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Google News & Weather App

Your comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather. ° Coverage from 75,000 publications ◦ Instant-load read experience with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ◦ Headlines carousel - quickly browse headlines, tap to read, swipe to read next. iPhone, iPad only. iOS 9 and up only. ° Simple swipe-access to categories such as Top Stories, Technology, Sports & Weather ° Tune your layout with any of 60 country-specific editions and personalized news sections such as ‘Hollywood’, ‘NASA’, ‘Fashion’, or anything else that catches your fancy ° Tap any story for a deep selection of viewpoints, including in-depth articles, Opinion, and local perspectives

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  • Liberal bias 1/5

    By dragon813gt
    This isn't surprising considering the main stream media is completely liberal. But the app tends to populate opinion pieces passed off as articles. I use it solely to see what the liberals are up to. Would be nice if it was nonpartisan but that's nonexistent these days.
  • Need more 2/5

    By dking36
    I would like to be able to choose the news sources. I don't like certain sources like CNN- and I would like to be able to filter them out of que.
  • Articles won't load 2/5

    By Golfing Howie
    Many times, the lead articles fail to load. Or, clicking on an article opens a different article. As of late, some articles open to a white page. This seems to be getting worse
  • Keeps me informed 5/5

    By Binker555
    I like that there is no sound when I read the news in a quiet place. I always feel informed with this app. I also like how it pulls in similar articles from different sources.
  • Why bother. 3/5

    By 10ldman
    It's the only way I get my news out here in this rural area of Texas. But why give me articles that I must subscribe to to finish. Otherwise keep up the good work.
  • Doesn't work without WiFi 2/5

    By Quality Consciousness
    It didn't work without WiFi.
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By Richard9744
    You'd think Google could be more creative.
  • Good App 5/5

    By hichaechoc
    Great app.
  • How screwed up can you make the news. 1/5

    By boorman56
    Seems even linking headlines to the appropriate article is too hard for google.
  • New update makes this app useless 1/5

    By motionfan33455
    I used to love this app, used it to read articles multiple times a day. After the update, all my saved topics disappeared. And now, most of the time, opening up an article leads me to a blank page. Please fix, it's simply not functional.
  • Sick and tired of opening blank articles 1/5

    By Turdnoni
    Click, nothing. Seriously gaggle.... fix me.
  • Terrible new interface and article sharing is broken 1/5

    By randallkerr
    Wish I had never upgraded. This new interface is terrible, and there is no way to easily return to Headlines in one touch. After all this time, It is still not possible to read many articles dues to pop-up overlays that are impossible to close - PC Magazine is a perfect example. Perhaps worst of all, the development team has completely broken the article sharing feature. Now there is no way to share articles, nor open an article outside the app - it's just broken. What quality control! Was this even tested before release?!? Additionally, to my great disappointment, there is still no text mode like in the excellent Bing app, by Microsoft. Please catch-up to the competition and add this - it makes reading so much more pleasant when you can set font size and colors to your taste. Even the Safari and Firefox mobile browsers offer this feature.
  • Was a 5 Star - Now a 3 Star 3/5

    By overthehilldad
    I have used and really liked this App until recently. Google no longer lets reader forward articles to friends. They took away that feature which I used often. Shame on Google!
  • The app is ok but 2/5

    By NLH90
    The app is not bad but I personally use Apple News as well. Comparing it to Apple News, I think Google needs to work on design, Apple News has a gorgeous design.
  • Not worth the trouble 1/5

    By Miami Style
    Yes it's free and intended to be simple, but I really don't have use for a news aggregator that fills my feed with CNN and Wapo articles without making it easy and obvious as to how to edit what comes to my feed and eliminate "news" sources that consistently do not pass journalistic muster.
  • Getting worse 1/5

    By Dichi66
    This app seems to be getting worse. Sharing no longer works. The web site is even least on the iPad. The scrolling sections banner doesn't work.
  • Fatal flaw 1/5

    By Dreuge
    The app is worse than using a browser link. I keep both the browser link and the app in a news folder, while I want to use the app I find that news article titles are cut off in the app making it difficult to know what the article is about without clicking on it. The browser version shows full titles which allows faster, cleaner, better viewing.
  • Stopped working with latest update. 1/5

    By Brando K
    Articles no longer load when clicked on. App freezes and must be rebooted constantly.
  • Really nice app 5/5

    By Ground67
    I usually check my google news on my PC at work and I Did not think it would work so well. Pretty happy with it
  • Good news summary. Much like the clipping services used to be. 4/5

    By Bulfdog
    Read every day.
  • Ruined it. 1/5

    By pal2tech
    Just like their redesigned news website, they've ruined the usability of the news feed with this silly design. It worked great before and much more scannable. Time to look for another news reader and ditch Google news.
  • One of Google's better apps 3/5

    By myDARTsMiss
    Not threw best, not the worst. This app does what ur needs to do. Still prefer rss.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Laurent in SF
    Doesn't get the user preferences from the google account therefore gets polluted by fake news sites
  • Keep it Simple &a Stable 5/5

    By Thought Passion Action
    As long as Google doesn't try to get fancy with app, I love it like it is now. If readers demand more out of a news app, go elsewhere and this one alone.
  • quit changing it 3/5

    By Boogie nights10
    keep changing functionality do not like it
  • Google news and reviews 5/5

    By Scherban
    A very good app. Everybody who likes news must have it.
  • Horrible and Completely Biased 1/5

    By Muzzlebag
    This App obviously has an agenda by the articles it chooses as headlines. This is one big reason our country becomes further divided. The articles that it calls news are opinion pieces, not objective/factual accounts of current events. They should be ashamed.
  • Good app, however 2/5

    By ErnieKovacs
    In the latest version the share button no longer works. I'll check back next version. But, won't use again until it's fixed.
  • Works good 5/5

    By johng1130
    Works good
  • Keeps freezing 1/5

    By Mrs.L.2011
    Latest update caused app to freeze on one story and will not open a new one....fix it plz!! The only way I can open a new story is to close the app completely and go back in each time
  • Go-to-News App with issues 3/5

    By Jillian NYC
    While I have been using this app daily for about two years, a few things are problematic, especially in latest updates: 1. You can't share or save articles anymore - this needs to be fixed ASAP! 2. The new tabs at top are ok (not great, but livable) but then adding tabs bottom, it cuts down viewing space too much. It goes away when you go into a section, but when viewing summary page, really annoying. 3. The app needs to support subscriptions so there is no paywall for sites we already pay for. My fix in the past has been to click on "share" and open it in browser, but that ability is currently broken. 4. The sources seem to be shrinking. What I loved about this app was easy way to see multiple sources on same news story. The diverse sources of the past are getting too narrow. I want to see links to conservative and liberal (and in between) for more stories. 5. Overall, this can be a great news app and as I said, I am devoted to it because it is still better than most news aggregators but it is slipping and needs to get back on track.
  • My GoTo news aggregator 5/5

    By dlclaytor
    Glad to use this highly configurable news app. Smooth and reliable.
  • Stories don't launch/load/open 1/5

    By Trebor34bklyn
    In the newest version, 60% of the time when I attempt to open/launch a news story, nothing loads.
  • Last update ruined it 4 me 1/5

    By 4x4Adventures
    Ok the last update before this one actually improved a rather ok app. Now this last update changed it all over again but now requires you to log in to get local news. This was the main reason I kept it on my phone and now forcing me to log in has ruined this for me. Deleted.
  • Kewl 4/5

    By ukk7
  • Not Enough Choices 3/5

    By Skipdale2
    While it provides timely news in a friendly format, similar to how news interest areas are selectable, it fails to provide reader choices among news sources, i.e., which are displayed, and which are not. Apple News does this quite well.
  • Latest update removes functionality 1/5

    By Dr. Dasher
    I used to like this app for the variety of news sources it provides (despite much too large a presence for known propaganda outlets like RT, The Washington Times, and FOX News,) but the newest version doesn't allow you to copy links, forward stories, or open them in your browser. The button to do all this is still there, it just doesn't work anymore.
  • Barely functions. 1/5

    By Scott l...
    Worked like a gem a few weeks ago. Now, barely loads anything. Slow. Frustrating.

    By benaliz
    Can I have the old news back?
  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By Mirolator
    I loved having all my news on one page I can quickly scroll through. Tabs? Why? Just create an option for legacy display.
  • Full of spammy news 1/5

    By Knufflebunny14
    Now i'm getting a bunch of spam and clickbate news instead of actual news. I'm done, deleted the app
  • Nice app, but 90% of press hard left.. 2/5

    By Raimu33
    Too bad Google (non random..) press and article selection essentially comes from left leaning press (WaPo, NYT, LAT, Boston Globe, 'Huff Post', etc.) Finally had to delete. Too bad, rest was ok.
  • Agree horrible testing and release 1/5

    By LivelyOne
    Slow loading images. A real pet peace I've had is news feeds that say "this is your last FREE article". If they can't get subscriptions any other way and Google selects that article to display based on whatever criteria then it makes no sense. Or is Google purposely leading the readers to a subscription type service for paybacks? I read Google News every morning but less and less when the above continues.
  • Would like option for legacy format 3/5

    By Unhappyone1
    Google keeps changing news app and browser
  • Comprehensive 4/5

    By AbuAmeen
    I read it daily and have it customized for my interests. Easy to follow and has stories for various sources. Works for me
  • Sadly swings strongly to the left 1/5

    By PeterthePhilosopher
    Choice of news sources Sadly swings strongly to the left. Google in its early prior classic view was great. You could get news sources from all over the world on the same story. It was the best of what the internet could be. Now it has degenerated to just another biased opinion algorithm pushing a narrow point of view, very sad loss of freedom of thought. Google should not be afraid of diversity of thought.
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By Baconchz
    Now it takes forever to load new articles and its difficult to scroll down let alone go back via a full scroll up requirement and thanks to ads and failing to load i see mostly all blank space. First you ruin your desktop news with a horrible format and now you ruined your mobile app for news. Way to make me avoid you as a source.
  • Headlines now cropped 1/5

    By Boothill resident
    The recent change in how headlines are being handled via swiping left has left them so truncated as to be useless. The previous setup was much better, where one could read much more of the headlines as one scrolled down. As a result this has gone from a must-have app to a real annoyance. I've basically switched to Apple News instead.
  • Bring back old style! 2/5

    By donidonidoni
    So first Google ruined the Google News website, now inevitably the iOS app too. Bring back at-a-glance news aggregation, the whole reason to use this app! Goodbye, Google.
  • No load 1/5

    By Csut2
    Pages don't load!!!😟

Google News & Weather app comments

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