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The new Gogo Entertainment Player brings the magic of the movies and TV to the sky and onto your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Use the Inflight Entertainment service to watch the latest movies and hit TV shows in flight. Just make your selection, download the player, and enjoy the show!

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  • GoGo service is awful 1/5

    By Audrey1715
    First of all chastising people for thinking that a service provide in the air would require you to first download an app before hand is just lame. Terrible model. But what's really unbelievable is how awful the GoGo internet service is in Alaska Airlines. It's been that way for years now. And instead of fixing the problem they just give the people that complain a credit. A lot of good that died when I'm trying to get some work done over the internet and I've paid $49.99 every month. Haven't had a single flight in 4 years without a problem. Where's my options FCC?
  • Apparently I should have the precognition to download this app before getting in my flight 1/5

    By TofferG35
    Get real. The wireless access points on these flights are terrible, coupled with the exorbitant costs for real service ($35 for a day of Gogo gets us a month of terrestrial high speed internet) yields an atrocious user experience. Is it so much to ask for secured wireless as well? Wonder how many people get their data sniffed on these flights. Gogo access points also have terrible problems authenticating with Apple devices. I thought I may have entertainment on this flight - I started the download, watched it crest 75% download, and then completely error out and failed on my download. Back to playing offline games for 4 hours. Do people really pay 35 bucks for unsecured, exploit prone, low bandwidth, problematic WiFi?
  • Horrible worthless app. 1/5

    By AshtarBrian
    Shane in American Airlines for implementing this horrible piece of garbage. Don't even bother installing. Doesn't work.
  • No 1/5

    By cucker6969
    Just no this is terrible
  • I was only 9 years old 1/5

    By Bankysdog
    I loved Shrek so much. I had all the merchandise. "Shrek is love," I'd say. "Shrek is life." It's all ogre now, laddy.
  • Im impatient 3/5

    By Givemealegendary
    I dont like waiting, and it took like 10 minutes to dl for me in flight.
  • Works just fine 5/5

    By Danithenerd
    Didn't have any issues and NO I didn't download before we took off! We didn't know believe it or not everybody doesn't know lol. It works great regardless
  • 23 seconds 5/5

    By Seldomfly
    I just downloaded the app in less than 30 seconds.
  • Why you all confused 5/5

    By Merry Christmas to all
    I downloaded fine on the plane (American Airlines) Took a few minutes but nothing unbearable
  • Worked for me 5/5

    By Vzndave
    I didn't know about the app, I downloaded while in flight. Sure it took a while, but so what. The app worked fine.
  • Never plays movies then crashes 1/5

    By Mmmmmmmmmmonkey
    This is one of the worst apps I've ever used. Whenever I try to play a movie it says the movie can't start and to try again. I try again and the same thing happens. After about the third time the app just crashes.
  • App 1/5

    By Dirks sandbank
    Horrible. Can't download or watch anything. It's just a waste of money and time
  • Can't sleep screen & continue audio. 1/5

    By starts with j
    I'm on a plane with no outlets for several hours, listening to comedy. I don't need battery-eating video. This is a basic option in most entertainment apps.
  • Don't need to download before .. 5/5

    By Anonymous2305779654380217
    I downloaded on my flight and it was fine, not sure what all these bad reviews are about!
  • Works great 5/5

    By Marenata
    I was able to download the app mid-flight 😱😱...not sure what the others are talking about, maybe GoGo upgraded the services. I browsed movies, shows, played all of them, was able to hear very well, absolutely no complaints!
  • LOVED it!!!! 5/5

    By Mrs. Camacho22
    Watched a movie on my Delta flight with absolutely NO problems!!! I downloaded the app before getting to the airport. Took less than 1 minute to download! The bad reviews are ridiculous!!! If you download the app before you get to the airport, I guarantee you should not have an issue. You have to wait for the WiFi signal to turn on on the plane to connect to wifi. Once you are connected, just open the Gogo app and you are set! I watched the movie with no glitches, or problems! Don't forget to bring your head phones!
  • Service didn't work 1/5

    By Followed Instructions
    I followed the instructions carefully, downloading the app in advance, and attempted to select a movie once we reached cruising altitude. Wifi connected, and the webpage opened, but it repeatedly failed to load the available program options, let alone play a program through the app. The app might be great, but if I can't see or select the programs, it's pointless.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Fred2346
    You should inform people of the "download before flight" app instructions before we are flying. Stupid system. No other airlines have these problems.
  • Why are Preflight instructions in magazine on plane 1/5

    By Betajdl
    Works ok but content isn't so special that an app is needed. Also - 1 star cause you are supposed to download before flight. You only know this because the magazine you read in flight tells you
  • This app is horrendous 1/5

    By Solitaireee King
    The app does not work as it is supposed to and the gogo wifi on any flight is absolutely horrendous!
  • Thank you to the previous reviewer. 4/5

    By Abraxas the 3rd
    Personally being unknowing of this free app/inflight entertainment option after being spoiled on the first flight with seat back screens, I was patiently waiting the 10-15 min for this app to download and came across your review - it made me smile and chuckle to myself enough the person next to me was probably wondering what was so funny/entertaining. I agree with all of your statements. I also verify this is an good option as long as the person next to you isn't monopolizing the USB charge port. 1 disappointment was the difference in options from the seat back - I had my movie planned but it wasn't available with the app. All worked out because there are plenty of other options.
  • How about we're not so snotty? 3/5

    By Chuck1964
    Copied from Delta.com "ENTERTAINMENT IN YOUR HANDS To stream on your laptop (Windows 10 compatible), iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ tablet device, you'll need the Gogo Entertainment App, available from the app store or via Delta Wi-Fi Portal once in flight. We recommend you download the app in advance so you can start watching quickly in the air." It VERY clearly says that you can download the app in flight, they recommend that you download it before so that you can start watching more quickly. YES, it's smarter to download on the ground where you're likely to have better bandwidth, but you're wrong "Download B4 takeoff" and others to berate people who're having problems with the program.
  • Terrible app! 2/5

    By Loandude
    I downloaded on a previous trip so already had the app installed and had used it, but the TV show I had selected was bad so I tried to stop it midway and select something else. Nope. Wasn't happening. There was absolutely no way to get back to the selection menu from the app screen I was on. I finally back to the gogo website in my browser and selected something else, but every time I clicked the "Watch now" button, I got an error that the link was invalid. This happened for every show I tried to choose. So I deleted the app and am now reinstalling which is taking forever because I'm now in flight. Big waste of time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    Over an hour their help And no success
  • Not working 1/5

    By Yardkl
    I travel 2x a week and this app has NEVER worked on my iPhone 6 running IOS 10.2. I installed BEFORE I took off (many times) and whenever I start a movie I get a message that says "We are having trouble retrieving your video". I did all the troubleshooting steps on the gogo website and I even did a live chat with gogo support and followed all their instructions. Nothing works. Frustrating when I see others phones working fine.
  • Terrible waste of time 1/5

    By TheGambit
    1990's called an want their internet back
  • Not too shabby 4/5

    By Rachel Boston
    If I would have actually read the instructions before flight I would have not had to take so long for it to download, but once Downloaded I was good to go. At least now I'll be able to watch a movie on my flight home.
  • Free inflight movies are great but many improvements needed 2/5

    By lamb0211
    Love that I can stream movies for free on delta flights but a number of bugs still need to be worked out. 1) viewing screen won't rotate with the direction of your device so if you have a phone case with a kickstand on it the movie views upside down and won't rotate to adjust. This means you need to take your phone out of the case and lean it up against the case instead. 2) needs a quick rewind/fast forward button as just jumping back or ahead a few seconds is nearly impossible. 3) if you start watching a movie in the app you're basically stuck with it unless you go back into the Gogo website on your web browser. This makes no sense whatsoever, makes the app clumsy to use, and is just plain annoying.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Amaz Girl🍩💩
    I personally think that this app is AMAZ. Such high quality movies, and TV shows. So you people/viewers who rate this app 1 ✴️, think you should get a life😁.
  • Works on my ancient iPad- downloaded prior to flight. 5/5

    By TooTiger
    My iPad 2, vintage 2011 or so, is very slow with most things. I flew to Alaska recently and saw this advertisement on their website. Fortunately I read some reviews that urged loading the App before the flight and did so without a hitch. I watched several movies, some had subtitles. Even with good headphones, I had a little trouble hearing some of the dialogue. I learned to only select a movie that said it had subtitles. I hope this service stays free. I love Alaska, but it always means long flights for me.
  • Download Time 1/5

    By Captwetjet
    Takes forever.
  • Fast download 5/5

    By Sunshine_77232
    Took less than 15 seconds!!!
  • Didn't have a problem downloading 5/5

    By henrygfranco
    Downloaded this on my AA flight in like 5 minutes. Also while I think a third party app shouldn't be necessary, I also don't think that's a reason to negatively review the app itself or to complain about download times. It's free entertainment on an otherwise painfully boring flight.

    By LakeIre
    I followed the instructions on the Delta App and downloaded this at home. It took less than 4 seconds and works fine. Those that choose to download during the flight have no one to blame except themselves for the slow download time.
  • Hijacked my icons 1/5

    By Searching for color
    Okay, yes I downloaded this before flight and was able to enjoy problem-free movies during flight. However, ever since then my favicons (the icons on Safari favorites page) have been changed to annoying GoGo logos. And despite searching message boards for a fix, I cannot fix this. I would rethink downloading GoGo just because they have taken over my icons and I find that unethical and rude.
  • Not ready for general use 1/5

    By eshelle
    I downloaded the app before the flight and was excited to give it a try. The interface was kludgy and took forever to perform any and all requests. I never could get a show to play. After about a 45 minutes I gave up and read a book. It has potential but is not ready for general use. Really needs a beta disclaimer.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Fishheadsnkw
    I wish I could finish my movie but other then that it was awesome and I download the app after takeoff because my iPad does not have a line only wifi
  • Worked a charm 5/5

    By Peddle to the metal
    And yes, I downloaded on plane. In seconds. It's great.
  • Slow download = contact live chat = problem solved! 2/5

    By SebOnVacay
    Contact live chat. Problem solved. It will take 15 mins to make it work but it does work. Only 2 stars for making me work on my vacation!!😁
  • Better instructions 3/5

    By Vanjaslau
    I am about to take off and found the streaming option. Since I'm just sitting here, I thought I'd download the app. I see so many saying to read the directions but there are none!!! Says to connect to gogo wifi first then download... but you can't connect until your in flight. Thank goodness I saw the reviews!
  • Quick Download 5/5

    By eric_abobo
    I just download this app on my flight to New York and the download lasted 1 minute. I'm satisfied!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Review system is rigged
    Anyone who said you should know to download the app before your flight is fake news.
  • Dumb reviewers 5/5

    By The Bradass
    Virtually everyone leaving a 1 star review for this app is an idiot. Ignore their ratings and realize that an in-flight download is going to be painful unless you pay for a 30 min pass or contact go go support for a free one. Derpy people are derpy... end of story. The app itself operates as it should.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By JamieGal
    I paid for a one day pass to use this software during my flight. It did not work. Tried again for my return flights. It worked okay for the first one, totally useless for the second. More trouble than it's worth.
  • This app blows 1/5

    By Jmilljr
    Followed the instructions, and it didn't work on any of my 4 flights I took while using it. Don't even waste your time.
  • Just download before takeoff 5/5

    By Masterpice14
    Seriously people need to learn how to read before rating. All these one stars are because people try to download the app while flying. It seems like app review now means download speed review.
  • No thought through! 1/5

    By No time for this!!
    Typical half thought through crap. Expect users to know they will be users before the fact. Not that travelers are busy or anything. Of course as soon as you read you should download it off-plane...your on plane looking as most do for entertainment to pass the time. As if we plane for that brief time we finally have a breather. Come on guys! Think through this stuff so we don't have to!
  • Gogo is terrible 1/5

    By Etanh760
    Their internet is so slow, it's no wonder that American wanted to sue them last year. It goes without saying that Gogo's media app will be slow to download due to its ridiculously slow internet speeds. I really hope this company goes bankrupt. You're robbing consumers everyday with your horrible service.
  • Fast download 5/5

    By Islandgali
    Maybe they fixed the downloading problem. I was able to download it in 2 minutes on the flight.
  • Not good 2/5

    By Sum1tookmyniknaym
    Audio wasn't synched and volume wouldn't go high enough to hear at 300 mph and 34,000 feet. Tried different movies and different devices. Same result. Hope they fix it. It's a great idea. Not a great execution.

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