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Hanging With Friends

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  • Current Version: 4.90
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zynga Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hanging With Friends App

The creative geniuses behind Words With Friends are pleased to bring you your next word game addiction: Hanging With Friends! Hanging With Friends brings a brand new twist to the classic game of hangman that adds creativity, strategy and fun for all ages. Build mystery words to stump, amuse or impress your friends, but be prepared to flex those brain muscles as you decipher the words they send back to you. Key Features: • Cute characters in perilous situations • Instant replay lets you see your opponent’s guesses • Use strategic lifelines for hints Built on the Games With Friends platform: • Turn based design lets you play up to 20 games simultaneously • Play with your friends or find a match with a random opponent • Stay in touch with your friends and family with in-game chat messaging • Push notifications tell you when it’s your turn • Find friends to play with easily using Facebook Connect _________________________________________ If you like Hanging With Friends, try Words With Friends and Chess With Friends! Already a fan of the game? Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HangingWithFriends Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/HangingWFriends ____________________________________ ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES: ● Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. These Terms are available through the License Agreement field below, and at http://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service. ● For specific information about how Zynga collects and uses personal or other data, please read our privacy policy at http://m.zynga.com/privacy/policy. Zynga’s Privacy Policy is also available through the Privacy Policy field below. ● The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99. ● This game does permit a user to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and as such players may come into contact with other people when playing this game. ● Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to in this game may also apply to you. ● You will be given the opportunity to participate in special offers, events, and programs from Zynga Inc. and its partners. ● Must be 13+ to play. ● Use of this application requires a Facebook or Games With Friends account.


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Hanging With Friends app reviews

  • What happened to the missions? 2/5

    By Ineedauniquenickname
    I can see in my profile that i have 3 partially met missions, but if i select the mission button, it says there are no more to complete. Whats up with that?
  • Fun game, challenging! 4/5

    By Dc1577
    Somehow, there was a review I didn’t write that I couldn’t delete to write this one, so I hit send but it reappeared again! Now I can see why there are some serious bugs that need fixing! I also pay for Ad~free version, yet I have at least as many ads as before. Contacted them, no results. You have to call your bank to keep them from auto~debiting. Also, I’ve also had ads freeze up my screen; x’ing out didn’t work. Had to power off my phone. Which also fixed the problem another player had as well: blinking avatars! However, I LOVE this game! Especially with a friend who challenges me & is challenged by me too! I’ve had several random players who asked me to play, & it was quite obvious they used the Cheaters app for this game 🤬. No more random players!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Thenonnaof3
    I enjoy this a lot. Keeps me thinking. Way too many ads, but it’s still a game I really like!
  • Rules & Scoring 4/5

    By Goodbird2
    I don't know where the rules are and I don't really understand the scoring. What are the balloons about? But I still like it and enjoy playing it a lot. UPDATE I have learned to play pretty well. I wish there was some scoring system that would take into account not using all of the strikes. Update. The ads are taking over. Sometimes you can’t figure out how to shut them off and sometimes it freezes the whole game. I still like it though.
  • Meh. 2/5

    By Kohga_ninja
    There are better games out there.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Nfong
    I had at one point PURCHASED this game with my old ID and since I had to change my ID, I had to reload the game. Months ago I had emailed to see if it could revert back so I would have the ads AND NEVER RECEIVED a reply back. So that is why it is only getting one star for lack of response.
  • Fun! 4/5

    By Looking good!
    I enjoy this game. Fun times based on the pen and paper game of childhood. I don't mind the adds, heck it keeps the game free!
  • App shuts down! 1/5

    By Holy drunk
    Every time I open it, after trying to clos the first ad, the app shuts down and kicks me out. Unable to play!
  • Obnoxious ads! 1/5

    By LGGF
    I love the game. My husband, son, and I really enjoy to challenge each other. But the annoying ads have got to go. They are too frequent, too long, and it is too hard to get out of them. Angry Birds ads are the worst!! Please stop. You are losing players.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By LoeMaine
    My opponent will play his turn, I get a notification, then I open the app to play and click on the game then it still shows he hasn’t played. I’ll check back a couple hours later and it will work.
  • Too many ads! 3/5

    By Napbabe
    I would give this app more stars if there were less ads or if I could close they easier I had to leave app to get it to go away this is very annoying. I understand why there are ads but they are worst now than they us to be.
  • Family game 5/5

    By Jon77833
    Fun way to stay in touch with family of all ages.
  • Shuts Down 1/5

    By RaggedyAnne19
    Since last iOS update, I’ve lost multiple games due game shutting down in middle of play. Very frustrating!
  • Unwanted Games 2/5

    By 1Great nana
    The app continues to bring up new and unwanted games. Then, it prevents me from closing them out so that i may go back to the intended project. NOT GOOD!!!!!
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Babs Rox
    Fun game to play with friends or random people.
  • Ads 4/5

    By Pensul
    Love this game. Problem with ads seems to be fixed. I hope so.
  • Used to love it 1/5

    By PaTina LaFontaine
    This game has become so glitchy it's almost impossible to play. I sometimes have to completely close out to continue to play. I hope it gets fixed, because it really is a fun game.
  • Words game 3/5

    By PGB51
    Great way to keep in touch with friends and vocabulary. Game often doesn't recognize words. Could expand its library a bit. Totally agree with other reviews. Game offerings adds are particularly obnoxious. They keep offering games for kids or fighting non of which interest me
  • Hanging free 3/5

    By NeeNee82
    Great game I wish they didn't have so many ads every time you finish a game it's crazy. Get rid of the ads.
  • Good game 4/5

    By DaleMurph1
    I like it
  • The game is fun but... 4/5

    By best nesser
    ...turning off the ads is a drag. Why can't they all have the delete button in the same place?? I feel like the advertisers are trying to keep us on our toes with moving everything around. The point is they ARE and I find myself resenting them!!!
  • Impossible 1/5

    By Smerrihew
    Kind of hard to play the game when it crashes after the first ad. Uninstalled.
  • Add stats 3/5

    By Nox4d79
    I do like this and but I’m very competitive and would like to add stats like words with friends. Also the ads have gotten out of control.
  • Advertisements 1/5

    By The Little Terrier
    Ruining a great game with the incessant interruptions of advertisements.
  • Perverts 1/5

    By Laura_Lo
    This game has perverts that send perverted comments and you can’t block or report them. Deleting.
  • SNEAKY ADS 4/5

    By Nyo-Nyo
    I really enjoy the game, and for the most part, I actually don't mind the ads because I sometimes discover new games. The problem, however, lies in the fact that some of those ads do not have clearly visible X marks to dismiss the ads! It's extremely frustrating because I have fulfilled my obligation by watching the ads. When I cannot dismiss the ads, I have no choice but to restart the app. In doing so, I lose my place in the game. If the ads must play, they should most definitely be able to be dismissed without difficulty or deception.
  • Ads ruin this game 1/5

    By GorgeGypsy
    This game could be fun if the ads weren’t so frequent and insistent. Really cannot recommend.
  • Bad 1/5

    By M2DeRemer
    You haven't updated this game in years. The graphics, powerups, and word length limitations are all boring now. And with your fan base diminishing, you have no choice but to put out a revision for this or let it die.
  • Glitchy 5/5

    By WalkingMusicLady61
    I love the game itself just fine and the graphics are cool enough. Sometimes the game freezes up in the middle of playing and that's a drag. I dislike that the game keeps asking me to do a review when this is the second one. I think the cost is too high on the little challenges though.
  • Jo 4/5

    By Jo510Jo
    Love the game. I always did. And the new look is great except for one thing. After seeing what opponents role a message stays there too long. Its like a delay in the game. Other than that fun fun fun
  • Not good 2/5

    By oboogie1983
    Lots of in game freezing
  • Hanging with Friends 5/5

    By Miaemk
    Really fun! Like playing with other people. Would love more challenges & opportunities to update without having to give up tokens. Perhaps give us a choice when win a challenge?
  • I've loved this app, until... 1/5

    By Weezbears
    Update to my previous review: After installing the latest iOS 11.0.3, the app continually crashes upon opening. I really don't know why you guys can't get your stuff together!!! Update to my 2 star review: You've sunk even lower. You don't even deserve one star. What was once one of my favorite games, a rare game that I didn't mind having to watch the endless commercials of your sponsors to garner enough points to continue playing has now become impossible to play, or even view your advertisers commercials. As soon as I click on the button (going on for about a month), to watch a commercial, it crashes without airing the commercial or awarding me the points I deserve for watching your sponsors messages. Your loyal players, like me, along with your loyal and no doubt, paying advertisers, are getting ripped off. Are the advertisers being charged per click? If so, they're getting royally screwed. You're racking up per view advertising rates without actually living up to your promise to your advertisers OR your players. Kudos to you for your shortsighted end play. Final review? Game delete. This app has always been as good app, it rewarded me when I did well, it was indifferent when I didn't, but I could always count on being able to garner enough points to by watching time consuming ads to add points to my coffer. That's no longer true. So, since my attention to 30-60 second commercials are no longer valuable to your advertisers, I give up. Good luck
  • Addictive game! 3/5

    By Anniegreenthumb
    I've loved playing this game with friends and strangers quite a bit over the last three years. I put up with the ads, but lately they are obnoxious, to the point of me wanting to give this fun up! The ads don't even have an X to jump out of… forcing me to shut the entire game down and open again! For me, that takes the fun right out of it! It's a huge downer and time waster. I hope they fix this soon, or I will find a new game to amuse myself with. 😪
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By 4rickf
    No updates that are worthwhile.. have not added any new levels or challenges in over a year
  • Ads have loud music even when settings have sound off 3/5

    By Ginastudysmart
    How can we play during a staff meeting when we know an ad will play? Sound settings allow us to play in secret but not if the ads blow our cover! Please honor our need for silence and include the ads with our sound preferences!
  • Playing this game is a mistake 1/5

    By ABraveUTit
    I have always been an avid mobile game player. I had never played a Zynga game before and after downloading this game I have had issues (server busy, slow play, screen glitch) every second of using it. Needless to say stay away from this game and apparently any Zynga product if they are anywhere near this!!!
  • Decent Play 4/5

    By Hola from NorCal!
    It's a good enough game & enjoy yet find so many words that are just not in this games vocabulary and should be which can be frustrating. They should add another spot which would expand exponentially more words & brush up on a current dictionary.
  • Fun, yet challenging game 5/5

    By HotCh1ps
    I've been playing this game for years. I like having the option to use coins. I've read some of the other reviews about glitches players were experiencing. Any inconveniences I've experienced in this game have been minor and easily overcome.
  • Fun Game - some flaws 4/5

    By Touchdownc
    This is a fun word game. Challenging. The flaw would be that after you fail to solve your opponents puzzle, the answer flashes so fast and disappears before you have a chance to see what is was. Otherwise a good game.
  • Can’t play 1/5

    By Superstylelady
    I used to have an ad free game. Due to the recent iOS update, I had to reinstall the game and now I have constant ads which prevents me from playing. An ad comes up, then the game crashes. Reinstalled 4-5 times already PLUS contacted Zynga support. Useless game.
  • Used to be 5 stars 2/5

    By Lezlykay
    You’ve basically given up on this game, no more missions and the stupid adds now sometimes you gotta search or just tap all corners for them to stop. I would have kept my previous rating but I can hit take me off lost a thousand times and you keep asking for reviews and now the thing just closes all the time for no reason while I’m playing.
  • Needs to be fixed 2/5

    By That Rage King
    Needs to fix the graphics of the background and characters for newer iPhones
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bruti-123
    Graphics glitches, ads everywhere. Can't "x" out ads, game is broken.
  • So glitchy, I can’t play it anymore! 1/5

    By BrooklynSue
    Your app’s glitchy interface with the newest iPhone OS makes the program crash if I: 1) try to text; 2) try to answer a friend’s text; 3) shop for anything at all; 4) take a “Magic Hat” letter (it charges my coin account for it, but when I try to assign a letter to the blank tile, the game Magically disappears); And 5) look at it sideways. Okay, so not really #5–but every-damned-thing else on the list. I used to love this game; now I can’t afford the blood pressure medication required to play this sadly reduced version. Please—PLEASE—fix it! Or I’ll have no alternative but to turn it off and (the Horror!) deal with the Real World. Which ain’t as much fun as it used to be, either. Maybe you could debug that, too, while you’re at it... Susan O’Neill
  • Schweitzergal 3/5

    By AKH5411
    Fun game but the background graphics has been messed up for weeks now & I've tried everything to fix it on my end and it's still not fixed. Please fix the game!
  • Fun 1/5

    By Decrepit old lady
    Was a good enough game, but now you are sometimes forced to play the ad. I've cut my games to one until this is fixed. If it doesn't get fixed soon, I'll just stop playing. Also, "avatars" need to be more diverse.
  • Fun game, but adds prevent the play. 1/5

    By MenialMan
    Fun game, but adds prevent the play.
  • Not fun anymore 1/5

    By Grandmakittykat
    Now that the bug is fixed and it’s no longer flickering ALL of my purchases are gone, both game coins and real money. I’m about fed up with this game. I only play with one person, so I wouldn’t miss it at all.
  • Too many ads! 3/5

    By Lydjahh
    Ads pop up in the middle of my game and have no means to close them. I end up closing the app and going back to it. I only play because my two friends really like the game.

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