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Goodreads: Book Reviews

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Discover and share books you love on Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations! Find new and interesting books by browsing personalized recommendations based on books you've read and your favorite genres. See what your friends are reading, write book reviews, and keep track of what you want to read. Use our barcode scanner the next time you are in a bookstore. Add the book in your hands to your "to-read" shelf and browse reviews before buying. More than 35 million members have added more than 1 billion books to their shelves. No other app combines the power and depth of the Goodreads community with an enormous catalog of books and reviews. Features: • Get personalized recommendations and discover new books based on your tastes. • Goodreads Choice Awards: vote for your favorite books of the year and see the winners! • Participate in the Reading Challenge! • Barcode scanner! • Keep a want-to-read list. • See book reviews and updates from your friends. • Discover new books and explore popular book lists. • Rate and review any book in our catalog of more than 12 million books. • Share notes and progress updates as you read. • Recommend books to friends. • Join online book clubs and connect with other readers. • View literary events near you.


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Goodreads: Book Reviews app reviews

  • Good app 5/5

    By Jsr276
    Great app. Wish it was a little easier to search books, ( and be in chronological order for sequels. No need to list the book and the kindle version) and make it a little easier to customize. The app is great, very handy, and I am finally able to find more books I like! Also, more recommendations if you like one series... try this one etc. I use this app 6 days a week. I don’t know what I would do without it. In all seriousness.
  • Good book 5/5

    By Krobyidaho
    This was a really good book with parallel stories that tie together at the end. There were several good twists and turns.
  • Please update! 2/5

    By Heathermoor
    I love this app and wish I could give 5 stars, but it never works for me unless I’m on WiFi :(
  • I miss shelfari! 3/5

    By deltakern
    Nuff said
  • Love it! Can't go without it! 5/5

    By Sonama USA
    Very convenient and handy on my phone wherever and whenever I want.
  • Books books books 5/5

    By Blackjack40000
    I love goodreads inspires me to read more. Thanks to my daughter for recommending the Goodreads app. Very cool.
  • Great topic; good story. 4/5

    By Out of the Pews
    This is primarily the recollection of a small white boy about his dad’s new found friendship with a black man in the 60’s. I haven’t read many graphic novels, but this one was fairly easily followed and the story is well told.
  • Great App, just needs a few fixes 4/5

    By helpful suggestions 😊
    I love the app and think it is necessary for readers, however it needs to be updated. I looked at new releases this month, and some came out months ago!
  • Needs IPhone x update! 4/5

    By Savatage63
    Needs an update to fit iPhone X.
  • Best thing to happen to my reading life. 5/5

    By Weamom
    I wish I’d had this when I started reading, and, yes, I mean as a kid.
  • Good but needs a few improvements 3/5

    By Another Book Lover
    Being a latecomer to Goodreads, I find myself going back again and again, yet feeling frustrated. Of course it’s a great place to keep track of your reading, and the reviews and collective understanding of the members are wonderful. They are thorough and thoughtful. Yet I find myself frustrated by two main disappointments. First, in making my list of books already read, inevitably I’ve added books that I’ve read as an “assignment” or on recommendation that I have NOT enjoyed, or a genre that I no longer have much involvement with (e.g. YA), yet it seems those books keep coming up in the app’s recommendations - “because you’ve read....” It would be great to be able to record the book but not have it trigger further recommendations. Second, and more importantly, I miss having a place to make personal notes and still keep an outside list of books where I have notes.
  • Motivates me to read more! 5/5

    By Ant Double
    Great app that keeps track of books I've read and those I want to read. It provides lots of helpful suggestions for books I may want to read. Plus keeping track of my progress in the books I'm currently reading definitely motivates me to read more. I love it!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Dog.
    Goodreads is the best – it’s like Facebook for books
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By ducky1169
    I like the app itself, but it won’t update my reading progress anymore. Please help!
  • Crashes when looking at certain pages 3/5

    By MWoodTx
    This is a 5 star app if it didn’t crash every time I tried to look at the “best books of 2017” page or during certain searches. I love it as a tool and still use it but it’s very frustrating to have it crash when trying to get new book ideas. Edit: I tried to re-install and it still crashes. I also can’t go to “app support” in the app without it crashing.
  • Quotes 5/5

    By zzrude
    I Love this app and was wondering if you plan to update the app to include quotes /highlights Also... adding notes when adding a book would be great.... like if I want to make a note on who recommended it
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Linkuz
    Love the easy way to add books to the app, Also great to keep all the books I want to read in a group of: reading, maybe, later.
  • Finally gets me organized and motivated 5/5

    By Emereese
    I’m finally organized with my reading have it in one location. It helps me track when I’ve liked and not liked, and also feel like I’m accomplishing something by reading more books! Nothing feels better than submitting that you finished it! I always know what’s up next in the queue after organizing my suggestions from other people.
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By rrachel84
    This app is awesome! I love it, but it needs an update. It’s definitely not an app that I spend a ton of time on because it’s not visually appealing. It’s not as entertaining as it could be. It would be nice if people could customize their profiles with colors or something. I want to spend a ton of time here but there’s only so much to do.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Create nickname 5592659365
    Really allows me to keep track of what I’ve read and what I’m going to read. Also very good for discovering new books and authors I would not have found otherwise
  • Perfect! Just missing one thing... 4/5

    By BetterThanItSounds
    I love this app! I love that you can scan books into it for easy cataloging, I love that I can use it while doing unnecessary book shopping to make sure I don’t buy what I already have. I love that I can update my progress on books in the app. It’s literally missing just one thing - the ability to enter dates on my activity for a book showing I’ve re-read it. I know I can edit when I first started and finished a book, but I can’t add more dates as I re-read books, which is all I tend to be doing lately. I know I can add these dates on the site (which, tbh it’s really difficult to get to the page I need to enter re-read dates, so that could be improved, too), but, while a majority of my books are actually physical books, I do have a lot of kindle and audio books that I consume on my phone, so when I finish them, it would be nice to be able to update my activity with a re-read date while I’ve already got my nose stuck in front of my phone. My rating is a 4 out of 5, but I will gladly give it a perfect 5 if that missing feature can be added!
  • iPhone 10 support please 3/5

    By Slim070906
    I love this app and use it everyday. I would love for it to be optimized for iPhone X. Goodreads and Audible integration would be great too!
  • Book worm! 5/5

    By Ashnsmith
    Also looking for new books to read! Love this app! 😌
  • It is a good app to track your reading habit 5/5

    By Eldmfk
    I use this app to track my books that I’ve read and books that I wants to read. And I suggested this app to my family, and they absolutely loved it.
  • Cute 4/5

    By Sylviaandmick
    Didn’t realize i had read this before. It’s an easy beach read.
  • Wanted to love 3/5

    By SealBeachBum
    3.5 I wasnt a fan of the subject content (the moral, the social and political issues), but I did love the twists and turns. The ending wasn’t amazing.
  • 5⭐️ 5/5

    By Ry-cal
    This app has helped me out a lot these last few months. I recently got a job at a library and I am constantly using this app to help us out to see what books our patrons would like to read, and to see which books we should read for our staff picked book club “🍑 Fresh Picked”. Such a wonderful app to have.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By kle42
    I keep reading books and not a single one applies to my reading goal; my books marked as read are not applied as read within my reading challenge. Literally the only reason I DLed this app was to keep track of my reading progress, and it has been wasting my energy for 2 years now. This happened to me in 2016, and again in 2017. App updates do not fix. I give up. Absolutely not an intuitive app.
  • My favorite App 5/5

    By Texandmav
    Keep track of the books you’ve read and the ones you want to read. Great suggestions on books to read too!
  • Deficiency in app 3/5

    By Mamirhi
    The website works like a charm. The app does not allow the “reply” feature though. This is a huge downer for those of us who need the app to be more functional.
  • Great way to keep track 4/5

    By Romance Lady
    I like that I can set reading goals. This helps stay on track.
  • Really enjoy using this app. 4/5

    By Riding blue
    I really enjoy using this app to track books I would like to read or listen to. Has been encouraging to find new books in the genres I find interesting.
  • Truth and tolerance 5/5

    By Sengole
    Can truth be compromised for the sake of tolerance? Is tolerance an obstacle to truth? It is a great book to understand Christianity as a religion of human history. Christianity is the true religion!
  • Definitely good writing! 5/5

    By Cactusjackal
    I finished the Nate series, and now I am reading the feathers. Callie is a well developed and attractive character. Silvers not only does a good job in building 3-D characters for the main parts but there is an intellectual and intelligent aspect to his writing that makes it especially enjoyable. I also appreciate these are not one hour wonders, but respect fully lengths novels A significant rank above the usual Pulp One finds in Kendall unlimited. I am dictating this through Siri so hopefully you will understand what I am saying. In short I am finding silvers to be one of the better writers in this genre.
  • Stop asking me to rate the app... 1/5

    By AnnoyedLJD
    ... every time I open it
  • great app, just one issue... 4/5

    By Sierramonkey7
    i’m a frequent user of this app and i love it to pieces — i enjoy putting together lists and keeping my things organized — but there is just one issue i have with the new update. normally, when i look at my “read” folder, all of my books are neatly organized in the order that they have been read, from most recent to least recent and then all of the books that i never cared to track when i started/when i ended were mixed up at the bottom. now, i have a few of my most recent read books in the correct order, but the rest of my list is a scrambled mess. books that used to be at the bottom(they were not tracked) are coming between books that i actually did track, and even the tracked books went out of order. it is not a setting issue, for in the top right corner it said “date read” and i tried other settings but none of them worked. could you possibly check into this for the next update? your app is phenomenal and i’ve been using it for years, i am just hoping this can be fixed soon :-)
  • Excellent 5/5

    By 1996e
    I enjoy reading.
  • Doesn’t look like much effort was put into this app. 2/5

    By DannyGGGT
    The explore tab lets you see lists of books within genres but no way to sort or search within those lists, which are presented in no particular order that I can tell. That’s some limited exploration... And I wish they’d add swipe from the left edge to go back to previous screens, like a normal iOS app. And there are ads.
  • One of my favorite apps 5/5

    By Paris App Reviews
    I’ve used Goodreads ever since i decided to start reading again. It’s one of my favorite and most used apps. I’m able to connect with friends who inspire me to read more, get book recommendations, and stay on track with my reading goal. Love it!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By HaileMonster
    I use this app all the time! It’s how I figure out if I want to read a book! I love he Cover/barcode scan feature ! I love reading and writing reviews, and I love seeing what my friends are reading! It seems to me like it’s an exclusive community , because most folks don’t read , so I love it as a community as well! I promote this thing to everyone! If you love to read, you must get this app - B.L. Lewis - Blogger and Editor of (A Self Development Blog)

    By Jewels1637
    This app is great. I absolutely love it. Anyone who reads should have this app. I recommend this app to everyone. It is very easy to use and I love when I open my books in kindle it pops up. Also, it keeps track of all the books I read. I DECIDED TO ADD MORE TO MY 1ST REVIEW! I absolutely love this app.. if your a reader like me, this app is definitely for you!! Since I’ve added this app they have done so much and added so many new features.. I love Amazon as well and it is incorporated with my Kindle 📚 Books. Also, they now have samples of books that you may want to read. I love this because I don’t have to download it onto my Kindle App. I just open it up right there. I wish I could tell you all of the amazing things you can do in this app but I am just trying to catch up on everything. -K- Hollywood, FL.
  • Best book review browser out there 4/5

    By AbbyBabble
    But Goodreads needs a competitor. Their website is clunky. The user-base is huge enough to make them a default choice for everyone, the way YouTube dominates videos.
  • A Social Network for Book Lovers 5/5

    By Author3
    As an author, I think this is a fantastic site. I can figure out which of my friends are avid readers, which people already love my genre, and reach out to them. It's fun and easy to use. A definite recommend.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Uetdhshsua
  • What ridiculous developers 1/5

    By Test1234abcd
    They don’t even know how to implement the most basic of features. What a waste of my time.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Ddiipp
    This app is very user friendly
  • Not Great With Social Media 3/5

    By KingVess
    I love Goodreads for helping me keep up and share what I’m reading. However, this app makes that far more difficult than the desktop site. The app never shares my progress on Facebook when I select the option for it to do so. Also, I wish the app let access and add quotes from books, but sadly it does not.
  • Best a for book lovers! 5/5

    By CNS8806
    I LOVE this app! I will never not have it on my home screen :)
  • How Did I Ever Live Without It? 5/5

    By SCRinBham
    Both the web, iPad and iPhone versions are excellent. It fun to keep track of what I read, what I want to read, and what my friends are reading. My favorite feature is having shelves on various topics, so that when I want to read more on a particular subject my "to read" lists are already there. Added note 11/29/17: whaaaa? Ads? This is horrible! I’ve been a devoted user since 2011 and achieved librarian status because I wanted to help make the site better, but most of the changes this past year or so have made the app worse, in my opinion. I hate ads and would gladly pay a reasonable ransom to be rid of them but I guess that’s not an option.
  • Awful 3/5

    By vcarter67
    I hate this new format. It’s so hard to maneuver

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