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High School Story App

Live high school your way! 5/5 "Out of all the iPhone games I've played, High School Story is easily the one with the most heart." - K. Alpert 5/5 "I'm way past my high school years... but this game is hands down one of the best games I have ever played." - Kaytumbear99 Meet All-Star classmates in all-new exclusive stories! Add them to the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends. Throw parties, go on dates, and recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and MANY MORE classmates to unlock their stories! Go on wild trips, take your team to the next level, and discover hundreds of other adventures! - ADD SPECIAL CHARACTERS to your school, and unlock exclusive stories! - THROW PARTIES to unlock over 30 characters! - DATE your crush and play matchmaker for everyone at your school! - BATTLE a rival high school in an evolving story, including a showdown at the Homecoming game, a science fair, a prank war, and more! - PUT YOUR FRIENDS in the game and join them on adventures, dates, and parties! - MAKE NEW FRIENDS and play their stories! - BUILD your dream school and decorate it with everything from a half-pipe to a box of puppies! - CUSTOMIZE your look and choose your clique! - LEARN new vocabulary in fun mini-games! - ENJOY tons of new content every week, including more characters, more stories, and more romance! Please note that High School Story is completely free to play, but you can purchase some game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. ----------------------------------------------- To our players:  Thank you for your passion.  Pixelberry is a firm believer that games can make a difference.  And you’ve proven they can.   When we partnered with non-profits, like The Cybersmile Foundation, a cyberbullying non-profit, and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) you responded with great enthusiasm.  Together, we’ve done some amazing things. * Over 4 million players have learned more about cyberbullying. * Over 30,000 players have visited NEDA's sites to learn more about eating disorders. * And thousands of players have reached out to Cybersmile, often for help with bullying. Thank you!  We really, sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and support. - The Pixelberry Team ----------------------------------------------- Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at: http://highschoolstory.com/terms-of-service/ Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at: http://highschoolstory.com/privacy-policy/ Get the game now to join in the fun! Chat with us: facebook.com/HSSgame Follow us: twitter.com/HSSGame


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High School Story app reviews

  • I want to start over 1/5

    By B3lieberforev3r
    It says to start over I need to make a new Game Center account so I don’t have to wow away my current school! BUT WHAT IF I WANT TO DO THAT!!! I’m not happy I want to restart!
  • Other accessories 5/5

    By Sconnie72
    I love the game and I’ve been playing it for like 8 months, but I could use some more accessories like piercings, glasses, tattoos, etc. more options for facial hair would be nice too, so next time when the game updates, could u use those I asked plz?
  • High School Story 5/5

    By Lit 🐼 Panda101
    It’s great but it needs to be updated to valentines,but don’t get me wrong it’s still great!
  • Good 4/5

    By Firestar03
    The game is really good. I love it. But one thing that I don’t like is how there is only one Party Central and Date Circle. I would like to be able to have at least one more of each.
  • It’s ok 5/5

    By ugh this is not my fav game
    It need to be better like: More room Less rings or The rings are easy to get
  • *Important Notice* 3/5

    By Mc kitty grl
    I was going to do new the valentines day quest and I hit the wrong answer, I did the cupid one so I exited out of the app and back in the game. EVERYTHING reset, all my progress was gone. I deleted the app, I was way too far to be able to get everything back. PLEASE fix this so it doesn't happen to anyone else, thank you.
  • Great Game, BUT... 3/5

    By WLJ3
    This is honestly a GREAT, fair game. BUT, you’ll be penalized if you cheat. I don’t see why it’s simply accepted. Most, including myself, are unable to become engaged into a game if you can only play it for five minutes a day. By enabling us to freely cheat, it would keep us playing 24/7.
  • HHS 5/5

    By Xannyliz
    Can There be a real life game due to High School Story it would be cool to experience it like a real life game don’t get me wrong I love this game but it would be cool to experience it in real life emotions.
  • Love it 5/5

    By 47(:$(57,,!8),4($75;),56)
    This game is fun so much friends quests and fashion
  • Umm what’s happening 3/5

    By Everest_Dragon
    Umm something weird happened I cannot find Nishan ,Autumn and Julian I saw their speech bubbles but I didn’t see them only their speech bubbles and the speech bubbles were coming from the road outside the school. So is this normal I’m halfway through level 7 and if it’s not normal please fix this glitch.
  • Love this game and play is everyday but... 3/5

    By MeganandRebekah
    I really like this game it's a good real time waister game that keeps you busy. But, I HATE how long you have to wait to get a property!!! Having to wait more then a few days for anything is overkill. I think it should be different. WAY too long to wait. Right now I have to wait two week! Really? And, just to nit pick, but the seasons used to change. What happened there?
  • I love this game, but... 3/5

    By Julianna Brooke's
    I’ve played this game for years and truly love it but everything takes so long, like quests, parties, dates, etc and there’s only 24 hours in a day. What I’ve also notice is that HSS is o my partly like high school, like in real high school there’s overweight students and disabled students. In real high school there are drugs and teen pregnancy and problems.. high school isn’t this perfect.. but I do love this game !!!!!
  • Please Read 🌟 4/5

    By XxInky_The_InksterXx
    Please read this to the very end! Please give us ALL the characters when we start the game! (Well not the All-Stars and Autumn,Julian,Payton and all those ones) I mean like the gamers,filmmakers,art, and the other stuff. Please because some of us AREN'T jocks,preps,nerds. Please read this and suggest this. ~VictoriiArtLol~
  • Upgrade 5/5

    By JJ is the best person ever😝
    Love playing this game.It has a great storyline and characters. Honestly the only thing that needs to be updated is the customization, such as having freckles. Dirty Blonde hair would be amazing, as well as more hair styles. Like a ponytail without bangs, or Dutch/French braids. My last request is that you can have glasses. Preps and jocks can have bad eye sight too! Otherwise I LOVE this game just please, please, PLEASE make the new updates.
  • It's nice but... 5/5

    By its nice but...
    I like but I don't like that you can't sell some people and I do not like how it talks soo long to have a party, date or add a new plot of land
  • Outfits not refreshing 1/5

    By Babiibritt
    So the main characters clothes havent went back to normal they still are wearing their halloween outfits! Please fix!!
  • AWESOME game 5/5

    By lay loves games
    Some of the quests are take so long.I don’t like how long it takes for new characters to get enrolled
  • Please Play Dis! 😜 5/5

    High School Story is really fun, interesting, funny, and totally for YOU! It's really exiting to go on quests, dates, go to parties, the polls, etc.! Play this game now! 😋
  • Really- 18 Hours To Drive To School??! 1/5

    By everyday honest 21
    I don’t get it. I drive 45 minutes max everyday too school. Apparently they are going from the USA to China, Which takes around 24 hours. I guess I don’t understand. I’m sorry for the one star. You don’t have to Email me to say “I’m sorry” because that’s just creepy.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lu Lu lucky
    This game is awesome really cool
  • Whole game was deleted out of nowhere 1/5

    By Valique378
    I really enjoyed this game up until now. It was simple but fun. However, after deciding to check in one last time before bed, I opened the app to see the original starting screen asking about Facebook and my gender. All my progress was deleted for seemingly no reason, as the game had worked fine only a couple hours before. Perhaps it’s on me for not backing my progress up on Facebook, but regardless the game shouldn’t just reset for no reason. I was fairly far in so this is really discouraging and I don’t know if it’ll delete my data again should I restart.
  • New and old things 5/5

    By mr vikolalo
    Please can you bring back vampire and add new students types?
  • Lots of fun 5/5

    By tjbra9
    Lots of fun and sometimes gets addicting.
  • I’m going to make this very simple 3/5

    By Asteraus 2016
    You’re doing a good job. But you NEED trans inclusion. It’s unfair to a lot of good people. You’ve already given us the L G and B, now you need the T. Also aromantic inclusion would be amazing too. Also support for other genders. There’s more than just male and female! As I said you guys are doin a good job. But it’s 2018. Time to step up to the plate.
  • High school story 2/5

    By Ashleynages
    I have played this game off and on due to the fact there is no way to reset the game other than changing your Game Center account which is ridiculous in my opinion. But other than that it’s an ok game , just don’t mess things up on ur first try .
  • I love this game so much 4/5

    By Barb the walrus0610
    I love this game very much, the outfits, the quests, and everything about it. Although it does take an awfully long time to finish quests, parties, and dates, that’s probably my only complaint about this app. It would be very cool if you could be able to make some of the students have relationships with other students that aren’t romantic, like making two students friends or siblings. Thank you and this is a great app!!!!
  • Just all I need to say... 5/5

    By Izzy45❤️
    All I really need to say is I LoVE THIs GAME!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️five stars!! The only thing is I always wear my hair up in a messy bun, and the one that is available is more then 200 gems!! Please make a messy bun for people like me who always wear them.Another thing is that the weekly quests say on the quest board. I think there should be an option to skip it if we don’t want to do it, It just takes up room on the quest board. I honestly love this game and hope to keep playing!! ❤️❤️😜😁👍
  • Please read PixelBerry 4/5

    By Please add these emojis-Claire
    This game is so fun. I was addicted to it for ages. I played it when I was like 12 so my characters were kinda cringey. I was a “girl” back then so now I can’t really play the game because my character is a female and I can’t change that! I really hope that you add a reset button soon!
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By Sunset bomb
    Wow thank you so much! I am saying thank you because it is an appropriate interactive game. you can make characters and do quests! I love story games like this but there are not that many that are appropriate for kids so one for about 11 year olds are very fun👍🏼 Good game! Oh wait let me correct myself ehhemm AWESOME GAME WHOOO! Get it is is great!
  • RINGS 4/5

    By Smartypants2028
  • Good but.. 4/5

    By Davis Brothers
    I like it but if it’s about making a dream School it should start off by letting you pick the colors and give you a choice of mascots instead of just 1. Also it gives you a lot of opportunities for coins but most of the upper level stuff costs rings. Also it would be cool if the characters could progress even graduate and new students come in.
  • 5 stars!! 5/5

    By anikadee
    I don't love this game. I LOVEEEEEE THIS GAME!!!! It's fun and there's a lot of adventure and quests. It keeps me occupied. I haven't found a game that I enjoy playing as much as the sims pc so this game speaks volume. Some errors that needs to be fixed is glasses on more outfits, object decor on top of tiles, more accessories, more face and hair options, option to trade books/coins/rings. I would like to see this game expand. Overall, I enjoy playing this game!! Thank you very much!!!
  • Problem 1/5

    By dawsonlover25
    I’m a level 25 and the game started me over to where i was last week somehow. Please fix this. I had 20 something rings and now i have 10. I had 1.3 million dollars and now i have 300k. I was on some cosplay quest and it went backwards and even deleted all my recently made characters. I’m so upset.
  • Help 5/5

    By Elijah$14
    I want to restart the game from the start but it won't let me. How can I delete my progress and start over?
  • This Game is A-MA-ZING 5/5

    By Just4fun🦄
    I can't get enough of HSS! The storyline is incredible, there aren't any adds, and they give you lots of resources to start out with! I just got the app a few days ago and I already can't put my phone down. It's kid friendly too! Many of these types of games where you have to build and wait for things bore me and I usually end up deleting it, but HSS is a different story; it's more of an exciting wait than a "HURRY UP!" kind of wait. It's cool for both boys and girls too! I could write 100 more sentences telling about how cool this game is but I'll save it for you, when you download this app. It's a-ma-zing!❤️
  • Was great, but I’m very disappointed now! 1/5

    By Katie cleaning Lady
    I have played this game for 2 and a half years and it was great. I was like level 46 or higher (didn’t check it much) and then one morning before Christmas it was only level 15! I lost all my class mates, clothes, land and buildings. I had it linked with Game Center but it didn’t matter it was gone! All of my other games through Game Center are saved and fine. Support can’t fix it. I’m very disappointed so I will be deleting this game.
  • #SoFun LOL 5/5

    By Lily5578
    I truly think this app is fun and all. But it teaches a lesson too like how to spend your money and how to control your love life.
  • great game 4/5

    By Idkwhatoputsoillputthis
    the quests are all over the place, do not correlate with each other, and there are too many to keep track off. it should be more organized and not so much all at once, though i like how each one is unique and detailed. otherwise, it’s a good game.
  • This game is AMAZING!! 5/5

    By DamagedElite
    This game is just really fun to play!! I play it every single day and I just love the idea of making your own characters, there is one bug in the game though that I’ve seen which was when you place something it put something in storage too fast the option is glitched on the screen, besides that this game I just love it!! It is honestly my favorite tycoon type game so far.
  • Restart 3/5

    By Zoie Lee's Ipod
    Wish there was an easy way to restart the game.
  • Perfect game!!!!😍 5/5

    By Ttown gal
    Well first I think it's very Organized

    By Play without wifi
    I loved the game but I tried to buy bundles and never got what I paid for. It took my money but never gave me the bundles. I have played the game before and bought bundles and it worked but something went wrong. I spent over $5 and I want my bundles now.
  • Good!but 4/5

    By Mermerhan05
    This game is so fun.I really love it but for some reason it's really hard to get rings and almost all my quest involve having 300 or so rings and I only have 53.and all the cool people have to be bough with ring that I don't have also I don't like how long I takes to get just 2 pencil. Besides that fun app
  • Its good.... 3/5

    By 143 Melody
    Its okay im just at the point its annoying waiting for quests over all though it is great
  • Dates 5/5

    By Supernatural2201
    I literally love everything about the game but I want more dates in the photo booth with Max Warren! I just love the dynamic between the main character and Max and I wanna see more of him.
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Mystepha
    No swearing, nothing mature like "13+" apps, this app is a definite favorite around my house!
  • Amazing Game, Hands Down. 5/5

    By Magikarin
    I used to play this as a kid all the time, and I remember how fun it was. At one point, I kind of out grew it. It was until years later when I played another one of your games, Choices, that I remembered the series again through the series with the same name. I started to get nostalgic with all of the music and I just had to come back to this game. I'm starting to think I never out grew it, just became hella edgy or something, because I still love this game.
  • Love it but you should be able to get married and have kids 4/5

    By arctic fox:)
    Love it but you should be able to get married and have kids
  • It’s awesome BUT 4/5

    By Bows21
    I think this game is so fun, me and all my friends have and love this game because of the ways you can earn coins and the rings are super easy to get. The only issue I have is that when I customize my character I don’t have many hair choices so maybe you could consider making more also, the should be more clothing choices for coins because I have all the coin clothes and I don’t want to waste my rings on clothes. Overall this game is awesome but please consider more hair choices and clothes for males and females!🤞🏻
  • Needs an update 5/5

    By DaydayIsOk
    I love playing this game but it needs and update quick

High School Story app comments


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