Grab - Ride Hailing App

Grab - Ride Hailing App

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Grab - Ride Hailing App App

Get a safe and reliable ride in minutes with Grab transportation booking service (formerly GrabTaxi / MyTeksi) . With the largest pool of drivers in Southeast Asia, Grab offers the fastest transport booking service for taxis, private cars and motorbikes. We connect our driver community to your transportation needs for every price points: • GrabTaxi: Book a budget or premium taxi from Southeast Asia’s largest network of drivers. • GrabCar: Ride in comfort of a private car service and pay a fixed fare for your ride. • GrabBike: Get around quickest way possible, as a bike passenger. • GrabHitch: Hitch a ride or give someone a lift with our social carpooling community. • GrabShare: Carpool with another party heading in the same direction and save up to 30% less on fares. • JustGrab: Get the nearest vehicle, either a taxi or car, so you can be on your way faster! • GrabFamily: Enjoy peace of mind, with a child friendly booster seat for your youngest travellers. • GrabExpress: Send your parcels and documents with a delivery service you can trust. Travel with confidence knowing that Grab invests heavily in safety training for drivers, offline driver screenings, in-app safety features like number masking, personal accident insurance coverage, and safety education and partnerships with the government. Pay by cash, credit card or GrabPay Credits - the choice is yours. You’ll get an email receipt immediately after your ride. How to Grab: 1. Download the app for free and register your account 2. Start booking! The app auto-detects your location for pick-up. Choose your destination. 3. Choose what kind of transportation you need - taxi, private cars or motorbikes. 4. Confirm a driver and track them as they make their way to you Did you know: You can use the same Grab app to book rides in all 7 countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar.


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Grab - Ride Hailing App app reviews

  • Best app 5/5

    By PunkTerror
    Thank god I downloaded this app. We’re in Malaysia and Grab helps us a lot
  • Crash after updating 1/5

    By NoobBK
    App crash when launching
  • Great transportation option in SE Asia 5/5

    By diploconcierge
    I’ve been very happy with Grab, in both Vietnam and Cambodia. Reliable, responsive, and great value.
  • Problems 2/5

    By omnibozo
    Inaccurate gps for locating pickup points and drop off. Drivers do not know how to read their map directions. This happens several times every week. If I don’t guide them they make wrong turns.
  • Cant use the app after updating it. 2/5

    By Katgatch
    Cant use the app after updating it. I hope you guys can fix this.
  • Cannot apply Visa debit number 1/5

    By Orcke
    I cannot import Standard Chartered’s visa debit card in Vietnam, after import card number information, hit save the app direct the white blank page only has back button
  • Ngày càng xuống cấp 1/5

    By Alag city
    Ứng dụng ngày càng chậm va chậm đến không tưởng tượng được. Xe garb thì đầy trước mắt, mà đặt xe thì xa 1 cây số. Bực mình không???
  • Nhà phát triển cần kiểm tra lại 1/5

    By Bui Phan Anh
    Khi sử dụng app này, tôi cảm thấy rất ổn. Nó không bị lag, bắt xe khá dễ. Nhưng điều làm tôi khó chịu là giá tiền. Tôi đã thử, cùng 1 khoảng cách, ứng dụng của cô tôi chỉ đi với giá 60.000 còn máy của tôi đến tận 449.000 ĐỒNG. Tôi cần đc khắc phục ngay. Cảm ơn vì đã tạo ra app
  • bug on main user interface 3/5

    By The_Middle_Man
    the two buttons are overlapping on top right of the under interface, which are wallet and choose travel or express, the latter button is useless and the interface looks glitchy. can you fix it already?
  • Convenient and easy transportation apps 5/5

    By Moeliash
    Friendly and fast transportation
  • great app 5/5

    By nyi loves
    great application for transportation service. but sometimes its charged more than market price.
  • App is decent. Network of drivers is pitiful 1/5

    By Sqit
    I have no clue how incentives work, but either they are terrible or drivers in Singapore don’t like money. Rides get canceled about 20% of the time, often after waiting 5 minutes or more. Drivers are allowed to pick up passengers up to 10 minutes away while they have other passengers in route. I can’t ever depend on them when I need it.
  • Crushed 3/5

    By M@sTeRpiEcE
    Having crush after a new update.Didn’t work on my iphone X.Please give a new update
  • Okay, needs improvement 3/5

    By jumbowillie
    Grab has been great. However, there is no function for advanced booking and at certain times & places service is not available.
  • Trash 1/5

    By astriot
    Completely trash. Never have rides available. No point in downloading.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Expl0d!ngsharp!es
    I really love this app, it’s super user friendly and easy to understand. I love that it gives a lot of options for rides. The other feature that I really love is that it translates the text messages so I know what the other person is texting. I would have to say that alone is awesome. My only (2) complaints are that it crashes when it’s a busy night so it’s really hard to book one when it’s busy and the other complaint is that it’s not always accurate as to where the driver is. For example it will say the driver is there to pick you up but it shows their car 2 streets over (even thought they really are at your pick up point). Once those 2 problems are fixed I’d give it a 5 star.
  • Too many steps 4/5

    By Foon Leong
    Please designed the app like regular iPhone app KISS Keep It Simple & Stupid Even the grab driver also complained about the recent update
  • Location issues. 3/5

    By michaelheister
    App doesn’t automatically call to the phone’s physical location. This caused me a problem today. I hope they fix this.
  • Too many popups 1/5

    By deathinstinct
    Your app seems to have a virus because of all the popups just popping anywhere anytime. It’s getting in the way of your customers who just want to book a ride, especially a lot irritating during rush hours. Please find a better solution.
  • Driver management and selection 5/5

    By Tharr Soe
    Please select an actual grab service driver for grab service, I met a driver named Win Thein, FF-1792 told me rough talkings for not long 5 mins time.I think this man will never be a good service grab driver!
  • Titik penjemputan dan tujuan 1/5

    By Gerry Dharma
    Tidak seperti app gojek, grab tidak akurat dlm menentukan titik pada peta, contoh aplikasi gojek, jadi setiap nitik jemput, tidal melenceng jauh.
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By Caligodesss
    Doesn’t work.
  • App crashes when sending a message to driver 2/5

    By SkewedEye
    The latest version crashes after sending a message to the driver. Please fix it.
  • About the ride 5/5

    By sandarmng
    It's a comfortable ride!
  • Wonderful service however app is not as accessible as it should be 4/5

    By Kevin Bar
    I absolutely love this service. However, as a blind user, I use VoiceOver, and while the app is certainly useable, it is not quite as accessible as it should be.
  • Much better now tnan U...r 5/5

    By Raytigs
    Now search for available drivers is much faster
  • Good service 5/5

    By Hannusiya
    Would recommend
  • hi 5/5

    By hienlucky
  • A good option 4/5

    By NgeNge21
    Grab is a good service in Myanmar even sometime I encountered some bad case.
  • ดี 5/5

    By New Makara
    รับฟังความต้องการลูกค้า และตอบสนองได้ดี
  • 😐 1/5

    By muddrxy181
    Have been unable to set up my account. The app doesn’t recognize the verification number and it also says it can’t connect to it’s server. It’s unfortunate because I’ve heard nothing but good things about this app. Both my location and WiFi are enabled so it’s definitely an issue with the app. Shame.
  • So sad 3/5

    By HacCuongLong
    Dạo gần đây tôi sử dụng dịch vụ và thường xuyên bị huỷ chuyến bởi tài xế. Trước tiên là tôi đến Đà Lạt và có nhận thông tin khuyến mãi nhưng book xe toàn bị huỷ đến tận 4 ngày vẫn không tài xế nào nhận. Sau là tôi đi từ sân bay về và có mang 1 số hành lý, nhưng tài xế sau khi đến thấy nhiều hành lý và bắt huỷ vì không chở đồ nhiều, còn tài xế khác thì viện lý do đang chở khách nên 20 phút sau mới đón trong khi trên màn hình không hiển thị đang trả khách (tôi có dùng điểm thưởng đổi 20.000 đ khuyến mãi). Mặc dù tôi đã book xe 7 chỗ với phí cao hơn nhưng trong hơn 1 giờ tôi đã không đón được chiếc xe nào. Sau cùng tôi đã quyết định đi xe 4 chỗ với chi phí thấp hơn, chấp nhận cả khuyến mãi và chở hết đồ cho tôi. Đề nghị bên bộ phận quản lý cần làm việc lại với tài xế
  • Quick serving 5/5

    By Gaven Tran
    Good app
  • Great app 4/5

    By Purpleshell
    The app is wonderful. I use it all the time in KL and during my travel. Saved me a lot of money. My only problem is that I also travel overseas a lot to neighboring countries and Grab does not allow users to change the contact number to the local SIM. Some Grab drivers just cancel my bookings when they see a non-local phone number on their app. Grab should either allow users to re-register with the new phone number when they change their SIM or allow a secondary app for traveling.
  • very easy to use 5/5

    By seint thu 111111111
    very easy to use
  • I love credit card charging 5/5

    By Tammy Brown
    I am an American living in Bangkok and I love this app especially the ability to have it go to my credit card. Suggest; should have it where I can take a photo of myself so driver knows what I look like. Also next to car tag info, should put color of car
  • Cheap rides but a hassle to use 2/5

    By Gentle thunder
    Prices are great. But app does not accurately drop the pin for my start location, and when I select from the map it continually reverts to the original pin. Can't get a grab ride without running all over tarnation to find the driver. Not really worth the time and hassle.
  • Location Stability 2/5

    By Googsitsglsospy
    The location stability is TERRIBLE.
  • Good, but need to be improved 4/5

    By Yangon User
    Can’t drop the pin at exact point!
  • Review 5/5

    By Mr.Chan Wai Tun
    Very Good Service
  • Its awesome 5/5

    By ar likhon
    Ita awesome
  • Good app 3/5

    By Al Amien
    Usefull app
  • Good but needs work 4/5

    By chrisfox8
    Using in Cần Thơ, Việt Nam 1) needs a list of recently used destinations and starting points as a drop down list. It also needs a Home fixed address and a list of common destinations, having to type in the same address over and over is maddening. 2) the map destination selection DOES NOT WORK. The nearest pickup point I could select was nine blocks away 3) need to be able to type in addresses I'm an iOS developer, let me at the source code and I can do this easily. The interface is well designed but functionality is incomplete
  • Can’t even verify # 1/5

    By JRanM
    App doesn’t work. Can’t even get to pass the verify phone number. Keep saying it is an invalid code. 100% i entered the code correctly.
  • Satisfied 4/5

    By Gono8
    Satisfied with how fast I am able to book grab lite but whenever I am putting in the deluvery address the app comes up with all sorts of places not exactly as the address. Also, I wish we can just copy paste a person's contact number instead of i putting the digits manually, one by one.
  • Better then Uber 5/5

    By Makkawiggyytt
    This is an amazing app even better than Uber as Uber making waiting time to much, Clean Cars, polite people ( only thing is not all of them speaking English but not all of us speaks thia 😄👌🏾 so it's cool
  • It’s great 4/5

    By mckunit
    Great app but it can take ages for the drivers to pick you up. Sometimes no drivers available in the mornings and no help options in English while in Vietnam.
  • Fare Service 5/5

    By KoieKoie
    Excellent 🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵
  • Activation Code 1/5

    By Zaikells
    Activation codes never worked after multiple attempts.
  • Waste of time. 1/5

    By ErikHem
    I wish there was a zero star review. No drivers 'were ever available' day or night in town or out. Tried at least 30 times. Easier to walk.

Grab - Ride Hailing App app comments


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