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Grubhub Food Delivery

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Grubhub Food Delivery App

Order delivery or pickup from a huge selection of local restaurants. With full menus and a fast, easy online ordering service, Grubhub has all of your dining needs covered. From breakfast burritos to late night eats, your favorite meal is just a click away. Download Grubhub and satisfy your craving now. With no hidden fees and over 55,000 amazing restaurant partners across more than 1,200 US cities (and London), it’s no wonder Grubhub is the most loved delivery and food takeout app in the U.S. Top 5 reasons to download Grubhub: With more options in more places, it’s easy to explore the local food scene with Grubhub Reorder favorite meals faster with Express Reorder Track your order with real-time delivery updates Preorder your next meal from two hours to up to four days in advance Easily search by cuisine or dish Never be without your favorite eats again. Grubhub has a wide selection of delicious food wherever you are. Got a go-to Pad Thai that’s never let you down? Tap "Express Reorder" to quickly bring a previously ordered meal straight to checkout. Want tacos? Just type “tacos” into the search bar and a listing of the nearest local taco joints will pop up. All you’ve got to do is pick your place, choose your taco, and place your order. That’s a three-tap taco — it doesn’t get much easier than that. New to the neighborhood? Read ratings and reviews of Grubhub restaurants from the Grubhub community for great, local insights. Don’t waste a meal on mediocre food again. Grubhub has numerous ways to pay — Apple Pay, PayPal, Grubhub eGift Card or a good old-fashioned credit card. Whatever works best for you, works great for us. Download Grubhub, the quick, online ordering service that delivers the food you’re craving, anytime, anywhere.


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Grubhub Food Delivery app reviews

  • Love at First Bite! 5/5

    By judi'siMac
    What can I say! Grubhub is awesome. All my favorite restaurants now belong and since they’ve starting using Grubhub the service has been ultra fast and friendly. And yes, the food has been excellent too! It’s almost too easy! Then again it’s so cold out there’s nothing better than a hot meal delivered right to your door! Indulge me!!!! 😍
  • Deliveries are a hit or miss 2/5

    By Kblanco96
    Been using the apps for a few months and its common to have an order cancelled 45 minutes to an hour AFTER placing the order and receiving an email saying that your order has been confirmed and is being prepared and that my card was charged. Sometimes after 2 hours of no delivery I call the restaurant and they tell me they didn’t receive an order and would have to seek a refund from grubhub. I made 2 orders last night, the first one cancelled 1 hour after charging my card and the order i placed after that at a different order charged my card and said the food was delivered but no one called or delivered my food. I dont understand how it takes 5 seconds to take money out of my card but then takes 45mins to and hour to tell me i can even get my food. Terrible service
  • Pretty good options but privacy concerns turned me off 2/5

    By Brokeassdrummer
    Dont hit on the delivery girl even if it’s just a compliment that she’s attractive (I’m not the Weinstein type). She’ll give her husband your number to threaten you. She didn’t even respond to my compliments but I got a threat.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Jewelz40
    Always have had great services. I always recommend this app to everyone.
  • Update for iPhone X!!! 4/5

    Please update for iPhone X display.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By juggs787
    Quick and convenient.
  • On point 5/5

    By Reallygood111102
    Customer Service was very responsive and great to work with! 👍🏼
  • I miss Foodler. This app isn’t nearly as good. 2/5

    By JPGeorgeinBoston
    Bad interface, links don’t work on iPhone, options hidden behind windows on IPhone, can’t enter tip amount... I just don’t like it Foodler was better
  • Never had a problem. 4/5

    By McDugle
    They bring me food. What else can you say. Still not clear on does the tip go to the driver?
  • Excellent app 4/5

    By mixtrixnj
    Excellent app
  • Hey developers 4/5

    By mcdaniiiiigal
    Some food for thought...please redesign to somehow allow me to go back and review my received orders to add the tip AFTER i have received my food. Lots of times they’re not deserving of the pretipped amount and i wish i had tipped less. Yes i could choose not to tip and tip with cash but i use grubhub bc im too lazy to go out for food. Why would i wanna have to go to an atm then break bills? No time for that nonsense.
  • I’m hungry 5/5

    By hugefatdave
    Love food so much it’s really good yum yum yum
  • The worse... 1/5

    By Joeg2003
    I bought food from a restaurant that charged me for the cost of the items then after waiting for the food for 30 mins or so they decided to cancel my order due to not having a driver to bring my food. Not only did they make me wait for 30 mins or so for food that never came but charged me which a refund will take about 5 to 10 business days on a debit card. Not only did I have to pay “new money” for a new order (Thank God I’m not broke!) but also had to wait again another 30 mins or so for the new food to come to me. I called your operators and two of them hung up of me and nobody at the end has anything to say but “we are sorry!” Oh, thank you guys! I have since deleted the app and will no longer use it as in the past. Too bad! Good luck!
  • Can’t Access 2/5

    By Emmie67823
    I’ve used and loved this app for years now it won’t open and won’t recognize the address
  • Absolutely Disappointed 1/5

    By lightemx
    Absolutely disappointed at Grub Hub. I ordered my food at 2:30PM and still haven’t received it at 4:34PM. The first representative I called said she’ll text me back once she heard from the driver, never got a response. Had to call again and was told that the driver just heard about the order 15 minutes ago yet my sandwich was ready at 3:30PM. Will never use again.
  • It’s the same thing every time!!! 3/5

    By Perkie00
    I’ve ordered from grub hub many of times and it’s been fine but most recently Grubhub has been adding restaurants that aren’t even supposed to be on the app!
  • Had to be the worst ever 1/5

    By Sabbywest7966
    I waited like 1hr and half I could Barely understand the customer service lady she was incoherent and kept blaming it on her head set I ordered at 4pm it’s 5:50 pm as I write this and my food is still not here Very Upset
  • Really frustrating when things go wrong 3/5

    By Meg from TN
    When things are correct, it’s really convenient. Sometimes the food is a bit cold but I can live with that. What’s incredibly frustrating is when pieces of my order are missing (though they appear on the receipt and I paid for them) and it’s prohibitively difficult to get a refund. Since this has happened twice in the past week it’s reaching the point where it may not be worthwhile to me to use the app anymore.
  • Super cool 5/5

    By pizzarario
    Deliveries always good when your sick other wise I'm not that lazy!
  • Always missing dipping sauces/dressings 2/5

    By Bastetmzukle
    I’ve used grub hub several times, mostly when life is crazy and I don’t have time to leave the house. Food arrives in good condition but almost always missing the sauce, even when it’s listed in the menu description. Does no one check for order accuracy when picking these up? I tried calling once too to get the order corrected and they had no resolution for me. Use with caution.
  • Foodler Convert 5/5

    By 430 minus 10
    I used to use Foodler, didn’t know anything about Grub Hub but it’s super easy. I like the UI better!
  • I love this app. 4/5

    By Smartbart80
    Great app. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t for occasional orders not being registered by the restaurant even after receiving a confirmation email. Wasted time waiting for food that wasn’t even being prepared. It’s the worst.
  • Wow sad Dad 1/5

    By Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh7
    What a sad Dad.
  • Don’t waste your money. 1/5

    By imarsh88
    They can’t seem to be able to get your order in a bag and to your house. The first order for chicken fingers and French fries took 1.5 hours. Second order came with no drinks and only 2/3 of our food showed up. Terrible.
  • Please update this app for iPhone X. 3/5

    By Nicholas
    Please update this app for iPhone X.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By plagose
    Careful with these people. Absolutely unreliable. I ordered dinner and the order never came back. I called them. It was until I call them that they call me back that the restaurant never got the order. They didn’t know. And they told me that they the delivery people was going to be the restaurant. Then I ask. What is the role that these guys play other than to be middle man squeezing money without no added value. Watch out!
  • An easy app but could use some improvements 4/5

    By RachelC26
    I like the grub hub app. It is nice to see all the past orders and the tracking of your order is nice. I wish that the menu section had quick jump categories so I could click on sides or appetizers for a restaurant and go to sides instead of having to scroll through the whole menu.
  • Fabulous service! 5/5

    By Akkimani
    I had a clusterf@ck of an experience yesterday with DoorDash so I ordered from Royal Thai through Grubhub today and this was my experience. 8:42 p.m. Placed order via app. Expected delivery time: 9:40 to 9:50 p.m. 8:44 p.m. Get a call from the restaurant at to clarify something on my order. 8:55 p.m. Get a call from driver saying he is 30 seconds away and asking if I can come downstairs to collect the order. I go downstairs and wait four minutes but still no driver. 8:59 p.m. I call driver to find out where he is. Turns out he was down the street (slight typo in he delivery address). 9:02 p.m. I have my food. 9:04 p.m. I’m watching Narcos. Total time from order to delivery: 20 minutes. A few days ago I ordered from the same restaurant through Eat24. Similar experience. Food was delivered within 20 minutes. My girlfriend uses UberEats and seems to be quite pleased with it. Point is, if you’re still using DoorDash, you have only yourself to blame.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Sharibaby678
    Grubhub saves me from cooking!! I’ve Always had a good experience!
  • Order canceled / card still charged 1/5

    By angryremi
    Order canceled for mystery reason that multiple calls to customer service couldn’t get to the bottom of — card still charged. They claimed that the restaurant had a busy signal after I’d spoken to the manager using the same phone number moments before. Pathetic customer service and resolution.
  • Easy and quick 5/5

    By kylewlas
    Best ordering app especially when your out of town and don’t where to order from or you left your wallet at home easy selection choices only thing that could be better is if they paid for the food
  • Beat 1/5

    By Grfix2354
    I used to love grubhub when it was just a platform to connect restaurants to customers. Ever since they started employing their own drivers, their service has gone down hill. Uber Eats is much faster and more reliable.
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By Evoteks
    First time using the app. I now have the ability to have carried out food from restaurants thats I would normally pick up the food.
  • Love it 5/5

    By towguy82
    Absolutely love it. I travel a lot and when I’m in a new area I always use this app and it’s super fast delivery.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By cici19986
    I’ve been ordering from them for a bit I haven’t really had any trouble and then today happened I was starving and I saw hey sent me a coupon code so I bypassed all the other options I had so I could use it hey transaction was seamless the food was order at 1:49 it was supposed to be here around 2:29-2:39 which is kinda reasonable even though the place is right down the street so 1:15 hits and I look back at my order to see where it’s at and it says it won’t be delivered until 3:49 now and this I’m mad because I’m starving so I call Red Robin (which is where I ordered the food from) and they tell me the food has been sitting there for 20 minutes and no one has picked it up from there I proceed to call grub hub after being hung up on three times by some very rude customer service representatives I finally reached someone who’ll in all confirmed my order was cancelled and that I wouldn’t be charged but I also wouldn’t be getting my food but a $7 voucher makes up for all the trouble I went through 🙃🙃should’ve it’s stuck with papa Johns
  • Great app 5/5

    By whiteYeezys
    Ermagherrd I LERVE IT
  • Prices so are insane. 1/5

    By SirSeminole
    Tried to place a order and it said it wouldn’t work with my card, switched to bitesquad and the prices are insanely cheaper, my order price was a $12 difference. Bitesquad is the way to go if you can.
  • Delivery vs Pick-Up...needs better differentiation 1/5

    By Disgruntled General
    Delivery vs Pick-Up...needs better differentiation
  • Solid app 4/5

    By redwhiteandawesome
    I user grub hub pretty often, and it usually works pretty great. In rare occasions there will be glitches, but usually it has more to do with menu items missing or unavailable, which is the individual restaurants' responsibility, not Grub Hub. In any case, this is my Go To app for ordering delivery.
  • Unsatisfied 2/5

    By 042790
    I ordered from Grubhub and it took an hour for my delivery but when my order was time to be delivered I get this txt message “Hi, Grubhub here. Your order has been canceled. Please check your email for more information.” And now it’s to late to order anything but bar food. This is not the first time Grubhub has done this to me.
  • La # 1 Food delivery service 5/5

    By a23angel🎁
    Grub hub has changed my life forever . I’ve tried this app from San Diego to ..Hawaii And also New York’s. I can comfortably say that Grub has amazing prompt and professional service. They have a wide variety of ethnic cousins that have not disappointed my pallet. The food is reasonably price and delivered hot and on time. I no longer wait in long restaurant lines nor drive through. Grub hub you have my vote . Love Dora 🎉
  • No map option 1/5

    By thedamnnicknamesaretaken
    The app required me to punch in the address vs. pinpoint on a map. Ridiculous.
  • A little pricey but totally worth it! 5/5

    By Alex3775
    This app is great!
  • One minor complaint. Tips! 4/5

    By Russps
    Tip percentage in the app is calculated on grand total (tax, delivery fee) instead of on the subtotal. I know I’m nitpicking.
  • Group orders 3/5

    By Chai9874
    There’s no functionality for group ordering. I always liked that and Foodler. Also, I find the interface a bit clunky, especially around the payment and delivery options.
  • Way better than uber eats 4/5

    By Zacg201
    Grub hub is a great app and the only reason I️t doesn’t get 5 stars is because of the limited selection of restaurants in any area and how you can’t pay cash with all of them.. other than that extremely simple user experience way better than uber eats and the Grubhub people who bring you the food are much more friendly when they bring I️t. Not to mention all the cool coupons you can receive from them for discounts often.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rafael11204
    Very user friendly app.
  • Love the Express Reorder 5/5

    By Bmarx doggy
    The app works as expected. Never had an issue with the app. Makes ordering things extremely simple and fast. What more do you want?
  • Loving it so far 😊 5/5

    By OliviaDiaries
    The app itself is great. It’s easy to navigate and straight to the point. I like the options that it gives at the end such as the percentage I would like to tip, reviewing my order, and allowing me put comments on my order. The most import thing outside of all that is at the very end of your order when you payment goes through they give you the customer service number as well as the restaurants number if you have questions or changes. Some of you need to consider that. The restaurant messing up your order when you know what you asked for isn’t Grubhub’s fault.
  • Consistent 5/5

    By Dtxdgxcdu
    Works every time, no problems with the retailers. Orders have always been correct and timely.

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