Gin Rummy Plus - Card Game

Gin Rummy Plus - Card Game

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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Peak Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Gin Rummy Plus - Card Game App

Join the world’s most popular Gin Rummy Game and play live with millions of real players. Playing Gin Rummy with friends, family, and millions of players worldwide has never been easier! Join one of the largest online gaming communities and enjoy an all-new multiplayer experience, competitive leaderboards. SPECIAL FEATURES ● EXCLUSIVE EVENTS – New game modes, free chip events. ● ENJOY UNIQUE MULTIPLAYER MODE - Compete with hundreds of thousands elite Gin Rummy players all around the world and prove you’re the champion of the leaderboard. ● PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS - Double Your Gin Rummy Fun with the biggest win of your life! ● PLAY WITH BUDDIES - Invite your friends and have much more fun anytime, anywhere. ● SOCIAL EXPERIENCE - Play with your friends or make new ones, Gin Rummy Plus has the strongest community of any Gin Rummy game. ● LEADERBOARDS - See how you stack up against other players or your friends. ● FREE BONUSES - Countless opportunities to earn free coins, easier than ever! Experience a variety of high-quality Gin Rummy Lounges for ultimate fun like never before! Players Love Gin Rummy Plus: * * * * * “The Most Authentic Gin Rummy Game on the App Store.”* * * * * * * * * * “I’ve tried all the major Gin Rummy apps, this game sets a whole new standard” * * * * * * * * * * “Great game, great service, great experience! 5-stars all around!” * * * * * * * * * * “I love the treatment – I feel like a VIP!”* * * * * * * * * * “Beautifully realistic graphics, sounds and super fun to play with friends.”* * * * *


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Gin Rummy Plus - Card Game app reviews

  • Wonderful and addictive GAME! Love it 5/5

    By Foto sleep
    A must download!
  • Rip-off!!! 1/5

    By peakgamefrustration
    Won’t pay jackpots!! Emailed them and all they write back is to contradict me. Very frustrating and unfair.
  • Love this game but... 2/5

    By Arthurinebby
    I play this game almost everyday but since I leveled up to 11 I can no longer play on the rookie table. I don’t like to bet big because I don’t have much money in the game and since I have to play the shark table I lose more money then I win. My boyfriend is also on level 11 and he is allowed to play the rookie table and it pisses me off because betting 2k each time and awful.
  • A game with nasty habits 2/5

    By thebellcurves
    Seems the developers spent more time and effort on this game’s graphics than on its mechanics. I have had the frequent experience of having the game reverse plays that I have made, taking away books and runs and even gin hands and returning to my hand the card that I just placed on the discard pile. There have also been numerous instances of the game not allowing me to draw a card - giving me a message that it is not my turn, and then following up with a message that I have missed my turn and will be kicked out of the game if I miss three turns in a row. When I have reported these problems to the developers, their only response has been that there is no malfunction that they are aware of. It is all very frustrating because there are quite a few very good players so the games would be entertaining if the game itself worked properly.
  • Good game, BUT! 3/5

    By Wastingmytime.
    The challenges are usually very unattainable, I mean seriously making we win the jackpot of $500,000 in one game is ludicrous. Then when I do actually attain the challenge the " reward" by spinning the wheel is a joke. Had to spend a boatload of coins to get a $66,000 prize. Love the game but not the Wheel challenge.
  • Fix this sight or I’m gonna believe your cheating 1/5

    By Kaylacleansalday
    I gin and instead of gin you mix my cards and have me knock with 5 you made me lose 919,000 this isn’t the first or second time either, it happens quite often FYI I’m not buying anymore coins.
  • Not fun now 1/5

    By Lucky KC 2
    I started playing the game and have reached 40,000 but several times I have had a winning hand to have it all of a sudden disappear and there was no way to get it back. Also when the red bars start to light up you had better be ready to either pick a card or discard because you loose a card from your hand with it claiming you missed a turn. I’m ready to delete this app because I’m so disgusted with it. Not really worth the time.
  • My favorite game! 5/5

    By Go2Deb
    This is fun and it will have you coming back to play every day, especially if you like playing Rummy! Remember people, card games are the combination of the luck of the draw and a little strategy and skill. Enjoy!
  • Don't do it!!!!! 1/5

    By Cheermomdms
    Lost 24 out of 25 games today!!! Hmmmm! Game just keeps getting worse and worse!!!Why am I not getting any of my jackpot winnings???? I have lost well over $100,000 just in jackpot winnings!😡😡
  • Gin Rummy 5/5

    By Black.duamond
    I ❤️ this Game
  • Love this game 5/5

    By B Rad 25
    Awesome game love it!!
  • Good game 5/5

    By NmbrCrunchr
    It's a good game
  • I love this game!!! 5/5

    By Mismmw
    It’s fast paced and well crafted.
  • Gin4me 3/5

    By The Apple Of HIS Eye
    I enjoy the game very much. Although I some times think my money is off! I love to play this game. Case in point I couldn’t sleep the other morning so I turned to my game for company. It was 6 am. I played for hours and finally got tire enough to sleep. I clicked out foregoing the jackpot (8,000). But I had won 32,000 plus my bid of 40,000 a total of 72,000. When I notice that I had not been credited I immediately contacted the website. Only to receive ridiculous responses to my query. I still love the game but I’ll be more careful in the future.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By 2014Nana
    Great game, have no issues with this app. Love it❤️❤️
  • Game is rigged 1/5

    By Thumprete
    When you first start playing you win lots than puts you on a losing streak where you can’t win and lose all your money to try and get you to buy coins. Challenges are unattainable so you never get to spin the wheel for free money. Impossible to win if other player constantly can gin on you after two to three turns. Got frustrated when cards are not dealt fair and deleted game. I would not recommend this game app.
  • Rig rummy 1/5

    By Rubi313
    When you play medium to high stakes, the opponent always wins within 7 draws. The last 16 games have been like that. Good thing I didn’t pay for it. Don’t waste your time, computer never looses.
  • Unless your paying actual money, you’re not going to win. 1/5

    By Garrshan
    Such a shame. This game used to be great and I looked forward to playing all the time. You’d win some, you’d lose some but always seemed fair. In the last month or so, everything changed. It seems to me that this is now absolutely rigged. I’ve always been a good player but when the deck is stacked against you if you’re not putting up actual money, you will lose almost every time. I wish the developers wouldn’t have gotten so greedy. Time to find a new game.
  • Great Game!!!!! 5/5

    By Elarder
    Have a lot of fun and very challenging. Can also be frustrating but what game isn't.
  • You’ve rigged this game 1/5

    By Espo37
    I have absolutely no doubt you have used coding to rig this game. I’m a dev myself and there is no way your algorithm is passive. Some of your so called players are not even real players they are bots that bankrupt your money so you are forced to spend money in game to buy coins.
  • Good game, money hungry creator 3/5

    By Brad_Photoguy
    I don’t want to be required to play $$$ to play against my friends... it’s a good game otherwise
  • Fun 5/5

    By Mrsfoland
    Super fun
  • Great game 5/5

    By Jamesbondjr2206
    Great game
  • Chat 4/5

    By Pollypocket2319
    I love this game but...hate the fact that you can’t chat with the person you are playing. It would be nice to be able to say hi, good luck, have a good day, etc.
  • Quick fun game 5/5

    By Kobo Girl
    Don't need to buy tokens to continue play. Just be a decent player. Love the 10 point games.
  • App won’t always open 1/5

    By Jrg.golfer63
    The app doesn’t always open. It gives you a message oops sorry something went wrong try refresh. Which doesn’t work either.
  • Private table complaint 3/5

    By BLLCobb
    I am a self admitted App junkie and yet I have NEVER left a review...that being said I must feel very strongly about this app to take the time to leave this one. Growing up my dad and I played gin. When he asked me to download this app so we could play even though we live in different areas of the country of course I jumped on it. I am so so disappointed that we have to pay $5 a week to be able to play each other. What can you do to give us unlimited private table play? Please consider it.
  • Fun game for the most part 4/5

    By Jenbecadrbri
    This is a fun game for the most part. Wish there was a better way to get coins and play games against people you actually know.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Bbarkoren
    Great interface and fluid gameplay
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Stilltrouble
    This is the best gin rummy game I've found.
  • I love this game 4/5

    By twnzmama
    This game is a lot of fun!
  • Lots of fun 5/5

    By Toby4life
    It’s addicting once you start playing you can’t stop!
  • RIP OFF!!! DO NOT GET!! 1/5

    By GoHawgs5
    This app CHEATS!! You will lose all you coins and be forced to buy more. Two things that all but price you are playing bots - you can only chat with friends and you truly will lose vast majority of coins quickly and be forced to quit or buy more. SAVE YOUR TIME AND YOUR MONEY!!
  • Great game 5/5

    By GiraffeAholic
    I would like mire choices for table settings. Such as bet amounts and who you play or a small lobby chat to invite people
  • iPhone X 5/5

    By Gwynn555
    I love this game but I have to power off my new phone to shut it off. Will this be fixed soon?
  • Fun end of day game to play 5/5

    By cc5150cc
    Love this Gin Rummy! Playing with others online is fun. Wish more would download this game and play it. Keeps your brain working!
  • GinRummyPlus 5/5

    By Rakii2
    Wonderful graphics and lots of fun!
  • Graphics/display annoying, but great game 5/5

    By Asy159fw
    The graphics, format and display are very unappealing, but the game itself is good and doesn’t feel rigged like some games where after awhile you lose all the time in an effort to force you to buy coins to play. Matches with opponents quickly and consistently. It’s the only Gin app that I haven’t eventually deleted - it’s a winner!
  • Good game 5/5

    By Súper trooper
    I really enjoy this game I’m an addict gamer ..
  • Clandry 5/5

    By Clandry60
    Love the game. Don't quite understand how the jackpots work completely, but love the game. Getting better now and I’m doing better and winning is so much fun!!!
  • Algorithms are terrible on this game 1/5

    By CB101688
    It seems very difficult to get pass certain levels . Very unfair ........opponent gins in 2 draws consistently. I have played for quite a while to see if it will reverse in my favor and it never does. If you play fast knock gin then it is more favorable.... I’m looking for another gin app
  • Buying credits 3/5

    By BJP061644
    Since your new app doesn’t allow me to buy additional coins
  • DON’T GIVE THEM $$$ 1/5

    By SamSon1959
    Algorithms are way off and something is suspect. Doesn’t feel like fresh deals. Company may be crooked and looking to fleece players. Apple should investigate them.
  • Would give 0 stars if possible 1/5

    By Timlambert67
    Game is rigged. They have a big wheel you get to spin if you hit all objectives in an allotted time. They have big prizes and of course small prizes. The big prizes actually have more spaces yet I have never hit anything bigger than 3k in coins. My wife plays and the same goes for her too. They say the wheel is random but the odds are not adding up. Try another rummy game imo
  • Losing the bet you placed from lost connection!!! 1/5

    By kna808
    I’ve been placing a few high bets on some games(50,000-100,000) and during some of these games my connection/WiFi would start acting up for some odd reason, considering that I’ve been in the same area but played at lower bets, causing me to lose all my coins! It’s frustrating especially if your betting really high........
  • Freeze 1/5

    By Lonely Player in Pink
    Game has been freezing and I lost chips and the game. This happened 3 times. I agree with several other comments about this game. It is totally rigged! They just want you to purchase chips and I refuse to do it. I have been on such a losing streak, losing maybe 6 games in a row. It’s ridiculous! The bots just win. If the app keeps this up, I will have no choice but to delete it from my device.
  • Gin rummy 5/5

    By Bogie B Nice
    This is the best internet card game. Reminds me of the days of Poker party. Solid. Ability to play people from all over for free. I might pay because I want my no name changed to my name so people know the name of the master.... me. Bogie B Nice lol. Game could be dangerous though .... I’m addicted. Truly enjoy this game
  • Cool game 3/5

    By Wcasinop
    I love it
  • Gin Rummy Plus 5/5

    By Maggmo
    I really enjoy the choices we have in the point system. I reached the ‘36 level’ and supposed to receive 3600 coins but didn’t. Texted my concerns but haven’t heard from anyone.
  • Time outs needed 3/5

    By Dedub51
    Love the game just wish you would have a time out or hold button emergency calls come through when I return to game says I’m booted off the table for no response on more than one hand! Oh come on now ... less than 45 seconds and it takes my points and boots me off. !!

Gin Rummy Plus - Card Game app comments


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