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  • Current Version: 4.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Compatibility: Android
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Gospel Library App

Gospel Library is the gospel study app of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The library includes the scriptures, general conference addresses, music, learning and teaching manuals, Church magazines, videos, audio recordings, gospel art, and more. Study, search, mark, and share this vast collection.


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Gospel Library app reviews

  • Great App 5/5

    By Anon1923546
  • ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Gardengal4040
    I love the scriptures. This is an easy way to get scripture time when you can’t sit and read.
  • Typing is Bad 4/5

    By Creativity17
    This app is amazing. I use it frequently. My only complaint is that when searching, the keyboard lags soooo much. I’m using an iPod Touch 6th gen on iOS 11.2.5
  • Fantastic app; lousy search engine 4/5

    By K$Kecwi
    I am still amazed that I have such quick and easy access not only to the scriptures but to lessons, magazines, handbooks and more all on my phone. I remember the old days where if you taught a lesson you had to lug your scriptures, a manual, and possibly a magazine to church. The search engine is poor. I can type in key words in the search engine and either nothing will come up or I’ll have to wade through 30 conference talk results only to find what I’m looking for has not been found. Enter the same words in google and the talk I’m looking for is most often the first result or in the first page.
  • Crashes at startup 4/5

    By Gheuxbhwixhhshwh
    Can’t even open the app up. Crashes while starting up every time.
  • Voice reading scriptures 4/5

    By helpful view😊
    I really liked the voice of the original gospel library. The voice of the guy now is too mellow of a tone a could lull a person to sleep. And I’m not a big fan a the female voice either. However the male voice of that reads the headings of each. Scripture I like. A suggestion would be to get more options of readers than just the two they have now. Kind of like the options for Siri or Libra box. Then those who have a hard time reading can listen. The voice of reader makes a huge difference.
  • Won't open 1/5

    By MrAppUserxcfdrh
    Amazing app until the last update when it only opens 1/10th of the time. Please fix.
  • What Happened to the Marking Feature? 1/5

    By It's MHE
    I am now unable to change marking styles and colors in the scriptures. In the past I could highlight and underline and change colors easily. Now I am stuck with highlighting and cannot change or eliminate what I have marked. This is frustrating!
  • Exodus 14 5/5

    By Poison_reign
    It seems that exodus 14 has no audio please fix thanks
  • Cultural Awareness 5/5

    By Tfrog5489
    I’m Nondenominational and I like this app and it’s a great way to learn about different religions and different things and I like how it’s organized....
  • Hand written notes 4/5

    By FatMcChub
    I love this app, however it could be greatly improved if it were possible to mark the scriptures like paper ones. If that isn't possible then being able to at least hand write notes would be AWESOME!!! Just an idea.
  • Needs update to fix printing 3/5

    By Lauren fan1
    I love this app. My only complaint is after the recent update, I no longer have the ability to print articles from my iPhone with one click. Instead I have to select, copy, and paste it into my email to print it. It is a huge waste of time! Please do another update to fix it! Thanks!
  • Is truth 5/5

    By Catty207
    The gospel is true and everything in it is true and I just love that and this app is easier than regular Scriptures because then you can just slide it over or go under scriptures and you get to pick out which scripture it is and then pick which prophets story it is in the scriptures and it’s just a great app I recommend it 100%
  • One suggestion or question 4/5

    By Thenry14
    I recently switched from a windows tablet to iPad. I miss the inspirational messages link that is on the home page and changes every time you go back to the home page. It was a nice, easy, quick way to get a message that is randomly generated. Will this ever be added to Apple?
  • Great content I wish I could hear better 4/5

    By Katieinlovewiththisapp:)
    Content of course gets five stars. However the function of the app itself could be improved. I’ve downloaded all the audio for the Book of Mormon and it shows that there’s no more I can download, as it no longer gives me the option to download more (only the option to remove audio). Despite this, certain chapters won’t play and I keep getting these notifications popping up and saying that certain chapters were not able to download and that I should try downloading again another time even though it doesn’t give me the option anymore. There’s also some sort of glitch when the audio is playing, sometimes the voice distorts and ends up sounding like a robot and it comes in and out like that which is kind of weird. The robot voice is different from the regular voice that usually reads so something is going wrong with the audio. Edit: I deleted it and re-downloaded it and I don’t know if I’m just noticing it now or if it really wasn’t doing this before but it keeps switching between two different narrators voices. Both are male, one is very monotoned which I love because I listen to the Book of Mormon everyday for 4 hours on two times as fast (My lifelong goal is to memorize it) and with how often I listen and all that I’m trying to do in memorizing I prefer not having expression/inflections/or much variance in how words are said. The other guy is expressive in how he says things and when he’s sped up as fast as I like listening he’s harder to understand and seems like he put more into the dramatics of how he reads than correct pronunciation (like the other guy is perfect at) so sped up (which isn’t going to change with me because My mind is quick) he sounds angrier with all the expression and I hate anger and tend to avoid/ignore angry people so when I’m listening at those times he comes on I get distracted by how he sounds and don’t pay nearly as much attention which doesn’t help with the memorization. I am an audio learner so sound is very important to me! Anyways I wish like they give speed as an option that they would give which narrator you want as an option too and not have it switching between to two different narrators. I also would appreciate if after that change is made that they give additional options in that area like being able to select a female narrator or have more recordings than 2 to choose from. For my memorization purposes it would be very helpful! Thanks
  • Keeps quitting when I try to open the app 5/5

    By Allisonpatty
    I love this app but every time I try to open it, it just closes. I have to try a few times ending the app and sometimes it works
  • App not functioning correctly. 3/5

    By aargh2894!
    After the last update, the scripture audio randomly stops in the middle of chapters. Please fix.
  • Female voice gone?? 4/5

    By Octember1
    Love the app, however when it just updated I lost the female voice which I prefer. Is there a way to get this back?
  • Please give us the narrator that is not Bruce Lindsay 1/5

    By Higher Laws
    Can you please let us choose the narrator for the Book of Mormon? Bruce is too authoritive and it’s difficult to ponder the meaning when things are being narrated so boldly and pounding a fist type voice. The other guy was perfect. I love all the additions and improvements except this regression.
  • Narration 5/5

    By Kbrady88
    All of the sudden the main voice is a guy and I don’t see the dots in the media player that allow you to change them. Up until writing this review I had it set to be a woman reading. What happened? Please fix this issue.
  • Update 2/5

    By jssquire
    The new update is not allowing me to access anything. It acts like it needs to download and then nothing happens. I should not have updated to new version. Yikes. I can listen to audio at home but it is not working on my Bluetooth in car. It reads it and it shows on my radio screen with speaker I am trying to listen to. But audio is not coming through. Other apps that I use with Bluetooth are working. Just not lds scriptures. I want the old version back.
  • Bring back the different voices 4/5

    By Pcosa
    Can you explain why you pulled them? There must be a reason, but I enjoyed switching voices each time through.
  • Headed in the right direction again 3/5

    By istuart45
    Honestly, this program is amazing. I like all the changes in this update, especially picking up where you left off on audio. Really I would rate this 3.5 stars, but it’s frustrating when changes are made for the sake of change and end up being a step back. Suggestions: -New scripture narrators. Particularly the Old Testament, the old version was lively and excellent, the new style is so robotic it’s unlistenable for many. Why not have the choice of narrator 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. since I’m sure some people prefer the robots too. -I miss where if you clicked on one of your links it takes you to the link’s location instead of a side panel. The side bar is cumbersome and a weaker way of doing things. -the sidebar was better on the iPhone where it was on the bottom of the screen and adjustable. Now, when I read my scriptures I simply don’t look at any links or footnotes. It makes no difference for casual scripture reading, but it is a HUGE step back for scripture study. -when I try and share to Facebook, it only shares a link to the talk and not what I highlighted. I have to copy, share, paste, post. It used to put a link and the highlighted quote. (This is probably a problem with iOS 11.) -Option to all content. Yeah I ain’t in relief society etc., but I want their manuals downloaded to improve search results. Hidden gems are buried everywhere. Right now, you have to do some digging to make sure everything is downloaded, you can click “download all” but it misses subcategories (ex. Clicking download all on “magazines” does nothing). I’m sure it’s to protect people with small phone capacity, but really, making “download all” button work for real or a small button in settings to “download all content” would solve this for everyone.
  • Mosiah 20 speakers not saying print 5/5

    By Lanalou01
    The first 30 seconds the male and female readers aren’t saying the same text as what is written. It’s begins not by saying the chapter but by saying “the Book of Mormon another testament of Jesus Christ” Not sure what happened when the voices changed this weekend. But so far not liking it.
  • Narration 1/5

    By Davistianne
    Latest update removed the woman/man audio options. Now I only have the older version Man voice. Why revert, there should be more options, not less.
  • Female voice is gone? 5/5

    By Fs77913
    I like to listen to the scriptures with the female voice. For some reason it switched to the male voice yesterday and I don’t have option to change it back. Otherwise, really happy with this app.
  • Tags not functioning well 5/5

    By MeridianOfTime
    The app overall is working great, but one thing was bugging me. I created a tag and marked a few verses with it, but I later wanted to change the tag’s name to make more sense. It wouldn’t let me save the new name, I tried tapping save but it wouldn’t change anything. If this could be fixed I think the app will be working fantastically.
  • Improve Navigation and Tweak Display Theme 3/5

    By Pac-boii
    Sometimes navigating around the app can be a pain, but it is a minor gripe of mine. The app is overall great and easy to use. I love the convenience of it and couldn’t ask for a better on-the-go resource. I would give it 5-stars, but there needs to be an auto-display theme option. For example, if it is nighttime or if the room is dark, the display theme would automatically change to “night.” If it was day, it would change to the theme of choice for the user. Tons of other apps do this, so it is possible!
  • Latest update 5/5

    By Lhcgayle
    I love the gospel library app, we can listen to the articles in the Ensign while driving or doing other chores. Also we can look up scriptures quickly and reference any of the content we wish to find. However, in the latest update for Apple, (January 17, 2018) all the audio for the January Ensign has been removed except for the conference notebook article. The icon at the top says the audio is downloaded, but the icon for each article does not appear. I have an iPad2 with iOS 9. I have also noticed that some articles in past issues do not have audio for the entire article, there will be some at the beginning and some at the end with the middle of the article not narrated, or some articles that have no audio.
  • Search is broken! 1/5

    By Wr1782
    I love this app, but since the last update, the search feature is broken! Please fix!
  • I can’t open the app and need help 1/5

    By brapiderhum
    I have had the app for year and love every bit of it. In the past week I have not been able to open it and I don’t know where else to find assistance. My iPhone no longer opens the app at all.
  • Yea! Audio button improvement! 5/5

    By Motch6
    Finally they updated the audio button so that you didn’t have to scroll all they way back to the top to get it back after leaving and coming back later!! Woo hoo! And they fixed the book marking of the audio too! Awesome fixes! Thank you!!
  • add pictures to notes 5/5

    By Simplicity lover
    we should be able to add pictures to notes. thanks
  • Great Scripture and Gospel App 5/5

    By Worstoe
    This app is a great way to do you personal scripture study. It helps you keep track of places that you are at as well as keep notes, and other great options. The full Gospel library at your fingertips.
  • Audio Disabled 1/5

    By Wzagieboylo
    Why is audio disabled for the Ensign?
  • Beautiful, moving in the right direction 4/5

    By aberrantartist
    The new design of the app is much cleaner and in line with the Church’s overall “design brand”. Very clean and modern with beautiful images and illustrations and good navigation. I think that it would be greatly improved by adding support for the different styluses such as the Google Pixelbook Pen or the Apple Pencil to be able to write notes in the margins like you can on paper scriptures. Also, it would be very helpful to be able to use these styluses in other parts of the app for writing. Lastly some of the content could be structured better as it appears that it is just a digital copy of the physical books. With a digital book there is room to make improvements to the content layout and how it can be used. An example would be Preach My Gospel which could have updated content.
  • Easily my most used app 5/5

    By JL Texaz
    I love the way that I can link scriptures and concepts together so easily. Every release has several improvements to make reading the scriptures easier.
  • D&C missing Institute chapters 4/5

    By MackenZiecritique
    The most recent update keeps me from (easily) accessing Institute commentary for D&C sections beyond 124.
  • Something went wrong in your last up date 4/5

    By Marcia from San Diego
    I cannot open the app
  • My most used app 5/5

    By DGHFG3
    This is my most used app. I love it!
  • It was terrific until today's update... 1/5

    By DizzyArmstrong
    ...but now it won't even open. Please fix before I dwindle in unbelief.
  • Audio of Ensign needed sooner 3/5

    By RWHuck
    My only request is that the audio version of Ensign articles be made available sooner. It's January 13 and still not there. Yet it's available on LDS.Org so it's not that it hasn't been done yet. Just please put it in the app. 1/17/18-Great. They just did an upgrade and still no audio for January Ensign. 😡
  • Footnotes 👎🏻 3/5

    By pencils97
    When I read, like in the New Testament, I liked how it was before with the footnotes at the bottom. You could read with the footnotes pulled up like in the scriptures, that's how I would read like the JSTs. This is so frustrating that they are on the side now please change it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can’t stand the new reverse order on the menu. 1/5

    By rtbf
    Please, please, please change it back.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Trekker 7
    Love the note taking/highlighting feature and the ease of use.
  • Audio issue 3/5

    By PattyJeanQueen
    About every three chapters the Book of Mormon won’t play. This is a new glitch.
  • Need tvOS version for Apple TV 5/5

    By D.O.2
    This app is outstanding and the content and features continue to get better and better. I especially enjoy the conference videos going back to 1971. Would be amazing if the Gospel Library app were released for Apple TV which would make playback of videos and scripture audio on the big screens seamless. (AirPlay from my phone works ok but not great).
  • Not loving the update 2/5

    By samrisam79
    Just updated and although I love the app, I’m really frustrated with the audio which is the feature I use the most. I listen to the scriptures and conference everyday and I no longer remembers where I am in the chapter or talk I left off on. It’s really annoying to have it restart each time. I love Elder Bednar, but I’ve heard the beginning of his talk at least 10 times now! Please fix this bug!!!
  • Great App, but lacks one key feature. 4/5

    By Sdfjnvh
    This app is awesome, and it’s a quick way to read through the Scriptures. My only complaint is that I can’t access everything I’ve marked. Please add a way for me to see all that I’ve marked in one place!
  • I’m so tired of this... 2/5

    By 1AusomeMom
    Since the latest update I haven't been able to listen to any of the study materials except my scriptures, yet again. This is a recurring issue with the updates, like someone is forgetting to click the switch that says allow audio for the Church magazines. I have deleted the app and reinstalled but nothing changes. I shouldn't have to delete the app and reinstall each time there is an update - and this last time after reinstalling it won’t let me sign in at all. I’m truly tired of having this issue on my iPhone and know I can’t be the only one.

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