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Google+ - interests, communities, discovery

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Google+ - interests, communities, discovery App

Discover amazing things created by passionate people. • Explore your interests • Group things you love into Collections • Join Communities of people around any topic • Connect with people who share your interests • Build a home stream filled with amazing content

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  • Best app in the smartphone world 5/5

    By Jtlamags2386
    Most underrated app on the market today. People dismiss it because it requires a little bit of thinking, searching and clicking before your scrolling becomes interesting. It's like Facebook, accept your feed is created by you and your interests.
  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By WHYYYY!!!!
  • Won't work crashes instantly just in pass few days 1/5

    By Dacheno
    For the last few days this app stopped working and I'm really disappointed because I loved some of the extra features that it added to my iPhone 7 but now it's causing nothing but head aches because there keyboard I was using won't show up so I can't even change it back to the normal way and the asp just crashes as Soon as I click on it. I really hope this issue gets fixed and when I seen the update today I was relieved that they fixed the issue but it did not first last night the upgrade wouldn't even load and it jus kept coming up with a error asking to try again and even though how many times I tried it didn't work. Then thus morning out finally worked and the upgrade was successful but the app still hasn't changed it is still not operational at all so disappointed I would expect this with some scrappy red party made app but not with Google they need to fix asap.
  • Since update app crashes 1/5

    By Ladylogger_99
    Since the latest update the app crashes on my iPad. Please fix this asap.
  • Works oh so good! 5/5

    By escandela
    Never have I encountered any issues with the app. I really love the ease of Google+ and the fact that I am not bombarded with advertisement. Super user friendly and overall great way to keep in touch or make new connections in communities. Never crashes or freezes on me. I love that I can mute a post so I don't keep getting messages from everything someone posts. I love it! Really can't say enough great things about it. Try it!
  • Functional, but has various problems 3/5

    By Mario kart Master
    This is probably the most bipolar app I have ever used in my life. My first time using this app it seemed pretty flawless overall, and it was an enjoyable form of social media. But then out of nowhere (for me at least) some notable problems arises that nearly killed the app for me. -Notifications would stop working at complete random and I would have to uninstall and re-install the app just to get them working. Doing that would only temporarily fix it, as they could stop working again a day or even a week later. -Pinned posts don't display. This shouldn't be such a big problem for most, but being able to share a description and pin it to the top of a profile is a bit necessary. They used to work as well, but suddenly they don't anymore. Even more confusing is that Collection pinned posts actually work. -The app starts to lag if it is running too long. I don't know if this is just me, but if the app is running for really long it starts to slow down and sometimes even crash. -This one is minor, but the follower count takes really long to update itself. -Very minor, Name changing is limited. -Here's one that also has the potential to kill the app for me, and that's the app miraculously not displaying the keyboard, making my phone reset, or not allowing me to post. This happens at complete random, and it is annoying if I have to deal with it. -Another somewhat minor one, and that is notification spam. If a user so chooses, they can go and +1 all your posts in a very short amount of time, and it fills up your notification box with nothing but that. After a while it starts to filter these +1's by making it "SuchAndSuch +1'd many of your posts" These are some of the problems that may need to be fixed slightly. Although some are minor or user-based, they are still problems nonetheless. Hopefully once this app gets a proper update, I can maybe re-review it and give it a better rating.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Publicyes
    This app is great!!!
  • My posts won't show in communities 2/5

    By Zacharyciolkosz123
    I post something on a community ten I find out it's not ever there
  • Erik Layton 5/5

    By SuitsMeU2
    My first experience with purchasing a vehicle from Modern Dodge was fabulous. I knew what I wanted and it wasn't local, salesman Ali Riley's service was absolutely exemplary! When the truck I had wanted wasn't available he quickly located one better equipped in Georgia. Several days later it was sitting ready for pickup. In short Ali is a great gentleman to work with and I personally highly recommend to all however, Modern Dodge in general has a very friendly helpful crew and a no pressure approach to serving your needs. Great all around experience and I recommend to all.
  • A solid 5/5 5/5

    By Ayy get tf outta meh face!👑
    5/5 because I met a lot of rad people on here and that's pretty cool.
  • ممتاز وجميل 5/5

    By ممدوح بن فهد
    رائع ومميز
  • AMAZING!! 5/5

    By The rant guy
    I love it because of funny memes and access to anything pretty much! Love it!
  • Has gotten less useful to youtube users 2/5

    By '~*~*~*~*~*~*~'
    I used to use it to see who likes and replies to my youtube comments. Instead of allowing me to do so, it now cuts off my reply with an invisible character count and taints my experience with warnings I do not deserve. Annoying app that isn't very useful to me anymore.
  • Service experience 5/5

    By Steved1264
    I had a great experience.... top notch service .... keep up the good work guys
  • Good app 5/5

    By Secondthirtyminutes
    Can the comments limit be changed or can we make the limit higher
  • I refuse 5/5

    By Gudat person
    I refuse to update the app due to hangouts going away, but other then that awesome.
  • Yeah. It's good. Could be better. 4/5

    By Crowaron
    Wish I could swipe to the side to go through Communities and Collections. Wish I could read Comments with the keyboard popping up like I'm going to comment. Sometimes I just wish to browse and read. The keyboard eats up real estate.
  • App and service works 5/5

    By Chaosmeika
    App is stable throughout use and sending and sharing to the network within Google's various networks is smooth. It's weird that more people don't use it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Dude fix this now
    This app keeps crashing. And it won't send me notifications. Fix this
  • Errors 3/5

    By Shadowphel
    Just one bug after another, eh? Fix the notification lag fast, that's like the most important part-
  • Please 3/5

    By Lemme see dis game
    Please let me use my account again it's violated
  • I love the app it's just one little problem 4/5

    By Jake parris
    The app needs to fix its tagging
  • FAB 5/5

    By Chiole hiopyu ion zed
    It is FABULOUS it is easy to post and check what I have posted. The best app for social networking.
  • Having issues with my google+ 3/5

    By Gigi's jfys
    I can't post anything when I try to post something it says creating post but it never goes through at all I hope there's going to be a new update that fixes it
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Popz32
    Easy to use and great content. Love following Collections related to my hobbies and interests!
  • Do Not Install Until Google Restores Older Version 1/5

    By hyliandanny
    I'm one of "those people". I actually used G+, admitted it to my friends, and encouraged their own adoption. The most effective feature for us -- Events -- is gone. Do not install this app. If you have an older version, the rest of us are jealous: do not update.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Cococococoweeee
    Great app to share photos and videos with friends and family. Latest update is smooth! It still takes ages to post but I don't have to stare at the screen. Please also add option to send money to friends
  • Epically Good 5/5

    By Shakespeare Potato
    Fantastic app.
  • Freeze's.... ! Useless... 1/5

    By Ruthbeme
    This new version is awful. I can't post anything. At least before I could re download it and it would work. Not the cast with this one. It doesn't post without freezing. It really is useless. Sorry. I love the app but if it freezes like this is really is useless. Also can anyone explain why now I can not even save a photo from someone else's post. Something we could always do in the past. Thank you.
  • Stop Crashing 1/5

    By Anime man 78
    Needs to stop crashing
  • Update horrible !! 1/5

    By Dragon18000
    I'm so sorry I updated this app. The screen constantly freezes and it crashes all the time. If you haven't updated this app and it's working for you then don't update it ! Wish ios had a way to revert back.
  • It cost too much mobile traffic 1/5

    By J.Wang.
    That is terrible! I just use it viewing news(most txt with few pictures) for 2-3hours,it takes about 300MB of my mobile traffic.That is the most expensive app I have ever seen.
  • Holy smokes batman, this app rules. 5/5

    By Cjackson2013
    I mainly use this app to keep up with a community of super hot pepper growers, works amazing and connects with other google apps flawlessly.
  • Bad 1/5

    By MaxBenoist
    Bad app ever.
  • Hate It ! 1/5

    By Gatito TOM
    Before the end of January 2017 I was able To Upload my photos Now I Can't ! Please fix it ! If I was able to upload photos before Your upgrade , Why can't I upload now? You already have permission and are enabled To access my album, so why is it an a issue now???
  • No stars 1/5

    By Too much lag tho
    H O R R E N D O U S A T L O A I N G
  • Frozen 1/5

    By MrFiala
    G+ App tried updating and froze up. I can't even delete it. Worthless.
  • Phone Hacked 1/5

    By Cnooga
    My phone is hacked allowing this app and many others to be used by hackers to listen to and watch everything you do and your location Google was contacted many times over the years with no reply The phone has been wiped clean 3 times one was professional nothing helped This app kept coming up in the bottom left corner with headset connected even when headset wasn't connected when I made calls got texts or emails or while driving in my car Even on Airplane Mode
  • ??? 1/5

    By Cute_Couture
    My Google+ upon startup gives me some sort of screen that looks like it's loading an add for 10 minutes. when i press the X in the corner, it just gets stuck on the loading screen trying to sign me in. please either fix this or tell me how to fix it myself
  • Better than Facebook!! No censuring Here!! 5/5

    By Mighty Maxim
    Great app... Fast, rarely bug, never had a freeze. Very reliable social networks!! No censorship!!! Private message can be sent if post are set to private+ friend name or use "Hangout" app. I use both and I never miss a messages. Feeds are fast and pictures qualities are tops! A must have app if you on Iphone 5, 5+, 6, 6+!! No more censorship like facebook does, no more news feeds altered or manipulated. Total control!!! 😄👍❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Better than Facebook 5/5

    By Dj Medina
    Less Drama easy to use no B.S like you get from Facebook
  • Can't login 1/5

    By 808Honolulu
    Keep crashing cant login
  • S l o w 1/5

    By Spongebob501R
    I'm not sure if this is the Google+ servers causing this issue, but Google+ is very slow to me. It takes much longer than usual to view a post from one of my friends, and even viewing a post I've already made. And I know that this isn't a WiFi issue because it was loading everything fine before the update. Please fix this. Please.
  • Hi 4/5

    By Amir saad
    So nice app
  • Another google battery crusher 2/5

    By shalegac
    App has background activity no matter what unless you close it down after use. This will destroy your battery. Same issue I find with the YouTube app.
  • Ye 5/5

    By Yereeeeer
  • Fix. 1/5

    By garnet the derp
    The notifs no longer appear unless they are part of a Community. It seems to be messing up everything
  • Update suggestion, please 5/5

    By Tfrog5489
    If there is another update for google plus, I think that people should have more control over who shares their posts with family and friends. People should also be able to filter out what they don't like on their timeline and people should be able to disable the featured collections and suggested communities and their should be a feature that makes people ask permission to join your circles instead of adding them to your circles without the person's permission. Another suggestion should be that people should be able to accept or reject the person's circle request when it comes to the whole circles thing.
  • 1 word 5/5

    By dave6267
  • It's amazing 5/5

    By Justchill_0406
    I love this app I can talk to my friends and make new ones and we can share stuff with each other it's great!

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