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Google Play Books App

With Google Play Books for iOS start reading today with millions of titles from Google Play on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Take your favorite books with you on the go and personalize your reading experience. Shop books in your browser on Google Play. Great Reading Experience - Change font, search within the book, information about book - Manage your library (archive books after reading) - Night-reading mode - Read books offline - VoiceOver support Discover Millions of Titles on Google Play - Over 4 million books in every imaginable category, from the New York Times® bestsellers to favorite classics, from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones - Millions of free books available instantly – Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers, Biographies & Memoirs, Comics & Graphic Novels, Computers & Technology, Business, Travel, History, Arts, and more. - Free preview pages - Unlimited storage of books in the digital cloud Syncs With Your Google Play books library - Access all your books wirelessly from the digital cloud - Automatic page position syncing across devices -- pick up reading where you left off.


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Google Play Books app reviews

  • Great on both platforms 5/5

    By Praetorian farce
    I've had this on both android and iPhone. Excellent experiences on both.
  • Great App 5/5

    By MenzaMenz
    Have Play Books on all my devices. A must have.
  • Works when it works 4/5

    By Tqwertyhffjgagjjfsfgschgc
    Minus a few glitches that happens every so often: 1when I remove a downloaded book and the app doesn't open until I uninstall and redownlaod the app (rarely) 2. Doesn't handle embedded footnotes well. (75% had issues) It works great for reading books on the go. Would like to be able to buy books from the app but I guess that's a limitation of running on an iPhone instead of a google phone.
  • Not good for text books. 1/5

    By jdgubert
    After purchasing two text books on Google Play Books for the current semester, I’ve come to realize that this is not a good app for students. There are good things: the search is powerful, as one would expect from a Google product, and the navigation is easy. Unfortunately, problems make the app unusable. The syncing of those highlights from the web version shifted by a word or two. The highlighting process is slow and resets the view to the top of the page after each highlight. But most frustratingly, the app regularly freezes and shuts down when navigating notes and highlights. This particularly frustrating when attempting to reference notes that have already been taken. This is a well-reviewed app, and I’m sure it’s great for casual reading, but if you would like to have your textbooks on your iPad, don’t rely on it. You’ll only be left angry and wanting to throw your iPad out the window.
  • I use this app instead of iBooks 5/5

    By Nyatan
    Robust and versatile app.
  • Great and... 4/5

    By DVW70
    Wish you could rotate the page on IPhone
  • Crap 1/5

    By LittleStar8
    App doesn’t save my place where I left off in the book when I exited out of the book. The highlighting feature works like crap and they don’t even have yellow highlighting. Amazon Kindle app is much better.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Wiley50
    Staying one star til it’s optimized for iPhone X. Been a month, no excuse.
  • Great. 5/5

    By mahmoodtala
    better than iBooks, especially for scientific books.
  • Bad on iPhone 1/5

    By the google book lover
    The text is not clear on iPhone. It's fine on Android. the experience on iPhone is just awful.
  • Great on a large screen 5/5

    By Shoes NYC
    Most of my reading is on my tablet which has a larger screen than my phone. I think the tablet is just mix of size and weight. The google books app is well set up for that usage. I recommend it. I use it for textbooks, novels, and the occasional graphic novel. I've had no problems with any of those formats.
  • App crashes every time 1/5

    By Polymailrules
    Crashes every time I try to use it
  • Very useful 5/5

    By timestorm0
    I love the format it displays the books and pages with many good features
  • A Lack of iPhone X Support 1/5

    By ParmvirC
    I loved using Play Books to read as it has all of my books in one place, but the lack of iPhone X support has me looking for better alternatives.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Aaron Casey
    This app is amazing
  • Wonderful Reading Experience!!! 5/5

    By William071234
    I enjoy the Google Play Books selection, variety, and prices. More specifically, I enjoy being able to save my notes and highlights in my Google Drive for future referencing. The Google experience is simply the best.
  • Give us some Android features 4/5

    By RafoskyOsky
    My only complain is that it doesn't have all the features that it has on the Android platform. I would love to have the option to organize the books that I'm currently reading and the ones that I've read and the ones that I haven't started to read as I can do on Android. Please Google, give us that option too.
  • Google Needs To Improve 1/5

    By Cvcded2324
    This app is terrible. The text in some of my books is blurry. Some of my books are clearly scanned in and I am not talking public domain books these are recently released. I am done purchasing books in the Play Store. There are also times when books disappear from my library and need to be downloaded again. You would think they would put a little more effort in user interface too. Google needs to focus on what they do best SEARCH ENGINES !
  • Another great google product 5/5

    By Yvndbdkyrhdh
    App is simple and easy to use. Downloaded it because I can go cross platform with it. Weirdly enough, it's always synced right on my phone, but doesn't sync page properly on my android phone. Does keep notes and bookmarks though.
  • Full Versions 1/5

    By Nurseshasta
    It’s easy to navigate to download a free sample of a book. Unfortunately, it’s insanely difficult to find out how to buy the full version. I used their forum and it was useless. There is not a way to ask for help or report a problem. If there is, it’s not easily visible. I’ll be using iBooks.

    By LadyBQ
    I can't access any of my books because the app crashes as soon as it launches. Help!
  • Simple and Efficient 5/5

    By rustyautumn
    I just wanted to read books on my phone. The entire process of this app is easy to use: searching for a book, purchasing a book, accessing a book offline no problem!
  • Eh... 4/5

    By BenGenGal
    I’m giving this four stars because in some cases it seems to work well. My biggest complaint is getting samples of books. I like the ability to view a sample... but once a sample, always a sample... in the app anyway. I purchased the full book and can read the entire book on the browser but as soon as I go back to the app it’s a sample again. I’ve tried deleting the download and even removing the title and then going back to the full book on the web browser and clicking “view in app”. Even if I’m in chapter one on the browser when I click to view in app, it goes back to the introduction and says none of the chapters are able to be viewed. Like it’s still a sample. So I’m annoyed with that but otherwise the app seems okay.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By scrazzydesires
    Some e books wont load you stay waiting forever and downloading it doesn’t help. Please fix or refund
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By kkrnorth
    I have never ever ever once been able to read a book i’ve downloaded to Google Play. I downloaded a few free ones (just to make sure it works before I pay for any e-books). The app just spends and spends and spends and never loads. I go back to the app days later there is an image of the book I click on it and it spins and spins and spins and never opens. Each time there’s an app update I update the app in hopes then I can read in the book in Google play but no I click on a book and it spins and spins and spins and spins and never opens. You would think it being Google, you could trust it would be a top notch product, but this app has taken Google down a few notches in my estimation. 😡
  • Love it !! 5/5

    By Manal Osmally
    Pro 1) for someone with an android phone and an iPad it's heaven. I start reading any book anywhere and can simply pick up from any device. Even from my desktop computer. 2) they safe all the notes and high lights in a separate Google doc file. I can simply imagine making a book report by simply marking up and adding notes on the go. Cons 1) a bit slow on ipad 2) the upload feature is very moody
  • Avoid this app and USE KINDLE 1/5

    By Seeking a friend
    I have an android phone and an iphone, and this app does not function properly on iphone. The books show in the Library but never open when selecting them. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, logging out and in multiple times — and I get the spinning wheel indicating “loading” for hours and hours. My device is connected to internet and all other apps are working. Kindle is a far better app, never once given me an issue.
  • Better than the Kindle app 5/5

    By AdamR46
    Love it
  • What happened to Google Play books on my iPad? It’d 2/5

    By Mimi of 7
    Crashes about 5 secs on opening, consistently. Help.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Artie32456
    Thanks apple
  • Does this app still work for iPhones? 2/5

    By Daisy Serr
    I use to own an android but I switched to iPhone. And I use this app to read my books 😕 but the app doesn’t open on my iPhone anymore. It opens for 2 seconds then turns off. I updated the app and phone, so I’m not sure what’s the problem.
  • Good selection 3/5

    By Thundersky309
    Books take an insane amount of time to load up the first time :(
  • Doesn’t respond 1/5

    By Igorkhkh
    I try to read one of the books that I’ve purchased, but the app stops to respond after 20th page. Awful. I’m disappointed. On the Android everything works fine, though.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Victor$Vidal
    Great reading app. Night option is priceless
  • Приложение зависает 2/5

    By alexey2001
    Купила книгу в Google Books, а читать невозможно, приложение зависло на одной странице, перезагрузка не помогает, книга не листается, так и висит на одной странице. Использую на IPhone. (((
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Drex82
    iPhone 7+ won’t download books to library or open books.
  • Even with Apple, I can't switch 4/5

    By Lonelygurl4now
    I started using this app 4 years ago, and I switched to Apple 2 years ago. I kept using Google Play because 1) I already purchased books 2) They have ebooks great for school and 3) it's a good app. I give it a 4 because the books are sometimes wacko or the free books don't have all the content so you have download another free version of the book. But the app never crashes, and it's easy to use.
  • Simple and Effective 5/5

    By Jarlbrand
    It lets you sync your google play books to your phone using DRM-free ePub. What more can a man ask for?
  • Superb!!! 5/5

    By I was Hershey
    I thoroughly enjoy Play Books. I love reading, so the accessibility of each book in my library is an absolute plus!
  • Dictionary 4/5

    By Jessiepeabody
    App working fine but no option for dictionary it just seems to have disappeared
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Catch22af
    Best reader I've s we used
  • iOS 11 1/5

    By Megalogtruck
    Won’t work with IOS11.
  • Knoxism 5/5

    By Master Knox
    Love the app, finish more books since the app holds my place
  • Buggier but better sharing 2/5

    By TOH28
    I use an iPhone and a Nexus 7 tablet for books. Used iBooks first but when Playbooks came out for the iPhone I started buying books exclusively on Android. Play books has become very buggy refusing to open books or to return you to the last page you were reading. Have not encountered these problems on the Nexus. Not sure who's testing the releases but they are asleep at the wheel.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By s40179
    Works great!
  • Horrible and broken. 1/5

    By T1l2f3
    If you can find a different way of downloading and reading a book, I suggest you do so...the application bookmarks do no work. Changing direction from portrait to landscape ALWAYs kick you back to a default random same bookmark. Extremely unproductive and unprofessional app. The tap area to bring in the bookmarks is extremely fickle and it sits and spins on a downloaded book for what seems like no discernible reason. The book I bought was a waste of money because I can't share it with another app that actually works ( iBooks or Kindle).. STAY AWAY.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Joniybon
    This is much better than Ibooks I can find everything I need quickly and no glitches.
  • Unable to read books 4/5

    By Mugrosodc
    So far so good. Since update to support iOS 11 is been working better. I will test with 3D page turn and see. But for now,no issues..yet
  • Keeps crashing as soon as it opens 1/5

    By Htfwfjvc
    iPhone 6 running iOS 11.
  • Too much crashing 1/5

    By Leighsaid
    Books don't load. The software is shoddy.

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