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Look Sharp. Live Smart. Right Now. GQ is the premier men’s magazine, providing the latest in fashion and style advice, revealing sports profiles, intimate photos of today’s hottest up-and-coming actresses, tips on fine food and drink, entertainment, sex, politics, and so much more! The GQ app is optimized for both mobile and tablet viewing and is free to download. Subscribers receive unlimited access. Non-subscribers may access a selection of complimentary articles each month. A subscription costs $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year. The subscription automatically renews at the same price and term (monthly or annually) selected at purchase, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the current subscription ends. Most current GQ magazine subscribers automatically receive unlimited access to the app. For questions about the GQ app, please call 800-333-4865 or go to For information about our User Agreement & Privacy Policy, please go to


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  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By jermaine alexander
    I have paid for a subscription through iTunes and tried to download the issues that I’ve paid for, but GQ magazine app doesn’t recognize my subscription even though it’s clearly listed in my iTunes account. So I signed up through GQ and paid extra money so that I could do you on my iPad however there is no button to download issue in the upper right corner the application continues to prompt me to buy. This is terrible.
  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$$ 1/5

    By NYCPrynne
    It does not seem to me like GQ cares about fixing their buggy and terrible upgrade as they do not seem to read their reviews. Or if they do read, they do not care about customer service. Why not push out their previous vesion while working on fixing this new one? Why even have the new one? It is terrible. Additionally, there is no way to reliably download issues older than when this app updated (Spring 2017). You will not be able to access your old GQ magazines. For anyone thinking about purchasing issues, DO NOT UNTIL THIS IS FIXED.
  • Well done app 5/5

    By iChiveCandyLover
    This app is very well done. The articles are easy to read. The images are clear and crisp. An excellent reading experience. The navigation is simple. The table of contents in the most recent issue allows you to immediately cut to an article without having to scroll through endless screens. As someone who has downloaded many magazine apps this is definitely one of the better mag apps. I have no complaints in regards to this app. Do not let the negative reviews deter you from downloading this app. It is a very good magazine app
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By CO303
    I mostly read GQ on the plane because I fly every week. It worked fine before, but now none of the images load without an internet connection (like on a plane!). Even if you already downloaded the issue you can't see anything. And worse, looks like we've been making these comments for 5 months and it's still not fixed. I give it one more month before I cancel.
  • Worst magazine app ever created 1/5

    By slbrownhk
    The new version of GQ is impossible to navigate and removes any and all joy that might possibly have been derived from reading this otherwise fine publication. Having cancer would be more enjoyable than wasting time on this app. I will be canceling my subscription from iTunes and will resubscribe through Zinio.
  • So bad 1/5

    By b_rare
    The updated app is so terrible that I've canceled my subscription to GQ. - Unable to read an issue when in airplane mode (even if you wait the 30 minutes for the issue to download) - Articles take several seconds to load on downloaded issues - Can't pick up where you left off on an article. If you close the app you will lose your page - Content is laid out as a print magazine (continue reading an article at the end of an issue) instead of the tablet-friendly v4 app Even though I enjoy GQ's writing and content, I cannot find a reason to keep this terrible app on my device.
  • Awful new version 1/5

    By nicksixers
    While the old version was rather outdated, at least it worked fairly reliably. The new version 5.0 app is half baked at best. SLOW downloads, flaky reliability, poor design. Hard to believe that there's been no response to all of the 1 star reviews, but I guess Condé Nast just doesn't care.
  • New version is awful. I'm canceling. 1/5

    By Rob-R
    They updated their app a while back and now I can't use it unless I'm on perfect wifi. Even trying to download the issue ahead of time won't work. What good is it if it's not as portable as a magazine? I can't even read this on a plane or in a car, and can barely read it in my home. I have no idea why they ruined a perfectly good app. I'm switching back to print, because the digital is now useless.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Numba1si
    This app is pure trash.
  • Total downgrade 1/5

    By Mchlbmbd
    No offline reading. It does not remember where you left off. This app now has an overwhelming number of one star reviewed and it has been for a couple of months. This needs to be fixed asap, then I'll change it back to 5 stars.
  • Bad UI .. Subscription Error 1/5

    By euro_traveler
    The old UI was so much better. It is now just a website in an App. Also, I get errors all the time when trying to download the latest issue. Sometime it acts like I don't have a subscription. Other times it give me a download error. The whole purpose of using the app on a tablet is so that I can read the issue on the road even if I don't have an internet connection. The app is so unreliable now I am thinking of cancelling my subscription.
  • 3 months into broken 5.0 update 1/5

    By capital-t-bone
    Offline viewing is unusable. We're three months past the broken 5.0 update and they haven't bothered fixing. Temporarily pausing subscription until they fix their broken app.
  • How to ruin a perfectly good app. 1/5

    By BJQool
    Was your update hacked by the Russians? Issues never actually download for offline viewing. That was ideal for the 6 hr plane ride I just had. No easy way to link to a specific article. None of this was a problem in the past. Fix this or you will lose this 25+ year subscriber.
  • Does not work on iPad Mini 1/5

    By Asaracho
    The new UI is pretty bad.
  • Disaster UI and navigation 1/5

    By Saud y a q8
    Ruined the app with this new user interface and everything Please bring back or come up with something useful
  • Seems fine to me 4/5

    By mbanksj1
    I actually like the look of the new version, easier and more interactive to navigate Cons: it doesn't remember place from session to session
  • Terrible Experience 1/5

    By CharMac3
    Major issues accessing my subscription since the latest update.
  • Awful 1/5

    By DavidDMoore
    Years' long subscriber. Latest version is simply terrible. Layout. Download. Offline use is basically unusable, broken. Once issues downloaded, if you attempt to access library, issues, an issue, there is no content, and crashes repeatedly. A real POS. Once again CN has managed to deploy utter crap software.
  • Am I really gonna cancel? 1/5

    By upper case JD
    Jumped on here after months of not using to find the app completely changed. All the good functions are gone!! Looks like it's been like this since April. And still no fix? Shame on you Conde Nasty
  • Annoying 1/5

    By B g35
    Please bring back bookmarks and page memory. It is frustrating to come back to an issue and have to start from the beginning.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Crashes and downloads
    The old interface was elegant and clear. The new interface is muddled and does not help the reader navigate.
  • Can't get past gray error screen 1/5

    By Poctavious
    No issues show up but a gray screen telling me that the app cannot connect to GQ...
  • Missing issues now after update 1/5

    By Tier1La2
    Updated App and it wiped my issues pre June 2011. Seems to be no way to get them back.
  • Why so complicated? 1/5

    By Make it easy!
    I used to just open my iPad and the app and I'd have instant access to my subscription and all the issues. With the upgrade I now have to remember my GQ account info? Do I even have that? Didn't I just subscribe through iTunes? Easier to just buy the magazine at the store.
  • Impossible to use 1/5

    By WildStyleLabs
    The login process is hard, then the layout is trash.
  • Truly awful 1/5

    By theimportanceofbeingernest
    Unable to save downloaded issues. Every time I get on a plane and open the app to read GQ, I'm out of luck.
  • Took away best features. Buggy/ slow now 1/5

    By App Review Badger
    The new 5.0 update has completely ruined this app for me. (iPhone + iPad) Most annoying is the removal of the Bookmark feature. All of my previously saved articles were deleted so you can forget about ever looking at older issues again. Not that I could if I wanted to because my library of downloaded issues were removed and offline mode barely loads the current issue. Not to mention the app is buggy, slow, doesn't save where you left off, and removed the navigation bar at the bottom. I understand why they made the updates they did, but they didn't have to kill off the features that made it great to use. Canceling my digital subscription.
  • Latest Update to 5.0 is complete disaster 1/5

    By Fan of Laughter
    Huge step backwards from previous version which worked pretty well. New user interface is amateur-hour; very poorly done. Biggest problem for me though is that it now takes forever to download an issue (like 50x longer than before) and the app often just hangs up and stops downloading all together. Basically makes it completely unusable; I feel completely ripped off that I'm paying for this alleged "access". They need to scrap this version immediately and go back to something that actually works.
  • Reiterate all other comments plus why did you take away the save function. 1/5

    By Reaper01
    One of my favorite aspects of the app was to save articles or looks I wanted to copy. This is now gone as is my metaphorical personal GQ private Pinterest board. At the very least bring that back.
  • Was great, then "fixed" it 1/5

    By Three11nut
    Terrible app now. Used to be easy to navigate, now it is impossible to even get it to recognize my subscription, let alone to actually read an issue
  • Avoid the 5.0 update 1/5

    By unitedstyle
    They completely changed the UI, eliminating a layout that resembled the print edition for a bland layout that resembles a website with endless scrolling. I had several issues saved on the previous version and all were deleted with the update. When I try download through the new app, it either says No Internet connection or begins to download only to freeze at around 95%. So I can't have issues saved for offline reading. My library of available back issues is also incomplete. I used to be able to download issues going back to mid-2011, but my favorite issue in early 2012 no longer appears. Also iPad exclusive content doesn't appear to exist in back issues anymore. If I could go back to the previous version of the app, I would. The 5.0 version is too buggy and should never have been released as-is.
  • Bookmark option 2/5

    By sultansportal
    May be add an option to book mark or the app shall open were we left , instead of flipping through the entire magazine .
  • Don't do it 1/5

    By Shangzhangshang
    Download the previous version if you can or just subscribe to the print edition. This version is absolutely terrible - bad UI, clunky, buggy, slow, and generally unpleasant.
  • 0 Stars 1/5

    By Haddude
    Broke a perfectly good app. Every time I open it, it says "subscribe" on the top left where it's supposed to say "signed in." However when I go to sign in, it says I'm already signed in. The problem with this is all my downloaded issues are lost every time I open the app. So basically the app is worthless. Why'd you over engineer something that was working perfectly fine? The app is trash. For someone that flies a lot I don't like carrying magazines. So therefore I will be cancelling my subscription. Thanks for ruining it for me.
  • Hate the new UI 1/5

    By Tiny Sluggo
    I'm not sure what they were thinking when updating this app. Navigation through the magazine now is horrible. Where is the scroll bar that tells me how far along I am in the magazine? The snap back button is gone to help me walk backwards? All of this is replaced with a hierarchical navigation window that is nowhere as useful as the old format. This feels like a 1.0 release, not a refinement (and a crappy 1.0 at that). And another stupidly pointless bit of behavior with the new app. It doesn't remember my place in an issue between sessions with the app. The old app did this. So let's recap: so far, stupid update on the navigation of issues that takes away feature; stupid update that looses its mind after going to other apps.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Oleskool
    Missing issues. Slow and bad internet connections. Worst customer service. Terrible.
  • Somebody f*cked up 1/5

    By Vondarrien
    Offline use is impossible. Please fix this.
  • "Improved" from OK to horrible 1/5

    By BobTravelsWorld
    Please bring back an app that works. Latest version is slow, hard to navigate, and not user-friendly at all in terms of download and managing off-line content.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Edgomesjr
    Agree with other recent comments on lower functionality and saved issue, etc. The latest update is terrible.
  • There's a way to restore the previous version 1/5

    By Mbra14
    Which I just did, and which you might want to do as well. Google "how to restore previous app in iTunes." You'll need to sync your computer, but it worked for me.
  • Just like the other guys said!! 1/5

    By IK at NYC
    Terrible update!! Did they run beta on this one? Lost worth months of saved articles. I don't think even even Roger Federer can make a comeback
  • Terrible update! 1/5

    Wiped out my previously downloaded issues. Slow to load. Took away the swipe bar at the bottom to allow you to skip ahead or go back easily to other articles. Awful. Not user-friendly.
  • Try again 1/5

    By dassw001
    1) Update wiped my saved downloads. I got them back, but it's annoying because I'd like to have been able to pick up on the page and issue I left off on. 2) ***WORST*** Download speed to save to device is horrible for some reason and often appears to just hang. 3) Why take away the option to bulk remove issues from device? Stupid. Also, where did the auto-download option go? 4) After I had to re-sign in, the app was too stupid to realize I was a subscriber. I still had to force quit it and reopen (after going to the website to confirm that I, in fact, still have an active subscription).
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By very_flamboyant_dress
    The update made me lose all of my previous issues and there's apparently no way to get them back...
  • Please 1/5

    By Gjgjgmgibmgk9999
    Garbage update and garbage app. Deleted all of my previously purchased and downloaded issues and now I cannot get them back. I feel ripped-off!
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By DarkKnight1047
    This new update is trash.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Uhhh too bad
    Keeps saying its trying to download.
  • Tmobile Tuesday 1/5

    By DVS—0NE
    I got a free one year subscription from Tmobile like a month ago and what good is it when I can even download the GQ app! I thought I'd come back and check after 2 updates and still Nada. I've had my iPad for years now and this is the first time I've ever written a review. Thanks a lot!!!! (NOT)
  • This mag went bust... 1/5

    By KeithnCinci
    Used to be a great it's all ads. Cancel!
  • A real POS 1/5

    By Kw 0816
    This app is one of the worst pieces of crap I have ever tried to use.

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