Good Morning Alarm Clock - Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Good Morning Alarm Clock - Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apalon Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Good Morning Alarm Clock - Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

Optimized for iOS 10. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day! Good Morning is a smart alarm clock that finds the optimal time to wake you up, alarm clock that keeps track of your sleep quality, and notifies you if you have a sleep debt. HOW IT WORKS Every night we go through different phases of sleep - from light to deep. The secret to waking up rested and feeling more energetic and alert upon awakening is to wake up during a period of your lightest sleep. Good Morning Alarm Clock uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to monitor your movements while you are sleeping and detect which sleep phase you are in based on your body movements. It creates a 30-minute window before the wake-up time you set and goes off within this window while you're in the lightest phase of sleep so gently that it feels natural to wake up. In the morning, you also get a nightly record of your sleep in the form of a graph along with the essential stats. CORE FUNCTIONALITY: * Good Morning Alarm Clock keeps track of your sleep phases and wakes you up gently at the perfect time to help you rise and truly shine in the morning. * Every morning the app provides you with the statistics on your last night’s sleep and easy-to-read sleep graph. * The clock gives advice on Sleep Quality. Get tips on how your sleep can be improved along with your night stats. * Aggregates weekly statistics for you. Thus you can track sleep debt, hours slept and quality of your sleep during the week and change your habits to sleep better. * Sends you stats reminder: No chance to forget about healthy sleep habits with a weekly summary on Sleep Debt & Average Sleep Quality. * Provides weather forecast. Plan the day ahead easily - get the current weather conditions & forecast temperatures at your location with the free alarm clock app. * Gently wakes you up to your favorite music or pleasant alarm sounds. * Lulls you to sleep at night. This sleep app allows you to create your own playlist with your favorite songs or fall asleep to relaxing sounds. * Supports iCloud Music Library * Takes care of you. Set your Sleep Goal and Good Morning Alarm Clock app will send you an alert message if it finds out that you get less sleep than you need. * Works with Apple Health. Benefit the ability to export Asleep & In Bed stats to the Health app to store all your health data in one place. * The app has 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Just press Good Morning Alarm Clock icon to quickly access the most frequently used app features. Peek at your sleep stats for any night without having to actually open it with a light press, press a little deeper to Pop into it. Sleep smarter and better with the sleep app. Wake up smoothly to beautiful alarm sounds. Change your mornings forever. Please note that movement from pets or a partner may impact results.

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Good Morning Alarm Clock - Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By Bbbbndddddddd
    I definitely recommend I woke up not tired because it woke me up when I was in a light sleep, it does exactly what it says it is supposed to do!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Thunder12345780932
    Best app ever woke me up perfectly would recommend this to friends
  • Alright their are two problems 1/5

    By PersonThatWantsGoodSleep
    Problem one- Why dose their have to be so many ads. Just why Problem two- It dose not track my sleep. I woke up and even talked in 3 in the morning and I felt horrible in the morning. But the app said that my sleep was "GREAT"
  • Love It! 5/5

    By DatAyersKid
    I can't wake up with anything else except for this app! AMAZING!!
  • It's alright 5/5

    By Noahphillips910
    My phone stays right beside me and I am asleep at 10-10:30. And my phone fell off my bed last night and said that I had deep sleep all night
  • App update? 4/5

    By Cheerlolo12
    I love this app! It's been helping me wake up consistently for over a week now! I have noticed twice this week it stopped tracking my sleep after only 2 hours, can you write an update?
  • Great app 5/5

    By Heatvolley99
    This app wakes me up softly. I like that I have to hold the off button to be sure I'm awake instead of me hitting an off button.
  • Very cool app! 5/5

    By Lindsey Love
    Pretty accurate to the times I am awake and sleeping. Easy to use, and very informative. I will recommend to all!
  • Cool 5/5

    By JuggerGnome
    When used properly this is a pretty cool app.
  • Good 4/5

    By Sayyoofee
    Very good
  • Great app for mommy! 5/5

    By A foxx
    I get up in the middle of the night to feed my baby and I don't always look at the time. This app tracks your movements and it tells me what time I got up. Cool app!

    By Nobodyyouknowok
    I have had so many apps but none compare to this one! It is just so smart and convenient! Mostly how you can wake up and see the forecast! I also like the layout of it! I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS
  • Amazing 5/5

    By MarmarToLit
    Its everything i every "Dreamed of" lol get it. Any ways it a great way i get to wake up and feel better than ever
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Earthispeace
    This app is very helpful and very easy to use it gets me up for school in the mornings and tells me how I did
  • HELPFUL 5/5

    By Carlystill22
    This app is great!!! It knows how well u sleep and my studies have shown that i am a deep sleeper. It's really nice BC it also says the weather when u wake up of where u live. (U can also turn off location if needed) there's only one thing I'll like to change. WAKING UP IN THE MORNING!! I wake up at 6:45 to get ready for school. I'm usually really tired when I wake up, so when u hold down the "I'm a wake" u can easily do that when ur sleep moving. BC trust me I HV done that. This is a helpful app so get it now!!
  • Apple Watch Compatible? 4/5

    By WThomp
    It's not. That's the only reason so far, why I didn't give it 5-stars.
  • Not enough sleep 5/5

    By Sharron Jones
    I love the fact that this app monitors my sleep. I already know I don't get enough sleep. But seeing the words makes want to do something about it.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Wimpeedoo
    This app is terrible! I could not shut off the alarm clock. After emailing technical support, they told me to hit the stop button but there was no "stop" button. I ended up having to uninstall the app and reboot my iPad to get it to stop!
  • Never works all night' 1/5

    By LRC225
    I've tried unsuccessfully for several months to resolve a problem with the app. It works for about two hours and then quits. I've contacted the app site and they gave me suggestions to try. I hoped an update might solve the problem, but not yet. I know it's not the phone because it's been the same problem on two different phones. I keep trying it every now and then to no avail. It worked perfectly for the first month or so, but then it stopped working. I'm still hoping for the problem to go away. Guess I'll have to contact them again. I'd love to give the app five stars, but that will have to wait.
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By Dbdrebs
    No complaints about this app so far! As long as you keep it plugged in all night...which I do's worked great for me so far! I love being able to see how much I'm sleeping. Had an app like this before and besides the ads this app is awesome!
  • Ruined a good thing 1/5

    By Megan holliday
    App now opens App Store and ads so the phone locks, doesn't track sleep or go off in the mornings. No longer works for me, so disappointing since I've used it for so long
  • Very cool 5/5

    By ak11keal
    Apalon apps makes the best apps ever !!!🎯
  • Pretty Neat 5/5

    By Bekahnae
    I like the information it gives you
  • Nice 4/5

    By Kkc4565
    Just started using the app after a friend's recommendation. Nice alarm and interesting sleep stats. Like it so far.
  • Love it! It was so accurate 5/5

    By Redkenstylistb
    It pretty much calculated it to a T. I love this app and have been promoting it on my Facebook! Probably one of the best apps I've ever found for an iPhone as far as accuracy and really delivering what they say!
  • Great exept... 4/5

    By Layla172013
    I really like the fact that it tracks your sleep and the light and stuff but, the problem is, last night I set it for 6:30 because I didn't want to sleep the day away, but I didn't wake up. Instead of the alarm to keep going it set on snooze. So when I woke up, it said it was on snooze for 10 more minuets. At the time it was 10:30 so it could have been doing it the whole time. I hope this review was helpful! ;)
  • Love it 5/5

    By Christina612
    Mmmhmmmm it's the bees knees
  • Went off at the wrong time 1/5

    By Trumer21
    I set mine to go off at a certain time and it woke me up a half hour early. Granted, it went off early but that's a whole half an hour of sleep I could have had! Just weird it would go off not on the time you set it to.
  • Not as advertised 1/5

    By jesse_dg
    It's cool and all but you can't turn the alarm off when you are awake. Also, the volume is so LOUD that it scares the crap out of me when I'm in a deep sleep. Not what I thought it would be, so I'm deleting it off. Y phone.
  • Good morning alarm clock 4/5

    By Alaykier
    This app is very good however the settings for the noise freaked me out at first because it was set to fireplace and I didn't realize the crackling noise was actually the app! I thought something was wrong with my phone. It seams to track sleep well.
  • I might buy it 4/5

    By Qkohler
    I might buy it just because I'd like to support these guys. It works well. Gives you an idea on how well you slept. Provides a little entertainment too. Download for sure. It's free and cool. The only thing I dislike is you have to basically sleep on your phone for it to work. The nightstand will not work.
  • Love it 4/5

    Love it! Wish it had a pause button to fall back to sleep once you wake up.
  • Sleep tracker 2/5

    By Unicorn343
    What I don't like is that let's say you didn't sleep good one night, it does not process it. I think that it is so stupid because even if you sleep bad you should still track it. I'm getting off the app and im finding a new one and when my suggestion is agreed I'll come back to the app.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Mamuka Tavdgiridze
    But it could be better
  • Don't use it as an alarm clock! 3/5

    By TLizIsh79
    Love the rain sound to put me to sleep. The tracker seems to be accurate. But DO NOT use it as an alarm clock. I will set it for 8:30am and it will feel like waking me up at 8:00!!!! Ruins your whole day! Happened more than 3 times! & I'm done. Set it to 3pm in the afternoon and it won't go off.
  • Awesome App!!! 5/5

    By aabuharus
    I loved this app! This is one of the only apps that can accurately measure your sleep patterns with analysis on Light vs Deep sleep. This app helped me over time fix my sleeping problem and balance it out. The features it provides helps me measure sleep debt and resolve it. I recommend this to anyone trying to measure sleep or resolve sleep debt.
  • terrible 1/5

    By Flappy lova
    I've used this app for a week and every time i did, i wouldn't even wake up. I would wake up way after my actual alarm time, and when i would turn on my phone, THEN it would start buzzing. It doesn't work if your phone is off, which eats your battery. I'm sticking with the normal alarm
  • WAY too many ads 1/5

    By ipinkdrummer
    Tried to set the alarm up and ads would not stop popping up. I couldn't even set up the app there were so many ads!
  • G 4/5

    By Kekebadazz95
  • Issues with ios10 update? 1/5

    By As3474
    Had to get up at 445 yesterday for a meeting out of town. Thought I slept through my alarm. Set backup alarm with different song on apple alarm clock this morning and this app alarm never went off. Could have been professionally damaging it I didn't wake up with just enough time to get to the meeting. IOS updates shouldn't break apps.
  • GREAT APP BUT ....!!!! 1/5

    By I'm JJ's daddy
    Love this app it has everything you need in an alarm clock and more I should rate 5 starts but I recently had an issue with my phone and had to factory reset it, upon reinstalling this app it's trying to make me repurchase it Done contacted apple over it and some other stuff apple fixed everything else said ild have to rebuy app BS is what i say Its only $4 but i done bought it once shouldn't have to again no matter I deleted and reinstalled or whatever All i ask it to have my full version back nothing more
  • Sleep knowledge 5/5

    By Debbie Dragom
    I knew I wasn't sleeping as well as I wanted, because I would wake up still tired & wanting to sleep more. The Good Morning Alarm Clock helped me track HOW I was sleeping -- 'light' versus 'deeply'. This has enabled me to see that if I take melatonin before I go to bed, I get at least 2 hours of deep sleep. Tonight I will go to bed and not take anything and see if there is any difference in my sleep patterns. Thank you
  • Good program for good people 4/5

    By Natali Liubchenko
    Not bad program, I like it ,because of design and because it really were easily to use it . Thanks
  • Gud 5/5

    By Kessler alexis
    Is gud
  • Good 5/5

    By Lyhvc and I y
    Woke me up
  • Carol Collins 5/5

    By collins23456
    This works pretty well. I'm definitely impressed.
  • Great for the week it worked 2/5

    By cj3179
    My alarm went off this morning but kept crashing after and I could not hold of awake. I would close it and it would go between the sleep screen and the hold of awake screen. Grrrrr it was great when it was working.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Javaman 75
    Too many pop ups and ads
  • I'm confused. 2/5

    By Halfrican Rabbit
    A good idea but, is this app meant for people who don't work? I'm a radio jock and I bike to work. My alarm is set for 3:30 am. I'm not about to trust this app to wake me up then.

    By Yes yes yes yes yes heck ya
    I love this app and I've only used it once I need help finding out how to fall asleep to sounds but I love how it tracks movement and gives a forecast 10/10 recommend it

Good Morning Alarm Clock - Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app comments

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