HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies

HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies

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  • Current Version: 13.0.1
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HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies App

With HBO NOW you can watch big premieres as they air—plus every episode of HBO's addictive series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Big Little Lies, and so much more. In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone's talking about. Getting started is easy. Just download the app to sign up for your free 1-month trial (then just $14.99/month. Free trial is for new customers only.). Watch on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, connected TV or gaming device—and on your computer at Cancel anytime. Payment is charged to the iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings. If you turn off auto-renew during the current subscription period, your subscription will be canceled for the subsequent period. HBO NOW® is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO NOW® and related channels and service marks ae the property of Home Box Office, Inc. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies app reviews

  • Does anyone that work there even use 1/5

    By KSK#
    So you stream a show. And when you want to play next show have to go all the way thru app. Hint to HBO - kindly use Hulu or Netflix to get a clue.
  • Charged immediately without trial 1/5

    By Wildwolverine
    It said 30 day trial but got immediately charged. I am very sure the registered email was never tied to a HBO subscription before. Had to contact Apple immediately and requested a refund. Question: if I was a past subscriber and wanted to start a new trial now with a new account but with same payment method. Won’t I be eligible for a trial ?
  • Horrible streaming. 1/5

    By Boomotom
    I use Netflix, prime, bravo and just recently hbo now to watch tv. I use my iPhone and my PS4. I can’t watch anything without it buffering every 30 seconds and it doesn’t preload. I know it is not my internet as all other apps I use to stream work just fine. Took me almost 4 hours to watch Wonder Woman. Yet I pay the most for this service. Very disappointed
  • HBO bad business 1/5

    By natemira
    I have been trying to cancel HBO and they make it very difficult once you start straming. I have tried now for 8 mths and they keep taking $14 out of my account. I would go with Hulu or Nexflix they do better business and they make it easy if you need to cancel the streaming.
  • Constantly being logged out. 1/5

    By SPTrask
    Why do I need to log back in every time I try to use the app? And why is “restore iTunes purchase” actually a way to create a new account, instead of doing what it says it does? It’s like they’re trying to make the most frustrating and difficult to use app they can make. Also, the boilerplate responses to bad App Store reviews aren’t helping. I’m not asking for help, I’m asking you too care enough about your customers to improve your apps. And you clearly don’t because you haven’t even tried too.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Eugeval
    Major issue is that it doesn’t sync between devices, so if you watch the same show on iPad and iPhone you don’t get to where you left off. Also, can’t add the whole series to watch list, only separate episodes.
  • I hate this app but love hbo 2/5

    By Pyroman2
    I constantly get error messages on this app but I LOVE HBO content so it is what it is.
  • Could be 5 stars. 3/5

    By Carlosarloas
    I don’t understand why this still does not have a “continue watching” option. The only way to get around this is to make a watch list which is 80 more steps in itself. Low quality app experience for premium television. LOL
  • Worst streaming app there is 1/5

    By Kbklaue
    Terrible organization. Constantly telling me there are too many devices streaming when there are no more than 2. Fails to cast all the time. Very rare for me to use the app more than twice in a row without seeing some kind of error message. Extremely frustrating to use.
  • for the love of god, please get rid of the Continue Watching function. 1/5

    By Jeff.......
    Continue Watching is completely worthless. it says i’m in the middle of episodes i completed months ago. it is annoyingly front and center on the screen. i try editing and deleting but it won’t go away.
  • Sloppily designed 1/5

    By Myxyzptlk
    Let me count the ways: not at all intuitive; playlist cannot be found; "search" is at the bottom of the scroll, instead of the top as most other similar apps are; navigation is vertical, viewing is horizontal (who the heck signed off on that?); app often quits. Does HBO have any incentive to improve this? If you've paid, you have no choice. I am on trial and I won't be renewing. What a pain .
  • Terrible update 2/5

    By mrcrankeee
    I accidentally updated the app and now I have to keep the screen unlocked so I can watch in the direction I prefer in landscape and when I'm done watching something I have to turn the iPad so I can view the screen because it switches to portrait. Very irritating. I do not recommend the current update. It adds bugs, not fixes them.
  • Great needs work 3/5

    By Bunnywithatoolbelt
    The bookmarking system is woefully inadequate and if I'm trying to watch a series, especially one with more than three seasons already available, I have to remember what season and episode I'm on in order to resume play. Also recent update makes the selections vertically oriented and isn’t sensitive to the current orientation of my iPad like before. Otherwise I’m happy to have some way to watch all this great content and hope they will find a way to fix these dumb bugs.
  • App update 1/5

    By WKB3
    Post update: it was so incredibly frustrating to try and Sign in that in the end it was simply easier to just cancel the subscription.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Secretbratt
    Just Awful... we haven’t been able to watch ONE movie yet without some kind of glitch. Anything from ‘HBO unavailable’, to the screen freezing but the sound still works.. to the whole thing freezing up but the closed captioning is still going. Just awful. Im canceling our subscription as of.. now.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By throwthestone
    Running HBO Now on my iPad Pro 10.5. I’ve never had much trouble with this app. I updated the app this month, and suddenly movies are taking a long time to load - buffering issues...animated dots appear signifying that it’s trying to load the quality flips back and forth, blurry and choppy one second, then HD quality the next. On top of that...the bars above and below the picture have now been changed to a gray color that really is distracting. Whatever was done in that last update didn’t help the app. It worked fine before...just leave stuff alone if it doesn’t need to be fixed.
  • Piece if crap. 1/5

    By 100DeGreez
    Only works half the time. Horrible with chrome cast. Save your money!!!
  • Garbage App/Service 1/5

    By Jontango1
    Won't even stream to Apple TV via AirPlay anymore. Such a disgrace.
  • Apple TV update locked me out 1/5

    By LondonPeach
    It was a flakey app to begin with, but since the latest update I’ve been kicked out of my account and I can’t get back in. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app and restarting my Apple TV. I’ve tried ‘sign in’ and ‘restore purchase’. Every single time I’m given a code on screen I have to type into and each time it tells me I have the wrong code when I don’t. As much as I loved this service (when it worked) I’m not going to spend $16 a month on something I can’t use and I only use it on my Apple TV.
  • Not worth the hassle 1/5

    By DoubleOpictures
    Impossible to sign in to on ps4 after the last update. Their help help page was less than helpful. “Restore subscription” is no where to be found.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Jeff3806
    Have tried to login for OVER a week and constantly tells me that my email and password are incorrect...which is bullsh*t!!! Oh and don’t get me started on hitting the forgot password button! 23 times I’ve tried and NEVER ONCE got an email to reset my password....F*ck you hbo!!!
  • Never streams, never works 1/5

    I swear I don’t know why I even pay for this stupid app because it never streams correctly it starts to stream and then it stops and eight loads and loads and loads you go back you close it out you open it again it never works right then it’ll tell you all that Wi-Fi is not strong enough to stream this is a total scam
  • Dark gray letterboxing as of Feb 2018 2/5

    By badken
    This is probably the least reliable streaming app I use, at least in the UI. As others have mentioned, painfully slow loading in every section, with no progress indication. "Unable to update watchlist" sometimes fixed by a restart. At least when the video starts to play, playback is usually solid. The exceptions are usually during "prime time," in the hours following the first availability of new content. -- Thats not what prompted me to review, though. The playback screen used to be letterboxed in black, which was great for me, since I'm usually watching in the dark. Now it is dark gray, which is super annoying in a dark room. Darkness all around the screen, but two gray bars floating in space above and below the video. HBO, please, at least provide an option to have black letterboxing. I can understand how the dark gray might look better in a lighted environment, but watching in the dark it is not a good look, and distracting to boot.
  • Expires when 3/5

    By richuroo43
    Would be so much better if you could please add dates to when each episode expires.
  • If there was less than one star, I'd pick it. 1/5

    By ryguydoggle
    Despite being incredibly slow, often non-responsive and all around god awful, this app caused both my phone and computer to crash multiple times, causing me to lose some of data on both devices as well. Every time I would try and contact HBO to figure out the problem, I would not be able to get in touch with them. Emails, customer support messages, phone calls- absolutely no response or help from their end. Not only is the app and technical service provided by HBO terrible, they have absolutely zero concern for their customers. Highly DO NOT recommend this app.
  • Won’t let me sign in but charges me anyway 1/5

    By bedlam and drudgery
    Wow this used to be a cool app. Now it won’t let me sign in on any devices but it still charges me fifteen bucks a month! There are a huge number of convoluted help files on the HBO now site. They don’t actually work so don’t waste your time or money with this app.
  • The HBO theme song applies here with lyrics- 2/5

    By turbolarry52
    Instead of getting stressed over a faulty app with deficiencies, why not just write the lyrics to the theme- make it a parody! Dadada da da dadadoddada HBO HB BLOWS repeats so much Faulty app HBO, HB BLOWS dadadat Dadada. HBO HBblows HBblows HB BLOWS!!!
  • Hate It! 1/5

    By Chameleon46
    Really hate it! And oh yeah, I hate it. Should have ZERO stars.
  • POS 1/5

    By JessiePhD
    Piece of sh-t app - stopped working after I paid for the first month's subscription. And, totally not worth $15/month. I mostly couldn't find anything to watch that I hadn't already seen. Crap interface that lists everything as "featured" (what they're pushing) or alphabetically. Cancelled. Want my $15 back.
  • Dumbest app! 1/5

    By Iharika
    Really worst streaming speed! Bloody fix it! Or atleast decrease the price! Very very annoyed! If not for game of thrones, no one would care about this!!!
  • Can’t even login 1/5

    By 😀😀KingBossMaster😀😀
    I simply can’t login on my iPad Pro as easily as on my iPhone X. It gives my the option to get a subscription through iTunes, but I already have a subscription from which I got directly from the HBO NOW website. No option to simply sign in by putting in my email and password, it only ask for a provider, which is ridiculous since I didn’t get it through any provider. So disappointed that I payed for a service that can’t even use.
  • Had to cancel my subscription 1/5

    By dontkickthebaby
    HBONow has an update that you must install to continue using the service. Fine. Except the update also requires you to punch in your password. It's been so long I've forgotten mine, so I had HBONow send me a password reset email. I reset my password but I still couldn't log into my account on the app. I kept getting a message that my email address and password do not match. So long, HBO.
  • Horrible Broken Online service 1/5

    By Reeeviews11
    I didn't think an app could make me hate an entire company, but this one did. Multiple problems, including being forced to create another account, being dropped in the middle of a film and forced to re-sign-in, and so on. I will never pay HBO another dollar, if I can avoid it.
  • Not Really NOW 1/5

    By desiringm
    In the fine print you learn that Real Time won’t air until Saturday AM! The user experience is outdated, clunky and slow. On some video streamers one can be overwhelmed with bad auto-recommenders; HBO Now has none. If you’re looking for LGBTQ fare, not the place.
  • Good content, poor user experience 2/5

    By Mariaha Nicole
    HBO content is fine, nothing wrong with that portion. The app is incredibly frustrating to use, continuously adjusting and relaunching the app in the middle of episodes. You have to add to your watch list backwards if you want to watch anything in chronological order. Overall the app needs TONS of development. The network and content is fine.
  • Uodates are supposed to be an improvement 1/5

    By Fynnol
    Since the update all the shows and movies are low res and need to buffer every five minutes. My internet provider recently upgraded the speed which has caused YouTube to play in wonderful high res with no intermittent buffering. So I’m as confident as I can be that the issue lies in the app and not my internet connection.
  • Why these "updates"?! 2/5

    By nori-p
    Why do I need to create an HBO account? I had to sign in with both iTunes and HBO for the update, and it took several attempts to work. Why do I have to browse in portrait mode when I watch movies in landscape on my iPad thus I have to keep rotating it? Why are there less categories on the home/featured page? Why are the "thumbnails" now taking up half the screen so I can only see two at a time? Why do they take a long time to load (see blank box), when I don't have a problem with Netflix? Please rethink these frustrating changes!
  • Starting Vice Late 1/5

    By Jason Cooney
    Still can’t join live events from beginning, despite developer assurances. Also despite this being the year 2018 I am still unable to watch Real Time streamed live despite paying many dollars a month for this service.
  • Simply put, it does NOT work 1/5

    By WilliamHWest
    When I first downloaded the app I tried to login, when I entered my credentials it would not load. I then closed the app to reopen it and then all I get was a black screen. I deleted and reinstalled the app, but still just a black screen. TBH it seems as though HBO simply refuses to fix its mobile experience and would not recommend it to anyone.
  • Mandatory account creation?!? 1/5

    By bpconway
    Don’t write reviews typically but this latest update is infuriating. I have been using this service with an iTunes subscription for years and now I’m forced to create an HBO account? Even when I try to play ball, it won’t let me because there is no way to sign in on their site since I had created an account in the past, only option is to create an account!!!! I have cancelled my subscription and will not be renewing until they get rid of this garbage. Awful.
  • Roll back to previous version 1/5

    By SergeantDJ
    New update forces me to browse in portrait mode. I watch in landscape, let me browse in landscape. Terrible update.
  • Impossible to Enter TV Code on the HBO Website 1/5

    By Bosscrab
    Can’t sign in because the check boxes can’t be clicked on an iPhone using the Safari browser.
  • Broken Login Process 1/5

    By Matt Lundstrom
    All the sudden around Feb 2018 my login stopped working. Hit “Sign In” in app. Go to URL enter code. Asks me to sign in AGAIN. Sign in with what? I signed up on Apple TV. I have no login with HBO. Back to Apple TV. Hit “Restore Purchases”, get code, go to url, enter code, asks me to sign up, I enter my info, your email is already in use attempt to recover password. Recovery email never arrives. Ridiculous. Cancel HBO.
  • You do not get what you pay for 1/5

    By Aliciaisdahbomb
    Fix this app! I subscribed to hbo now when it was in its infancy assuming that they would eventually make the app easier to use but alas. For the amount of money I pay for this subscription I can't believe they haven't worked out the kinks. The website is just as bad. I keep going back and forth between being being subscribed and not being subscribed because I sometimes cannot handle how crappy this app is.
  • Great 5/5

    By harelljorge
    Love it
  • Update stopped service 1/5

    By Lunarjane
    I didn’t want to update this app because I cancelled but have paid subscription through iTunes until 2/20/18. I was forced to update and now I’m being told my service is expired. It won’t let me sign into my account. I expect a refund!
  • God awful 1/5

    By Bbbbjfdssaauy
    Constant freeze-ups. Just the absolute worst
  • Great but a few thing would be cool 4/5

    By Sadiesky
    We should have the option to be able to sign out every device using our account. It would be really helpful, it’s a great app with movies and shows I normally don’t have many problems.
  • Why change to grey sidebars on iphone x?? 2/5

    By Unfazedsk8
    Decent app. But the latest update made it so when using the iphone x, rather than just having unlit black bars on the sides, they are now a grey color. I find it extremely distracting. Please change it back.
  • Parental Controls 1/5

    By GeeMoney1256
    The parental controls are ridiculous. They must be turned off completely to watch anything above the limit and I must remember to turn them back on. Why can’t I just enter my code and watch like Netflix Hulu or Amazon Prime?

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