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Welcome to go90. Enjoy video streaming of original shows, live sports & more. • Tune into Season 2 of t@gged, with new episodes streaming on Tuesday, May 9th! • Watch original shows, including Confess, QB1, Guidance, Can I Hang?, TAWK with Awkwafina and Vice Autobiographies • Watch every episode of classic sci-fi shows, including Fringe, Babylon 5, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Believe, Almost Human and Stalker • Stream shows from BuzzFeed, AwesomenessTV, Vice, Funny Or Die, Machinima and more • Stream live sports, including games from the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and the world’s top soccer leagues (like La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1), plus World Cup Qualifiers and Copa del Rey from beIN Sports • Stay up to date on live video streaming with go90's Live Calendar • Easily discover new shows based on your favorites with customized recommendations • Never miss an episode with custom notifications for every show • Cast your favorite shows and live games directly to your TV (some content restrictions apply) Verizon Wireless customers get access to: • The best of TV, including The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, ESPN News and Analysis, Love & Hip Hop, Cake Boss, MythBusters and more • Verizon Wireless postpay customers can stream shows and live games on the go90 app over LTE without it counting against their data (requires go90 app version 2.9 or later)* * Compatible device in U.S. req’d. Other app activity, including download, counts against your data plan. For Verizon Unlimited customers, go90 data usage will be counted, but will not be billed. Subject to Verizon Wireless Agmts, Data Plan & other terms. Safety Mode may impact streaming audio or video content. Subject to change.

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  • It's great but... 3/5

    By Arbitrary21
    The app is very good, because it is chromecast compatible and every time I watch a soccer game, I can cast it to my tv. But when I try to watch liga mx games, it doesn't cast the game to my tv. Please fix this.
  • What happened 3/5

    By Rich8868746
    Last week there was a great deal of content on the home screen and I watched a few episodes. The last few days there has been nothing on the home screen and the episodes I watched are now marked unavailable. Live sports are apparently still available
  • Won't let me download 1/5

    By DMO crawdads
    I can't download the app
  • Great 5/5

    By erojas11
    I watch t@gged on this and it is GOOD
  • Awessssome 5/5

    By Alexander dashondra danclar
    This app is smoothly working for me and has interesting show in my opinion. I love it!!!

    By zaniew
    This app is a load of s***! F*** Verizon wirless worst service out there
  • Shows not available 1/5

    By Steven huseman
    I want to watch relationship status, a show only available on your app but the episodes don't even show up.... only the trailer! Load the show!
  • Latest update hits the mark. 5/5

    By Randomscape
    I wasn't sure about Go90 before, but now I am. If you like the best from Fringe, Sports and other top shows, this is the place. Quality of video is superb too.
  • Shutting down 1/5

    By maddi_mads
    Every time I try to watch something on here it keeps shutting down. My screen goes black and it freezes. Love watching everything on the app but frustrated that it keeps shutting down constantly
  • Zero star worthy 1/5

    By Dfthnkkihrdddddaeffgjjinvf
    5 weeks of numerous streaming issues, resulting in many missed live soccer matches. Three of your shows have grabbed my attention but I refuse to watch/support your app due to live streaming issues

    By Bambamv
    well if you want to watch Match we'll goo luck with that. Since they can never fix the oh we can't... so they need help big time
  • Title 4/5

    By Matti bray
    I don't like how i tried to log in on my phone and and it wouldn't let me even though I made sure that the password and username were right.
  • Pity one star... 1/5

    By MikeZ_67
    One star because I can't give zero. Worst way to watch a match. Black screens flashing continually throughout the match. Fix it...
  • Great update! 5/5

    By Mike37393027
    Really smooth and fast to load. Like the easy access to my favorite shows and the live calendar for soccer! Hala Madrid!
  • Not accessible 3/5

    By chadfraley1
    Works pretty good, but not accessible with voiceover. Fix that problem then it will deserve five stars
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mybestfriend2169
    App is terrible. I can't broadcast anything to my tv. I have chrome cast and the only that comes on tv is the logo!
  • Waste of the time 1/5

    By Shah Saleh
    It's all serie A no premier league
  • Terrible AirPlay support. 2/5

    By Dexter Davenport
    Since they don't have an Apple TV App, I was hoping for good support for AirPlay. But you don't get it in this App. Good support sends the video to the Apple TV without having to mirror your screen.
  • No streaming to tv 1/5

    By Jack ee
    This could be a great app. But you can only stream live events that nobody watches. All the shows can only be watched on your device
  • Do not give this company any money. 1/5

    By OobieDoobBenubi
    This app is horrible. I hope all the people associated with it fail at everything in life.
  • Do NOT download this app!! 1/5

    By GlubGlub2
    If I could give this app 0 stars I would. I cannot even create an account. At the bottom of the screen I keep getting a 'reminder' that my username should be 3 to 15 characters long. And of course when I check it, it's 12 characters. I tried to make it exactly 15 characters and anything in between but it didn't work. I exited the app and came back but I still had the same problem. This app is a waste of time.
  • Really Love the shows but it needs work 3/5

    By Zeii💋
    Some times it doesn't load the sound , videos are sometimes messed up and will repeat the same thing like 10 time but if it's working it's great the shows on here are pretty good
  • What happened to futbol? 1/5

    By Jazz Kat
    I downloaded this for the sports, not the other content. I'm deleting the app. Not worth it.
  • Useless after big update 1/5

    By Luis Grimaldo
    You can no longer watch shows on demand. You can't watch some shows at all. i.e. The locker room (esp). Chromecast works better now after update too bad there's nothing to watch because the shows I want to watch are not available anymore / there's a bug.
  • No captioning for the deaf 1/5

    By Iggyfar
    Disappointed that there is no captioning of the video for the deaf or hearing impaired.
  • Crap 1/5

    By rapidunited
    Don't waste your time. Shows take forever to load and most things to watch are useless
  • Missing basic features 2/5

    By KenF225
    This app feels as if it were written by someone who never watches streaming video. No picture-in-picture. Scrub bar appears and disappears randomly. Doesn't mark episodes of series watched, and is very bad at tracking what you're watching across devices, so it's easy to lose your place in a series. Many annoying UI design issues make it overall extremely annoying. Bottom line: If you don't want to run down your data but want to watch video on a Verizon data connection, use this app. Otherwise, find another one.
  • What's up with the live sports broadcasting? 1/5

    By #Jas0n77
    It use to bring the sporting games live ( La Liga, Seri A, League 1, ETC.) now it doesn't, I don't like this update, and why can't we watch highlight shows again?Y'all is a disappointment I can't believe this, please go back to that version, y'all don't broadcast Monday night soccer, English championship highlight show, etc. get back those, I really use to love this app, but I'm not feeling it no more
  • Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By MShutt
    Trying to watch a show that was made from one of my favorite books and the app continually crashes roughly every minute. THEN to really make you crazy, the episode starts all over again instead of wherever it left off. I'm uber annoyed. There's no other place I can watch this series other than the Go90 app. Please fix it!
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Mr. Static
    This app constantly crashes, I've rebooted my device several times uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well with no change. The volume is extremely low I have to watch it with headphones every time, which would be fine if I wasn't trying watch with other people. The website is just as bad for volume. I know it's free, but that shouldn't mean poor volume level. I would not recommend this app or service to anyone.
  • Excellent job 5/5

    By Josma711
    This is a first class streaming app. I just watched the whole classic Barca v. Madrid and it was an amazing experience. 100% recommended.
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By Sky High 711
    I can't watch anything on this because it keeps crashing! I'm missing El Classico because of this nonsense! I'm so disappointed with this.
  • 0 star 1/5

    By Teddyku
    Crash ..crash ..crash That's what this app is good for . 0 star
  • Want upload?????? 1/5

    By Icgrits
    Want upload??????
  • Edited review* 2/5

    By AlbertoDeleon
    The streaming quality is not full HD, settings don't help. Not the picture you'd spect on a chromecast.
  • I like it 5/5

    By el papa robe
    I'm using it more than for you tube,, lol
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By MPthorns
    Bought this app to be able to what the NWSL games as they are no longer streamed on YouTube. I am an avid supporter of the league and I am incredbley disappointed with this app. It crashes constantly. As someone who hoped to see the womens league keep growing, this was a step in a very wrong direction. Can hardly watch any of the games now when I used to watch them all. So much for being excited for the season.
  • Love you verizon 4/5

    By Justin_Case619
    Love you so much for this
  • GOOD JOB 5/5

    By Christian lepe
    FINALLY THIS IS WHAT I WANTED💥💥💥💥thanks for the sports
  • Shame on Verizon 1/5

    By Manatarms25
    I downloaded the application to find some content to stream and save on data. Not only would the selected content not load and only crashed, but they also have a category on the front page "Puff Puff Pass" showing all videos on marijuana usage.
  • Disappointed... 2/5

    By Ann Marie.
    THIS WAS A GREAT APP! Great things to watch for free but after the newest update I am unable to get the stinking app to load. It's take 10 minutes just to get the app to open then when I try to log in with Facebook or anything else it's takes an additional 20 minutes just to tell me sorry had a problem using FB or whatever and kicks me out.... please fix this I was looking forward to using this app but I shouldn't have updated because it is no longer working on my iPhone........
  • No OnDemand shows anymore 1/5

    By App137495
    The app used to give you the chance to watch shows after they have aired or played, but not anymore. For instance you could watch La liga ended games or shows like The locker Room from BeinSport ⚽️. So sad. Plus, the app is not indexed properly.
  • Doesn't Cast to Chromocast 4/5

    By KazRx
    App works great for me on my iPhone and IPad; no freezing or skipping. However, Id like to not have to hold them for hours watching shows at night. Please fix this! I tried deleting the app and reinstalled but still didn't work.
  • Notifications 2/5

    By Mlenzzz
    I favorited NWSL and you don't send me notifications about those games but you send me notifications on games I don't care about. Really don't appreciate it. Also, let us stream NWSL games online rather than on our phones. It's annoying and it doesn't make sense to have it on the app but not online.
  • This may be the best thing ever 4/5

    By Offjffgbh
    It's so good I feel like it's a scam because I can't tell if qb1 is free but I feel like it is
  • Crash and burn 1/5

    By Robesomi
    Can't get through more than a second of anything you try to watch without the app crashing. Unfortunately this is the only way to watch/rewatch the NWSL games, which means you can't watch them at all.
  • Disappointed customer 1/5

    By Oldesage
    When I searched for NWSL, go90 returned six news sites, yup- just what a soccer fan was looking for. Good luck with that go90.
  • NWSL??? 1/5

    By littlegale
    I downloaded the go 90 app in order to watch the historic 5th season of the National Women's Soccer League! It does not work on my iPad mini, but crashes after viewing the ad and a few seconds of the live match. All my other sports apps such as Watch ESPN, Fox Sports GO, and NBC Sports work fine. I was told by the tech support to contact Apple and update my software. My software is up to date. Very frustrated NWSL supporter!
  • Nobody like us PR 1/5

    By Naliia_
    I can't see the app in my country! Please fix that so I can enjoy it.
  • Get it right! 1/5

    By justmilesr
    Tried to sign up in order to launch the app and all I got was "Oops, something went wrong!" After second attempt DELETE

go90 – Stream TV & Live Sports app comments

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