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Remember the old days when you had to ride a horse 20 miles into town to fetch a carton of milk? Of course you don't. Because it's 2017. And because there's goPuff. Snacks, groceries, booze, toiletries, essentials and more delivered to your door in 30 minutes, 24/7, for a mere $1.95 delivery fee? That is correct. So stop wasting your time running to the convenience store, stop freaking out about the last drop of milk, or those empty cabinets, stop living in the past, and start goPuffing. Right from our own convenience centers to your hands, goPuff stocks over 3,500 items and brings them directly to you. No middle man, no service fees, no up charges, no BS. So no matter what it is you need, make sure you keep doing what you're doing and let goPuff do the rest.


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  • Great experience. 5/5

    By Syeatta
    I was a little skeptical after reading of their reviews. There were mixed reviews good and bad but mostly bad about things like missing items and wait time. I used this app here in Philadelphia and my experience was great. I am in the hospital and late night I crave sweets. I decided to download and order from this app dispute the mixed reviews. The original delivery time was about 30 minutes. Within 15 minutes (maybe sooner than that) I got my items (well my mom met him at the main entrance). It was fast and quick. I was really surprised.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By bishmasari
    Prices are way more expensive using this app. Tried buying a snack and took them an hour and a half to show up. Terrible app
  • Wow..... 1/5

    By Podraskya
    2 hours and counting on my order......
  • It's a scam 1/5

    By Supr_mar
    Ive been waiting for 3 hours and nothing has came to my door. I don't recommend this lol. I hope they improve on the delivery because 3 hours for some munchies isn't acceptable to me. It's a waist of time stick to uber eats people.
  • SO SLOW and no updated delivery time 1/5

    By hshajajkakgg
    This app is not worth it just download postmates. I placed an order around 11pm and it said estimated delivery time between 12:59-1:17 (for marketing yourself as a fast delivery service that is still kind of a long wait time but whatever) its now 1:50 and im still waiting and there is no updated estimated delivery even after refreshing multiple tomes! Not to mention there is no way to contact gopuff or the delivery driver to see whats going on... like they literally forgot about it but i dont want to cancel and lose my money. I just want my money back and my cookie dough please & thank you. Waste of time.
  • Doesn’t deliver in my area 3/5

    By Thisnameistaken08
    Apparently this app doesn’t deliver in my area yay I’m stuck at home and I’m hungry and look it doesn’t deliver
  • You need to fix you Inventory 2/5

    By ShalloHal
    Your inventory is never correct according to what’s on your app. Each time I order I receive a call that you are out of stock if a certain item. You also need to refund your customers THE SAME DAY before that payment settles at the bank the next day. It can be done. I won’t be ordering until these items are fixed. UPDATE: was never refunded. DELETE
  • SOOO SLOW 1/5

    By Asjfhdks
    Literally the slowest delivery system out of every app there is. It’s always taken at least an hour, usually an hour an a half. And when you call them to let them know they’re late all they say is “we’re busy.” Don’t recommend!
  • So slow 2/5

    By 康熙弟弟
  • Not in Range 2/5

    By cllge studt
    I love/ hate stuff like this, I know your just starting out but let people know where you deliver to off the bat because our friends told us about it and me and my friend in college in Philadelphia are both not in the area you deliver to. Waste of time downloading it when we can’t even use it.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By philly Ugh
    Worked the first few times we used it but the past four times our order either didn’t show up, the driver showed up without our order, with items missing from our order or it was delayed hours. There is no way to cancel your orders on the app and sometimes customer service doesn’t pick up. It a shame because Philly could use a service like this...just one that is actually convenient instead of incredibly frustrating.
  • GoPuff, you guys are killin’ me, man 3/5

    By marzolena
    I have thousands of these Puff Points saved after years of being a regular customer, and still, the only “rewards” I have to choose from are currently, and never any better than: A lighter with only enough butane to last anyone about a day and a half The dumbest looking pair of sunglasses ever on Earth A Peanuts holiday 2pc mug set that looks like it’s being re-gifted straight from someone’s great-great-aunt Sandy A 3-pack of bargain brand clear tape cause ya’ll couldn’t even spring for Scotch Or 1.5 inch white binder We know you can do better, GoPuff. Show your customers some love for cryin’ out loud.
  • Mistake, then no refund 1/5

    By Yuppppperz3651
    I placed an order with GoPuff last week, it never got delivered because they were out of a product. Already very annoying. Then afterward when I asked to cancel the order they said I would be refunded. It has now been a week and still nothing! I needed that money back. I will never use this lackluster service again. The app is a tragedy, it seriously looks and operates like it was developed by a child. Delete.
  • Always late 1/5

    By handy washington dc
    Honestly they are always late. I'm sick of it now.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Lans1phi
    Saw it through a YouTube ad, thought ok I’ll give it a try, only to have them cancel my order after they took my money saying it was out of the service area, after the app said my area was fine service wise, stick to Uber eats it get it yourself.
  • Orders always cancel 1/5

    By He348$
    Every time I order something they cancel it
  • Lol 1/5

    By Yixagurpledck
    I put in my address, was informed that i was within the delivery range, proceeded to complete my transaction... got a ETA and everything. Then they tell me that I’m NOT within delivery range and my order was cancelled. Y’all don’t have the technology to tell customers whether they’re in delivery range or not as the address processes? Pathetic. This app has a lot of potential but it’s not there yet at all. I hope you’ll improve as time goes by, I’ll check back in a couple months to see if the reviews show something better. In the meantime, I’ll be on uber eats!
  • Expanding 2/5

    By Crybaby5💦
    good idea but they need to expand there areas or whatever because i need this
  • horrible company and app maintenance 1/5

    By fejqrjqrjrnwv12537
    inventory is probably wrong 95% of the time. constantly need something i ordered replaced. and orders dont come for at least 45 minutes every time for a simple pint of ice cream and bag of chips.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Krashtestgenius
    In Chicago here, and expectations were much higher than they should have been. First time ordering and was a bit irritating. Got the wrong candy, they had to call me half hour after I place my order to tell me to choose different ice cream on the fly, took over an hour. Now that I know what to expect I’ll be sure to order early and keep it basic. I don’t understand what the tipping etiquette is or why it can’t be done through the app. I don’t ever have cash. You should give estimated wait time before I place my order, I would have just went to Walgreens and bought what I wanted vs setting for what you send and having to decide on a new flavor from a list being read to me over the phone. Your whole business revolves around snacks and you can’t even get that right
  • Good idea, poor execution 1/5

    By sasshhhaaaaaaaaa
    This is a good idea overall but poor execution with your app and logistics. Don’t include a zip code under delivery if only part of the zip code is covered in the zone. That needs to be clarified because you’re charging accounts but not delivering until someone has to cancel the order. Also, in a city like Chicago...there’s absolutely no reason why any part of the city shouldn’t be included.
  • Nope. 1/5

    By Balance773
    I decided to use this app after hearing about it. It says 30 minutes for delivery. I only ordered a handful of things. I didn’t receive my order for than 2 hours and the driver was rude. Don’t use this app don’t waste your time!
  • Need in Boca Raton 3/5

    By Sspenersandburg
    Would do great in Boca Raton I would definitely use this app all the time if we had it in our area and at FAU
  • Errors 3/5

    By arfowl05
    The app is good except for I can't figure out his to remove a item from my cart
  • Fake service 1/5

    By Joeeeeyyyyyyyyg
    Ordered 7 items. Was given 45 minute wait time. Been waiting 1hr 45min. ***update they messed up my order. DO NOT USE THIS APP
  • Good app, good service. Room for improvement 4/5

    By Yuuvgfdxcf
    They’re a fairly new company so many kinks will be fixed I think. Like for example I just tried to use a promo code but it said I needed a minimum order but then wouldn’t let me remove it. Anyway though my delivery was quick. On time. The delivery costs are much lower than postmates which sets them apart in my opinion. What I think they lack is a tracking map. Other than that, good options, good pricing. I had a good experience which it looks like some people didn’t. I’m in the Seattle area, for reference.
  • Meh? 2/5

    By ckreu
    I’ve used several delivery services over the last year, and this one is honestly lacking. They don’t have an inventory system, so several items I ordered needed to be replaced. My order took just about 70 minutes to arrive. My biggest issue, however was that none of the items had indicted sizes. I ordered several different chip and candy items, which I assumed were full sized based on the prices. I was disappointed to realize all but one item was just snack-size or single serving. $3-5 for a single serving of chips is just way too much. Too expensive to be worth it.
  • They are writing their own 5 star reviews... 1/5

    By FirstnameMiddleLast
    I stumbled upon this from an advertisement on Snapchat. Good marketing on that part. Went scrolling through the reviews and the majority of the "5 Star Ratings" are based off the same format. All the names are first, middle initial, then last name with very unauthentic comments. Always comes off scammy when the company needs to write their own positive reviews. It's a good idea for an ap you guys but you need to listen to your customers & generate sincere reviews!
  • Be prepared to wait 1/5

    By k;.90i['8){}
    If I wanted to wait over an hour for my items to be delivered I would’ve ordered them from Uber eats. The most annoying part is that they literally build their business and sales pitch around quick delivery. Every time you order it tells you your items will be delivered in less than 35minutes. Sadly this is a lie 9/10. Why you lie go puff? Why?
  • Contacting and tracking the drivers 3/5

    By Robie212002
    How are we supposed to contact the drivers or track their movements to help with directions if needed?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By cperkinsx
    It’s really hard to consider customer service terrible as a college student but this was the definition of it. Driver was lost for 20 minutes, forgot some of my stuff and had to come back, then got lost again for another 20 minutes. Should’ve just asked for a refund.
  • Do not recommend 1/5

    Put in my address said im in an area that they deliver too placed an order got a call 5 mins later saying they cancelled my order im not in there delivery zone
  • Don’t trust the 5 stars 1/5

    By formeremployee
    Anyone who ranks this 5 stars works for gopuff...
  • False delivery times 1/5

    By BSB chick
    Original quote was thirty minutes. Didn’t arrive for an hour and thirty minutes. EST time never updated. I called customer service twice. First call I was transferred to a busy signal. Second call I was told they were busy and the driver still had two more stops before me and it would be another 20 minutes. Poor experience all around. Never again
  • Wish there was one at my location 2/5

    By Cepi27
    It’s not available at my location
  • Stolen money 1/5

    By John-Valenzuela
    I order some things and they cancel my order because SOME HOW I wants in their “ delivery “ area but according to the app I was.. so I got a call saying that they were going to cancel my order and refund me. It’s been a week and still no refund.

    By xokimmi
  • Ohio 5/5

    By cleveland,OH
    Hey we need this in Cleveland Ohio
  • Get Cheezit White Cheddar Grooves 1/5

    By GiveMeCheezitGrooves
    Your app looks pretty convenient. I downloaded it because I live to consume Cheezit White Cheddar Grooves and I want them right now. You do not have Cheezit White Cheddar Grooves. Please rectify this unspeakable tragedy.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Drunkdialmeister
    Gopuff's tag line is 30 minutes or less, and they have been over an hour late the last 2 times I ordered. Will not be ordering again. We've been calling customer service for the last 30 minutes and no one is picking up at all. (Also, class action lawyers out there, seems like there's a lucrative lawsuit opportunity.)
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By Division44
    At first it seemed pretty cool. They had a wide variety of things to choose from and they were neatly categorized as well. But after ordering my first order, I came to the realization that I needed to move this app from my food folder into my game folder because I got played. Save yourself the trouble. Still waiting on my food.
  • Utterly Piss poor service 1/5

    By M5_Justin
    Save your time, don’t download the app! Instead walk to your nearest store. Even if it’s 15 miles away and it’s -12, it will be faster than this service. My delivery never showed up! They did let me know, two days later that service to my area wasn’t available. Let that sink in..... Two days later, after ordering, for a 30 min delivery...I was notified service wasn’t available!?
  • Takes too long and customer service is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By srodri72
    I waited close to 3 hours for my order to arrive (even though i love less than 2 miles away). I tried to call to cancel but NOBODY PICKED UP THE PHONE. I used to love this company, but since the hipsters started making a little bit of cash they stopped caring all together. Don't support them.
  • disappointed 1/5

    By Sammywizzywiz
    The app seemed so convenient and it was really easy to use. It was straight forward and gives you almost everything you need. I ordered a couple of snacks late night and it never showed up. Supposedly, my location was out of reach from their warehouse I assume. I had to call the actual company in order to find this out so if you’re good doesn’t show up, it’s most likely because you’re out of their location zone.
  • Total Arse 1/5

    By Chicken Wing Dan
    I ordered 1 item. The app said it would take 20 minutes deliver. It took two hours!
  • Wish you were here... 5/5

    By JR Griggs
    Moved to Gresham OR from Denver. Miss the convenience of the app. Can’t wait till you all expand more.

    By Peterplantjr🇩🇴
    I am thankful for who ever created this app! YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!!
  • 50/50 2/5

    By Chang Brian
    At the beginning I thought it was a cool app so I downloaded it. It turn out to be really cool, but there are few things that are really really over priced. I will stay with this rating and comment until things get better.
  • Always inconsistent - never reliable 1/5

    By Swaggerdagg3r
    Used the service 8 times. First two deliveries were great, the rest were horrible experiences. Over 1-2 hour wait times with communication (one time it was 4 hours and then they cancelled) I have waited a year for changes and still experience the same issues. Be warned
  • Took over an hour and a half 1/5

    By katikoolaid
    I live in an area right next to a college campus in a fairly large city. I ordered from GoPuff at 7:28 PM and received my order at 8:55PM. Why guarantee “30 mins or less” if orders will take this long to deliver? Why can’t I have an option to cancel my order in app? I was supposed to go out last night and ended up staying in because I didn’t want my order to get left on the porch - it contained soda that I did not want to freeze and explode. I understand that sometimes orders will take longer, but they need to update the time in the app or give a courtesy call to let the users know an approximate timing. I will not be ordering from GoPuff again, it’s faster to walk to the convenience store 5mins away, and worth it even in the cold.

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