Grab - Ride Hailing App

Grab - Ride Hailing App

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Grab - Ride Hailing App App

Get a safe and reliable ride in minutes with Grab transportation booking service (formerly GrabTaxi / MyTeksi) . With the largest pool of drivers in Southeast Asia, Grab offers the fastest transport booking service for taxis, private cars and motorbikes. We connect our driver community to your transportation needs for every price points: • GrabTaxi: Book a budget or premium taxi from Southeast Asia’s largest network of drivers. • GrabCar: Ride in comfort of a private car service and pay a fixed fare for your ride. • GrabBike: Get around quickest way possible, as a bike passenger. • GrabHitch: Hitch a ride or give someone a lift with our social carpooling community. • GrabShare: Carpool with another party heading in the same direction and save up to 30% less on fares. • JustGrab: Get the nearest vehicle, either a taxi or car, so you can be on your way faster! • GrabFamily: Enjoy peace of mind, with a child friendly booster seat for your youngest travellers. • GrabExpress: Send your parcels and documents with a delivery service you can trust. Travel with confidence knowing that Grab invests heavily in safety training for drivers, offline driver screenings, in-app safety features like number masking, personal accident insurance coverage, and safety education and partnerships with the government. Pay by cash, credit card or GrabPay Credits - the choice is yours. You’ll get an email receipt immediately after your ride. How to Grab: 1. Download the app for free and register your account 2. Start booking! The app auto-detects your location for pick-up. Choose your destination. 3. Choose what kind of transportation you need - taxi, private cars or motorbikes. 4. Confirm a driver and track them as they make their way to you Did you know: You can use the same Grab app to book rides in all 7 countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar.


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  • 2 IMPORTANT Things!!! 1/5

    By gamefreak99
    Do NOT get this for two reasons alone. I get it. You need a ride. But seriously, this is the worst way to go about it. The first reason you should stay away from this app is because they copied uber, and lyft for their own profit. They couldn't come up with their own idea so they need to go with what's trending to make money, which also means minimal quality service, as said by many. The trick is to go with known, older apps because if they were bad quality, the apps wouldn't still be running. This is a newer, half-effort app to make the author money. 2nd reason: It's better to drive, and if you're not able to, then take the bus. If you're going long distance and don't want to wait from bus to bus, use Uber and Lyft because you are GUARANTEED to have a better or equal experience to this garbage, for a lower price with more promo codes. Anyone who uses this app falls right into the author's trap. It's even funnier now because I opened the app to see the rates, I keep entering the 4 digit phone number code and the app won't let me passed that screen. I'm entering the right code too. This app is pathetic.
  • App is awful. Does not work at all. 1/5

    By BassumRunner
    App is awful. Does not work at all.
  • great app 5/5

    By Hades1306
    great app
  • Great 5/5

    By ladiiphinzz
    Like it.
  • Taxi locating 4/5

    By MrZaw
    Very nice to have it here in Myanmar! Always had problem with annoying drivers. Grab just solved it! Fix prices, love it. One thing, while locating taxi on map, it may book a taxi which is far away than taxi available near around you...
  • Best app 5/5

    By king nania
    Love traveling with grabcar.. drivers so far are friendly and their cars are of clean interiors.. The most amazing thing about Grabcar is their support, they respond quickly and they always take action when you lost any item or have problem in your ride .. Thank you so much Grabcar
  • Good app 4/5

    By Setonai
    I wish I could change the language. It keeps showing up as Vietnamese. That’s the thing that makes me annoyed. I can’t exactly give anything better than that.
  • Tệ 1/5

    By Rinnie2119
    Mình đã đồng hành cùng grab 2 năm 5 tháng, mà cách cư xử của grab hnay quá sức tệ, chẳng khác nào lừa đảo khách hàng 😏😏 mình và gia đình sẽ không tham gia sử dụng grab thêm một lần nào nữa 🙂
  • Looks like grab internet connection is not working 2/5

    By PerihelionX2
    What is this app for, if it can't use internet connection? IPhone 6s plus
  • buggy app 1/5

    By vicky123xyz
    terrible app broken wont let me log in
  • Loooong wait times, interface not great 2/5

    By ChgoNo1Fn2
    As several have said, 2 of 3 times I used Grab so far during busy times it said 3 minutes then took 20-25 as they were dropping someone off, stuck in traffic which you'd think Grab would account for, etc. And cancelling hurts you. Nearly missed an important flight last time. Now I'm simply trying to change my password and for the life of me can't figure out how. I saw in their FAQ something about setting up a PIN, which said to go to Settings in a certain location but Settings doesn't exist in my app at that location or seemingly anywhere. I'm reluctantly back to Uber...
  • Both the app and the business and getting worse! (regular user) 1/5

    By Cookiehustler
    I am a user in Thailand. Over the last few days the price for regular routes I take have gone from 80 to 145 baht (this is for short routes), 2-3 subway stops away. I am sure that you are aware that your true competitor is not Uber but the bts, which is what I've been going back to. It now does not matter if you throw discount codes at me. 140 with a 60 baht promo code is still 80, and Uber is charging 60. Your users are not stupid. Also a number of problems with the app: 1. The help section does not load. At all. It's just a white screen - have tried updating. 2. Please find a better algorithm to estimated wait times and be transparent. The app says 5 minutes - actually means 15-20. At least if you out 15-20 I know what I am getting, instead of thinking Grab is trying to oversell. 3. Drivers are bad - really bad. Some don't even know how to drive and keep asking me how to pick me up or how to get to my destination. What's the point of a GPS enabled car then? If I wanted to be the GPS I would have just taken a taxi (which are everywhere and cheaper). I only use Uber 1/10 the time I used grab but notice that the drivers seem to be trained instead of grabbed off the street. The condition of the cars are also noticeably worse vs Uber. I've been a regular user - 3/4 rides a day but I will no longer be using Grab until you fix your business. Seems like you have just given up everything for growth at any expense.
  • Registration is broken 1/5

    By Kopchony
    Didn't receive mobile verification code.
  • Can't use app without location services 1/5

    By Alex99987
    Can't use app to call car for a friend arriving at airport and now that person is stranded because of this app, thanks grab team......
  • Great! 4/5

    By jumbowillie
    Great app & excellent service with Grab car in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. There needs to be more locations updated to the app & some of the trike drivers need to upkeep and maintain their vehicles. But overall I love it...
  • 👌🏻 5/5

    By عبدالله السادة
  • Poor credit card support 1/5

    By Kirby Glad
    I put in two Visa card numbers/ I get a red message saying “card type not supported” but it says to enter a debit or credit card. No other information or help is available. Very frustrating
  • At least in Thai, good one to use 5/5

    By Via @ NYC
    I would say this is the best for me, even though I don’t speak Thai, I am away from the overcharge. When some of the taxi drivers tried to charge me even x3~x4 of the regular charge, by using this app, I only need to charge what is showing up on the App or just on the meters. If you are a traveler, make the option to pay with cash then everything will be not so bad
  • Good app 5/5

    By iArmme
    Good app ever!
  • One sided app 2/5

    By Cancel functiom stinks
    Generally works pretty well but big criticisms: 1. Once you request a ride, you cannot cancel while the search function runs without getting on their sinner’s list. And the search function is often really long: 2-3 minutes while it searches and searches. 2. The indicative time is often way off. It will show a bunch of cars 3-4 min away, and then some driver 15 min away accepts. And then you can’t cancel without getting on the sinner’s list. See #1 above. 3. They let drivers who are still dropping off a passenger accept your request. So it takes 15 min for them to show up, not the 4 min indicated on the request page. 4. The Grab drivers can cancel without penalty. I was just at Changi airport and had two drivers accept and cancel. Just like that.
  • good app 5/5

    By မူလီ
  • Tuyệt 5/5

    By hanlejjj
  • CEI TH 5/5

    By Pato Desu
    Sometimes is Good Sometimes is very bad And very hard for booking
  • Dr. R. Mendoza, New York, USA 5/5

    By rcemjr122459
    Grab is an excellent transportation system I can recommend to all who wants safety, security, ease and comfort trip to where you want to be picked up and dropped off. No hassles, no arguments with car driver/owners/company and just fair, affordable in every passengers pockets!
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By Diwuandroid
    The app is just crap. The registration process is complicated. Even after providing the security code received on the mobile, the registration process did not finish. Again, when I start the app I repeatedly get cannot connect to the server. The Uber and ola apps are much better than this one.
  • Why didn’t get the correct pickup location 3/5

    By Jkl123!@#
    When I book the car, app never show the my current location and I always pick up my location manually. Why this happenings??
  • Double charge 1/5

    By Bigpimpinbartending
    This app isn't clear how payment is transacted. I have my credit card on the app and would prefer to pay that way. However at the end of the trip nothing in the app communicated that payment was complete. My driver asked for cash payment rather than card so I obliged considering I received no confirmation from the app. 45 minutes later I received a notification my credit card had also been charged. The morale of the story unless you have no other options: I wouldn't use this app.
  • Easy and Fast in Indonesia 5/5

    By bstadz
    Consistently provide great service and drivers
  • Should have been 5 3/5

    By 😝😜😛🔂
    Students should have a discount using their valid school email/domain.
  • Booking fee increased in 2 days! 1/5

    By bertoxbeth
    Why did the booking fee increase from P0 to P5 to P10 in just 2 days?
  • Better treatment of drivers and riders 5/5

    By Melim1234567899
    I've utilized a number of transport apps like Grab and uber and I use them on a daily basis. Over and over I'm finding that the drivers with Grab are much more pleasant. For me customer service and the driver rider experience is important. I think it comes down to how the companies treat their stakeholders and providing good options for both riders and drivers. You can tell if a driver is quite stressed or unhappy and yes this is an individual experience but I find value it in. Take care of the people that provide the service for your business and they'll take care of the customers.
  • What's with the ₱20 booking fee? 1/5

    By ijaguar
    I only have a mobile phone, no desktop or laptop. WHY AM I PENALIZED IF I ORDER GRAB FROM MY APARTMENT. TIME TO SAY HELLO TO UBER! Service works well but daily text messages with promos are killing it with TOO MANY texts. Very annoying. Map for my high rise building is off which confuses drivers when doing a pickup and they won't fix their mapping.
  • Buat apa ada promo kalau tidak dapat drivernya 2/5

    By Kevin Ruenda
    Saya sudah pakai grab bisa dibilang sudah lama, tapi akhir akhir ini saya jarang pakai lagi karena susah sekali mendapatkan driver, dulu bisa langsung dapat driver, tapi sekarang selalu “we cannot find you a driver” mau itu jauh atau dekat, apalagi kalau saya memakai promo, akan lebih susah untuk mendapatkan driver, terkadang saya buru buru tapi malah jadinya mengecewakan
  • The app freezes 1/5

    By N3oKid
    Stuck at white screen when tapping notifications on my iPhone SE. I noticed and reported many months ago. It still hasn’t been fixed.
  • Great in Chiang Mai, Thailand 5/5

    By Jusbeazy
    I use this app almost everyday here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are always coupon codes on rides. Great app.
  • Terrible for login 1/5

    By Kaitorecca
    Just mistake to uninstall app, then I cannot login again even mobile, facebook or google. The call center reply it's my mistake not sign out before uninstall. They ask me to wait more than 3 hours to try again
  • Good app 5/5

    By Crash, crash everywhere :(
    Good app
  • Not working 1/5

    By HaleyDawnShus
    Doesn’t work. Won’t let me log in. Sends me codes. Says it’s incorrect code. Tried several times
  • The only way to go 5/5

    By Nayr28
    The drivers are great and it's the best way to get around Manila. Prices are amazing. Just be sure to tip generously to keep this service thriving.
  • Top notch 5/5

    By Senior Toe
    I have been taking Grab taxi for many times in Yangon and we've got the great services. And of course the drivers were at the top notch. And I wish to have Grab in Mandalay too😄 as I am a Mandalayan. Thank you so much indeed. Wishing you all the best for your future Grab. Toe Toe.
  • Great App....but "nearest" 4/5

    By AroundIt
    Great App....but "nearest" taxi/car option is gone and that was beneficial for one selection and search! It would be great to be able to request a truck! No app support in English. Would be helpful to have a maximum distance because some drivers are too far away.
  • Waiting 2/5

    By GavinAHK
    Seems all my recent rides have been a driver in dropped and Ays have to wait .
  • Bad service 1/5

    By patmintarza
  • Good when you can get someone to accept request. 3/5

    By Jnqui
    Why do you allow drivers to cancel requests once they see your destination? If they are in the area and working, they should not be allowed to cancel an accepted ride. Quite frustrating to watch driver after driver cancel your request while you are trying to get somewhere.
  • thanks 2/5

    By K.kyawt
    15.10.17 ေန႔ ygn airport မွ hleden ကိုစီးတာ 3800 ဘဲေပးရတယ္ ကားသမားကလည္း သေဘာေကာင္းတယ္ စိတ္လည္းရွည္တယ္ ေက်းဇူးဘဲ Grab
  • Just perfect! 5/5

    By Bookgirlnmbr1
    I love this app and will use it every time I am in Bali. I have only had one issue with a driver and they worked quickly to solve that issue for me. Great customer service! And great, safe drivers
  • Too long to load 2/5

    By Duthce
    The new app takes too much time to load, disappointing.
  • Ey easy use car booking app 5/5

    By NoNo7575
    It is really very easy and cheap car booking app in Thailand , I tried other app but Grab is one of best and cheapest app. The customer service team are very helpful team and their quick reply are appreciated.
  • promos + cs 5/5

    By penanonymous
    awesome promos and customer service. thank you grab 💕
  • Clutch for travel 5/5

    By K🔥🔥
    The best for getting around especially for a night out if you're drinking. I typically only wait 2 min, drivers are very nice, friendly and competent. Taxis are always so much more for a less quality car. Grab has been also more accessible than Uber's in Bali.

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