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Google Home App

The Google Home app is one app to set up, manage, and control your Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and Google Home* devices. If you own a Chromecast device, with this app you can: • Easily browse trending and popular content from your Chromecast-enabled apps. • Use search to find content by movie, TV show or actor*. • Play, pause and change volume across all your Chromecast devices. • Customize your TV screen with beautiful imagery. • Discover new apps, offers and content. If you own a Chromecast Audio device, with this app you can: • Sync your speakers and Google Home together with Multi-room groups, so you can enjoy playback in every room. • Play, pause and change volume across all your Chromecast Audio devices. • Discover new apps, offers and content. If you own a Google Home device, with this app you can: • Control Google Home settings, like your default music provider or your location. • Sync compatible devices with Google Home like smart lights, thermostats, Chromecast devices and more. • Discover new features and offers. * Some features may not be available in all countries.

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Google Home app reviews

  • Good stuff! 5/5

    By Zorayan
    Nice app!
  • Google Home 2/5

    By AbbyBrooklinn
    App takes minutes to load (UNACCEPTABLE, it should take seconds). My assistant can't seem to find any music even though I have YouTube Red and it's my default on the app. There is a lot my assistant doesn't know, and for being a Google product, also unacceptable. Needs major improvements in both the app and the device itself.
  • Turn off the Sexy slideshow 1/5

    By a_m_s_c_c
    100 MB for a Chromecast setup app? Is that a joke? I will continue to rate this 1 star as long as they force this "sexy" slideshow of photos on me. I want my Chromecast to power off when it's not in use, not display this useless, power wasting slideshow. If the Chromecast shuts off, my TV is smart enough to turn itself off. Instead the TV will run for hours if I fall asleep while watching. Don't force this sexiness on me
  • Would be nice if it worked 1/5

    By QueenOfDelRey
    Freezes during download/install. Been trying for days. Can't delete the frozen install icon either. From other reviews I see I'm not the only one with this problem... wish I could give it zero stars.
  • Give manual screen size adjustment 1/5

    By Iagreethatthereviewappsucks
    Needs a manual screen size adjustment option.
  • Can't live without it now 5/5

    By Sourshorts
    It's just the best.
  • Love it 5/5

    By rwithrow
    Use this app to control my Google home and Chromecast. Works great!!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Dmoneyteacher
    Works well with my TV don't have to use a separate remote can use my phone perfect
  • Can't download apps 1/5

    By Nklawler2013
    I try to download chromecast apps and IT WONT LET ME! Worthless.

    By ReviewAppSucksToo
    every time I want to use chrome cast it will not recognize any of my devices. They are on the same network and I followed all the instructions to the Nth degree. Every time I want to use it I have to unplug the chrome cast from the back of my television wait about five minutes and try to get my device to connect again and then it usually works. sometimes I have to do this to 2 or 3 times to get it to work.
  • Not downloading 1/5

    By Turtledoves15
    Shows the app is downloaded but it will not open, help
  • Lacking 2/5

    By akmilr
    Can't stream Apple Music?? And Spotify only if premium? I get no use out of this and wish I hadn't bought it. The app needs work and is quite confusing and lacks compatibility for anything! It's a glorified Bluetooth speaker that refuses to play what you want. Increase compatibility and ease of app use and it'd be actually a nice piece of tech.
  • Re: Chromecast 4/5

    By fun challenges
    I love my chromecast and this app! Just one suggestion: When choosing which Google Photos albums to feature on your chromecast backdrop, I'd love to be able to exclude portrait oriented images. It's one of my pet peeves when a portrait oriented image is on a landscape oriented screen. Thank you!
  • Offensive Ads put on front page of app 1/5

    By apegues
    On the very front page of the app they post a big gay pride ad that I find offensive, Homosexuality is deviate, Perverted and just plain sick and disgusting and I don't want it shoved in my face. This sick agenda has no business on the app.
  • Hardly any music 1/5

    By RainyDay#9
    Interface is stupid - I can pause or play a song but nothing else ... really?! Not even "next song"? Hardly any music services, just four, two of which are google. trial of YouTube service was nice but I don't want to subscribe, I already have other services I pay for that aren't supported, particularly amazon music. Since this is the single biggest feature of google home we use, it is a major disappointment- I understand they may want you to use YouTube instead of amazon music, but who wants to pay for yet another service. If you are going to be in the device market you have to try and support everybody who is widely used.
  • It is a bad app 1/5

    By google weak
    Very disappointed in the the app. I know why others are so much better. It is just a poorly designed and showing ap
  • Cannot Cast from Browser 1/5

    By Vivacior
    All I want to do is surf the web on my ipad and view it on my TV. No can do, folks! The app should be titled YouTube cast...thats about all that works for ipad. :-(
  • Useless app and chromecast product 1/5

    By MandiepPan
    Useless app! Can't even setup my newly purchased chromecast. It won't connect to the WiFi no matter what ios device I use. It attempts to connect forever until I get this error message "Something went wrong". What am I supposed to do now? Return this useless product since this useless app won't work properly!
  • Chromecast 2/5

    By Mrittany
    I would really like to see Nick Jr added as a castable app. My daughter loves Bubble Guppies and Backyardigans. I'm on an iPhone so I can't just cast my screen like an android phone can. Thank you!
  • Always "broken" 1/5

    By kaarr
    update June 21 updated google home STILL crashes when attempting to use the settings! Update June continues to crash and is unusable when you tap settings. Wrote to Google CEO 4 weeks ago and have yet to receive any reply. Do yourself a favor and avoid google products, they don't care about the consumer! This app rarely works so sorry we bought everyone google home should have purchased Amazon Echo Update today I was told to reload google app to get shopping list to work again, unfortunately once you Delete the app it will no longer re-load!
  • Casting from an iPhone 2/5

    I can't cast from my iPhone 6s Plus to my google chrome cast TV
  • So glitchy 1/5

    By Mandy Moreno
    I've done the update, disconnected, reset, and it will only play about 2 minutes of my movies and then it crashes completely! This used to be awesome. I'm not sure what happened!
  • Shopping list not easily accessible 2/5

    By Millibeads
    I'm an iPhone user and they recently had an update that removed the shopping list from the main page. It is making it harder and inconvenient to open 3 pages just to get to your shopping list. It's easy to tell google home what you need to put on your list but accessing it is quite inconvenient that it makes you want to download another app that you can share your list with other members of your family.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 10usal
    Chromecast stopped working!
  • Yes! 5/5

    By Aw some person
    Loving this apo
  • Great app 5/5

    By Blood blaster
    I bought the google home and it is awesome
  • Solid app 4/5

    By Shen Flips
    This app works great most of the time and has few slip ups. Tbh, it's possible that the Chromecast itself is at fault the few times that there are issues. Being able to restart Chromecast from the app is a great quality of life feature. At the moment, the only issue I have with this app/Chromecast is the recent incompatibility with Netflix, which isn't Google's fault to begin with. I'm really not sure what the other reviews are complaining about here unless your phone is one of those 16GB phones and/or is from the early 2000s. IPhone 7 and 6S have no issues.
  • Slow!!!! 1/5

    By Seven216
    This app takes over a minute to open and when I do open it, it takes another minute for everything to load on the screen. When I go to my devices, sometimes I will not even see my Chromecast and a devise I have set up. If it ever does some up, it doesn't show me that I am streaming anything when I clearly am. Very frustrating when I have to restart the app over and over to get it to work. Especially when the load times are so horrific.
  • Google Home gets buggy 2/5

    By Top score tastic
    Seems Google is experimenting a bit too much. Google Home can't reliably connect to Weemo nor Chromecast Audio anymore. Things were great a few months ago, but the bugs have become very frustrating. I would give it a 1, but then what rating could I give the Alexa app?
  • Worthless with new update 1/5

    By Xxpinkie24
    With the new update, I don't even see the code for the factory reset. Very disappointing. It's been buggy before but this is useless now after the most recent update.
  • "Give permission" windows is bugged, cannot set up Home 1/5

    By Bodacious27
    The blue window titled "Give Permission" with text that follows "Give your Google Assistant permission to help you" has a button that says "Accept". It is broken, and not clickable on any device
  • So much trash 1/5

    By VHokage
    Would rate a 0 if I could. Bought google home and a chrome cast. Literally never understands me/ forgets my iPhone so I can't use it to cast to my tv. Starting refund and return process asap.
  • Stuck on zero 1/5

    By Maximus BBW
    Eternally checks for updates...
  • The worst product ever. 1/5

    By Tildejac
    I can ask I or 2 things before it stops responding. A total waste of money.
  • No sirve en IOS 1/5

    By Maxcerati
    No es posible compartir ñ pantalla del iphone
  • Have yet to find a use aside from a speaker. 1/5

    By Stratoti
    Even though I can cast from YouTube to my LG TV, I guess because it isn't an official chrome cast it doesn't work with GH. I have two Hue base stations, so I've set up an Emulated Hue in my Home Assistant running on a local RaspberryPi. Because GH connects to Hue through their web service and not locally to my hue hub, this means that it can only see the lights I e exposed on To which, Hue only allows one Hue hub to be linked on MeetHue at a time. So that means that GH can only control half of my Lights. As opposed to Alexa which has complete control via the local hub connection. I have an Ecobee3 - no ecobee support yet. I have a sonos. No sonos support. I can't link my work calendar to my GH, only my personal. Huge drawback. The only way I can think of to link my second account is to use a different voice if I want my personal calendar vs my work. (High pitch for personal, low pitch for work...) Not a fan so far. :/
  • Stops Playing Music Randomly 3/5

    My Google Home will either not play my Pandora One radio or will stop playing after a few songs. It will follow other commands but when it comes to Pandora it's hit and miss. It's definitely not my wifi since I have a great signal and it only happens with my GH. Very frustrating!
  • Confusing layout 2/5

    By Petitegaylad
    The app is super cumbersome to navigate, things arent labeled well, hard to find specific functions for example, alarms or timers.
  • Apple TV never disconnects 1/5

    By J05H13
    So I have both Apple TV and google cast chrome cast or whatever they want to call it now. It disconnects when you are on it to long and when you get the are you there screen you have to reconnect it. Not a problem with Apple TV. So I spend 10 minutes just to keep watching what I have been watching. Don't do me any favors if I want to fall asleep and waist my electricity that is choice.
  • Terrible now 1/5

    By Murfo1211
    Basically useless now won't even open anymore
  • Great for those who love reconnecting apps 2/5

    By spotifymakes
    The Google Home app is not a good UI, it's like they forgot that there's hardware involved. Expect your apps to disconnect if playing content longer than 30 minutes, and also plan on having to re-setup the chromecast monthly.

    By Shaolin26
    After performing the latest update to google home i cant connect to my chromecast and cant do anything now, this need to be fix imedietly
  • Adequately Average 3/5

    By baileyhunts88
    Meets basic needs. Cumbersome.
  • Weak 1/5

    By no one no one no one
    I'm returning this to the store. It's 2017 and mighty Google has this many issues with their chromecast device? To me, it's not worth the hassle.
  • Can you please help fix CBS issue 3/5

    By DebMG55
    Can no longer cast LIVE content. Miss it
  • Couldn't work with iOS devices well. Had to use Android 1/5

    By scrap104
    Does not completely work on my iPhone 7 and stuck on the loading screen with the iPhone 5, both on iOS 10. Had to use an Android phone to finalize setup.
  • Why 1/5

    By Gravyboat117684839
    Why did this app replace the chromecast app? My cast icon has disappeared and this app doesn't do anything to help get it back.
  • Worst Device Ever 1/5

    By KO360PT
    Theoretically, chromecast is a great idea. Streaming content from you device to TV, especially Netflix. I can't even get the thing to connect in order to stream any content to my TV anymore! I used to have to reset it, but now even after a reset, it still won't work. Waste of $35 if you ask me.
  • Hate it and want my money back 1/5

    By blackcherre
    Before I bought the google home, I was told it work just as good with a iPhone as well a Samsung phone. I can't do anything with this on my iPhone. But my girl can control it with her Samsung. I am mad. I want my money back.
  • MY GOOGS (its my nickname for hmmm) 5/5

    By dalia bruce
    is love! I've been casting ever since this caster came out! i use google home with my Chrome cast which is even the first one that came out and works flawless! even better with the google home update! the actual app does offer other apps to choose from like any other Google app that shares the spotlights! however Im not sure if some of the extra (vevo) (spotify) (and who knows what else) extra harassing nagging is something that Google knows about or intended. especially after ive even blocked vevo! i only know the spotify thing cause i was in an app (YouTube) i think and i started watching a video which then shows me a redirect (looked like iheart when the show the artists and info) but instead directed me to spotify! and kinda was persistent about it! DALIA.BRUCE1. still love Googs! lol

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