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Gospel Library is the gospel study app of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The library includes the scriptures, general conference addresses, music, learning and teaching manuals, Church magazines, videos, audio recordings, gospel art, and more. Study, search, mark, and share this vast collection.

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  • New version ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป 4/5

    By Komrade Eli
    The new UI is way better. I would still love to be able to drag my highlights without just deleting them and trying again though.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By aliciamae85
    I love the new annotations pop up but I wish that it still appeared above the words I'm reading instead of below. I like to be able to read ahead to where I want to end my highlight but now the annotation window is blocking the words I'm reading to whereas before it automatically appeared above the start of my highlight. Thanks for this great app, I do love it!
  • Text tool bar 5/5

    By norman.bates
    Love the new text tool bar from this release. Also feels like the app is a bit smoother and more responsive. Great update.
  • Gospel Library 5/5

    By bddninja
    Great app, this update really cleaned up the annotation menu!
  • Wrong references 3/5

    By Kristoff2134
    Generally works well on my iPad mini, however, when I select the italicized reference in a scripture, it gives me a totally unrelated and incorrect reference. None of our other devices do that, so this is a unique problem for my iPad.
  • Great update!!! Still needs essentials... 4/5

    By Adam Ashbaker
    Thank you for updating! ***I love new look whenever you go to highlight or select something, however I noticed when you select something and then tap the search bar it crashes. General Suggestions: The update is great but still missing is an Apple TV app and an Apple Watch app. And Apple Watch app would be great to put your favorite scriptures verses on so you can share them or memorize them by keeping them on the Watch app. An Apple TV app would be super useful for family scripture reading! Also there are other smalls things that should be added. For example notifications for personal scripture study or for family scripture study. When you get the notification and tap on it it could take you straight into where you left off for you personal reading or family reading. Also please add 3D Touch to the home screen so you can jump right in to certain things. For example you could make the option be: search, new tab, personal study, family study. You should also add iCloud sync and the ability to make certain scriptures as certain things. So you could tag this chapter as your current chapter for person scripture study and that would sync across all devices. Or you could tag one as where you are at in your family study, or for seminary. And then everything could be synced. You would also be able to log in online and view where you are at in your personal, family, seminary reading. That way you never lose your place and it's always up to date. So many small features like these would be so helpful. Please add!
  • I have a suggestion 4/5

    By scotterinbaby
    I love this app, but have run into a problem. I am trying to take Elder Nelson's challenge about reading and highlighting every scripture about Jesus Christ in the standard works. While in the topical guide, If I select one of the references, It easily takes me to the scriptures selected, but I am not able to highlight anything when the screen pops up with the reference. It would be so nice to be able to highlight when you visit another scripture.
  • Much better! 5/5

    By Jimb100
    Thank you for 4.03! Life is good again after the brief 4.0 experience. I currently prefer the older v3.x related content style but I'm open minded and will use this for a while before passing judgement on it. AND THANK YOU for providing the ability to move notes within a notebook!! That is huge for me at least. Great work - thank you!
  • Lost all highlighted scriptures 1/5

    By andIdanced
    This update has wiped all of my tags and highlighted scriptures. Please fix this, so I can recover all of the scriptures I had highlighted.
  • AMAZING APP! 5/5

    By Wrtyygcdbevbfb
    I โค๏ธ gospel library ๐Ÿ“š. It is a very great app. Whenever I am preparing a talk or a lesson in church, it makes it a LOT easier.i HIGHLY recommended this app. Trust me...
  • Fix the sidebar! 3/5

    By GreekLanguageFan
    It would help if the app was more like previous versions of Gospel Library: 1) Put the footnotes back at the bottom. 2) Use a triangle for the Play button. The headphones throws me off 3) Allow hiding of content not downloaded.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Thevseymour
    Gospel Library just gets better and better. It has never been easier to access scriptures, manuals, conference talks, videos, and music. I love it!
  • Frustrating app 1/5

    By Mormon Matt
    Love having all this stuff available digitally but the last update was brutal. Need to be able to read scriptures and see footnote at same time. Need to go to the scripture that is linked not just the verse (I know if u tap on it again it will got to Book and chapter). When slide to the next chapter in the BoM it scrolls to the end of the chapter. If you are listening to the audio and pause you have to scroll back to the top before the audio option will come back to start playing audio again then you have too try scroll back down and find your place, very frustrating when your reading something with long chapters like Jesus the Christ.
  • Cannot edit a highlight 1/5

    By zskags
    On Android, all I have to do to change the location (start/stop place) of the highlight is tap it once and then drag the slider to what I want highlighted. There seems to be no way to do this in iOS. I literally have to take out my Android phone to edit the highlight and wait for it to sync back to my iPad. So lame. Beyond lame. How has nobody came across this... are you sure you are doing QA testing?
  • Needs auto support 4/5

    By jupitertoo
    With all the audio in the app, it should support CarPlay (and Android Auto) so you can listen to scriptures, conference, lessons, etc. Also I would like to be able to add my own content (such as patriarchal blessings) and link them to scriptures.
  • Mr 1/5

    By Dh33468318
    This version is so slow that it is completely unusable. Yes, totally , completely, terribly unusable. It takes many minutes to do ANYTHING
  • Wish I never updated 1/5

    By Candicornn
    I use this app several times a day. Accidentally updated and deeply regret it! Update problems: -freezes on screen list page -unable to add to journal. Also freezes -will not load conference talk audio -hate the "related content" sliding left and right. Covers up the entire content. I liked to read with ref showing as a study aid -cannot send feedback, will not open. -heats my iPhone (no other app does this) I have tried deleting and reloading app Not one improvement from my perspective.
  • Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 5/5

    By 12457954857156047847
    Calling all Jan Michael Vincent's.
  • Just keeps getting better 5/5

    By dang11
    There were some bumps in the road with the 4.0 upgrade but most of them are being smoothed out. This app is the primary reason I carry an iPad... I have many thousands of notes and markings and the software syncs quickly. I have been a beta tester of this app and am constantly amazed with the diligence and skill of this team. I have given up my hard copy scriptures and get a rich experience on my ipad. And my marks, notes, etc. are synced on all my devices.
  • Not AS buggy anymore, needs tags 3/5

    By Warhawk15
    This app gets worse after each major update. The small point versions are good that fix things that actually NEED to be fixed. Ever since using this it freezes way more often than the previous version, using this on the original iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2. May 1: Running smoother now, doesn't freeze as often. Feature Request: please have an option to label each "Screen", aka Personal, Family, Elders Quorum, Relief Society, Sunday School, etc. Would be much easier finding which tab I'm supposed to be in.
  • Great app 5/5

    By The Reverend S
    It is very interactive! I love the fact that I can highlight differently, hold different tabs open, and many more features! I would recommend everybody get this app
  • Why is there no obvious way to reset a highlight? 2/5

    By Heap Fam
    This app needs an "undo" button especially for highlighting scriptures. If you accidentally highlight a scripture that you didn't mean to or highlighted it in a way that was not intended, there isn't a way to reset it. Frustrating.
  • Place not saving 3/5

    By Hydarra
    They fixed the issue of the app not saving your scroll spot in the scriptures when you close the app. However, it does not save your spot in manuals or conference talks when switching between multiple open screens. Very annoying! It used to save the scroll spot just fine. Please fix.
  • Good, but small improvement needed 3/5

    By Caliholly
    I love having all the scriptures and gospel resources on here. But this new version (4.0.5) does not save my place when I exit the app. It scrolls down in the scriptures when I exit. For example if I read 20 verses and I exit the app, then return it has scrolled down to the bottom of the chapter.
  • Skips chapters when playing audio 2/5

    By pointmatic
    The new update skips multiple chapters randomly when playing audio. Very annoying. The update in Dec 2016 that renders controls in yellow on a white background is hard to see. Please allow me to customize the accent color, or choose a color that with contrast that humans can see. Yellow-gold on white is not easily readable such as the play button or the play scrubber button. Every other app on the planet uses a large triangle to indicate "play", but the little headphones icon is hardly visible...in any color. Yay...voices are smoother at high speed, the male voice is not enjoyable, lots of inflection but no feeling and too throaty.
  • Conference Audio/Video Glitch 4/5

    By rjnaughty
    While listening to Conference on iOS through Bluetooth in my truck; whenever I get a call/text or interrupt/pause the audio, the video restarts automatically instead of resuming the audio. This is a fairly recent change, so I think it can be fixed
  • Log in to view my notes? 2/5

    By Likesgames1
    I like having the convenience of scriptures in my pocket on my phone, but requiring me to "log in" to view my notes and that's the only way I can see them? Come on guys this is complete nonsense.
  • Update causes me to lose my place in the institute manual when I switch between windows/pages! 1/5

    By Too bad:(
    I love this app, it has really helped my scripture study...not sure where to submit bug reports so I figured a one-star post is the best way to do so. I typically have multiple windows/pages open as I study; one has the scriptures and the other the Institute manual (I'm currently in the Old Testament). When I switch between pages the Institute Manual loses its place. So I have to scroll a long way to find my last place EVERY TIME I swap pages.
  • 5/5 5/5

    By Ncdwn
    BEST Later-Day Saint scripture app!!
  • Does not keep my place within a chapter 1/5

    By Peter Ahlstrom
    I tried to submit this yesterday via Gospel Library's built-in feedback function, but got a message today saying it was undeliverable. Fix your feedback function, app team! We use the Gospel Library app to read scriptures as a family. I use AirPlay Mirroring to send the screen from my iPad Pro up to the TV screen via the AppleTV. So, here are my issues based on that. We usually use the old version, Gospel Library 2.5. It has features we like a lot that are not in the newest version. We tried 4.0 (or whatever the current version is) the last couple of weeks. There are two things we like: the text size can get larger than 2.5, and the feature to turn off the footnotes in 4.0 is also great for not distracting kids. But we had to switch back to 2.5 for an important reason (beyond the other issues I will mention below): the 4.0 app keeps losing our place within a chapter! We don't read a whole chapter at a time. Each child reads a few verses, and then we stop. The 2.5 version has no problem remembering which verse we are on, so we can open it up the next time and start right away. In the 4.0 version, a couple times last week I opened up the app and found the chapter scrolled all the way down to the bottom. Then I had to scroll up and try to figure out exactly where we left off. This is a huge downgrade from 2.5. I don't think it happens all the time; maybe just when the app has been quit entirely? Now, here are the other things in 4.0 that are a step backward. - There are not enough available font sizes. In 2.5 you can pick the font size by number. In 4.0 you can only pick 7 sizes or so. And the top size is too big for us, but the next largest size is too small. We want a size in the middle. Please bring back font size granularity. - The margin size is enormous in 3.0 and 4.0. The side margins added together take a third of the screen. This is a terrible use of space. On my iPhone 5c the huge margins combined with the font size I use with bad eyesight can make only one word appear per line instead of 3 words that would fit if the margins made any sense. On this screen I'm typing on right now to give this feedback, the margins are perfectโ€”only one letter m width wide. On the scripture views the margins are simply too big and a huge waste of space. - The font can be changed in 2.5 and it can't be changed in 4.0. This is bad for legibility. Not everyone finds the default font to be very legible. So basically, 4.0 adds a couple features to the text that are nice, but overall it removes too many features to be as user friendly as 2.5 is for my family's needs. I have brought up these issues before, but nothing has ever changed in 3.0 or 4.0, and that makes me very sad. With iOS 11 coming out later this year, 32-bit applications like version 2.5 will cease working. So we will lose all of 2.5's good features forever. And that makes me upset. Please update version 4.0 so it has the missing features. Or update version 2.5 so it is 64-bit and will run on iOS 11. (Also the Gordon B. Hinckley manual won't appear in 2.5.) We are your users. Please don't drive your users away.
  • Great resources BUT... 5/5

    By Our life is Good!!
    Love the info which is in this app but I would like to know why the Constitution is not a part of this app? We know that this document is sanctioned by God!
  • Page numbers 4/5

    By Will2nd
    I would really like for the presidents of the church series to have page numbers that correspond with the printed manual. I teach HP, and this change would be most helpful in this calling.
  • It's Mormon 5/5

    By Dalliedpm
    That's it. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
  • Fix Bookmarks. New reading voices are horrid! 3/5

    By Curtozeys
    Update fixed a lot of the major issues, however the reading voices are still too robotic. If an option to listen to the original reading voice was added, as well as the new voices, I would give 5 stars.
  • Mostly good 4/5

    By Applepiearesquared
    Lately, whenever I switch out of the app and come back, it is frozen and I have to close and reopen it to use it again
  • Two feature requests..... 5/5

    By Whatthewhatisthat
    I have two request for this app. 1) Make the margins a little smaller. 2) Add a scroller in the right side for verses and chapters. It doesn't have to be visible until you scroll on it but it would be very helpful to go a specific verse quicker.
  • Amazing app! Nothing like it! 5/5

    By QwertyNinja93
    I've had this app for a while now and it has always worked great! It has all the content you would ever need to plan anything, whether it's family home evening lesson, seminary or a sacrament meeting talk. And it makes it easy to study the scriptures alone and as a family. My only complaint is that it's super difficult to do the scripture narrative, because every character comes as just one audio file. So if you want to listen to the second half of a chapter, you have to scrub though the narrative to find the verse you want to start with (very annoying). But other than that, it's a very solid app and has lots of great features. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to come closer to Heavenly Father.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By danclegg
    As an app developer myself I'm really pleased with the direction this app is heading. A great experience of study, multi-platform syncing and comfortable reading.
  • Much better 4/5

    By SanTxx
    The new version was so frustrating. All my notes were lost and the chapters skipped around So many bugs and issues. I finally just deleted the app. Then I reinstalled it. All my notes came back!!!! I was pretty happy about that. I now have high hopes that the other bugs will be resolved too.
  • Love It! 5/5

    By BigRedCarrick
    It's a work in progress, but gets better with every update.
  • I love it! 4/5

    By Mary Scheckman
    This app is awesome! The only thing I miss from the old version is the ability to undo highlighting. I noticed it skips segments and even entire chapters. It never happened while using an Android phone. Doesn't it only happen with iPhones or is it due to the update?
  • Resets my reading page now 5/5

    By Al234512
    Great app! A wonderful study tool for the scriptures and gospel materials! I love how I can tag scriptures, talks, and other study material by topic. It makes teaching or giving a talk easier because I already have all my scriptures and/or teachings from other materials together since I tag them by topics like faith, the atonement, the importance of family, prayer, etc.!
  • More options, please. 3/5

    By Berry k hill
    I miss having the footnotes at the bottom while I read on my phone. Bring them back, please or make it an option instead of the side screen. Allow an option to have it at the bottom or if someone clicks the footnote, have the window come in on the side like it does now. I hate having to go in and out of the side screen to see if it's a reference or clarification. I loved the old way where the footnote would scroll as I read along. Also, please make the audio option accessible at all times. Having the option pop up only at the beginning of the chapter makes it so much harder to pick up where you leave off. Maybe let it have it's own button when you're in full screen along with bookmark, search, etc . There's enough space for it. It frequently freezes when I'm trying to make notes and especially when I try to highlight. Maybe because I'm playing the audio as well. Some of the text stops scrolling too early. I have to keep pushing the screen up to read what's at the last part of the chapter. This is a new problem since the major update. Makes it impossible to highlight the very end of the chapter and difficult to read. The last option I'd like to see is classic audio. The new readers read with less passion than the previous. I miss that energy and excitement.
  • What happened 4/5

    By Hudman76
    Great app but with this last update when listening to the app on my iPhone it is now skipping chapters. Hope this gets fixed. All the other fixes are great.
  • Spiritually Strengthening 5/5

    By Entropym^n
    Whenever I open this app and read the words of true prophets, it feels my heart with peace and joy. I love it!
  • It has everything 4/5

    By VitaGirl64
    I love how it has everything you can think of. Scriptures, of course, but also all church magazines, teaching manuals, church videos, etc. I taught seminary using my phone. lol. It seems to have a new glitch though & that is the audio doesn't work anymore. I like listening to my scriptures, but that feature only occasionally works. I'd delete & reinstall, but I'm afraid of losing all my highlighted scriptures & bookmarks by doing that.
  • great app but... HUGE? 3/5

    By timtincher
    i love this app and it makes finding all church media very easy but it takes up way too much of my very limited 16GB space on my iPhone. There definitely has to be some more ways to prevent the 150+MB space that this app uses.
  • New version not transferring notes and highlights 3/5

    By Stevechester
    Downloaded the app to a new iPad and none of my notes and highlights transferred over. Will hope this will be resolved quickly through an update.
  • Where's Apple Pencil integration?? 4/5

    By Annoyed 92
    Great app, love how everything is synched across devices, I would love to have an Apple Pencil integration with the iPad so I can highlight and write in margins with the Apple Pencil, makes it easier than just creating a note. I think this would be a great addition to an already great app.
  • Audio Skips Entire Chapters 3/5

    By Kasper172398567
    Is anybody else having this issue? I'll be listening to a chapter, then when it finishes, instead of going directly to the next chapter, it automatically skips to the end, sometimes skipping through multiple chapters, until it finally starts at the beginning of a new chapter. Please fix this issue...thank you!!

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