Ghost Detector Radar with Camera

Ghost Detector Radar with Camera

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Ghost Detector Radar with Camera App

Find ghosts and communicate with spirits, using this groundbreaking free app. The only app that lets you chat with spirits for free! No in-app purchase required. = Instructions = 1) Start the app 2) Walk around and find a ghost 3) Type your question and wait for the spirit to answer! Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the app communicates with real spirits.


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  • The tree. 5/5

    By Heidi Your Boi
    My friends and I had decided to go to the creek by the school park in our neighborhood. We sat on a tree and found a ghost. It seemed nice and so we asked it some questions like, “Why are you here?” And the ghost would respond with things like “Escape.” We asked if it needed help and it said yes, soon enough we asked how we could help and he said revenge. We all asked who and he said, “Daddy.” We asked who’s dad and it said, “Get out.” We again, asked why he wanted us to leave and we got, “Get out.” We jumped down off the tree and walked away, but it was following us. Then my phone died at 60%. We ran home and it was gone.
  • Sofa Ghost 5/5

    By oerifhvcboijoedivj
    Me and my best friends were doing this app. Thinking it was fake( like usual). So we downloaded the app. We found this errant soul ghost and he said “LEAVE ME ALONE OR RUN” so we were thinking we were not chickens and stayed there. ( cuz we stupid). And now the sofa is hunted ( there is a coushin that is cold when u sit on it) PS. get this game if your bogus
  • Scary story 5/5

    By Meghan. Lover fan
    I was at hobby lobby and I was talking to a ghost me and my cousin and we was talking to a vengeful spirit she said she didn’t want to hurt us then I asked for proof she was here then she said no then a couple minutes later she asked if I wanted it I said if I say yes will you hurt us she said yes then help me I felt a hand on my back I think she wanted to possess us
  • I am a psychic Medium 3/5

    By ascurry
    I am a psychic Medium and channeling expert and this app is completely fake but really fun to play around with. Every fake ghost has the same response and plus I have natural telepathy and so I can tell when places have spirits because they chat with me and so I tested this long side my natural connection and this app gets a F
  • It’s 1:17am 5/5

    By awsomedude300
    A ghost wast right nest to me and it said u will die repetivly And my mom came in. And I got in trouble for having my iPad in bed then I told the gohst to push me off the bed and I fell at school not in bed I think it followed me now the doctor thinks I tor E my ACL
  • IT was hiding: Saved by a Errant Soul 5/5

    By MicaelaDixon31
    This is my first time using the app after watching my younger brother play it. The first two times I was greeted by a demon named Sara who liked to sit next to me on my pillow. She was okay (kind of a jerk lol). The third time I opened the app I was laying in bed, the room dark and my sister in her bed on her phone. I met an errant soul name Norma. Norma seemed a bit off at first; telling me not to be scared when I had nothing to be afraid of. It was until Norma told me to "leave while you can" that I questioned why and she uttered "IT". I paused for a moment and asked what was IT and she said "clown". I kind of brushed it off and we kept talking. I asked her a question about myself and she replied "Get Out". I was confused so I asked who was she talking to and she said demon. I asked what demon and she replied "Clown". Needless to say, she kept telling me I couldn't leave and she kept bringing up "IT" and "Clown", telling it to leave, that she would be alone for a little bit and then he'd be back. This app is really entertaining and I have to say, if Norma is real then thank you Norma for protecting me from some killer clown. ❤️
  • Ghdfhvvfgjn 5/5

    By hfufifgsyufhfgdjvjdt
    Yeah you guys can get a good one and pick it out thanks again I’ll get you some good things and pick it out thanks again thanks so sorry I cannot I was in my bed and you can get my to get my mom to get my money and pick it out thanks again for the good morning I love it and thanks for your support thanks again thanks so much again thanks again thanks so much again thanks again thanks so much again thanks for the help and I have to pick you guys pick you some money thanks again thanks for the money and thanks again thanks so sorry to miss your mom I just had to get a hold up for a good time thanks so sorry to bother him I don’t want you guys out
  • Demons 4/5

    By Dhdydbdydhdux
    Lately I have had wired experiences in my house like stuff randomly falling and see stuff and I look it’s gone but I tried this and found nothing and I restarted and there are demon and specters in my house
  • Emily’s Bridge 5/5

    By ghost123💀👻☠️
    I was asking her questions and she said that she was from the story Emily’s bridge. I asked her if she knew that I read her book and she said “yes...van ness”😦omg I was flipping out! SHE KNEW MY NAME!!!!!😵
  • Virus virus virus 1/5

    By Ox the Great
    My iPhone kept restarting it is a virus delete.!!!
  • HOLY COW!!🤯 5/5

    By TheGhostHunter2376
    I opened it up and then it found a ghost. It was a vengeful spirit. I said “I hate stuff too. But not you.” and then it said “Let’s have fun”!!! Then I met a specter named Emily. I asked if she was going to hurt me and she said “Not sure”! I am using the app right now!!!🤯👻
  • Spooky and Fun all in one. 5/5

    By vincemares
    A fun game with the family!
  • ali shirkouk 1/5

    By alishirkoul
  • GHOST FOLLOW’S US!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By AJ Caso-Sobon
    One day I was sitting in my room with my sister and then I turned on the app and there was a ghost right in front of us and I asked “are you a good ghost or a bad ghost?.” It replied I am a good ghost. But you should run so me and my sister got up and ran. As we where running there was a different ghost that was following us. So we ran faster and went to the garage and hid in the car. I turn the App back on and the ghost was right out the window. And I asked her are you going to attack us and the Ghost said maybe.
  • Sooooo Good 5/5

    By Sherbygirl
    I have so much fun I feel like this could be my job! I also fell bad for the spirits
  • Scary story 5/5

    By martienzs
    Ones opun a time I open a door then I herad a stopp dom dom so loud I got really scary everybody else didn’t do anything
  • Fake but fun 5/5

    By WishIhadaBuffalo
    We all know it’s fake
  • This app is real 5/5

    By Python hello world
    First, I thought this app is just a game, but after I used it for a few moments and talked to a spirit named Edna, I started to change my mind. I asked her what’s her name, she said Edna. Then, I asked her do u live in this house before( cause I am a exchange student from China), and she said get out. I asked her why she responded because of mommy. I guess I am gonna stay up tonight. Or sleep-over. She is literally in my room with me. By the way, don’t play this app before you go to bed.
  • No 5/5

    By najahrai
  • It 5/5

    By Mommy.mode
    So I was waiting in the living room and there was a demon so I asked if it would hurt me he said RUN I said why he said IT I ran and I found out that he was behind me
  • Creepy af!! 5/5

    By Kool human
    Ok so my dad said he saw a little girl come out from my brothers room and stare at our fireplace so I connected with a spirit and I asked where does it live and it said in my brothers room so then I asked it if it was 11and it said no I’m 12 so then I asked it does it like my fire place and it said yes and the creepy part is I’m 12 and my dad said it looked like me!!
  • Super creepy, but fake 3/5

    By connor_da_brave
    This app is super creepy, but I’m pretty sure it’s fake. There’s no way that an app could detect spirits. I found a demon in my bathroom who said that it was gonna kill me. A ghost in my living room named Anne. Anne was actually friendly. And a spectre naked rose who said that she was gonna kill me in my sleep. Even though it’s fake, it still freaks me out😂
  • single and alone 1/5

    By caitlinlostherhusband
    very disappointed. i downloaded this app hoping to find a boyfriend and i didn’t. i got a vengeful spirit ghost named Jean. and i said that’s a stupid name who names their son Jean. like the pants. Anyway. we did not get along and had absolutely no chemistry. back to tinder.
  • This app is real!!!! 5/5

    By catgirl11478
    We picked up a black entity and we kept telling me and my friend "Daddy is a demon." Then I said show us a sign if you're here then my phone started making static noises and wouldn't stop. So I threw my phone across the room and deleted the app it still kept making the noise. Then we shut my phone down and turn it back on and it was fine. But we are still shaking to the second.
  • There’s something outside 5/5

    By mike7up
    I opened up the app and I immediately found a ghost. The ghost said don’t go to sleep and I became weirded out. I went to sleep and I heard knocking on the window. I get out of bed and go to my window and I saw a weird figure out side I go outside and I see something and I run and it was just creepy
  • Camp Ghost 5/5

    By CaseB2736
    I was at my hunting camp that a man named jean owned and he had died and I contacted his ghost and I was suppressed.
  • OH HELL NO 4/5

    By sophia and jesse
    Me and my crush Jesse were open the app when it hit 3 am we heard a ghost say RUN we run into the living room and didn’t go back until the next day
  • Hilda 5/5

    By Coloraddiction
    I got the app and the first ghost I found was named hilda I asked how she died she said buried alive I said who buried you alive she said mommy I asked how old she was she said 35 I asked if she needed help she said burn my bones I asked where she was buried she said Ruby I said who is Ruby she said clown I said Ruby is my sister(which she really is) than she disappeared which this was really creepy.
  • Too bad it’s Fake .. 5/5

    By GBP wiskey
    Fun game for the naïve idiots ..
  • Wind 1/5

    By PMCurly
    I am in a car I opened the app I saw a ghost in the seat in front of me then I saw it move in the seat next to me and my friend the we felt something hit are head....... SO CREEPY!
  • Ghost detector 4/5

    By pokemonlover12045
    I love this app I saw a 105 year old ghost named chad
  • Scary 3/5

    By James greenleaf
    2 minutes in I found a ghost it said it name was merry and I always ask if the ghost knows bloody merry and it said I am bloody merry
  • This scared me 3/5

    By omg this really scared me
    This scared me I had to turn of my phone beacause it went so loud so I turned the phone of and frowed it on the couch omg it scared me to life death of mighty spirit I asked a question to one of them I said are you friendly it said no and that’s why I rate this a three cuss it scared me so baddly
  • Friendly ghosts 5/5

    By Cra-z Caroline
    We opened the app and we start walking around we saw this ghost named Harriet he was a nice ghost and he is now our friend and we also met several other different ghost and we also have a ghost named Jenny and she is our best friend😝😝
  • Fake don’t be scared 2/5

    It’s fake I asked what it’s name was and it said I like you to and also the ghosts never move they just stand their.I asked a spirit to get my bunny that had just died and the spirit said they would and then the spirit said that it was scared and it never got my bunny.When I first got the app I was like wow this app is cool and scary.And then I didn’t believe in the app.One more reason I know this app is a fraud is because I asked a spirit to throw a pillow off of my couch an they said do you want proof I said yes and the pillow never moved.Belive in ghosts but this app is a fraud!
  • The spectre 5/5

    By Bebedds05
    We opened the app and saw a ghost in my friends closet it was a spectre named daisy we got so scared it had a dress and long hair the names of the ghosts we’ve encountered are daisy,Marie,hilda,Sara, hilda was really nice
  • Ghost 5/5

    By barociobunny
    One of The ghost said it was killed by a clown and one of them said it was killed by its mommy
  • What 5/5

    By Omg my dream came true
    Don’t download this it’s really scary I don’t know if I can even get some sleep so please don’t I’ve only met Opal before I panicked and deleted it
  • Legit probably 5/5

    By I'll slap you so super hard!
    Legit probably
  • Scary 5/5

    By mvasquesd173
    yes I saw one In my room I deleted this app and re-install lol
  • Possibly Real 4/5

    By Tgbjjhjkgd
    I’m not seeing this app is real and I’m pretty sure that the creators didn’t mean for it to be. However, I have had some paranormal experiences before and this app kinda creeped me out because of two things. I can tell the app was made to be fictional and made for entertainment purposes but let me just tell you something. Just because the map was made for entertainment purposes doesn’t mean that you can actually have real encounters with paranormal things The first story I’m going to tell you was at my grandma’s house I was on YouTube minding my own business when the light in our movie room turned off by its self Usually, I wouldn’t be that scared but that’s when I saw that the cord was pulled out I didn’t do anything I just kept on watching the video that I was watching. Then at the corner of my I like in a fantasy the cord went back into the the plug-in Now this is when I started to freak out, I ran out of the room and went to the living room. I thought it would be interesting to download an app to see if I could find out what did that. This app caught my eye. So I downloaded it. I thought it was fake which to be honest it probably is. The first *ghost* or whatever was a demon. I wasn’t expecting that at all I just waited for it to leave. The next ghost is what really freaked me out. It was friendly and its name was Jean she said she died at 26. My grandma lost her oldest sister when she was 9. Her sisters name was Jean and died at 26. I asked her how she died thinking it was just a coincidence. She said she died from drowning. My grandmas sister died when she was with her dad fishing for the last time. Jean *My grandmas sister* was supposed to get married 2 weeks after. The boat they were in tipped and the moss or whatevs went in her mouth. Her father searched for her and couldn’t find her. I was going to ask what she was doing here but I had already been freaked out. The next story is when we were waiting for a train to pass. ( I know weird) A few years before a man had gotten hit by a train. We were at the same place he got killed. I didn’t know this stuff until I saw a little memorial area by the train tracks, I asked my mom did someone die here? She told me about everything. I thought it would be a cool idea to take open this map, and so I did. Nothing happened for 10 minutes which kinda weirded me out. So I closed the map and opened it again the same thing happened just for not that long. It said there was a demon. I’m not going to say anybody’s name just because they need there privacy. Well I asked there name and stuff and ya. But the next events that occurred are why I’m writing this right now. I closed the app. And once we had gotten home I was bored and I searched up some information about the whole guy getting run over by a train thing. I am shaking while writing this but the demon that appeared on this app had the same name and description of the guy who drove the train. So one tip for you is always have caution of this app.
  • Scary Story 5/5

    By TheLoganator115
    My friend just downloaded this app onto my phone. Currently, it’s 11:30 PM. We started using it but didn’t find shy ghosts. So we turned off the phone and went to bed. At about 2:10 am, we both woke up to a “ding” and then a crash. We got up and looked out into the hall. We saw a bell on the floor and my cat staring at it with wide eyes. My friend was probably spooked more than the cat, because he convinced me to turn on the app. I opened it and pointed the camera at the hall... and I saw a bright light in the shape of a human. The EVP levels were off the chart, then the figure turned some part of its body towards us. I screamed and my friend snatched the phone out of my hands and looked. Then he said “why did you scream?” I was about to say what I saw, but my friend is more scared then I am. I woke up to “CRASH” right next to me. I didn’t check the time, but it felt like 5:30 am. The window in between our beds was shattered. I looked out and on the ground was a sparking computer. I was scared, and my friend couldn’t move for a couple minutes. He went home at 5:30. It’s about 2 weeks after that happened, and we only have duck tape on the window... it was scary.
  • i’m very spooked 1/5

    By Stacy2004
    this app was so scary. especially when absolutely nothing appeared.
  • Six ghosts 5/5

    By Mattea Williams
    I was in the woods with my friends and we detected 6 ghosts all in a group, one of them looked like the leader because it was bigger and scarier. I asked if that were nice, but then the big one ordered,"ATACK". They flew at me and my friends and all of us got knocked over and threw like 5 feet. I'm never going in the woods again.
  • i like this app 5/5

    By H20 death killer
    its a fun ghost detector my daycare teacher thinks its fake but my friends do thanks for creating this app
  • Love 5/5

    By P3tunes
    I saw my aunt and she said l Love you and I’m sorry for leaving you
  • I met a demon 5/5

    By dodobono
  • Talking to Edna 5/5

    By Hehelolhehelolhehelol
    The second time I opened the app, I asked the ghost what it's name was it said Edna. I recognized that name so I started asking more questions, the next thing I know my mom comes into my room and says " there is a women named Edna here to see you" I was so scared!!
  • Creepy 1/5

    By Andy_L1976
    I was waiting to find a friendly ghost and I did. I asked the spirit what their name was and they said Anne. I asked her if she was my grandma Anne and she said yes. I cried she told me to leave the room and I did. But then I stopped talking with her because the words she said sounded like they weren’t good. I told my parents that I asked her what her name was but then my step mom said that my grandma never went by Anne... she always went by Anna!
  • Haunted 5/5

    By Cookieisabella360
    So I asked what this ghosts name was it said Faceless I said that was my name then it said I’m you then I ran and my bed was flipped over...

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