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Hey! VINA App

Your fave app for women's friendship! Swipe to meet new friends, join communities, take quizzes, & read awesome articles to live your best life. " A few swipes later, I was addicted" - ELLE Magazine "... finally the startup goddesses delivered" - Cosmopolitan Magazine “For women who travel, or have relocated to a new city, a like-minded social circle is now quickly within reach.” - The New York Times "I think about my first VINA date, and remember that we have plans to hang out the next day. I tell my friend yes, she should use it. Yes, to women everywhere. What do you have to lose?" - PAPER Magazine "Why shouldn’t you be using matching apps to increase your friend base? It’s no weirder than swiping right to find your next partner, after all." - NYLON Magazine Hey! VINA is the Tinder for girlfriends. You can tap into wherever you are in the world (or in your life!) to meet new friends when you travel, move to a new city, transition life phases, or simply want to grow your social circle. Yay! How Hey! VINA works: — SIGN UP WITH FACEBOOK - we use this to confirm your gender and find people who you should know. — TAKE QUIZZES - we use quizzes to find people who you’ll be compatible with. — JOIN A COMMUNITY - Communities is a new way to meet people like you. Join a community to filter your card deck. — SWIPE RIGHT TO MEET - Anonymously swipe to indicate who you want to meet right now. Yep, just like our friends over at Tinder. — GET INTRODUCED - once you have a match, you get introduced to your new potential friend. We make it easy to meet with a personalized intro. — MEET UP - Message with your vina to meet up in real life! — KEEP IN TOUCH - Add your friends to your Vina List to group chat and more! NEW: Read The VINAZINE on the app to get real life advice to navigate your social world and live your best life from real women just like you.


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Hey! VINA app reviews

  • Disappointed 3/5

    By s34rph
    I was really hopeful for this app as I just moved to a new state and need new friends. I’ve been on the app a lot and I get repeat profiles and some with the exact thing another profile states. It claims I have 7 heys but for the amount of heys I’ve sent out, I think that’s bugged too. If this is for making new female friends, I think making it tinder-like and only allowing matched messages is a bad idea. Maybe I’ll try this app again in the future if it works right... Updated, only some problems have been solved. I sill get teenagers as matches and as a 31 year old woman that’s not going to work. I still have a ton of heys and I can’t seem to find anyone in my area (that’s actually my age) that’s a match. I’ve hey’d almost everyone in a 15 mile radius to me
  • Great 5/5

    By Niilla
    I like the app alot ya know, like everyone here. But i also think the concept is a little weird. Like why can’t we see our heys? i’m accepting to everyone & would love to see them tbh
  • Message Notifications? 4/5

    By Tea April
    Loving the app so far buttt what happened to the message notifications? I can never know when someone messages me unless I’m constantly checking the app.
  • Would be better with message notifications 3/5

    By Saritaaabaaabyyy
    I would use this more if there were actual message notifications. I’m missing messages cuz I have no idea of someone has sent me one back or not.
  • Just okay, could be great with changes 3/5

    By Caposhi
    Concept is cute, quizzes are a cute idea too. A little too Buzzfeed BS. App itself doesn’t work too well. When I tap on women to expand their profile, a profile for a different women shows up. Frequently does not save which way I swipe on people.
  • High expectations 2/5

    By Cydrox
    I had high expectations for this app. I had a lot of matches. People contacted me saying we had a lot in common. Once I asked if they wanted to meet up somewhere I never heard from them again. I question why they even have the app if they don’t want to make friends? It was frustrating and reminded me of all the flakey people I’ve dealt with in real life. No thanks!
  • I Love Love LOVE this app💓 5/5

    By Emmie💘
    Hey! Vina is amazing. Only bad thing to it is no message notifications😣 but that’s nothing to stop me from finding friends🤗🤗 def recommend !
  • Why do I need a Facebook 1/5

    By alwaysabrklyngirl
    You guys need to work on making this app available for people that don’t have social media.
  • No notifications. 4/5

    By Julietdeadly28
    I like this app a lot, but i don’t like that it doesn’t send me push notifications when I get messages. It takes hours, sometimes days for anyone to see messages and conversations are difficult.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Caddymarie
    This app is a waste of time. I would bet money that a lot of the profiles on here are fake profiles. I’ve probably had an actual conversation with four people. Currently, I have 54 “Heys” but no matches. The numbers don’t add up. Definitely will be deleting this app. I prefer bumble-bff to this app, no doubt.
  • Hmm, are you talking about sex or gender? 1/5

    By Fototico
    I have a couple of issues? One, needing to use Facebook to join is dumb. If I was a guy I could go and create a Facebook account, download some pictures of some random girl from the internet, and post them like mine. Chances are extremely high that you would never know it. It seems that the developer of this app thinks that Facebook is a way of proving that anyone is female or not. Funny! Second, when you talk about verifying “gender,” you are talking about gender expression. Because sex and gender are two different things. Sex is biological and gender is social and culturally dictated. I understand trans people want the lines between the two blurred because it serves their legal purpose, with complete disregard to others and why there has always been a difference between the two. But as a biologist who studies human sex development, I can assure you that gender is not biological. I still get confused when people use gender to refer to sex. So, are you talking about people born biologically females or have become females through surgeries, or are you talking about the way one presents oneself (dresses and acts)?
  • u must have a facebook 1/5

    By Meow moew user iphone blah
    cant use it without a facebook account not everyone wants or has one
  • Love love love....but 4/5

    By TantalumRadium
    I love this app and its concept!! Would love it if there was a more clear save button in the editing sections and if there was a way to have push notifications when I get a message instead of an email. Otherwise love it!
  • No FB then you can’t play in the sandbox 1/5

    By Nora805
    Sign up only allowed if you sign in using FB. So if you don’t sign up using your FB login you can’t join in on the reindeer games. I have one but don’t care to release my contacts to any new apps. Just too much info share. Maybe later Thanks
  • Great concept 3/5

    By lrcsr
    I love the idea of this but it has some issues that make it not great. I went to the trouble of writing a bio, it didn’t save and I had to redo it. I keep getting the same people I already passed on again and again in my deck. There should be a filter for ages, I’m in my thirties and not really looking for college aged friends to party with but there’s a lot of them coming up. I don’t really like the anonymity of the “hey” system only because I’ve got 5 “heys” but haven’t managed to find those people and “hey” them back and what if they’re my bestie soul mate or something? I mean, I get why it’s set up like this, I just don’t love it.
  • Glitchy 4/5

    By AndalusiaMare
    I really like this app, the concept is great and something I really needed. The app does have its glitches. Most everyone I’ve skipped pops back up in my deck of cards. I read that if you change something on your profile you’ll reappear in someone’s deck, however these people haven’t changed anything. There’s also a glitch in editing your profile, it took me about 5x until it finally started popping up with the save button. A lot of users have the generic profile, and I’m assuming this is why. Also, I’ve checked all of my settings to get push notifications yet I’m still not being notified when I have a new message. This is frustrating. Another thing is when you get a “ditto” match, everything seems to still be on their profile BUT their location, so I’m stuck having to ask everyone where they are!
  • 😊😊 4/5

    By Jamie.Aurora
    I just downloaded this app like five minutes ago but, I absolutely love the idea behind it
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Mb093465
    I can’t even get to the page the create my profile - app crashes every time
  • Can’t edit location. 1/5

    By Desolatebloodshed
    I move at the end of the week and even after updating my location on Facebook it still shows people in the wrong city.
  • Not many teens yet- JOIN GUYS I WANT TO MEET YOU 5/5

    By McCooejam
    Seems like a really great fun app. There’s not seeing a huge teen population though :( and the app isn’t great at helping you find other teens because the lowest you can set the age limit to is 24. DEVELOPERS IF YOU ARE READING THIS LET US SET THE AGE LIMIT TO BELOW 24 HIGH SCHOOLERS IF YOU ARE READING THIS MAKE IT A THING
  • Can’t join without Facebook 1/5

    By marysprngfld
    I can’t be a part of this because I don’t have Facebook. I was very excited when I saw this app until I found that out.
  • emmm... 4/5

    By imlibra925
    This is the most beautiful social networking app I ever used. But as a genderqueer (born as male) and feminist, I think it should be designed for more gender-friendly like Facebook does.
  • Good concept but can’t use it. 1/5

    By Katsxxi
    I really love the idea and concept of this app but I can’t use it because it forces you to use your location to chat with nearby people, and there are NONE in my area that are using it so I can’t chat with anyone. I hope you can change this option and let us talk to women from all around the world.
  • WAY too many notifications! 2/5

    By Taaza
    Like the idea of the app, but sadly there is no choice to limit the amount of daily notifications received. These excessive reminders (not matches, mind you...just meaningless messages) are annoying. Since I cannot turn these invasive interruptions off, am just deleting the app.
  • Meh. 2/5

    By Cactuas
    Too many fake profiles, not enough women above age 30. I uninstalled.
  • Liked it but didn’t work 1/5

    By Neese<3
    After multiple matches, I found it hard to believe that no one replied to my messages or would reply to my replies to theirs. I think it was an issue with the app since I doubt 9 girls would ice me out lol I’ll just try it the organic way. Whoomp.
  • Accidentally swiped left instead of right 4/5

    By Stastheboss
    Wish you had a way to go back, I was an idiot and was swiping the wrong way the whole time :(
  • Nice idea 3/5

    By ThicknessBeauty
    Had it for a few weeks then deleted it.! Thought is nice but there are barely people on it sadly.! & the people who are on it dont give descriptions and only upload a profile and never comes back on so you be there waiting for a mutual like.! Now when i first got it i did find someone she’s my bestfriend now which is why i gave it 3 stars and even stood with it for so long.! You should make it so people have to write descriptions and upload more than one picture and maybe deactivate their profile if they dont use it after a certain time. Might redownload in the future to see how it is again
  • Finally! Just one thing.. 4/5

    By Bobellerz
    The app is a great concept. My main gripe is that I never get a push notification when someone either messages me or comes up as a “ditto” on my app. 😒😩 I’ve Uninstalled and reInstalled the app. I’ve set the notifications to push to my phone , etc. but still...nada!!!!! Notifications aside, it’s An easy and not-creepy way for ladies to meet other ladies. Thanks, Vina!!! Please fix your notification bugs. 🙏🏼🐜🐛🐞🕷️🐝🙄😫
  • App needs more. 2/5

    By Kirshavit
    The app is okay, but needs more features and a few fixes like favorite things, the age and miles sections don’t keep your settings, and it would be really nice to actually see who liked our profiles since I never know if I’ve already gone past them.
  • Don’t make the Heys! private! 2/5

    By Bface1234
    So I am recently new to this app and seriously love the idea of being able to meet new gal pals... but the problem is when someone gives you a Hey! It’s private until you match with hem via swiping or sending a Hey! Honestly it seems so tedious and I still haven’t found who wants to be a possible friend. Might delete because this is impossible
  • It is almost 2018, why is this service so heteronormative? 2/5

    By Grumblebeats
    I will admit that I absolutely love the concept in theory (a place to meet FRIENDS, not necessarily romantic partners) but: 1. It is 2017, are we not progressive enough now to recognize that this service excludes those who are transgender and/or gender non-binary? This is no better than the anti-trans “bathroom bills” and the false fear of hetero cisgender men pretending to be women so they can go in the women’s bathroom just to spy on them. I am a cisgender woman but that doesn’t mean I am okay using a service that caters to “women” as defined by heteronormativity. FIND A SOLUTION. 2. Why is this limited to Facebook users? I get “verification” insomuch as to weed out disingenuous heterosexual cisgender men who might want to abuse this service for their own gain, but surely there are other methods for ensuring that users aren’t here to abuse the service for finding something other than friendship. I don’t use Facebook (haven’t used it in years) and I don’t want to be forced to use it. 3. As a potential alternative to Facebook for verification, here’s something this company SHOULD NOT DO: ask people to provide documentation that proves their “legal” gender status. This is still problematic because not all people identify with their “legal” gender. So heads up, this would not at all be the appropriate alternative solution to the Facebook issue. 4. A possible solution to at least avoiding trolls or people creating numerous fake accounts: consider what the website Metafilter does. You are permitted to one account, which is linked to your PayPal account (which you use to pay the one time $5 fee for joining). It maintains accountability as far as being able to confirm the person and prevent them from creating multiple Catfish accounts or just making a new account if they get banned for abusive behavior (and what constitutes abusive behavior needs to be carefully and respectfully considered). 5. Outside of the above, we need to respect a person’s preferred gender identity. If someone is clearly a straight cisgender dude looking for a way to sexually harass and “pick up” folks online, let other folks flag them. There should then be a panel of (perhaps volunteer, community member?) transgender/non binary/intersex/gender fluid users who can review to determine if the flagged user is, in fact, abusing the purpose of the app or has instead just been falsely/maliciously flagged. No system is perfect, but the one above might be a good start to creating a better system that is friendly to people other than cisgender women.
  • Rose 3/5

    By riggyrose
    It’s such a cute app and great idea, but 8/10 of the profiles on there are bots. The bios are basically the same for every profile, so I feel uncomfortable linking with a bot. Great wonderful idea, but the issue is too much to let slide.
  • Can’t use it 🤷🏾‍♀️ 1/5

    By Groovycurls
    I would love to give this app a chance, but since it’s necessary to have a Facebook account to sign up; I will not be using any time soon. Hopefully, they will come up with a alternative way to sign up besides Facebook.
  • Amazing😋☺️🤟🏼😊🤗 4/5

    By thatsdamndeja
    I love this app except I wish I could see who swiped me instead of having to play the guessing game. Need more apps like this one
  • Waaay too many notifications 2/5

    By MolSex
    I like the idea of the app, but I had to turn notifications off because they were sending way too many irrelevant messages and I couldn’t stand it. So now I’ll just have to remember to check periodically for messages or matches, which is pretty inefficient.
  • Like the app but where are my matches?!? 4/5

    By Gvmrn3
    First time I used the app, I connected with 12 people who said “hey,” But ever since then, the app says I have 40 “heys” and no matter how many people I go through, the number isn’t dropping and I’m not connecting. It’s getting really frustrating and means I’m not meeting anybody! Is this a bug?
  • Feel more rejected from than IRL 1/5

    By _pu55y
    I’ve had this for three days now in a populated, large city. Pretty much no one has said, “hey.” I can’t get a single match even if I were to swipe, “yes,” to all. I was really excited for this, but now that I realize I can’t even make friends only, why try.
  • Who designed this?! 1/5

    By annabanana1279
    Crappy app. Messaging does NOT work, swiping is too touchy, no clear direction in the app.
  • Accomplishes connections 4/5

    By JilianLikeyTimehop
    Bug: push notification informs me of a new introduction/match but says You and want to meet.... should say other users name.
  • You should seriously fix this ASAP! 3/5

    By Aldy92128
    Hey Vinas! ;) When I share a The app, it sends a suspicious AF text message. You should link my name so that it’s less creepy. Also, it’s currently a broken link.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By xTrillestx
    Can’t log in with Facebook
  • Problematic 3/5

    By AD0086
    I’ve been on this app less than 24 hours and I’m getting kind of frustrated. First of all, why do so many of the profiles have the same exact bio? I mean, verbatim! Fake profiles? Perhaps. Also, if someone sends you a HEY! you should be able to see them and start a conversation. I’ve swiped right on nearly everyone and have yet to find who did the same for me. The age preference doesn’t seem to work. I’m 31 - I’m not interested in hanging out with a high schooler or even a college freshman. Lastly, if I swipe right on someone I shouldn’t see them in my deck again. That makes no sense. This has the ability to be a great app but a few things ruin the experience. Hopefully it gets better.
  • A Month With Heys, But No Matches! 2/5

    By KimCamCal
    Gave up!
  • Could be so much better 2/5

    By whisper_meadows
    This app would be so much better if you had the option to see who swiped right on your pic. What a waste of time to not be able to see! Even if they added a feature where you can pay additional it would save so much time. This should not be a game of mystery. The initial idea and concept of adding quizzes is nice but not being able to see who liked your page makes the app horrible
  • It really is like finding a girl mate lol 5/5

    By @GoddessDetox
    so far im liking it. The concept is really great ❤️
  • No Facebook 1/5

    By d4789
    Just downloaded the app. It's lame that I need a Facebook to be able to use this app. I don't have a Facebook so I can't use this. And I'm not big on social media.
  • Great idea, but too glitchy 3/5

    By Mande4109
    I love the idea, I think it’s great, but it’s so glitchy and feels so limited in a lot of ways that it becomes a bit difficult to want to constantly be on it.
  • Great concept, buggy app and invasive notifications 3/5

    By xxxalicex3
    Like the title says, the app’s idea is very useful. Unfortunately, the app notifies you about inane things on a daily basis. For example, the app notified me that it’s 11:11 and notified me about “Friendship Facts”. Notifications are also used to inform the user about new matches and messages, which are the point of the app so I haven’t turned them off notifications entirely through iOS’s settings. Devs, please add a setting to turn off these verbose and useless messages. I won’t open your app more often just because you tell me the time or “Friendship Facts”.
  • Pretty good user base, a bit buggy still. 4/5

    By ashleylwong
    Overall, it's a good app. Pros: There is a solid user base that seems to be growing. The quizzes and content are good and would be a cool addition in our similar apps. Cons: The messaging is a bit juvenile at times and the app has a couple bugs that I'm hoping they will fix.

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