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GOAT: Buy & Sell Sneakers

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  • Current Version: 1.7.1
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GOAT: Buy & Sell Sneakers App

GOAT is the safest way to buy and sell sneakers. We offer free verification services on all purchases to ensure your sneakers are authentic and as described. Featured in the Los Angeles Times, Complex, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Techcrunch and more. BUY Buy with confidence. All sellers are vetted, photos are verified and we require all sneakers to come to us for verification by our specialists prior to shipping to you. If the sneakers are found to be falsely advertised, weโ€™ll notify you and offer a full refund immediately. SELL Sell your sneakers (e.g. Nike, Air Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Adidas, Yeezy, New Balance) in minutes by simply taking photos and setting a price. We provide data to help you set a price and our Offers feature shows what buyers are willing to pay to help you sell more quickly. We also provide a prepaid, pre-addressed label to make shipping easy. DISCOVER Browse over 55,000 sneakers for sale, including Nike, Air Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Adidas, Yeezy, New Balance and more. View curated lists of sneakers to help you discover what to buy next and view Onfeet photos added by other users.

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GOAT: Buy & Sell Sneakers app reviews

  • Easy 5/5

    By RedSqCG
    The easiest way to get kicks online...
  • LISTEN TO THIS NOW!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Jsjgskskxb
  • Good nice perfect apppp 5/5

    By Jay love instahram
    This app got all the sneakers ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • True Breakdown of GOAT 1/5

    First off, the app itself is very good, the design is fantastic, the layout is great, easy to search and add shoes to a watch list (in this case a "want" list. However aside from the app itself do not ever use this app unless you have no intentions of ever returning something. You have to wait around 10 days if not longer for your shoes because they have to be authenticated which I was fine with but they don't work weekends so if you order on Friday you're waiting 2 weeks. I get my Space Jams, supposed to be new, they weren't knew clearly worn 2 or 3 times but I can't keep $400 shoes if they aren't new, after arguing with me on multiple occasions that they were new I finally got them to allow me to return them, send them back on a Thursday, they lie and say they got them the next Thursday even though it's 3-4 day shipping. Then they took 5 days to look at my shoes and tell me they wouldn't accept my return but no reason is given and at this point i have sent 4 straight emails with no response. Now I have 2 options, sell them through the app even though I'm a size 14 and it will take forever to sell them and I'd have to lose money because they take a percentage, or pay $32 to get my shoes shipped back to me. This is the dumbest process and most illegal thing I've ever heard of, not to mention they won't even respond to me anymore it's now been over a month and I don't have shoes or $400. Absolutely done with these people don't use the app.
  • Eh... just okay 2/5

    By Golfteam
    First things first, the app itself and the layout is okay they have a lot of shoes, but they also don't have some of the more exclusive shoes which if I am online on this app I am usually looking for a certain sneaker that I cannot find in stores, online at the big retail stores, or in some of the bigger name resell places. They do give you the option to "let them know" what shoe it is you are looking for and they "will add it to the app", but don't get your hopes up because I have yet to see a shoe added that I have tried to add and let them know they don't have on the app. Second, if you want to buy a sneaker and you would like to have them for a certain event you need to order at least THREE WEEKS in advance because the process is EXTREMELY slow. The seller has to ship it to GOAT they have to verify it which takes 3-5 days and usually longer whenever I buy and then ship to you which takes 3-5 days also so you're looking at 10 days, but every shoe I have ordered has gotten to me in 14 days and a few took a little more than that! (BTW StockX the shoes get to me in 2-3 days and that's with a verification) so if you want to buy don't expect it anytime soon! Third, if you want to sell on GOAT do not even bother. You have to had sold on another selling source before and be approved to sell which takes 30 days. I understand this that they don't want sellers that sell fake shoes, but since they are authenticating every single shoe I don't really see a need for this at all. All they really need to do is put in the terms and conditions "if you want to sell you can, but if you send a fake shoe we will keep the shoes and never let you sell or buy on the app again" (also what StockX does...). Third, I like that you can buy used sneakers and a lot of them are in great condition and that is great for sellers that have shoes that have barely been worn, but with that being said, there are tons of sneakers that are literally falling apart, fading, and fraying. Kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. Why would anyone want to buy a pair of used sneakers that don't even look the same color anymore that are falling apart for $150? NO ONE! Lastly, I bought a pair of Y-3 pure boost ZG knit which were used that were in great condition and they were on consignment meaning they had already been sent to the GOAT hq and had already been authenticated. They sat for 3 days and had still not been shipped so I sent an email after the and asked what was going on and they said they had to re-authenticate the shoes just to make sure they did not miss anything. I am sure mine were put in a line and did not get to mine until after the weekend which I understand, but if they had already been authenticated why do they need to be re-authenticated? Did they mediocrely authenticate them the first time? I mean it doesn't take much to decide if a shoe is real or fake it's pretty simple. I know this from experience. It sat for another day and I was anxious to get them because I was going to a sneaker convention the next weekend and wanted to be able to take them with me so I emailed again and asked if they could do me a favor by paying them some extra money and either expedite the authentication process or skip it and get it on the truck to ship to me so I could get them. They replied back and said we do not offer expedited shipping, but are thinking about offering it which is great, but that was not what I was asking "so I re worded it and asked again and they said, we cannot help you with your request because we have to follow the line to keep fairness. Okay, I run my own business and fairness is not really something I focus on to some extent. If someone said that to me and offered to pay me more money shoot I would do it especially if it didn't cost me any extra money that's more money in my pocket. Plus it isn't even about fairness they don't have to tell anyone and I wouldn't either because I would want them to be able to do it again for me. Also, the reason I asked this is because StockX and other companies do this exact thing for me regularly because it's easy, I'm happy, they get more money so they're happy and it's a win win for the both of us. I was disappointed to start seeing all of these things because I think GOAT is very well put together and it has a ton of potential, but it looks like they will never be able to grow if they do not work out these issues. The people they have there seem like they are happy with mediocrity. GOAT needs to hire some people who can not only identify the problems that they have, but find the solutions to those very same problems. Hope they can work out these kinks, but for now I'm sticking with StockX as my go to app for my sneaker neees.
  • Sneaker heads dream app 5/5

    By Kings91sickness
    I really love how easy it is to buy Jordan's with this app. Some of the hard to find Jordan's you can get. I've bought 4 pair and hands down this is my favorite sneaker app.
  • The perfect app 5/5

    Up until recently, I was dying to get my hands on a pair of authentic NMD's. Thanks to GOAT I'm now a proud owner of a rather rare pair of shoes that I purchased at a very reasonable price. This app is perfect. Everything from the layout and user interface to the staff at GOAT is world class.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Itetleytron
  • Avoid. 1/5

    By Zarex567
    This application/company is terrible. Not only did I pay 1.4K for a pair of messed up Yeezys, but now I have to deal with their adversarial and slow-to-respond staff members telling me that it's "common" for these shoes to be so busted up. Moreover, I have to fight them on Paypal for a refund. Horrible quality. No contrition. No customer service. Absolute joke of an app/service.
  • GOAT 5/5

    By Ugofutfvtuff
    This one of the best app I ever seen for hypebeats like me I really recommend everyone to buy shoes from here
  • GOAT service and quality 5/5

    By Awesomeness13899449
    Items are authentic and checked by specialists. The respond fast to questions and makes thing simple. They show processes from shipping to receiving. You can be guaranteed that the items are authentic than buying from eBay or Facebook. The seller fees are a little high but I get good service so I'm not complaining!!! Recommended for all shoe fanatics !!
  • Useful 5/5

    By dev1brown
    Never used the app as of yet but it seems easy enough for market research purposes
  • What is better than the goat app? 5/5

    By Godfathertellez
    It is just simply amazing and makes sure you get an authentic pair and also makes sure you don't get finessed. So i strictly recommend using this app !
  • GOAT 5/5

    By Annie 5277
    It says it all in the name
  • G.O.A.T. 5/5

    By Diskfmsldmankx
    Love the app, just got my first pair through the app. Everything came as described and they kept me in the loop the whole way. Will definitely use again.
  • Love the app but one problem! 5/5

    By hckwparsons
    I love this app I have bought multiple shoes from goat. I like the process they use to find a buyer and mainly authenticate the shoe. But the only thing bad about the process and the app is the length in time it takes to do all those steps but everything else is almost perfect about this app! I suggest downloading it!
  • Outstanding ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ 5/5

    By Shawn Bellamy
    This app is visual and helpfully pleasing. It's easy to navigate through , from the filters to the search bar, it is amazing. And the prices..... u can't beat it with a bat.... This is the new PLUG!!!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ
  • GOAT 5/5

    By Awsumam
    Great app
  • THE GOAT!!! 5/5

    By JdjdjsaxKdjc
    I've ordered 6 pairs from GOAT to date (about $2500 total) and I will definitely continue buying I haven't had a single problem yet!!! *knock on wood* GREAT APP AND PRICES ARE BETTER THAN EBAY!!!
  • GOAT 5/5

    By Kjoaquin99
    Great app!! A lot of varieties of shoes to choose from.
  • Fire 5/5

    By XTKxxiv
    I love it real user friendly and you can find any shoe u want
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By matt cap 123
    I bought a pair of Adidas "Gold Medal" ultra boosts and the price was reasonable and the app was very easy to use. Overall a great experience.
  • SHOES !!! 5/5

    By Saber-6
    Look no further, and stop buying fakes.
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Kalub mader
    I love this app because I found so many great shoes and for a great price. I can finally stop searching the web endlessly and just go to GOAT for my shoes now! I'm so glad I came across this amazing. IT'S A MUST HAVE, that's if you're a shoe fanatic like me. (:
  • Best app 5/5

    By Richardblue3rd
    Can't beat this app!
  • Maybe a 2 1/5 2/5

    By Coolminecraftidicshine
    First thing first, the quality of the app, I would rate that a 4 star, why because if you want to order shoes, you get them fast, easy, and not having to wait days for shoes to come. My problem I have with the application, is sadly, them have false shoes. What I mean by that is, for example, if you were to buy a pair of fresh out of the box, Yeezy Boost 350 Vยฎ, they would possibly be fake, because I did some research into the app, seeing it flaws, and all I had witnessed were that shoes they had, called "Yeezy Cleats." I know you're probably wondering why I'm writing a review about this topic? It's because quality matters, without quality, there's no business. Back to the "Yeezy Cleats" those are fake, and do you want to know how much you will pay for these fake cleats? A staggering 200 dollars!!! That's what I call outrageous! For fake shoes, you pay 200, I've never heard for anything like this, but you know, they have to make business....I would recommend this app, but shop carefully
  • Really good shoe buying service ! 4/5

    By Ty Dexter
    At first I wasn't really about the prices for the shoes because some of them would be out of hand but I came upon a pair of all star Jordan 6's that were below retail and I had to cop ! The waiting process after ordering is a pain ( 1-2 weeks ) but hey , your saving money . Also you can either do monthly billing or offer a certain amount or pay all at once . They do authenticate it so you wouldn't get scammed , try the app ! really good
  • Best show app ever 5/5

    By Jamesmatthews323310
    This app is legit and your shoes come fast I love this app I got a few pair of my Jordan's here. I would recommend this app 100%
  • Ethan'sGotKicks 5/5

    By Ethan Denver
    Awesome app already getting shoes and got the app yesterday.This app is awesome must get app for your shoe collection.
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By Thekiller12123
    I ordered shoes on 2/27/17 they still haven't come and, it says they have been delivered to me but they haven't when I know for sure my address is correct. The shipping took forever!!!! It took a week just to ship it to goat that is very unprofessional in my opinion.
  • best app for buying shoes 5/5

    By J Swag๐Ÿ’ฏ
    hands down, better than ebay on all levels.
  • Sign in didn't work 1/5

    By Rjrjfjcislafjfj
    I tried to register but it said "Oops try again" I uninstalled and reinstalled but still didn't work. It didn't even tell me what was wrong. From the terrible experience I had I would say this app is garbage.
  • ๐ŸŽ‰Just Awsome๐ŸŽ‰ 5/5

    By AsianBoy606
    This is the best app to buy and sell shoes!!!!! I give you my word.
  • An Authentic App 5/5

    By Nigerian7
    After one transaction, I am a believer. The GOAT app is legit! The app is easy to use and there is an extensive inventory of shoes. It took less than a week to get my shoes, even with the GOAT authentication step. Don't waste your time with eBay. Buying through GOAT will give you peace of mind that everything you purchase will be authentic. I definitely will use this app for the rest of my sneaker pick ups.
  • Unreliable app, sellers cheat buyers here!!!! 1/5

    By Syb7573330
    It's the first time I used this app to buy sneakers. I bought one pair from brand new list, but got a pair of used ones. Trying to contact customer service to return and get refund. But the customer service people respond very slowly, and didn't refund to me. Sellers can cheat buyers here, and this app is not responsible for that!!! Stupid people and unreliable app. For your safety, don't buy shoes here! This is my first time to use app, but this is also the last time I use this app! Cannot get my money back after receiving a pair of used shoes even though I bought one from brand new list. Plus, if you want to contact with customer service, prepare to wait for two days or so to get their response!!!
  • Goat 5/5

    By Ocgjkl
    This app is amazing Every time I miss a release I always come here
  • GOAT 5/5

    By Sota941
    This is by far the best app to buy and sell your kicks!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐ŸŒด๐Ÿ˜Ž
  • Worst app I have ever used 1/5

    By mahvelous
    Received an email confirming a purchase I did not make. The only way to contact them is thru email. Emailed a request to cancel. Nightmare! They allow 3 hrs to cancel - from when the order was supposedly placed. No refunds either, just a store credit. No customer service at this firm. They must have read The Art of the Deal.
  • Issues 3/5

    By Jdoubled99
    Everytime i try to put my credit card info to put an offer on the shoes it has an error and "your card is declined" or "incorrect card number"
  • On Point 5/5

    By Dad&Boujee
    I usually don't trust shoe websites or eBay to buy my shoes but I risked using this app. Not sure why but they had a good selection and I always wanted a pair of NMD's. Purchased a pair and a week and half later it was at my doorstep. The app is legit to where you can see the progress of the shipment. Well I hope my review helps you shoeheads out there!
  • Good 5/5

    By Fgtmofo69420
    This app is good but the prices are a little high
  • BEWARE 1/5

    By JadedCreative
    If you are 100% certain of style and fit go for it. However, the "full refund" is misleading, it's actually a store credit for future use, less shipping. The app itself it decent but makes buying risky in my opinion.
  • Real product, s**tty customer service... 1/5

    By Hypecxde
    I ordered a pair of Yeezys that were too small, no problem, I returned them in January and was told I had a credit to use on their website. I recently ordered the size I needed, well the credit never applied at checkout so at this point I've paid for 2 pairs!! I've been trying to get in contact with them for 3 days and they're just beating around the bush not doing anything to fix this!!
  • Love shoes this is the app 5/5

    By lorddarthstar
    Almost any shoe I wanted I have found right here๐Ÿค—
  • GREAT 5/5

    By doing big1
    I've never bought shoes off an app like this before but I just received the pair I purchased and I love it. This app is awesome and well worth the wait for the shoes.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Glxowz
    This app is lit is has all the kinds of kicks I need in very great prices too ๐Ÿ’ฏ
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Codasskicker
    Ordered 2 pairs and they cancelled both my orders
  • Appalling Seller Service 1/5

    By Ieatfeces
    This app is a great thing for sneakerheads worldwide; however, the verification system is MUCH too strict. I accurately described a pair of yeezys for sale with no box, shipped them in a replacement box regardless, and get them sent back over 2 weeks later because it was not the right box. Thanks for nothing.

    By Mayyhem13
    Just download it ppl
  • Lit 5/5

    By Awesome creeper 19

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