an attempt to harvest a large user base into an app that has the potential to make more revenue for Scripps via ads. They never intended it to do what the other app did and it likely never will. They just got greedy. I’m glad everyones ratings are trashing it. Will take a while to recover and find new users that weren’t burned. I’m just glad I didn’t delete the old app. Hopefully I can at least still use it off line for a while as the grocery list feature is one of my favorites and I don’t want to lose all my recipes.
  • A Step in the Wrong Direction 1/5

    By JohnFBG
    This app is a travesty. I will delete it immediately after I write this review. Please bring back It was easy to use and was a great source for populating Recipe Keeper and Food Planner. Now it’s impossible to use. All flash/bang. Horrible layout and interface. The marketeers win again. We end-users lose.
  • Don’t like the change AT ALL!!! 1/5

    By strawberrese
    I used the app to save favorite recipes and to find/try out new ones. That aspect is gone. Your saved recipes will now ONLY be on the website. Not the app! The new Genius Kitchen app is useless for me. So sad.
  • OMG!! What have you done?! 1/5

    By CherylDrotar
    This is complete BS!! I agree with all the one star reviewers and to also add that I loved how it would create a shopping list for me and also identify which ingredients were on sale in my grocery stores was awesome!!!! This app USED TO BE my favorite and i told everyone about it. Those days are now gone forever. Sad. Whoever made this decision needs to be fired!!!!
  • Unable to access my old recipes 1/5

    By Marlisha1
    I’m not happy with this app. I’ve been trying to find a log in screen but it does not exist. I have no desire to sit up and watch videos of ppl cooking. Please add the log in so that I can access my old recipes. The developer could have done a better job designing this app. Like leaving the old app in tact and adding the option to watch these hour long videos only if you choose to. Please bring back
  • Not adequate replacement for app 1/5

    By Disgruntled home cook
    Best part for me about Food Network app was using a device on the fly while cooking, now being forced to drag a laptop out on kitchen counter or print recipes from website. Boo!!
  • Significant Downgrade From Food App 1/5

    By roscomann
    There's updating and then there's total devastation. This change was the latter. If I were into mindless watching of food programs for ideas this might be a good app. But, the removal of intelligent recipe searches just for the recipe/ingredient list and adding having to watch a video was bluntly stupid. I am promptly removing this app in search for just a recipe app.
  • Basically the majority of these reviews are correct 1/5

    By WCU-ΣΑΕ
    I used the old app as a convenient way to organize recipes and now it’s useless. I don’t want to watch the shows I could already be watching on cable. I just want a way to share recipes with other people. So much for that. Deleting the app until they bring back the old way. This is beyond stupid.
  • Huge loss! 1/5

    By mah21449
    What were you thinking? You just wiped out hours of putting recipes into my recipe box. Reading the recipes from people and the reviews were what was important and drew people to this site. There is nothing about it that would ever make me open it again.
  • Bummer! 1/5

    By Neworleansartist
    Recipe box does not transfer on the phone app! I can no longer look up recipes and follow! I will go nuts trying to follow video recipes! I need written recipes to follow! This is such a bummer to lose what I had saved on Food app!
  • USELESS FOOD APP!!!! 1/5

    By YMBH
    I NEVER take the time to write reviews whether I like or dislike an app but I just had to write one and express how much I DISLIKE THIS APP!! The reason I downloaded was to have a place to store my personal recipes. There is no capability of signing into your profile on the Genius Kitchen app by way of your mobile phone, you can only sign into your profile online and see your recipes there but you can't even edit your recipes. I signed in online, but not all of my recipes moved over and the ones that did, I am unable to edit them. This app won't work for me. I want to see "regular people's" recipes who share them too, not just the professional chefs'. I use the Food Network app for that!!! Not Happy. I'm going to try, Yummly and AllRecipe apps and see which is best. I will need to ema myself my recipes from the app. At least we can still do that for now! Better do ASAP before they totally remove the app!!
  • Terrible and commercialized! 1/5

    By Purple Peanut
    This originally was Recipezaar... a website you could go to and share, rate and find recipes from home cooks everywhere. It was amazing! No crap... no ads in your face or having to watch stupid videos... simple easy and quick. On the run you could pull up a quick recipe... I need fast... convenient... you could read each other’s reviews - find old beloved recipes - or just browse for anything - any kind of recipe Then it was sold I guess, and changed to I got worried then cause it did change a little - got a little more commercial - but ok, was still same recipes there and I just loved that site... and those recipes and the convenience And that brings us to this crap... what the hell is this? Complete and total crap... hassle to find anything other than cooking show videos... I have a TV and a smart phone - if I wanted to watch cooking videos I would... I want all those home cooks back!! And the recipes, the convenience, everything - They have completely, without question, destroyed Recipezaar 😢💔 Wow! Very sad to see - disappointed and disgusted user - delete
  • So sad!!! 1/5

    By bamagrits14
    Hate having to watch videos for a recipe! PLEASE bring back some version of I used it for everything-grocery lists, favorite recipes, recipe to grocery list, etc. Don’t have time to watch this way too busy app!
  • Sad 1/5

    By Fairetopia
    They took away the best and replaced with a useless app. I've lost all my recipes. 😢😢😢 HATE THIS APP!!!!
  • No, just no🙄 1/5

    By MGCG1 was great and it worked so much better. I had many saved recipes and I lost all of them. Im planning on making something for thanksgiving so I edited the recipe to fit my family. On genius kitchen, I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO EDIT THE RECIPE!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
  • Hated it! With a passion! 1/5

    By Worldsbestmom5
    Courtney has a potty mouth! I don’t want to watch videos in the first place. I certainly don’t want to watch them with her. I want a useful app. Who ever changed is an idiot! I want to find recipes. Not watch people cook and eat. I am a working wife and mom. You took a great app and ruined it. Is there a prize for worst app ever? Because you would win. Can you sleep at night knowing how many people hate your app? Fix it. Fix it now.
  • Total Failure 1/5

    By Nar46
    I used all the time. Had many recipes saved. Now am unable to access except on computer. Hate it!
  • Fixed something that wasn’t broken... 1/5

    By Jvdu
    Loved the app, then it got replaced by this garbage. Gave it a try, I really did...but uninstalled after a week because it is just useless. Guys, come on! Requirements gathering is important in the SDLC! Your users are the ones using the app! Listen to them! You took a great app and turned it into garbage! Who’s bad idea was this?
  • Fun recipes 5/5

    By andrewbecks
    I love the emoji macaroons 👍
  • Some one should be fired 1/5

    By back yard cook
    The app was user friendly. This is garbage. You can’t access your save recipes. And haven’t been able to find the handy grocery list. Not happy why ruin a good thing.
  • ❤️ Nigella 5/5

    By Karielle21
    I’ve been watching Nigella episodes on my Roku app and downloaded this app to get those recipes on my phone. I like the shows they have on here - I haven’t watched Nigella in years and it’s an old favorite. The other show with food trivia is cute too.
  • Hardly genius... 1/5

    By Artboy34
    No place on my iPhone to create/login on Genius Kitchen app. Not interested in watching videos to cook – I use my skills reading recipes. Which are on Which I cannot access. Because Genius. Good lord...
  • This is stupid! 1/5

    By !!Leanna9801
    I'm very upset you did away with! You made a wonderful simple app into something entirely different and uncalled for. I absolutely loved the other app I used it all the time and it was so great! This app is very unnecessary I do not want to watch videos to make a simple recipe that I can simply read instructions to make! I can't even find the old recipes I had saved that were amazingly delicious! I rate this app ZERO STARS!!!!
  • "Improved" to Complete Uselessness 1/5

    By winsomebulldog
    It's apps like this one that really make me wish we could at least rate something as ZERO stars. Great job, Scripps. You took a website & functionality that hundreds of thousands of users at least found useful & destroyed it completely in your quest to cater to modern nonexistent attention spans. Reading a recipe is apparently just asking too much of the iPhone generation. (At least in your idiotic opinion.) So, instead of creating a separate video app just for those incapable of cooking without video direction, you opted to screw over those of us who merely wanted to easily be able to find & save great recipes in one location. You didn't even pretend to care about established users, some of whom (like me) have been around since the early days of Recipezaar. All you had to do was make two apps for two VERY different target consumers. So congratulations. You finally drove me to undergo the painful process of copying my vast recipe collection & going elsewhere. Recipezaar was great. was relatively unchanged, though its app was a clunky mess. At least they did what we wanted, however. Your "Genius" website & app is closer to a dumpster fire of idiocy.

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