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Genius Kitchen is your one-stop shop for all things food. Get instant access to all-new shows and recipes, all for free. The best part? Genius Kitchen will deliver recipes from the shows you watch directly to your inbox. CHANGE THE WAY YOU COOK, FIND, AND WATCH WHAT YOU EAT - Browse and watch over 100 hours of content including exciting new original shows, as well as revamped beloved series, recipe videos and tutorials, all for free. - Hone your cooking chops by watching our how-to videos featuring world-renowned chefs. - Get the recipes from shows you watch sent to your iPhone or iPad AUTOMAGICALLY using iCloud sync. You’ll never have to go searching for the recipe again. Just sit back, watch and we’ll make sure the recipes are just a tap away. - Share videos with your friends and family via text, email, Facebook and Twitter. CHECK OUT OUR NEW SHOWS GK Now: The weekly show hosted by comedic YouTube personalities Akilah Hughes and Mike Lockyer along with various co-hosts, talks crazy food trends (what is turmeric, and why is it in your coffee?), pop culture, and other news that fascinates the young and hungry. Feast with Friends: Athletic Aussie and healthy chef Dan Churchill knows that food isn’t fun unless you’re sharing it with friends. With help from his eager taste testers (read: closest friends), Dan’s delicious outlook on food makes eating look like the coolest hobby. Carnivorous: Turns out that meat is having a moment! Join comedian Courtney Rada as she travels across the country looking for the most delicious meat dishes you’ve ever (never?) seen. But First, Breakfast: Because making time for breakfast is easier (and prettier) than ever with effortless recipes that are low on time and ingredients but high on taste and style. Pop Culture Baking Class: Full of those outrageous donuts and crazy-cute cakes currently breaking the Internet, complete with lessons for creating those super-shareable recipes at home. FAMILIAR FOOD FACES & CLASSICS Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Sophie Dahl, Duff Goldman, Iron Chef Japan! We’ve hand-picked classic seasons from these famous faces and added new episodes and seasons (some making their US debut). - Not enough time to finish a video? Just simply select the video again when you’re ready, and you’ll be able to continue watching from where you stopped. - Picture in Picture, Split View and Slide Over is available on compatible iPad models. - Play video content directly from your phone on your TV with AirPlay or Chromecast. Like what you see? We’d appreciate your reviews in the App Store. Want to talk? If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the app, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at


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  • You’ve made a dreadful mistake or? 1/5

    By Mommyredkat
    You’ve made a dreadful mistake or this a joke or a prank? Did some hackers take over This saddens me as I was quite happy with the old Unfortunately I was unsuccessful at transferring my recipes to the App as the instructions are bogus!! However, was able to login on to with my regular login and password and voila, there were my recipes. SAD FACE.
  • What is this? 1/5

    By Danglin34
    They say it is replacing but it literally does none of the things I used food for. It doesn’t do grocery lists, doesn’t do calendar planning, and I can’t find my recipes it’s just asking me if I will sync my Apple TV. I have been a long term user and now will be switching to something, thanks for the years but this app is worthless
  • 1/5

    By Chessie1979
    Hate the new site live the old change isn't always Better. If you are trying to relate to a new and younger crowd I would say you have done it. You already have a viewing audience though so why not both apps do you really need to make such a huge change. I give you no stars because it is awful. Couldn't transfer anything over to the new app because their is not a place to log into the new app and I am not completely IT illiterate so I would think I would have been able to find it. Home page is where it should be one of the first things you do. You should have choices to watch the video or not. This is a terrible design and I don't think you considered your current audience at all. Loved and I will miss it looking for a new site
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By southeasterngirl
    Where are the recipes? Absolutely useless app. Pretty video, but no actual directions.
  • Don’t fix if it’s not broken 1/5

    By Yeeeaaah!
    I’ll be looking for a new recipe app. I am not a fan of recipe videos.
  • Not helpful at all 1/5

    By Sad in MO
    You can only search for recipe videos not specific recipes. Removing this app.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Farmer Gigi
    Really not liking this. In no way does it replace
  • Love! 5/5

    By bettyrocker
    The new programming is great! My kids already talked me into making the galaxy mirror cake and it came out amazing - total show stopper. And we love Akilah!
  • They messed up 1/5

    By Me myself and a friend
    This app was a major step down from the app and it’s much harder to use
  • Love the shows 5/5

    By Busymom2628
    I’ve always loved recipezaar and recipes but I think I like these shows more because I can see firsthand how the recipes are made. Plus the shows are funny and we all need a little more humor in our lives.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By CulinaryQueen1
    This app “Does Not” allow transfer of my recipes from Food Net... really disappointing. Seriously, if you ARE a cook and cook regularly, enjoy finding new recipes and getting helpful hints from others about their experience making that recipe all that will not transfer! Plus, doubt if the grocery list would transfer. Besides there is NO login place on the new app... I’ve tried three times and could not find it. It’s real slick... but who cares about watching 14 mini cooking lessons to get to the recipe you want? Tried the search on the new GK app and a simple Mexican chicken enchilada recipe and it said nothing found and asked me to check spelling and ask for “general words” really, such a “techie thing to say”... cooking is not like purging the encyclopedia...basically I think you can only find the limited recipes from the few shows they offer... I do not even view most of those shows. Plus, I spent lots of time creating my recipe box and use it regularly. But can not get those recipes to transfer. What good is this GK App to me? None. Why mess with a good idea? Why can’t you keep your chaotic app designed for Millennial’s and leave the good easy to access and neat folders we can create on our own alone; the Food Net recipe boxes alone... that would be great!!! We want to keep the format for our recipe boxes. Thanks so much.
  • Eh 2/5

    By gotbeatsdnb
    Not digging it. Nothing was wrong with the old app Don’t know why they had to change it. I just want my recipes and none of the other stuff
  • Awful awful application.... 1/5

    By Sean T-K-V
    I don’t know where to begin or end; I can’t find things easily, I couldn’t sync my old recipes with the app. Impossible to navigate. It’s just garbage.
  • Terrible Failure of an App 1/5

    By StaceyCofiori
    If I could give this zero stars, I would. They clearly had no idea why people were using their prior app, or are trying to dupe us into other product lines and ways of monetizing. If you were a app user, they just completely changed directions on us. I don't want to watch videos of recipes, or engage with other tv products. I want to cook at home easily with a shopping list and search functions. Going elsewhere for what I need.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By suz2cruzy
    I miss Who cares about recipes videos? I just want my recipe box!
  • Negative stars 1/5

    By Opal20
    Scripps has destroyed a really useful app,, by replacing it with a useless app with none of the features of that make it so helpful. I relied on it for years to save recipes, generate grocery lists and manage my cooking overall. I may have lost all if he recipes I entered over those years too. Don't bother downloading. If you want to watch food TV there are many other options. But there were few good recipe box and grocery list generator apps out there, especially free ones. Ironically I would have paid for if given the option. I will never pay for the pointless Genius Kitchen.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Anitha Jo
    I love the look and feel of this app. It has all my favorite recipes and videos to match! Highly recommended for anyone looking an easy to navigate app with delicious content.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By nicoleeee79
    I loved my app. This new app is nothing like it. I 1000% agree with all other reviews. My best advice to everyone is to email yourself a copy of all of your recipes saved on so that you don't lose them. I just did that my plan is to print them all out and make a recipe binder.
  • Junk! 1/5

    By leh2j
    Why mess with a good thing? I want my app back. This new app is horrible and full of useless videos that I don’t need. The previous app was helpful and gave me the information I needed quickly. This new app is complete junk and will be deleted as soon as I finish this review. As for my recipes, I guess I will be losing all of them and starting over with something new. Thanks guys! Great job!! 👎🏽
  • What's the point of this app? 1/5

    By Bard-kun had a great app. Today that app tells me I need to download this one. Okay, I say, and upon doing so I'm assailed by video clips and a clunky interface. Looking for recipes to choose from at the store? Look elsewhere. I don't need to watch a Tony Bourdain video.
  • Genius Kitchen 5/5

    By Leknyc
    Great videos, easy to get recipes that I watched so I can make them later.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Jayna W
    This app is awful! Please bring back the app, which was useful! The only thing I can do on the new app is watch videos. That's not why I have the app! The old app allowed you to look up recipes easily and see what recipes you could make with the ingredients you have on hand! Much more useful!! Deleting this app. Do not waste your time.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Deedles54
    What were they thinking? If I wanted to watch food network I would put it on. I liked looking for recipes and selecting them by reviews. And I can't get any of my recipes etc. from to genius kitchen. Sad that they have taken a GREAT app and ruined it with this disaster.
  • Bad association 1/5

    By Stoonicorn
    As soon as I saw that you hired Akilah for the GK now series I was done. Akilah( channel Akilah Obvioulsy) is a racist anti white youtuber who had some recent controversy. Looks like she deleted some of her more racist stuff but none the less I can't support this person after previously seeing what she's about. Hiring SJW's is never a good idea trust me.
  • Enemy of good is not better 1/5

    By jhb51
    Horrible app!! Unable to login n navigate!! Bring back the food .com app!! Want to see my recipe box!!
  • I want back 1/5

    By Sunset54071
    I hate this new app! I want back! This one is awful! All I want to do is search recipes and get the directions!
  • Someone got paid to design this?! 1/5

    By FamilyMan52
    I am, like almost every other reviewer, confounded by this disastrous app/website. It's so horrible that I don't even know where to start. I wish I could give it a negative-stars review. I guess the big question is WHY the change? The app was delightfully easy to use. I'm lost without it.
  • Utter failure 1/5

    By Tinybee1
    I have tried twice to use this sorry app as it’s replacing Nothing is there. Will delete both and move on.
  • Very Bad App! 1/5

    By UP-Roy was a wonderful, useful, and well-designed app. Genius Kitchen is a useless app without any of the great features I loved in the app. This “upgrade” was a terrible idea! Bring back the app!!!
  • Hey. C’mon. Nice. 1/5

    By Genchenstein
    The idea of adding original content to the old site is a nice idea but there was a huge thriving community on that has been around for a LONG time. Killing off all the functionality of the old app is shooting yourself in the foot and destroying an entire community. I do not want to log onto your website to use my recipe box. I want to use it on the phone when I’m at the store like I used to. Being able to quickly pick a meal or two from my favorites box when I’m out of ideas has saved me so many times in the last 3 or 4 years when I’m exhausted and pressed for time on a busy night. Keep the old boxes and lists. Let us search for our recipes again. Keep the grocery list. And if you want to shift to more multimedia content, how about featuring some of the chefs on the site that have huge collections of recipes that we have all been cooking? Kittencal anyone? Please bring it back. The thousands of people that used the old site/app for years are about to bail on you in droves. Good luck after that.
  • What a pile of garbage 1/5

    By Bobbie_Girl
    Your app is terrible and your website so bad other apps can’t recognize the recipes as that, it’s TOTALLY garbage. Good luck to you, I’ll never download another app by this developer.
  • Not in love 1/5

    By early zaar user
    I'm with others- so far, not in love! Wanted to review in order to mention that I WAS able to access all of my old recipes from food dot com by logging into THE WEBSITE....thankful they aren't lost. The app needs accessibility as well, people! Also, please do return the search option for on hand ingredients. Until that happens, I don't hold out much hope for the not-so-genius-kitchen.

    By KrystalDanielle
    This should not have replaced Way too busy. All I want is a simple recipe site. This is not what I would call an upgrade. AWFUL.
  • Wish I could give this -10 stars. 1/5

    By rissatoo
    To take a fabulous, helpful, easy-to-use app like, and replace it with this video crap? If I want to watch cooking videos, I'll watch the Food Network or Cooking Channel - this app is USELESS for what I want. Like search by what ingredients I have on hand & be inspired. Or check different versions of the same recipe to help me make a version that fits my family's tastes. And reading recipe comments for hints! You've taken all that away! The ONLY positive? This was a free app, so I will not have any qualms with deleting it immediately. You seriously made a big mistake making this colossal failure of an app.
  • This Stinks 1/5

    By Angel tree 3094
    I'm so disappointed. I want the other app back. This one so hard and complicated to use still can't figure out how to search for recipes. Going they a tv app or something still can't find recipes or save any. Found my recipes after some time but it's slot work and keeps clicking off so you have to start all over to find your recipe again. Old app was perfect , why mess with a good thing. Type in a word brings up recipes you click to save wala done. They should be two separate apps the tv shows videos whatever under genius kitchen and us home bakers can use and add recipes to our lovely perfect app There really two entirely different things. I'm going have find another app that caters to home bakers.
  • Old app was much better... 1/5

    By Dee0216
    Go into the "old" app and it says to DL this one and use your same "credentials" to log in and your saved recipes will be there. This new app is terrible... So much useless content and can't find anywhere to creat an account. I have over 400 recipes saved, why change a good thing? Hopefully you're reading these reviews...
  • Absolutely horrible! 1/5

    By Ptliz
    This app is useless. Where are my recipes? Where is my grocery list? I cannot access anything I have saved. I hope the old app will continue to work. As of now, it does. If it doesn't, will have to find a new site to store my recipes. What a shame! Please bring back all of the features! I've been a member since used to be Taking away this functionality (recipes, menus, grocery lists) is very disappointing. I hope this is not the direction this company is going in and that this is only temporary!
  • Horrible replacement! 1/5

    By jrglove627
    I’m going to echo what everyone else is saying. I’ve used as a meal planner for YEARS! It’s easy and dependable without extra crap. Then you tell us you are taking away what is simple and forcing a streaming app down our throat and if we want our recipes then we have to use the .com route. WOW! That’s real evolution!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By al1836756473829394
    This has to be the worst app anybody ever made whoever thought of this app should be fired i’m also canceling my food magazine subscription as it will probably follow in the garbage also
  • Miss the ease of 1/5

    By Bgpops
    Like many others I liked the ease of This is not a similar app. Too bad.
  • Completely different from app 1/5

    By Nunya619
    This new app is such a disappointment!! I don't want to watch videos to save recipes from your shows. I want to be able to easily search for dinner inspiration or a quick fix. LOVED the old app, raved about it to several people. I wouldn't use this new app much less tell anyone else about it. Fix this Food Network. You can do better by your loyal app patrons!
  • Don't scrap!!! 1/5

    By user
    If I could give this app negative stars, I would. On top of all the useless junk, can't access my favorite recipes from PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!
  • Trash 1/5

    By RandyyRaptor
    I’d give this zero stars if I could. was fast and convenient for new and old recipes. I don’t care about videos, I just want recipes. Will be deleting and finding something new.
  • Not Genius At All. 1/5

    By djs630
    And more gratuitous flash than kitchen. Thankfully, this app was free. I’d be really upset if I had payed for it. I want the viewable recipes back that were found on your original I have neither the time nor patience to watch recipe videos. Don’t really have the need or inclination anyway. The main components to this “improved” version could have been of greater value to users if you had just added them to the recipes that were already in your expanding database. That would have been truly genius. I hope it’s not too late for you bring the old recipe and search components back. Couldn’t wait for this update. But you just gutted what was already working. So disappointed.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kstate99
    Bring back the old app. Can’t find my old recipes and can’t search new recipes. Don’t care for the videos just want to find recipes.
  • How to ruin a good thing, lesson #1 1/5

    By kitchenhawk
    It seems to take a genius to take a useful, straightforward app like and turn it into useless tripe. The new app doesn't even work well and drains your data and battery life. And they managed to eliminate all the useful parts of in exchange for cutesy videos and ads. Worth negative stars.
  • No. 1/5

    By Cheeky-Slag
    If you update it to be more like original app I will change my review. Until then I wont even use this, Ill find something else. And if that something else is good then who knows if I’ll ever be back. Doubtful im the only one. You messed up with this one guys.
  • This is a nightmare! 1/5

    By keviburg2
    The genius kitchen app is NOT genius at all. It is poorly designed. The developers MISSED the target demographic for us users. The app is absolutely awful! I regret loading recipes into because I have no option but to try and find my recipes in Genius Kitchen (which is nearly impossible). Genius kitchen is the worst app I have ever downloaded. I am deleting it immediately following this review. This is a complete nightmare. I am NOT happy.
  • Where’s my shopping list and menu? 1/5

    By Juleseybaby37
    Epic fail. If you’re going to take over or replace an app... you should at least provide all of the functionality of the original app. I will now delete both and move on to something else.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jks2
    Loved Hate this. It should get negative stars. I don't want a cooking video. Just the recipe. Please bring back old app.

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