Greyhound (US)

Greyhound (US)

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  • Current Version: 4.1.902
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Firstgroup America Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Greyhound (US) App

The Greyhound mobile app is here. Put the booking experience in the palm of your hand with all the features of the website including searching schedules, booking a trip, accessing Road Rewards, saving with our discounts, finding your terminal location and more. Users can only book trips originating in the continental United States on the app.


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Greyhound (US) app reviews

  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Odysseyinu
    Well done !
  • Easy and quick to use 5/5

    By MichD22223
    App is user friendly and easy and accessible. Able or schedule trip very quickly.
  • A stupid glitch 2/5

    By greyhound customer
    I've been trying to purchase my tickets on there for months but because your company doesn't have a middle name option on the payment details, it keeps refusing my credit card. I have my middle initial on my card. Please fix! It's annoying.
  • Easy Peasy 5/5

    By Petpeeper
    I have been taking bus trips between Richmond and Philadelphia instead of driving which has become stressful. The bus is relaxing and comfortable enough for the 6 hour trip. The cost is so reasonable compared to Amtrak. Download the app and see how easy it is to book a bus trip even months ahead.
  • Great Value 5/5

    By Regbery
    Have not taken a commercial bus for many years. I am pleasantly surprised at the price of the fares. I'm looking forward to the experience.
  • Best booking app 5/5

    By Ruth Jimoh
    It's so easy to use and friendly that I no longer see any other way to book my trips.
  • Easy-to-use; Awaiting on-screen e-tickets 4/5

    By GEA reader
    As per title
  • Accessability 5/5

    By ever23851
    I am legally blind but I have enough sight to access the app. Unfortunately most of my friends and business associates are totally blind and cannot use your app. If you call a representative they are either unwilling or unable to give you the discounted price offered on your app or website. I would recommend you do something to correct this as a large portion of your customer base is blind and depend on Greyhound or Amtrak for their travel needs.
  • Too notch 5/5

    By jc90
    Smooth and simple
  • Easy app just needs tweaking 3/5

    By Cal.law72
    I liked using this app. Same ease as doing the booking online. However, would be a much improved experience if pay options were more (like PayPal or Apple Pay) & include a location finder in the app that helps you locate a depot close to your location.
  • Great App 5/5

    By kai_iam
    Easy to use.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Kostya B
    Very easy to use
  • Great App 5/5

    By @peaceful.vibe.tribe
    Better than online
  • Can't live with out it 5/5

    By AV1alicia
    Thanks to Greyhound and it's App. I know I can safely and quickly travel back and forth to school hassle free
  • Tree killer 1/5

    By Ed Brey
    When you sign in, the app doesn't know your trips. And then, if you manually look up a trip, it won't give you a ticket. You have to kill a tree and find a printer.
  • Awesome 5/5

    This app is awesome very easy to use
  • Great app 4/5

    By oksparky
    Love the app. Makes things much easier
  • Does the job 5/5

    By Rencey61
    Good app. Good graphics. Easy to use. No unnecessary frills.
  • Work well 5/5

    By Things hey
    Works good
  • This app works, but their website is crap without the app 4/5

    By Wifbtbxic
    See above
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Freddie Fredricksen
    It was my first time using Greyhound. So easy to book a ride; I was traveling from Seattle to Portland and it was a breeze. The app is user friendly and accurate. Fair prices too. 5 stars!

    By Jhayleza
    I used the app to buy a ticket, the first time I got a notification saying there was an error but "don't worry you won't be charged! Please try again!" The second time, the SAME message popped up. So I closed the app and retried one more time. It finally processed and went to a confirmation page. Keep in mind this was the ONLY confirmation navigation I had. A few minutes later I check my email to double check the confirmation AND TO MY UNFORTUNATE SURPRISE THEY CHARGED ME THREE TIMES. I called refund ticket and customer service, they refunded the first two tickets BUT IT'LL TAKE 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS. WHAT THE HELL. My S.O. paid for my ticket and we live paycheck to paycheck, so we can't afford to have an extra $130 taken out of our account due to an in-app error that wasn't our fault. I filed a complaint in hopes for some type of compensation, but I'm pretty sure they won't do anything. TLDR: DONT BUY YOUR TICKET USING THIS APP UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY JUST LYING AROUND
  • It's fine 3/5

    By carlamoo
    Greyhound app is just fine. The one thing I'd like it for the app to hold my ticket instead of having to print it out or pick it up at will call. It would be faster and simpler.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Dreudog
    It was easy to use
  • Missing state of Oregon 1/5

    By nothappywithgh
    Can't use the app if you live in Oregon to make a purchase. If you call to book tickets they charge you. Seems like a ripoff website nor app worked for purchase so they get more money and since it was last minute they really rip you off! Whoever set up the states should learn them or allow us to type them in ourselves.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Elchico124
    Easy to use & quick!
  • still no mobile ticket option 1/5

    By atharuan
    Greyhound seems to change only in the worst ways (namely, much higher prices these days in a zero-sum profit game), whereas it seldom improves (in my experience 3 out of 4 times the bus is late - often considerably, like half a day). Fairly recently, they put a lot of money into redesigning their website and rigging prices to extract the maximum amount from the mostly underpriviledged riders, especially in places like TX where there are few options for intercity travel. With all this effort to squeeze customers, it might not be surprising that they have not overhauled their system to allow for mobile ticketing using the app. Megabus when they debuted in the US some years ago had this mobile ability right off the bat (indeed, with them you can simply right down the confirmation number and show it to the conductor as you board the bus). Why Greyhound has not adopted similar solutions to make things easier for customers is beyond me. The other recent changes I have mentioned shows where their priorities truly lie.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Goth1095
    Very fast and easy to use I love that!
  • Better experience 4/5

    By SJtoNYC
    This app hadn't worked previously but today it worked beautifully. Thank you!
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By dirtykics
    It would be nice if refunds were offered on overbooked routes. It would also be great if a route was labeled as Sold out.
  • Good Transpo 4/5

    By RealestWill
    Overall not a bad way to travel for the money.
  • Easy to book 4/5

    By Ladymaymay
    No bugs, very easy to book
  • My Bookings 5/5

    By Jleija4
    Quick and easy! Great prices to 👌🏻
  • Easy to use and navigate 4/5

    By lovemybubby
    It's overall pretty easy to use
  • Greyhound 5/5

    By TreKardash
    Quick and easy. I love it
  • Nice 5/5

    By Stephen Flyguy Of DC
    I hate taking the bus, but this app makes everything easier!
  • I love greyhound 5/5

    By JiggyOmega
    Its great because now i can buy my travel tickets on the go
  • Rick's like 4/5

    By Rick the rat
    A very easy app to understand, but I don't know what CVV means.
  • Easy and smooth 4/5

    By niahall
    Easy app to use!
  • Delightfully Simple yet Intuitively Effective App 5/5

    By CyclePlanner
    No bells and whistles with Greyhound's ticketing app, nor did I expect any. What I did get, however, was one of the most purely functional and intuitive apps in my recent memory. It excels in doing exactly it should do. Even the mere fact that I decided to even write a review, something that I rarely (if ever) do, speaks volumes to my overall satisfaction with this app. The entire goal of the Greyhound app is to help get you to where you need to be, and it does that exceptionally well. After registering an account (a relatively painless process), you choose your point of origin, when you want to leave, and where you want to go. Then you can decide upon the date and time of your departure, shown by default as a series of highly visible, flexible options. Throughout this brief process, I learned of unexpected perks (such as free wifi) in an unobtrusive, yet highly informative manner. In mere minutes, I'd decided on my route (one-way, in my case), and despite the many options presented, feeling nothing but complete confidence in my choice. Finally, I was able to easily pay up (with an unexpected 10% introductory discount, no less), feeling great about the app's simple and intuitive design, and, more importantly, quite excited to embark on my upcoming trip! Just in case you want some more convincing, I've wrote up a bunch more details on my experience with the app, including a greater analysis of its pros, and a necessary overview of the (very minor) things that the app could stand to improve. Let's go back to picking your trip; despite there sometimes being transfers involved in some options, the app effectively points you to the fastest, cheapest options, all without any real effort on your part, By default, the app gives flexible departure options, in case you're willing to leave a date or time earlier/later than perhaps is entirely optimal. Sometimes you'd like to save on some cash, travel time, or even get a bit more sleep, and this app intuitively presents you with options to do just that. Once you've got your route picked out, it's time to pay, which is easy enough. The app transparently allows you to opt out of any potentially unwanted email promotions at every point along the way. Overall, it took me around five minutes to plan and book a (surprisingly cheap) one-way trip to a somewhat obscure locale, and that's considering I started from square one: that is, with a freshly downloaded app and no prior account registered with Greyhound. The app's UI, aside from being 100% functional, feels good to use, and actually looks quite elegant and clean. The app's interface managed to unobtrusively inform me of some additional perks of traveling via Greyhound, such as the standardized WiFi and power outlets on all their coaches. Not bad! I have two (quite minor) qualms with the app, like 1) when choosing on my route, the ride options contained certain seemingly unexplained icons. For the most part, the majority of these symbols were self-explanatory (inclusion of wifi, outlets, etc), but I couldn't seem to locate a full description of others. As such, I found myself taking a few moments to discern their meaning, though I never did figure out for certain. My second issue is not truly a criticism of the app itself, though I was slightly disappointed that I was only given two ticketing options: print at home, or will call. This is more of a downside of Greyhound as an organization: they don't yet seem to offer e-ticketing or other options at this point. As such, it would appear that the app simply just doesn't have the means to offer a greater suite of ticketing options (yet). Again, this is a very minor annoyance on my part, but it is something I'd like to see the app include in the future. Keep in mind that my review is entirely about the app, and not the coach service itself. As I mentioned earlier, another stipulation is that I only booked a one-way trip, so I don't know how much of my experience translates to booking a return trip (though I highly doubt the experience differs much, if at all). I'd feel disingenuous to omit my qualms with the app, but they are incredibly petty criticisms in the greater scheme of things. Overall, the Greyhound app was delightfully intuitive, simple, and easy to use, as well as being informative and just plain effective. Furthermore, the initial 10% discount on my first ride was very much a welcome surprise. If the coach service that Greyhound provides is even half as satisfying as their ticketing app, then I'm eagerly anticipating the journey on which I'll soon embark!
  • Rad. 5/5

    By youwishyouwasme
    Rad. iCal.
  • Great, they put a lot of thought into this 5/5

    By Trey Weir
  • Let us store tickets on the app 1/5

    By DanFurfark86
    Forcing users to print tickets or wait on line to get them when they have an app is poor practice.
  • Beautiful App 5/5

    By Faterpe
    I'm.nit sure I would rate the exp of my journey the same way as this app. It feels so good using it. It's fast and works out well
  • Love It! 5/5

    By Queen_Tiana9
    The App is very simple and easy to use! I don't think anybody should have a problem out of it!
  • Functional 4/5

    By whitefangv
    Pretty decent app that does what it's supposed to do which is let you buy tickets. Wish that had a mobile ticket option instead of making you print them at home or at the station.
  • Simple but effective 5/5

    By Deathgigus
    Love the password to confirm card info feature.
  • App good, buses hit or miss 4/5

    By Adman confused
    App easy, works well. Agree with others that complain...why added fee to purchase ticket for someone else, esp. your own son. Also until you use it the first time, you are not told that fee will apply twice if you purchase return trip separately !
  • Coo 5/5

    By Tae money 💵
  • Half decent and could be better 3/5

    By TalDeeni
    I missed a lot of appointments on account of my bus being late, on a few occasions the 11:20 from Delaware to New York was late by almost an hour(and the passengers was never compensated). I take Greyhound twice a week from New York to Delaware and back again, wifi does not always work as well as outlets for power. It could be a better ride considering how long you guys been around.

Greyhound (US) app comments


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