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Google Voice App

Google Voice gives you a free phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It works on smartphones and computers, and syncs across your devices so you can use the app while on the go or at home. You’re in control Forward calls, text messages, and voicemail to any of your devices, and get spam filtered automatically. Block numbers you don’t want to hear from. Backed up and searchable Calls, text messages, and voicemails are stored and backed up to make it easy for you to search your history. Chat in groups, with photos Send group texts and share photos instantly. Your voicemail, transcribed Google Voice provides free voicemail transcriptions that you can read in the app or have sent to your email. Cheap international calling Make international calls at competitive rates without using your mobile data. Keep in mind: • Google Voice is currently only available in the US • All calls made using Google Voice for iPhone use the standard minutes from your cell phone plan • Calls are placed through a US-based Google Voice access number, which may incur costs (e.g. when traveling internationally)

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Google Voice app reviews

  • Make it work with gboard 2/5

    By Gilinratesapps
    I like the app but am disappointed that finding a gif in Gboard works but the voice app won't let me paste it into a text conversation.
  • Meh to horrible 1/5

    By Byzcath1
    This app has gone from meh to absolutely horrible. It is not intuitive and is so SLOW even on high speed wifi. Come on Google! I'm not buying an Android phone just to use Google Voice!
  • Time for a revamp 2/5

    By DeeDeeListed
    The user face is hideous. So 2001. And the logo for this app is hideous. Time for an upgrade. Higher some new designers Google.
  • New ver improved now 3/5

    By dl97ag
    Update: 3 stars now. Like group messages and MMS Google finally added. Still need to fix read/unread status as reading and sometimes even replying to a text often keeps it unread, requiring another "read" to reflect correct status. Original: Like the UI updates. BUT now I have to "archive" ALL messages that were *previously archived* to clear out what used to be the Inbox?? Homey don't play dat... Glad I only updated on test device so normal phone can still have old version that still knows what "Inbox" means.
  • Convenient 3/5

    By Corey Roberts
    In that it gives me a second number to use for my business, but DEFINITELY needs a way to delete quicker rather than clicking on each message individually. Maybe a swipe to delete instead of archive.
  • Awesome! Just awesome! 5/5

    By meusikman
    Pick your number, pic messages, phone calls, texts, like having a second phone or two phones in one. Voice to text voicemail business forwarding. Just incredible no reason this should have two stars it works perfectly. Beyond belief
  • Update is worse 1/5

    By KSJoySeeker
    I've had more issues with this app since it's latest update. It crashes frequently, is slow to load, crashes frequently, shows the wrong text messages for the contact I've selected, crashes frequently, the text message forwarding doesn't work anymore at all-just shows the contact's partial name & that's all. Did I mention it crashes frequently? I thought updates were supposed to make an app better. Frustrated.
  • Google Voice & iPhone Getting Along, Finally! 3/5

    By Lil_Sunshine202
    After years on Android using my Google voice number as my primary number, using Hangouts on my iPhone just so I could get group messages and pictures was an absolutely miserable experience. This app is not perfect. It crashes a lot. And, it can be slow. But, being able to forward text messages to my "Apple" phone number so that I can send and receive messages from my watch is wonderful! And, being able to make phone calls using my Google voice number over cellular instead of over data like you have to with Hangouts is also wonderful. Hopefully, the app will get more stable and feature rich over time (can't wait for RCS). This is a one of a kind service that's free! I'm willing to put up with the shortcomings for now. After all, if it gets too bad, I can always just get a Pixel or a Samsung.
  • How incompetent 1/5

    By Iser9877554321
    Seriously, why is it so hard to buy credit on mobile. I've had to use this app for years and it amazes me how it gets worst with each and every update.
  • Fix it please. 3/5

    By Dj eki
    Contacts saved on my Google account are not showing in Google voice. Unable to save contacts within Google voice app. Please fix this
  • Thank you for the ability to block numbers 5/5

    By Main Jones
    Now I can block spam and people who just won't leave me alone. Huge improvement and I see y'all got my review to able to send pics
  • Cannot write a new text or make a call 1/5

    By Flintski
    2nd Update: FINALLY (five months later), I can make new calls and texts!! Still no photos/MMS though (and that has caused some embarrassing moments, since even the text part of the MMS doesn't come through ("I sent you a text last week, didn't you get it? It had a photo with it and everything…"). Update: four months later and I still can't make a new call or text without the app closing. And now I don't get photos (MMS), either, so that "exciting new" capability isn't happening. Oh, and I also can't search. A huge disappointment, particularly since Google can now mine and sell my data at will, so I feel multiple-times abused. ==== Can't make a new call or text. Pretty useless if I can't do that. I can only reply to texts or missed calls; can't create them from scratch. Happens on three different iPhones - iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 plus. Was really looking forward to the update but not now.....
  • Google: Are you listening!? 1/5

    By moiDaisy
    Look at all the bad reviews this update is getting, Google! It is my hope that Google is working on a new update (including the destop version).. What you can do: 1. send a text, send a pic. 2. make a call 3. create a contact (heaven forbid you made a typo and can't go back and edit). 4. hmm, not much else. What you CAN'T do (this includes the new destop version): - Delete message (you can only archive) - Change voicemail message - Customize voicemail messages for groups or individuals - Takes an extra step to compose a message - When creating a new contact, only name and number can be created (I need to enter way more info than that for my business). Plus, I can't edit contact (I typed in wrong name for contact, and couldn't change it). - Inbox and archive are in separate windows (all activity no longer viewable in one page). - Settings is a joke (not much you can change or adapt to your liking). So many more complaints! Thankfully, I found the “Legacy Voice” button on the desktop version and will be using the old Google Voice on my desktop, but I’m stuck with the new iPhone app. Truly, a joke of an app.
  • Don't/maybe download 1/5

    By interlokt
    Version 2.3: Slow Version 2.2: Less bad (slow & more actions required to accomplish objectives than prior versions) Version 2.1: Bad version
  • Works great 5/5

    By @Magnuson
    I've been using Google Voice even before GrandCentral was acquired by Google. The service has worked excellently for all these years. I'm happy to see that Google has put effort into maintaining Google Voice as it started to decay for a while. This iPhone app does all the things it promises and is quite reliable.
  • Good not Great on iPhone 3/5

    By LittleMissGlasses
    It's good! I can send messages, make calls, access voicemails. It emails me my voicemail transcripts, linked my number perfectly, and forwards texts when necessary. It is lacking because it gives the option to ADD CONTACT but nothing happens when the button is pressed.
  • Slow and laggy 1/5

    By WanderWeger
    Disappointing. Takes many seconds to load and keyboard delay is intolerable.
  • Totally useless 1/5

    By Johnoaz
    I can't even start it as there are no phone numbers available in my area to choose from!!!
  • Aweful 1/5

    By Sachin 1234
    In old version I was able to use my existing phone number for outgoing calls. In new version it uses google voice number as outgoing caller Id and there is no way to change it.
  • New version slow, poor touch recognition 2/5

    By eleuthero
    The latest update almost breaks the app's usefulness. Touching play doesn't always cause a voicemail to play, when I do play, it is slower. If I can dig through my backups to install an older version, I will.
  • Unable to authenticate 1/5

    By googleblows
    It gets stuck when I try to sign in. It says it's either activating or adding account, but doesn't get past this part...
  • Bad notifications & doesn't mark as read 2/5

    By Career Enthusiast
    I do a lot of texting on my Google Voice and I miss messages all the time because the app doesn't provide notifications consistently. When you do open a text, it often doesn't mark as read until you open it a certain way (go back to list of messages, click that message again, scroll to refresh). It is also impossible to add a contact when you get a new number. Pressing "Add to contacts" does nothing. Because of these things, it's unreliable. I'm surprised that this is a Google product.
  • Latest version TURNED OFF FORWARDING 1/5

    Update for last version WARNING WARNING WARNING - If you install this app it will MODIFY your Google Voice configuration to turn OFF forwarding to your phone. Some idiot thought that it might be good enough to have it only show up on the app and NOT be a text message anymore. No, NOT how I use this app - I use it to send the initial text message (only thing it is good for and doing that is an act of congress.) Then, after that, I use the normal Text message app as it is so much better. I missed several messages because of this update. I bet if I delete the crApp it will not re-enable forwarding. YOU CAN WORK AROUND THIS BY CHANGING THE FEATURE IN THE SETTINGS ****ON THE WEBSITE *** the In app settings won't work. I did that and had to track down the settings on the website. --- If you try to send a text you get a box for the phone number, a HUGE blank space, a box for the text, and NO BUTTON TO FREAKING SEND IT. That is not to say that it is impossible to actually send the stupid message. If you keep hiting random locations it will, after enough screwing around send it - I've had it happen. I was thinking that the blank space next to the text box was the right place, but it doesn't always work. (worked once). So, to send a message you fight with the app for 10 minutes. Hitting the phone sometimes causes it to exit the dialog (also impossible - no button), but God knows how. Oh, I'm on an iPhone 6 - not the latest OS (iOS 8.3) Didn't want to upgrade the OS to the Nag-ware version where it wants you to upgrade or else. Their service is good, but their app is got an extra 'cr' before the app part.
  • Lacks major features 3/5

    By keredea
    Thanks for the update! Please add support for the following: 1. "Do not disturb" within both group and one on one text messages 2. "Reply" option from text notification as in Google Hangouts 3. Support for shared contact info files 4. "Mark as unread" option for texts and voicemail 5. "Leave conversation" option for group messages
  • Total Loss 1/5

    By iTestApps007
    Slow menus no favorites this version is a total lost.
  • Wrong call back numbers 2/5

    By G-BARD
    Every time I try to call someone back, it calls not the correct number.
  • Can't add contacts on IOS 1/5

    By fabiog8
    This is so annoying, I run a business uses googlevoice and I unable to save customer number / name though google voice app. This is so annoying please fix it.. please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • From bad to worst 1/5

    By IDC78
    Not what I would have expected from Google. I know they can do much, much better. I can not even sign in, the app gets stuck in the activation stage and doesn't pass beyond that stage....
  • Update brings terrible design w/o fixing any problems 1/5

    By Amsuko
    How did this design change even get approved? I can't even let myself mention Google products anymore, let alone suggest them. Seems they are determined to make every app/web-feature they have worse each year.
  • Much better after recent update 4/5

    By zimmerman80
    Much better now with support for MMS, group messaging. I like the way it handles outgoing calls as well. Clean interface and very functional. Hoping for more regular updates and improvements to make Google Voice a real alternative on iPhone.
  • Convenient but needs better ux 2/5

    By Lauralulu1234
    Concept is nice but I cannot manage my contacts at all. Unable to add a contact.
  • much better! 5/5

    By majik1213
    nice job!
  • New Update is Bad! 1/5

    By Viktor Kalmykov
    What happened!!??? This new update is garbage. Everything is super slow all of a sudden and insanely non-user friendly. Please fix it!
  • Major Redesign/Upgrade early 2017 Worst! 4/5

    By Jake Drum
    (Revised 5/13/2017: latest patch seems to have fixed the crash bugs. I can now search or dial without crashing). I have been an exclusive GV user since 2009 and was tolerant of no group txt & lack of MMS support. Now, the interface is not user friendly and full of bugs. 1) app ALWAYS crashes when I search or attempt to use the dial pad - this means I cannot call or txt on the fly- has to be with a recent contact 2) is super slow 3) when I select a message thread, it often doesn't take me to the last part of the message - it's somewhere mid convo and I have to scroll. Not a fair trade off to have crashing bugs just to get MMS/group text support.
  • Slow. Missing features. 1/5

    This update is missing features, and therefore not fully functional. Keep the older version, that worked fine. This version is a step backwards. Very slow. Freezing a lot. Hard to review, if it doesn't work. Missing Favorites. Missing Click-2-Call.
  • Recent update killed google voice 4/5

    By Metald9
    Finally after the last update the app didn't work at all but with this new update the app is working again! Thanks google!! A lot better!!
  • Slow 2/5

    By PaulSss
    This app is so slow. It's a simple app. Why so slow?
  • Name change 2/5

    By johnw7979
    From what I can tell, if you put in the wrong name, their is no way of changing it. Either on the app or on the webb. That's a big problem
  • If it's not broken -break it! 2/5

    By Nodedon
    Don't understand why the old version was practically flawless, but this new version is pretty terrible. The new version crashes all the time. The new version also requires a great deal more clicks. Google has basically sacrificed "functionality" for "appearance." It's now just a superficial, do-nothing app like so many other do-nothing apps out there. Apple should think about removing this from the App Store.
  • Crashes constantly! 1/5

    By bbrener
    The new versions are crashing constantly! Submitting crash reports is worthless. The latest update still had not fixed the crashes. Google can do much better and is pathetic. All the functionality issues described by others are also annoying.
  • Worst app !!! 1/5

    By NaseerShaik
    The app gets frozen all the time. Needs serious fixes !! Too slow operations, never felt this issue in android.
  • Very slow 3/5

    By Canton ten
    I have a iPhone 5s running the latest OS. The app runs very slow. It takes a few seconds to switch tab and refresh SMS listing and call history. generally it feels sluggish.
  • Latest update is c**p! 1/5

    By BaylorBoy
    Since the update my google voice number has completely stopped working. Texts are completely gone and the phone never rings when receiving a call but I do get a voicemail notification.
  • Used to be good and simple 3/5

    By dariodft
    This app used to be good and simple, I use it mostly to make international calls, and before the last major updated i had my favorite contact list organized, now i can't even have a favorite list, i have to look through all my contacts list every time i need to make a call, i hope they catch this flaw.
  • Google ruined this app 1/5

    By Novyyynov
    It was perfectly fine until a few months ago. Now its buggy. Freezes when trying to listen to voicemails. Complete garbage. You are Google. You should not have apps out there that don't operate.
  • This app is hard to use 2/5

    By Fast and slick
    The older version was slightly better, at least the older version had quick dial or speed dial option. This app is slow an inconsistent
  • Uneasy 2/5

    By mr,munster
    All these bad reviews not gonna update till I know it's good again
  • Slow slow and more slow 1/5

    By BlkSwann
    The new update is trash. You can't delete multiple calls, the pages take forever to load and the setup isn't any good.
  • Good 3/5

    By v73633
    Haven't used this app much yet as it's set up for my business.. I would like to see an option for setting up voicemail from the app as I've been struggling to set one up.
  • Great in principle; significant quibbles 3/5

    By ashill
    The idea of Google Voice -- the portable number that rings on multiple phones (in my case my office phone and my mobile phone, mostly) -- is great. This app implements it in a way with issues. My biggest issues: 1) No favorites list: I have to search through my entire contacts list to find my most-called numbers. 2) Contacts list doesn't follow phone's sorting preferences. I prefer to sort by last name and have the phone set to sort the native contacts app and phone address book that way. Google Voice neither follows that global preference nor allows me to set it that way, instead sorting by first name with each number getting its own entry. 3) Frequently, the app asks me which of my device phone numbers it should be associated with. Each time I do so, it turns off text message forwarding. I want to keep text message forwarding on, so this is qutie annoying. (I'm fairly often in a remote area in which SMSs often get through but data doesn't, so if the app turns off SMS forwarding, I lose the ability to receive texts at all.) Items 1 and 3 were not issues in older versions of the app; Google has chosen to make the interface less functional.

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