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Geocaching® App

Join the world’s largest treasure hunting community with the official app for geocaching. Whether you are off to find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth, this app is your ultimate geocaching toolbox. There are millions of cleverly hidden containers called geocaches scattered throughout more than 185 countries, just waiting to be found—there are probably even some near you right now. Just getting started? This app walks you through the adventure of finding your first few geocaches. There are tips, hints and instructions for geocaching as well as using the app. • Live Search continuously updates nearby geocaches as you move • Find all easy Traditional geocaches and geocaching events • Message other players for tips, hints and more • Learn about the world of trackables: geocaching game pieces that travel from geocache to geocache • Search for and log trackables you find in the wild Unlock even more adventure with Geocaching Premium: • Find any geocache in the world, including Premium Member Only caches • Access a search tool to sort through them all • Enjoy new and improved tools for finding advanced geocache types • Navigate to geocaches with offline maps • Plan your next adventure with My Lists • Gain access to all Premium features on the Geocaching website If you purchase a Premium membership in this app, you will be automatically billed $5.99/month or $29.99/year through iTunes until you cancel your subscription. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Terms of Use : Privacy Policy :

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  • Too Bad, So Sad 1/5

    By Scott Lange
    I bought an app for $10. Now they're taking away my app and sure not refunding my money.
  • Never is not always better. 2/5

    By Txshelle
    I prefer the old version. It was much easier to use than new one. I do like the message feature on the new one but that's it.
  • !!!ZERO STARS!!! 1/5

    By Brutascacher
    Make it free for those of us who PAID for the app! These new features do not justify screwing us long time supporters. This software is a load of cr*p compared to the old one.
  • Despicable You!! 1/5

    By Catdog2020
    Thx for taking a great hobby and making your fans pay through the nose for the "free" activity. Must everything be for maximum profit?? Guess we will go back to playing catch in the yard... we can hunt for the ball when it gets lost in the neighbors bushes!!
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By abzufall
    Wow, I used the classic app for years. I downloaded almost as soon as it came out and paid 10 dollars for it. Now they are discontinuing that app, later in March, and forcing me to get the new one. Not a big deal until I realized I have to pay 6 dollars a month or 30 a year to have access to anything besides the basic 1 star caches. Really? I've enjoyed this outdoor game for over a decade and now you are going to force people to pay a monthly fee to play? What a shame. I understand how there used to be some elite caches that only premium members could find (I was one of those members for over a year), but this is just ridiculous.
  • Ff 5/5

    By Gwndhcjcijwnbc
  • Disappointed in the monthly charge 1/5

    By Kubkoness
    Dissapointed to pay monthly fee for a sport that is maintained by users and not the company. Used to be a fun thing to do in past time, but now having to pay a monthly fee like it's Netflix is discouraging.
  • A zero star would be more appropriate 1/5

    By Hou1997
    I have been caching for over a dozen years. First with paper and a GPSr, then a Garmin Colorado, then the original app. I hope I am not forced to convert to this new app as it has way fewer features and is difficult to use. What a poorly thought out downgrade of an app. At the next event I go to, I will research the other apps out there so I can switch away from using Groundspeak apps. This is par for the course though, GS has a history of screwing up their new products. First it was Waymarking, then Whereigo, now this mess. I think I left one out. Update, GS refuses to listen to criticism and requiring us to downgrade to this poorly designed app without improving the replacement to the level of the Classic app. The one & a half star rating of this app says it all.
  • Shame! I already paid you. Greed 1/5

    By ashickley
    I already paid for this app, now you retire my version and are making it a monthly subscription. Shame on you. Can I get a refund of my original purchase. Find a different app, this one used to be awesome, now it's just greed. Bad form.
  • Thanks for killing Geocaching 1/5

    By Bluredblue
    I paid $10 for the classic app a few years back. I imagine that forcing everyone to become a premium member will be a serious drag on the community, reducing the available number of caches and hence killing interest further. This is not a good move at all.
  • Bad Greedy Jerks 1/5

    By SaraColorado
    Thanks for nothing Groundspeak! You already have my money, but now you are refusing to support what I paid for. You should at least offer us a free membership for this new app. You're greedy, and I won't play along. Two thumbs down for you.
  • Big Mistake!! 1/5

    By Dalek1253
    I paid 10$ for the old app that I can now no longer use. This is horrible! Now I can only get the basic caches.
  • Rip Off! 1/5

    By Shanxify
    I BOUGHT this app to get premium service. Now it's a subscription service and I'm just screwed out of $10. I feel cheated! -5 stars
  • Groundspeak has ruined Geocaching 1/5

    By Rick_Cooper
    Yep this is probably my most negative review ever. I, like so many others, paid $10 for the original app and have been a casual cacher for many years. I dabbled in premium for awhile but it did not add any joy so I remained content with basic membership. I was away from caching for only a month or two and I come back and find Groundspeak has made a horrible mess of the hobby with this new app and the new membership options. New people coming into this hobby will be bored by the limited caches as a basic member and I think for $6/month or $30/year many will stay away. As an old timer in caching my caching days are over. I get there is a need to pay for servers and equipment so create lower tier options but with some useful capabilities. This all or nothing (might as well be nothing) is terrible.
  • Theft 1/5

    By TheFeynman
    Purchased this app (one of few) because it worked ok and I was interested in being able to cache when the chance occurred. Trying to get back in to GCing after some time off and I see what a horrible product the pointless app has become. Not only am I out if GC but I want my $10 back!
  • Are you trying to kill geocaching? 1/5

    By valrog
    Not at all happy that my perfectly useful paid app will no longer work. Are you trying to kill geocaching? If you want to monetize in a different way, that's up to you. But at least grandfather those of us who paid for a different model. Or refund our money.
  • Why? 1/5

    By Marquaveous
    This is such a poor app. The old app I paid $10 years ago was much better functioning. It saddens me that in order to do the same things I've been doing for years will cost me to upgrade this bad app. Guess I'll retire my caches and cease doing this fun family activity. Thanks for nothing.
  • ZERO STARS 1/5

    By Welsh whined
    not paying for a membership. ruining geocaching. so disappointed
  • Are you kidding me?!?! 1/5

    By Billy185
    I bought the original app for $9.99 and loved it. The app wasn't perfect but it got the job done when you were geocaching on-the-go. I am not a premium member because I don't have a need for it. I am a casual geocacher. This app forces you to buy premium if you want access to geocaches that have a difficulty rating above 1.5 stars. Really?!? The website doesn't have this restriction. I also can't access multi-caches or mystery ones. I will not buy premium, and might just ditch geocaching all together which is a disappointment. This app is now useless to me useless you change this restriction. Shame on you groundspeak, for forcing us to buy a $10 app before and now we can't have a full featured app useless we pay yearly.
  • So long, Groundspeak 1/5

    By CleOhio2012
    Used the 9.99 paid app for a few years, now forced downgrade means annual fee of $29.99. Also paid the annual premium membership for several years. Now, more money, less functionality. Nope. Greedy - will not get any more money from me.
  • Well 5/5

    By Parkie, J A
    I didn't like it at first, mainly because i purchased the premium app that was once available. But it's actually a lot better with a lot more features!
  • just wow 1/5

    By saddened costumer
    do not buy this app, its made by greedy people-- i used to enjoy geocaching. i dont any more, and never recommend. the geocaching classic was also a much nicer format.
  • Needs more!! 2/5

    By Wilddrumm
    Since they're retiring their classic Geoching app, they need to incorporate the best features of that app into this one!! You need to be able to search for caches BY NAME, not just the GC code!!!! It's much easier to find a cache you have in mind that way when you're on the go. Either that or DON'T retire the classic app!! This coming from a premium member of more than 4 years. Come on Groundspeak!! Just include all the features from the classic app!! Don't take away features!! We need to be able to maintenance our caches with this app also!! Also, refund me my money if you're going to take away something I PAID for!!?
  • Fail 1/5

    By MKearl
    Bought the 10 app. Lame that they are forcing everyone into a subscription.
  • Too $$ for occasional user 4/5

    By Geogranny
    I love geocaching but $6 a month is high for something I just bring up a few times a year when traveling. Wish there was another option. I agree with the person who said greed got to the company. So sad. This is good fun for kids and families. Why not price it so ALL could afford it?
  • Bring Back PreviousVersion. 1/5

    By Jascraig
    Went out for the first time with the new app. This is not merely a downgrade from the original app, this is an abysmal attempt to change things. I am sorry I just renewed my Geocaching subscription with this awful new version. Bring back the last version NOW!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Symbolicost
    Geocachers volunteer their time and resources to provide a great experience. For years groundspeak just charged for the app then the rest was free with the exception of prime caches which were really difficult often goons armored caches. Now anything over a 1.5 difficulty is a prime cache. They are exploiting geocaching community with this new app when juxtaposed to geocaching classic app.
  • Greedy! 1/5

    By dclay3521
    I paid $10 for the original app. Been using it for years. Now, I have to pay a monthly fee?!?! This is ridiculous. I will be looking for other options.
  • Bad. 1/5

    By BrewmanPete
    This is not a very user friendly app in my opinion. The original Geocaching app was great and very easy to use. Why replace something great with something so poor.
  • Junk 1/5

    By CodeBreaker20
    Why am I being forced to use a crappy version of an app that I paid 10 bucks for? You can do so much more with the old app. The new one is just lame. If you're going to shut off the old app then you should start issuing refunds.
  • Totally disappointed 1/5

    By RCBucket
    I paid a fine fee for the old app that they are decommissioning and now a bunch of the features of that one have gone behind the pay wall. Caches with 1.5 or higher ratings now must be paid for to be sought. So disappointed with groundspeak for this and simply stealing our money with the first app. This will take me from an active participant to a non-participant. There are plenty of things I can do with my time, geocaching doesn't have to be one of them. Their greed has ruined the game.
  • Way to take the fun out of Geocaching... 1/5

    By WDFF5
    Years ago, I paid $10 for the full Geocaching app. $10 was a lot when I was a broke college student, but Geocaching was something I enjoyed and figured the investment would pay off. Now, when I want to go Geocaching, I'll have to spend $5.99 just to go hunting, seeing as I only get a real opportunity to go hunting once every few months. So good job. You took something that was an occasional pleasure for me, and made it into a subscription service. I could understand $.99-$1.99 a month. You have to pay for the GPS and website and all of that. I get it. But seriously, $5.99 for something I'll spend maybe a couple hours a month doing? Forget it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Neruji
    Started geocaching with this app. Love checking out the comments before going on a hunt. It's helpful to see if others found it.
  • This Version Needs Subscription 1/5

    I love to do a random geocache with my family when out and about and to my surprise the original app had a pop up saying it was going to be non functional in march. So I decided to get the updated new app only to find that I need to pay monthly to use it. I paid $10 for the original app that lasted me years. I understand the need for more money to pay a developer to refresh and update an app. I would gladly pay another $10 for a new and improved version but the subscription price is just too high for the amount of geocaching we do. Good Bye Geocaching, It Was Nice While It Lasted.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By MisterObvious
    Classic app was great, no need to change, but now Groundspeak is forcing us to pay more for an inferior app? Forget it. I will use off-brand geocaching apps or quit instead.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Y2K'
    This is the first day with the new app. 1. Lists can't be retrieved without wifi service. 2. Won't let you select specific T/D. 3. Doesn't allow the arrow to move with the compass. 4. The app is worthless and unacceptable, unfortunately I am a very active geocacher and this app has made it difficult to go out and find caches and is ruining the fun. Very disappointed
  • Greedy forced downgrade! 1/5

    By PghSteelerz
    Boo, forcing a paid annual subscription to keep functionality that I already paid for. No thank you!
  • Greed has gotten the best of them 1/5

    By Clintster6
    I paid big money for this app and have enjoyed it for a long time. Now it's unusable because not only do you need to spend 10.00 for the app, now you have to become a member of This is total BS! I have been a member of since 2005 and I've never seen anything like this. I am NOT happy about this at all!
  • Unlimited free outdoor fun! 5/5

    By Alcloud9
    We love the geocache app. It's a lot easier than an actual GPS for grabbing a few impromptu caches, but the accuracy of course isn't as great with a cell phone. A wonderful go to when looking for something fun to do outdoors. Great way to discover new places.
  • Greed wins again 1/5

    By AlexShadz
    I'm not an avid every day geocacher, but I did buy the original app for $10 to go twice a month or so, if even that. I love geocaching and it's something that I enjoy, but to justify paying $6 per month is not something I can do. The apps feature or around the same if you pay for the upgrade be the only thing that's available for the original version are single caches below 1.5 star difficulty. It's safe to say that greed won again and that if you want to casually enjoy geocaching you no longer can. It's sad and frustrating, and honesty pretty pathetic. I hope that no one buys the app and leaves them with no choice but to bring back the original app, or at least downgrade the price. $30 dollars per year to use something that I can only use for 7 months out of the year to begin with (I live in Iowa), no thank you...
  • Scammers! Paid them $10, and they want more! 1/5

    By Jamiedds
    Scammers. Do not download or buy! Geocaching was just murdered!
  • Unbelievable! 1/5

    By Shady_Shiff
    I never write reviews. After downloading the new app I started to compare the old and the new app. I am currently not a premium member and there are so many caches that are free too look up on the old app. The new app however if the rating is over 1.5 you have to upgrade to premium. Which is kind of frustrating since I paid $10.00 for the old app. I hope the company is reading these ratings and correct this issue. I really love to geocache when I get a chance.
  • Upgrade 1/5

    By Degnan Liam McCormick
    Many of the caches that were available for free with the old app are now not available. I have tried to purchase the upgrade. But I do not have touch base to pay for it is there another way to purchase it? Harry
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By Teiganelyse
    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING!!!! I paid 10$ for the original app and it's being phased out and NOW I HAVE TO PAY TO ACCESS CACHES?!?!? Not okay!!! I can't access caches I've already found and am unable to see ANY mystery caches! I am beyond disappointed and disgusted with groundspeak. GEOCACHING IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN INEXPENSIVE WAY YO ENJOY NATURE. I will not pay. I WILL NOT.
  • Pointless without premium 1/5

    By Big Gulp Mark
    Used Geocaching classic for years now they are shutting it down in March. So now this is the official alternative. Greed as closed old app and taken hold of new app. Lame...
  • Very disappointed in Groundspeak 1/5

    By sci-5
    I purchased the original app quite a few years ago for 9.99, I've never spent that much on an app since, however I felt it was a very good value and used it quite often over the last few years. For a couple years I did pay Groundspeak $30 a year for the privilege of being a Premium Member, some of the extra features were nice and I enjoyed it. The last couple years I let my premium membership lapse, but I didn't miss out on much because the classic app still allowed you to find any cache as long as it had not been set by the hider the "Premium Member Only" status. Now with this forced downgrade to the new app, you can't find anything but the lowest rated/most basic caches. It is very apparent that Groundspeak is trying to generate revenue by forcing people to pay for the membership, but at the same time they are not adding any value. Until Groundspeak changes something I guess I won't be caching anymore :(
  • Greedy Scam 1/5

    By Dem25465333788766
    When the old $10 app stops functioning I hope a class action lawsuit buries you.
  • Money grab... and a more complicated one at that 1/5

    By AlphaO
    This app is, simply put, an effort to force you to upgrade to a Premium membership. Way to take a participant-led pastime and turn it into a blatant money grab. To add insult to injury, dealing with Trackables is now a huge pain. "Sad!"
  • Scam 1/5

    By Meraleen
    I paid for the geocaching app, now somehow called "classic." This new app is an unabashed money grab from a company I already gave my money to (and whose product is driven by enthusiasts placing and updating geocaches). Unfortunately, I feel like this means the end of an 8 year geocaching hobby for my family. Anybody have any alternatives?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By astronomer95
    I too will join in the group of those in disagreement of the switch to this new subscription requirement for basic functions that geocachers had before with the one time payment of $10. This was a fun thing I really enjoyed doing once in a while, but it's not worth a subscription that I and many others can't afford.

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