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  • Current Version: 2.6
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Google Voice App

Google Voice gives you a free phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It works on smartphones and computers, and syncs across your devices so you can use the app while on the go or at home. You’re in control Forward calls, text messages, and voicemail to any of your devices, and get spam filtered automatically. Block numbers you don’t want to hear from. Backed up and searchable Calls, text messages, and voicemails are stored and backed up to make it easy for you to search your history. Chat in groups, with photos Send group texts and share photos instantly. Your voicemail, transcribed Google Voice provides free voicemail transcriptions that you can read in the app or have sent to your email. Cheap international calling Make international calls at competitive rates without using your mobile data. Keep in mind: • Google Voice is currently only available in the US • All calls made using Google Voice for iPhone use the standard minutes from your cell phone plan • Calls are placed through a US-based Google Voice access number, which may incur costs (e.g. when traveling internationally)


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  • SUPER SLOW. Google destroyed it 1/5

    By ThisApp$&@")% not very good
    DON'T DOWNLOAD IT: it is Super Slow and worst now. HOw slow you might ask? Well It takes exactly one minute! for the search box to be ready to take any word you want to type in the search box, then it takes exactly another minute for the results to appear, then it freezes!!! and then it takes another minute for it to loosen up and let you scroll up the results. I'm using you app on iPhone 5, but all my friends are experiencing the same in the iPhone 6 and 7, what is wrong with Google. UNISTALL IT OR: Stay away from it or don't get the January update. Version 2.3 was the LAST BEST, after it the next updates destroyed google voice. Google don't listen, this is The most Mediocre programming I've ever seen: The Search box freezes/crashes everywhere. All functions are SLOW!!! and Original features folders ARE NOW GONE! See, NOT MORE: 1.Recorded calls folder 2.Placed calls folder 3. Received calls folder 4.Missed calls folder 5.Unread calls folder 6.Spam calls/text folder 7.Trash folder 8.Starred folder 9.Inbox folder 10.Voicemail folder! Google have destroyed this nice app and turn it into the horrible hangouts which is as slow as this one is now and lacking all of the above features, GOOGLE HAS INSULTED IS USERS WITH THIS fake UPDATE, it just destroyed Google Voice and gave you nasty-mediocre hangouts disguised now as the new Google Voice! F**u Google for ignoring us! Mediocre programming and programmers! Will Uninstalled it today.
  • I love this application 5/5

    By unestrella
    Don't need to use my own phone, great service and discrete.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By readcox
    I love that Google Voice transcribes the messages and stores them! Love this service!
  • Abbreviates messages 2/5

    By nichollspete
    Since I had to enlarge the text on my iPhone due to my aging eyes, I’ve discovered full text messages no longer fully display. they are cut off after two lines of text. Basically, this makes this app entirely unreliable for texts.
  • Update needed 3/5

    By iPhoneJunkie828
    When I copy and paste a telephone number, in iOS 11 the number looks like this —> tel:(888)%20555-1234 When I paste the number anywhere else it looks normal —>(888)555-1234
  • iOS 11 issue 2/5

    By ejazzalot
    Ever since I downloaded iOS 11 for my iPhone 6S I’m unable to read complete texts when sent to me. If I’m sent a long text it’s cut off by a string of periods (i.e. ....). This never happened before I downloaded iOS 11. Will you please remedy this and is anyone else having this same issue??
  • Confusing app 3/5

    By HETPE3B
    It's kinda confusing for a few moments when just installed compared to the older design. It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to compose the text message. You can’t simply copy paste the number from the native Phone app into the Google Voice and make an instant call or text. For some reason for the latest version of Google Voice you need to delete symbols “+1 “ in front of the number. Only then you’ll be able to send a text or call. That bug came up only in the last update.
  • MUST GET! 5/5

    Using as second number for a side biz and it is amazing!
  • Great way to communicate incognito 4/5

    By flygirlbiz
    I am a business coach and this allows me communicate without giving out my direct number to everyone I meet. Voice allows me to screen people.
  • Gets the job done 5/5

    By RJs Security
    Great service and keeps my private number private!
  • Very useful 5/5

    By jporter67
    Has helped me keep a single number no matter what state I live in.
  • hooray, google is listening 4/5

    By roaringbranch
    The recent update 2.6.166283891 (really!) finally addresses some of the most annoying problems of the major redesign earlier this year. The app is now responsive without delays, and it gives one-touch suggestions based on frequent contacts. I still miss my personally selected "favorites" list, but the current function is better than nothing. I hear that old call/text records can now be mass deleted with a desktop, but I haven't attempted it. Not 5-star quality yet, but google voice is back in play.
  • Great interface 4/5

    By bossanand
    Nice product, but seems to randomly crash intermittently
  • Running my business 5/5

    By Nathan.Blood
    I have used gvoice for years and this by far surpasses any other app I've used. I have bought apps in the past but this is the only dependable app. No brainer for anyone with gvoice number.
  • So much better! 4/5

    By NotRs
    I lambasted the previous version, but since the latest update performance has improved tremendously! My only fear now is updating to the next release. =\
  • It's good but.... 3/5

    By Mm0811
    When I get a txt it shows double. So I would have to close app and go back in to see the normal layout. Also it crashes on me most of time. Besides that everything is fine. Hopefully you guys fix it soon.
  • Message forwarding doesn't work 4/5

    By jyxr
    Still great app
  • I now use my iPhone app 1/5

    By DRHdesign
    09/18/17 If the point of the App updates were to get me to use my iPhone app, then they have succeeded. The app takes a while to populate the names with the numbers and generally takes a long time to react during operations. There are still no favorites. They now show 3 "Suggestions" of people to call. Again, where are favorites? No voice? 04/17/17 Favorites still gone, still lags when starting up and searching and now voice calls are gone. It says you have to link your number and tries to link the number your calling. The app is not almost totally useless and forcing me to use the apple products. 02/16/17 The latest update seems to have fixed the speed issue on searching but there are still no favorites. Previous Update: I appreciate the update (can now search and messages are grouped) but what happened to the call favorites? I use the app as my separate work phone, but now it has too many issues. There are no favorites, but when you search, the phone locks up for 30 seconds. You used to be able to press a contacts name and then choose to text or call them, now that is gone. There are a lot of reviews from the tech community on how great it is that Google finally updated the app but no one mentions that they threw out call favorites or how difficult it is to make a call. My guess is that none of them actually use the app.
  • Excellent for business and personal use. 4/5

    By Alt-Prod
    My favorite feature is to route my google number that I use for business to my phone so that I know when personal calls come in and business calls come in. Just wish I could also somehow see the caller ID at the same time.
  • Love it. Excellent for Legally Recording too! 5/5

    By manDown1130
    I have had this Google phone number attached to my regular number for quite some time. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and was exceedingly surprised at how user-friendly and convenient it is to have a second number that is really attached to my main number. And I do not have to download "sketchy" apps that want to download my contacts to their server and all the other things that are so questionable these days. The part I do really love and have used, is that when people call my Google number, I can press the number four on the keypad, and it plays a legal recording telling both parties that the call is being recorded. If they continue, that is their legal acknowledgment and then Google sends you that entire recording to keep or archive on their trusted servers for as long as needed. Overall, I really cannot say enough about the Google number feature. And the app that I am reviewing here, is just an added bonus that deserves 10 stars in my opinion.
  • Works awesome 5/5

    By Dog007Co
    Love this app. Helps keep customers and personal separate.
  • Great tool 5/5

    By okharren
    Have used it for years, is an easy way to move messages back-and-forth between iPhone and Windows laptop. And the price is right
  • Works as advertised 5/5

    By @looseduke
    Excellent way to get a local # or to keep work and private stuff separate. The VM conversion into texts is also useful and at times entertaining, voice recognition being what it is.

    By ShawnInSD
    Have been using this app for years and loved it . . . until the most recent update. Now you have to be logged in to all of google services to use. Huge privacy concern as they now want visibility of everything you do on your phone! F you Google!
  • Great product 5/5

    By Allen Legal
    Works as advertised. Obviously there are (frequent) occasions where the transcription is off, but I would not expect anything different. It's not like a product that "learns" your voice and speech patterns - here, google is transcribing many new and unique incoming calls. Also the screening function works brilliantly. Thanks Google !!
  • Very good 5/5

    By Dance freak xox
    Who gives away free. Google is on top list, very nice I hope G stocks should do good too!
  • I Use For Business 4/5

    By SueKQ
    Great App! Very Helpful. If I Leave The States As Long As I've Wifi Access I Can Still Be Contacted. Organized App. Con : Don't Receive All Calls. 8/10 Average.
  • Second line linked to cellphone number 5/5

    By M$.Candygirl
    Loving my secret line
  • It's great! 5/5

    By Deannie777
    Love using Google while dating because I don't have to give out my cell number, just in case I run into a wacko. Thanks Google🙌🏽
  • Crash voice should be the name of this app. 1/5

    By Xxdansaysxx
    Crashes more times than any other thing that happens in the day that isn't caused by involuntary muscles.
  • Hate it! 1/5

    By ShariJung
    Constantly get texts from things I never gave number out for. Especially FB notices. Thinking of closing my account.
  • It's Great & Improving still... 5/5

    By DRiX-app
    I call it GooVoo for short. Hardest part of using it is explaining it to others. Google has blurred the lines (phone lines) in human communication here, then flipped it upside down to create Smarter Users as a part of the process... Itsa - Phone, phone number, texter SMS 'n MMS, and available for you wherever you can touch the Net. So, now all you gotta do is try it 'n see. It's amazing, yet also, Not Fun for Everyone... What is...⁉️
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By ynalezinski
    Can't sign up or sign in. What's the point of needing to register a cell number for an app to use for calling.
  • Best 5/5

    By Kritikos1
    Very nice
  • crashes & quits constantly. 1/5

    By johnnygrim
    when using text the app quits & crashes constantly when it tries to refresh itself. this occurs on both the phone & ipad. have erased & re-downloaded the app multiple times, from both platforms, but the crashing persists. have submitted app & system data to google hoping for a fix. i use google voice/text extensively for work & the crashing is unbelievably embarrassing for a google product.
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By PM90210
    Thanks to the app I can call internationally almost for free over wifi. $0.01
  • Totally professional performance 5/5

    By Gringoinmiami
    Nothing but pleased with the reliability and performance
  • Best company and they help the community! 5/5

    By Leoriolo
    This company is the best. I love this version. The only thing I miss is favorites (quick dial)
  • Crashing 3/5

    By AliciaNYC
    Recently the app has been crashing. Please fix thanks
  • Good 4/5

    By Dastardly Dano
    Does what it's supposed to do.
  • I love Google voice 5/5

    By Old Acc
    Thank you Google for continuing this great product have been around since the beginning.
  • So far so good 3/5

    By LOVEsnake
    It's not 100% perfect, but it gets the job done. I use this to get in touch with my clients and have the ability to text and call them from my cell phone without having to give them my personal number. The one big issue I have is that my number makes calls when not prompted to. I've received calls and texts from random people telling me that they just received a call from my google voice number... my app wasn't even opened... and I don't even have their numbers in my phone book. I don't know why this happens. When I get the call or text I simply apologize and take the fall and sometimes explain to them that this is a google voice number and it is glitchy. Please help or fix this issue!
  • Next best option to an actual text messaging plan 4/5

    By DJ Crooked1
    I've been using the app for a few years now and it just keeps getting better and better. As long as you have a solid data connection it's the next best option to having a text messaging plan.
  • Good App 4/5

    By ldreith
    Fantastic! My only wish was that I could choose which linked number an outgoing call would call from.
  • Great but needs improvements 4/5

    By Riccaldo
    Improvements: A) BCC messages to multiple people (mass blind-carbon-copy messaging for business owners) B) improved speed during use. A lot of lag when you use it often. C) allow multiple google voice numbers per phone number. I have multiple gmail accounts and would find it useful to use more than one number. Overall a very good tool for business owners. I recommend downloading and becoming familiar
  • Works Great 5/5

    By Boston Ryan
    The only thing I don't care for is that it announces to callers that it is Google Voice
  • The Best 5/5

    By Girlierev
    Easy to use, incredibly wide range of services. I move fairly frequently, but don't want to change my "real" cell number because that's what my family used. With Google Voice I just pick up a local number and within minutes I'm ready to go.
  • Painfully slow on iPhone 5s 2/5

    By dshepd
    I appreciate the long-needed MMS support and conversation view. However it's so painfully slow on my iPhone 5s. Having to wait 3-5 seconds to switch between text messages and voicemails is unacceptable. Edit: the latest update seems to be much faster. I will update my review after I have some more time with it.
  • Useful App 5/5

    By djRaider
    Great app for anonymity and mobility. Useful app if you don't want to give your personal number with the convenience of using your personal phone. Call screening feature helpful tool also
  • Google Voice 5/5

    By tammazza
    I highly recommend! Especially if you live/work in 2 different area codes.

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