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Browse fast on your iPhone and iPad with the Google Chrome browser you love on desktop. Pick up where you left off on your other devices, search by voice, and easily read webpages in any language. • SYNC ACROSS DEVICES - seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks from your laptop, phone or tablet • FASTER BROWSING - choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages • VOICE SEARCH - use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on-the-go without typing • TRANSLATE - easily read webpages in any language • UNLIMITED TABS - open as many tabs as your heart desires and quickly flip through them like a deck of cards • PRIVACY - use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at


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  • Used to be my favorite browser 1/5

    By Roadhouse769
    I’ve used this browser for every single phone I’ve had from low end androids to my current iPhone 8. It’s been a good app for a while but now I run into nothing but problems, from it not being responsive on YouTube to not being responsive on Facebook, no matter how many times I click on anything. Needless to say I will not be download this pos again and it’s lost all credibility from me as an app. I will however still use it on my computer because I haven’t ran into problems on there. But it just kept getting worse and worse on my phone so I finally got rid of it and now I’m using safari.
  • Crashes frequently 2/5

    By Biggie46789432
    Freezes ALL the time. On my desktop I prefer Chrome because Firefox has become as slow as IE, but on my phone I’m tending to use FF more and more because Chrome constantly freezes.
  • iPhone X Support 3/5

    By Andrew Mudd
    While Google Chrome is a great browser and works just fine for me, it’s iPhone X support is kind of wonky. So, it is a full screen app, but when you turn your phone to landscape, that gray bar that is used to fill in the notches does not disappear. So, while you are browsing with your phone on it’s side, there is an ugly and blank gray bar across the top that serves no purpose.
  • Chrome on iOS is great, but... 1/5

    By scotthilt
    Until I can block egregious ads (like the ones on Vox sites) then I’m not using Chrome as my default browser. Other then that it’s a great browser.

    By Shanethekiller3
    ill give this a 4 star rating bc its like a different version of google bc we all know that google came first but i like that you have incognito mode bc i act like a spy!!! jk i dont...
  • Used to be all it does is crash 1/5

    By ClayPress
    I have used Chrome ever since I switched away from Firefox many years ago and it always treated me well until recently. I don’t know what happened but around the time of the release of iOS 11 the app will only partially load any webpage then freeze and crash.
  • Google product integration 1/5

    By Desposi
    Please get rid of the "suggested content". This is a browser and not a news service. I don't like the lack of controls over this stuff that is a distraction but dosent enhance our life in any way. I'm not sure what problem or need that actually even fixes. ------- I like the google maps integration allowing me to open directions straight in google maps. Plus all book marks are synced from chrome on my computer too Great app to have if you use chrome or have a google account. Chrome is poised to be a true game changer in the world of computing and I'm happy to see it developing.
  • Insecure Browser 1/5

    By jarodkking
    A pop up stating something like “Congratulations!!! You just won $10,000!!! Click OK to redeem!” cannot be closed with your app. Instead of creating a way to clear the cache or close all tabs outside of the app through iOS settings, you have to completely uninstall and reinstall. Please fix this and I will give 5 stars.
  • Pop up lock up 1/5

    By Old Scruffy
    Some sites open an intrusive pop up for a free iPad, etc.,that can’t be cleared without a re-install. I’m getting really tired of re-installing to clear the pop up. An option to open to a blank screen instead of all previously open windows including the problem pop up should be possible. Till then, 1 star.
  • Extensions. 2/5

    By 392899
    Google Chrome has a wide variety of extensions, yet none of them are comparable with mobile device.
  • I hate the new bookmarks! 1/5

    By DougFLA123
    I'd give chrome (for the iPad) a zero if I could! Why not give us the choice on how we want our bookmarks to be displayed? The old way of displaying and organizing bookmarks was so much better! I wish I could revert back to an earlier version of chrome or have the option to use the old method of displaying and organizing my bookmarks. I will never update my other devices with Chrome. I'm sorry I updated one of my devices with it! The Google "team" use to be so great. Their products get worse and worse.
  • App inconvenience 1/5

    By -XpycTuK-
    Have in app problem for some time on iphone6 , when I try to open :more option( three dot icon) , it will open but will be invisible, so I have to press randomly based on luck and memory, now can't create bookmarks etc.
  • Pretty good but... 3/5

    By arandomperson22
    Sometimes there is this pop up add that forces you to click yes and you can’t get rid of it. Not sure if it’s the browsers fault though, but most likely. It’s really annoying.
  • Won’t open Google apps in the browser on a 12.9 iPad 3/5

    By SeriouslyDave
    I understand why Google might force an iOS user into Google mobile apps when the browser’s running on an older smaller iPhone. But, why do that on the latest 12.9 iPad Pro? The browser version has far more function and the 12.9 has no trouble handling it (I know because I’ve had to switch browsers to get the function I need and it has no problem with full-function Google web sites).
  • Please add always show bookmarks bar on ipad 4/5

    By Yaserkhadada
    Please add always show bookmarks bar on ipad
  • Bombarded with News 2/5

    By kthrnmnnk
    Contrary to what many search engines believe, I do not want to be bombarded with news all of the time. Chrome now has headlines when a new tab is opened? Thus far, I’ve not found an easy way to disable unless I use incognito. I definitely prefer using google, but not if this is the case.
  • Decent browser, terrible manage multiple Gmail accounts 2/5

    By bpgh8
    Browser is decent and basic, nothing better than Safari. I had high hopes for syncing my bookmarks and tabs between devices, but if you have more than 1 Gmail account it’s a nightmare trying to switch between them. Maybe the app is just broken, but I’ve tried about 10 times to sign into another account and it still rolls back to the previous.
  • I love the app! 4/5

    By Cars0419
    I love the Chrome app, but I hate the desktop app. I’m looking at using Firefox on my laptop, but the app for that looks bad! The browser is nice and clean. I love having personalized news articles on the start screen. Safari was unbearable so I had to switch to this. It seemed cleaner than the Firefox app which I have yet to try out.
  • This app stays in my cloud. Can’t open anymore. What’s up with that. 1/5

    By T.Woods94
    This app stays in my cloud. Can’t open anymore. What’s up with that.
  • Voice recognition is great 3/5

    By Retromolar2
    Really wish you could use “find in page” on a PDF
  • Suddenly Stopped Working 1/5

    By dmacon
    App now does not work. Either freezes or crashes upon load up.
  • WARNING!! Hackers locked this app. 1/5

    By MCEPoker
    I was reading an article straight off of Chrome when a message popped up saying I won an Amazon gift card. Suspicious of it I wanted to decline but there wasn’t a button to do so. Clicking on the home button did nothing. Double clicking the home button and closing Chrome then reopening it brought me back to the same screen. Doing the same steps and and shutting down the phone didn’t clear it either. Only deleting Chrome and reinstalling it cleared the message. This seems to be a serious bug because the only other option was to click ok and be sent to who-knows-where.
  • Unsafe pop-ups - no work around 1/5

    By JoeMacLover
    As many have stated there is no way around no clicking on unsafe pop-ups in chrome other than to delete the app and reinstall which is cumbersome if you have info saved in cache (passwords/cc info etc). Completely unusable in this current version.
  • Done 1/5

    By M2bell
    I just want a browser that lets me use one set of bookmarks across all browsers...with the latest release i can’t find my bookmarks. I’m sure they are there somewhere but why do i have to look? This one little issue caused me to rethink my planned phone upgrade to the pixel2 - going with Samsung now.
  • Trump 1/5

    By bgoldin10
    In reference to Trump. And his choice of words. I am also tired of the US getting all the immigrants ! There are many other Countries out there. Why do we have to take them all in?? Because we are so crowded, I ended up taking in less SS for my disability this year. And now they are getting rid of all the HUD and section 8 housing for those of us who cannot afford anything else. Maybe I don’t care for his choice of words. But I totally agree that the US is over populated!!
  • Pop ups and crash! Thanks. Please fix 1/5

    By lockwave
    Terrible app. This app won’t scroll on websites. It allows pop-ups that you cannot remove unless you delete the app. Walmart etc. Terrible thanks Microsoft you are terrible
  • I don’t want the suggested content 1/5

    By Intsia_bijuga
    I don’t want that suggested content. I certainly don’t want Foxnews suggestions. The most used icons don’t work anymore either. I’ve reported this multiple times to Google and nothing is ever fixed. I’ve switched over to Safari and Bing.
  • Used to be Better 1/5

    By Lily Kents
    It’s become extremely annoying to always get kicked out of the navigation bar for the most recent news articles on the New Tab page. This never used to happen but now every time I open a tab and start typing it erases everything and opens one of the articles displayed on the page. I don’t care about the articles and it’s caused me to use Safari or Opera instead. Please fix this or give me an option to remove the news from the page.
  • Ruined google images browsing 3/5

    By jrdnba
    Not sure what the thinking behind the hangs to images search was but it ruined browsing images on mobile for me. Searching something in images shows low quality photos and tapping on an image doesn't show you the image anymore. Really frustrating to view high resolution images and save them. Share button is not necessary here. And the same image button? Doesn't save the image to your phone but to a favorited images section?! Chrome gets worse with updates
  • Something isn’t right. 2/5

    By Blue Knight
    When I select the menu, I can’t access Settings, History, Bookmarks, or anything else in the Menu window.
  • Pharmaceutical Walmart 5/5

    By Bridget&Summer
  • Wow, Never Again 1/5

    By Down8ve
    After reading the Damore document, I think it’s time to un-Google my life and adapt an all-Apple approach to life. Google is not worthy of anyone’s business. What a train wreck!
  • Chrome 3/5

    By I'mAditz
    I've always had Android phones and I own two laptops. One's a Chromebook and the other is a laptop with the Linux operating system. I have an iPhone now and Safari isn't working well on it. So I'm going to give Chrome a try on this phone. If it doesn't work out you'll be the first to know.
  • Just 1/5

    By 💜❤❤💖
  • Death to bing (a comedy monologue by billy) 5/5

    By Zom bæ bæ0172
    I mean just applause to google for completely slaughtering bing, like what’s bing? I do not know. Like the only other browser that people still kinda know exists is safari and that’s because it comes with iPhones even though no one wants it, like that bs U2 album. Honestly who even likes U2 anymore, I’m being honest when I say that I’ve never heard one of their songs. If you have, applause to you for having such a long attention span, because that stuff is BOORRINNG. It’s very sad though that we’ve lost bing, I think I will set up a funeral for them, be right back —————————————————————————————— BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MY NEXT SCETCH, THE FUNERAL OF BING!!!!!!!
  • Easy peasy 5/5

    By deadrabbit04
    Easy peasy
  • Cannot view webpages 1/5

    By Nickname84737
    Certain websites are not viewable in chrome. When I input a website URL, I get a message saying “This Site Can’t Be Reached”. At first this would only occur when I was using WiFi, but now it occurs over cell data l. It seems weird that I can access the same sites using safari on my phone or using a browser on my desktop.
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Shanghai_Ted
    There are popups that come up that will not allow you to navigate unless you click on their popup menu. You have to delete the app and reload. Incredibly annoying.
  • Good 5/5

    By marthi barajas
    Very good
  • Modern Day Book Burning 1/5

    By KevStover
    Google was once a place to find information. It had no bias. It was the modern day tool to educate yourself. Unfortunately Google has lost its way. Hiding factual information from users, Turning up incorrect search Results that have nothing to do with what you’re looking for. This is simply because google Will no longer share information it doesn’t want you to know about. It’s time for a change. Boycott google.
  • good app, bad update 4/5

    By LaurelDV
    the newest update causes the app to not close properly and ends up closing all of my tabs at least once a day also i hate the new feature where you can’t click on images to view them and scroll through just the images without information please bring that back it’s super annoying to not have
  • Open in new tab glitchhhhh 1/5

    By imsimplyalice
    Opening new tab goes glitchy. Disappears for a split second when opening
  • Too many issues 2/5

    By Mp3some
    Chrome is ok for the most part, but I downloaded it because I thought it would replace safari as an awesome browser. Well, I was wrong. There are several issues that make it very annoying to use. For one, requesting the desktop version of a site (for all of the web sites I tried) it simply takes me back to a mobile version of the page. I don't know what browser string it's sending, but that doesn't I seem to change with this setting. Secondly, scroll down to refresh is refreshingly stupid. There is plenty of the room on the URL bar (which disappears so who cares what it looks like) so why not put it there? If I'm filling out a form and I need to scroll down and then accidentally go too far, there goes all my hard work typing on my phone. This should be obvious to anyone who tested this at google, so maybe they just ignore their user feedback. Also viewing bookmarks and navigating is now more cumbersome than ever. What once took 1 one click now takes 3. This came with the latest December 10th update so what the heck are people at google thinking? Isn't there any quality control? Changing an interface just for the sake of change is a Microsoft thing, not google. I don't as gong to buy a chrome book but after seeing this "update", I'll wait to see how things are ironed out. Oh and saving an image from a tab or window that only contains an image does not work. Why would this be? Is there something in the code that checks for this condition and then prevents me from downloading? Because otherwise it's just a heinous bug that should have been fixed months if not years ago. Finally, it crashes and freezes. Not all the time, but this does happen. NEVER with safari, it is fast and stable. All of these things sadden me because I use chrome at home and it works so well. I'd love to sync my bookmarks and passwords but because the mobile version is shoddy I can not do so. Google please fix these issues so that you can be my number one browser. Thanks!
  • Best app 5/5

    By Minecraft gamer YT
    I can find millions of things and apps best app ever
  • This goddam app 1/5

    By usernamepass
    Ever try to watch an animated gif on chrome? Well, 50% of the time,not only does the file stop loading halfway through, it kills the tab you are using. You can’t go back, type in a new address, or reload the page. The only solution is to close the tab, open a new one and find where you left off. This wouldn’t be so bad if it only happened every so often, but after the hundredth time you load a page ending with .gif and it kills the tab while you’re “trying to do something important” you gotta uninstall. 1/5 unsubscribe
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Eddy4905
    I open app and go to type in the search bar, the app then freezes for about 2 seconds then the app proceeds to crash. I can no longer use chrome as a result.
  • Most the most efficient 2/5

    By hispanic chick
    To look up anything it’s difficult To save images it’s difficult Again not the best app
  • Good browser, handoff not working 4/5

    By Aneidon
    Unfortunately it seems like handoff between Chrome on Mac and on iOS isn’t working anymore. Having Chrome open on Mac suggests Safari on iOS, while Chrome open on iOS causes no suggestions on Mac. Otherwise this is a great browser with nice integration into other Google apps.
  • Bookmarks 2/5

    By Mikecoles
    Why did you decide to change the bookmark format. At one point all your bookmark folders were laid out to see. Now i have to scroll through a list of other bookmarks just to find one folder.
  • Lag when scrolling and browser keeps crashing 1/5

    By Pig55555
    I normally love Chrome on all my devices but sadly it never works on my iPad. When I'm trying to read a new article or a website page, is an adventure and often becomes frustrating. I lose my places, the browser freezes. On top of that the browser will freeze and crash. I just want to use Chrome on my iPad Mini, but I can't without being very frustrated.

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