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Discover and share books you love on Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations! Find new and interesting books by browsing personalized recommendations based on books you've read and your favorite genres. See what your friends are reading, write book reviews, and keep track of what you want to read. Use our barcode scanner the next time you are in a bookstore. Add the book in your hands to your "to-read" shelf and browse reviews before buying. More than 35 million members have added more than 1 billion books to their shelves. No other app combines the power and depth of the Goodreads community with an enormous catalog of books and reviews. Features: • Get personalized recommendations and discover new books based on your tastes. • Goodreads Choice Awards: vote for your favorite books of the year and see the winners! • Participate in the Reading Challenge! • Barcode scanner! • Keep a want-to-read list. • See book reviews and updates from your friends. • Discover new books and explore popular book lists. • Rate and review any book in our catalog of more than 12 million books. • Share notes and progress updates as you read. • Recommend books to friends. • Join online book clubs and connect with other readers. • View literary events near you.


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  • Rereads! 4/5

    By Why these particular ads?
    Really excited that you can now track rereads! That was my biggest complaint in the past and I am thrilled that it has been added as a feature. One improvement I would appreciate would be to tweak the “search books on your shelves” tool, so that if you search for a book that turns out not to be on your shelves, you have an option to expand the search to the full search bar. Sometimes I look for something I thought I read, and when it turns out I don’t have it marked on my shelves, I want to find and add it quickly without having to retype or copy the search into the full search bar.
  • Made some good progress, but still glitchy 3/5

    By lele1432
    While I like the new look of My Books, and I’m thrilled the issue has been fixed where I could only read community reviews on the book’s page and not reviewer profiles, the app is still frustratingly glitchy. It frequently crashes and closes out of the blue, usually right when I’m in the middle of reading a review! I’m an avid Goodreads user and would love for this bug to be fixed. Also, whenever I scroll down to read all reviews, it gets stuck on a review and then suddenly the same 5 or so reviews will keep repeating. I’m not sure if this is the end of all reviews, (I don’t think it is because when I’ve checked the website, I was able to see additional reviews), or if it’s just another glitch, but it would be helpful to be able to scroll through reviews until an end point, as opposed to seeing the same reviews repeat.
  • Latecomer 1/5

    By FlyingPoptart11
    Another latecomer here - I like this Goodreads a lot and use it with relative frequency, but the app is a goddamn smoking train wreck. While I enjoy the opportunity to preview books, there are WAY too many intrusive ads. Use the website.
  • The best thing I have ever downloaded 5/5

    By sirenbby
    I love this app and emails more then anything
  • Love goodreads 5/5

    By olivegucci
    And they keep improving the app functionality over time. Big fan.
  • Internet mandatory? 3/5

    By MizTriker
    In this day and age, technology allows us use cloud-based and internet software even when we are not connected but to sync to internet services later when we are connected. Goodreads doesn’t do that. If you are not connected, there is absolutely no function you can use. It’s a huge negative for me, because I prefer to connect to the internet when I am home only...but I read when I am not home. So much for storing my progress or writing my thoughts on a book. By the time I get home, I won’t remember the information I wanted to track.
  • Great Application for Readers 5/5

    By Funny2Me
    Amazing App, keeps me focused on what I love to do. READ!
  • The Black Book 5/5

    By Laurie McGary
    Awesome, great page turner, lots of twists and turns!!
  • Hoping for better Audible integration. 1/5

    By swschmidt
    Goodreads and Audible are both owned by Amazon, so why isn’t there a useful integration?
  • Westerns 3/5

    By wintertexanone
    Seriously? No genre for Westerns??? How come one can't get to lists of book series except by doing a search on a browser?
  • Good Social Network for Reading 4/5

    By Inferior
    For the most part, Goodreads is nice to use and has great intentions. I feel that the user friendliness could be improved from an updated interface, however.
  • Really good app! 5/5

    By lunaontherun
    A very well-programmed app! A lot of social media apps tend to crash or lag, but I've had nothing but good experiences with the Goodreads app.
  • Easy to keep track of books! 5/5

    By jocelinbv
    Love it! It helps me keep up with the latest book releases and all the books I read!
  • Fantastic, 1 recommendation 5/5

    By TJTurner23
    I absolutely love this app! I’m a big reader and have been using the site on and off for years. Now that I have the app I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it again. The app just feels so much more intuitive to me as a user. My only problem with Goodreads (both the app and the website) is that people are allowed to rate books before they are released. I feel like this can distort the ratings the book actually earns, I know some people who rate the book early will go back and change their review but not everyone will and those that do may take a long time to update. That’s just a little thing that bothers me and regardless, I still LOVE GOODREADS.
  • Pages read doesn’t work 3/5

    By Semicfineart
    Pages read won’t display progress. Have to use “percentage read” to get it to update your progress.
  • Fun Tracking Tool 4/5

    By AllieCat413
    My favorite thing about Goodreads is being able to track all the. Oops I've read and when I read them. I enjoy the reading challenges, etc. I was initially excited about the Recommendations tool, but I don't think the data / filtering is what it could be. I wish I could sort not only by genre but also combine genre with rating - even cross-referencing my taste in my own top-rated books. The Recommendation tool has a long way to go, but I still enjoy using the app for tracking my reads.
  • Really excellent book 5/5

    By ro7ger
    An excellent read. Makes you laugh and maybe a tear or two will fall. The dialogue is really well done. Description takes you into the surroundings in a special way. Bible quotations particularly appropriate and effectively used. Don’t give many 5 star reviews. This book deserves everyone of them.
  • Waiting for improvements 2/5

    By nd200
    Could be so much better. Why are there not more and better search features in this app by now? Would like to see more plot search options, bookshelves and keyword search options. Why not harness the work the users have put in to assist with this? As Amazon owns Goodreads and seems to be very unfortunately dismantling search options in "forums" used by so many to help find books, it would make sense that they resurrect them in some fashion here. Please add listopia feature to app 1/11/18 still waiting to search for lists and see lists I like, etc, as can do on desktop. this was an important feature of Amazon forums that is missing in Goodreads app
  • The Best App! 5/5

    By Jackie Blue J
    This is my top 5 favorite apps! It is the best way to keep track of what I’m reading. Keep up the good work!
  • Grate app 5/5

    By i should read more
    Grate app
  • Ads, ads, ads 1/5

    By Fgnangel
    Suddenly I can no longer be on good reads for more than 5 seconds before video ads at the bottom or top of the screen pop up unbidden and take over my whole screen. No sooner than I close them, do they pop right back up. The app has become literally impossible to use and by far the most annoying app on my phone now. Unreal!!!! Get rid of the pop up video ads!!!!!
  • Best app for books I’ve found 5/5

    By #thisisimpossible
    Get it.
  • Good and Bad 3/5

    By Wantstotravelmore
    I have used this app for many years from before it was bought out by Amazon. Many things remain good and useful. But other aspects are beyond annoying. I do not want to see what’s trending. Trending where? Who is reading these books? I don’t know and I don’t care what is popular with the public. I don’t mind seeing what friends are reading, as that helps weed out books I probably wouldn’t want to read or perhaps I trust their recommendations. Otherwise a useful site to keep track of books. But I do not enjoy perusing the site.
  • Picky reader 5/5

    By Jutilda
    I am a picky reader, but I looooooooove to read. It's a problem. Goodreads is super helpful in deciding what book to try next. I glance through any three star reviews and if their complaints match up with my dislikes I pick another book. If their praised are what I find important that's my next read. :)
  • Slightly Buggy 3/5

    By Mimilish
    Whenever I try to update the progress of the current book I’m reading it doesn’t move. It just stays the same no matter what page I’m on. If I update it from a desktop on your website it works but doesn’t talk to the app. The site says one thing and the app another. It’s incredibly frustrating especially since I use the app several times a day. Please fix this!!
  • “Could Not Finish” shelf 4/5

    By nerbna
    Overall solid app, one thing I wish it had is more flexible shelving options. What I personally would like to have is a “Could Not Finish” shelf to track books I started but didn’t want to finish. Currently, any attempt at this also puts the books on my “Read” shelf, which I don’t want because I don’t consider it “read” if I couldn’t get through it.
  • Forum 5/5

    By Dmwonderful
    I love this site and all who have shared their insight and intellect on all the books the have experienced
  • Messages 3/5

    By Lyssa Thomas
    I like the app but every time I get. A message than the notification stays there for the rest of the day even after I’ve looked at it and I hate that.
  • Reliable Book Reviewer & Shelf 4/5

    By MsSharLee
    I’ve come to rely on this app to stay updated on my books and others reviews of books. I've not experienced and glitches and it stays updated across my devices. It could use an interface upgrade and I'd love to see the extra shelves "title" look more polished, when I create them. Other than the that, it does what it says it supposed to do.
  • I enjoy this app 5/5

    By ArmyGrl60
    I like to read people's reviews of books...why they did or did not like a book. I also enjoy putting in my own reviews. I honestly say this app helped introduce me to genres of books I would not have otherwise read. I have no complaints about the function of the app. It's easy to navigate, find books, and add what I'm reading or read.
  • Perfect App for Bookworms 5/5

    By saylors2112
    I think that this five star rating is greatly deserved for this app. This app not only allows you to find the perfect book for you, but personalize your collection of books, rate and review books, track your reading, and much more. Speaking from personal experience, if I hadn't known about Goodreads, I would be searching hundreds of different websites for books fit to my liking- much less find multiple perfect books for me. I highly recommend this app for anyone (like me) who likes to track and organize their reading experience.
  • I wish... 4/5

    By ashaleydavis1
    I would love an option of quit reading because sometimes you start reading a book and don’t like it. I would like to have it no in my read column. I would also like the option of having shelf’s with the years the book is read instead of them all grouped together or at least having a gap in between the year under the read category.
  • Coolest App for readers! 5/5

    By Anakin731
    Great place to store all the books you want to read and all those you’ve read! I always get good recommendations too!
  • My most fav app 5/5

    By lubilafdewali
    This is my most fav app in the whole wide world!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By MoojooGiraffe
    Really helpful and fun, great for keeping track of what you've read and how you felt about it. Love reading other people's reviews and having information available about the books you're interested in, and love the option to save books you want to read. It makes me more excited about reading!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Hugh Min Yang
    Love this app
  • Convenient. 3/5

    By SimplyGrammatical
    A bit annoying that ads pause your music.
  • Was great 1/5

    By AlectheLad
    Added auto play ads that stop my music. That is an immediate one star.
  • How I like good reads 5/5

    By dancernessy
    I I like Goodreads because it’s a fun website and you can find your book and author on here and it’s a fun website because you can find any book that you married and you can tap the thing and you can weird and then you can write a few of you are in the car you like it and I like it because you can find people to that are your friends and you can friend themAnd if you can find movies on here of the book and if you like a movie and you can read the book and it’s really fun you can find people on it and then you can friend and I like this because I have a lot of family members that go on here and I don’t know much and I can’t even name and I can read books that they read and that’s all
  • Great way to remember what books I have read 😊 5/5

    By sloreview
    I like to check reviews before I decide if I want to read the book and I enjoy knowing what my friends read. Easy to navigate within the app.
  • Brilliant! 5/5

    By Nbvhdhvmnvjrhvkjb
    This is a brilliant app! One thing I suggest is possibly making it Wattpad comparable. I personally read a lot of books on Wattpad that is not on here so having Wattpad books available would be useful to help track.
  • I adore this app but not the buggy update! 2/5

    By TastesLikeAwesome
    I love this app, but have been frustrated with the recent update. I’m on the latest iPhone software, but there’s lots of weird issues happening and unfavorable features: 1) One of my books was showing way out of order when sorted by “date read”. It didn’t correct itself until I went into the “add or edit dates read” tab even though I didn’t change anything. 2) When I edit the “date read” on another book there’s nowhere to ‘save’ it and it still appears with the incorrect dates in my books list, even though it shows the proper dates every time I access “add or edit dates read”. Endless loop. 3) Where can I see my previous “Reading Challenge” info? The second we hit 2018 I couldn’t go back and see what my goal was for 2017 or if I hit it!
  • I recommend everyone to try it 💕 5/5

    By Miss batoo
    Best app ever for books and novels 👍🏻 U can share ur list with friends and family ❤️ U can also challenge ur self how many books or/and novels u can read, also make a challenge with ur family and friends.
  • Best stories 5/5

    By Hasan Moradi
  • I️ like it 5/5

    By PhillyBeth1
    It’s a great way to track of the books I read and motivate me to read more!!!!
  • Can’t Complain. Won’t Complain. 5/5

    By iwantcandi
    I don’t expect a lot from the apps I get. I saw that a lot of people used Goodreads for book recommendations and I wanted a way to find new things to read. I love that I can find them through genres and that I can keep track of my reading progress. I’m very happy with what I have and even if there are improvements, it would just make the experience better and not necessarily fix anything for me.
  • so much potential 4/5

    By Candy Heilman
    i wish the usernames were shown on the profile or something to make it easier to invite people to follow you or find friends. love the app just feel like it's lacking a bit.
  • It does not keep up with a list of what you have read. 1/5

    By JackBa10
    I was really enjoying this app until I went back to see what I had already read. The app did not save any of the books I marked as read.
  • Love Goodreads! 5/5

    By Abber Caddaber
    I love this app! It's a great place to keep track of all the books I want to read and books I have read. It's fun to connect with friends and see what they are reading too. I've done the reading challenge the last two years and it keeps me motivated to keep reading.
  • Excellent reading tracker 4/5

    By blankenship67
    Great way to track books! I wish the app was able to show past years reading challenges.

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