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  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Hannaford Bros Co., LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hannaford App

The Hannaford App lets you earn and manage My Hannaford Rewards and clip and redeem coupons right from your phone. Sign in and update your existing Hannaford account or create a new account with a personalized profile in the app to get started. From there you can earn rewards when you buy our store brands, choose from hundreds of coupons, including personalized "just for you" coupons, and get special offers. You’ll also be able to locate your nearest Hannaford Supermarket and Pharmacy and look up store details for any Hannaford location. ABOUT MY HANNAFORD REWARDS: - You’ll get a confirmation email from us once you’ve updated or set up your account, and you can start earning 2% rewards when you buy our store brands and begin clipping coupons right away. - Each time you go through the checkout, scan the barcode in the app to capture your rewards and redeem coupon savings. - Your rewards can be redeemed quarterly. We’ll send you a notification when it’s time and the next time you shop and scan your barcode, your savings will be deducted from your total. - You and your family members can also redeem coupons and earn rewards by typing the phone number associated with your account on the PIN pad at checkout instead of scanning the barcode. ITEMS THAT QUALIFY FOR REWARDS: All our store brands earn rewards, including most fresh meat, seafood, produce, deli and bakery items that have one of our brand names on the package or a label that has our brand name and no other national brand mentioned on them: - Hannaford Brand - Taste of Inspirations - Nature’s Place - Home 360 - Cha-Ching - Companion - Healthy Accents - CareOne - Etos Our store brands are also the lowest price on the shelf compared to the national brands and come with a DOUBLE MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, so you know you’re getting real value.


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Hannaford app reviews

  • Used coupons don’t disappear 2/5

    By Lckramer
    I really want to like this app, but the coupon features are frustrating. Once a coupon is used it does not disappear from my list of clipped coupons. This makes it very hard to know what I have and have not used. Also, when scrolling through the coupons I accidentally clipped a few. I can’t seem to delete them. Do I have to wait until they expire? And will the actually go away then?? Please fix these issues!
  • Don’t force updates! 2/5

    By 9742183260j
    The only time I am going to use the app is standing in the grocery store, checking against my list. Opening the app to be told I can’t use it until I update it is annoying. Updating in the store is a waste of time and data. Otherwise the app has been ok, but apparently if there’s an update you haven’t installed, the app is unusable.
  • Coupon clipping process needs to be easier 1/5

    By Sarah From Maine
    Coupon clipping process needs to be made easier and improved. Strolling through coupons that are not sorted into categories is tedious and annoying. For that matter, would like it better if app automatically gave coupon discount without having to hunt and clip coupon. At the very least please either categorize coupons or give users the ability to sort coupons into categories.
  • Coupons never load 1/5

    By Leah Fischer
    Great idea but I never get personalized, or new, coupons like you’re supposed to. It has been saying “Error loading your coupons, try again later” for WEEKS. At this point it’s not worth the hassle.
  • This went from 4 to 0 stars! 1/5

    By 7-year Dish customer
    With the recent update, I can no longer log into the app. It prompts me to “Update my info”, but when I do that, I get an error message saying my phone number is already associated with another account. Yes—MINE. As a result, I can neither log in nor update my info. Zero stars. Fix it or it’s useless. (And don’t push out updates until they’re tested and ready)
  • Signs me out with every update 2/5

    By NickME646
    Every time it updates, it signs me out. Have to keep resetting my password. Hugely inconvenient. Also wish it had more features such as a shopping list. Kinda amazed that a grocery store app doesn’t have a shopping list feature.
  • Can’t find the featured merchandise 2/5

    By hudson shopper
    I have a hard time finding the items listed in the coupons. It seems many of them are not available at the store as far as I can tell
  • Hannaford’s 1/5

    By Lady Beau
    After spending over $200.00 they tell me about this “great” App, after I checked out. Husband goes shopping just shy of a week later spends nearly another $200.00 and earns .03 cents! Next time shopping concentrated on “the” Hannaford brands and saved $2.00. Hannaford being the only grocery in Belfast has a monopoly and can charge what ever they like for items. Hannaford is very expensive compared to prices in Shaw’s, Walmart, Sams, BJs but then you need to travel. Wentworths does a pretty good job especially with high quality meats at great prices so often go there just because I feel Hannaford is very taking advantage of the Belfast area residents with jacked up prices. In fact most people I know refer to the store as “Canntafords.”
  • Nicely designed, but login broke 2/5

    By NEChad
    This is a well written app which works nicely on my iPhone X. It allowed me to review whatever coupons might be relevant to me. Unfortunately, this last update required me to sign in. The login screen no longer accepts cut and paste for either the user ID or password. This makes it impossible for me to copy over my secure password from my password manager. Therefore I can no longer login, As the password is too complex to type.
  • Add improved features 3/5

    By MimiDinME
    Would love to see a grocery list feature (and one better than the Hannaford to Go) that can be saved and modified as well as ability to add the coupons that spit out at POS to wallet for future visits. The whole point is the able to have a ‘one stop shop’ experience but now I still have to bring my own coupons and grocery list.
  • Bugs in update 1/5

    By HHHop
    Updated now I can’t get in. It wants me to update my phone number but says I can’t use it because it’s already in use. Of course it is - I used it when I signed up before the update.
  • Password 2/5

    By NatureDudeME
    The app asked for the password every time and it’s frustrating.
  • Unreal 1/5

    By Heathpez
    Just did the update and still prompts me to update my account and tells me my phone number is already being used...I try to sign in and again it’s the same thing. 🙄
  • Clipping coupons. 3/5

    By Pegpou
    There needs to be a way to “unclip” coupons. I have some clipped I’ll never use and can’t get rid of them.
  • Issues 3/5

    By Mr_Frodo
    Just started using your app. After my first use, it appears to have logged me out after quitting it. Ok, whatever. Now, I use a password manager. Your app won’t let my paste in my password copied from the password manager. Keep me logged in or let me paste into the pw field. Or both.
  • Content seems pretty static. 2/5

    By Funk100
    Works pretty well and easy to use. However, I have been logging on to the app once or twice a week and there is never anything new. Same featured items every time. Not really worth logging on regularly at this point. Upon signing up there were a couple of good coupons though. Just wish the coupons had some updated variety. Coupons have not really changed since I signed up a few weeks ago.
  • Needs a sort by store feature 4/5

    By Beaver- App Critic
    The app itself is great and I have been shopping at Hannaford more often, but some Hannaford locations don’t carry all of the products that have coupons on the app, so it would be nice to see a feature that allows you to select the store that you most often visit and only show products that this particular location carries. Otherwise it is a 5-star app!
  • Good improvement 5/5

    By matt151617
    This app has improved a lot. It’s way smoother and faster than before. I’ve only had one coupon that didn’t deduct when it was supposed to, and customer service at the store gave me a refund. It would be nice to be able to delete unwanted coupons.
  • Still no iPhone X support. 2/5

    By TheJTizzle
    It’s 2018. Update your apps to support the dev kit that was released in September. The lack of a proper ui at this point into the new device cycle is just lazy and unacceptable. Step up your game.
  • Keeps scrolling back to the top 1/5

    By Kehs32
    Every time I try to scroll through the coupons, the app jumps back to the top. I’m really disappointed because this is my favorite store and I was excited to find the app.
  • App working better 4/5

    By CGallaugher
    Sign in has improved and it was easy to use at the store.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Hannaford app user
    Every time I try to use rewards at the register it tells me that my phone number isn't registered. Then I have to verbally tell the cashier my number, still doesn't show in the system. Then I have to get out my phone, pull up the app have them scan my code from there and am told "ok, next time it should work" And we are back at square one...
  • No shopping list 3/5

    By pinktech
    Paperless coupons and in-store savings via a customer code are nice, but what any grocery store app needs is a shopping list. I don’t want to flip between apps, esp in stores with little connectivity. Why is this so hard to program in?
  • Missing IPad App 3/5

    By Wizard06
    Developer should consider making this app available on iPad as well. Not everyone owns IPhone Plus!
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By Sophia910
    Need to add a feature to delete unwanted coupons. It is annoying to have to scroll through the same unwanted coupons week after week.
  • Missing out 1/5

    By Chezehed
    Downloaded the app and signed up for the rewards program about a month ago. I have not received any kind of special offer coupons, no free items, no just for you coupons, just manufacturer coupons. I’ve talk in store and called Hannaford 800 number. I was told from their end my account was working just fine, but they would pass along info and be in touch. I still haven’t heard from anyone and still only have manufacturer coupons and nothing more. Very disappointed, feeling like I’m missing out and unable to get any kind of answer to solve the problem.
  • Miss lis 1/5

    By lisa4221
    I just downloaded this app. I don’t even know how it works because it won’t even open. Hopefully you get the bugs worked out and I can download it again in hope that it works next time.
  • Photos of products too small 3/5

    By Tarbysmom
    I’ve use this app only a couple of times but my biggest complaint is that the photos of the coupon products are so small that you can’t compare them to the actual product to make sure you are choosing the right one
  • I really like this app. 5/5

    By ConCon40
    It’s simple and easy to use. I find the coupons very useful and I’ve enjoyed getting discounts even when I forgot I had coupons for the item. The free things are quite nice as well.
  • Extra hassle at checkout 1/5

    By me.Ted
    Thanks for extra hassle of getting my phone out, fumbling to bring up a barcode that doesn’t work with the register scanner. It’s 2018 people. Shaw’s ditched their “rewards” gimmick a couple years ago. Want happy customers? Lower your prices and find ways to optimize checkout, not throttle it with people clipping virtual coupons and giving out phone numbers to strangers and anyone in earshot. Lame.
  • Good but.... 3/5

    The app seems to do what it’s intended to do however, it has several big flaws. Savings via coupon have been significant, many coupons for free items as well, My guess is that most of these are to attract new users, and won’t always be available. The coupons do not disappear once used, I wonder if they can be used multiple times?Every single time I load the app it shows a “coupons fail to load” error. Therefore, I’m not sure if I’m getting all of the coupons that are available. The app is apparently designed to learn what you shop for and provide coupons for these items, we’ll have to wait and see. Please fix the error, this app could be great!
  • Needs some work 2/5

    By Clachsnce1
    I have used this app several times and I have found that sometimes it works, and other times it does not. So far there have been three instances where I was not compensated for my clipped coupons. When I signed up for the app I received coupons for free items as well; however, when I couldn't find the items in the store I was told that they don't carry most of the free items on my list.
  • Rewards PLUS, please 2/5

    By Lovell Logs
    Had trouble using the app at the store, couldn’t find my phone number at the register so it wouldn’t work. I understand that was a temporary glitch, lost out on some rewards. Several of the introductory free coupons were items not available at my store :( As for features: So excited to see a Hannaford app! Great if the store’s weekly flyer were available within the app. Being able to create a shopping list with in the app would be so helpful. Ability to delete coupons will also be handy.
  • Not terrible 3/5

    I recommend you set this up at home, as well as add your coupons when you have good internet access. Without WiFi in Hannaford stores you might have a hard time getting a cell signal. Hannaford asks for a lot of personal details for this rewards program (full name, email, phone, postal address). Of course that’s the price you pay for using a “rewards” program. Be sure to add your card to Apple Wallet beforehand! Doesn’t seem like it’s been updated for iPhone X. It’s generally usable but there are weird glitches that happen now and then as you move around the app. Doesn’t support iOS password keychain or 1Password.
  • Not great 2/5

    By ACormie
    The coupons you have used don’t go away. So you have to remember if you’ve used them or not. Today I had a coupon not work, but I didn’t realize until I got home and looked at my receipt.
  • Want it to work 2/5

    By cmnovell
    Downloaded app, logged in with my information. All good, until I signed out. When I signed out and signed my Mom in, using a different email address and password, the app will now only recognize my mom’s personal info regardless of what email address and sign in info is used. (Mom is 85 and doesn’t have a smart phone). Thus when I use my rewards card at store it will not recognize any clipped coupons, because the app will only recognize my mothers clipped coupons. Talked with personal at the sign up desk, showed them by signing in and out using both email addresses. They had no solution. I have deleted and reinstalled app, no good.
  • Don’t require the phone number to be part of the account 2/5

    By lfdhotshot
    You have to use your phone number to create an account. If someone else has an account using your only phone number, you are unable to create an account and cannot use the app.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Trider44
    I have used it for a couple weeks and have had limited success. I have had a couple of instances where the cashier has scanned my phone, the computer “beeps” and I am told I am “all set” only to find out that I did not get credit for my scanned coupons or the Hannaford products I purchased. Paying for items I was supposed to get for free is frustrating. It makes me hesitant to use the app if it only works some of the time.
  • Cannot Be Bothered 1/5

    By ronka68
    Downloaded this app after receiving a printed coupon from the store. Try to set up an account and it tells me I already have one. No idea how or when that happened. Wants me to sign in. I enter my email and what might be the password. It locked me out. After ONE attempt. Now I have to wait ten minutes to even try again. Can't even change the password or do anything for 10 minutes. What I can do before 10 minutes is up is delete this app from my phone.
  • So so 2/5

    By Paulym58
    The app is nice but you can’t search for weekly sales on items. It’s easier to look at the app and search the sales instead of going through the sales flyer and not everyone get the sales flyers. Also a search bar would be great to search the prices in sales items.
  • Rewards 5/5

    By Loyal Hannaford Shopper
    I added the barcode to my wallet and it’s so easy to scan it at the register. My rewards are adding up quickly and my clipped coupons come off automatically. Love it!
  • Seems like they weren’t ready to launch this app 1/5

    By Ggggggggggfhdhb
    Not only did the register POS system not recognize my rewards number but the app itself seems to glitch and reload all the time. Would be great if I could build a list in the app or perhaps a map of my store where all the deals that I’ve selected can be located. Obviously this app needs some work wish they would’ve done it before allowing customers to download it and test it. Maybe they should try beta testers next time nad experiences with this app have pushed me right back to using Target who’s app always works and I actually get the discounts.
  • Weekly ad? 2/5

    By Todwelt
    Would be a better app if the weekly ad was also able to be viewed. And being able to make a shopping list right inside the app would be beneficial.
  • Not much there 1/5

    By BLS*
    Was expecting to be able to make lists, perhaps be able to scan packaging at home to add items to my shopping list, but not able to do either. All I see is coupons but there’s no ability to make a list and add those coupon items to a that list. Will check back in a few weeks but at this point I’m not finding much use in this app for me.
  • The black screen app 1/5

    By philifor
    I open the app and there it is: a blank screen of solid black. Bravo.
  • Cant get to work on my android 1/5

    By polo159
    Works on ipad fine but not on my galaxy. Also there is no feature to categorize coupons. I have no interest in skimming through a long list.
  • Great app but more info please 4/5

    By hannieshopper
    Love this app so far. So cool that my reward number is easily added to my wallet via app. Need to add more info like grocery lists, and maybe even some shopping history from prior purchases??
  • Good. 4/5

    By gyp5ym00n
    I haven’t found any real Issues with this app. It’s new and still developing. My only suggestions to make it 5 stars would be to make it possible to make shopping lists using the app as well as the website. Hopefully you can delete unwanted clipped coupons in the future too. A positive, I like that I can add this to Apple wallet as another reviewer said. Also, I can’t bring the barcode up without WiFi, to be scanned, so thankfully you can just input your phone number at register.
  • Apple Wallet on watch 4/5

    By NY Jo
    Dev Team, love the app, but there is one glitch. When I open wallet on Apple Watch, Hannaford is there, but does not scroll down to show the bar code to scan. My Hannaford store is set up so I can pay with my watch, but now I have to dig out my phone for the app bar code. No Bueno! I would love to see this corrected so I can take advantage of speeding through checkout with my watch.
  • Step 3 Glitch 5/5

    By Peasoup
    I can’t get past step 3 on the sign in part of the app. I checked off text messages and that I accept the terms and conditions but then the “finish” button never works or lights up. UPDATE!! It now works!! Thanks Hannaford!

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