Ghost Detector Radar with Camera

Ghost Detector Radar with Camera

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  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Net Unlimited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ghost Detector Radar with Camera App

Find ghosts and communicate with spirits, using this groundbreaking free app. The only app that lets you chat with spirits for free! No in-app purchase required. = Instructions = 1) Start the app 2) Walk around and find a ghost 3) Type your question and wait for the spirit to answer! Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the app communicates with real spirits.


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Ghost Detector Radar with Camera app reviews

  • Fake 1/5

    By CookieladyANP
    Answers don't make sense. It always tells you to run or the devil is coming or something of the like. Also, why is there a "translation"? Images aren't even to scale. My credit card info was compromised right after trying this and it will heat up your phone and drain your battery.
  • How do people believe this? 1/5

    By DubSense
    I guess this would be fun if I was in high school at a slumber party. The fact that I can’t use this for more than 1 min without ads popping up, I have to think that this company pays people to write all their reviews. I get that it’s a week before Halloween but if you’re going to provide kids with apps like this, don’t scam them by writing fake reviews and entice them to pay for this. The effects are mediocre at best. Don’t be fooled and don’t waste your time with this.
  • Not real but fun 5/5

    By Terrible Tournaments
    For all those people that think this is real it’s not a phone doesn’t have enough power to detect “spirits” I am a believer but this app is used to prank people not for catching ghost. It’s fake cause when I used there were frikin 5 spirits in my house and I slept wonderfully. I got to admit it was pretty creepy but it is fake ok
  • Do this to be safe 5/5

    By Fornax774589
    If you want to be safe while doing this pray to the lord and god get a cross if you have one keep it with you and if you encounter an evil spirit that wants to hurt you say lord protect me and then after that say to the demon the power of Christ compels you. And Jesus is awesome. Respect the lord and he will respect you
  • This is a scary story 5/5

    By the pokegiste
    After reading this I got a different view of this app.
  • Omfl 5/5

    By Uhh..hi?
    I was in my car with my family i saw a ghost and it said it died 201 years ogo 😣😖
  • Fun 4/5

    By Lady Bobbi
    This app is super enjoyable to waste your time on. While I’m pretty sure the spirits aren’t real, when they start talking about a demon you will for sure get me chills. I think using this app to trick your friends or to just talk to someone is a fun and cool idea.
  • Ghost in our house 5/5

    By Ghost watchers
    Questions:what is your name?ruby/carriy Are you here:yes What do mean?mommy How old are you:35 Are you nice:no Why:just because Where are you:next to you Oh.please help me (different ghost) What's wrong:don't be scared What's your name:Sara How old are you:17 Are you nice: yes Where are you:under the car My car:li can give you proof Ok give me proof:soon Why are you here:trapped How can we help you get out:help me escape How:you want proof Yeah:you will see When:92 years ago
  • The scary ghost 3/5

    By GrimmCreepz
    I was in my din a ghost responded we asked him how many finger I'm holding up it was 3 he guessed 3
  • The goats that nearly killed me 2/5

    By taytaytatty
    I opened this app and it took 5 seconds to contact a spirt i relived it was behind me then I asked if it was going to hurt me then 10 seconds later it responded and I was standing at the stairs and something pushed me down the stairs then I realized everyone in my house was gone
  • Scary story 5/5

    By 2 cousins
    Me and my lil cousin were and our grandma said we could download a game and so we picked this game and we found a ghost we asked it's name it said Mary we asked its full name and it said its nickname was Bloody Mary my lil cousin freaked out but I calmed him then the ghost said run now we did so but ran in to the kitchen there was a knife floating so we deleted but downloaded it again and never saw her again.😱😱😱
  • Get out 5/5

    By vaeha baby 😎😙
    A few days ago on this app me and my friend went on it he has his on phone.I was using mine 4 minutes later a friendly ghost came and I asked a few questions and it said get out! My heart raced I went out side I was scared to death 😨
  • A killer ghost 5/5

    By I love black labs
    One day me and my cousin Emily were on this app when a ghost came and said hola hola we said back I’m going to kill u said the ghost show us proof then we said just then a knife went flying at us and almost hit us.we turned the app off
  • The spirit I saw 5/5

    By BloodyNoorra
    It was around three AM when I opened the app. A couple mins after I opened the app I saw a ghost I said "What are you doing here?" The ghost replied "RUN" so I ran to my fathers room. The I opened the app the ghost replied again saying "RUN" so I ran to my sister's room. Then I opened the app again and there was a ghost behind me.
  • Meh 1/5

    By cory.mansfield
    It’s an ok app to kill time but the constant adds that pop up are annoying and not upgrading to get fake ghosts.
  • Scary story 5/5

    By sister❤️
    On Monday me and my friend went to this abound house and I turn the ghost app on I found a ghost be hind me and me and my friend got scared I we went home we’re so scared .
  • It’s scary 4/5

    By badgypsyboy
    Okay I Got The App I Thought It Was Dumb But When I Opened The App I Had A Ugly Feeling I Did not Feel So good about this so I got out of the app and delete it 😰
  • Super Scary Guys!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By PSolo913
    I found a demand in the house!!!! Don't play the game.I'm seriousl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • For this game 5/5

    By hunkybunky69
    This game is so good please get top five stars game yasssss
  • Our scary story 5/5

    By The Ghosthunters
    The ghost said "IT" we asked what that was it said "stop while u can".
  • The ghost 5/5

    By Drbowings
    Is was a bad ghost it was really mean I send hi it sed hi thin it sed git out I whent to my room it followed me into my room it sed git out I turned off my iPad
  • Fun entertainment! 5/5

    By Michigan Swede
    My son got me into this, it’s fun and interesting.
  • Silly, Fake, Boring 1/5

    By ArtSage7
    I tested this game to see if it actually worked - it's just a silly, fake game and I got bored. The developer clearly doesn't know that ghosts can be scientifically proven. I had the official TAPS Ghost Hunters investigate my home with real equipment. I know my house is haunted by real ghosts. This app is a joke! It got all the real ghosts names wrong and it kept saying the same dumb words like "clown". Well, it's cute for kids or a Halloween prank.
  • Spooky as heck 5/5

    By TheLoganator115
    I was in my room at 2:30 am and I had a friend over. My parents were out at a concert that lasted till like 5:00. Me and my friend could not fall asleep so we got bored and started telling each other scary stories. I told him a story and he got so scared he grabbed my phone and opened the app. He immediately screamed and I looked at the screen, just for a split second, I saw a blur of light with something that looked like horns. The rest of the night was usual. Just two days later I came downstairs ready for school and on the news it said a kid had died. It showed a picture, and the picture was of my friend...
  • Ehh. Fake and Boring 2/5

    By Katrina267
    Just repeats same things over and over. NOT worth it...Don’t buy.
  • Scared the sh*t out of me 5/5

    By SharpPlayz
    So 2 years ago my grandpa died and 6 years ago my grandma died so I was cooking and I decided to turn on the radar and I got a beep and I saw a dot on the radar and I dropped my phone and yelled OHH HELL NAW OH HELL NAW and ran to my room and locked the doors
  • So fake! 1/5

    By Yellow64!
    This app is so fake. It will bring out 4 program type ghost, demons (they were programmed in the app). It will repeat the same questions over and over. Not worth the.99 I paid for this app. There are real evp apps out but his is so fake. If you cover the camera you will still see the fake ghost. Please! I want a refund!
  • Satan 5/5

    By Oslo_bv
    One day I found satan
  • Best radar ever!!!😃👻 5/5

    By Bleucheeze5.0
    Love having fun talking to ghosts! Totally worth downloading!!!!!!!!!👻👻👻👻👻👻
  • False reviews 2/5

    By Soth33
    Peoples reviews are to scare you app is kind of answers your messages with random view is cool but the ghost or Desmond is just a fuzzy skeleton floating in the cool for fun rated low cause of people’s fake reviews.
  • This is for fun only, you know that right? 1/5

    By Manda Productionztm
    Those “stories” are too funny! They do realize it’s all for fun and games right? This app is so fake. I found 2 “ghost” in my house one Sarah who was 23 and killed by a monster and was an errant soul type. Told me to not be scared, then told me to get out after I asked for rent money if she’s going to be staying in my house. Another one was Peter I believe. Same errant soul, same response when I said I want rent money. Asked how many animals I have, number not even close. Asked what the dogs name was, said Devil just like “Sarah”. Told me to get out now, said make me... And here we are few days later and nothing. The ads though that pop-up are very annoying! Also don’t be surprised if this app is using questions to get info out of you and I’m always suspicious of apps that have access to the camera and mic since nowadays there are so many different hidden ways to spy on people’s lives.... but really people, it’s just an for fun and games app. It’s your minds that play tricks on you.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By vahhlury
    It’s fake. These review stories are all the same. Don’t waste your time.
  • Spooky!!! 5/5

    By ⚖📄📄📄📃📓📕📗📘📙compare
    Don't be a moron!!!! Do not get the app!!! First we saw a vengeful Spirit then a demon and it followed us !!! After that we saw a Spectrum ! They all responed !!!! One said GET OUT!!!!
  • It definitely works 5/5

    By Happychick181
    Me and my grandmother decided to down load the app to see if it actually works. We we’re in here room and I got a ghost named Hilda and I asked what do you want. They replayed with demon. Then I asked are you here to protect us and they answered yes. After I asked are you an angel and they said no. Then I finally said goodbye and they asked me if I was scared and I said then logged out of the app.
  • Help 4/5

    By mrsalcazar2001
    I thought for sure this app was fake but when I found a demon it said it was the devil. So I started insulting it cause I thought it was fake. After having some fun with this I said I had to leave. It said that I should be careful. That was 3 weeks ago and I’m fine. Lol
  • Fake 1/5

    By coolguy5112
    This app is so fake do not get this app if you think that your actually going to talk to real ghosts maybe for fun but the text is just computer generated and every time you ask a question they answer after a really long time then you have an ad so do not get this app to actually talk to ghosts.
  • I took a poopoo 5/5

    By %stinky Steve%
    I did it mom?
  • :( 4/5

    By Solar Lunar
    Lol, I spent 50 minutes on it wasted time for bed, The app keeps asking same questions, so fake. You ruined my life, JK rip dreams.
  • Retards 1/5

    By FakeGhosts
    If you honestly think you can ‘Transmit’ a message to a fake ghost your retarded.
  • Soooooo stupid game 1/5

    By Bushra team
    If there's less than one star I'll put it
  • Wow so scared. 1/5

    By ejndnskxn
    10/10 best app. *slow clap* in apps like this where it tends to be computerized, you have to ask questions that one normally doesn’t expect. “Hi, where you from” and responding to the app will make it seem like it’s real.
  • Gooooff ballllll 1/5

    By Tatie0727
    This game is ridiculous. I had it on for like 20 minute and didn't seeee anything !! These people reviews sound like bogus crap and lies. And their were so many advertisements pops up. Don't care if you download or not. It's not real 😴
  • It’s a fake 2/5

    By CMS girl
    It said that I had a ghost in my room but my camera was pointing at my air vent when the a/c was on😂🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Don’t mess with ghosts/spirits 3/5

    By foxywoman555
    Nothing happened to me honestly. I think you shouldn’t mess with ghosts or spirits and leave them in peace then they will leave u in peace
  • L 5/5

    By Hi lognag
    Bro da flipping ghost was named dan Howell
  • I Love the app 5/5

    By Ghghccg
    Honestly I don't know why people freak out about it because I don't think it's real but it's a really fun app and I love it so keep on making more stuff like this
  • Hs 5/5

    By Jake3478964337
    I talked to the ghost saying what do you speak and it says mommy
  • Dorothy 3/5

    By barbhan
    I met a ghost named Dorothy. She told me that a demon called Mommy was coming. She wouldn’t tell me anything else. She told me she(Dorothy) didn’t like me. She told me to stop, I’m so confused. I have to solve this mystery of Mommy.

    By OceanWave Splash
    I opened this app because I believe that there are spirits among us. I opened the app and waited about 2 or 3 minutes. Eventually, it said a Spectre so I asked who it was. It responded “Devil”. I immediately walked outside to see another spirit I met here that I also met in a ouija board session. This time another spectre appeared I asked who it was. It responded “Demon” I looked away and looked back and it left. I eventually started to yell out “COME ON, DEVIL! IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS, COME OUT AND FACE ME!!!” Not one minute passed another Spectre appeared I asked who it was. A loud screeching sound hit my headphones for about 10 seconds. Then, it responded “Devil”. I NEED A YOUNG PRIEST, AN OLD PRIEST, AND A MIDDLE AGED PRIEST!!😱😱😱😫😫😫😫😫
  • Really creepy 5/5

    By Star Warriers
    My Daughter , Son , & I Were playing around with the app. We seen several ghost. One of the ghost started to creep me out. He started to tell me to leave , the demon is coming , etc. minutes later he asked if I believe, I said yes , then my window blew open. Then the ghost responded " I see " .

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