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Google Play Music App

Google Play Music gives you millions of songs and thousands of playlists for any situation. Powered by Google, we serve up music based on where you are and why you’re listening, getting smarter and more assistive as we get to know your tastes. Subscribe to create playlists, listen offline, and get ad-free YouTube with YouTube Red (where available). Free features: *Radio based on songs, artists, and albums, plus thousands of playlists hand-crafted by music experts (free in the U.S. and Canada; requires subscription elsewhere) *Recommendations based on taste, activity, mood, location, and more *Storage and streaming for up to 50,000 songs from your personal collection, at no cost Subscription features: *Ad-free, uninterrupted listening *On-demand access to over 40 million songs *Offline listening *YouTube Red membership at no additional cost, with ad-free YouTube and more (where available) *The family plan, where up to six family members get Google Play Music for one low price (where available) Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • add/remove from library complication 1/5

    By Langgoose
    (Cursing uncontrollably). One day I thought I liked a song called “Should Have Known Better” by Sufjan Stevens. So, I added it to “My Library”. Then, moments later I decided that I did not like the song and I tried to remove it from my library by selecting “Remove From My Library” and it won’t remove this f***ing song from my library. I have been trying for days and the song just stays there. F*************!!!!!
  • Buggy; stinks compared to Songza 1/5

    By drjwr
    Buggy and musically shallow, world's biggest ad company, posing as a music friend, chewed up a unique music provider and spit out monetized crap.
  • Really great, but one major bug 3/5

    By Akshay95014
    I’ve been using Google Play Music for a few years now, and I use it through the website on my computer and through the app on my iPhone. It used to work perfectly but now, if i “thumbs up” a song on the browser, it shows up on the Thumbs Up playlist on the website but it does not show up on my iPhone’s Thumbs Up playlist, and vice versa. I’ve tried manually refreshing my app through the settings panel, but this has no effect. Usually a few weeks after I’ve added a song to my library or given it a thumbs up, it finally shows up on my iPhone app.
  • Many bugs 1/5

    By smw0428
    Cannot add music to my library in the app, the desktop website doesn't reflect the addition and the song never appears in "Recently Added" playlist
  • Collaborative Please! 2/5

    Desperately in need of collaborative playlists. That is the one area play is lacking from spotify. A darker theme would be nice as well. The ability to thumbs up a track with a button or gesture on the headphones would be nice as well. Though that may be a hardware concept.
  • Super frustrating 1/5

    By Meso jarjar
    Does not run well on iOS. You’ll sometimes have to select an al I’m 5 ones consecutively just to bring it up. Then trying to play the album can be another ordeal
  • playlist 4/5

    By nailahlynk
    I don’t like the fact that if I’m making a playlist it won’t tell me if that song is already on the playlist that’s a feature I loved when I had an android other than that it’s a good app
  • I love the playlists and stations that I get with google play music but... 2/5

    By Wen Griffin
    The amount of crashes I’m experiencing on a regular basis when using Google Play with an iPhone 8+ is ridiculous. This is a fairly new phone but Play crashes often (especially when connected to the car’s Bluetooth) and I have to restart the app a few times before it works. I’m really disappointed by this but Apple Music is a worse UX. Please fix. I give you guys $15 every month for this service. It should work so much better than it does.
  • Meeeeeee 5/5

    By Kaliejohnson
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Frustrating, Convoluted Mess ! ! The hardware is not better either. 1/5

    By CMT001
    There are many reasons why I stick with Apple, and this is one of them. This convoluted mess of a Google app can’t see my Google Home speaker. It just can’t be done! I received this Google Home speaker as a Xmas gift. Three weeks later, my Google Play account cannot be linked to this stupid speaker...or this speaker cannot be linked to my Google Play account. Frankly, I don’t care about this Chinese trash anymore. iTunes all the way! I’ve spend more than enough time researching, swearing, and troubleshooting this garbage, half-baked mono speaker from China! Our recycle pickup is on Thursdays. Goodbye Google Home speaker. UGH! ! ! Never again for any reason...ever!!! Steer clear of Android! ! ! Android 2018 is like Windows Millennium. Just don’t touch it ! ! ! I
  • Great Streaming Service, Awful App 1/5

    By D Frey
    Carplay app doesn’t work. Freezes up, gives blank screens, even keeps other Carplay apps from working once you’ve opened it. (Example: playing a song. Song stops. Won’t restart. Open a different app (Audible), it won’t play either. Siri also won’t work. Had to disconnect the phone and restart my Jeep. That’s WEAK, Google! This app is garbage, which is a real shame because the music service is great. But since I do 90% of my listening in the Jeep, I have no choice but to cancel and go back to Apple Music.
  • Dark mood + music release date 5/5

    By ALW911
    Missing those two Dark mood 🌌 & songs release date under each song or album
  • Needs an update 1/5

    By Dougie1121
    Since mid December the app has been unusable with all the songs stopping and restarting every second of playback after a song or two. I've been waiting for a fix but nothing has changed.
  • Doesn’t link account playlists across devices 1/5

    By TN_Mike
    Setup a great account playlist on iPad and launched app on iPhone, the account playlist was empty? Same account but different device. Very awkward interface.
  • Absolutely Horrible 1/5

    By Allieuknome
    This app is a trash fire. Whenever I open the app while music is playing it starts to glitch and will pause my music for a few seconds and then start playing again. There is a huge lag when you click on a song to play. It takes a few seconds for the app to actually start playing the music. I would never recommend this app to anyone unless they enjoy being frustrated. I’m going back to Spotify.
  • Another garbage google app 1/5

    By LC5026
    You can’t upload from that app at all, and the features are so limited I have to wonder why it needs to be an app at all. I’m so tired of having to download a different app for every single functionality of google, particularly when they don’t seem to provide very robust features.
  • Doesn’t sync with other devices 1/5

    By Mgmasterin
    This app doesn’t absolutely sync anything with other devices, but other devices sync back to the iOS version however. A buggy broken mess
  • Not Worth It. 1/5

    By TEK10
    Every other song I try to play it says “Sorry song can’t be played right now”.
  • grrrr 1/5

    By Casey123;678990
    won’t let me open the stupid app🙄
  • Good app but.. 2/5

    By ImagineRainDrops
    I am still having issues downloading my music. I click i that icon that looks like the pin. And it just I’m not even sure.. freezes? I wait and wait and wait on my music to download still tho nothing happens. Been having that issue for a while now. That’s really it tho on my end
  • Great but... 4/5

    By Thedanklord15
    This app is great! It has enough music and features to rival Apple Music but I wish there was a lyrics menu for each song.
  • Great selection. 5/5

    By hdtvtodvd
    I really like that it incorporates my music library and builds on it.
  • EQ!!?? 4/5

    By cweth819
    How does this app not have an EQ??
  • Nice 4/5

    By 310H22A
    Works nicely
  • Ads.... REALLY?!?! 2/5

    By CaptainEO86
    As a company that more than likely makes enough money as it is, resorting to putting Ads on an application that is more so a standalone music library player than anything is quite the slap in the face to anybody who has ever made a music purchase from Google and is using this app to access it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Play the game 1/50
    This app would not play a single song I requested and instead sent me to a radio station. Would not play my downloaded music either. Horrible app waste of space on my phone.
  • Not all it says it is 1/5

    By CallMeMr.Right
    It’s a decent app but you can’t listen to the artist you want albums. Only one song, then it changes to another artist. I can’t browse the same genre to get more recommendation. Only the one’s they recommend playlist. Really disappointing.
  • Playlists problem 3/5

    By ericflemin
    The fact that all playlists are private and I have to go to the full website to change this so I can share it is surprisingly annoying. Please update so that I can do this on my phone.
  • UX and UI 2/5

    By ZipperedJon
    I remember a while ago google changed the UI but still could do better besides that it does its jobs half of the time the other half I can’t lock the phone and put it in my pocket I have to keep the app open. Please fix google I believe this will be a good app for iPhone as well as android
  • Terrific! 4/5

    By Snookerdoodle96
    Everything I want it to be! Been a user since it began. Can’t wait for podcasts to be added to iOS app.
  • La app no funciona 3/5

    By Bog1972
    Tengo la app y la trato de utilizar en COLOMBIA y me dice que no está disponible en este momento, hay algún problema en mi país?, gracias
  • Freezes Using CarPlay. Spotify better 3/5

    By SmilesFD
    Music will continue to play however the touch-screen control functions on Sync3 will not respond no matter what you select.
  • Ultimate music app 5/5

    By lmuhilan
    I love this app. It lies somewhere between pandora and Spotify but it’s main catch is that a subscription with play music gives You YouTube red which is an amazing deal
  • One of the Worst Music Apps 1/5

    By XtfzDy
    This app is very unreliable. It does not pair well with an iPad. There are better music apps.
  • The worst optimized app I’ve ever had the displeasure of using 1/5

    By Jackhshsjdsje
    The only reason I haven’t dumped this app for Spotify is because you get YouTube Red with it. At best it is just barely usable at worst it is literally unusable and will not play my music. I don’t know where the disconnect is but I hope it gets fixed soon because YouTube Red is only worth so much to me before I make the switch to Spotify. It used to work a few years ago but it seems to be getting worse with every update.
  • App works well, but CarPlay doesn’t... 3/5

    By Disruptor2010
    Keeping it short and sweet, the app works pretty well overall. The only issue I run into is with CarPlay and this app. While the music works fine, you can access all your playlists, etc., two bugs are present. The first is that it doesn’t always show my “Now Playing”. When I click on it sometimes it just sits there at the same screen and freezes, never going to now playing. If I reboot the Google Play Music app or the phone itself, then it usually fixes itself and shows the “Now Playing” screen with what Google Play Music is playing. The bigger issue, however, is whenever I am using the Google Play Music app I lose all functionality for Siri through CarPlay. The icon of Siri shows up if I activate it, but you can’t speak and have it recognize your voice. Once Siri “beeps” so you know to start talking, no matter what you say it doesn’t recognize your voice and just sits there. Then, it stops the voice input thing and goes right back to the song that was playing. It’s quite frustrating/annoying. The moment you leave the app and go into, say, Apple Music or something else it works fine. It’s only when you are using Google Play Music and music is playing. Please fix this and it goes to 5 stars :).
  • Radio only 1/5

    By ElKePoN
    We want to be able to select a song too, are we in the 90s?
  • My favorite music app 5/5

    By Allypinkflamingo
    This is my favorite music listening app. I have a subscription that comes with YouTube red. I tried the free trial of Apple Music but I still like this better.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Luieluie21
    Great app, better than pandora!
  • Latest app won’t cast from iPhone app 1/5

    By bl8nt
    The latest version of Play Music Won’t cast to Chromecast or Chromecast Audio from the iPhone app. This is literally the only reason I made the switch from imusic subscription to play music so that I could cast from my phone to play specific audio selections to my whole house cast-able devices. Is an update coming to fix this anytime soon!?
  • Great......but 4/5

    By Barnywig
    It seems a bit counter intuitive. Getting an artist in the library should be easier. Or is it me?
  • Got worst iOS 11 1/5

    By Aususjsjs
    Music stops playing randomly
  • So far like it 👍 3/5

    By problemchild 19642012
    But don’t you have a rewind /fast forward button? Was hoping u would’ve found a better icon for your app just sayin. Thanks but so far liken it .👍
  • Please put back the music I wanted to listen to 1/5

    By dgkjndsk
    I’ve been looking for the Hannah Montana live album please put it back on and the Lindsay sterling 2012 album come on that’s a really good album to listen to please put it back on
  • Good collection smooth app! 5/5

    By vihangmi10
    Nice smooth app with lots of music options.
  • Doesn't work well with Chromecast 1/5

    By cg123456778896268
    This is a really buggy app. Frustratingly, when playing an album or playlist on Chromecast audio it often stops playing after every song. Disappointing that this app is so neglected, given that Chromecast otherwise works well.
  • Throw it in the trash 1/5

    By Wells Fargo is trash
    This app is garbage. Playback issues with every single song.
  • Good 4/5

    By Aiwidjtjen
    This app is good I recommend this to everyone
  • After 2 years with the service, I am finally switching to Apple Music 1/5

    By theWoman?
    This app has been problematic for months and months with no good updates. While the desktop site works perfectly, the app hasn’t worked correctly since this past summer (about 10 months ago) and despite my constant complaints, no issues have been completely fixed. Don’t waste your time on this app or your money on this service. Get a streaming service that works and has developers who listen to their clients.
  • Great but 3/5

    By Nibbles021
    It disconnects from google home and doesn’t keep track what song it’s on while phone is either locked or unlocked and on the app and my internet is fine.

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