Goodreads – Book Recommendations and Reviews

Goodreads – Book Recommendations and Reviews

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Goodreads – Book Recommendations and Reviews App

Discover and share books you love on Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations! Find new and interesting books by browsing personalized recommendations based on books you've read and your favorite genres. See what your friends are reading, write book reviews, and keep track of what you want to read. Use our barcode scanner the next time you are in a bookstore. Add the book in your hands to your "to-read" shelf and browse reviews before buying. More than 35 million members have added more than 1 billion books to their shelves. No other app combines the power and depth of the Goodreads community with an enormous catalog of books and reviews. Features: • Get personalized recommendations and discover new books based on your tastes. • Goodreads Choice Awards: vote for your favorite books of the year and see the winners! • Participate in the Reading Challenge! • Barcode scanner! • Keep a want-to-read list. • See book reviews and updates from your friends. • Discover new books and explore popular book lists. • Rate and review any book in our catalog of more than 12 million books. • Share notes and progress updates as you read. • Recommend books to friends. • Join online book clubs and connect with other readers. • View literary events near you.

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Goodreads – Book Recommendations and Reviews app reviews

  • Easy and fun 5/5

    By Thedigitalmoon
    It's wonderful! Wish they'd continue to update it though. It could use a revamp.
  • Great app for access to Goodreads 5/5

    By Tops Machine
    This app works wonderfully. It is so convenient to keep track of books that are recommended to you or books you want to read again.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Jdog ET
    Love the app, mostly for the book recommendations and the ability to check in with friends.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Islandco1
    I love the ability to scan my books, share my reading list and get recommendations from others. I've experienced no glitches with the app. I would highly recommend this app to any book lover.
  • Great app, could be better 3/5

    By Tumblogger66
    I love Goodreads and the app but it needs some updates. The recommendations feature needs to be improved. Also, you should be able to see lists you've liked on the app as well as have access to new releases and the giveaways features. Also, allow the 'owned' shelf to keep track of the books you mark in it.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Kitty409
    This is my daily go to app! Cannot sing its praises enough!! Keeps track of all my past,current and future reads; I love the book reviews.
  • Not working 2/5

    By momRex
    For some reason it won't add the last three books I've read to my list of completed books. They show that I've finished reading them but my list of books hasn't been updated. Very frustrating. Looked for an update on the app but I'm updated. At the end of the book, where you rate it and it is added to the completed list, that function is not working.
  • Love and Hate relationship 3/5

    By Cocalicious Mama
    UPDATE 2/25/17 Books read with correct start and end dates are not updated in challenge and there's duplicates saying not read but with my review. Then same book again listed with no review saying read. Both of those are not in challenge as well. Love that I can keep track of all my books in one spot considering I buy from iTunes, Amazon, B&N, and Target. Love that when posting on Amazon it is also posted on Goodreads. Downside is ANYONE can make an account to slam authors. And I hate that. I also hate that people can review books BEFORE they are even published.
  • really cool 5/5

    By stoopidestvibes
    great app. it's nice to see what friends are reading and it in general has nice features and goal setting.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Stephygirl822
    Good app to have. Just wish some functions were easier like browsing through my friends books and recent status. And the notification bubble for having messages in the folder and such won't go away even though I deleted the messages and checked notifications.
  • Goodreads 5/5

    By Isis_Angelie
    Best reading app!!!
  • Good with lots of potential 5/5

    By Rivka Deleon
    Fun way to keep track of what you want to read, plus discovering what people you're connected to have to say. Lots of potential to create better reading habits
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By patsfan001
    I love this app! I like that I can track what books I have read, I want to read, and am currently reading. It's because of this app that I've found some books I really love. Plus, I never would've found out about some of these books if not for this app. When I was at Barnes & Noble, I was looking for a specific book and couldn't remember the title but I knew it was on my want to read list. Thankfully,I have this app and was able to find the title.
  • Great book app except for one thing... 4/5

    By Blueocean7
    Great app for book readers. Have no complaints except for one... as soon the app is opened/launched, there's always a book quote shown but it often disappears before I can fully read it. It would be nice if the book quote screen lasted a little longer so I can actually enjoy it. I love quotes. So I have resorted to simply taking screen captures every time I open it just so I can read it. Perhaps the app people could revise the app so it can be set by us people to how long the quote appears on the screen. That would be awesome. Thank you.
  • Love GoodReads 5/5

    By Catbird114
    I use GoodReads every day. Lets me keep track of what I've read, what I thought of it, what I want to read, what my friends are reading... And no more little scraps of paper with titles and authors scribbled on them. Also I like the shelves you can set up for yourself to categorize your books. The recommendation function is great too. Love GoodReads.
  • Fun way to share 5/5

    By ReaderTracker
    I have thoroughly enjoyed a resource to look up and share titles with friends, and even those I don't know. Goodreads again awakened me to how much there IS to read. I love writing book reviews and flagging books "to read" - it is like a Christmas wish list of which I can get excited and anticipate my next adventure.
  • Makes Reading Fun 4/5

    By tljenson
    Great tool to keep track of your reading progress. Talk to others and find new books
  • When it works 3/5

    By Arts fan
    When GR works, it is a readers' dream come true. Outstanding reviews available on the broadest possible range of books, being able to establish a meaningful community of like minded readers to interact with - readers from all around the world, and a handy place to keep track of ones own reading. When GR fails though, it truly fails!!!! For the last two days I have had GR freeze immediately each time I opened it. I was unable to update my own reading or communicate w any other readers. Disappointed about this infuriating mess!!
  • Does as it says 5/5

    By Spacekin
    This app is THE BEST for keeping track of your books. You can set reading challenges, add friends, join groups, and track your progress. It has no competition.
  • Great Tool 5/5

    By Koko's mama
    I love being able to track the books I'm reading & want to read.
  • So glad I found this 5/5

    By Kingree
    Encouraging me to read more and really helps to find books I'll enjoy.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Teenyjay
    I can now easily remember where I stopped and how much books I have read, also I can challenge myself or my friend with the books
  • Love it! It's a great way to find new books! 5/5

    By Multijeweled
    I depend on it to find my next great read.

    By BrittJade96
    I'm a huge fan of Goodreads!! I think it's not only a great way to keep up with your reading habits, but also a great place to find other readers with similar interests. But the app is an absolute joke in my opinion. You can only go down your feed, and do a few other things. There are so many amazing features on the actual website that aren't even thought to be included on the app. The reason why people use apps is so they don't have to log in on a computer all the time. I love using Listopia on the site, but it's so annoying on here. They only give you a few lists to choose from and no way to search for others. Plus the lists they do make you look at continuously show the same 5 books over and over again no matter how much you go down the list. And the books shown are always the super popular ones that everyone has heard about a million times, and already read. How is that helpful to finding books we've never heard of?? There's also no option to look at what giveaways are currently offered. I think that's another fun feature of the site that's not offered on here. Even going down your feed is annoying because it'll start showing the same updates over again for a minute before it catches itself and shows different stuff. I feel like Goodreads just doesn't want to offer any of the other features from the site at all, I have no idea why they wouldn't. Sure the app can be used to do a quick scroll of what's going on, but after like 2 minutes it becomes extremely boring and repetitive. They really need to consider amping this app up to its full potential!!
  • Feb. 20, 2017 update 5/5

    By fashiongal68
    Great update.
  • Latest App totally not working. 1/5

    By Javier rover
    Apparently it's wiped my entire history. I hope it's working again soon. Don't mind saying I'm u happy about this.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By IamMe28
    I've never had a problem with the app until this update. Now nothing shows up on the screen and I just have "Error getting updates" instead of any content. I've restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and nothing works.
  • Update broke my app! 1/5

    By iirrll
    This latest update (2/20/2017) totally crashed my app!
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By zbullek21
    In new update, nothing opens or works!
  • Fun! Incentive to read MORE! 5/5

    By Zanykfc
    I like tracking the books I've read. I also like being able to see other books by the author I've just discovered, seeing a synopsis of the book and other people's opinions of the books. The challenge is a good incentive, and the progress reporting is fun too. Is there a way to comment on the book as I'm still reading it? I can only see the option after I've read it. If adding that option mucks up the ease of using this app, then don't change a thing!!! I love it NOW.
  • Rating Goodreads 5/5

    By AUtigerfan
    Fantastic source to find good books to read, win or write your own reviews of books you've read.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Taysmi1224
    I use this app constantly in my work as a librarian.
  • All your books at your fingertips 5/5

    By Mmheine
    I love this app because it lets me carry around my book lists wherever I go. It's great to have my To Read list handy at the library or a book sale so I can be sure to get books I've already been wanting to read. If I want to tell a friend about one or two good books I read recently I have the list at my fingertips. If I hear about a book I want to read I can easily add it to my To Read list. The app does everything I need it to
  • Not working right since update 3/5

    By rach1015
    The app isn't recording my read books to the reading challenge since the update. Also I wish there was a way to prioritize the to read shelf and do more custom sorting. I tried creating new shelves but the books are not removed automatically from those shelves after they're read so it doesn't work as I would like and it's more hassle.
  • Great App 5/5

    By NikkiF.
    I love this app not only to keep track of books I've read, but to see how my friends rate books I've read or want to read. This is like a Facebook of books! I read so many more books I enjoy based on what my friends read (i.e. People I have stuff in common with), not just random people.
  • Goodreads 5/5

    By Liz sanders
    Love this app
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By Pimp14080394
    I love to keep track of books I've read!
  • Great for keeping track 3/5

    By melody11
    Great for keeping track of what you've read. Also allows one to set goals for the year and get recommendations in many genres. Update 20 Feb17 The app no longer updates the reading challenge list. I had hopes the latest update would fix this but it didn't.
  • Fun to keep track 4/5

    By zhansman
    App works well. Fun to keep track of what you and your friends have been reading.
  • Basic 3/5

    By Mishaal Al Gergawi
    Basic and limited. Needs a major UI and UX overhaul.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Fepito
    Extremely useful.
  • It's like having a virtual bookshelf 5/5

    By MelMeru86
    I love this app because I get to keep books I've read and want to read on me and the same time. No more wondering 'What was that book I wanted to get?' The moment I see a book that interests me I add it to my shelf!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Caly0930
    This app is awesome! Helps me keep track of my library 👌🏻
  • Psychologist 5/5

    By Drjeniferj
    Love this app! Use it every single day!
  • I love it 5/5

    By comfortcurls
    Great reading app.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Kinseystew
    This app has made identifying my next read so easy and great! I have learned about books that I might have missed and get to see what my friends are reading!!
  • Goodreads 5/5

    By Hotairballoondeb
    I love this app!! We belong to a book club and it keeps track of the books we have read and the ones we are going to read!!!
  • Love Goodreads App 5/5

    By Roz58
    I love using this app for mobile devices. It's just as easy as the desktop version and I'm happy it tracks with the "Kindle". Too bad it doesn't track your "Google Play" or "Nook" reads/purchases also. Love the layout!
  • An app with great potential 4/5

    By Marjaviini
    I absolutely love Goodreads and this app. It lets me effortlessly keep track of what I read, discover new books, and motivates me to read more. It's also great to be connected with friends and be able to follow their progress. However, I feel that one essential improvement could be made - if this app got a bit more like a social network where you could post and interact with others more. For instance, I finish a book, and I want to recommend it to my friends, or share my thoughts about it with my friends only. If I could create a post saying something about the book which would show in everyone's feed, with the book attached below, it could be great. Or if I could "pitch" a book to a friend via a special instrument like, say, "recommend a book", and they get notified when I do so. It could be a great way of moving nerd discussions from Facebook to a platform which is designed for it specifically. Another great feature could be groups, like "I love Sci-Fi". And when you're a member, you could see the stuff other members recommend, read and review, etc. Just a few ideas!
  • Very Nice! 5/5

    By apple_red
    This is just a nice mobile version of the website you can use on a computer. It making it nice and convenient for on the good people.

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