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With HBO GO you can watch big premieres as they air—plus every episode of HBO's addictive series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Big Little Lies, and so much more. In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone's talking about. You can watch HBO GO on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, computer, connected TV or gaming device. HBO GO® is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO GO® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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HBO GO app reviews

  • HBO - FAIL 1/5

    By Flys-Lo
    Glitches and bugs all over this app. No way to resume where you left off. No way to skip to other episodes after a reload as it goes backwards a few episodes at restart. Have to FFWD to end of episode and click “next”. Stops randomly even with fast Ethernet.
  • Won't let me in 1/5

    By 79bc
    I even updated my DirecTV password for it. It's been 8 hours. Fix, please.
  • Does not work correctly with iPhone X 1/5

    By J0NATHAN 2010
    The home bar is always visible on the bottom of the screen and does not auto hide. This takes up valuable real estate. Take a lesson from Nextfkix on their iPhone X integration.
  • Identification & Authentication Bug under Apple iOS 11.1.2 1/5

    By Earle D. Knapp
    Due to an apparent Identification & Authentication Bug under Apple iOS 11.1.2, Cannot Login after identifying Cable TV Provider. This problem also appears to affect Showtime Anytime App, so it is probably Apple Shared code.
  • What a disappointment, from the leader in cable content 1/5

    By Seanpaulcurran
    One star, for the lack of design, control and experience. I’m disappointed with the app because with other streaming competition offering a welcoming and easy to use interface where the user can add, remove, search and play entire series, seasons movies and favorites.. HBO has decided to create an app that offers ZERO ease of use usability. Want to add season to watchlist? Nope - not gonna happen. With this app, you’ll have to add each episode (one by one) manually. Want to search for a series ? Ok yeah you can do that, but once you’ve found it, you’ll go on forever trying to find the episode that you left off at (again, because you’re not allowed to add an entire season). I took some time to write HBO about how horrible the app is and they did not offer any good information. They thanked me for my “valuable feedback” but also let me know that they do not have any plans on updating the GO experience. Download - but don’t be surprised when you feel annoyed, frustrated and actually just give up on using it. (Review based on Xbox experience / iPhone experience)
  • Garbage 1/5

    By sim597
    The one thing any media company gets right, HBO cannot seem to figure out after 40 years. This is the worst app I am forced to use, as soon as GøT is over, so am I.
  • This app=Garbage 1/5

    By Gator JC
    Plain and simple. GARBAGE
  • No full screen support for iPhone X 1/5

    By Lamar310
    This app looks tiny and terrible on the iPhone X without an update for full screen support. The iPad Pro has it but so far it’s missing on the iPhone X.
  • iPhone X FULL SCREEN MODE upgrade PLEASE 3/5

    By Jw19836903
    Please upgrade to allow the iPhone X to watch video in FULL SCREEN MODE, currently in landscape mode the ends are cut off. Take a look at YouTube’s option, double tap on the video or tap the full screen button in the top left corner and see. Thank you.
  • Update for X 2/5

    By ShockTrooper
    Want to watch it full screen mode. Please update for X.
  • Crash crash crash crash! 2/5

    By Music@life@
    In just crashes 90% of the time! Please fix!
  • Not binge watcher friendly 3/5

    By Bobhgffdsa
    No “play next episode” button. You have to manually search for the next episode in a series.
  • Looks terrible on the iPhone X 3/5

    By Louie1982
    The app works fine, but it looks horrible on the iPhone X. Once it’s updated to support the new iPhone, I’ll give it 5 stars.
  • Yay TV App Integration! 4/5

    By Mad Monk 11
    I used to have HBO Now as a subscription from iTunes, but a while back I got HBO free with DirecTV NOW, so I had to switch over to HBO Go. I was totally disappointed that the HBO Go app wasn’t integrated with the TV app from Apple. Well, I just recently checked HBO Go again, and it is integrated with Apple’s TV app now! The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because when I am in the TV app and I find HBO content, I click the content and I am taken to the content in HBO Go, and I have to click play in HBO Go to start the movie or show. In HBO Now, if I find HBO content in the TV app, I just click it and I am taken to HBO Now and the movie just starts playing. Basically, HBO Go needs to integrate with Apple’s TV app just like HBO Now does. However, things are functional. A movie or show watched adds to Up Next in the TV app and everything works just fine. Just fix that one little issue and I’ll go up to five stars.
  • A little buggy 3/5

    By party_central
    My original review from a few minutes ago: Using iPhone 6S, iOS 10.3.3. Haven't used the app in a while so it asked for my password, then it hangs on the HBO GO logo ad infinitum with an otherwise black screen. Gave up after waiting about 10 minutes. But then I was able to close out the app and restart and it seems to work now.
  • Download option 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    HBO app one of the only apps that doesn’t allow downloading for offline use when traveling or in areas we little or no internet access.
  • Service provider for Comcast 1/5

    By Jsdkgs
    This app is horrible if you have comcast/xfinity. You can never login due to it not being an option. You can click on comcast and then the screen is blank forever. This happens all too much. You can click on all other subscribers and the option pops right up for you to login but once you click comcast it's blank.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Tiwyay 💋
    Constantly crashing and freezing. Titles never load. Horrible.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Snugtop
    This app is slow , quits all the time , can’t login on here but on my computer on it works fine. Time to make an improved App hbo!!
  • Apple TV app? 2/5

    By Lolcasino09
    It doesn’t let me log into my account on Apple TV. It just says to sign into HBO Go on tablet or computer but that just logs me into my account it doesn’t connect it to my Apple TV. Am I missing something?
  • Does not work. 1/5

    By az9112
    I cannot even log in using my cable provider information. When I click on my cable provider, all I get is a gray screen on my phone and no where to type in log in information. Very frustrating. If there was a 0 star option I would pick that.
  • iPhone X not yet supported. 1/5

    By Josejr21
    App has not been updated to support HDR and resolution to fit iPhone X screen.
  • Terrible user interface 1/5

    By Avengedd_
    This App is absolute trash, completely uncompetitive against Netflix and Amazon. Even Disney streaming offers a better experience.
  • My tv provider is not on here 2/5

    By theaverage003
    My tv provider is not on here. It is a pretty big provider as well. Verizon
  • great app, but needs better iPhone X support. 5/5

    By FarisFox
    Please update the app for my shiny new phone. The “home” bar at the bottom of the screen is a real eyesore and should only appear briefly when the screen is tapped. Please fix! Otherwise, I love using this app to watch your amazing shows! Thanks.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By cmmarzec91
    App works ok but it does not save which episodes you watched unless you binge watch the shows. It doesn’t have a “skip the intro” button. If you watch a show it won’t save where you left off on. It randomly glitches. Needs to learn from Netflix and also for a large company you would think this app is great... hate using it
  • VP audio 3/5

    By Pbhockey04
    Please fix the Vice Principals audio, it’s so bad?
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By Tbcountry
    Scrubbing is TERRIBLE and Apple TV app is awful. Needs major updates.
  • Verizon not in list - unusable 1/5

    By julesagogo
    Can't get logged in on the app as Verizon isn't listed in either list and doesn't come up in the search even after deleting/reinstalling app. Can't contact support without ID not available in TiVo app. Also just canceled HBO and saved myself 20 bucks a month
  • Copy whatever Netflix did 1/5

    By ffmvgibtmr
    I know apps were not in the scene in 80s but this app feels like Atari. It’s so old, so outdated and slow. Subs cover the half of the screen, watchlist doesn’t work properly so I always have to remember the last episode and the time I watched. And there’s no save the episode feature so I can watch during my commute. Seriously, you don’t need to come up with new features or brainstorm over this app’s functionality. Just download Netflix from app store. Start your free trial and copy whatever they did. That’s it!
  • Not optimized for the iPhone X 1/5

    By Rmerhi
    As an app for watching television and movies, it has done the iPhone X a huge disservice. It was way larger on my iPhone 7 Plus. Need to Optimize for the iPhone X and take advantage of the beautiful 5.8 inch display
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By Matthewstevens
    This app is by far the worst streaming media app I have ever used. It is clunky and unintuitive. It constantly logs me out and signing back in is an extremely annoying process. It constantly forgets where I am in an episode when I can’t finish it and you may as well forget picking up where you left off when you switch to a different device. Whoever designed this app for them does not even deserve a “A” for effort
  • Good. 3/5

    By tyty30301
    VERY SLOW! The app takes forever to open then it takes even longer for the show to load and start. Even stops while watching, multiple times. The app is good but it's getting tiring having to continuously close and reopen the app so it can play a show.
  • App user interface is terrible 1/5

    By Kh3pR@
    I used to use this app on my iPad a lot. Now I check it to see if the UI has been fixed. It hasn't. Please go back to the landscape mode you had before. The videos play fine but the app forces you to scroll too long through huge pictures for shows. It used to be better. Why did you ruin it? Nothing has been fixed besides not allowing us to log into HBOGO on our Smart TV. Way to make everything worse.
  • Buggy as hell 1/5

    By Shamille12
    It is so frustrating to use this app to watch anything. It constantly freezes. Come on HBO! Use that GOT money to make a half way decent app. Geez!
  • Update Fail 1/5

    By NoMa302
    The update was supposed to fix issues with Chromcast but now I can’t get it to play at all. As soon as I try to connect it gives me an error and the app crashes.
  • Pretty consistently not awesome 2/5

    By NotCrackin
    Works great occasionally, but more often than not the app will freeze or shut down. I agree with others that the compatibility with chrome cast is abysmal at best. Running on an iPhone 6s+ on the most recent operating system.
  • Nice black screen 1/5

    By Lexie777888888000
    Great app if you want to stare at a black screen. Does HBO even care that most of their customers have iPhones? No version in the past few years has worked and this version is just a black screen. I’d like to rate zero stars because 1 is too many. HBO needs to stay away from iOS or hire developers that aren’t in a coma.
  • Doesn’t like chromecast 1/5

    By Lllb91
    It randomly disconnected while streaming. Now it is saying I have too many devices streaming and won’t let me connect. I deleted the app and tried again and it still shows where I was watching and when I click to resume it thinks I’m on a new device and won’t play.
  • The question with no answer: 2/5

    By jonycz
    Why, oh why isn't there a "continue watching" category. It seems like the most obvious thing in the world in a streaming app, but apparently it is not. Every time you open the app on AppleTV or on iOS (sometimes the iOS version shows a "continue watching" tab on the bottom of the screen, but not always) you have to search for what you are watching. Also, the iOS app frequently crashes and you have to go through the entire process again.
  • Come on HBO 1/5

    By Jweeba86
    Why can't I download when I'm on wifi so I can watch on a plane or just where I don't want to use cellular data? Other services do it, what's the deal?
  • Horrible location awareness 1/5

    By Kitten&Bobby
    The HBO GO app thinks that IP addresses in Orlando, Florida are outside the US. This keeps the app from working.
  • Terrible streaming quality 1/5

    By Shdhei3737
    Media is unwatchable. It's always buffering. Can't get a steady stream ever.
  • As bad an App as I've ever tried to use 1/5

    By naydee
    I've spent quite a bit of time with AT&T U-Verse making sure that YES I am subscribed to HBO and YES my iPhone account is sufficient to use the app. FINALLY the app let me in but I had server problems from AT&T. I've waited 30 minutes as requested by AT&T tech support to sign in and the app has thrown me back to square one saying I'm not a subscriber to HBO contact AT&T. Worthless app. I'm done.
  • No Apple TV registration online?!? 1/5

    By Hcindians6
    Pretty ridiculous that I need the app to register my Apple TV especially since I have to do it every couple weeks.
  • IPhone version stinks- 1/5

    By UsOhians
    I can’t stand the version for the iPhone, and how it presents movie choices by showing two at a time, making one scroll through the whole list of movies! What a pain! How about giving the option of showing a whole panel of movies at one time so it’s easier to view a whole list of them and scroll through?
  • Needs A LOT of work 2/5

    By SmallPaul718
    Way too many bugs considering you guys make money hand over first subscriptions. The functionality of HBO go should be on par with Netflix....not light years behind it. This app is rated 2 stars. Step your game up.
  • Come on HBO 1/5

    By hado;)(
    It doesn’t allow me to even sign in, just keeps rejecting, my directv account even though I pay for it. Literally a waste of time and space on my phone:/
  • Entourage the movie 1/5

    By Boris Masheyev
  • Poor App 1/5

    By Brassai22
    Opens up to a blank screen. Needs plenty of work!

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