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Gogo Entertainment App

The new Gogo Entertainment Player brings the magic of the movies and TV to the sky and onto your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Use the Inflight Entertainment service to watch the latest movies and hit TV shows in flight. Just make your selection, download the player, and enjoy the show!


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  • Download 1/5

    By Make new updates
    It is so dumb that you have to download an app to watch shows or movies. Useless and it takes so long to download. Poor job, this app is terrible.
  • Really good quality 5/5

    By Monsterjuju
    It’s amazing what some people will complain about. People are annoyed that they didn’t know about the app before the flight so give it one star? Really? This app is solid. It took about 5 minutes to download (I did spring for WiFi on the plane) and the movies stream perfectly. The quality is very good, and its nice to be able to see these on my iPad rather than the screen on the seat back.
  • Subtitles needed 3/5

    By Quewzon
    In theory, great app for flights, but couldn’t really find movie with subtitles, which is bad if you’re hearing impaired. Really needs to include subtitles for movies
  • Really Bad 1/5

    By Dean24k
    It only worked good for one move. After that I could only see the movie on every flight after that.
  • Horrible User Experience 2/5

    By chknofthescene
    The download is so slow. Sure I could have downloaded it before flying. But then Gogo could have also come up with a better solution. 2 stars until they do.
  • Next time 2/5

    By RivrRnr
    I will write an app review next flight. It took this entire flight to download the app. Ridiculous.
  • Won't download 1/5

    By Happy and fun
    Terrible.. atrocious.. app will not download. AA makes it so much easier by using their app Ugh - t
  • GoGo does not work via Delta App on IPhone X 1/5

    By JMcClimb
    Sad, app does not work on my new IPhone X or on my work iPhone 7. Get the same error message that my OS is not supported. I used this app on my iPhone 6 and it worked fine.
  • Everyone hates your app 1/5

    By qwertyuippsjh
    Why would you charge 14$ an hour
  • Won’t download 1/5

    By Michael jacksonnn
    the app won’t download my n*gga
  • Never worked 1/5

    By Wrench Pilot
    I’ve never gotten this to work. No stars.
  • Unhappy 2/5

    By MBK1969
    Since your last “bug fix” I can’t watch movies horizontally on my IPhone 6. It used to work perfectly.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Dugaroo
    On Alaska Airlines the flight to Hawaii for my iPad mini, this app worked flawlessly. On the same flight, the app would play one video and not allow my wife to close out the viewed video and find another on her iphone7+. When we reached our destination, I deleted her application and reloaded it. On the return flight, she was able to use the application as designed and on my iPad mini, this time I watched a film and when it finished I could not get back to the home screen. I gave up and went to sleep. Great application.....if it works
  • Good, but needs some work. 2/5

    By Armeyer82
    I am a visually-impaired user and use Voice Over. The App seems to crash rather often. When it does work, it is fine.
  • Not a Solution 1/5

    By Po Bronson
    App won’t download on plane WiFi. So absolutely useless and a lie if you haven’t downloaded it before you get on. Despite all the onscreen promises.
  • Can’t download in air 3/5

    By navyfan89
    Upgraded software on my iPad. Gogo gone? Having a terrible time downloading it while I am in the air
  • Alaska Airlines: Tucson to Seattle 5/5

    By Musician&TechEditor
    I saw the download instructions before takeoff. Downloaded the app on my iPhone 8; picked a movie I hadn’t seem, and it worked great throughout the entire flight—even paused it several while flight attendants served refreshments and to take a break. Enjoyed the movie. Thanks Alaska and GoGo!
  • Can’t even download it 1/5

    By Oceanwirepc
    Over 1 hour only 50% download. Turtle speed
  • Touchy controls 3/5

    By Emeraldo9
    While it’s nice to even be able to watch streaming video on an airplane (for free, at that), the app could be much better if the playhead control wasn’t so touchy. As soon as you touch the playhead, you can easily accidentally bounce several minutes forward or back in the movie. In other words, there’s no precision when trying to re-watch the last 10 or 20 seconds. Also, it would be nice to have a jump back and jump forward control the way you can in the Netflix or Amazon Prime streaming apps. This way, if you miss a detail and want to watch the last 10 or 20 seconds again, you would simply press that control instead of trying to scroll with your finger on the playhead. Other than that, the app does it’s job, and lets me watch streaming entertainment, helping me get through a flight.
  • Doesn’t work well on iPhones 1/5

    By Kiki909876668
    For some reason I get connection errors every time I try to connect with my iPhone. It generally takes about 30 minutes of turning off and on WiFi and reconnecting to finally get it. It’s a pain.
  • Only allows one movie 3/5

    By LuvinUtah
    I was so excited to get this app and watch movies on my long flights. It works beautifully except it would not allow me to move onto something else if I chose something I didn’t like after beginning to watch it or if I watched something and still had more flight time to watch something else. I hope they can clarify why or fix it!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Snowht21
    I found out about this app while boarding for a long flight. Downloaded just prior to take off and enjoyed a great movie during the flight. This app was originally for Delta, but have most recently used it on Southwest. It works well and I’m spoiled now, won’t fly without ability to watch a movie!
  • Not too bad 5/5

    By Sonicsdungeons
    Not sure why there are so many neg reviews? But this app worked great! Only crummy thing is I didn’t get to finish the movie before I landed, but it was easy to use and didn’t have an issue with it.
  • It’s a joke, right? 1/5

    By TNPLV
    Launching the app after takeoff only to be told i need to update to new version. After 45 minutes, still waiting for it to download and its not even half way done. Only a 2.5 hour flight, so this is pretty much worthless, isn’t it?
  • Garbage what a joke of an app 1/5

    By Not taken already nickname6969
    Couldn’t wait to land so I could write a review. All the app does is crash in its attempts to lift barriers between what you want and what they have. Useless all flight.
  • Apple is not what it used to be 3/5

    By G_72
    I was trying to install the app for one of my family phones and it was completely impossible to make it work without a cell phone connection to receive a double verification even though I was approving in person. Somebody does not have common sense with these approvals. I had 3 hrs to try everything within my means and it was a 4hr flight frustration. The app works well but apple is not what it used to be!!
  • Seriously guys? 1/5

    By Please get by world back!
    While I do see people ranting about not being able to download in the plane, I do agree with it, but why can’t we just get free WiFi like seriously? It’s like $65.00 to watch something like YouTube. What is your guys’ problem? Disgraceful.
  • Eh App 2/5

    By MamaLaPoudre
    I really enjoy all the movies they have, but like many others have said, the download time takes FOREVER! Plus, it takes a long time for the movie you want to watch to load
  • Good Idea Gone BAD 2/5

    By Enzo413
    First off DO NOT download this app during ur flight it takes FOREVER I’ve been on a 3 hour flight downloaded the app and it wasn’t downloaded by the end of the flight. Also once u get ur movie and the app FINALLY downloads the movie cuts out A LOT and the connection breaks up sooooo...ig it’s better then nothing (: try harder next time GoGo...good concept, poor execution
  • Gets the job done on select domestic flights 1/5

    By campmoc
    A example of not adopting good tech. The app is sluggish, clumsy and echoes early 2000’s video apps. It falls way behind Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and other video apps. Airlines need to adopt better entertainment options.
  • Opens and closes 3/5

    By Ariea's second review
    I would have normally given this app 5 stars but it's not working anymore. I try to open the app and it automatically closes out.
  • 35 minutes later 1/5

    By Dremac82
    Still trying to download the app. Wish I would have known I needed an app to watch, I would've downloaded it before the flight so I wasn't sitting here staring at the seat belt and no smoking signs.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Slicmotor
    Terrible. Delta forces you to use this app while on the plane. I spent a half hour trying to refresh safari to even recognize the Wifi network to then download the app to then watch a show that froze multiple times throughout the flight. Phonetically Delta just gave me the D.
  • Slightly better than nothing 1/5

    By Mikeyboi17429
    Took about 2 hours to watch 30 minutes of a movie because the connection kept getting interrupted, so I eventually gave up. It would cut out every 10 seconds and it would take a minute or so to reconnect. Its great that some of these movies are free but actually being able to watch them would be a big improvement for the next update. This app would be marginal at best for a free service, but don't even consider wasting your money on it.
  • reasonable 5/5

    By willy anderson
    I don’t see why so many reviewers of this app are confused that they are unable to download it while on a flight. Additionally, the only thing I’d say is that the app needs more content! More shows, etc. :) But overall the idea behind the app is reasonable. 3 stars/5.
  • Immediately Crashes 1/5

    By bdkjones
    The app crashes within one second every time I try to launch it on iOS 11 on my iPhone X. Like everything GoGo touches, this is terrible.
  • Gogo stinks 1/5

    By gogo stinks
    Your wifi and app is molasses compared to united. Gogo app failed to load several times . Take a lesson from united inflight services.... next time I will fly united
  • Haha 5/5

    By GeneralMills39
    The app downloaded just fine once I was in the air and has worked with every flight I’ve ever been on. I fly a lot so I didn’t get lucky... I also didn’t pay for any internet, just turned it on and downloaded the app from the App Store. Haha. People love to whine . 5 stars for GoGo!!
  • App works great 5/5

    By MIPensFan
    The works as promised, but as Delta recommends on their website, download at home before your flight.
  • Never again. 1/5

    By Evanscool41304
    After booking a flight with American Airlines 8 months ahead. My first flight was great. My flight back was not so great. American had moved my seat and the help desk did nothing. After the flight it took another 45 minutes to get my luggage due to American Airlines merging it with another flight. Never again will I fly American Airlines.
  • ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By happy28828
    This is my favorite plane app you could watch movies❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Actual garbage 1/5

    By COMET 7
    Couldn’t even figure out the wifi was on
  • One way, no outlet 1/5

    By MOPPready
    Downloaded the app before a flight. Selected a movie from the choices, then closed the app for the safety brief. When I brought the app back up, it had the same movie selected with no option to go back to the menu. It was like a town full of one way streets going the same way. The whole town is seating on one side with only the option to watch the first movie selected. Haven’t figured out a way to get back to the menu yet. Gotta call this one a buggy dud.
  • Terrible download speed!! 1/5

    By Goodby SplashID
    I’ve been trying to download the app for over 30 minutes and it’s only at 50%.. Why not make a plugin for the web browser?
  • I wouldn’t know 1/5

    By Dtdave
    Because it won’t load! No better than the Alaska Airlines website, which is crap.
  • App blows 2/5

    By Pigzrule23
    Easy review. It doesn’t work.
  • Not happy!! 1/5

    By sad puss
    I’m not impressed at the moment!! Downloaded the app!! All I got is a blue app.. Says enjoy!!!! Enjoy what?? A picture of a blue app???!!
  • Great 5/5

    By schifferj
    I’ve used this app on Alaska Airlines flights to and from Hawaii. I downloaded and installed at home to avoid the hassle of downloading inflight. Nice to watch movies on my iPad with my headset.
  • Nice try Alaska Airlines 1/5

    By FrustratedMillennial
    Listen to NintendoJoe. Make sure to predownload the app before boarding!
  • No in flight entertainment 1/5

    By tastsmith
    Just paid $10 for one hour of internet on my delta flight so that I could download this app and access free movies. The app then says there is no in flight entertainment on this flight. The attendants specifically say there is. I would post a screen shot if I could but there’s no menu system or anything to troubleshoot. Terrible app. Terrible company that just ate $10 that there’s no way I’ll get back. Zero stars would be more accurate.

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