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Goodreads: Book Reviews

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Goodreads: Book Reviews App

Discover and share books you love on Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations! Find new and interesting books by browsing personalized recommendations based on books you've read and your favorite genres. See what your friends are reading, write book reviews, and keep track of what you want to read. Use our barcode scanner the next time you are in a bookstore. Add the book in your hands to your "to-read" shelf and browse reviews before buying. More than 35 million members have added more than 1 billion books to their shelves. No other app combines the power and depth of the Goodreads community with an enormous catalog of books and reviews. Features: • Get personalized recommendations and discover new books based on your tastes. • Goodreads Choice Awards: vote for your favorite books of the year and see the winners! • Participate in the Reading Challenge! • Barcode scanner! • Keep a want-to-read list. • See book reviews and updates from your friends. • Discover new books and explore popular book lists. • Rate and review any book in our catalog of more than 12 million books. • Share notes and progress updates as you read. • Recommend books to friends. • Join online book clubs and connect with other readers. • View literary events near you.


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Goodreads: Book Reviews app reviews

  • I love this app 5/5

    By RustVel
    I had books all over he place, digitally, on my shelves, on my phone as pictures and screenshots of books I wanted to read, etc. now everything is easily organized in one place (I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the export option that makes me feel safe putting all this stuff in goodreads)
  • Pretty awesome 4/5

    By Marine1708
    I have loved everything, expect one thing, about this app: 1. Logically designed for general use 2. Logical design for reviewing books 3. Great success using the scanner to find and add books 4. Simple and encouraging challenges for reading more 5. Though I haven't read enough for the app to give solid recommendations, I've appreciated what I've seen so far in attempts. The only thing that I've had trouble with was updating my completed books for my challenge. At first my challenge wasn't updating so I had to seek out Dr. Google to figure it out. Now that I've figured it out it isn't bad; I just have to do a little more leg work (adding the date I read the book.... so hard...😅😉) to ensure I get credit.
  • Needs overhaul 2/5

    By Whatbelllllllsaid
    This does the job, I guess. But it's often times slow, and shouldn't lag as much as it does. Like, this needs to be as sleek, smooth, and easy to scroll through and change tabs as the Letterboxd app. That should be this company's endgoal. I hate it the most while I'm trying to search for books and decide to click on a different tab at the bottom, and when I go back to the search tab to continue typing whatever, it erases it and returns to displaying the default "Explore" page. Ugh. And speaking of, that page is almost f***ing useless. It's the same exact "Featured Lists" featuring the same exact books. Give us some variety! Give us "Trending Lists/Reviews/Reviewers/Books". New books that are being released that month, etc etc. This app is so old-fashioned and clunky. The Kindle app even has that option where you can see different "popular" reviews. It just basically shows your friends' activity feeds and your feed. AND SPEAKING OF, I hate how they only show a limited amount of your recent updates. Like at the bottom of your profile, it just ends and never gives you the rest. Come the f*($ ON! 😩 Also you can't even see all the shelves of a user! It just literally ends... wherever, alphabetically. A flop app, the more I think about it.
  • Bookshelves iOS 11 4/5

    By L417
    One of my most used apps. I love everything about it except one change to the shelves after updating from iOS 10 to 11. “Read” and “Want to Read” show random book covers as opposed to the latest added. You can’t change this in the settings either. Yes, it’s a minor gripe, but I hope it will be updated in a future version.
  • the UI :( 2/5

    By Marty_oz
    When you surf the app it's like you’re experiencing a 2008 iOS app! The “look”, “theme” and overall interface is really old and isn’t friendly. I mean you don’t feel it’s 2018! Strangely the UI is far behind modern apps, it’s like it hasn’t been updated for a couple of decades!!! Please update and redesign the UI for god’s sake and make us happy, thanks!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Mister Lou
    Wonderfully app
  • Loved it! 5/5

    By VS42
    I thought the book was exceptional. The way the writer leads you through the emotions and thoughts of the main character is quite exceptional. I was surprised to see any negative reviews. The subject matter of the book obviously isn’t the easiest to accept or address but the narration and writing was outstanding imo. I wish there were another novel I could read - loved the style or writing!
  • great for keeping track 5/5

    By iSweg
    And great for discovery
  • Wonderful website - not great app 2/5

    By mywordsarestara
    I'm a long time user of Goodreads and I love the website. Unfortunately the app is not like the site at all, especially now that Goodreads had gone through a great redesign. For example, finding a book through an author's page is horrendously difficult. There's no sensible order and you can't search by series. It's so much more difficult to discover books on the app. The only feature I truly like the app for is scanning to add a book - otherwise I'll just wait to use Goodreads on my computer if I actually want to take advantage of the features. All the 5 star reviews talk about how great Goodreads is for logging and tracking books - but that's the basicest feature of the website and pretty much the only thing you can do in the app. If you're using the app more than the site - you're missing out BIG TIME.
  • I like the new version! 5/5

    By sis1025
    This new version makes it even easier to rate my current read faster!, I also love this app because it allows me to keep up with what books I still want to read and what books I have read and how I rated them.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ldlando
    I have been using Goodreads for years. With reading being one of my passions the opportunities are endless for learning about everything books. I love interacting with friends and having the endless data base for lookups and documenting my reading list. I could go on and on with personal challenges and give a ways too. Love Goodreads.
  • Please add a not interested button!!!!! 2/5

    By '.)
    I keep getting recommendations that are not at all in line with what I read. Please add a not interested button to the recommendation section so that I may get rid of these books and actually see recommendations I might like. I don’t want to have to keep going to the main website every time I want to get rid of a recommendation.
  • Great read 5/5

    By Mall good
    This is a great book and worth the read.
  • Good Concept, Bad App. Won’t Let Me Open. 1/5

    By SquidneyAUS
    Since the new update, I can’t open the app. Well, there are many duplicates to this idea anyway. Might as well hop on those. They just might work!
  • This app was 5 star until...... 3/5

    By exxcentrica
    This app is awesome! In 2011, I stopped logging my books on calendars and started tracking everything on Goodreads and it did everything I needed until a recent update. The update gave us an awesome new feature which now allows us to track our re-reads! Yes!!!!! Bu-u-u-t..... I now lost most of my recent read dates and all of my re-reads after 2013. AND I DIDN'T KEEP A PAPER COPY!!!! 😭😭😭😭
  • Love the app because I love books. 5/5

    By Jimbo Sandrat
    It does what I need it to do. What else can you ask for?
  • Like a special friend 5/5

    By Hanollie
    Goodreads is like a special friend I can turn to when I need some help in selecting my next book. They know what I like to read and can give me tips on why I would like the book/s. If I can’t get to the book right away, it keeps a list of books I that I noted I would like previously.
  • Karolinas Twins 5/5

    By Sephardiva
    I read this book last year -quickly. Thought it was just ok. Must have been state of mind and couldnt remember the story. Reread it this week and thought it was Excellent! Kept me guessing and I recommend it highly.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Faithtvc15
    I love the software but wish I saw more effort going into enhancing it. I’d love better, easier ways to sort and prioritize books. Drag and drop, adjustable columns, etc. the app seems neglected, but the content and concept are so awesome.
  • Makes Reading Fun!📚📖 5/5

    By GinnyWeasley0934
    Reading is my favorite thing to do. But it can be hard keeping track of the books I’m reading. But Goodreads is a great help! I know when I started my book, and when I finished it. I know what’s on my TBR list. And it’s great to see what the people I follow are reading also! My favorite app!💖😍
  • Hate the upgrade 2/5

    By Fullafire
    Lived the app before, have had it for years and never an issue until latest redesign and now it crashes all the time. Do not like the fact that it doesn’t bring up your complete list when looking for author in your books, you have to hit “see all results”, very frustrating
  • Need an update ASAP 1/5

    By Rivka D
    Can’t see my finished books in the challenge 👿
  • Beware 1/5

    By Sameasthem
    If you get this app they will default to sending you excessive emails. Then they make nearly impossible to shut down. I have gone to email preferences several times to stop all email, and still get email on a daily basis. I even deleted my acct but they keep coming. It's a bad system. They are not winning friends that way.
  • Progress 1/5

    By Taranoel17
    I love Goodreads, it helps me find titles I can’t remember so I can recommend books for friends. It will totally be 5 stars when you fix the progress thing - I put in the page I’m on and it says 0% right up till I finish the book. Fix that and I fix this review. Thanks!
  • Great for readers 5/5

    By Hiker40
    I use this app for various things. Once you get in an explore, it offers so much.
  • Good but 3/5

    The app is good but lacks the functionality of the desktop software. Even simple things like responding to a group post is not possible.
  • Glitchy. 1/5

    By WillHerondaleIsHere
    Books disappear, and are not counted in your reading challenge. Which is basically why I use Goodreads.
  • It’s okay... 3/5

    By The Designer!
    I like Goodreads because it helps me find a good book but I wish it told you how many pages each book had. Even though it varies between books.
  • Page number ! 5/5

    By Romii217
    I used to input the page number after reading and use this app as a bookmark!!! Now I can only input the starting and finishing date !!
  • أفضل برنامج👍🏼 5/5

    By You - you
    Best app
  • Good enough 3/5

    By Financial Advisor 2016
    This app is good enough. I like the scanner feature. Still too hard to write reviews of books you’ve finished and searches for titles are iffy even when they are on my shelf Seems less functional than the previous version before Amazon took over.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Klsy303
    I don't have room in my house for a bookcase nor do I have enough money to buy all the books I love and display them in my house. Therefore, when I found goodreads I found the perfect way to create a digital bookcase with reviews and all! I simply adore it :) My only wish would be a DNF category aside from the usual ones (i.e.- "Currently Reading", "To Read", "Read"). Right now I have a handful of books on my "Read" list even though I didn't finish them. I hate taking credit for reading a book when I didn't but if I take it off my list I'll forget I tried it and try to read it later. In addition, I read many books via audiobooks and I want to update my progress under “currently reading” but I have no way of knowing what page I’m on and typing in the percentage is a pure guess. In order for this to be more accurate to where I am in the book, it might be nice to have a category that tracks what chapter or minute you’re on. If this was the case I would have a more comprehensive view of my progress throughout the read. Other than these two small tweaks I love it!
  • Read it straight through 5/5

    By Sixgrandchildren
    I don’t often read a book until early morning. Having a daughter the same age made it a deep thinker. I loved the book!
  • Nice app 4/5

    By JM BLUE.
    I like this, very useful !
  • Not letting me update 4/5

    By Isabelyta
    This version is making too much mistakes. Cant save the progress
  • Great Read 4/5

    By Jazzijean
    I have read all of Katie Dowe’s Members From Money series. I have enjoyed each story of each different means of bringing each character together and marry. Grammar and using a different character name while describing a situation was a bit of a surprise this time when she referred to Brandon as someone else. Yes, this was a good story of Brandon finding love to a pregnant employee. I believe Brandon was in a state of shock to have had such an attraction to Yanique since he did not have a great view on love. Overall I do not look forward to the end of this series.
  • Awesome App!! 5/5

    By Lizmareene
    I absolutely love this app! Duh a great way to track and see your progress. And I love the book reading challenge. I have a couple of books that are written from local authors that I can’t find here. Is there a way we can add books?
  • Great App 4/5

    By chickadee91
    I am a fairly light user of this app/site, but for something that can’t, by nature, have *every single* feature of the desktop version, I think it’s fantastic. It has almost everything, which is so much more than a lot of apps can boast. The only feature I wish was added—and this sounds so nitpicky, I know—would be the sort by “random” feature. There is a list of sort options on this app, but I’m not sure why the “random” one is the only one apparently missing from the desktop version. It’s not a huge deal, but I use that feature to help me choose what to read next, and it would be really convenient to have that ability on my tablet as well! Otherwise, this app works fantastically for me when I’m on the go!
  • Light is the New Black 5/5

    By BrayFamily6
    Life changing and affirming all at once. Pure magic. Love this book and reference it often. I would give it a 6 if I could. Should be in everyones library. Much love!
  • It’s okay. 3/5

    By KristenMP17
    After using the actual website I’m not as impressed with the app. You can’t link anything, navigating groups is way more difficult, and there’s a lot less you can do all around. My biggest complaint is the rating system, I wish they would let you break it down more than 1-5. Most people who love to read go into more detail such as 3.5 or 3.75 etc. please goodreads break down the rating system.
  • Useful despite its lack of functionality 2/5

    By GSDMan
    I have to spend more time with this app to accidentally find a “good read” than necessary. Why can’t there be some rich search capability and filtering to wade through six thousand some books when you perform a search? This app is an example of too much data and not enough information. I’m tempted to delete it for the second time until it “gets smart”.
  • The app itself is good , but... 5/5

    By Marycovil
    I like the app very much.Its good if you want to keep a log of books you read ,and books you want to read, and talk to people about the books, but some times you can forget its there
  • Nice Book App 5/5

    By Onnit
    I have found this app, as well as the website, to be very useful tools in searching for book information and making lists. Would recommend to someone who enjoys information and good book reviews.
  • Goodreads 5/5

    By DeltaBoy
    I check out all my books here first.
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By Jdflute
    This is an amazing way to keep up with book recommendations and recently released books of all kinds!! Love it!
  • Connecting with books and readers 5/5

    By time stand still
    Love this site! I get real reviews from people I friend. I find it honest and a sense of belonging.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Redlemonz
    The app is smooth and easy to use. Perfect for keeping track of your reading lists.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Gigi to two
    Great app to keep track of your reading. Easy to keep track of books you have read as well as those you wish to read. Another great feature is the ability to connect with friends.
  • Nice book review app 4/5

    By nicetightsninja
    This app is pretty good, but not as good as the full web version. I’d like it better if we could do half star ratings like with Flixster. I see a lot of overlap in the recommendations between genres, which is kind of redundant and annoying, although I realize some titles can be categorized under more than one genre. I would also like to be able to delete recommendations that I’m not interested in like in IG or Twitter. I like that it syncs up with Kindle to simplify things. I do find the mobile apps to be somewhat glitchy on iOS, but not sure if that’s because of the updates. Just improvements that would be nice to see. Overall, I’m satisfied.
  • I love Goodreads 5/5

    By margaretmdee
    This app reminds me what I have read or let’s me find a recommendation for a friend. I also enjoy seeing what my friends are reading.

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