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Google Earth App

This is the new Google Earth. Gain a new perspective of the world as you explore the globe with a swipe of your finger. Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in stunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, which brings you one-of-a-kind experiences from Sesame Street, BBC Earth, NASA and more.


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Google Earth app reviews

  • Summary 4/5

    By Om Tare Tutare Tue soha
    I just read a review by a man complaining . about the man app. Instead of everyone remembering this: We used to have just maps hearsay etc. making this new generation look out the window feel life but please don’t tape My point is social media should be expected fail,because the world is ever changing. 🤢
  • Photos were gone now they are there 4/5

    By They're all taken 3.14159
    Updated to latest version, did not display photos. The help section said to go to settings and click on show photos, but that was not there. Next day it was, go figure. Works now.
  • What happened to picture quality? 1/5

    By EzraT
    Don’t know if it was the update to ios11
  • Tilt works differently now. 5/5

    By Billboar
    Tilt works differently now: You have to hold two fingers close together in a horizontal manner. And the movement is up instead of down when you want to tilt the earth. Moreover, all the photos are removed. - - - They say photos are back. I will check on that. Yes, photos are back! Plus, street view has moved to google earth.
  • Pictures returned! Yay! Resolution still needs work. 3/5

    By Momofthree123
    This has been my favorite app for years and I've used it to essentially "tour" the world. But it was a bad decision to eliminate Panaromio photos before having another system in place. Usability is vastly decreased because there are so few places in the world with street view and I don't want to just look at major cities. I want to see the Sahara Desert and volcanos and natural land formations! I can hardly use the app the way I used to. The only fix to this is the get large increases of 360 photos from all over the world. But they should not have removed the photos before this happened. Also the resolution is terrible now! It looks like the Simpsons with blocky cartoon quality as you get close up. The app is nearly useless to me as is😞 Update 9/22/17: the photos returned is a vast improvement! The biggest missing chunk is now restored! We do still need to work on that messy choppy resolution. I've saved so many screenshots over the years and the resolution was definitely better before. I feel like they'll get there again. And with it so will my five stars return when it does.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Grace Leah
    It’s lit and they recently download it on my school iPad and when I’m bored I use it it’s lit and can’t get any better good job google even though I like apple better 🙂
  • Hey Google 5/5

    By Dbjkdhjkidf
    Hello! I’m finding this app very entertaining and would recommend a few things just to make it more fun and exciting. Can you please add the solar system and a little description about everything in it? Maybe show us a rotating image of the planets and sun?....and maybe a few other things such as other solar system names. Sorry, it’s a lot to ask, but I’d really appreciate if you did do it. Please respond if you have read this. Thanks!
  • Saving My Places 5/5

    By Cehange
    They have fixed it based on my review, so it makes sense to award 5 stars. Thanks for the work. Does not appear to save files in "my places" if I reboot the iPad or shut off the app. What is the point of "my places" if you can't leave kml and kmz files there? Am I missing the 'save my places' command that is on the desk top version?
  • Worse upgrade ever 1/5

    By yorison
    I want to see the satellite images, that is what I use google earth for, The blocky 3d- ish cartoony images totally ruin it. Geesh... I am deleting google earth until it is put back
  • Can’t save gps coordinates? 3/5

    By JeffreyDrives
    I’ve been using Google Earth for my travels for years. I used to be able to find an area on the map that I want to explore and save the gps coordinates for later use. With this version, I cannot save gps coordinates. Please add that feature to this new version. Until then....
  • bug 1/5

    By qje079
    pls fix the bug that cannot display the border/name of the country
  • Version 9 Good and Bad 3/5

    By Papa-Dodge
    I love the speed of Google Earth version 9. However, two things are missing from version 8 that I cannot live without: (1) We need to have true 2D mode without simulated 3D buildings in order to see accurate detail of landscape; and (2) We need the ability use Google Earth in split screen mode (not just overlay mode) so it can be used with Safari and other apps seamlessly. The version 8 had both of these capabilities and they are missed very much! An update should be an improvement, not a loss of much needed functionality.
  • No option to delete search history 5/5

    By Anneg6314
    Update 9/21/17: glitch is fixed. Thank you for responding! Horrible app now! It's glitchy and slow. No option to delete search history. I tried searching help and got help for the desktop version. Why can't I delete search history on the new app version?
  • It’s not availabled by iOS 11 5/5

    By gerote
    As the title
  • Image history 4/5

    By Aliabdulaziz
    We need image history like the desktop version please.
  • Search History Update 5/5

    By Evil EJ
    Thank you for adding a Clear Search History in the settings section.
  • Maps are outdated 2/5

    By Danoli77
    Could be a great app but they fail so hard. The maps are years outdated and getting to your current location is not easy or intuitive.
  • One job 1/5

    By bewickwren
    The only thing I need google earth to do is show where I am in real time when I load a polygon to it. It used to, not anymore. I have to manually update my position as I move around 😒
  • Updates added additions doesn't make the previous super great App better. 1/5

    By Moshe Tuvia
    Now it's not a even a good App. I super enjoyed the app and would use it to especially look at areas mentioned in the News which I may not have had a clue to where on earth it was (literally). I also liked zooming in and seeing what the places looked like. However I don't enjoy it after the update. The image isn't nearly as clear. I don't need all the travel type info nor highlights. I'm most likely looking at the area because I've already been informed of information which makes the area a interest to me. This added informational addition just causes clutter and gets in the way. Please revert back to the previous Google Earth.
  • Revolutionary 5/5

    By JackyJohnny123456789
    This app is revolutionary in the world of 3d mapping
  • ios11 update plz thx 5/5

    By lleenjgfo
  • No layers....... 1/5

    By Balgernon
    Where are boundaries, photos, lakes, poi's, parks, businesses, specific place names, land feature names, etc., etc....?
  • No more 'Ground Level View' 1/5

    By GP|13
    With this forced upgrade, you're unable to zoom in and view at ground level. That was my favorite feature and helped with planning my photographic shoots. This isn't an upgrade, it's a downgrade. Updated 19/9/2017: still no ground level view option.
  • Crap 1/5

    By restling
    Horrible update with cartoon like resolution. Old version was much better. Add a timeline, like the desk top version, and fix the graphics.
  • Where are some features? 2/5

    By Kill All Blissey
    Like the moon and Mars, or historical imagery?
  • Spooky Good 5/5

    By BugBitten
    Among other improvements, Google has amped up the modeling to the point where the detail is kinda scary. I'm glad their motto is do no evil. You can count the tomatoes on each of the plants in my backyard but please don't come and take them!
  • Needs real time weather radar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/5

    By mgcarpenter
    Needs real time weather radar option......!!!!!!!!
  • Location tracking terrible 1/5

    By nicsa007hitman
    what is the use of the app if it cant track your location continuously!! So dissapointed in the new update!!
  • No good 1/5

    By Hannahighpoint
    Used to be able to see more than grainy blocks. This is terrible. I feel like this is 10x less transparent when the whole point is to be MORE transparent. Don't be evil.
  • Map update? 3/5

    By Tomster627
    I'm REALLY glad that Earth was finally updated and I'm glad it doesn't crash anymore, however I've found that a lot of areas in my city are VERY out of date both from satellite view and street view. I was wondering if you could at least redo the satellite view images since I like to explore around my city in my spare time and kinda frustrates me that it isn't accurate
  • Hi 4/5

    By forxe blue
    Is a little old needs new arieas
  • .kmz çalışmıyor :(( 2/5

    By mcoronap
    Büyük ".kmz"' dosyaları açılmıyor ve program kapanıyor. Tek iyiliği konum mavi noktası büyütülmüş ve izleme rahatlamış durumda ve küçük boyutlu .kmz güzergah takip ederken parmak ile yapılan dokunmalarda konum kaybolmuyor.
  • Google world 5/5

    By ghiugg
  • 3D is incredible 5/5

    By will728392
    The update to include 3D makes this one of the best apps I've ever experienced. Fantastic job

  • Old vs new 1/5

    By User649
    I used the old app everyday for converting coordinates from all types of format to the format I needed no need for math or remember which way I was going. The gps was at the top of the screen now it's at the bottom and hidden under the banner. If you try to click around the search you loose what you typed in. The pin used to stay on the screen and now it just disappears. I tried today to search a gps and it just failed me completely. Thankful this app is free or I would be asking for my money back. Although it is a little faster, I will be looking for another app to use instead of this. K
  • 3D 1/5

    By Redimipod
    The 3D must me on all the time!!! Need to be able to turn the 3D off !!!!
  • crashing 1/5

    By tafkar
    The app consistently crashes after a couple of minutes on my iPad Air2 running the latest version of iOS. This is happening even with no other apps running.
  • Poor up date. 1/5

    Either on the computer. Can not have useful apps like distances and pin point. Really disapointed.
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By Dilnud
    The old version was perfect. The previous version depicted restaurants near the search location. Now you have to enter a new search for restaurants. Too bad we can't go back to the previous version. Some upgrades just don't work, and this is a prime example.
  • No panoramio 1/5

    By Chipss07
    Without panoramio is this app complete waste.
  • Don't like the 3D. 2/5

    By Duhguytfh
    I don't like being forced to use the 3D if it was an option fine, but I can't turn it off.
  • Hurricane Irma 5/5

    By Renee0720
    Is it possible to make google Earth live for people to see what's going on, on their street and the impacts from Irma?
  • Titanic is gone 5/5

    By Teona2005
    Why did you remove titanic underwater well you still have the description about it but why google earth?

    By somerandoms person
    1. Just zooming in, all homes, buildings, cars and trees are so glitchy, blocky and nothing like what it is supposed to be. 2. Zoom sensitivity needs adjust for 2D and 3D mode 3. Once again. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BLOCKY GOOGLE?!?! Have you guys ever seen a tree cube? Neither have I. THIS APP NEEDS TO GO BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL VERSION
  • Just joining the crowd with this rating! 1/5

    By Romptner
    I haven't updated the app, for one, because it wasn't broken. I hope this teaches all of you to never update an app until WAY AFTER its initial release, so that you can see all the newbies ruin their use-to-be-perfect-verisons first (then make an educated guess on whether to really update or not). I have to update my review to a one start just out of principle; too many of these companies trying to make too much money though every single app they create. What ever happened to just giving back to your loyal customers and fan-base? These companies are getting greedier and greedier every year! Google Earth gets 1 star from me for runing millions of users experiences. Get it together Google.
  • They messed up what used to be useful app 1/5

    By 14:nick
    So they gave you flying nonsense and taking you places that you didn't search for, yet don't show you elevation or altitude of a point on the map. If it is a 3D software why not provide 3rd dimension? View elevation is Ok but not as nearly as elevation of a point on earth. There are no tools for distance between points, elevation difference, let alone path analysis. Commercialization of worst class. I am really don't know why would I ever need this app? What is its brand?
  • Ruined a great app 1/5

    By Glittersky
    Where did panoramic pictures go??? Makes it hard to explore a place now. Please update again soon and bring the features back that everyone likes. If it's not broke, don't fix it.
  • Upgrade? 1/5

    By Chzzy228
    Bring back the previous version. Downgraded resolution and no way to link to panoramio and Wikipedia. Very disappointing, as I use this app frequently.
  • No directions? 1/5

    By Mikeywaz
    Is it here no way to get directions from one place to another?

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