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Google Authenticator

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  • Current Version: 3.0.0
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  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Authenticator App

Google Authenticator works with 2-Step Verification for your Google Account to provide an additional layer of security when signing in. With 2-Step Verification, signing into your account will require both your password and a verification code you can generate with this app. Once configured, you can get verification codes without the need for a network or cellular connection. Features include: - Automatic setup via QR code - Support for multiple accounts - Support for time-based and counter-based code generation To use Google Authenticator, you need to enable 2-Step Verification on your Google Account. Visit to get started.


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Google Authenticator app reviews

  • The latest update is not downloading 1/5

    By Sacha !!!
    With the last update, whenever one chose to update it asks for Apple ID password but the Apple ID that selects is not the correct Apple ID it uses the google account ID instead of the right Apple ID. I hope this will be fixed on the next version soon.
  • Couple of features away 3/5

    By Zymosis
    - Dislike phone transfer process, although not overly complex still a pain - why no touch / Face ID support?
  • Needs meaningful update 2/5

    By b-lake624
    Needs Face ID Touch ID iPhone X screen support
  • Resolution 3/5

    By Hamed13679
    iPhone X support please
  • Works Well 5/5

    By LiamMCW
    Easy to setup. Not locked out of any accounts. Fingerprint plz
  • Good but.. 4/5

    By 💫iSkittlZ💫
    The app is amazing but since I have both a phone and a tablet is there like a mode where I can sync the devices with the same codes because my tablet generates codes that don’t work but works for my phone. Thanks!
  • Needs TouchID Support 3/5

    By ByteCrawler
    A lot of reviews seem to be centered on phone transfers. Not sure what everyone’s issue was, I personally didn’t have any issues, even after a phone wipe. Just make sure you’re logged into Google on another device or a Chrome session and you can add the new phone without issues. I think it’s more of people not understanding how 2FA works. If you don’t have another device logged in, make sure to turn off 2FA before switching phones(or add your mobile phone to 2FA as well as a failsafe). However this app needs to get some TouchID support for further protection. That’s my only gripe. If you were to happen to leave your phone unlocked, someone can just open the app and get the codes without having to type in a PIN or authenticate with TouchID. This is a security flaw. I’ve submitted this issue over a year ago and here we are still without this feature (they haven’t even updated this app in close to a year). Please add TouchID support, strengthen up the security to this very useful 2FA tool. Or at the very least a PIN prompt when you open the app.
  • Easy to use; UI bugs; no iPhone X support 4/5

    By Jiehan Z.
    I like Google Authenticator because the Google brand is trustworthy. There are a few UI bugs, the one that bothers me the most is, after scanning some QR code, the entry gets added twice, and after I remove one of them, the navigation bar disappears. It has not been updated for iPhone X yet, so there are large black areas below and above—quite ugly to look at :(
  • Worst Google product I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Znagler
    Hard to believe it’s even made by Google. The opening screen just says ‘scan barcode’ with no explanation of what the hell it’s talking about
  • No transfer options 1/5

    By FAppleUsernameRestrictions
    Use Authy. Glad I still had previous phone. F.. google
  • No backup! 1/5

    By Michael62492
    I got a new phone and while the app did migrate over my codes did not. Now I can’t verify myself. This is awful.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Wimma82
    I just upgraded phones and none of my accounts transferred. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I had one account, but I have 8 accounts to transfer now. Thanks google.
  • Snapchat bye 1/5

    By 3lawiiarm
    I forgot my account !
  • Locked out 1/5

    By Appleusrr1919
    My iPhone was bricked so I needed to switch phones. Google did not migrate my old codes to this new iPhone and now I cannot log into anything. Need help. Very stressed out.
  • What an abysmal interface... 1/5

    By SixOThree
    It's literally a simple list but somehow Google makes it visually confusing. Bold line in the middle vertically with two smaller detail lines above and below. What were they thinking.
  • Downloader Beware - No way to transfer between devices! 1/5

    By AstralGeek33
    There is no way to transfer your authentication codes between devices.
  • Crap App for Saps 1/5

    By Local1
    While always annoying, cumbersome, and requiring several tries to log in, this crap app no longer allows access at all.
  • Don’t Use! 1/5

    By Bgbgbgh
    I had the exact same problem after switching phones. It’s a nightmare trying to figure out how to get the simple code sent! Use at your own risk. It’s terrible.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Caio_santos
    Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Gets very frustrating.
  • Used to work well 1/5

    By AlchemicKnowledge
    Used to work great until 2 weeks ago, had to spend over 2 hours with tech support and it still doesn't work.
  • It’s great! 5/5

    By Jessica dills
    I use this app for Discord, it’s awesome! I definitely love this app.
  • Systems Engineer 1/5

    By sprprepman
    Man, F Patrick.
  • Needs backup option 2/5

    By therickaustin
    I change phones - a lot - and it’s a royal pain to migrate this app to a new phone (unless I’m missing something. A backup / restore or some other migration feature is needed.
  • Help 1/5

    By ilovejohn1
    I need a code Please help
  • Don't use! Will lose your data 1/5

    By Jacob Schwartz
    Lost all my codes when restoring phone from encrypted iTunes backup.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By dalatprince
    Stay away if you intend to switch new phone
  • Wide open 2/5

    By Tutorial 1
    This app is wide open. At least provide Touch ID to open the app.
  • Piece of garbage app 1/5

    By Juan b 145
    Kicked me out, lost everything. Google makes it impossible to contact even has no contact info. Just sends you in circles through articles. App doesn't even let you see what account or anything it's connected to. App does not even have a se
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jorge Baliña
    Free security feature, great App.
  • Avoid this app like the black death! 1/5

    By GonzoFan
    If you have to wipe your iPhone and you do not restore the authenticator app you will lose all of your codes. If you think that won't happen, you're crazy! You WILL lose the app and all your backup codes, and your life will become a living hell! You have been warned!
  • Needs multiple device support 3/5

    By iMinnesotan
    I realize if I lose or upgrade my phone I'm SOL. This app is simple to use and has worked every time but I would love to sync my accounts across multiple devices and be able to customize colors making it easy for my eyes to target the account that I am authenticating at the moment.
  • Awful - Doesn’t work at all! 1/5

    I’m surprised at this terrible app. I can’t believe this is a Google product! I attempted to authenticate my account many times and despite entering the correct code I was repeatedly informed that I was wrong! Never got it to function correctly. Really disappointed.
  • Broken 1/5

    By bobofromNY
    The codes this app generates do not work anymore after I changed my phone. Completely useless. Reinstalling it did not help either. I can't believe this piece of junk came from Google.
  • Lost all my data 1/5

    By pbrand559
    The app worked one day and then the next it was like I had never used it. Lost all of my keys and created massive headaches. I am still trying to regain access to multiple accounts. Garbage. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • 2step is a joke 1/5

    By Queen Vicki xo
    Agree with all 1 star reviews. Why must you lose access to other apps when you purchase a new phone?! Wasting so much time!
  • Seriously! Google should be embarrassed 1/5

    By Rajtriv
    Fix this or lose tons of customer support . This is horrendous
  • Switch phones. 1/5

    By Justgothroughforthelove
    I dare you.
  • Awful 1/5

    By AstrophysicsOfNASA
    Straight up terrible, lost my gaijin war thunder account that i used to grind
  • No way to transfer to new phone 2/5

    By John Graybosch
    If you get a new phone there's no way to transfer the codes. It won't even re-display the QR codes for you to scan with your new phone, not to mention some kind of backup for your codes. It kinda basically does the job, but it's a little klunky anyway.
  • Can't sign in? 1/5

    By Ryannicknamenottaken
    Why isn't there any sort of backup feature? You guys are an embarrassingly uninnovative bunch. Aren't you like... the richest company in the world or something? How about some R&D funding? Clowns. No update since Feb2016? SMH!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Aalllylka
    I was trying to get back into a very important email account that we lost the password to, and when I got it wrong it told me to use this app. The app was absolutely un helpful and did nothing for me. Would definitely not recommend.
  • Do NOT Use This!!!! 1/5

    By Techric
    The ONLY situations you should use this is for is ONLY for Google's services. Otherwise DO NO EVER USE this app. Why? Because if you ever lose your phone, do a hard reset, or just lose the app, ALL of your tokens will be gone F-O-R-E-V-E-R! That's right. The app doesn't save the tokens that you set up for 3rd-Party emails, bank accounts, etc. You WILL BE SCREWED!
  • Not user friendly compared to its android version 1/5

    By sks@123
  • Once a fast app, no longer. 1/5

    By OneNOnlySev
    Used by other programs I run, I had to use this app. Before, it wasn't a problem. Now it's *MANDATORY* to set up 2-step verification on your Google account before you can even use the app at all; which is both completely useless to me and, for most, stupidly hard to find. If I had something important on my Google account maybe I'd do this myself. But I use a Google account as a connection account, it has nothing valuable on it. Immense waste of time, and the update forced me to re-setup every app that used Authenticators prior, which I had to first DISABLE to redo. In short, huge waste of time, ludicrously pointless fluff, thank you for making a perfectly streamlined app a pain in the rear.
  • I need help retrieving old Authentications 1/5

    By Albino Yeknom
    I need to retrieving the authentications I had, back before I removed this app I have a few on there, since then I've accidentally deleted the app. I thought I would be able to get my stuff back since it had the Cloud symbols when I went back to download it but NO. ALL GONE, with no way to retrieve now I can't access account😞 PLEASE HELP!
  • It lost my codes... 1/5

    By Gillianne Yarber
    Don't trust this to keep your codes.
  • Authy is sooo much better 1/5

    By Wings13
  • Wish we could search among 100s codes 3/5

    By Jimmy Costanza
    No search, very basic app but does the job.
  • Doesn't scale well 1/5

    By Art Carney
    If you have more that 6 or so codes it will start doubling them in the list, and the UI gets disabled somehow so you can't delete them without restarting the app. Really wish it used native UI instead of the Google stuff. Out of place and probably the source of the above problems.
  • No token backup, use Google's new button Prompt. 2/5

    By RDEinMichigan
    Used this easy great app for years without issues... Until one day my phone accidently got drowned in water. Days later I got a new phone and my iCloud backup worked perfectly, all but the Authenticator app lost all my tokens. This.was a good app who's time has past. Use Google's new "Google Print" instead, which simply uses the iPhone finger print button, no codes to copy/paste or enter. Google's new solution is faster, easier and more secure.

Google Authenticator app comments


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