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  • Current Version: 2.7.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Game Insight
  • Compatibility: Android
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“A brilliant multiplayer FPS that you should just go and play right now. 9/10” — PocketGamer “A super slick super shooty super shooter. This is one of the best multiplayer FPS games to have hit the App Store in recent memory.“ — AppSpy “Guns of Boom is some solid, streamlined shooting that feels better than quite a few other mobile shooters.” — 148Apps • Easy and intuitive controls: pump your opponents full of lead from the get-go! • Awesome graphics for immersive gameplay: stylish levels and cool animation will keep you glued to the screen! • Autofire: all you need to do is get the enemy into your crosshairs. • Dynamic battles: play on a team and rip your enemies to shreds! The more active you are in battle, the better your reward will be! • Various guns: 48 weapons to choose from, including machine guns, assault and sniper rifles, shotguns, and more. Each has its own unique ability: increased headshot damage, slowing down enemies, and even health leeching. Find a gun that fits your style of play! • Explosive fun: free mobile shoot-outs that will leave your heart pounding! Gear up, soldiers! Soldier! You are one step away from action-packed combat! Can you keep steady aim under heavy fire and gun down enemies while grenades are exploding all around you? Can you handle that kind of fun?! Welcome to the game then! This ain’t no regular army, though. No one will tell you what to do or where to shoot. You have to make your own decisions and choose your own battles. Team up with other soldiers, get good at killing opponents and dominate the battlefield. Make a blitz attack, spraying lead in all directions, or try and shoot your opponent from a safe distance, taking your time to aim directly for the head. It's always your call.
 Now, these wars won’t fight themselves! Get to the armory, gear up, and start making a BOOM! On the double! Guns of Boom is a hardcore multiplayer shooter with eye-popping 3D graphics and blood-boiling gameplay. It’s so simple that your cat can learn the controls, but the skill-cap is high enough to make even hardened FPS veterans break a sweat. Engage in online PvP battles on a variety of maps, utilizing different deadly guns, as well as frag grenades and med kits. Experience the ultimate competitive tension without leaving your couch!


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  • Glitches 2/5

    By Ben6880
    Guns of Boom has a consistent glitch when opening crates that have been awarded after viewing advertisements, there is no reward! It happens all the time and it becomes annoying especially after I have made multiple purchases in the game. Seems like there just getting over on the advertising without having to reward the views. ***And apparently there’s a glitch where I can’t send in my review? I’ve attempted for almost an hour before copying my post and adding to it in hopes of posting.
  • 12/11/2017 Lag like no tomorrow 1/5

    By Paul3151626
    If you don't mind it leaving the match every 1/3 games and lagging then it's a good game. Other than that it's pretty bad.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Roger Banman
    1 of the most awesome games I’ve played, period. Thank you!!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Lchxgoxgldhd kvypdowrisjf
    I hate this game only because every time I try to enter a battle it says finding a match but then it takes me back to the home screen
  • Total scam don’t spend a dime! 1/5

    By donminotti
    They “ allegedly “ got hacked and all of us lost our accts, all the money we spent. And hrs and levels on the game. After endless emails to the Game Center’s “Mary “ who never reads your emails you send them all the proof of the loss of money and they lead you on this bs ride never gets you your old acct back nor the money you were ripped off from ! Make you think they are helping you but ain’t!! Scam !! save your money
  • Great game 5/5

    By XmanF1
    Love this game, it doesn't feel too serious and delivers tons of fun
  • Really good game 5/5

    By Whitman07
    This game has very good graphics and gameplay. I love all of the guns and definitely the sniper they work great. All the missions are set up very well and have great rewards. I was worried at first because I am not very good at these kind of games on mobile but the whole game is just build so well i am actually good at it lol 😂. Also all the maps are great 👍 it would be cool if we could see shields in the future and also different game modes like capture the flag and free for all. Also think it would be cool if we could get like different level crates. I have not found any glitches yet but if I do I will be sure to make sure you know so you can fix it. Thanks for the grate game and keep it up 🙂🙂
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Aleah abandoned
    I’m horrible at aiming so it helps that it aims for me. And has the things i need in the game to play and achieve wins. Thank you for your time👍
  • I tried! 1/5

    By Shayclo25
    I was excited to play but it doesn't load past 96% oh well!
  • Please Add Voice Chat!! 4/5

    By MT2FLEE
    Overall its dam near a 5 star game with all its awesome features, I feel the Streamin to Youtube feature needs some work as it constantly freezes or crashes while Live Streaming. The game could also use a Voice chat feature which would also be a nice add.
  • Guns of boom 4/5

    By mlgganstar
    This game is really addictive and because I play a lot of tf2 I feel like it would be awesome if you guys could make it so we can Download the game off of steam or be able to play it on computers
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Hotshotcolt00765
    Guns of boom is the best game I’ve ever played. This game is easy to control it also shoots by its self. That’s what I call a game. Some people can’t shoot with the stick because when you are holding the stick and the stick to move it is very hard. Thanks for this game Guns of Boom developers!!!!!!😊😀
  • Unplayable literally 1/5

    By Awblabla
    So I downloaded this and thought it was cool it stoped loading at 96% in the start screen I haven’t been able to play it since
  • Looks great but... 3/5

    By 273743
    I just downloaded the game and now when I try to play it the loading bar gets stuck on 96 please fix this

    By Superdue2345
  • Great Game 3/5

    By W8n4abeer
    Great game but to compete be prepared to spend money. Its pay to win..
  • One slight problem with update 5/5

    By chrisie198920
    I’m currently at level 14 and I can’t use any of the new updates to the game.I love this game a lot but this little bug is kinda a problem.Plz fix soon.
  • First time n a long time 5/5

    By KingofGhost
    Took a chance, usually don’t like AT ALL FREE GAMES(for a lot of reasons) But THIS! THIS GAME HERE 🤩 playing as if was a console game! Txt 4 friends within hours of downloading it to Praise n’d tell em it’s a must get!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tftfrffyyug
    I love this app I play it on my iPad all the time, but now it's not compatible with my phone! I want the developers to make this app compatible with the 5c please!!!!!
  • Don’t play because lot of cheaters and hackers 1/5

    By Racin' Jason
    Not fun more, they should banned someone is cheating and hackers
  • Anger 2/5

    By MythicalLegend
    I’m starting to hate this game. Sometimes I have quests that require money and at the end of a match it gives me the choice to double the money I got for that math so I watch the video to double my money and after that my money stays the same so I thought well just a little glitch so I watch another, still doesn’t work and I watch another and I watch about 3-4 videos and no double money and this has been happening to me for the past week or so it’s very frustrating to be given the choice to either take the money u got for that game or watch a video when u could be playing another game to double ur money and not get double the money what if I want to buy something and I have to get off the game in a couple of mins and I think well I can just double my money at the end of this and buy that expensive but good gun but it won’t double and I can’t get on for a while. It gets annoying after a while
  • Killer game, IF it was playable. 1/5

    By Bjones'n
    Beautiful game, a ton of fun too, unfortunately after about a week or two of gameplay the game is now unplayable. Every game I try to play I get booted with an error code about connection issues. My WiFi is full strength and I ran a test on my speed, it’s through the roof. So, it’s not on my end. There are also vids on YouTube and comments on forums of others having the same issue. Sent a request to support, but heard nothing back. I even dropped money on the game, and yet it’s unplayable. Really disappointed. ——- Update: after not hearing back from support via in-game support request I decided to try their website. I did get a reply within 24hrs, which was nice, however the experience has been less than ideal and they have not really provided any support beyond a generic response for remedies if things already tried. Their last reply was to send a report via in-game...which if you read above was already done. Again, really disappointed.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Yhimas
  • One of the best games 5/5

    By Coclove41738
    Addicting and fun!
  • Meh 3/5

    By GeezLouieez
    It was good the first month but it got really boring so it’s a three it would be four but it sort of wasted a month of my life
  • Match-making 1/5

    By mpgiordano
    Keep putting me on the losing team on Join in Progress games and Keep pairing me with people who are in silver league and you can keep the one star rating. Punish people who sit idle in spawn and fix your matchmaking
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Destroyer2169😎
    I love the game and most of the game modes but the one game types where you have to capture the points I don't like I like the traditional just shoot and kill.
  • Issue 5/5

    By kingwale099
    I have full network when I’m connected to my WiFi why does the game keeps having glitches there by taking 100 points out of my ratings. Sometimes I’m done with a game and the next game starts acting up like my WiFi isn’t good. Then I lose 100 points. Please fix this problem.
  • Pros and cons 5/5

    By Pmcdonv
    Pros: great game, smooth gameplay, FPS, and transitions Cons: it is a mobile game so don’t expect call of duty
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Alec Folz
    This game is so well made and my FPS just blew up with excitement I am not good at regular FPS games but this one I am great Like a mobile call of duty
  • Addicting but match making is BS 1/5

    By fsustp
    This game is addicting but when you level up they throw you in with players that are way too powerful instead of letting you play with at level players. There is a reason why you never see the levels of you opponents. There is a very simple fix to this issue... use trophies as the match making. I leveled to 28 a week ago had 2500 trophies. Since leveling up my gun that required a LVL 28 to max it out is weak and I lost over 1100 trophies when before my win rate was about 60% always top 2 performers. Now I am always in number 4 and I haven’t won a game since I last leveled up. It has become so bad that I have been playing it less and less. I highly recommend that you skip this game and move on to a game that’s more fair, entertaining, and rewarding. Not a game that punishes those that do not pay money. UPDATE: the recent update has made things worse. Not only is the game incredibly buggy (playing at 136 MBPS on WiFi) but they place you against teams that are heavily armed and incredibly hard to kill. The biggest issue with the game is when you level up you face the top tier opponents. It’s hard to come in first. In its incredibly hard to come in as high as 3rd place in a winning team (if you are lucky enough to get on a winning team.) I found out the hard way when you spend money to equal it out that will last a day then you will be stuck with facing opponents that will waste you in moments. The developers said they were working on this but they have yet to fix it. I hope soon it’s fixed because soon it will be a deleted app... just trying to get my moneys wort. Response to Developer: Matches are not equal when your team scores only half of the score the other team. If the matches were truly equal this would not be an issue. Again this is ruining what could be a fun game.
  • Really cool game 4/5

    By Tusken10
    Really fun and cool game but after this most recent update, the performance has gotten noticeably worse. Lag has gotten a lot more noticeable, hit detection seems worse. When I can get kills or assists, it sometimes doesn’t register. There are times where it does flow smoothly, and when it does it’s a great game. 5 of 5 stars before the update, 3 of 5 after the update.
  • Only reason why 5 stars 4/5

    By Jskdk77
    Dope game . just wish you can be compatible to the steelseries controller for the Iphone
  • Horrible robed me of all money spent just to rest it 1/5

    By Jay__789
    They took all the money invested in the game then reset the game to make all of us rebuy the guns it BS!!!!
  • Glitch 4/5

    By chameleon fighter
    The new update won't update on my phone but other then the not updating part it is really fun
  • Racist username 1/5

    By Mackzii
    Someone on this app is using the name n*gger boy you guys should screen for offensive names like that or have a report button
  • Mejor juego 5/5

    By fernandita ❤️
    Es el mejor juego que tengo suiguan haciendo juegos así
  • Super good 5/5

    By LookytheKookyBird
    This game is so fun it’s the best mobile game. I should be mobile GOTY
  • Update problems 3/5

    By dfhhgscgygfc
    I had to update the game but after I updated it whenever I tried to play the update sign kept coming up, so now I can’t play. But other than that the game was pretty fun.
  • GG 5/5

    By Ktyeha42
    Good Game
  • Just updated and won’t let me play??? 3/5

    By klippings
    What the heck
  • Better than a 3 star 5/5

    By !timmy24!
    There is in game currency, but without paying a person can have a lot of fun, it isn’t just about the guns but strategy and teamwork.
  • Hi 5/5

    By KayStar75
    I like this game and all of you reading this suck✌🏽
  • Don’t buy Gold 3/5

    By NoWiFi4u
    This game is a gem, until you hit level 34. I’ve deleted the game and started over 5 times and loved every minute of it. I’m not going to spend $99 to get 5000 gold + 2000. I would love to see more in game perks, like before!! The other issue I have is how the game pits players together, math algorithm seams off! I’m more then happy to spend a little money here and their, but ask your self this question if I buy a console game at $60 I get everything, if I want map packs I pay for those! Your users are conflicted, the game is the best FPS on the phone. Knowing this, should you reconsider how you value your customers. Your on an epic path and should let your customers know your in it to win with them. P.S. not a angry player, how can you be angry, it’s a game lol. Keep producing great FPS games.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Gioninho25
    This game is so versatile so many things to with friends and on your own.
  • 이번 업데이트 후 화면에 글씨가 안뜸 3/5

    By 옹옹이
  • Don’t take the game too seriously, don’t play after lvl 34 “message to developers at the bottom” 2/5

    By Ratrodjoe
    Once you reach a level 34 unless you own the top level shotgun which is the porcupine or top level assault rifle which is the juggernaut then you are going to probably lose almost every game. It is a free to play game, you are free to play it however after level 34 unless you’re willing to cough up some big bucks anywhere from 60 to several hundred dollars you’re not gonna have much fun. Part of the fun is winning on occasion, however the developers feel like you should be pressured via one sided matchmaking resulting in 90% losses to purchase guns via gold coins. Now you were given the opportunity to win gold on a daily basis however the amount is so minimal it would take you months to save up for one of these guns or you could pay the exorbitant price in which they ask for gold coins. I have made attempts to work with the developers and provide them positive useful feedback with measurable results however I feel like they are used to dealing with kids or grown men who are just crybabies that complain about the game too much and didn’t take me seriously. Final thought, this game has a real problem with how it’s being handled however it is fun to play until you reach level 34. Hope this review helps those in the shooting games community. Message to developers: The overpowering and overpriced porcupine and juggernaut make this game “Pay To Play”. When you guys started this game you stated this would not be a pay to play, however those 2 guns are the the definition there of. When a user plays a game it is customary to place that user against others of his skill set and weapons load out but you, Guns Of Boom, do not match players this way. So the result is a constant stream of losses and an extreme lack of fun and satisfaction. I greatly hope you change your matchmaking to place players of equal trophy count against each other instead of player level. Player level matchmaking is inherently flawed and has been for years, which is why so many other game developers have stopped using such algorithms.
  • Exciting 5/5

    By AFish26
    GUNS OF BOOM! is awesome, the game has some issues but there are no games that don’t have lag when they support this many players. For most of the reviews I’ve seen everyone cry’s about after lvl 34 well I’m lvl 43 and don’t have a porcupine or juggernaut and still hold a 1.98 KD. I will say I did spend $10 to get the ranger. The only problem I have with the developers is that once I hit lvl 34 I got a deal for the jugg and ever since then no deals. A Black Friday deal would have been great.
  • I agree, fun until lvl 34 2/5

    By MTP221
    I agree with the reviewer Ratrodjo, I have enjoyed the game and even could handle leveling up past 34 until this last update. Before then, I had teams with varying lvls of skill/guns, etc. Now, everyone has Juggernaut and Porcupines making the game impossible. I don’t mind playing with the people who invest money in the game. You need another way besides level to group us. Now, I can barely get 2 kills with 10-15 assists because the porcupine ppl run around and take kills with one shot. Why would you ever base the teams in lvl when you allow ppl to boost and pay for lvls faster. Go back to the old least I had a fighting chance. Now it’s impossible to even do my quests. This is where I start to find a new favorite game and say “Goodbye to the Boom”. I will give you guys a few weeks but playing this game has now turned into misery.
  • Best game new map yeeees 5/5

    By Danilo Serbia
    You are the best

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