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Hertz Rent-a-Car

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  • Current Version: 5.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Hertz Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hertz Rent-a-Car App

Traveling at the Speed of Hertz® just got easier. Download the Hertz Car Rental app for your iPhone, iPad & iPod. Connected or offline, we retain your information so you can complete your reservation on your time. We listened. You can now paste in your login credentials on the login page and copy your Confirmation Number on the confirmation pages! We also made significant enhancements to the stability and design of the app to improve the speed and performance of making a reservation. Check out our enhanced location search options – now it’s easy to find a location around the corner or across the country. Wherever and whenever you need a car, Hertz is there. And no worries! We kept the original features you love, like special offers and quick access to Roadside Assistance. Remember, wherever you are, Hertz car rental is not far away. Be sure to enjoy your trip by starting with Hertz – we give you all the benefits of car rental in the palm of your hand.


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Hertz Rent-a-Car app reviews

  • Easy to modify existing reservations 5/5

    By ZingWanderlust
    I was able to change my existing reservation easily.
  • Leaves much to be desired 1/5

    By Deannpow
    Lacks functionality
  • Has great potential but locks up 3/5

    By Utrecht1011
    Trying to make a reservation in Orlando. There are 45 locations but really most are not appropriate as they aren't open when needed. App should show a display of all locations in a map format with option of which locations are open or overlay times so you know whether you can rent from that location. The app constantly locks up when typing orlando. It will not let you go back. Very annoying.
  • Weak app 1/5

    By Rogelio ponce
    I am trying to book a car from Hong Kong and the app keeps showing all the information in Chinese, even if my chosen language is English.
  • Many, Many Glitches! 1/5

    By True Kinsman
    I have a reservation that is showing up on the website, but it is not showing in the App. under “upcoming reservation”. Also, I am finding lower rates online from other websites like Kayak, Expedia, Rentalcars, etc.... It should be the other way around! Hertz.com should be lower and more competitive! And finally, I can’t submit my feedback to them! Every time I write my feedback I get an error message! I have the screenshot to prove it! It is a shame that a major company like Hertz can’t come up with a descent APP to match their reputation! The bottom line: don’t waste your storage on this app until they fix it!
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Joekclen
    Crashes constantly, won’t remember login information, no tech support. Would not use if I was not obligated to for work.
  • Kay Traveler 1/5

    By CSIvin
    App is total garbage. Needs complete update. Spend the money and do it right. Many corporate customers will be pleased
  • App not able to open 1/5

    By cspwnz0r
    I downloaded app yesterday and I am using iPhone X. After opening app, it showed white screen. Could anyone fix this issue ASAP? I tried to reinstall 3 times, but same result
  • Major glitch 3/5

    By Coreyburs
    I wish there was a way to change the language in the app to English vice Japanese. I’m in the military stationed overseas and when I go on vacation I always use hertz but it would be more convenient if I could use the app beside going on the website every time just to book a rental.
  • It's terrible 1/5

    By kc60045
    It doesn't work. It would be faster to mail my reservation.
  • Frequently freezes 1/5

    By Linus-T
    The scroll frequently disappears and freezes
  • Hmmmm new isn't always better.. 1/5

    By joe servicengineer
    The previous app at least would populate my personal info, like email address without reminding me that if i want a conformation email, add your email address.. and you'll be getting marketing info also. It's always something. Also, it would remember the class of car i get everytime...and not start the listing with with the high end cars... New review... got to my destination and none of my membership info was there. Stood in line for a while to get it straightened out and get a car. 4 out of 4. If they get it right next week, i'll be back to congratulate them. Holding my breath. ( I want the old app back ) 6 out of 6.....got a confirmation email and asked to stop at counter. It lost all my info except for the reservation...shock the counter said..your also Presidents club. I want the old app back...3revs back. I hate this app. Doesn't save time if i have to go to the counter anyway.
  • App only good to rent, not for ANYTHING else 2/5

    By Blitzed on BB
    You can rent a car fine. It will send you a confirmation email fine. It may (or may not) pull up a previous reservation. It will NOT do anything else. - You can’t update your name. - You can’t save your frequent traveler number for other modes of travel. - You can’t pull up a reservation if you modified it. - You can’t add a reservation you made if you checked out as a guest. - I can’t find where to look up a reservation using the confirmation code. It tells me in one area that I have no upcoming reservations while the bar across the bottom shows I have one upcoming reservation. Seriously? 😤🙄🤔 P.S. This is all on the iPad app (latest iOS installed).
  • This app works great for me 5/5

    By ManorResident
    I use it frequently and never had an issue. I can book a car in minutes. The app is very intuitive. I love it.
  • Weak features and functionality 1/5

    By Crashmomma
    This app is weak with features and functionality. Most things need to be done via the web login. I can even see my total reward points or annual rental number total because the apps form is displayed over top of it. The only useful function is booking travel or looking up a confirmation number. Far inferior to other companies travel apps (hotel, rental car, airline).
  • Make a Reservation = white screen 1/5

    By EatEmUpTigersEatEmUpTigers
    Haven’t been able to make a reservation in the app for a couple months now, just opens to a non-responsive white screen. Very frustrating. It would also be nice if the current reservation displayed so that I know what time/date I have scheduled for my return. This is especially helpful if I need to change that time/date.
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By GoosesPapi
    Worked great!
  • Low commitment to your customers 1/5

    By Jap5
    Please fix your app it’s buggy Don’t make me log in every time without saving my info. Looking up my gold number every time is obnoxious This hurts your brand. -President Circle member
  • Pretty terrible app 1/5

    By BPed
    The app is literally useless as I can’t use it to rent a car. I’m told to enter in my age but there’s no field to enter your age. Hertz really needs to step up its mobile game to keep up with Avis.
  • Hertz should be embarrassed 1/5

    By The Big Gobbler
    The app has major problems. Impossible to simply view your reservation without having to click on modify or cancel. Forget the app, use the web site instead.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Vicki - Houston
    I have never had an issue and am in President's Circle. It is a fast process to rent a car.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By GoPackGo18
    Tried to rent a car from MCO using points for partial payment towards a weekly reservation. Had a car in my cart and tried to use 2 free weekend days. My $250 weekly reservation changed to $700 per day for a total of $2800+. Gave up.
  • Don’t trust this app 1/5

    By Jim.Spencer
    Made a reservation online. Used the app to modify the reservation after I missed my flight. Checked it a few hours later and the changes were not there. I ended up having to call the phone number to make the change-the app simply wouldn’t work.
  • White screens 1/5

    By ajy66
    White screen is all you get after selecting a location on the map It is incredible nobody tested the app before publishing it, it does nothing
  • Easier to use than website 4/5

    By Igccengr
    I find it easier to use this app than the Hertz website. For example, my existing reservations are easy to find on the app. Using my Hertz points is also easy as it tells you instantly how much you will save by using points.
  • Hi and bye. 5/5

    By Dlduckworth
    I love not having to wait in line, not having to talk to anybody, and being on the road within 20-30 minutes from landing.
  • Great service with a smile 5/5

    By JosephEngineer
    I have been renting from my local Hertz Store in Cape Canaveral all year. I always get greeted with a smile and great service, specially from Jackie and Jane. The rest of the rental locations should have more people like them in customer service.
  • Why are you using hertz? Quick, get out! 1/5

    By Bic de Verde
    Hertz will steal from you. Filled up your tank? Nah, you still have to pay them for gas at an obscene rate. Declined optional coverage? Whatever, you’re still paying for it. Hertz is a garbage company that will rip you off. What were you thinking?
  • Reliable and Timely 4/5

    By Proverb preach
    Reliable and timely. I have not experienced many problems in the two or more years that I have used the app
  • The app needs some work 2/5

    By rclompus
    It provides basic information about your reservation. Unfortunately, it isn’t so friendly to use with the iPhone X. It’s impossible to add flight information and the continue button is unresponsive under your reservation. Attempting to provide feedback using the app is impossible due to “connectivity errors”. It’s time for Hertz to update the functionality so it’s at least as good as the web portal and more convenient for travelers. Be well, RC.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Nicarebecki
    Not impressed. Too many bugs.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By mysrnt
    Can see my reservation but every time I try to access links in Special Offer for age 50 and over, get error that Server Not Available, try later. I’ve tried across multiple days/time of day and keep getting the same message.
  • Poor App 1/5

    By JBK94
    The Hertz mobile app is worthless. The app doesn't allow their gold members to look up information about their account, details of last reservations, gold member number, etc. It shows the YTD of number of reservations, but that isn't useful if you can't view the details. Hertz being a top tier rental car company is once again in the Stone Age in technology. Even worse, Hertz’s doesn’t even show they care about improving this app.
  • Bring the site to date 2/5

    By always on business
    i cannot use the site on my ipad, it will not rotate to the landscape position for me to use attached keypad
  • Pretty bad 3/5

    By afischba
    Constantly logged out even though you select “remember me”, poor user interface, lacks functionality. The app needs some love
  • Doesn't Remember Who I Am 2/5

    By Mediocre_Bob
    Havebtonre/ enter my credentials everytime I open the app even though it checked the "remember me" button. Very frustrating.
  • Not as user friendly as competitors 2/5

    By Andyrew12
    App does not remember my username on my device even though I have that selected. Also simple changes such as a different time or location change requires you to go through all the reservation details pages. I shouldn't have to re-book my car rental every time I modify my reservation.
  • Look up reservation is broken for guests 1/5

    By jesserrino
    I’m an iOS developer by trade, and I’ve seen my fair share of bugs. That said, I’m not sure how reservation look up was broken and allowed to be shipped to actual users like me. I can’t look up my car reservation
  • Easy to set up 4/5

    By Jcmayf
    Setup is easy, and it takes minutes to set up your next reservation
  • IPhone X? Face / Touch ID? 2/5

    By Relmerator
    The app is pretty basic, but works. Is like to see support for the iPhone X screen size, but more importantly, it really needs to support Touch ID and Face ID.
  • Well designed 5/5

    By DDoubler
    First time using the app. Very easy to make an international reservation.
  • Travel app that lacks travel info 2/5

    By TravelingTexican
    My company switched from National to Hertz after years. The glaring issues I have is that my app does not "save" my username, my presidents circle number is NOT visible at the home screen, and my corporate rate does not populate unless I populate it every single time. You would think that the the 3 numbers I might need most would be readily available. My rental user # does not appear anywhere on my receipts, emails, or contact info.
  • It works but there is no access to credit cards stored on your account 3/5

    By DC to Denver all the time
    Making a reservation is quick and intuitive. But you cannot edit your profile details from within the app. So when your credit card number or any other info changes you have to go to the Hertz website to make edits. The app for National allows you to access and edit that info.
  • Not very elegant 2/5

    By Bhsinessman
    Always asks me to sign in. Doesn't know my preferences. I just changed my credit card on file and it asked me what kind of card it was. If I can tell a Visa from a MasterCard by the number, the app should sure be able to. It's not a difficult app. But, it's also not a slick one.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mr moo Lindsey
    App is legit terrible. Hard to use and often crashes. I rented a car in France now I can’t get the language back to English, I don’t speak French!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Raeverse
    So easy
  • Very Quickly Rented A Car 5/5

    By OldSchool007
    I tried to rent a car on Delta.com. This app was perhaps slightly faster than using the web-page. This is a good app!! Keep up the improvements.
  • Eff this app 1/5

    By Graner99
    I can’t even rent a car from the App. It asks for my age before accepting the rental request, but there is no place to put my age. Eff you hertz!
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By PConnorPorter
    Worked great, even tho we weren't on wifi! Thanks for making it so smooth & easy, Hertz!
  • I have iPhone 7+ with the latest iOS 11 but... 1/5

    By Lillidad
    This app don’t even let me open. I am so disappointed. I deleted the app then re-downloaded but still doesn’t work. Please fix the bug.

Hertz Rent-a-Car app comments


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