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Here Comes the Bus

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  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Synovia Solutions LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Here Comes the Bus App

**NOTICE: In order to use the app, your school district must have a contract with Synovia Solutions and make Here Comes the Bus® and/or Student Ridership available to parents. Please contact your school district or visit for more information.** Here Comes the Bus is an easy-to-use app that gives you the real-time location of your child’s bus, and alerts you when the bus is near. With Here Comes the Bus, your children will get to the bus stop not a minute too early – or a minute too late. And with Student Ridership, you’ll not only know your child got on the right bus at the right time, but that they got off the bus at the right stop. All of this equals safety for your children, and peace of mind for you. KEY FEATURES: Find your bus quickly and easily See the exact location of your child’s school bus using your own customizable map. Receive alerts via push notification -Be notified when the bus is within 2 miles of your stop, has a schedule change, and more -Receive notifications when your child gets on/off the bus, including the bus number, location and time Access arrival & departure info Confirm your child’s bus has arrived at the bus stop and at school, both before and after school. Track all of your children Have children that ride different buses? See each child's bus information within one account. App and notifications in three languages The app and notifications are available in English, Spanish and French. Know your privacy is protected Parents must obtain a private ID number, which grants access to their child’s bus only.


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Here Comes the Bus app reviews

  • Great App 5/5

    By Clipcox2
    This is a great app. It really helps out with knowing about where the bus is.
  • Work partly, and on some devices 1/5

    By Nevbu
    This would be great if only it would work. I have the iPhone X and the app just crashes upon startup. I have talked to others in the school and if they have the X, they have the same problems. For some reason the app don’t like iPhone Xs.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By yodeldog62617
    Great idea, very useful, but klunky. It is hard to use and despite turning them off, I get email and text notifications.
  • Fix Bugs Please? 2/5

    By battle-ax fixer
    Been having an issue with the app . I have 3 kids that ride the and 2 of them are on the same bus. We can’t see the third bus rider’s bus on the map to track. When we change the bus riders the status does not change. The 2 that ride same bus even after being picked up show the bus has not arrived yet.
  • Unstable App 2/5

    By KT5959
    It would be great if the app would stop crashing, now it won’t even let me open it up
  • Pretty good when it’s working 2/5

    By Jagularius
    It’s been working pretty well lately when I’ve had the app open. It still doesn’t send notifications for me. Double checked all settings that I know of.
  • Bad. 2/5

    By ERROR_NO-USERNAME/b/58382
    Very unreliable. It works when its supposed to, but when it substitutes a bus for another, that bus is entirely gone from my screen.
  • Doesn’t even do a great job 1/5

    By HibbyJibby492
    Sure, the app functions decently, and you can tell if your bus has arrived. It’s the design of the app, though, that is flawed. The app can tell you when your arrival is, and when the bus came, but there was no effort made to alert you. It has the info to tell you your bus might come early, but gives you notifications only when your bus actually arrives, which is useless when you don’t know your bus will be a few minutes early.
  • It’s been terrible lately 1/5

    By Lilac1964
    This app used to be so good and I really rely on it in the morning. Now I cannot get it to work at all. Uninstalled it. Signed up for a “new” account with another email and I still cannot see the map for my student. Not sure what to do now.
  • Great idea... 1/5

    By atczeero
    This app is a great idea— installation, registration, adding kids went flawlessly. I didn’t receive any notifications until day 2 and it was just for the bus entering the stop radius... App is choppy sometimes the “bus” isn’t where it should be. Now I’m getting too many notifications via text AND email. I turned off email notifications— NOPE still get them. Thanks for the response— I’m not giving up. I’ll try a few things before I contact customer support. I think it’s just a matter of getting all my settings dialed in... I took away two stars!! I was setting up my new phone and couldn't sign into the app because my password AND email address were "wrong". That's impossible, I only have one email address. Tried to reset my password 50 times and I never received the email to reset and there's no other way to contact customer support without signing in. DELETE!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Oligracenordone2814
    This is SO Inaccurate almost daily! There’s a substitute bus everyday and the locations of the bus are quite often on the other side of town! In fact yesterday her bus never even came! Everyone had to go back home for parents to take them and i was already at my job 35 miles away! The location of the bus was near my work nowhere close to where the stop was. Not the first or second time either... today it showed it was in another area and never showed it stoped at our stop however today she was picked up... this ap should not be out until it actually works!
  • Radius notifications 5/5

    By NATEtheonly1
    We love this App very much! Is there anyway possible the radius can be sent via text message?
  • Good idea horrible execution 2/5

    By MissChiTown
    Rarely works. App updates info late. Buses always substituted and then app useless. Initially tapping the icons worked but hasn’t in a while. This is a good idea but needs some serious attention to detail.
  • Server 1/5

    By askibunny
    Web service is always down and I can’t see where the bus is. Fix it!
  • Why isn’t not letting me in 1/5

    By supreme_baller11
  • Very glitchy. Customer support non-responsive 1/5

    By LadyM212
    Unreliable and frequently running behind. Bus arrives while app states it is streets away. Bus showed up and no notification received. Customer service does not care. Have to follow up just to get response. Have been waiting 15 mins now for email to reset password. Just disappointing.
  • Horrible after update 1/5

    By GenRaney
    The map screen won’t refresh when I switch from one child to another (different schools, different buses). Worked well before the latest update. I now can’t even see the location of one child’s bus anymore. Please fix!!
  • Would be indispensable 1/5

    By lanik fears
    The idea is fantastic. Execution is shoddy and completely unreliable. For elementary, middle and high schools, the app lets you keep track of both AM and PM busses for all kids. It will also alert you of a bus has been substituted. However, bus routes appear and disappear at random, substitute busses are not tracked and reporting any issue is a joke; you have to jump through hoops to submit a request, then you get no answer. When it was functional (2 months out of 7 months), it was indispensable. Now it’s a dead app I randomly get alerts on for a bus that never pops up.
  • It would be great if it worked consistently 1/5

    By HappyCustomer987
    This app is so helpful, but we can’t count on it to work. We need it most in the mornings, but at least 4 days out of 5, it’s not tracking at all. Afternoons seem to have better tracking success. On top of that, I get multiple emails, since I have multiple kids, giving me the same info, but it’s irrelevant because we look to the map to tell us where the bus is located. Super idea here, just seems to be lots of kinks to work out.
  • Simply the worst App in the marketplace! 1/5

    By Stonehed
    An app designed to highlight the movement of a child’s school bus...genius! But this app does not do that...ever! Many location based services products exist, but the makers of this app simply wont invest in one.
  • Broken again 1/5

    By julierow
    Things will work accurately for several days. Then completely stop working (the map feature). Please figure it out! Stop tinkering with it and let it be! All you end up doing is messing it up. This can’t be that difficult to maintain with consistency! Our school district pays for this get it together!!!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By My4kidss
    This app needs serious updates. It far from accurate. I get notifications about the bus being “On IT’S WAY” after my kids have gotten on and left. Now what if I didn’t have common sense to still look out for the bus and just depended on the app, my children would have missed the bus. And now for the pass couple of days absolutely nothing is showing on the map for any of my children. This app is HORRIBLE!!!!! I wish I could give it zero stars. Then there is no one to contact you after you have sent an email telling about the problems you are having...please do not download this app
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Hoodwoods
    Definitely useful because I have children that ride different buses. Nice to know when the bus will be there and when to expect them home
  • What changed...?? 2/5

    By Jim 07470
    The app used to be great. It reported info every 10-15 seconds and actually showed when the bus was in motion. Now, after you open the map, you have to tap your child’s name again to see the current location. Keep repeating that process to see where the bus is. No real-time info given any more. Very disappointing. Good thing it’s free, or I’d ask for my money back.
  • Working great on iPhone X until the latest update 2/5

    By Scott Caylor
    Was working great on my iPhone X until the latest update. Now the functions on the map screen are up in the “ears” under the clock and battery status indicators. It is very difficult to access them. Here hoping they address it in the next update.
  • If it was accurate or worked 1/5

    By Lala28277
    Missed the bus a few times, today the bus showed in the bus lot while it was sitting in front of me! It’s a great concept but not dependable.
  • Helpful but it needs improvements 3/5

    By AbocadoMama
    This app is helpful and I really liked until last update , now the bus won’t move unless i click on my son’s name and refresh , the bus used to move every 30 sec but now is terrible, it really needs improvements.
  • Too hard to start up 1/5

    By can-not-find
    I have spent; LITERALLY HOURS doing as instructed to try & set up a password &. No matter what I put in completely following instructions: it kept telling me I wasn’t doing. It “incorrectly “ . I could have ‘torn my hair’ Well wish me GOOD LOUCK! I’ let ya know how it went
  • Small fix needed 3/5

    By WeeBMF
    This App is great; very useful! Only issue is my little one takes 2 different buses (one bus in am and diff one pm) and the app doesn’t allow inputing a bus that’s different than your predetermined home address ‘based bus’. Please update this feature cause without it, it’s not very useful for me personally in regards to my youngest son.
  • When it works 1/5

    By aalleninND
    Great concept, horrible execution. More often than not all we get is a web time out message.
  • Will not open 1/5

    By MrsErikaD
    Will not open on my iPhone 7 Plus
  • We like it! 4/5

    By Lawyer girl 22
    My kids use the app. I no longer have to watch the clock or remind them to get out the door. Great on colder days- less waiting at the stop.
  • Bug fix 5/5

    By naijira3
    Great app but it takes too long to update the time and location of where the bus actually is. Hopefully an updated bug fix soon.
  • Good when it works! 1/5

    By misspissy1
    This app is very useful when it works but about 75% of the time it just says it’s unable to connect to the server & will ask me to check my internet connection like the problem isn’t with the app itself (because everything else will be working fine). Please fix
  • Hardly works, completely broken on last update 1/5

    By alderxen
    This app is horrendous. I really have to wonder if there is any QA process at all. Latest update no longer shows the bus or stops on the map. Support requests go unanswered for months, not days, months. It’s January and I’ve had a ticket open since September. They send passwords in plain text emails. They tell you to uninstall and reinstall the app then ignore you when it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time with this app. You can recommend alternatives to your school district. I know I will be.
  • not great 3/5

    By arleighb
    doesn’t always work.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Felho
    So unreliable it can’t be used.
  • App Used to Work Well 1/5

    By Wallydogger1987
    I can still log in to HCTB on their website, but the app hasn’t worked for over a week. Server timeout error.
  • Great app when it works 1/5

    By Mesclin
    The idea of the app is nice; however the execution is less than that. The app routinely crashes with web timeout errors. The map feature seldom updates the actual location of the bus and it takes me exiting out and reopening in order for it to show me the location. Many times the map feature shows the bus in the next neighborhood only to look outside and it’s sitting at my corner waiting. I have the notifications turned on and configured to push to my phone...but zero notifications show. This app is completely worthless. The developers have a solid idea, and it’s wonderful WHEN it works but it hasn’t worked reliably ever.
  • What happened? No support 1/5

    By makeitbetter2
    The app worked well initially. Now it appears it may have dropped my child from the system all together. I even tried re-adding name. Forget about getting a response from the so called support team. I’ve sent 3 emails.....crickets!
  • Worst app! 1/5

    By Geebee68:)
    This app isn’t consistent or accurate! Some days it doesn’t work at all. The bus doesn’t show up on the map. Other times it shows the bus but the timing isn’t even close to accurate! Great idea but hasn’t been done well. I hope WCPSS didn’t use my tax dollars to pay for this program. I will be deleting it from my phone. Just a waste of space.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By *<3peace
    But when it works is not consistent at all. As soon as I log in it gives me a message "web service expired". The alerts that I have signed up for come sometimes. This could be a very useful app if it worked consistently. *Bus is scheduled to arrive at 6:40. Bus does not arrive until 7:10. At 7:29 I receive a message from Bus alert letting me know the bus has been substituted 😑. The app itself provided no timely information.
  • No longer working 3/5

    By mhutton76
    Great app when it was working. The dot for where the bus is no longer moves. This will be the second time I had to delete and reinstall the app.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Prissa2000000
    Developers should update app every week. It’s only worked for me maybe 5 times in the last 3 weeks. Sometimes I have to delete the app then reinstall to get it going again.
  • Great app 2/5

    By Fitnessmom15
    This is a great app however the past couple of weeks it will not show the map. Please fix.
  • Great when it works!! 3/5

    By Gonzales Family
    This app is great when it works. For some reason this year I have had a couple issues with it timing out. I can still see the app on another phone but not mine. I’m not sure if it has to do when there’s an iPhone update or what. I’m on my second request for help via customer service. Please make it work the way it used to.
  • Not all it’s cracked up to be 2/5

    By *your*name*here*
    The app shows the bus at the bus garage instead of down the street ready to pick up. This app is messed up more often than not. Last week it wasn’t even possible to log on. It’s a good thing I don’t pay for this. You guys need to step up your game. Last week it wasn’t even possible to log on. What’s the point of the entire app if I can’t TRACK THE BUS??
  • Updated phone, not working! 2/5

    By laurenjax
    Please help me - i tried to contact customer support through your app form and it’s asking for a school code. I have no idea what that is and my message won’t go through without it. You need a way to contact without that info!!! In my situation it doesn’t matter what school. Ever since i updated my iPhone software, at log in, it says “web service timeout” and won’t let me log in. I have tried quitting & reopening but still not working. PLEASE HELP ME. I would give this app 4 stars because it has truly been a life saver (with the occasional glitch). I have 2 babies at home and a kindergartner so i can’t take her to school every day or let her stand by herself in 20 degree weather for 20 minutes while she waits for the bus. With this app, we know when the bus is coming and it’s no problem to just run out!
  • Frozen 1/5

    By Cdld coupons
    Stupid app stay stuck on time out since I updated my phone
  • Doesn't work since last update 3/5

    By antrockj
    Since the last update the app doesn't work properly.

Here Comes the Bus app comments


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