GyroSphere Trials

GyroSphere Trials

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  • Current Version: 1.4.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pronetis
  • Compatibility: Android
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GyroSphere Trials App

Join the fun and test your ability to master the GyroSphere! Go break your own records and tell your friends about it! It’s a fast-paced race through endless, unpredictable obstacles and time is running out! Roll, spin, jump, but don’t fall and lose lives! It’s a challenging course in an abstract world, but with uncompromising physics! You will easily learn to control the GyroSpere, but can you master it? Time is of the essence! Only speed and focus will help you unlock more arenas with new challenges ahead! Keep trying to be better and beat your own times! Work your way up! Features: - Easy, one finger swipe ball control - Super-realistic physics based tracks - Earn points to unlock new arenas - Wildcards let you play a level without losing spheres / lives - Sharing options - Offers in-app purchases to buy more spheres and free play cards. Our fans say it better, here's one of our favorite reviews so far: Wipe that look off your face by Nordicblood "Hey you! Yes. You. The one staring at these words with that weird look of confusion and amusement. Stop. You look stupid. This game starts easy, and you'll think you have it in the bag, then whammy, you're ported to a world of hair tearing frustration. Stop. Wipe that arrogant look of confidence off your face. You wit succeed. No one escapes the Gyrosphere. No one. I mean, if you feel like you can get over the difficult controls and fling your ball over the abyss below and land on a little platform with a little circular target on it that, depending on your speed and trajectory, will launch you to another platform of equally frustrating obstacles. See. That's the face I'm looking for, curious and determined. Give it a go, you may like it. I do. I haven't yet reached the end of all of the paths. I've sacrificed life and limb for the 'sphere. Welcome to it kid." Please contact us with feedback at We’d love to hear from you.


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GyroSphere Trials app reviews

  • Lack of balls 2/5

    By Jeremy Greiss
    The game is fun but it’s stupid that you need to pay for balls. I am deleting the game because I am not going to pay for balls which is a waste of money. Just let the game have unlimited balls and I will download again.
  • Bad game with great potential 2/5

    By george_6985
    This game is insanely fun and addicting but I’ve run out of balls. The least I can ask is that you give us infinite free plays that don’t use balls
  • Fun, but not worth it 1/5

    By Msisjdj
    The game only gives you 100 balls, and every time you fall you lose a ball. Once you run out, you have to buy more! There’s already tons of ads, but it’s still a pay-to-win game. Overall, it’s not worth playing.
  • Minutes worth of fun, HOURS worth of ads 1/5

    By ToeTaggedJay
    The game would be fun if the ads didn’t pop up every time you do anything. The ads are too overpowering. Most of them are :30 - :45 ads. I don’t really write reviews but this game deserves a review because of the ridiculous amount of ads.
  • Needs an iPhone 10 update 2/5

    By matt_hatmaker
    I enjoy this app but it needs and iPhone 10 update to play it full screen.
  • Fun but to many ads 4/5

    By Iefalcon10
    It’s the best games I ever played but I removed one star because it had to many ads.
  • Out of balls 2/5

    By Hdgamer1122
    I used all of my free passes and all of my balls and maxed out my times on all the levels I managed to get green before I ran out. It’s stupid that you have to use balls to try and improve your time on levels you’ve beaten. I refuse to watch ads just to play the game, or pay for balls. It’s fun for the first few levels, the physics are actually really great. Maybe they’ll fix the balls and it’ll be playable again.
  • Really good at pissing me off 2/5

    By Colin ainsworth
  • Ads are overwhelming 1/5

    By Scottyg9
    The game makes you watch constant ads so that you can't even play the game without having to watch a 30 second ad every two minutes.
  • Honestly an incredible game 5/5

    By Jacksonj514
    Anyone who reads this, you need to download this, it’s great

    By Alaina kitty cat
    There is too many ads! After every level there is an add. It wouldn't turn good and also it wanted you to pay after you ran out of balls

    By Bilbo-'h👔27
  • good game 3/5

    By lindsseeyy
    i'm giving this a 3/5 stars because once you lose all your lives you basically have to pay for more to play , and it's sad tho bc i really like the game.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kaitlyn~Marie
    Yeah this is a really terrible game. I don’t recommend it. What I do recommend is that you fix the game. 😴😴🖕
  • Good 3/5

    By XxAcobRabbit7294xX
    If u don't want ads turn off wifi
  • Fun but lack of balls infuriating 2/5

    By Norway772
    The game is very fun, but the fact that you can actually reach a point where you simply cannot play the game without paying for more balls is utterly stupid. I already paid for the no ads version, to ask me to pay for balls just to play the dumb game is insanely greedy. Not to mention it means that people will stop playing the game for good, like myself, when they run out of balls and you lose interest in the game.
  • Gyro sphere 1/5

    By arlethie
    Your game is way to stressful for kids to be doing it my child is really mad throwing a temper make it easier.
  • Great concept! Brilliant color! 5/5

    By Catsachillin
    Props for whoever chose the color schemes and designed the background. Amazing game definitely worth downloading. Can’t wait to see more games like this one coming into the App Store keep it up. Stay classy.
  • GyroSphere Easy game 3/5

    By Blakej0519
    This is an extremely easy game, beat all the levels with 5 stars in like an hour, and they never add new levels. But it was fun while it lasted.
  • Ads are ridiculous... 2/5

    By Redoctober25
    Ok... I get that in order to be somewhat "free" to play that I'd have to watch ads periodically. What I didn't expect was to have to watch a 30 sec ad after each and every level. Initially it was a decent game but I deleted it after getting frustrated with the frequency of ads.
  • Turning isn't a thing on this game 2/5

    By j6den
    This game is very fun and challenging, but the turning is just awful. At some moments I will spin a 180 degree turn but then at other times I can't turn at all. What I'm saying is that you should make the turning more easier to use so people can have more fun
  • Boring, Clear Money Grab. 1/5

    By AlphxRice
    This game gets boring after the first few levels and during my time playing those first few, I had to close 10+ ads. This game doesn't do a good job of keeping your attention as the levels aren't very creative.

    By Amazing ... but
    probably one of the best games on the app store
  • Addicted 5/5

    By Ricky1984117
    This game is so much fun!!!! Super easy to control barley any ads and so much fun!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Way to many ads!!! Makes it hard to play game 1/5

    By Eliz16
    Way to many ads!!! Makes it hard to play game, everytime you fail you have 10sec of ad.
  • Delete after Arena 6 2/5

    By Larrynmn
    Getting better times without spending money is impossible. The last three arenas are effectively behind a paywall. GG

    By Mr. Meahage
    This game is actually the definition of rage, and unless you wanna fix your wall, don't put this on ur phone.
  • Raging 1/5

    By nskehfcjsjdhfvgkjejd
    This game is so raging I threw my phone thankfully I had a life prude case on so it didn't crack but I've been stuck on a level for 1 year
  • Really fun 5/5

    By Cowz r cool
    I played a game like this a long time ago and I'm not sure why people rage games are getting easier and they are not used to a challenge anymore
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Roadrash3
    Love it totally addicting, beat all the levels now I need more
  • Aerox Clone? 3/5

    By CroshBash
    Wow I played a game called Aerox and is just like this the only thing is this is new with bad graphics I'm surprised they made a clone of that ohh well I guess there's nothing new under the sun
  • Trash 1/5

    By dodge chellanger
    Why did you make it so hard for little kids to play it's so boring in disgusting
  • A D S 1/5

    By Logan8er120
    Are you guys proud of how many ads you put in this game? I sure hope so!
  • This game is. 1/5

    By Hdjdjsnxuxjcsusjcyudjs
    I've never played a game that made me want to kill myself more then this one. This game is fun sometimes but actually so outraging. Don't play it unless you are willing to fix the wall after you've punched it.
  • Ridiculous pay to play 2/5

    By PletierBR
    Potentially good game, but you need to accumulate too many spheres to be able to play non stop, if you run out of them, you gotta buy more. Not worth all the ads and low ability to play
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ATurkeyWing
    Don't download this game, it is the most rage inducing game in the AppStore. The whole thing with having to get better times to unlock new levels is just annoying. I want this game to be a game where when you beat a level you move onto the next one, unlimited lives and beat the level for the next one type of gameplay
  • Bad 1/5

    By mrtrdgdhhahhgfgvb
    It's not easy but it is the most baddest game I have ever played
  • Awsome 5/5

    By Littleboygavincookie
    Just awsome follow me @littleboy_gavincookie on insta
  • Lot of fun... 4/5

    By MazMan777
    But need more levels. Beat this game a while ago after spending an ok amt of money on extra spheres. Now I just play to try and beat my time on every level and have 1000+ spheres. When will more levels come out?
  • Trap 1/5

    By Daddypop27
    Great game but very challenging,Which turns it into a pay to play.unless you are robotically perfect you must pay to keep playing and that will not go over well with most people.
  • The most rage inducing game!!! 2/5

    By Braytonp
    I downloaded this game because it looked pretty fun. Usually I look at the reviews but I didn't, but I said I'll download it. The first 1 through 4 levels are pretty easy, after that don't think you are gonna be cool and collected!!! NOPE, this game is so rage inducing it is ridiculously hard. I played it for a while and couldn't get all of the "star things" so don't download this game thinking you will be a perfectionist.

    By MadMonk1100
    This game would not let me role i hate it and when i got to role it was loaded with ads and it was alwase stopping me in the middle of my game
  • App wants to play ad linger than you could play. 1/5

    By Modi bhakt
    One of the crappy app. It freezes, plays ads randomly right in between of action, leaves the game unplayable. I don't like to spend time reviewing apps, but this app is so frustrating that I decided to dedicate 2 min writing my first ever review. Save time and don't download. 😊
  • Stuck on level 36 glitch and crash. 1/5

    By WaderofDM
    This use to be a favorite iPad game to play. Now I start level 36, play until an ad comes up, then it crashes. Nothing more frustrating than coming this far to get nowhere. I've about had it. It works better on my android, but harder to control on a smaller screen.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Jan 13th 2015
    It's a great game until level 13 because you can't even play it the glitches so bad.
  • Glitches 3/5

    By Mason2000
    It's a good game until level 13 where it glitches constantly
  • Wewe 5/5

    By LJPapa
  • Messed up sensitivity 1/5

    By Trevor Martinez
    The sensitivity keeps messing up. It'll be super slow then I'll get the hang of it and it'll speed up. Please fix this
  • H 5/5

    By Rfyjumg
    Good game
  • Too many adds now! 2/5

    By Jilliams
    The game used to be fun to play here and there once you've beaten all the levels, but now there is an add after every level which gets old. Add new levels and you might get some people to deal with all the adds.

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