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Google+ - interests, communities, discovery App

Discover amazing things created by passionate people. • Explore your interests • Group things you love into Collections • Join Communities of people around any topic • Connect with people who share your interests • Build a home stream filled with amazing content

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  • Comment 4/5

    By LienCase
    I love Google but to see new posts updated is too slow on phone
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Angel🏎🔥🔥
    The community is immature and horrendous. Don't expect to meet anyone intelligent in this "social media platform." Nearly everyone that uses this app is edgy teenagers that post unoriginal memes. And the shared videos/Gifs take forever to load. What bothers me the most is that it seems to me that Google is doing little to nothing to improve Google plus community because the toxic people seem to always come back no matter how many times they're reported. I don't recommend this app to anyone.
  • Great 5/5

    By skittymcnando
    * *UPDATE* * All problems are fixed. Thanks!! * *UPDATE* * YouTube problem is fixed thankfully. Looks a LOT nicer. However the "report" and "delete" options when you click on a comment got moved to the top, where previously it had been the "+1" button. I'm now reporting and deleting comments because I am used to the "+1" being first. I +1 comments WAY more than I report or delete them. It would be awesome if you could change them back. ------------------------------------------- * *UPDATE** Now I can't see YT replies at all. I'll click on the notification, it takes me to the video (where I can't see the comments yet), I click on the video and it takes me to the YT page with all the comments. I scroll through to find my thread...and there are NO REPLIES!!!!! I went on YT to see if it got deleted but NOPE it was there. G+ just can't see YT replies anymore I guess. Which is literally the ONLY reason I got the app...if another update that comes out again makes it worse you guys are losing another star. I just wanted to check my notifications on my phone and I can't anymore -_- ------------------------------------------- When someone tags me in a YT comment I can click on the notification but I can only see the video, not the comment. I do not believe it was like this before the last 2 updates. (Just got the app so not sure). I don't use it for much else except to reply to comments, so it's really frustrating. =/ the only way to see the comment is to click on the video, and then scroll through ALL the comments and find the one you were in. It's not a very good system...
  • Bad 1/5

    By Mr.cool2334689
    The new update is horrible
  • I prefer google plus to Facebook. 5/5

    By JKutsch
    Facebook has changed their privacy settings to the point of useless. I prefer google plus!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Theresa6019
    Love this app.
  • Favorite for picture gazing 5/5

    By Shop Junky
    Enjoy pictures from a variety of Genres . Not a lot of junk like others .
  • A great alternative to Facebook 4/5

    By CB1972
    Google+ is a great alternative to Facebook. I find engaging and intelligent discussions on Google+. It's kind of like the PBS of social media. There's a lot more discussion of science and engineering on Google+. Google+ also values privacy. They will never ask you to prove who you are. If you wish to be anonymous, that's fine. I can write whatever I want on Google+ without worrying that a future employer or girlfriend may judge me. The app is streamlined and easy to use. It's very easy to customize your experience. If someone is obnoxious, you can mute them or block them. You can mute individual posts if you don't want to be pulled into more discussion. You can even have paragraphs in comments, which is not possible with Facebook. To me, this makes Facebook almost unusable, because long comments are difficult to read. There's nothing "busy" about the Google+ UI. It's all about social media. Google+ is also a great way to promote your business, website or group. Unlike Facebook, they will never shake you down to promote your site by buying likes or anything of the sort. When you share something on Google+, it goes to all of your followers. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are on Google+. I do find that more people are coming back to Google+, especially after the recent problems with Facebook -- fake news and live murder/suicide videos that they have difficulty removing. Overall, I find social interaction on Google+ to be more pleasant and intellectual than Facebook. Facebook is full of trolls. Forcing people to use their real identity doesn't prevent this. Facebook seems to be comprised of mostly high school kids, and it shows.
  • Google+ 4/5

    By Papa Cruz
    Love it!!!
  • Great app. 5/5

    By ImaWinIt
    Build communities and get your business out to the public and is easy to use
  • Slow??? 1/5

    By Junye1202
    The G+ app is loading slow for me and nothing is showing up.
  • Bolo for silver gmc single cab truck 1/5

    By ExstalkerBf
    Reward if not returned tonight
  • Best website 5/5

    By Misakiayuzawa15
    Let's me be me and you have links to hangouts
  • Bueno 5/5

    By Acongojado
    Me divierte
  • Excellent social media app 5/5

    By Saleki
    It's very easy to use and have nice features, communities etc. I find it very useful.
  • F Parsay 5/5

    By F. Parsay
    Google Plus is a great social medium with comprehensive functionality and embedded multipurpose means of connectivity which enables motivational searching, discovery, learning, and meaningful sharing. It is also rich in substance and quality content which leads to better engagement of members. I appreciate and value the dynamics of Google Plus, its continued research for innovations and the constant integration of research findings to improve its overall intended performance.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Ern Lopez
    The best one I found so far! I keep trying other apps of course, but none of them come close.
  • Underrated 5/5

    By VoxelDraqon
    This is a very efficient and easy to use social media platform. It is simple to find groups, upload images, or whatever else you wanna do on there. Plus, it's Google, so chances are, you already have an account. Unfortunately, not very many people use it, so if you're looking for a heaping ton of people, this isn't the social media for you.
  • Mal muy mal 👎👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By Ántrax 502
    Tengo un iPhone y tarda mucho en cargar la página 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  • Horrible.. 1/5

    Followers glitch. Many problems.
  • Design Improvements! 3/5

    By Boundingash55
    The black bar at the bottom is annoying! Profile views still not displayed in mobile versions!
  • Review for Jamie and crew 5/5

    dealing with clutter trucker was amazing, from the haulers to the was a smooth transition from beginner to end.....they walked me thru every detail and i was more impressed that they understood how difficult it was for me to get rid of my things! jamie offered me resources that i didn't know about....i give them a 10!!!
  • Top Hat Chimney Sweep Company 5/5

    By Angiidel
    For those who are looking for an A+ fire place sweeping service, well this is the one! Trent and Justin are super knowledgeable, true professional and kind people! They explained the procedure, recommended changes and super clean workers! Pleasure doing business with them today and for years to come!Thanks!
  • Annoying at best 2/5

    By Daryl Strawberry Jr
    Anytime I try to do anything from the g+ webpage, because the app is bug ridden, it auto opens the app for everything. Not even close to worth the effort.
  • iPad Pro 12.9 4/5

    By tabitural
    Please optimize it for iPad Pro 12.9 inch. I don't understand why it's taking so long.
  • TERRIBLE. 1/5

    By KKB Awesome
    I'm really upset. Ever since you changed the layout, Google+ turned to crap. I'm still waiting for a "Switch back to classic Google+" Button, because that version was the best. Why is there still no translate post or comment button? Why did you switch the +1 trigger and report trigger? I keep accidentally pressing report. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO SWITCH THE TWO SO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Ever since you worsened the app layout back last year (Yes, I STILL HATE IT, let me have the option to switch between versions already!) you've changed and added things that didn't make sense and were added just to be added. I'm so done.
  • Me encanta 4/5

    By Margareth Salcedo
    Solo que deseo que regrese el contador de visita
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Spirit1863
    Google+ is a great way to connect with people from all around the world. You meet new people, share your interests, and discover interesting things. I have made so many friends here. Communities are a great way to share your interests with others and an excellent place to meet new friends. This is one of the best apps ever! Thank you! ;)
  • I love G+ 5/5

    By Andrewlovesjenny
    I love everything Google, other than Android phones 🤣 But seriously, the apps are better on iPhones and iPads than on the Android ecosystem. Smooth, buttery and enjoyable to use.
  • Comment options placement 3/5

    By tomajesurthisnamwasntused
    Why was reporting comments put in the place of +1'ing them? I'm constantly coming within a click or two of reporting harmless comments. You mind putting these back where they were?
  • Best 5/5

    By Samir_mac
    Very Neat and clear interface.
  • Late Notifications and Tagging Issues 2/5

    By Kiiitun
    I've missed more than a handful of notifications from friends because my notifications aren't popping up till hours later or not at all. I've had to scroll through my posts just to see if somebody has commented. On top of that I've been having problems tagging someone new to a post after I add them to one of my circles/follow them. I have to get on my laptop just to get them to pop up to tag them.
  • Speed 5/5

    By Love2climb
    Great app. I especially love the speed!
  • 🤔😤👌🏻🅱️ 3/5

    By به دلمه شازه
    it would've been nice to add your own color to your Collection bar thingy, and actually have a theme for your page like tumblr and others apps, i'd really like if there was a technique to go back to your old posts without scrolling too much, and looking at those pictures i've posted like an album, you guys should bring back the good ol' G+ m8.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By fedo1973
    I can't add any comments or give like to any post . Still sometimes cannot sign in from application. Am in latest update and nothing going better
  • Review on Richard 5/5

    By Zainab_jama
    My sales representative was Richard Oklon, my experience with him and the dealership was excellent. He was very kind and understanding my needs. Patience was very high quality. I can recommend Richfield Bloomington Honda and ask for Richard, you will not be disappointed. I have brought back several family members and they have had a wonderful experience with him. The CRV has been wonderful also, thank you Honda.
  • Good app 4/5

    By GarconD00
    Love it
  • Nice 4/5

    By Ndkshshs
  • Google + 5/5

    By Hamlerski
    Smooth and sleek
  • Micheal sanders 5/5

    By MikeRock08
    I like it For all save put Pinterest. It nice I like star😊
  • Estable, rápido 4/5

    By ahau22
    Estable, pero para moderadores y propietarios podría tener funciones más asequibles, como en la web.
  • Seriously to hell with Facebook, G+ is sooooo much better 5/5

    By ShadowWarrior243
    I started using this app like maybe 3 years ago and the only reason I even used G+ to begin with is because I had a Gmail so I figured why not check it out. Well fortunately because of this I've met so many awesome people like myself and I've got some great buddies so no matter what goes on in my life, G+ has become like my home and I'll never abandon it. I check it like every single day because I never want to miss out on anything some of my friends or communities decide to post. I do have a Facebook as well, but I don't care for it at all and the ONLY reason I have one is because it's the only way I can share screenshots from my PS4 since I can directly link it to my Facebook account (which would nice if G+ could do that so I wouldn't have to use Facebook at all) and share with my G+ peeps. Google+ is admittingly difficult to use and it took me awhile to learn how to do many things, but it's really allowed me to share a lot and connect with others that share me interests, even meeting a girlfriend at one point, so to me Facebook is completely abysmal and more people should give G+ a chance. Plus with the new updates, while they took some time to adjust to, the menus are just a lot more easier to navigate.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kdjkare
    I really enjoy this app and I wish more of my friends would get on board with using this instead of Facebook. Come on folks, come in over!
  • Entretenerme 5/5

    By Bautabaracoa
    This is just wonderful how is put down nice job
  • Memes 5/5

    By Ultra bike user12345678910
    Memes...yeah what did you expect
  • Follower glitch 1/5

    By bitchtryagainiainttheone
    Okay you fixed the other thing. Now you need to fix the follower count. I have 154 followers but according to your count I have 64? Fix it please. You just keep down grading.
  • I love the app it's just one little problem 4/5

    By Jake parris
    The app needs to fix its circles I can't tag anyone that I added Also I want to read the deleted/ Reset Users comments again
  • By far the best social network app on iPhone. 5/5

    By cmj05
    This is a pretty underrated social network in general. It's app lacks the bloat of its competitors and is a please to use.
  • Ali has nothing on me... 5/5

    By ButtUglee
    The Greatest
  • Great place! 5/5

    By "Zate"
    Lots of curious photo's, cool people, great place to learn...

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