Grubhub – Order Food Delivery

Grubhub – Order Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 3.38
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Grubhub – Order Food Delivery App

Order delivery or pickup from a huge selection of local restaurants. With full menus and a fast, easy online ordering service, Grubhub has all of your dining needs covered. From breakfast burritos to late night eats, your favorite meal is just a tap away. Download Grubhub and satisfy your craving now. With no hidden fees and exclusive deals from nearby restaurants, it’s no wonder Grubhub is the most loved delivery and food takeout app in the U.S. Top 5 reasons to download Grubhub: 1. With more options in more places, it’s easy to explore the local food scene with Grubhub 2. Discover exclusive food delivery deals you'll only find on the Grubhub app 3. Reorder favorite meals faster with Express Reorder 4. Track your order with real-time delivery updates 5. Preorder your next meal up to four days in advance Never be without your favorite eats again. Grubhub has a wide selection of delicious food wherever you are. Got a go-to Pad Thai that’s never let you down? Tap "Express Reorder" to quickly bring a previously ordered meal straight to checkout. Want tacos? Just type “tacos” into the search bar and a listing of the nearest local taco joints will pop up. All you’ve got to do is pick your place, choose your taco, and place your order. That’s a three-tap taco — it doesn’t get much easier than that. New to the neighborhood? Read ratings and reviews of Grubhub restaurants from the Grubhub community for great, local insights. Don’t waste a meal on mediocre food again. Grubhub has numerous ways to pay — Apple Pay, Amex Express Checkout, PayPal, Grubhub eGift Card or a good old-fashioned credit card. Whatever works best for you, works great for us. Our national restaurant partners include Arby’s, Denny’s, Just Salad, Papa John’s, Qdoba, Red Robin, TGI Fridays and more! Download Grubhub, the quick, online ordering service that delivers the food you’re craving, anytime, anywhere.


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Grubhub – Order Food Delivery app reviews

  • Very Useful! 5/5

    By nyasnipe
    Since I’m fat and lazy this helps me feed my depression on long and lonely weekend nights. I get small bursts of human interaction to keep me slightly sane and I have sustenance in the form of a supreme pizza and 2 liters of soda. Thanks Grubhub you’re a lifesaver since I hate going outside:)
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By RisBeans93
    I recently wrote a review stating how much I loved this app. But in the past two times I have now ordered from it, it was definitely been disappointed. First order was super late and I didn’t even get notified when it got picked up. Second order which is currently going on as I type kept having the time pushed out without reason or call. We ended up calling GrubHub and they let us know they couldn’t find a driver for us and they would cancel our order and tell them we will pick up. Then stated they would give us a $5 dollar discount for our inconvenience. Kinda mind blowing since it defeats the purpose of the app that we try to use with the little selection. Just not pleased anymore. Just to let you know two hours later and our food is finally here. Ice cold by the way. Not worth it at all.
  • Crooks! 1/5

    By ibemomin
    I ordered my food and never received it!!! I entered my address but the app keeps changing it to Ln instead of Ct! I spent $41.00 and my food was given to someone else!!! I called customer service and the lady was rude! She finally offered me $40.00 in “free grub” but you can only use one promo code at a time so I still had to pay these CROOKS $5.00 to redeem the stupid code! This is the last time I will EVER USE THIS SERVICE! I should have stuck with Ubereats!
  • We use Grub Hub every Time! 4/5

    By miguelob45
    We began using GH in San Francisco and were thrilled to be able to order through them here in Sacramento. Meals are delivered promptly and have been accurate 95% of the time. GB’s Asian restaurant’s have been super prompt as opposed to others. I suppose that is not GH’s fault, but let’s hope they can encourage the others to try to catch up. This is a super convenient way to have order in. They’re doing a great job so far!
  • The best never rest 5/5

    By Hassiusm
    This app and the service behind it has changed the game. Food magically appears at your door after pressing buttons on a screen... the future is now!
  • GrubHub is the best 5/5

    By China Blk
    Super convenient‼️🏅
  • Great app when you aren't feeling like going out, but want take out. 5/5

    By alt4zc
    Great app! Anytime I've had issues with various restaurants they have always compensated me. Obviously restaurants or drivers have issues, but they take care of us when I've had to call customer service.
  • Great for Business Travels 5/5

    By Che cker
    I love scheduling a meal to arrive at my hotel after a long day on my sites. Also cannot appreciate the ability to hide out the evenings staying in ill-advised hotels within questionable neighborhoods while having my meals delivered. Super satisfied!!
  • Janky— poor customer service 1/5

    By Kbghyfcsxa
    Literally no one will take responsibility for any mistakes. Not GrubHub come in at the restaurant coming up is the livery person. Each of them will pass the buck to the next guy. I want this service to work, it just never does.
  • Been happy 5/5

    By Ptkgram
    Have been using Grubhub a while now. Have been happy with how easy it is and the fact that the choices continue to expand.
  • Could do better 1/5

    By Malcutty
    9 times out of 10 the order is wrong Need to work on following up with orders to ensure accuracy
  • Works great 5/5

    By Mischa Bean
    I have used Grubhub with several restaurants. I love having access to deliveries that used to require pickup.
  • That is 15%? 2/5

    By Angus bird
    The suggestion of tip % starting at 15%, but that is not all. I just ordered my dinner. The food alone was 59 bucks. The app suggested 15% was 10.15. Wait! How? Because they calculated that 15% based on food+ del charge+ tax. Restaurants don’t even do that. Go to Yelp. Same restaurant and same service without the ripping off.
  • Good for what it is. 3/5

    By MissSassafras
    Wait times are sometimes very long. Delivery prices ca. Be huge at times and change randomly. My biggest complaint is that the drivers lie all the time and say the food is delivered before it actually arrives. My guess is that they are trying to beat a certain time but this severely diminishes the usability of the app because you cannot track where the driver is once they say it is delivered.
  • Excellent service! 5/5

    By ddavis1966
    1: I wish there was a way to add extra tip or subtract from the tip when appropriate 2. I think you need to find a way to keep french fries crispy. This is probably a new invention, But think how profitable it would be! Maybe a portable heat lamp would work.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Mesheler
    Awesome app. Use it all the time. Works seamlessly.
  • Great 5/5

    By PrettyfaceChrissy
    AWESOME SERVICE! Food was hot and delivery was fast!
  • Grub Hub 4/5

    By arlinaj
    Very convenient, individual food providers may have some issues.
  • VoiceOver Support Seems Broken somewhat in This Release 1/5

    By Hooper90
    When browsing through a long list of restaurants, how many gestures do you think should be necessary in order to move to the next choice in the list? Until this latest version, Voiceover users were able to navigate the list of restaurants in the "restaurants" tab via heading. However, it seems in this release that the titles of restaurants are no longer labeled as headings. Navigating with Voiceover can be accomplished in a number of ways; one of the most common methods is by swiping the finger left or right. This gesture, with Voiceover enabled moves focus to the previous or next item respectively. Complementing this method is a vertical swipe, which allows the user to navigate by another, pre-selected means. One such option is to navigate by heading; thus, in this way, I was previously able to "scroll" through the list of restaurants with Voiceover by repeated swipes up or down, as the titles of such restaurants were labeled as headings. However, since this is no longer the case, and there isn't a comparably efficient method available, it now takes quite a bit longer to browse through and navigate the app; for instance, it now takes roughly 10 swipes to move from one restaurant title to another (having first to get through the info displayed about each restaurant). Thus, I will no longer be using this app until it is once again fully accessible with Voiceover.
  • Subpar 1/5

    By Walnutt
    Thanks for the $10 but your app is terrible. No tracking, takes longer than Uber eats, and the restaurants you advertise are not available to order from. I’m good.
  • Chef 1/5

    By Masseysghost
    Your drives can not read the simplest of directions. I'm tired of walking out to the curb and down the block to pick up my order from an unprofessional delivery driver whom refuses to take the order from the restaurant to my front door. Hire people with more work ethic and zero complacency whom are lazy and sometimes aggressive when I do not tip. Why should I tip when I'm walking down the block 30 yards to get my order from the passenger side window of a car.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By MrsEPresley24
    This app makes it so easy to order from, no issues yet & we use it a lot. The restaurants we order from are all on there. I love how it tells you when it’s ready or where the delivery is. This is one of my most used apps, I love it.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Brodeur Family
    Love this app, on the road every week and use it 3-4 times a week. More restaurants please!
  • Solid! 5/5

    By Roth mobot
    Never had a problem ordering and it’s always been prompt.
  • Lazy 5/5

    By Oochie Wally Oochie Bang Bang
    So convenient on my lazy days.
  • Four Star 4/5

    By Login2ak
    This has been my go-to app for ever. My experiences have been mostly positive. I can only remember 3 times when either the food was bad( literally the food had gone off), or was scheduled to be delivered but the restaurant called to say they cannot do so or the food didn’t arrive at all. Other than those 3 times, Grubhub hasn’t disappointed. This app is wonderful, easy to navigate and order. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By t720psu
    I ordered food from a restaurant and the original estimate was 30-40 minutes. Every time I checked on the status it kept adding time to when the food would actually be delivered. I contacted customer service and talked to Nick who told me he was so sorry I needed to check on the details of my order. Two hours after ordering and 10 minutes of waiting for Nick to respond, the driver shows up. He tells us there was an issue with the app and no driver had been dispatched. So we got our food late and ice cold. Nick then tells me he'll refund me the tip, so taking money away from the driver who did nothing wrong. What a joke. I deleted the app and will never use them again. When using these apps try to understand it's not the restaurant or the driver who did a bad job, it's a huge company that doesn't care about customer service at all. As an update to Grubhub's response - I did contact customer service, several months ago when I had the issue. Your customer service line was where I had the terrible service. Instead of owning up that there was an error in the app you tried to blame the driver and take money away from them. That is why I will never use this service again. Please read reviews next time before commenting.
  • Internal Company Problems 3/5

    By ExpertConsumer
    I ordered at 7:40 PM Friday evening, at 9:30 PM I still never received my order. After both the restaurant and I called Grubhub, the Grubhub representative stated they did not have drivers to deliver in Atlanta Midtown area. The restaurant recommended that I call Uber Eats. I did and my order was delivered in minutes. I seems Grubhub has a huge internal problem competing with Grubhub.
  • First and still #1 5/5

    By chicago Redtaurant
    GrubHub has been here from day 1, and after trying all the Johnny come lately competition, I’m right back where I started, best app, best customer service, best drivers, keep up the good work.
  • So easy to order and pay 5/5

    By Salem, Ma
    I’ve been using this app for about 5 months now and it is amazing. Makes placing and paying for delivery orders simple plus you can view the entire menu from the app
  • Bad app 1/5

    By trencher0805
    I do not recommend this app! Every time my boyfriend and I have used this app in the past, we waited at least 2 hours for our food only to find out there was an issue and we weren’t getting it. We always say it was just a fluke and this time everything will be fine. But no. It never works. Tonight, we put in an order a little before 5pm and was told our order would be delivered by 5:35pm. Great! Super fast delivery. We were a little skeptical though because of the weather but we figured that’d be fine if it wasn’t that time exactly. Well for the next hour and a half the delivery time changed about 5 times. Finally my boyfriend decided to call the place where we ordered food from to see if they could tell us anything. The woman he spoke with said our order had been ready for about an hour and no one has showed up to pick it up so we should contact Grubhub. He did, and they said they would find someone to get it, but that could take a while, or they could just offer us a refund. We took the refund. Maybe it’s all just bad luck, doubt it, but as of tonight, we are no longer using this app.
  • Happy 5/5

    By Dique A
    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 the goat when you starving
  • Great App!!! 5/5

    By HUMPmeDUMPme
    The best food app I’ve ever used!!!
  • Crap crap crap 1/5

    By Twunty5or624
    I rated the app with one star because I couldn’t go any lower. There is a place for special delivery instructions. I put my instructions in and they were completely ignored or they didn’t even bother to read them. The order was completely wrong. The food was cold. The burgers were dry. This service is crap. Go with Uber Eats, I would to but they aren’t in my area yet. I read the rest of the reviews so I didn’t even bother calling customer service. I’m just not going to use the app anymore.
  • Finally - more local options! 4/5

    By muddlermike
    Very happy with grub hub. I live in a rather rural-leaning suburb with very little delivery options. This has been a god send for us! The delivery persons have all been friendly and on time. My only suggestion is an option for the user to suggest other local restaurants that are not yet using the service to be asked by grub hub to join. Typically, when I’m personally suggesting this to restaurant personnel, it’s a server who doesn’t handle that part of the business. Otherwise, we’re just happy that it has given us significantly more delivery options then we have ever had!
  • I love grub hub 5/5

    By ItsNotGayIfItsAThreeWay
    Breakfast lunch or dinner grub hub is there for you. Need ice cream because your boyfriend broke up with you, bam GrubHub is there. Sometimes you have to wait but that’s ok because grub hub will get your fav restaurant meals and you can eat it in the shower. Over all I’ll get this app over and over
  • Love at first use 5/5

    By Theoshmeo
    Grubhub is...the mother I never had. The sister...everybody would want. The best friend...we all deserve.
  • GrubHub covers a ride range. 4/5

    By Sister MonaLisa
    In terms of restaurants all designed to fit your budget.
  • Good 3/5

    By Garieeeee
    But I still miss Foodler and my Unlimited t shirts worth of points that got traded for 10 bucks after the switch. Lame
  • Regular grubhub user 4/5

    By Dan zamboni
    I love the app and the options given are great. I would say I order 1-2 times a week. The only thing that really aggravates me is the fact that I can't choose "cash tip" on certain restaurants. I don't understand!! I always tip the driver in cash and hate tipping through the app. It feels forced and ultimately makes me tip less.
  • Two hours for delivery? 1/5

    By AjJones78
    Ordered food at 1:07pm and got delivered at 3pm after I called the restaurant. First time using the service. Was only offered a promo coupon for the inconvenience. Not a happy customer.
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By Ash319
    I received my order within 20 minutes of ordering. Pleased so far
  • Works Well 5/5

    By Byrd1988
    Great App
  • Awful 1/5

    By Atipa5
    Waiting for 2 hours for food to arrive.. called grubhub several times to hear “no worries it’s on the way”. It actually never came and we cancelled it after they told me to “hold tight” for two hours.
  • Really helpful & easy to use 5/5

    By Mooonnnniiiiii
    One of my most used apps. Lol no shame in my takeout game. Never have had any issues. Thanks Grubhub for being awesssomeee.
  • Life saver 5/5

    By neekbol
    i order grub hub like everyday sometimes multiple times.....grub is clutch, like nick foles comin in for carson wentz and winning the super bowl!!
  • Love the ease of ordering 5/5

    By kcdrmd22
    Have used Grub Hub a lot since relocating to Jacksonville; the convenience of ordering, the immediate feedback if there’s any issues, they’re great!!
  • Never consistent 3/5

    By Old single midwest mom
    Some days it’s great, others I believe the delivery drivers eat our food. They should be allowed to go through our order with someone at the restaurant to make sure everything is included. Things are missing a lot. Grub hub does have great customer service, but who wants to deal with this every time. I did hear the drivers, since they deliver with open bags, eat our food and drink our drinks. I guess we will never know.
  • Good. Slow, but good. 4/5

    By teeters714
    A little slow on delivery times. But usually pretty good. Hopefully more restaurants will be added. Some drivers claim the food is delivered as soon as they pick it up so you can’t track your order. This is a major negative. Over all it’s a good service!

    By Johndooee

Grubhub – Order Food Delivery app comments


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