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Geocaching® App

Join the world’s largest treasure hunting community with the official app for geocaching. Whether you are off to find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth, this app is your ultimate geocaching toolbox. There are millions of cleverly hidden containers called geocaches scattered throughout more than 185 countries, just waiting to be found—there are probably even some near you right now. Just getting started? This app walks you through the adventure of finding your first few geocaches. There are tips, hints and instructions for geocaching as well as using the app. • Live Search continuously updates nearby geocaches as you move • Find all easy Traditional geocaches and geocaching events • Message other players for tips, hints and more • Learn about the world of trackables: geocaching game pieces that travel from geocache to geocache • Search for and log trackables you find in the wild Unlock even more adventure with Geocaching Premium: • Find any geocache in the world, including Premium Member Only caches • Access a search tool to sort through them all • Enjoy new and improved tools for finding advanced geocache types • Navigate to geocaches with offline maps • Plan your next adventure with My Lists • Gain access to all Premium features on the Geocaching website If you purchase a Premium membership in this app, you will be automatically billed $5.99/month or $29.99/year through iTunes until you cancel your subscription. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Terms of Use : Privacy Policy : Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Still under development but very nice so far! 5/5

    By Prying Pandora
    Not quite the full meal deal yet but new functionality is continuously being added so I'm looking forward to doing more with it as it develops. Very nice so far!
  • Things need to improve. 4/5

    - Dislike "clustering". Too difficult to view map. - Dislike the "you're xx feet away" screen blocking notification. - Dislike the blue color for puzzle caches. Too difficult to tell the difference between the green ones. Fix these things and I'll be totally in love w/this app. - Like the GPS mapping capability. - Easier to manage trackables on the go. - Like messaging capabilities. - Downloading lists to off line use is easier. - Like being able to give favorite points.
  • Great for a Free App! 5/5

    By Lucho_m
    I have always been happy with the free app. I do have another paid app that I use on occasion when I need to timestamp a log. When I got my new iPhone I realized that there were multiple new features added to the app. Paired with my premium membership, this app makes Geocaching my favorite hobby. What you pay for premium membership is totally worth it!
  • is a great "hobby", just use a different app 2/5

    By Moderation4Me
    I love gecaching for the past ten years. However when caching with an iPhone there are better alternatives than the official Groundspeak app. It's OK but you can spend your money on better alternatives such as Cachly.
  • My phone is my computer 2/5

    By BunsToBurn
    This past weekend my app would not open at all, from Friday (b/4 HQ's closing time) until I was able to take it to Verizon on Monday. I sent them notice n I still haven't heard back as to what happened. App is very good to find n log caches on. Being able to add favs there is great. Website is not very easy to use on my phone (which is my computer) yet so much relies on its use. The app n website do not connect. I have to close the app then open google, type in n click to get to to website. What a disaster this weekend when app wouldn't come up! Since I paid $10 for app last January and another $30 in June it would be nice to be able to find events, see brand new caches n find a list of my finds a lot easier. I can't get to the website from the app and vice versa. I still haven't found the way to contact other members except if they email me except for COs. No competition seems to have created a monopoly on this game. Only game I play..... also I have done my share of purchasing from their store as well n well.... I'm not very happy. Bought my boyfriend a membership. Was thinking about buying my sister one as well but if every time the do upgrades it crashes the apps n for 3 memberships that's $90/year. A bit much for something that works so poorly.
  • More money? Seriously? 3/5

    By Morbidpete
    I paid for the original app, now I have to pay monthly or yearly? I get it, it cost money to run the servers, and the price isn't terrible. Previous purchasers should get a few month's free or something. Can't even sort caches by free vs premium without paying. Ironic. I was in the middle of planning a large group event, going to be hard to get everyone to buy the in app premium. New plan 😡
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By Mb1393
    I too paid $10 for this app originally only to find the updated version now requires an additional monthly fee. Too bad I was about to direct other friend to this app. No more. This effectively ruins geocaching for me and my family. I will be removing caches that I placed going back 10 years now.
  • Why do you have to pay?!? 1/5

    By Jfjdbbekels
    I was super excited to play and I was just about to head out the door and noticed that you needed to PAY!!! $30 a year!! Please please make Geocaching free!!!
  • Cannot see attributes 3/5

    By henne165
    This app has worked well for me since I first downloaded it last summer. There are times when I miss the old app, but for the most part it does what it needs to. There have been some good improvements over the last several months as well which I'm very happy about too. However, as somebody who uses the attributes quite a bit when searching for caches, not being able to see them from the app is a big bummer. And while the PQ feature is nice, it just doesn't quite do the trick. Being able to quickly see if a cache is specifically winter friendly (or specifically not) for example can save a lot of headache in snowy seasons. All in all though it gets the job done.
  • Geocaching fun for everyone 3/5

    By Kei379
    I really like this app when it works, since the update it will not even open. Please fix it asap, if I'm paying for it I'd like to use it.
  • Lame with update... 1/5

    By Evil's My Friend
    Half of the stops are blocked by a pay wall... So people go out and hide geocaches for other peyote to find... Then when they load up the coordinates these people decide to charge for it... That's basically charging someone for free stuff... Don't they make enough of ads or something do they don't have to rob people... 👎👎👎👎👎...
  • I'm loving it 5/5

    By Trainboss89
    I just got into geocaching recently and this app makes it extremely convenient to log and find caches. I bought a $200 gps that I rarely use because this app works so well.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Crowned Fox
    Buy the premium, best family fun and it's something we do everywhere we go!
  • Expensive subscription for any features. 1/5

    By Enjoibj
    This used to be a free app. Now it's just garbage. You can't do anything without paying 30$ a year. Totally lame
  • As others have stated... 1/5

    By rev_beej
    I previously paid for their full app. Then they decided that wasn't good enough and decided we needed to pay again. And keep on paying. I stopped recommending geocaching to my friends for that reason. Geocaching isn't fun when the company behind it decided to make it about money. What next? Will they decide to charge on a cache for cache bases? Why not? May as well. They already ruined a good hobby. If u r just starting out with geocaching I would avoid this app.
  • Another disappointed customer 1/5

    By Oilybohunk
    Switch to Cachly and been very happy. Like so many others here, I purchased Groundspeak's initial app for $10, only to find that they needed a income stream. Subsequently, they decided to turn their back on these customers & make tham pay again. I enjoy periodic geocaching while travelling, but have no intention to pay them every month.
  • Why???? 1/5

    By codtteddy
    Why did you do the update!!!! It sounded good, but now the app will not open!
  • Thanks Greedycaching 1/5

    By dinosoup
    I paid for the expensive first app because I love geocaching a ton! Now we have this new app that hides caches behind a paywall even though I already paid. Thats shady, I'll pay for another app elsewhere so I don't have to support your development.
  • Okay but limited 2/5

    By WaywardHiker
    I have been a premium member for years now and find the app limiting. On more than one occasion it has not kept me logged in. Not a big deal, just a frustration for me, as I tend to have complex passwords. The past week I went out to perform some maintenance on one of my caches and found that I could not log an owner maintenance visit. Seems that you have to use the web site for that action.\\ One part that I find very frustrating with the app is it acting like I do not know anything about geocaching and displaying "got it" messages. Perhaps this happens when the app is upgraded and it must have a indication of if it has displayed a "useful tip" to the user. How about an option to not display theses tips. I think that would be a better approach. Another frustraton is the silly screen that appears when you near a cache that you are navigating to. Just a beep or a vibrate would be enough for me. I do not need to dismiss a message. I also do not like the fact that my caches that are higher difficulty/terrain are now behind a pay wall if the user is using the app and not a standard hand held gps unit. At least with the web site and a loc file, users can find these caches if they wish. Seems like a money grab to me.
  • Would rather have C:Geo on my iPad 4/5

    By Jayhearts
    This is a pretty good app with a number of shortcomings. Photo and encryption not doable. Also dislike it popping on when I'm searching on the site. That said, it's pretty powerful and well worth the price.
  • Just another fantastic concept ruined by greed 1/5

    By heretosatisfy
    I used to geocache all the time, and I enjoyed it immensely. I just re-downloaded this app (I initially paid $10 for) only to discover that I would have to pay $6 a month for most of the app's features?! Nope, not happening. The original system was great and I was happy to pay $10 for the app, but now the greed is showing through, and Groundspeak has lost another loyal user.
  • You are getting closer... 3/5

    By Random the tiger
    You guys need to add 'attributes'! There are caches out there where it's absolutely necessary to see the attributes. If you do that, I'll bump this up to five stars.
  • Yay! 5/5

    By Lord_Beelzebub
    Being able to find Geocaches offline!!! Love this update, had some rural caches I couldn't find because I wasn't able to get cell signal, now I can find them regardless. Now all I have to do is become a premium member. Good job developers, nice feature!
  • Money grab pure and simple!!! 1/5

    By ItsMyNickname
    Updating your app will only make people resubmit their 1 star ratings... Most caches are behind a paywall now. I already bought the "classic" app. Why did you get rid of it? Do the right thing and reinstate it! In the meantime I've changed all my hidden caches to be 1.5 or less so everyone can see them. Everyone else should do the same thing!
  • Overpriced, outdated 1/5

    By Captain Crabcake
    The fact that a one year subscription for the service is $30 is absolutely absurd. Many of the caches are unavailable without the overpriced subscription, making it nearly impossible to actually play the game.
  • Fun is gone 1/5

    By Dactylonian
    Used to be fun. Now we don't do it anymore. Gladly paid the $10. No way I'm stepping up to $30 just to wander around outside. I find it preposterous that they claim to own the geospatial location of stuff and want us to pay to find it. Surely there is a free database out there somewhere.
  • Lmccormick297 5/5

    By Leonard McCormick
    Great app love it
  • We love caching! 5/5

    By Bailey & Angie
    Our family really enjoys caching. I do not mind paying a small fee for membership / premium caches to get a great hobby that is otherwise free (but for gas money). Some of the functions from the old app are still missing, but I recently read that there is a plan to integrate those features over the next year.
  • Customer service is terrible! 1/5

    By Luckotheirish1972
    Look out- if you purchase the 1 year subscription premier thru the app, it won't work. It didn't work for me so well had to purchase it off their website. When I asked for a refund on my app purchase, they told me they couldn't do it even though it didn't work! What a rip off! I've been a geocacher for 15 years and this is how they do me. DO NOT PURCHASE THE UPGRADE!!!
  • Great app if your a premium member... 4/5

    By Nemesis1386
    Great app if your a premium member...
  • Paid for Premium. Did not receive. 1/5

    By Sad Geocacher
    I managed to get a refund (or I will eventually) from Apple because even after the money was taken from my iTunes account, Geocaching didn't honor the purchase of a premium membership. I deleted the app, re-downloaded, and even tried logging into the actual website. But it still said I was a basic member. It's a shame.
  • Worth it if you want everyday adventures and treasure hunts 5/5

    By Tugboat Comander
    I have submerged in geocaching about a year a go and do not regret it one bit. Other than the fee for the premium membership, which I don't know what it goes too, but it's fun and a good way to seek out places and test your problem solving skills
  • Geocaching rocks, the app does not. 1/5

    By joejoees
    I'm new to geocaching and I love it! But the limits on this app is too much. I know you want to make some money to support this, but why does it have to be what prevents me from being able to geocache? Mostly, I will just do less...
  • New Version is Garbage 1/5

    By Applover205
    I've been a Geocacher since 2010. This is important to understand my frustrations. I've been an on-again, off-again Premium member. Recently, I haven't been doing much geocaching, so I let my Premium membership lapse instead of paying $30 to renew. I purchased this app (FOR $10, which is ridiculous) while I was a premium member a while ago. Recently, I was out of town and wanted to grab a cache that I normally couldn't grab. So I opened this app, and discovered that you can no longer find 95% of the caches if you are a basic member. As a geocacher for more than 7 years, and someone who paid $10 for this crappy app, I feel that I should be able to find whatever cache I please with this app. Groundspeak, you guys are ruining the game. I used to love geocaching and encouraged many people to try it out. Now that it's become so monetized, you're turning me away, and I've certainly stopped recommending it to other people. Honestly, I would like a refund for this app. It used to work in the past (which is why I bought it). It's now trash. You guys changed how it works, and that's honestly poor handling of customers. I hope you change your stances on Geocaching and monetizing the game. I love geocaching, but I can't keep coughing up money to a business that does really nothing more than maintain a website for its millions of users to use.
  • Really disappointing 2/5

    By Kyliechick
    I bought this app years ago and it's always been a great thing to do on a budget. I LOVED this app. I don't know what happened since then. I'm not sure if they got bought by a bigger corporation or something but it's absolute trash now. I was a premium member when I bought the app for $10 years ago. Now I can't see anything above a 1.5? That's what I paid $10 for? This app has turned into a total scam. They have stoped caring about the users. I'm very disappointed in what this app has become.
  • Ripped off 1/5

    By RjMHK
    I love geocaching. But, this app situation is ridiculous. I I had known the original paid app was a waste of money, I never would've bought it. Now I'm out that money, and forced to renew premium membership again if I want to enjoy caching. I feel cheated so bad by something that has become a true passion.
  • Frustrated about money grab 1/5

    By Ch mg
    I agree with the sentiment that we paid $10 for the app and now have to pay an additional $6/ month to find caches. This is a fun hobby and community that gets people outside on a limited budget. $6/month is not consistent with this
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Hoinholly
    It used to be so much better. Now it's overpriced and full of glitches. When you design an app lost solely dependent on the publics input and participation, the cost should be more moderate.
  • New app took some getting used to. 5/5

    By Nicknamefaceseven
    But it's all good. I saw a woodpecker and tons of mallards, today. Better that TV!
  • iPhone app 4/5

    By Pwright2k
    The iPhone version of this app works pretty good. It's not perfect but gets the job done. Disclaimer: I'm new to geocaching and this is the only app I've used so...
  • Cache this in 4/5

    By Gwapong
    Fun for the family or by yourself.

    By Pdv999
    Geocaching used to be fun. Now we know it is just about money, money, money. Groundspeak, you're destroying the fun for people! Greed is the mother of all evil. It is just terrible! All for the $$$$$ - shame on you!
  • Review 5/5

    By Sageboy01
  • Just a way to make money. 1/5

    By Echotech12
    The old app was great. The new app is useless unless you want to pay to play. That is not what this hobby was about.
  • GEOCaching ROCKS. 5/5

    By Bryan Melborn
    I love this. My wife, my grandchildren and myself have a great time getting out and searching for caches together. Everyone should do this. 😀
  • This is fun 5/5

    By Snoop Dog 18
    This is A very good app for kids all ages and dads
  • Apple watch won't load. 2/5

    By medicboyd
    I like the app but can not load it onto my Apple watch (series 2). Not happy about it.
  • Great! 5/5

    By soccer924
    Awesome app. I like the interfaces for finding the caches!
  • Good to get you entertained 5/5

    By Goodboylol
    This is so fun at least I get entertained but I only find paper not like boxes 😭😭😭😪
  • Road trip adventure 5/5

    By Ms Rabit
    We've been collecting caches on our honeymoon road trip and it has been a blast!

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