GoPro (formerly Capture)

GoPro (formerly Capture)

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: GoPro, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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GoPro (formerly Capture) App

With the GoPro app, your latest footage moves to your phone and automatically transforms into a QuikStory—an awesome video with effects and music. [1] You can also use the app to control your GoPro, check out your shots and create short clips. [2] Then share your favorite moments to Instagram, Facebook and more. [2]    --- Key Features ---   NEW! GET QUIKSTORIES Copy your latest footage to your phone, then kick back as it automatically transforms into an awesome video with effects, music and more. [1] Available for HERO6 and HERO5 cameras.   VIEW YOUR PHOTOS + VIDEOS      Check out the shots you’ve captured, right on your phone.   CREATE CLIPS + GRAB PHOTOS      Trim videos to create short clips. Or flip through a video frame by frame and grab a still photo for easy sharing. [2]    SHARE THE SHOT ON THE SPOT     Post your favorite photos and videos right to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Or share them by text or email. [2]   ACCESS ANYWHERE WITH GOPRO PLUS      GoPro Plus subscribers can set up auto upload to the cloud and access their photos and videos in the cloud anytime, anywhere. [3]   PREVIEW SHOTS + CONTROL YOUR GOPRO               Frame the perfect shot with live preview and get full remote control of all camera functions. Easily adjust settings, start and stop recording, and more.   AVAILABLE ON APPLE WATCH        Preview shots, control your camera and add HiLights—all from the convenience of your wrist.   KEEP YOUR GOPRO UP TO DATE    Easily update your camera for new features and optimal performance. [4]   --- Camera Compatibility --- HERO6 HERO5 HERO4 HERO Session HERO3+ HERO3 (requires camera software update, see HERO+ --- System Requirements --- iOS 9.0 or later, iPad 2 is not supported   For full compatibility details, visit --- Footnotes --- [1] Compatible with HERO6 and HERO5 cameras only. Requires the GoPro and Quik mobile apps. [2] Compatible with videos captured in select modes only. [3] GoPro Plus is a subscription service available in select territories. Cancel anytime. Cloud access is subject to storage limits. Separate data fees may apply. Visit for info and availability. [4] Compatible with HERO6, HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO+ LCD and HERO+ cameras only.    Need help? Contact support at


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GoPro (formerly Capture) app reviews

  • Wireless connection? 3/5

    By copyright industries
    First of all, take away the log in. I don’t want to need to log in to the app when i’m at the top of the alps mapping my line dude. Second, i don’t know if this is just me but the pairing between my camera and my phone does not work. always fails
  • Cant create an account 1/5

    By Yet Another Geek
    I downloaded the app, click create account, enter my email and password and a window pops up stating ‘that didn’t work’.
  • GoPro 5/5

    By Kipperss
    It’s great way to record but it takes too long to upload into the media
  • So so 1/5

    By Smokes25
    Screen capture can be a 3 step pain in the butt on your phone. :(
  • A bunch of issues. 1/5

    By SergeiSMTH
    There’s are a lot of issues with app: 1. Log in required to use the up. I have know idea why. All what I need is access to setting and ability to download media. Why the hell I have to create an account? 2. If there is no internet connection, you can’t log in and you can’t use the app. 3. I have a Session 5. And it’s turning off during transferring media from the camera to the app. I have to push buttons on the camera every a few seconds, to keep it on. 4. You can’t rename you camera. 5. I’m constantly getting notifications “Software update available for you camera” even if there are no any updates. These are just the most annoying from the top of my head. GoPro invest most of the money to marketing and not into quality of the product and software.
  • Buggy, slow, useless app 1/5

    By Dkshxheb153$
    I have had nothing but problems with this app since day 1. From having it magically delete footage, how brutally slow it is to accomplish any task, how many unresolved bugs have plagued it without correction from GoPro....when I bought a Hero 5 Black I thought with GoPro being such a well established company that this app would be of much better quality, and it simply isn’t.
  • Pretty good app 3/5

    By Drewmikk
    Love it, when it works. Lots of having to restart to get it to work. Hate needing a password.
  • Sad and only getting worse for older models 1/5

    By Cman156
    So I have a GoPro 3+ black and it now seems that 1 I can’t download my dive videos to my phone 2 it causes my GoPro to heat up to crazy temps and says it is shutting down ( yes I am running a original battery from GoPro) 3 I cant upload to Instagram or YouTube 4 it takes literally 45min to download an 8min video I am not about to spend upwards of $450 for a new camera PLEASE FIX !!!!!! Yes the camera is up to date
  • Constantly needs to redownload app 2/5

    By Wuster23
    I have a hero 4 Every time I pair the device with this app A couple days later it shows it's not connecting. I've tried repairing and forgetting device, but in the end the only thing that works is deleting the app and downloading again. Time after time it's getting annoying, any way you guys can fix this? Other than that I have not much problem with it
  • Working with Apple Watch. What fun. 5/5

    By Rayleys
  • Beta version 1/5

    By Oh Goober
    Go Pro is unlike any other smart phone app. It doesn’t automatically update, it repeatedly asks me what model GoPro I have, I’m paying monthly $6 for Go Pro Plus and still can’t learn how to upload new pics. Even my tech savvy wife rolls her eyes and can’t figure it out.
  • Still hard to use 1/5

    By Enlighte
    Still hard to edit clips and try to get up onto Instagram not very friendly in this manner.
  • Login broke functionality 1/5

    By Mercurial
    That's it. They broke it. Their business model now depends on mining your data. Far too many players in the action camera game to put up with this. I'm out.
  • Gone Fishing 5/5

    By Ilovemarie98
    Such a simple app for all my fishing needs and easy for me to share pics and videos quickly.
  • App discourages usage of camera 1/5

    By HFakter
    Want to quickly grab a shot from your gopro to share? Nope. Can’t do it. YOU MUST log into the app. Wanna quickly view your last shot on a larger device? NOPE. GOTTA LOG INTO THE APP!!! Why do I need to log in? Why? Why not at least a REMEMBER ME feature? Nope. I ask again, does anyone at gopro use this app? If so explain why so many layers? This app makes me want to use my gopro less because its such a hassle to access photos. All I want to do is quickly move photos from my gopro to my phone - I suspect thats all that most users want to do. Love the camera but this app interferes with that experience- it certainly doesn't add any value.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Jmtluke
    I find it so hard to believe how horrible this app, and the quik key are. For a company that sells expensive, and cool cameras it’s really a shame.
  • Great camera, terrible app 1/5

    By MarcusMyles
    I was in Alaska and did not have wifi to auto upload my media to my go pro plus cloud. So I transferred them all to my iPad Pro, thinking I could just upload them to the cloud once I got to wifi. Only to learn there is no way to transfer the media once uploaded to you local folder in the app. Stupidest design in the world! And the customer service has no idea what they are doing. I have had nothing but massive problems dealing with GoPro customer support.
  • GoPro app 5/5

    By vc5013
    Awesome app

    By jack_van_23
    They have all of the go pros to connect to BUT THE FIRST ONE! Seriously!
  • Great device 5/5

    By 3Riverswest
    Love the video this captures. Even on my Mtn bike the stabilization is incredible.
  • Idiots 1/5

    By Bawsin itup
    Edit - Paid for 5 star reviews? How shady. It's a crap 1 star app that does not even connect to my GoPro hero 4 black. Do not update! Requires login to even view the GoPro or do anything. You guys over at GoPro are pretty stupid to require this. Needed to "quickly" view my GoPro position and it required a login. Infuriating. Until they change, do not update. Still a login. Wish they would figure it out over there.
  • GoPro 5/5

    By Kohle Seanor
    Love the app makes it so easy all you do is Bluetooth it to your phone and it’s so simple
  • GoPro cam 5/5

    By B.esco
    Such a great camera use for daughters softball games , it’s great
  • Nice but still not working properly 3/5

    By tomsoldier
    When you have big files the app restart.
  • Nice work 5/5

    By Deannamarie4444
    Plz make it not so long to copy something
  • Connectivity issue 2/5

    By Icedtea29
    Everything is slow wen navigating the app when the gopro is connected and sometimes, sometimes I’m not able to connect or play the video I have to re connect just very frustrating.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Mickhatesthenewapp
    I love the camera but the app is awful. Randomly signs me out, and it's hard to sign back in when you're in the middle of nowhere with zero internet. And now, the app randomly freezes, IF I can get it load my media at all. Currently going on two days I've been trying to upload pics from camera to my phone on the app. About to give up. If the app doesn't get better before I buy another camera, it will NOT be a GoPro. I don't mean to sound like a whiny little brat but what good is the camera if I can't access pics on the go??? That's kind of the whole point having an action based camera...
  • I can't believe GoPro is still in business 4/5

    By Chris22222222
    This app works about 50% of the time connecting to the camera. It's so finicky. I don't know how they stay in business. Please hire good engineers to fix this. It's just ridiculous. Update:I increased my rating to four stars. Yes...some things have been fixed and the connection is consistently good. I used Hero 5 black with iPad Pro and iPhone 6s Plus. Good job!
  • Neat. Absolutely neat. 5/5

    By Æarlj
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By something_68
    I have not used this camera and app for several months. Since then something has happened where I cannot pair a camera with the app. I have also been unable to get the Wi-Fi back on my phone in order to get the camera to pair with the phone. When attempting to connect to Wi-Fi it asks for a password, all passwords I previously had are incorrect.
  • Five Star 5/5

    By GA Innovation
    Great Capture
  • Does no cover all cameras 1/5

    By TheEverything
    You can not connect the GoPro Hero to the app
  • Fix bugs 2/5

    By Dustygarlik
    Quite unexpectedly and need to turn off then on again though work properly.
  • Ditch the login requirement! 1/5

    By Archmac1
    Used to love this my GoPro is a tiny little doorstop, because GoPro is more interested in data mining than supporting their products. I doubt there are very many actual humans giving 5-star reviews any more!
  • Works for 2 days then FAILS. DO NOT BUY 1/5

    By Was a fan now HATE.
    I just spent $360 on a session 5 with care. Doesn't work after 2 days. Going back to Best Buy today. Go to hell Go Pro. I will never buy your products again. 3 different cameras all of them stopped working! If you read this and still buy you win the Darwin finance award
  • Session 4/5

    By BeatBrawlr
    This camera is very user friendly, low cost and is perfect for the myself
  • Doesn’t download anything 1/5

    By Testaberger
    I wish Contour was still around, so they could instruct GoPro on how to take less than an entire day to download a 12-minute video. Also, there is no uploading to cloud from the Hero Session (or you can, bu they keep the instructions super secret). And why in the heck do I have to download the Quik AND GoPro apps, when neither of them can pull anything off my SD card?
  • Awesome App!!! 5/5

    By Danny3572
    This App has come a long way and now its awesome, editing short videos then sending them through email or text is super easy and they come out great. Then 5 bucks a month to store all my video and pictures how can I beat that?? now I have no worry about filling up my MacBook Pro’s Terabyte hard drive with all my video and pictures how can you beat that worth every penny.
  • Booooo! 1/5

    By coolmesa38846
    I would put a zero, but there isn’t one. I have been trying to update software for my hero 4 black and the karma stabilization for months. Printing out ALL the helpful information you provide and I don’t seem to be able to get it done. Today I went to utube to let someone walk me through it. Much to my surprise the tutor’s GoPro app looks NOTHING like mine when you open it up. It doesn’t want to help, it only wants to sell more crap. To look at the app’s logo, it is the same. It is the 4.2 version, but seems to have NO settings to help upgrade. In my settings you seem to be able to browse products but not update firmware!
  • Works when it wants to. 1/5

    By ARB1233589669
    This app is garbage and just gets increasingly worse with each update and revision. Should probably find new developers. Later update: App still continues to be garbage and works when it wants. Now it won't let me download pictures and videos and completely freezes the phone when doing so.
  • Tinner 3/5

    By Tinner1
    Bought go pro camera 4 years ago did not remember log in to app haven’t been able to use it ever since. Get rid of login.
  • App keeps freezing 2/5

    By daniel3130
    App freezes every time I try and review photos can download from GoPro to phone or iPad
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Da Grind
    So if GoPro doesn’t care about losing customers or market share, can anyone recommend a good camera that you can control/use locally and are not forced to use the cloud?
  • App is buggy 1/5

    By RxMeshell
    Every time I log into the app it constantly pops up a box asking me to change my email. I cannot link my Facebook or Google+ and I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling app a couple of times and still have the same issues.
  • Not connecting 1/5

    By El_Patron_69
    This update is not allowing me to pair with my 4. I was able to pair it up with my old iPad mini with the last version of this app.
  • Great product 5/5

    By Striperfisher
    Makes it easy to edit my fishing videos. I typically go by myself so use it to take pictures.
  • No longer usable for me 1/5

    By Realtor Ron
    I sell real estate in rural areas and the last time I went to use my app - now updated - it was suddenly and completely inaccessible without cell service to log in. You just made my GoPro camera a paperweight - an expensive one at that. I agree with the other low rating reviewers that you need to remove the log in requirement to make the app and thus the camera usable once again....until then my camera will sit in a box or get sold. Sadly.....
  • No issues noted for me. 5/5

    By JDAZE4300
    Seems to work great with no issues so far. I just use it for quick stories, and with people who can’t wait fir the video. lol The big stuff I use the computer.
  • Absolute rubbish 1/5

    By Robrad30
    I can’t describe how much I hate this app. No matter what I try, my GoPro will not connect to my phone. I’ve tried everything tech support suggested and a bunch of other stuff I found online. Still nothing. It’s so annoying that the app has gotten LESS functional over time. Sort it out GoPro.
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By Greg12594
    I enjoy being able to view my pics from the app. And being able to set the camera up and see what it sees is awesome. It does take a little bit to figure out how to connect to the camera and I keep having to reconnect; it would be better if it was more user friendly in being able to just set it up once and then from then on being able to just open the app and connecting to my camera instantly. That could be from my inexperience though. It does what it says though which is awesome

GoPro (formerly Capture) app comments


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