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Hertz Rent-a-Car

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  • Current Version: 5.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Hertz Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hertz Rent-a-Car App

Traveling at the Speed of Hertz® just got easier. Download the Hertz Car Rental app for your iPhone, iPad & iPod. Connected or offline, we retain your information so you can complete your reservation on your time. We listened. You can now paste in your login credentials on the login page and copy your Confirmation Number on the confirmation pages! We also made significant enhancements to the stability and design of the app to improve the speed and performance of making a reservation. Check out our enhanced location search options – now it’s easy to find a location around the corner or across the country. Wherever and whenever you need a car, Hertz is there. And no worries! We kept the original features you love, like special offers and quick access to Roadside Assistance. Remember, wherever you are, Hertz car rental is not far away. Be sure to enjoy your trip by starting with Hertz – we give you all the benefits of car rental in the palm of your hand.


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Hertz Rent-a-Car app reviews

  • The app reminds me why I use the Number 2 rental company 2/5

    By TextExpander fan
    Buggy on iPad pro, whether I use my membership information to sign in, or sign in as guest. Going back to that other company. Their cars may be unexciting, but their app works.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By bnadeau73
  • Needs Preferences 1/5

    By A4Cabrio
    I’m also a native English speaker trying to set up a rental in the States. Everything is in English until I hit the search button and then I get a wall of German text. Tried to mention this through the feedback option in the app but that fails spectacularly as soon as I hit the submit button. Maybe it’s fine for people who are in - and don’t intend to leave- the U.S., but for anyone else this app is hot garbage.
  • Bug - books prepaid when you select not to 1/5

    By rus_sel
    I used this app to book a rental, days later I went to the site to confirm it actually reserved it because it never sent me an email. I was shocked to see the app had booked a prepaid rental. I travel a lot, I never use prepaid rentals as my plans change...and “saving” $20 only to pay $50 to change something is a scam. DO NOT USE THIS APP. I can’t say if it a bug for in on the iPhone X where the menus don’t register correctly or what. Now I am stuck fighting customer (dis)service to try and get my $ back.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By magnarecords
    Haven't had any issues, easy to use
  • Critical Problems 1/5

    By Nome Chivas
    Will get hung up on key parts of the reservation process, and you may not get the options or price promised. An itinerary email never comes (just one with only a confirmation number and some legalese). Checking what’s going on with your reservation can fail, and it’s apparently not optional to provide flight information. Ridiculous. Calling customer service is also a train wreck.
  • Hmmmm new isn't always better.. 3/5

    By joe servicengineer
    The previous app at least would populate my personal info, like email address without reminding me that if i want a conformation email, add your email address.. and you'll be getting marketing info also. It's always something. Also, it would remember the class of car i get everytime...and not start the listing with with the high end cars...
  • Does the basics 3/5

    By dmbtrav001
    Does the basics but should easily show past rentals, past receipts, membership status, rentals to next status tier, etc.
  • Worst Travel App I've Ever Used 1/5

    By citizenj
    I am a Hertz Gold member that travels extensively and the app rarely, if ever, works. I will glad switch loyalties as soon as I find a rental car program with a good app and points program.
  • Age error bug 2/5

    By Valiance
    Age error- When trying to reserve a vehicle, after selecting the dates, and error popped up stating “age needed”- but am using my profile making a business reservation. Went online to web page and made reservation there.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Toast D
    I can't get past the first reservation screen because the login doesn't work and I keep getting a please select an age error on a screen with no age question
  • Worst rental car app? 2/5

    By CosmoMorrin
    Unreliable, keeps losing login details, inconsistent performance, unpleasant interface and limited functionality Has anybody found a worse rental car app?
  • Works great 5/5

    By OK the Juiceman
    Simple to use and track reservations. Eh!
  • Convenient 5/5

    By EnjoyTheRide18
    Hertz app is quick and easy to use for my business or leisure rentals. Rent a car in a minute or less when your Hertz profile is complete.
  • Language Switching-Still Bad! 1/5

    By LarryG250
    I travel internationally and whenever I'm in China it automatically changes much of this application to Chinese. I don't want Chinese I need English. There needs to be a setting in here to have a default language that doesn't change with where in the word the phone is. Update 1 year later-Problem still not fixed, now I'm in Germany with the same issue. I'm not the only reviewer to notice this. Why downgrade from 4 to 1 star? Failure to fix this issue in a year...
  • Garbage AP 2/5

    By J echard
    Simple enough to make a reservation...when the AP actually works. Other than making a reservation the functionality and offerings of this AP are horrible. Hertz is still embarrassingly behind the times in technology.
  • Incredibly frustrating 1/5

    By underwood526
    Will not remember your member number or password every time. Sometimes you can login with it remembering but other times it will not and then I have to go and lookup my member number and makes the app inconvenient at best.
  • Mostly great 4/5

    By Mountain Sarah
    It is amazing to be able to use this app from anywhere and even last minute. It just sometimes goes blank or stops working when you're dealing with something that is a short time away. Mostly however, it is really easy and smooth
  • Nearly useless app 1/5

    By Mike33966
    I can't view my rental even though my membership number is attached to my rental, you can't edit your profile, and you can't view previous rentals
  • Great App 5/5

    By Round trip
    Hertz app really works well. Easy to use. No bugs or annoyances. I prefer it to the desk top web site.
  • Last minute rental 4/5

    By Amyxyang
    I did a last minute rental and this app was super easy and fast. I got a seven passenger with unlimited mileage for two day rental for under $100!!! Wow!!! Thanks Hertz!
  • Super easy to use! 5/5

    By tapplebaum
    I got on and rented a car in 5 minutes!!
  • Works great for this business traveler 5/5

    By Slowson
    Rarely have I had a problem with this reservation app. If I do, I simply call and the issue is taken care of.
  • Simple and reliable 5/5

    By !Sturgis!
    About says it all. Great App.
  • Find location is broken 1/5

    By mcspaul
    Unfortunately when trying to open details of locations found while searching the page returned is always blank. It was also be nice to be able to search for locations currently open. Regardless, without some ability to open details of locations, search is pretty useless for me.
  • Easy app 5/5

    By Fly 2 Much
    Find it easy to make and modify reservations using app on phone while traveling.
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By Tuirc
    Worked well to do a reservation
  • Basic App 2/5

    By Oreos22
    There’s not much of a difference between making a reservation in the app or on their website I was hoping their app would make it a little bit more easier practical convenient but it offers the same features and the biggest negative point is that I can’t have access or look at my Hertz gold points through the app which is something that takes a while to do on the website I was hoping I could have easier access to that through the app
  • Usable, Decent, Quirky 4/5

    By Matthew Bourguignon
    I use this app to make and adjust reservations several times each month. Overall, it's usable, functional and features a decent aesthetic. The seamless calendar integration for pickup and drop off appointments works much better than Apple's calendar-to-email integration. Here's what I would like to see changed in an updated version. - Although it remembers my login details, the app doesn't consistently stay logged-in or auto-login. This adds a pointless extra button press when you launch the app. It's a first world problem but it gives the app the feel of a paper that was rushed to print without proper editing and polish. Eliminate the pointless step. Maybe offer TouchID authentication instead if auto-login is a no-go. - Streamline the rental location selection process, please. It would be nice to see the app pre-populate my last-used rental location when making an new reservation, and/or offer a list of favorite or recent locations. These are all very basic features offered in a host of modern apps, but this app supports none. BUG REPORT: Attempting to select a location using map view results in a blank screen when selecting the location name. There is no info and no button to accept the location and proceed with the reservation, stopping the reservation workflow dead in its tracks and effectively rendering map view useless. - When entering information for a new reservation, neither the app nor the website will remember if you select BUSINESS or LEISURE under the discount codes menu when using a CDP. Even if I check the option for one or the other before searching, I'm prompted to select BUSINESS or LEISURE once again when executing the reservation search. This is a persistent issue. If the redundancy in the search process can't be fixed, the option to select BUSINESS or LEISURE should be eliminated from the discount codes menu. There's no reason to ask for the same information twice.
  • Language 3/5

    By kobijay
    The app is good, there should be an option for choosing language. Default by country is fine but it's not everyone in china speak Chinese, we should have option to switch back from default country language to one we are comfortable with. If that is fixed, the app will move from good to great.
  • Great app 5/5

    By wesalanj
    Easy, simple, very helpful
  • Gotta Love Gold!!! 5/5

    By Vader Slim Shaddy
    Best Golden Member and Presidential circle rates and promo codes!!! Easy booking and use of the app!!!
  • No problems 5/5

    By Tappsmom
    It did not give me any issues, very quick and easy reservation process.
  • Weak 2/5

    By MFosterHoo
    Every time I use it I have to re-enter my information even though the box is checked and it doesn't remember my frequent flier # I use every time. Very poor design.
  • Hertz app 4/5

    By Phhh yea
    Overall, quite good. Only once in past 6 months did I have problems with the app.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Thasting
    The app is in german. I speak English. There’s no option to change the language. Useless.
  • Great app 5/5

    By pjvalenti
    Easy to use
  • Works fine for me! 4/5

    By Hurltastic4
    Sometimes remember on the plane that I forgot to rent a car. Can remedy that problem easily with this app.
  • Okay and easy to use APP 4/5

    By JunkMoney
    Pretty easy to use, give it a shot!
  • Works like a 1990s website 1/5

    By nemock
    I found the overall user experience of this app to be so painful that I have given up, multiple times, in the middle of attempting to rent a car, and simply called an Uber.
  • Great updates and changes 5/5

    By Abel Gator
    The app has changed over time for the better. I do find it incredibly easy to rent cars via the app. I rent a car at least twice a month and find myself turning to the app instead of their website.
  • I like it...fast, easy and effo 4/5

    By cinny28
    I haven't had some of the technical glitches others have reported. I find it quick to book and cancel cars. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. I only have minor quibbles, for example, after booking you should be able to add to your mobile calendar. However, on balance, I really like the Hertz app.
  • MDD 5/5

    By Mellymelsf
    Easy, intuitive, fast
  • Poor App for business travelers 1/5

    By MattTomas0329
    Not much to say, just poor. Avis app is far superior!
  • Freezes and crashes often! 1/5

    By StarWarsLife
    Freezes and crashes often! Very slow and down a lot.
  • Quick and easy 4/5

    By S4MF
    Even faster and easier than doing a reservation on-line! And much more convenient. Works great as a Gold member!
  • Very good 5/5

    By Bosox3388
    So user friendly and very easy to navigate around
  • Easy booking! 5/5

    By SCF in PA
    Booked easily today. We'll see how the rest of the experience goes upon arrival. Previous experiences have been perfect!
  • No issues. 5/5

    By NurseMere
    Always easy to use!
  • Hertz is the best! 5/5

    By PattyLynnSharpe
    App is easy to use. Airport pick up is always smooth and quick. Employees are friendly and efficient. My favorite rental car company!

Hertz Rent-a-Car app comments


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