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Gogo Entertainment App

The new Gogo Entertainment Player brings the magic of the movies and TV to the sky and onto your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Use the Inflight Entertainment service to watch the latest movies and hit TV shows in flight. Just make your selection, download the player, and enjoy the show!

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  • Can't Download Inflight 1/5

    By Nickname 3.1415
    Delta requires this app to watch in flight movies so it prompts to begin a download. But it apparently can't be downloaded in flight. Not cool.

    By Doganimal
    believe the low rating... I did not. It has hacked my TV app on my iPad (which it uses to display films) so that now on the plane I can't use the TV app unless I have Gogo installed and use the Gogo wifi connection.
  • F Minus 1/5

    By Boston Brent II
    GoGo is a similar to the experience of buying a ticket on, dissecting the mountain of rules and fine print of and enduring a flight on a major carrier. In comparison to this app, in-flight Internet and entertainment on the discount carriers is superior in every important way; mainly available content and ease of use.
  • Great if you follow the directions 4/5

    By Rad BOBALIFE!101!
    If you download the app like they tell you to before the flight it works fine and has a great selection of shows and movies.
  • No gogo 1/5

    By Sidifidj
    Downloaded the app just fine, but it could never play a movie I selected

    By Download B4 takeoff
    DOWNLOAD BEFORE YOU TAKEOFF!!! Quit giving 1 star for your failure to read simple instructions! A few tips I found out to help in downloading. Download it before you takeoff. If you are in the air and reading this, you're wrong! So, download it before you takeoff. Another thing that helped me was that I downloaded it before I took off. If this doesn't help, you can get on Delta's website and read where it says, " Download before you takeoff." If you can't for some reason download it before you takeoff then you can always download it in the airport terminal, before you takeoff. If not there, then at home before you go to the airport, before you takeoff. I did hear of a flight attendant helping others in flight with slow download times. She had a trick that sped things up. She told customers to download the app before boarding the plane...BEFORE TAKING OFF. So, in review, you should download the app before taking off.
  • Very slow to download 1/5

    By El General Kiwi
    How is it that this app can supposedly stream movies but I can't download it in under an hour in-flight. How is this an in-flight app then? Why use an app at all when we could stream this through American Airlines website instead. Gogo is a fail. I hope AA dumps them soon.
  • Won't play 1/5

    By Bluehengirl
    Downloaded easily. Nothing will play on it though. Just staring at a black screen and nothing. I can move to other parts of the movie, but it still will never, ever play. Terrible
  • No major issues here. 4/5

    By AppelPieInYourEye
    I have used it on my iPad and iPhone and it's no problem to watch movies inflight. There's a slight jitter in action scenes, and it can be a slight pain to switch movies after completing one. Otherwise it is flawless.
  • Good for one thing 1/5

    By Somedudegivingareview
    The only thing good about this app is pretending to download it to get 15 minutes of free wifi.
  • Movies won't load 1/5

    By Jimmyblue42
    Have app and AA app. Movies won't play. Continuous unable to play error for any/all movies!
  • so.. 5/5

    By jason1312BR
    took less than a min to download... so... i think the secret is to download this app BEFORE the flight takes off 😉
  • Works well, too many taps needed 4/5

    By Markhl2
    Download the app before you board a Delta plane. It works well once I connect to Gogo onboard Wi-Fi. Then I have to click through about eight screens to watch a movie. The service works smoothly on my iPhone 6 with no dropouts or buffering delays
  • Don't try this 1/5

    By Maxxy81
    By far the worst experience I've ever had in flight. I wasted over half an hour trying to get this to work. No movies would load, the wifi was awful, and the app took almost the whole flight to download. I will never waste my time on this again, and you shouldn't either.
  • Time for Gogo to go go away 1/5

    By Very unhappy app user
    Pathetic. Time for another option. Without competition, Gogo is clearly not worried about service...
  • Downloads fast when you read the instructions. 5/5

    By Stephi2boobies
    So many complaints about the length of time this app takes to download. Well if you read the instructions from delta studio it clearly states that you should download this before your flight so you can use it as soon as the wheels are off the ground! Don't fault the app because you didn't follow instructions. Last minute flights or changed airlines etc. okay I get not being prepared with downloading beforehand. I downloaded the app at home in no time at all! It works great. I suggest if you fly delta then download this now so you aren't waiting inflight for a slow download.
  • Still Waiting... 1/5

    By S ni!f/"
    App takes too long to download. I have the app but just needed the update. Still waiting...
  • Stupid people shouldn't rate this 4/5

    By SunnyAshTreeMeadow
    It says right away, download at home. So anyone rating low because they can't follow directions should have rating deleted. The app works just fine, loses connection occasionally but better than no connection. Download at home first.
  • Download @ home 5/5

    By {Karnage13}
    I forgot to download the app before my flight to Hawaii, but I just downloaded it when I got to the hotel using their free wifi and it took less than a minute. Don't review the app for the download time, that has nothing to do with apple.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By LinaGH
    This app takes way too long to download on the phone. By the time it downloads on your phone, you are already half way through your flight.
  • VERY GOOD! 5/5

    By Yuyfrtiufyu
    This app is very good lets you watch free movies idk why all bad reviews this is good!
  • Latest review 5/5

    By SamchezPlaza
    Pay Delta flight rates get Delta time downloads. 😁I'm in AA in a 7plus and my app downloaded before the sturdiest👩🏻‍💼 even made it 1-2 way back the isle from serving drinks. Decided to review the app while it downloaded. Now when she gets back to me I'll order another drink and enjoy the movie. 🎥 - it's free ppl. U get what u get and dint throw a fit*👨🏼‍✈️✈️safe Travels
  • Download 5/5

    By Preceptori
    Try reading the email that Delta sends right after booking. It will tell you to download the app BEFORE boarding. Never had an issue with the app.
  • App works - people don't! 5/5

    By FJY II
    The app works great. The 1 star ratings are about the connection to download the app. You won't have a problem if you read the email sent out by the airline and download before the flight! People using common sense that's the real 1 star rating!!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Ethical treatment of student!!
    So, you spend time trying to download the POS, then it doesnt work! It locks up with a screen that says "WiFi is disabled"...when it isn't. I tried turning wifi on and off multiple times and reinstalling the App. No work!! Hunk of junk is just poorly designed like most of American Airlines business practices. Test your stuff!!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Mitchell2242
    I was able to watch a movie however after the movie I was never routed to watch something else. My screen stayed black. My daughter had the same problem.
  • The App is Great. Just Download Before Your Flight. 5/5

    By im_stacey
    Works great! If you read most of the negative reviews, it's from idiots complaining about how it took the entire 2 ½ hour flight to download the app. Well duh, YOU'RE THOUSANDS OF MILES ABOVE THE EARTH'S SURFACE. It's like reading an Amazon review of a moron who gave an item 1 star because they didn't read the exchange rate on a European size garment and complain "they sent me the wrong size!" Pay no attention to the 2 star overall review. Unless you're one of the aforementioned idiots or morons. In which case, you're not intelligent enough to read any of these reviews anyway.
  • Download process includes dodging errors 2/5

    By chris.ridgeway
    Received multiple errors on iPad when on plane trying to click from Safari to App Store. Lots of small things make it harder on mobile not easier. Clearly hasn't gone through a good user experience study.
  • Good luck trying to download in flight 1/5

    By Aerotran
    This app is the biggest tease. You're sitting on an Alaskan flight with a brochure saying free movies. There's like ten steps and each one you think your closer to watching the movie, but no it will eventually not finish downloading the app and you've wasted that half hour thinking you would be watching a movie soon.
  • Shame on American Airlines.... 1/5

    By Cheka1917
    The GoGo Entertainment app is a farce... American Airlines has fallen far behind its competitors with this bloated, slow, and antiquated service. GoGo's internet speeds are atrocious and unreliable.
  • Shoddy 1/5

    By LadyClegane
    The dismal in flight wi-fi that gogo provides makes it nearly impossible to download the app, much less use it.
  • Downloading app takes most of the fight 1/5

    By WritingNicknamesIsHorrendous42
    Downloading the GoGo application while in-flight took most of the fight (first attempt timed out at 75%), so I was unable to watch the advertised in-flight movie.
  • Slow DL but getting there 5/5

    By tigerhamilton
    After reading the reviews telling me not to download the app during the flight I'm doing it anyway. Been about 5 min and it's half done so I'm not worried about that. Maybe it helps I'm on Alaska Airlines and not Delta? Free movies tonight so it's well worth the wait
  • Just sends you to a website 1/5

    By UsMetriX
    This is not an "app", all it does is open your web browser to a website. Garbage. You can enter the website yourself in your browser, no need for this app.
  • unusable - crashes 1/5

    By Nicholas247
    would be nice if it worked on iphone 6 plus. crashes and closes out at startup
  • Thanks eturner 3/5

    By Tcatfeb
    You saved my the effort of typing my review. Greatly appreciated!
  • Never again trusting this free wifi 3/5

    By Your mom el stuipido
    On top having to download a bunch of useless apps just to watch a movie That came out about 2 years ago shouldn't be a problem why can't we just get straight free wifi I can't watch YouTube or anything else on this stupid internet service
  • Works just fine 5/5

    By Gggggpp
    This app works just fine. Just remember to download before you're on your flight, unlike the rest of the other poor saps writing reviews on here.
  • Why the low rating??? 5/5

    By StevinUNIQUE
    I had absolutely zero problems downloading this app, it downloaded within 2-3 minutes and I went to Safari, picked a movie to watch and it opened the app and played it perfectly and in high quality. I'm rating it 5 stars to make up for the low rating this app received. Probably people with ancient phones, I use an iPhone 6S Plus and had no problem whatsoever.
  • Good experience 5/5

    By Ash3456
    Worked great, downloaded in about 5 minutes just after take off.
  • App works great! 5/5

    By smtrjc
    To the previous reviewers - Slow downloading of the app has nothing to do with the app! It took 8 mins to download on AA.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By I Hate GoGo
    Impossible to download in flight on crap GoGo wifi. Completely useless.
  • Hmm 3/5

    By JReese778
    Haven't flown delta yet. Took me all of 3 minutes to find out what kind of in flight entertainment there is and to download this app. Kind of unfair so many 1 stars just because you're not prepared...
  • Terrible 1/5

    By L-E-V-I-T
    They claim the internet is fast, but it's slow and it disconnects so often that you can never even download the app in a 3 hour flight. Every time it disconnects it makes the app download restart.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Jo jo mcgibbons
  • Descent 3/5

    By 乙u乇丂
    The page took a little while to download on Alaska Airlines but the movie quality and everything else is fine-I suggest you download it before getting on your flight.
  • Fast 5/5

    By Sophiataco
    I was able to quickly download the app on my phone. For everyone who is complaining about the app taking hours, you should probably make some Extra space on your phone.
  • Must download BEFORE Flight 5/5

    By Bawenger
    This app always works wonderfully for me. Always. People have issues when they try to download the app with the inflight wifi - it will not work that way (I've been there). Download BEFORE your flight (took literally 3 seconds), and enjoy movies from your device inflight. My movie even kept streaming during landing (with wifi off), I guess because it had loaded so well.
  • Worst service ever 1/5

    By video_g
    GoGo is worse than bad, its a time sucking &$@:$ of a service that tricks you into thinking you might get useful internet. Instead, you waste thirty minutes trying to login, get it working, downloading this pointless app (assuming you can get enough bandwidth for that). Gogo has stolen hundreds of my dollars and hours of my time because of their god awful monopoly in the sky. I'd rather be on a flight without internet, the time spent trying to use GosucksassGo wouldve been better spent reading. Or anything else for that matter. Can't wait till these idiots get disrupted
  • Problem lies in the middle 3/5

    By eturner37
    On one hand, this app takes half the flight to download once you realize you need it. On the other, it works well once it's downloaded. All these people are sitting there like you should've known to download in the airport, well I generally don't expect to have these services offered to me the 4/5 times I fly a year on average flights of 2/4 hours. I only think of in flight entertainment on the 5+ long hauls. I think it'd be nice if Delta made an announcement before they go through the whole safety procedure, or even at the gate when they announce boarding groups. It'd solve the problem of knowing about it when you have good connection on the ground and not having to download in the air. Having fun reading all these reviews and submitting mine as well WHILE I WAIT for the download of course. I hope you, the reader, are enjoying your flight, and your trip "wherever your travels may take you"

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