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Grammarly Keyboard

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 1.0.14
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Grammarly, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Grammarly Keyboard App

Grammarly’s Mobile Keyboard is the personal editor you can take with you wherever you go. With hundreds of checks and features and seamless integration, Grammarly helps you type with ease in any app. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or essential Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence. Mistake-Free Writing – Sophisticated grammar checker – Contextual spelling checker – Advanced punctuation correction – Vocabulary enhancements and synonym finder Works Everywhere – Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps – Easy to set up Improve Your Skills – See short, clear explanations for every correction – Helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future A Better Auto-Correct – Keyboard lets you know when it auto-corrects your spelling – Helps you spot auto-correct fails before you hit send


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Grammarly Keyboard app reviews

  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By No full map
    Picks up some basic problems but Misses lots of others. Doesn't learn as you go.
  • Great overall, but could use improvements 4/5

    By Hal duh
    I really love the idea of this keyboard, but I feel it could benefit from suggestions like Apple's keyboard has. Clean and nice design overall!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Master of all Memes
    Ever since they added the cursor movement feature, this keyboard has been awesome! Highly recommended!
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Rachel_752
    This app really helps me with the papers I write in English. I love how all you do is click the errors it finds and it corrects it for you. Love this app!!
  • The best thing for me! 5/5

    By millionaire in the making
    I live this software!!!
  • Outstanding app! 5/5

    By Andrew Farkas
    I use it daily in my Gmail and word documents. I have the application on my PC, my MacBook, my iPhone, and tablet. It’s worth its weight in gold and has transformed me into a professional writer.
  • Worse than the iPhone auto correct 1/5

    By upso
    If you’ve had an iPhone for a long time and are used to the default auto correct, Grammarly will mess you up because it over rides the Apple keyboard. If you’re on Wi-Fi it’s ok, but if you’re on 4g etc it can take so long to auto correct that you end up making way worse spelling mistakes than normal. I love it for the desktop browser but absolute hate it for the phone.
  • Nice. 4/5

    By Call me Rere
    Absolutely no reason for anyone to appear illiterate now with this awesome app. 🤪😜 I just wish there were options to personalize the app. As far as transparent background or wallpaper. Or, different keyboard colors.
  • Bad as a keyboard 2/5

    By hleenii
    Feels like a very cheap and unpolished version of the standard keyboard. 3D Touch support was added, but it’s really bad not even comparable with the Apple keyboard.
  • Nope 1/5

    By BradLoekle
    I was excited by the idea of this app. But when I tested it with many of the most basic and egregious mistakes (your/you're - to/too etc) it didn't detect any of them. 🤔
  • The hopeful width of things to come 2/5

    By Gauphy
    iPad Pro - Apples vitural Keyboard is to narrow - Grammarly to w i d e - Is there any hope for something adjustable? >%’s< The app is a good start - still... - What it does is already on iOS
  • Buggy 1/5

    By FerrisThe2nd
    Seems to get confused about what is in the sentence. When I type "Mentally lazy. Selibritorg events." The app does not see the word "Selibritorg" at all. It also sees the word "LaLasey" that it had already corrected. Also sometimes the green G icon disappears altogether and then so spell checking happens until you relaunch whatever app you are typing in. Need some work. Check back in a few months.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By yumm 67788
    This keyboard is a lot better than most third party applications. The only downfall is the lack of voice to text support. Add that and I’ll be a five star customer.
  • Update is sensitive 3/5

    By typhani :)
    I got the update and when I use the keyboard it messes up! Like it literally glitches when I press a little more than lightly! I can't even type regularly with the app anymore... it's obnoxious! I hope they change this!
  • Thanks for 3D touch scrolling 5/5

    By kamrulhaaanazad
    This keyboard was lacking 3D touch cursor scrolling feature. Thanks for the update. Wish success to Grammarly team.
  • LOVE THIS 4/5

    By PabloP_ny
    I definitely recommend getting this app. It's super helpful, especially for school essays and reports. It could be better but overall I really recommended getting this. It helps with auto correct, spelling errors, punctuation, capitalization, formatting and more!!
  • They added Crusor Support! 5/5

    By eaclib
    Nice! Thanks Grammarly Team!
  • Great app. Fixes all of my spelling and grammar mistakes. 5/5

    By 2gary12
    I can write with confidence with Grammarly fixing my many writing errors. This program and app are indispensable.
  • Needs Type Ahead 4/5

    By .WinterHawk
    This is a great tool. More than that, it is a really great tool....but it doesn't have type-ahead, which I miss a lot. While it dramatically improves the quality of my writing, it slows me down
  • Update 3/5

    By Manny_gboy98
    In the begging this is a beta and is pretty good one, the idea is extraordinary. I waiting some much time for this apps. I don’t let you down. This apps is reales few day ago, is predictive need more work in the way the developers read those feedback for the user. One of my main issue is this apps don’t work with the smart keyboard. Don’t stop me to wait to they fix it. I recommended this apps and the future update coming up soon.
  • Progress in the right direction 5/5

    By I Iz shahid
    With the addition if 3D touch select, I almost see no reason not to use this keyboard, its autocorrect is on point and it fixes grammatical mistakes to boot! Though there still is something that's preventing me from making the switch, the 3D touch isn't as useful as Apple's default keyboard. What would be ideal is the ability to move the cursor vertically and the ability to select whole words/sets if words by force touching again when in cursor select mode. Maybe tweak it to follow exactly how Apple's cursor moves, freeform and not restricted to quantized spaces in between letters. This is especially an issue for wide letters like 'M' where a small cursor movement would translate into a movement across a larger than expected space. In a nutshell, this keyboard is awesome but I'm too used to default Apple's keyboard cursor to switch. It's just so much more usable. I'm sure after an update or two, they would be able to bridge the gap! P.S. I wrote this review in the Grammarly keyboard and their autocorrect has fixed many many errors, it just made around 3 false positives, one was 'm' which was easily reverted with a single hit of the backspace button, much faster than the usual backspace and tap gesture used in the default keyboard
  • Grammerly 1/5

    By Baliworld310
    How does the Grammarly app not correct grammar? 🤦‍♂️
  • I am writing to its right now! 1/5

    By jamesc4s
    This keyboard works greats! Check out my flawless grammars abs spellings. I encourage yiibdkwbload this most baste! The neatest part is when it auto corrects no can change back! when checking spellings you have to hunt the text and fix yourself. Super helps fully! (No jok. the only error I'm told about is whatever it thinks I typed for "download," but there is no way to fix it.)
  • Add microphone, slide to the keyboard 3/5

    By Ƀøħёṃöṭħ
    It is a great app. However, if it had the microphone on the keyboard. Slide to text, instead of hitting; on each letter on the keyboard, it would be the best keyboard app. On the app store. However since its fairly new. Just needs minor tweaks to this app. It would be perfect. The rating would easily be a five star.
  • Dismiss should actually dismiss 4/5

    By Hippohumongous
    Liking it so far, but (and this is a problem on the site too) if I dismiss something, I actually want it to go away, and not be brought up again. Maybe dismissed items can go in a separate list or something in case I change my mind, but I don't want it to be on the main "suggestions" list. Case in point: I'm writing about guinea pig pellets (as in the food), and Grammarly thinks I should substitute "pellets" for "bullets" because I seem to using "pellets" an awful lot. Ummmmm, nooooooo. Other than that, it's awesome. I normally don't expect new apps to be this good anymore. (and ironically enough, I left the keyboard active when writing this review, so it was critiquing my critique 😂)

    Please integrate force touch to be able to move the cursor around.
  • Doesn’t have pressure sensitive cursor control 4/5

    By blackdeathofcerberus
    I love Grammarly, and I’m a premium subscriber, so I love having the keyboard on my phone. But, my biggest disappointment was that it Doesn’t have the pressure sensitive keyboard-as-trackpad cursor control. That's a super important feature to me for typing on my phone, especially since my muscle memory has already incorporated it. I hope y'all can get that into the next version.
  • Very Slow 2/5

    By Niggabsuckin
    The keyboard is very slow and doesn’t recognize my typos as well as the original iPhone keyboard. Small issues like the lack of automatic capitalization or recognition of basic typos are frustrating at best.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By RussianBarbiePP
    Original iPhone already corrects your mistakes , and by the way it corrects much better then having Grammarly app! Having this app all I was doing was making mistakes and phone won’t correct it either ! So I suggest stick with original , you don’t need that app , it really is going to make it even worse !!!! I’m Russian , my English is good(I been working it for 9 years now ), but still here and there I can make a mistakes , especially when I’m on the rush , driving or simply using certain word for the first time !!!
  • Needs 3D Touch support 3/5

    By killbam
    Doesn’t support 3D Touch for moving the cursor around like the normal Apple keyboard. Otherwise I would be using this.
  • Excellent - but one inconvenient flaw. 4/5

    By Sparky Guru
    Recently I’ve been trying to ditch my laptop and commit to my iPad for all of my work needs. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the email that grammarly was releasing a keyboard app for iOS (because I could only use my subscription on my laptop previously.) The keyboard for iPhone works flawlessly. The one-touch correction for mispelled words or improper punctuation is going to be a feature I cannot go without now that I’ve had a taste. HOWEVER, on iPad I cant seem to find grammarly functionality with an external keyboard (such as a bluetooth keyboard, apple’s smart keyboard, or, in my case, logitech’s smart connector “create” keyboard case). I can only get grammarly to function with the on-screen touch keyboard. If I’m going to get technical about things, the Grammarly app does function with an external keyboard AS LONG AS THE ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD IS POPPED UP. Not a dealbreaker, no, but a painful incovenience to have half of my beatiful iPad pro screen (and potential multitasking space) occupied by a keyboard that I’m not actually typing on. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add functinoality with external keyboards—it’d make the grammarly keyboard a 5-star app.
  • Could be wayyyy better 2/5

    By mrsterryt
    Ordinary Grammarly user here, not using premium. Keyboard is laggy for me, but maybe it’s just my device, I don’t know. But it doesn’t see little errors. When I first got it, I deliberately wrote a paragraph with several grammatical errors (e.g. your vs. you’re, not using commas in a list, etc) and after Grammarly checked over the paragraph for about fifteen minutes, it said there were no mistakes.
  • Darker keyboard 3/5

    By mariojortiz
    I would like to have a darker keyboard like the one in the Apple OS.
  • Send you all my typing? Associate with a login?? Nope! 2/5

    By CMedley67
    First you want a login or account association. Then the text states to give you full access so you can receive everything I type. Total deal breakers just for grammar correction!!
  • No problems here 4/5

    By Gerald_Michaels
    Seems good to me
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By Amuro2026
    Glad that they finally have it on the iPhone!
  • Full access? Are you kidding me? No, thanks. 1/5

    By gxisha
  • Swipe for 5 stars 4/5

    By Saintel
    This a wonderful app but if it added swipe this would be the best keyboard in the app store. I keep going back to gboard because of the swipe feature.
  • Disappointed. 2/5

    By BMWTechGuy
    I had high hopes for this keyboard. It didn’t autocorrect anything and wanted to “add” my mistakes to the dictionary. There is no auto correct feature and it doesn’t seem to do much at all. I’ve turned it off. I love Grammarly but they need to make the functionality work far better.
  • 99% of everything I want in a keyboard 4/5

    By Donald J Clark
    I need the swipe bad af. Grammarly is a Titan of industry, but this keyboard NEEDS swipe. It's too close to perfect, guys. Give the scholars what we want!!! Also, free? I would pay $5 for this (if it had a swipe feature)
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Rism_m
    This app saves me from humiliating mistakes. I am using it right now and I can guarantee you it is a live saver. Thank you for this app!!
  • Love the concept 4/5

    By Shizzlestick
    I have been waiting a long time for this to come out, and I am not disappointed. The app does need some work but it works well on smaller texts. however, on some of the longer texts, it can crash before editing everything. Also, I would love to see a function to have the “G” button on the bottom of the screen when working with an external keyboard. Looking forward to seeing how the app is updated in the future.
  • Great keyboard but missing a few things... 3/5

    By Big Hu
    I love the idea of this keyboard. I've had it for just a few hours and it has come in handy a couple times already. However, this keyboard replacement is missing some key features that the default English (United States) keyboard has including 3D touch to move the cursor and highlight words, long press and hold for accents and extra symbols, and I don't like that it doesn't include my keyboard shortcuts I created. Once, if these features are added, this will definitely be a 5-star app but as for now, I can't find myself to use it more than the default keyboard that has more benefits.
  • Finally! 4/5

    By Bannister832
    I've been using Grammarly for a few years now, first as an admin assistant and especially now that I've gone back to finish my communications degree. I did a happy dance when I got the email to download the app lol. My only thing so far is that the keyboard's dimensions are wider than I'm used to, so I often find myself deleting nonsensical words, so no more half-asleep texting for a while! The Grammarly section is also almost in the middle of the screen, so its a little distracting when you're typing, and you see tons of movement in your peripheral. I also wish there was an option to turn off the auto-correct alert that pops up from the right in green, so somewhat distracting
  • Colleen 3/5

    By Emmasnana2
    I love the idea but I don’t feel comfortable allowing full access. I understand that it’s necessary to access the internet, but why do they need to know everything I’ve written on my keyboard previously, including credit card numbers, etc?
  • Great! But... 4/5

    By Mac Daddy Mitch
    I live using this keyboard but the only complaint I have is that you can't use 3D touch to move the cursor to a place you messed up that the app doesn't catch.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Digitalfigment
    Some of these reviews are funny and can tell who's a new iPhone user and who's not. I do agree on incorporating the "hold tap" accent marks into the keyboard. Along with that, I'd also suggest: - Offline editing mode. - Enable microphone for voice dictation. - Option to check writing after the composition is complete not while you're typing so that it's less distracting. This optional feature will also work nicely with voice dictated messages. - Option to create and choose different personal dictionaries for slang appropriate compositions. - Improve operation speed. Other than that I think you guys are on the right track. Keep up the great work!
  • It's bad 4/5

    By Me736182
    I don't like it because it only works on certain apps and its bad!!!!!!!!!
  • Could be awesome but not on iOS 1/5

    By Tony88,,'o
    I use grammarly on my computer as an extension while on the internet. It has helped me articulate my writing by improving it immensely. This would be a great tool to utilize on iOS for the many iPhone users, but it refuses to let you sign in. After changing my password it prompted me to try later since there have been too many login attempts. Until this frustrating bug disappears, my one star rating remains because I know grammarly is better than this.
  • This app is a big help when writing across varied keyboards. 4/5

    By Howard Porter
    A big help!

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